NYPD Blue s01e10 Episode Script

Oscar, Meyer, Weiner

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: My employer possesses private records that Angelo Marino kept.
I never took a cent from Marino.
I was trying to protect my father.
Work up this license plate.
KELLY: You're involved with them again? - Someone else found out.
I thought it was me and Marino, but he kept a book.
- What's going on? - I surrendered.
- You what? - I went to Lastarza.
- You guys make me laugh.
- Who are you referring to? - Black bosses.
- That didn't take long.
It makes you sick, what the world is.
These were the nicest people I ever met.
- How long you work for them? - Five years.
Any kind of a problem, domestic situation? - They weren't like that.
- Anybody angry at them? No.
- What time you get here this morning? - Around 8.
And I knew something was wrong because the back door was open.
Did you see what those animals did to them? Did you see what they did to their poor daughter? Why didn't they take what they wanted and leave? I don't know.
I don't know.
Could you make a list of people with house access, like service people? - All right.
- Okay.
James? MARTINEZ: Yeah? This is Officer Martinez.
He'll take you.
- Thank you for your help, okay? I'm a big boy, but what happened up there-- I don't know.
These assholes like their work.
The woman running the house says the other daughter's in Connecticut.
Is it the same crew that did the burglary homicides in Riverdale? I'll call the other daughter.
You call Riverdale.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- No sale.
- No, I'm good.
I'm uh.
I'm gonna go make the call.
Oscar, Meyer, Weiner [FOOTSTEPS] - How are you, Officer Licalsi? - I'd like to know what you decided.
All right, from the top.
You're not responsible for your father being a bad cop or for Angelo Marino trying to blackmail you.
Nevertheless, your failure to report the Marino approach was illegal.
However, you have come forward now.
You reported this approach by Linardi.
The approach was by a Richie.
I think we're safe in assuming your contact works for Linardi.
You can clear your books on the Marino matter if you document this current solicitation by Linardi as well as any other criminal activities of his.
- They want you to run a plate for them? - Yes.
- Can you do that? Do you have access? - Yeah.
Do it and tell them you want to meet.
And wear this.
It's a tape recorder, unless you'd rather wear a wire instead.
I'd like to set up some boundaries, a time frame.
Once the investigation's begun, I'll respond to your concerns.
But this isn't open- ended.
I do this Linardi thing, and I'm done.
I think that's what I just said.
Needless to say, our arrangements and your activities aren't to be discussed.
- I understand.
- Have you confided in anyone? - Not really.
- What does that mean? It's all right.
It won't come into play.
- I'll run this plate and call them.
- And stay in touch with me, officer.
I'm your new best friend.
MAN: This one, they got the facial skin completely off.
We get the idea.
So both jobs, stolen items are jewelry, cameras and pills.
Murder weapon is a knife from the kitchen.
Same duct tape, vaginal penetration with a foreign object after rape.
Sounds like the same bunch.
Four male blacks.
The only description you got? HANKIN: Yeah.
- They had to be tipped on this.
- I agree.
We got a list of delivery people and such.
We'll see if anybody's connected up your way.
- We'll let you know.
KELLY: Thanks.
MARTINEZ: That's okay.
MEDAVOY: When was the last service call? SHERMAN: Recall who was home? MARTINEZ: Could I talk to him? MEDAVOY: What's your date of birth? - Yeah, right.
MEDAVOY: Anyone have access? - Who do we got? - Mail carrier, exterminator and TV guy.
SlPOWlCZ: Anything on our BCI checks? - All clean.
We still got water, grocery, dry cleaner, carpet cleaner and masseuse.
- I did the cleaners and carpet people.
- And? SHERMAN: Nothing there.
All clean.
- I'll be back to help with the calls.
- When does the daughter get in? KELLY: In an hour.
- James, make sure she gets met.
MARTINEZ: All right.
- Anything else? - No, more of the same.
MEDAVOY: This is Detective Medavoy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How's it going? - Okay.
- Mm.
- You see Lastarza? - Yeah.
How'd that go? - I won't talk to you about this.
- He doesn't want you to.
- Johnny-- - Lie to him.
He's lying to you.
I'm not talking to you because I don't want to - but because of who you are.
- What's that mean? You're my lover.
I don't want you involved.
- What if that's unacceptable to me? - We'll try it.
Maybe you'll get there.
SERGEANT: What do you got, Janice? This car's been on my block for a week.
Thought I'd see if it was stolen.
