NYPD Blue s01e09 Episode Script

Ice Follies

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: Hi, I'm Detective Sipowicz.
I'm the new detective's administrative aide, Donna Abandando.
- Whew.
- Whew.
Is he okay? Detective Medavoy has taken a vow of silence till they sort out the mess in Bosnia.
Why are you here? - What's going on? - I don't know.
You're supposed to take care of your brother.
You using, Roberto? - I'm using.
- Pack your stuff.
- Why? - You're going to detox.
- I need to talk.
KELLY: No, you don't.
I understand.
You were dirty and getting squeezed.
You whacked Marino.
Now you're gonna get away with it.
I wish Giardella gets what's coming to him, then life can resume being normal.
But here, you're inconveniencing an innocent wage earner.
- Watch your head.
Watch it.
UNDERLING: Hey, tubesteak, shut off! LlCALSl: Have a good day, detective.
You think it's time to stop acting like strangers when we go in that door? You call it.
We should think about it, figure how to tell people.
You stand there, and I'll give you a big wet one.
MAN: Officer Licalsi? LlCALSl: Yeah.
MAN: Phone.
Who's calling you on a pay phone? - I don't know.
- See you later.
This is Officer Licalsi.
MAN'S VOICE: Janice? - Yeah, who's this? - Richie.
- Richie, huh? Richie who? Richie, you'll meet at the old post office in Long lsland City.
I don't know any Richies.
Why would I meet you? Take it easy.
Be considerate.
Be like me.
l call on this phone so your bosses don't hear how you worked for Mr.
Our friend Angelo Marino.
Wasn't that considerate on my part? Janice? - What? - You still there? - Yeah.
- So we gonna get together? Yeah, all right.
- Over the bridge.
- Who do I look for? You show up.
I'll find you.
[PHONE CLICKS] lce Follies KELLY: Morning.
- Hey, detective.
How's it going? KELLY: It's going okay.
- What's going on? - Nothing much.
How about with you? Not too much.
Something you want to talk about, James? My brother's been out of touch a while.
You know, Roberto.
He's in the rehab program.
He checked out two- and- a- half weeks ago.
He was at the apartment.
The phone's off the hook and no answer when I go over.
- How long? - Couple of days.
Could he be visiting someplace? I guess he could be.
I don't know where he'd go.
- You got a key to the apartment? - I gave it back to him.
Have the super let you in.
Maybe he left, or the cat knocked the phone off.
Ease your mind.
He don't have any pets, I mean-- I'll tell you the truth, I'm afraid of what I'll find.
- You want me to go with you? - I'm afraid something happened to him.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Let's go over.
I appreciate that.
- Thanks.
SUPER: Sure.
Let me go in first.
See what's what.
MARTINEZ: All right.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm sorry, James.
Oh, my God.
My brother's dead! My little brother.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
Come here.
[PHONE RINGS] Yes, I got it all.
An evil energy threatening the galaxy, right.
Also threatening you personally with a laser death squad.
Got it.
I'm not impatient.
We're really busy here with crimes on planet Earth.
Okay, thanks for your phone call.
- Yeah, I gathered.
All part of my job.
Let's talk in the interview room for a minute.
- I do something wrong on that call? - Don't worry about it, no.
It's just many of your wackos feel the world doesn't understand them.
You want to avoid helping them feel that way.
Don't let on that you feel they're missing a few dots on their dominoes.
Wasn't I sympathetic enough? Do you think I drove him to some heinous act? What was the guy's problem who just called? A power configuration of pure evil called the Galactic Gravity Shelf.
They've sent a laser death squad to kill him.
So you work with that.
Here, sit down.
The Gravity Shelf.
The laser death team? Sounds like a dangerous bunch.
Then you make a couple of suggestions, like.
Our most effective way in dealing with these death squads is put coffee grounds in each corner of your dwelling.
The aroma deranges their senses.
Wear a fedora with aluminum foil inside.
It throws off their beaming device.
Show them they can help themselves.
That's smart.
Maybe if he stops going to UFO conventions, he won't see green men.
Detective Sipowicz, thanks for the help.
Don't mention it, Miss Abandando.
- Want one? - Thanks.
SlPOWlCZ: Sure.
- Andy.
