NYPD Blue s01e11 Episode Script

From Hare to Eternity

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: This morning, this bag contained a lunch for me not all the rodents in the precinct.
Tommy said thanks for the license plate.
He's looking forward to meeting.
Take care.
I'll be in touch soon.
KELLY: I saw you meet your greaseball.
- I know you did.
I saw you, John.
Think how bad you'd have jammed me up if he saw you too.
- You guys make me laugh.
- What are you referring to? - Black bosses.
- Well, that didn't take long.
Is it the atmosphere, Andy? That's possible.
Something about me being the only white guy.
They served your ass, just like anybody else.
Even though some of them hate you.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Can I put these under the tree? - In the radio room.
SHARON: The children are so excited.
- Look what we got for them.
A replacement rabbit.
It's exactly like the one they reported stolen.
- We gave the pet shops the description.
- This is wonderful.
We've got presents, and we'll have St.
Nick here.
- Well, he's got some very kind elves.
- Yeah, and there goes Santa now.
[GROANS] Anything with a little tear or a stain? Anything you couldn't sell? That's great.
Thanks a lot, Mr.
I'll send a car over.
I got Deadly Space Assassins dolls for 4- year- olds.
DONNA: Great.
[PHONE RINGS] MEDAVOY: Detective Medavoy.
Let me call you back.
WOMAN: Hi, detective.
- You pick up the Santa suit yet? - Not yet, Medavoy.
I took it to the dry cleaners.
I told them you'd pick it up today.
- Well, I didn't yet.
- The party's this afternoon.
Hey, Medavoy.
How come I gotta be Santa Claus? Well, Stillwell's psychoed out, and Walker's got jaundice.
No offense, but you're the fattest guy in the squad.
- Andy.
- Hey, what's Haverill doing here? - He's waiting for the lieutenant.
That much I figured, on account of he's standing in Fancy's office.
Do we know what he wants? All I know is, he's getting to be a regular.
Haverill's gonna need a camping permit, huh? I can't make these numbers work.
I don't see the caseload to warrant the overtime.
I disagree.
You wouldn't be buying your squad's loyalty? Captain, the last time, it was my clearance rate.
Before that, case management.
Those conversations were as bogus as this.
You think I'm secretly pleased with the job you're doing? Your cards aren't face up.
You want a command slot to open and me to move along.
If you feel we've got a personality conflict you should put in for transfer.
I authorize too much overtime? Don't like my clearance rate? Go on record at the Borough because I stand by how I command.
Don't wanna do it the easy way? Move on your own steam.
Don't you undermine me in front of my people.
Trust me, if I want you gone, you're gone.
Well, I didn't get here easy, and I won't be going easy either.
HAVERILL: What do you know, Andy? - How's it going? - Merry Christmas.
- Yeah, same to you.
From Hare to Eternity I or Detective Sipowicz will pick it up.
Did you get the spot out of the collar? Great.
That hypocrite Haverill knows Fancy's doing the job.
He just wants to move his own man in, probably Murphy.
How come he's got such a big smile for you? Who knows? Screw him.
- Think he likes your sunny disposition? - Got a problem with my disposition? Yeah.
I'm wondering where the big mistake's gonna happen.
Where I'll create a disaster area for the holidays.
Who says there's got to be a disaster? Come on, John, they set clocks off me.
Last year, today is probably the anniversary I was looking to bang my friend Lois, the whore.
I go to her room, open the door, take down my pants.
Turns out not to be Lois.
I was in the wrong room.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't alcohol involved in that incident? Lucky the hotel was all hookers, huh? Lucky I had the 20 bucks.
All I'm saying is that it could be different with you being off the booze.
Maybe you're right.
I mean, I get to play Santa Claus this year, you know.
Hand out the precious gift of merchandise to deprived kids.
Maybe some of them didn't try to break into my car.
Maybe there's somebody you can talk to about it? Somebody professional? - I'm sure you mean well by that.
FANCY: Hey, Kelly.
- Think about it.
FANCY: We've got a kidnapping.
- Go in soft clothes.
- Okay.
- When did you get the ransom call? - After I got here at 9.