When you delivered the water, did you go in the house? How long were the Sloans on your route? And your date of birth? Did you know that New York City tap water tastes better than bottled? That's not me saying that.
That's independent testing.
It was on the news.
This bag held a lunch prepared by my wife for me not the rodents of the 1 5th Precinct.
Get one of those metal lunch buckets.
I wouldn't have to if you didn't feed them.
They're your fault.
- They'll starve.
- Medavoy, better them than me.
DONNA: This isn't a good time.
You may have to wait.
All right.
DONNA: There was a heinous murder, and our detectives are busy.
ARLAND: Well, that's all right.
I understand perfectly.
- Can I help you? - This gentleman is reporting a theft.
Yes, I'm Arland Rickman.
- I've seen you on talk shows.
- Yes, well, not so much lately.
- You wanna come over to my desk here? - Yes, thank you.
SlPOWlCZ: Have a seat.
The man who robbed me was just under 6 feet, 160 pounds peaches- and- cream complexion and tousled, strawberry- blond hair.
No scars or distinguishing marks on his face or arms.
But he does have a pierced scrotum.
He wears a little gold ball there.
- You got a good look? - Yes, from all angles.
- What'd he steal from you? - One item.
My Oscar.
My Academy Award.
Do you believe it? There was Baccarat crystal, Fabergé-- - What's the Oscar worth? - I couldn't guess.
Whoever bought it would have to keep it secret, right? Would that make the prize more or less valuable to them? I'd love to figure out what someone'd pay to whip his skippy while gazing at your Oscar but we're working on a multiple homicide now.
Let's value it at more than $500 and finish this.
- You got a name on the thief? - He said it was Bryce.
B- R- I- C-- My guess would be Y.
B- R- Y- C- E.
- Last name? - It didn't come up.
Any idea of an address? He's a transient, just arrived from Denver.
Your best bet is to track him through Raoul, the bartender at Louise's.
That's an open place for persons like myself.
It's where Bryce and I met.
That's at 48th Street on the West Side? Oh, you know it.
Raoul tends to get on terms with new blood quickly.
He might just know where our Bryce has pitched his tent.
Write down your address and phone number.
I'll get in touch if I find out anything.
I'm grateful for your attention, detective.
I know in the scale of your labors, my loss is inconsequential.
But as I seem to be retired from the writing biz I don't expect to win more awards.
I'd be pleased to get this one back.
I liked that book you wrote about those cops.
Did you? Yeah.
I can read and everything.
Hey! Yo, Officer Licalsi.
Got that thing we talked about? You want a rundown on a plate, you better satisfy me.
It's nothing heavy.
Do better than that, or I'll walk away right now.
- You look like you might.
- I will.
A bookmaker in our sphere of influence might deal with an individual who frequents a certain bar.
Establishes credit with the bookmaker to bet on events.
The bookmaker has no phone or address on him, maybe not his right name.
Say this guy suffers some bad luck.
lnstead of paying off his debts or making arrangements, he disappears.
Circumstance like that, we maintain the bookmaker's credibility pressuring this man to make good.
Doing what to him? I wouldn't let my imagination run.
Nobody collects money from a corpse.
Are you satisfied, Janice? You read the sports section, Janice? Because you're on the team now.
Take care.
I'll be in touch.
- Right over here.
- I'm looking for Detective Kelly.
He's out now.
Would you like to take a seat? - Are you Rebecca Sloan? - Yes.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
I work with Detective Kelly.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Are you being treated okay? Yes, everyone's been helpful.
Why don't you come with me? We can talk in there.
I realize this is a bad time for you.
But the sooner we find out all we can, the better chance of finding them.
What do you wanna know? We think whoever did this knew the layout of the residence.
Are there people you associated with, came to your house - but you didn't know well? - I don't understand.
People whose social or economic strata might be different.
My parents taught me not to make that kind of distinction.
Rebecca, how we work a case is, we go by what happens in the real world.
In the real world, well- to- do people don't break into houses steal things and murder the occupants.
Can you help with that type? - From other "social strata"? - Black acquaintances especially.
I have black acquaintances, who are poor.
- Any from the Bronx? - What difference would that make? Several similar crimes have occurred in the Bronx, in Riverdale.
Witnesses described the perpetrators as black.
I hate thinking like this.
These people did terrible, terrible things, and we need to find them.
I'm not passing judgment on you, your family or anyone you've known.
I'm looking for something to go on.