SlPOWlCZ: How's it going? - Martinez lost his brother.
- Drugs? - Yeah.
- How's the kid? He's telling his family.
He's worried.
I'm gonna tell the sergeant.
- We got a birthday lunch for Medavoy.
- I'll be down.
Look at Roberts circling Abandando's landing area.
You blame him? - How's it going? ROBERTS: Hey, Andy, how you doing? - Donna.
- Detective Roberts.
- I was at the Rangers game.
- You too? Don't you hate ties? Anyways, I got a souvenir.
A puck.
You caught it off a deflection? No, I picked it up at the souvenir stand.
- Oh.
- I thought maybe you'd want it.
That's so nice of you.
But why don't you keep it? - No, go on, take it.
It's my pleasure.
- That's really nice of you.
Maybe you'd go to a game with me sometime.
Some girlfriends and me have season tickets, and we kind of go together.
- Oh.
- Thanks anyway, though.
Oh, sure.
- And thanks very much for the puck.
- No problem.
Enjoy it.
How'd it go, Roberts? - She's a dyke.
- What was your tip- off? - She goes to the games with girlfriends? - Say no more.
DONNA: Back from court, Detective Medavoy? - Happy birthday, old folks.
OFFICER: Happy birthday.
- I'm 40, not 80.
Hey, Andy.
- Can you go to Theresa's for lunch? - I can make it if you can.
- Kelly'll be down in a second.
We'd buy dinner if you didn't live so far.
Well, the wife likes living in Holbrook.
- Lunch at Theresa's, Miss Abandando.
- Okay.
- Wish this guy a happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, detective.
- He says thanks.
ARCHER: I'll be back in a couple hours.
- It's the birthday boy.
- John.
- How does 40 feel? - He was saying all his joints ache.
- I'm Richie, how you doing? - What do you want? We want you to get paid again, like when you worked for Marino.
You said that, I don't know where you get that.
So you're here because you wanted some fresh air? I wanted to know what you were talking about.
My employer's in possession of private records that Angelo Marino kept.
You're on his list, Janice.
Friendly cops.
So stop acting like you still got your cherry.
I never took a cent from Angelo Marino.
I was protecting my father.
- You're a good daughter.
- Marino's dead.
My father's dead too.
Life goes on.
You got your own career to think about.
You want to cooperate here.
You don't want any bad publicity.
This journal entry, that's Marino's own handwriting.
- Janice, I'm over here.
- Who do you work for? That's nothing for you to think about.
Every so often, we'll have a request you just get us what we need.
- What kind of requests? - Easy stuff.
Look at this.
Work up this license plate.
We need his home and business address.
Plus the 500 that's in it, it's bad to turn that down.
I'll say you took it anyway and go buy lottery tickets.
- Come on, it's running a license plate.
- I know what we are talking about.
- Have this stuff for me tomorrow.
- Yeah? I'll let you know what I decide.
I'll save us two parking spaces.
Hey, look here, Medavoy.
Senior specials: $2.
Ho, ho, ho.
What else did you get for your birthday? I got this from the kids.
And this from the wife.
ARCHER: How'd you handle hitting 40, Andy? As far as I remember, I dedicated that year to Seagram's 7.
To tell the truth, it's been a bit of a hurdle.
[BEEPING] MEDAVOY: It's been kind of a hurdle.
- How's 40 been a hurdle, Medavoy? KELLY: Back in a minute.
MEDAVOY: I don't know.
- It starts sneaking up on you sort of.
KELLY: Got a phone? You start looking over your shoulder a little bit, start looking ahead looking back.
Start asking, what did I accomplish? I mean, I got no complaints.
I got Marie and the girls.
We got that land in Florida.
Everything goes okay I'll build on that in four or five years.
- You're good at carpentry, right? - Yeah.
I'll start building on that.
What is this, a birthday lunch or a wake? Andy and I got to take off.
Martinez's situation.
- Need help? - We're all right.
- Hey, happy birthday.
- Thanks, John.
Thanks, Andy.
Keep up those cheerful thoughts, man.
SlPOWlCZ: What's going on? - Martinez called.
Said the father's after the dealer who sold the drugs.
And he's got a gun.
SlPOWlCZ: Great.
KELLY: Think they made you? - Yeah.