Recognize the voice? It was male, sounded young, said he'd call back in two hours.
I spoke to Leonard at the bank.
The money can be ready in a couple hours.
Want to tell us what that's about? They've asked for $ 100, 000 ransom.
I'll pay anything.
We can't tell you not to do that, but we would like to mark those bills.
These people are gonna get their money whenever and wherever they want it.
I don't care if it's recovered or if they're caught.
I want my little girl back.
- What time you drop her off? BOWMAN: I did that.
I pick Tina up at 7:30 and drop her at school by 8.
Sachs goes the opposite way to the hospital.
- Every day? - For the last couple years.
- Is that telling you something? - It just means it was an easy job.
We need pictures and a description of what she wore.
We're gonna work out of the station, in case anybody's watching.
We don't want them aware of us.
The phone company will monitor the location of any calls.
We'll put a recorder on the line to monitor the time of the calls.
- I don't want her put at risk.
KELLY: She won't be.
If we trace the call, we can put surveillance on its location.
I am gonna get my daughter back.
I don't want you to interfere.
- Is this your first kidnapping? - Andy-- - You think sarcasm is appropriate? - Nobody's being sarcastic.
We got more experience than you.
Sometimes, people pay and don't get their child back.
- I've worked those cases.
- Okay, Andy-- SlPOWlCZ: I don't like finding some of those kids.
- What do you mean? - What do you think I mean? You'll have to trust us.
We'll work with you.
Let us do our job.
And hopefully, something will come out of this.
Do what you have to do.
We're all set up in the doctor's office.
- He cooperate on the ransom? - The bank xeroxed the bills.
The FBI's been notified.
They said they'd monitor the situation.
That's what the world needs, more monitors.
Kidnappers said they want a quick score.
Good news for the kid.
Put the guy in the cage, put the lady and the kid in lnterview 1.
We made a pickup on that teletype request.
- That armed robbery? - Mm- hm.
We can charge the guy here too.
He had a gun.
Everything falls in: driver description, license plate.
He had a woman with him.
North Carolina said a woman was in the car.
Let them know what we've got.
Work the interrogation with Medavoy.
- Base standing by.
WOMAN OVER RADIO: lncoming call.
- Ten- four.
- lncoming call.
WOMAN OVER RADIO: The subjects are on the phone.
These are the subjects, trap the call.
Got it.
Pay phone, northeast corner of Water and Broad.
[CAR STARTS] [SIREN WAILS] [SCREAMS] SlPOWlCZ: Are you okay? - You okay? KELLY: Yeah.
How am I? Look at this.
Not a scratch.
He's totally loaded and didn't tense up.
- Hey, what's going on? - You just hit us, you asshole.
Oh, yeah? Why don't we let the cops figure out who the asshole is, huh? And you're an asshole! I'm an asshole? I'm an asshole, huh? Huh? I'm the asshole, huh? DRUNK: Get off my car.
- I'm the asshole? SlPOWlCZ: Hey! Look what you did, huh? I'm an asshole? - You all right? KELLY: Yeah.
What'd we get? The phone booth turned up empty.
No one saw anything.
- They say where to make the drop? - They added narcotics to the deal.
The doctor bought time to put it together.
- Search his patient files for addicts.
- The nurse is bringing them over.
- You sure you okay? - Yeah, I'll be all right.
Hey, lieutenant.
Don't do anything rash on that Haverill situation.
- What situation? - Give it time to play out.
If I knew what you're talking about, I'd say it was none of your business.
How long you been driving your uncle's car? I got nothing to say.
That car looked like you were on a trip.
Like I said before.
A couple ran a liquor store in North Carolina.
They got pistol- whipped during a robbery there.
The woman lost an eye.
The owner got a New York plate number.
The car you were driving.
Screw them.
And screw you people too.
What's your relationship to the woman and kid? - I gave them a ride.
- Where'd you pick them up? CALVIN: Alabama.
Come on, Calvin.
You know how this works.
You're looking a- a- at robbery a- a- and felony assault in North Carolina a- a- and felony weapons charges here.
Help yourself out.
Well, I- I- I w- w- w- w- want a lawyer.
Do that again.
Come on, imitate me again.