Is there anyone that comes to mind? I went out with a guy last year, Lewis Futrel.
He's from the Bronx, and he's black.
- Is that F- U- T- R- E- L? - Yes.
- We are definitely gonna talk later.
LlCALSl: We are.
- I saw you meet your greaseball.
- I know you did.
I saw you.
Before we talk, think how bad you'd have jammed me up if he saw you too.
SlPOWlCZ: We'd be grateful if you could come in.
It's completely routine, Mr.
We're just running down certain aspects of the case.
Just ask for Detective Sipowicz.
They'll send you right up.
We'll keep you posted on any developments, Miss Sloan.
- Uh, where are you gonna be? - At my cousin's in Connecticut.
I don't wanna live in this city anymore.
Officer Miller here will see that you get a ride.
Listen, you take care now.
- Is that the daughter? SlPOWlCZ: Yeah.
- I'm sorry, I got held up.
- The daughter give us anything? She dated a black guy from the Bronx.
He's coming in.
- You got anything working? - I'm running down the service people.
What's going on? - Nothing.
- Don't talk to me like a jerk.
It's nothing.
I'll start pulling my weight on this, okay? Yeah, that's why I asked you.
I keep very close tabs, you know.
I carry you a few more years, you'll owe me.
- Detective Sipowicz? SlPOWlCZ: Yeah? Mr.
Meyers is here.
- I got your message, detective.
SlPOWlCZ: Sit down.
You know why I reached out to you? Because we go back.
Nobody knows better than me your sense of civic duty.
I got my sister's putz kid running the pawnshop so the more haste, the less waste.
I got a stolen statue, a movie Oscar.
And a murder that's making demands.
I don't see my relevance.
Whoever that statue starts out getting pawned to eventually, it'll come to you.
You punish me for knowing collectibles.
I punish you for buying them hot.
You don't want us swooping down on your pawn joint unannounced.
Checking inventory on your ledgers holding your items, damming your cash flow.
I'm guessing, could this be an Oscar in the Best Screenplay category? - Circa somewhere around 1958? - You should have been a mentalist.
I've heard rustlings.
Very preliminary.
A colleague didn't have it yet but wanted to know a ballpark worth.
- And what would that be? - Twenty- five.
- Thousand? - You think that's a lot? When a matchbook Lennon wrote "screw you" on is 15? Sammy, you get me that statue, I'll owe you a backscratch.
I'll keep you posted.
- 1991 playoffs? - Correct.
Autographed by Leetch and Messier.
- I'll give you $40 for it now.
- Not interested.
Don't believe those prices on TV.
That market's pumped like Holland tulips.
- Hey.
- Hi, Johnny.
- What's going on? You all right? I got transferred to the lnvestigation Bureau.
- You're kidding.
You're a riding DA? - You okay with that? That sounds great.
- I've gotta take a statement.
- Go ahead.
I'll buy you a coffee.
- Okay.
- All right.
- I think maybe I got something here.
- Let me see.
That maid at the victims', Renee Pendergast.
She's clean.
I did this check.
She's on two stop- and- frisk reports and was questioned during drug sweeps.
- Flying James.
- I thought that was something.
My name is Lewis Futrel.
I'm an architecture student at Hunter College.
- I live on 147th Street in the Bronx.
- Forgot your rank and serial number.
A black man dating a white woman.
That makes me a murder suspect.
Right now, I consider you a model citizen which is why I was hoping you'd help us out.
Two nights ago, I was up until 3:00 a.
, studying for a test.
I have witnesses.
I'll need those names.
And assuming I get them, you're not a suspect in these murders.
What I'm most interested in is did you discuss with friends your relationship with Rebecca? Her lifestyle, her place.
Did that come up when you talked with friends? I get it.
I'm not a criminal, but get enough niggas together, and some must be.
Rebecca said one reason she broke up with you was your rough crowd.
So I go to the criminal niggas, say,"Guess what? I'm boning this rich girl.
Here's her home, where the jewelry's hidden.
" - That the scenario you envision? - Have I been disrespectful to you? - Me being here is disrespectful.
- Hey, pal! I'm looking for some assholes before they murder another innocent family.
It happens these particular assholes happen to be black.
Now, how do you want me to go about this? Maybe I'll start each question with: "I'm sorry for the injustices the white man has inflicted upon your race but can you provide any information?" Or "I'm sorry your people are downtrodden for 300 years but did you discuss the Sloan house with your friends?" - Yeah, do it like that.