But he doesn't think I'm into his stuff.
KELLY: What's going on, James? I told my father at his work about what happened to Roberto.
Said he was going to the funeral home, and I was supposed to tell my mother.
I was with my mother, and Joey Gonzales calls.
- I busted that kid.
- I grew up with him.
He said my father came and beat him up, saying: "Who sold drugs to Roberto?" Joey said he didn't, out of respect to our family.
But he named Brick Top over there, and my father asked where to buy a gun.
- This is Brick Top? - Yeah.
I'm afraid my father will do something bad.
- Doesn't look like he's holding.
- He has kids that hold it.
Let's grab this asshole anyways.
We'll get him off the street.
- The kids with the drugs are booking.
- Let them go.
Hey, hey.
Hey! Brick Top! Come here! Get out of here.
You're going in.
- What's this? - You're going in! BRICK TOP: What for? SlPOWlCZ: Mopery, two counts! MARTINEZ: Get out! - You want some? Get out! There's my father.
KELLY: Get him to the car.
- Mr.
Martinez? MARTINEZ: What are you doing? We met before.
Sorry about what happened, sir.
- Don't put your hands on me.
- I gotta check for a weapon.
He killed your brother! KELLY: Mr.
Martinez! [GUN FIRES] [SIREN WAILS] HECTOR: He murdered my son! KELLY: I understand.
HECTOR: Murderer! OFFICER: What's going on? Everything's under control.
You put "shots fired" over the air? - I just called it in.
KELLY: Can't make it go away.
HECTOR: You murdered my son! MARTINEZ: Stop it, Papi.
- What's his problem? - Just get out of here.
KELLY: Can't make it go away, James.
OFFICER: Watch your head.
KELLY: We're stuck with it.
Break out your travel brochures and look into a warmer climate.
Now get.
Go on.
[PHONE RINGS] How was your birthday lunch? - I used to play hockey.
- You're kidding? In high school.
And couples skating, I used to do.
- I skate twice a week at the Skyline.
- Really? Yeah.
I used to know someone who enjoyed ice skating, couples skating.
- Long time ago.
- I'm going tomorrow.
- Is that right? - Maybe sometime you'd come with me.
[STAMMERS] - I'm sorry, Donna.
- Don't worry about your stutter.
No, I mean, I got this long commute.
My wife sometimes has dinner ready.
- It's how we do it.
- Sure.
Maybe some other time.
Happy birthday.
- Was he trying to shoot the dealer? - I wrote that the gun shot accidentally.
I know what you wrote up.
The father never accepted his son being a drug user.
He hears the kid's dead, he's grieving.
So he goes after the drug dealer.
He's not a habitual violent offender.
- The son's dead.
The dealer's free.
- He wasn't holding.
Are you really doing Martinez a favor if you give his father a walk on this? HECTOR: You're sitting here in front of me and your brother's lying dead in Bellevue Hospital.
Gutierez said, tomorrow they'll release his remains.
You're sitting here and that drug dealer, who killed your brother, walks the street free.
He didn't have any drugs on him, and we can't prove he sold to Roberto.
They were bringing him in to keep you out of trouble.
But you got into trouble anyway.
What if they release you now? What would you do? - I'd do what needs to be done.
- What? - Somebody gots to be a man! - I'm trying to get you to talk sense.
You gotta stop acting crazy.
Crazy? Crazy to you, because you didn't take care of your brother.
- I did my best.
- He's dead! - How did you do anything? Huh? - Stop it! - How'd you do anything? He's dead! - Stop it.
He's dead! Your brother's dead! What happened? - Don't hit me anymore.
- You were supposed to take care of him.
KELLY: Hey! Hey! Hey! SlPOWlCZ: Break it up.
KELLY: James, get off him! What the hell is going on in here? - Let's take a walk.
- Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
- You okay, Martinez? - I don't want him released.
- I don't want him on the street.
- Okay, we'll keep him.
- We'll arraign and release tomorrow.
- Good.
He'll be off the street tonight.
You gonna be okay? Yeah.
LlCALSl: So, what do you think? KELLY: You know.
It'll get better.
Better? I got a seafood ravioli coming up I think you're really gonna love.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I was thinking about the phone call you got on the pay phone today.