I want a lawyer.
The season being what it is, asshole, it's gonna take a while.
So I lie in my cell and hope Santa don't forget me.
Think about how we'll give you special treatment.
How we're gonna do our best to make everything turn out lousy for you.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to announce the main and basement levels have been cleared of rodents.
[CLAPPING] Thank you.
I can now offer Big Bad Bert's services to the investigative levels.
The rats ate lunches.
That panther looks like it eats cops.
Not if you're my size.
You, Martinez, could be in danger.
So stay alert, be careful and wear a nametag at all times.
If there are no further comments, let the hunt begin.
KATHY: What are you doing with Kyle? He's gonna be right outside with Miss Abandando.
Could he be in here with me? He's real good, real quiet.
It's better not for now, ma'am.
That's finger-- Where you fingerprint people who are going to jail.
Am I going to jail? Well, you're gonna have a lot to do with it.
Why don't you tell us what happened? How did you meet Mr.
James? Well, Kyle and me were hitching at a truck stop near Gadsden.
We had a sign that said,"New York City.
" Calvin saw it and picked us up.
Why'd you decide to come to New York? Well, it's such a big place, I figured I could get some kind of work.
I know how to waitress.
And there's another reason, which I'm not so proud to tell you but I've heard that the welfare system is better here than in Georgia.
I don't want to be on welfare.
I want to work.
But I want it there because of Kyle.
- Did you ever see Calvin before? - No.
- This has something to do with him? - We think so.
It's- It's- It's about something that happened in North Carolina.
What? Do you recall stopping anywhere there? Yeah, we stopped at one place, at a store, a package store.
Calvin went in, got a beer and brought out a MoonPie for Kyle.
- You waited in the car? - Yeah.
Did something happen in that store? Lord, did he commit some kind of crime in that store? We think he committed a violent armed robbery in that store.
I didn't know nothing about it.
I didn't even know it happened.
If I'd known he had a weapon, Kyle and me would've been out of that car.
You can place him at the scene.
That makes you a witness.
Would you be willing to testify? Yeah, I guess I would.
Lord, this isn't how I wanted to come to New York City.
- John Evans, drug- seeking behavior.
- It wouldn't be him.
- You're sure? BOWMAN: I'm sure.
He enrolled in a rehab program.
He works as a counselor now.
- How long ago did you speak with him? - Three days ago.
It's not him.
- I know you're upset.
- Yes, I am.
You dropped Tina off every day.
You must've been close.
I can't stand to think of anything happening to her.
Larry Ashman.
Doctor noted drug- seeking behavior.
Would Tina have known him? Trusted him? No, she wouldn't have known him.
- You sure about him too? - I'm telling you, it isn't him.
Who is it, Mrs.
Bowman? I think it's my son.
- Base standing by.
WOMAN OVER RADIO: Doctor's receiving his instructions, K.
lncoming call, make the trap.
WOMAN OVER RADIO: He's to drive on Amsterdam Ave.
They're on a cellular phone.
WOMAN OVER RADIO: They're calling on his car phone.
I wanna talk to him when he's done.
WOMAN OVER RADIO: He's off the line.
- Put him on.
Whoever invented cellular phones should be hung.
SACHS: l'm gonna do what they want.
- We want to follow you.
This way we can follow them to your daughter, okay? SACHS: Let me do this.
- They won't see us following.
Head up Amsterdam Avenue.
We'll pick you up.
We know your car.
We're going to be in a taxi, number 1T53.
All right? SACHS: Yes, all right.
Here we go, pal.
KELLY: Thanks.
Have a nice holiday.
SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, you too.
He made the drop.
Parked car where you left me.
I'm on it.
You got a phone? MAN: What you want, man? - Hey, what do you need? - A phone.
MAN: Over there.
- It's inside? Andy, he's got it, Andy.
Come on, Andy.
He's got it! Come and pick me up.
He's heading north! SlPOWlCZ: Come on, come on! Let's go! Come on.
Son of a bitch! Andy! KELLY: Let's go.
Go! - Did you see him? KELLY: That's him.
KELLY: There he is.
SlPOWlCZ: I'll stay back here.