- Yeah, okay.
I know that African- American George Washington Carver discovered peanuts but can you provide names and addresses of these friends? You know, you're a racist scumbag.
I need names of black friends who have shown special interest or visited Rebecca's home with you.
I need a pen.
- Do you want a beer? - No.
Look, this following- you- around thing.
It's because I'm worried, and you won't say what's going on.
I told you why I wouldn't.
I need you to love me, okay? It's up to me to take care of myself.
Let's stop the word games.
You're kidding yourself.
You lie down with scum like Linardi and Lastarza-- - I'm working.
- I know what you're doing.
You're getting clean by doing something dirty.
It won't work.
- They're leading you by the nose.
- Don't do this.
- I know how it works.
- Me too.
- You're in too deep.
- I know where I am.
- Talking like that won't help.
- Who else will tell you the truth? The truth? The truth is that this is my life.
You can't have it both ways, not with me.
We can't make a life, then you go your own way.
This is the only way we can have a life.
I was in trouble once for stolen credit cards three years ago.
- How long have you known Lewis Futrel? - We grew up together.
- Are you still tight with him now? - Not too tight.
You wanna ask me about that murdered family, Lewis dated the daughter? Uh- huh.
I had nothing to do with that.
I never broken in and never done no violence.
Some trouble three years ago, stolen credit cards.
Can you verify your whereabouts two nights ago? I was balling all night.
Why don't you give me the lucky lady's name? - Hey, Renee.
- Detective, what are you doing here? Just wanna ask a couple of questions.
- I have a job interview.
- It won't take long.
Can I answer the questions? I have an interview.
Are you a junkie, Renee? Huh? - Would I find tracks on your arms? - No.
If I took you to the station, let the policewoman look? Under your tongue, inside your thighs, nothing? What's this about? You were questioned twice during drug sweeps.
You're on file.
I had nothing to do with what happened.
- What else didn't you tell me? - I'd never do anything to hurt them.
- You have drugs delivered to the house? - No.
No? This isn't a walkaway- possession bit.
We're talking accessory to murder.
I did nothing.
They were good to me.
Did you ever have drugs delivered to the house? Twice.
When I couldn't get out.
- The dealer look around? - Just the kitchen.
The kitchen entrance.
He couldn't have done this.
- He's not violent.
- You gave him the floor plan, right? Is that what happened? His name's Kenny Prins.
You gonna help me with this? Yeah.
Come on.
That's him.
OFFICER: He's in the dark coat and khakis, crossing the street.
KELLY: Get her down! OFFICER: Get your head down.
Stay down.
Are you Kenny Prins? KELLY: Hey, hey, hey, hey! PRINS: What do you want? - Relax.
You got nothing on me.
I'm clean.
- If you did it, you'll burn in hell.
- Shut up.
- Who's that? - We're not doing three acts of opera.
PRINS: I want a lawyer.
KELLY: I can't give it to you here.
- You stupid bitch! KELLY: Shut up and get in the car.
You'll get your lawyer downtown.
You want your lawyer.
You don't wanna talk to us, that's fine.
But listen to me because you're about to turn a walk into 25 years.
Okay? We're about to pop the guys who did the break- in and murder.
Half a day, tops.
We know you moved dope to the maid and accessed the house.
But if we find out that you sold the layout and described the alarm system when you could've helped us, you just bought accessory to murder.
Twenty- five years, Kenny.
Or you do the right thing, and you tell us who you sold the layout to the DA will cut you a deal.
You're out and back in business.
You wanna think about it, discuss it with your guy? Take your time, but not too much, Kenny.
Because God forbid these scumbags are out there doing another job.
God forbid this happens again before we can snatch them up, Kenny.
Because then it'll be on you.
LAURA: He has no priors like this.
The arresting officer feels he wasn't involved in the crime itself.
Claims he knows their whereabouts.
I'd go for it.
If he gives good information, he'd be a witness rather than a perpetrator.
Can't be a phone- book address.
He's gotta finger these guys.
What about the other charges? We'd decline on the possession charge and failure to appear.
Sounds like a plan.
[PHONE RINGS] Corner, A and 10th.
Green four- door.
Do you know the model? Ford.
Any idea of the year? No, that's okay.
lnjuries? Uh, did you get a license plate by any chance? SZU766.
Hold on, I'm gonna get somebody over there, okay? - 15th Base to Central.