Oh, it was a perp.
It was a fence that Lucas and I popped a couple weeks ago.
Mm- hm.
He uses that pay phone because it's the number that he's used to using.
Okay? End of interrogation? Yeah.
People use that phone, because they don't want their conversation recorded.
So you can understand my concern.
Yeah, but I told you who it was.
And I made too much of it.
You're gonna have to trust me, otherwise this is not gonna work.
And I do trust you.
Come here.
Come here.
Got it? Hm? SlPOWlCZ: Okay, Mr.
Martinez, let's go.
I don't want him with us.
We're the cops, Mr.
We'll tell you how it's gonna be.
I'm telling you, I don't want you around.
Let me go with you, then we'll go home.
No, you go home and stay there with your mother.
All right.
KELLY: Let's go, here we go.
We're ready.
Come on, here we go.
Come on.
Talk to you later, all right? People of New York v.
Hector Martinez.
Defendant is charged with possession of a concealed weapon.
After discussion with the officers and considering the circumstances we'd consider an ROR and adjournment, contemplating dismissal.
- We would accept.
- The gun was discharged? It was an officer who caused the gun to fire while disarming the suspect.
JUDGE: Uh- huh.
COSTAS: He has no prior record and strong roots in the community.
And his son's a policeman.
This occurred after the defendant learned his younger son was dead.
I'm going to release you without bond.
Stay out of trouble for six months, and this won't be on your record.
Do you hear me, sir? - All right.
- Condolences on your loss.
- Mr.
Martinez, you got a minute? HECTOR: What do you want? KELLY: Step outside.
- Thanks for the rhythm with this guy.
- See what one dinner can buy? - I thought it'd be two.
I'll check my fees.
You'd be better checking reservations at Dubrovnik's, 8:00 tonight.
Well, you're the detective.
How much more damage you gonna do to your family because Roberto died? What? You leave the dealer on the street and arrest me.
We couldn't charge him, and we brought you in for safety.
You want to have your wife visit you for five years on Rikers lsland? Two hours a week for five years seeing you with junkies, pimps and thieves? She'll know you're there because you threw your family away.
- Some lowlife killed my son.
- Drugs killed your son.
Roberto put that spike in his own arm.
He's gone.
Shooting the dealer won't change that.
Your other son tries to help, and you slap and insult him.
KELLY: James loves you.
- Don't tell me about my son.
He's a good person.
I don't know your wife but I'm sure she's a good person like you.
You did great with your kids.
You've had a horrible loss.
Get past it and fix your family.
We're done running around like schmucks, making sure everything's okay.
- Next dumb thing, you don't get slack.
- Can I go now? Go ahead.
- Did you hear what he said? - Yeah.
ROBERTS: Hey, Medavoy.
- Hi.
- Donna.
- Hi.
- You still going skating? - Yeah.
- Could I go with you? - Great! [PHONE RINGS] - 15 Precinct.
RlCHlE: ls Janice Licalsi there? - Who's this? - Her cousin Richie.
- I'll give you the right number.
- l don't have another quarter.
All right, wait a second.
It's for you.
Give him the right number.
LlCALSl: What? - Are we on this afternoon? - No.
I didn't get to it yet.
- Why not? I didn't get to it.
I don't know if I'll do it.
- You don't? Don't make a mistake-- - Did you hear what I said? - I'll let you know what I decide.
- Yeah, and listen to what I say.
lf I have to call back, l'll call and put on tape what you did.
Up your ass with that license plate, pal.
Up your ass, sweetheart.
Right up your ass with that shiny cop shield.
- How did you get interested in skating? - There was a pond near where I lived.
My girlfriends and I thought the lce Capades were the coolest.
Beautiful, perfect people zooming across the ice.
How'd you go from lce Capades to hockey? I guess that had more to do with the players.
Last guy I skated with checked me into the boards.
- Don't worry.
No body checks.
- You're good.
I think we both make the team.
- You remind me of Peggy Fleming.
- I always wanted to be her.
I bet she'd want to be you.
How's your soda? Delicious.
I got to be careful, though, sweets go right to my hips.
Your parents still live out on Long lsland? - No, they passed away.
- Sorry.
You know, I used to love skating on that pond.
You could go around hours, just listening to the wind, ducks.
- You know, you haven't stammered once.
- That's mostly a nervous condition.
- It's better once I get comfortable.
- I think you're a good skater.
You're great.
And you're attractive, really attractive.
You know, just delightful.
- Are you gonna be late getting home? - I am gonna be so late.
You gotta be late all the time, working on cases.
Yeah, then I can be home late.
This was a great night for me.
Me too.
Come on, I'll walk you to your car.
KELLY: Wait.
LlCALSl: What's wrong? It feels like there's something else in bed with us.
That's a weird thing to say.
It's a weird feeling.
What's going on? I don't know.
I feel like I'm being reviewed on how I make love.
Mm- hm.
That's not what's happening.
- Why don't you get out of here? - What would happen if I stayed? Oh, don't interrogate me.
What is going on with you? You want me to trust you, I'm trying, but didn't you get another phone call? It's like you're in jail and making love like you want out.
So, what is going on with you? Why don't you get out of here, Johnny? KELLY: You're involved with these people again, aren't you? - Trust you, Janice.
- Well, it's my problem.
Okay, your problem.
Trust you, but you can lie anytime? We could have a life, but you don't have to tell me the truth? Someone else found out.
I thought it was just between me and Marino, but he kept a book.
I'm in it.
Who contacted you? Some errand boy named Richie.
They want me to run a license plate.
To start you off.
I'm not gonna do this again.
- I wanna see this asshole.
- Who? - I wanna know what's going on.
- No, then you'd be involved.
- Janice, I am involved.
- I want you to go get your clothes.
- I want you to call him.
- No.
Get your clothes, go away, and let me figure how I'm gonna deal with this.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
Now you're telling the truth, but you won't let me help you.
We could have a life? Right? Don't get in bed with these people again.
I won't.
[SIRENS WAlLlNG ] - Officer Licalsi.
LlCALSl: Good morning, inspector.
- Security said you arrived at 6:30.
- I didn't know how to do this.
No? You want some lemon cheese Danish? If you don't mind, I'd like to get down to what I came here for.
I'm glad he's dead, Marino and his driver.
They choose their work.
Whatever happens, I can live with.
- Officer Licalsi.
- I knew Marino.
Did you ever meet him? You communicated with Marino before his death? Prior to his death, not since.
- That's not the tone you use with me.
- Probably not.
I gave this a lot of thought before I came in here.
I thought a lot about Marino too.
More than he deserves.
Most courts would've given him what he got and jailed him while he appealed.
Licalsi, let's establish some ground rules.
The matter of the death of Marino is closed.
It's a cleared case.
Alfonse Giardella did that murder.
He confessed to it.
You may think you have some reason for reopening those doors.
You don't.
Hear me on this, because I'm not saying it again.
I heard you.
I'm trying to understand you.
I'm interested in looking forward, not back.
You're not a fool.
You understand that just fine.
Don't you? Say I do.
His death to one side, you say Marino reached out to you? Before he was shot, he said in the future, he'd ask me to do something.
Why would he expect you to cooperate? My daddy was Dominic Gennaro.
One of the cops that got indicted.
LASTARZA: Who just died.
Marino was blackmailing me.
He'd rat on my dad unless I did what he wanted.
What'd he ask you to do? All I did for him was the thing you told me we are not gonna discuss.
- Why'd you come here? - I was approached again.
- By whom? - I don't know who he works for.
- Tommy Linardi.
- Probably.
I don't know.
I want to get out from under.
If that means losing my job, if it means going to jail.
Who else have you told? - No one yet.
- Keep it that way.
In the meantime, I need some time to digest all you've said today.
I'll let you know how I decide to proceed.
They want me to run a license plate.
I'll be in touch very soon.
Yes, I remember you.
I'm glad you called back.
My superiors authorized me to release some classified information to you.
This is on a top- secret basis.
They want me to let you know, the Gravity Shelf is in remission.
The laser death team got recalled.
Well, if the death team disobeys orders from Shelf headquarters.
Aluminum foil.
In the small event that occurs, just crumple two pieces of aluminum foil and stuff them in your undershorts.
It defeats their sensor rays.
Definitely, this could collapse the empire of the Gravity Shelf.
Yes, these are great days.