WOMAN: Go ahead, 15th Base.
We need a fire unit, ambulance and sector cars to Avenue A and 10th, car explosion.
10- 4.
Units are on their way.
SERGEANT: What do we got? - A car explosion, one fatality.
That's the report.
I made the notifications.
- Thanks.
- I'll need a couple hours' lost time.
- What's going on? - I don't feel so good.
Sammy, I can't hear you.
Ask the guy to stop squawking the saxophone.
That's great, Sammy.
Where's he supposed to meet? Is he gonna have the statue with him? Tell your buddy not to worry about the statue, just set the meet.
We'll send someone over there to grab the kid up.
Right, okay, you're a prince.
Huh? You'll go as high as 60 for the Rangers pennant.
I'll pass that along.
Andy, we're in business.
PRINS: First floor, up front, right side.
KELLY: ESU cops are in position.
- Let's go.
- Police! MAN: Be with you right away.
- Come out with your hands on your head.
MAN: I'm completing my business.
- You Coleman? - Rajib.
What have you been eating, some kind of wild game? SlPOWlCZ: Hey! - I thought that was it.
I was sick.
- Not good enough.
- Am I supposed to knock on every door? - Call them.
And ask where they live? Then 20 seconds later 14 cops show? Don't you think they'll know? I want you to warn them that the cops are on the way and to get out.
I fingered these guys.
I went out on a limb.
Why can't you-- ? - Dial the phone, Kenny.
- All right.
All right.
It's Kenny.
You guys better book.
The cops are on their way.
I didn't say anything.
I took a bust.
They found your address in my crib.
You guys better get going.
Happy? MAN: Put them on the table.
MARTINEZ: Relax, I'll do the rolling.
COLEMAN: Easy, man.
MAN: You.
Step over here, please.
- Nice going, guys.
- The Bronx Squad is on their way down.
- How's our case? Found the weapon and stolen goods in their apartment.
- The new DA thinks we're all right? - She thinks we're all right.
Andy, your Oscar suspect's in lnterview 1.
Thanks, Medavoy.
- You would be Bryce? - Yes, sir.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
This is not where I planned to be today, not ever.
Life's full of little surprises, Bryce.
This is new to me, and I'm a little scared.
I understand.
But I plan to deal with it.
I intend to cooperate.
That's a very positive answer.
I'm asking a straightforward question.
Did you steal Arland Rickman's Oscar? - Could you take these off? - First, how about that Oscar? What happened was, I got off the bus at the Port Authority Terminal on 40th.
I went to Louise's Grill, which is famous.
I ordered a kamikaze.
Guess who paid for it? My first cocktail in New York City.
Arland Rickman.
- I mean, it was unbelievably vivid.
- Was it? I was energized by the environment.
This is a vivid city.
- We left.
You know about the sex? - Not interested.
- He was generous.
He gave me advice.
- Money? - Money and advice.
- Then you robbed him.
It didn't seem like that.
It was like he wanted it.
He was drunk, showed me the Oscar and passed out.
- You didn't beat him up? - No.
He was bruised when I met him.
You know what I think? I think he's a very lonely person despite all the success and fame.
You've got a shot at avoiding a trip to New York's Rikers lsland prison which is a very vivid place indeed.
But you need to answer the next question.
Oscar's in a locker at Penn Station.
The key's in my pocket.
It's in a tote bag along with his socks.
Whose socks? Arland Rickman's socks.
BRYCE: Thank you.
These birds are boycotting me.
I'm throwing food.
What happened to Joey O'Brien? You remember him? - His car got blown up.
- With him in it.
What happened? I think the question that you're asking is, did we do it? The answer is, we did not.
You gonna cross your heart? Officer, you got credit cards, right? Two, three, four, whatever.
Would you use up all your credit on one card, your Visa? No.
If you're irresponsible, desperate, whatever, you'd use them all up.
Now, that's what Joey O'Brien did.
It's obvious some less patient and reasonable people got to him before we did.
- It wasn't you? - It wasn't us.
Is your conscience clear now? Tommy said thanks for the license plate.
He's looking forward to meeting.
Take care.
I'll be in touch soon.
Don't get cancer, Richie.
MAN: Here you go.
FUTREL: Detective Sipowicz.
I saw on the radio how arrests were made on those murders.
Come to congratulate us? Somebody was doing real detective work while you harassed me and my friends.
- Sorry you took it that way.
- I wanna hear you say you harassed me.
Say we're not suspects, which Detective Andrew Sipowicz may not believe as he thinks we're lowlife niggas.
- All right.
You're done.
- I'll say when I'm done.
I'm saying you're done.
Talk about Carver again, you ignorant, cracker bigot.
- Excuse me.
What's your business here? SlPOWlCZ: This is Mr.
He was questioned and cleared in the Sloan matter.
- Your business here is finished.
FUTREL: I'd love to take you on.
- Without your gun, fire hose and badge.
- Here's my card.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You can leave now.
You work in the big house now, boy? What door you use? You can leave now, Mr.
- You busy tonight? - I got no big plans.
Detective Sipowicz.
I got your message, you found it.
You did, didn't you? - Yeah, come on.
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Wonderful.
I'm very grateful.
The kid's in the pen.
How do you want to handle that? Well, I'm not inclined to press charges.
- There's no harm done, as we say.
- Suit yourself.
Detective, could you abide a gesture of gratitude from an old queen? It depends on the gesture.
Here is the book of mine you said you had enjoyed.
Well, I signed it for you.
I bet when you wrote this, you weren't at bars midmorning picking up douche bags, who'd rob your medals, huh? My work habits were more rigorous.
- Anything keeping you from that? - Only a failing physical condition.
Plus the general rout of my faculties.
And a pervasive sense of despair.
In other words, you're getting old.
- I suppose it doesn't make me unique.
- Take a shot.
I bet you can still do it.
I get my Oscar back and a lecture on freewill.
That's why this is a great police department.
Thanks for the book.
- Hey, John.
- Hey.
- You still eligible for conversation? - Sure.
I'm involved with that uniform, Licalsi.
There's a bolt from the blue.
Anyway, she's involved in this complicated situation.
I don't wanna go into the details now.
But I'm worried, and she won't let me help her.
I don't know what to do.
- What would you do if she'd let you? - I don't know.
I'm not sure.
- I'd step in, right? - And do what? - I don't know that either.
- So you got a well- thought- out plan.
She just won't let you put it in motion, huh? Look.
Maybe she's right, not letting you step in.
She is so far over her head.
Of course, that's my opinion.
- But this is hard for me.
- You wanna take the weight for her.
I don't know what to tell you, John.
When I was drinking, and my old lady wouldn't cooperate my angle was, I'd smack her around.
Probably that was the wrong approach.
- You ready? - Yeah.
- Good job today, John.
- Thanks, lieutenant.
It wasn't me who popped the maid from the files.
That was Martinez.
He's gonna be a good cop, huh? - Yeah.
- Good night.
- You all right? - Yeah, go ahead.
I'll be fine.
Hey, thanks, man.
You got it.
- I'll see you, John.
- Yeah.
LAURA: Good night.
- Hey.
- Thanks for the help today.
- I'm glad it worked out.
Was it the job or not giving you enough room that broke us up? I don't know.
What made you good at your job made it hard to be with you at home.
- Which wasn't that much, right? - Which wasn't that much.
Why do you ask? No, I was-- I was just wondering.
Try giving her room.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
- How's your food? - Good.
You try the slaw? - You getting your jollies out of this? - What do you mean? You think I'm a racist.
You're rubbing my nose in it? Let me tell you something.
I'm entitled to my feelings and my opinion as long as I do my job right.
That Sloan investigation went by the numbers.
- I had a description: four black men.
- Andy.
I asked if she had any black friends because that was my suspect profile.
I gave Futrel zero noise till he got in my face.
You handled the investigation properly.
- So, what am I doing here? - I thought you might enjoy a meal.
Yeah, sure.
- What, you're not enjoying it? - It's all right.
- Food's okay? - Yeah.
It's not exactly what I eat.
It's not what I usually eat either, but sometimes it's good.
- It's okay.
- Why aren't you enjoying it? Let me know when you get done busting my balls.
- Is it the atmosphere, Andy? - That's possible.
- Perhaps me being the only white guy.
- Now, why's that a problem? Because you feel this isn't your place, and maybe some of these people agree? - Maybe a few don't like you? - What's your point? You're being served, aren't you? They cooked for you.
Maybe they wanted to spit in it, but they didn't.
They served your white ass like anybody else here even though some of them hate you.
So why would you feel uncomfortable? You got your meal.
Why care what they're thinking? That they don't like you? That's just an opinion.
Why should that bother you? They're still doing their jobs.
Now, what if they had guns and badges? My treat.