Okay, goodbye.
You saved the galaxy.
Roberts, you owe $ 14 for this month's coffee supplies when you can.
So how'd it go last night with Donna? Good.
We had a good time skating.
- Skating, huh? - Yeah, over at the Skyline.
Andy, $ 14 for coffee supplies.
Detective, have you noted the absence of the wedding ring on Medavoy's hand? Yeah, but it's not what it looks like.
Plus note he seems to be showing guilty confusion.
It's not what it looks like.
I lost the ring down the sink.
Sure, Medavoy.
Roberts, being experienced, when did you notice the ring missing? - It's missing now.
- Andy, it's not how it looks.
It wasn't off yesterday when he was trying to get Miss Abandando who you said was more likely to go out with Martina Navratilova anyways? We wouldn't be talking sour grapes, would we? Because Miss Abandando told you to slap your hockey puck up your ass? I'm only putting in half for coffee.
I'll be gone two weeks.
Screw you, Andy.
- Thanks, Andy.
- No problem.
We just went skating.
Sounds like we're still in misdemeanor territory, Medavoy.
It was the craziest thing with the wedding ring.
I never take it off.
This morning, I wanted to see if I could, and off it flies down the sink.
- Did you call the plumber? - He's coming.
- There's no problem, then? - Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I hope that wasn't what it sounded like it was.
What do you mean? I mean, it sounded like it was about you and me.
We went ice skating last night.
We had a lovely time.
And if some idiot wants to tease me, that's his problem.
I don't want to cause you any problems at work or at home.
You're not causing me any problems.
And we didn't do anything wrong.
Just the opposite.
- I had a really great time.
- Me too.
You're one hell of a skater.
You too.
KELLY: You seen Licalsi? SERGEANT: In there.
You disconnected your phone? I called you all last night.
What's going on? - I turned myself in.
- You what? I went to Lastarza.
The asshole who gave Andy's shooter the walk? You're going to trust him? I have to get straight.
He'll eat you up, spit you out and put you in jail.
SERGEANT: They're looking for you.
- We're done here.
LlCALSl: We should talk more about it.
- We're gonna talk about it.
You looking for me? We know about Martinez staking out Brick Top? - No.
- Sector car says he is.
In case his father shows up.
Maybe he should leave.
- Who? - Brick Top.
If Brick Top's holding, bust him.
If the father commits a crime, bring him in.
Martinez is supposed to be on leave.
He's trying to hold his family together.
You want me to get him? No.
Tell the sector car he's on assignment.
BRICK TOP: That's the way it goes down.
- Hey, where you been? - All over.
All over? You're gone all yesterday.
You're gone all night.
I'm calling Mami, she's worried.
She lost her son too.
lnstead of being home with her, I'm worried about you.
- I know that.
- You know that.
What am I supposed to do, huh? Go home with Mami? Pick up Roberto's body at Bellevue? Should I wait till that guy comes back and kill him? Am I a man then? When you were born, we had nothing.
No money, no good place to live.
I was always afraid I couldn't protect you.
That's why I was so hard on you.
I wanted you to be able to stick up for yourself.
Roberto was eight years later.
I had some money, a decent apartment.
Maybe his life was too easy.
I mean, maybe I was too soft.
You loved him.
I love you.
Look, I apologize for hitting on you.
- I should have took care of things.
- No, no, no, no.
- I messed up.
You messed up nothing.
- I'm sorry.
James, James, James.
James, I love you.
I've always loved you.
Come on, let's go home.
You okay? I'm doing great.
I don't understand why you opened up to this guy.
Hey, Johnny.
Lastarza wouldn't let me talk about killing Marino.
You said you turned yourself in.
He wouldn't let me tell about Marino and his driver.
It's a cleared case.
He got Giardella to say he did it.
A dozen of his cases crumble if it comes out Giardella lied.
But they have you.
Because you never reported Marino.
This is a cancer.
It was spreading to you.
- Lastarza will make you go undercover.
- You'd have killed that guy.
- That's what he'll do.
- And I'm going to be okay.
[THUNDER ROLLS] See-- I don't know what to do with this.
I don't know how to help you.
I'm gonna be all right.
- I don't know how to help you.
- Oh, Johnny.
I love you.
Come here.
Come here.