Come on, you asshole.
Take us to the kid.
Come on.
- What the hell is he doing? - He's gonna get high, John.
That garbage is gonna fix here.
Andy, that junk is pure.
He OD's, we got nothing.
Let's go.
KELLY: Get out of the car.
BOBBY: What'd I do? SlPOWlCZ: Get out.
- What'd I do? SlPOWlCZ: Shut up.
Now you listen careful now.
You got nothing.
You got no family, no friends, and you got no rights.
All you got is your life, and I'll take that from you.
You got one shot.
- Tell us where that kid is.
KELLY: Tell us! I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
KELLY: Get up.
I'm Laura Michaels, an assistant district attorney.
Am I going to be arrested and fingerprinted and go to jail? North Carolina issued a Jane Doe warrant in the robbery that the detectives talked to you about.
They've asked me to determine whether you should be tried or held as a witness.
Do you understand? Yes, ma'am, but I got a little boy and ain't neither of us done anything wrong.
LAURA: Would you like to have an attorney with you? No, thank you.
According to your statement, you waited in the car outside the liquor store while Calvin James was inside? Yes, ma'am.
- You don't know what transpired inside? - No, only what they said.
You have no relationship to Mr.
James other than having been a hitchhiker with your child in his car? Well.
LAURA: Go ahead.
He wanted to know if I would have sex with him.
He said I didn't have to if I didn't want to but if I did, he would give me $ 100.
I was grateful to him and I liked him, and the money would be a big help.
So I did it, but that prostituting was the only crime I've done in my life.
And I wouldn't have taken the money if it weren't for Kyle.
I bought myself shoes and a dress to go look for work.
You gotta have a good appearance, you know, for a job.
Would you testify against Mr.
James if this matter were to come to trial? [KATHY SIGHS] I'd feel real bad, but I don't want to go to jail and be away from my boy.
So you would? Yes, ma'am, I would.
There are steps we have to take on deciding how to proceed on your case.
I'm grateful for anything you can do.
Hi, Mommy.
There's a party for kids downstairs later on.
It might be nice for Kyle.
Do you know what he might like? There is a toy he'd die for.
It's called a Power Ranger.
Yeah, I've seen that.
You know, I'd like to say you are one of the nicest people I've ever met.
I'm gonna go call my boss.
Excuse me.
MARTINEZ: Go ahead.
KATHY: Hey, baby.
- So was he any trouble? - Oh, none at all.
We made snowmen.
We believe this woman, lieutenant.
She said he picked her up in Alabama that she was coming north with her kid, which the guy also says.
On the robbery in North Carolina, she saw him go into the store for beer and he came out with it.
She didn't know what he did inside.
- She's willing to testify? - Yeah.
Get her prints.
If she's clean, we'll see what we can do for her.
- She's got fingers doesn't she? - She's scared to death as it is.
I want her run through BCI.
We were thinking we could lift the prints from the glass she drank from.
Any other special handling you've got in mind? Could she stay in a motel with her kid instead of in the civil jail? Get her prints first, Medavoy.
Happy holidays.
I'm meeting Richie at 6.
He's taking me to Linardi's party.
Do you have the sector- patrol assignments? - It's okay to give them to Linardi? - This is cleared at command level.
lnspector, does it bother you that this stuff is kind of low- rent? I mean, Linardi's supposed to be the new boss and he's setting up a truck heist? Capone was the biggest mobster of his time.
He went away for being a tax cheat.
Dewey got Lucky Luciano for being a pimp.
And Dewey got to run for president, didn't he? Of course, he did get beat.
I just want to tell you, officer, you're doing terrific work.
And I appreciate the pressure that you're living with.
That's as close as I come to holiday sentiments without sounding phony.
The only sentiments I want to hear from you are telling me I'm done.
- Don't move till I say.
- The guy said the girl's back in a closet.
Three assholes in the front, the girlfriend's watching the kid.
- We'll go in the back, grab the kid.
- Hold on.
You ever hear of a warrant? If I can hear somebody calling for help, we can go in, can't we? Come on, now, sarge, I sure as hell can hear her crying.
I guess I can hear it.
Go when you hear the crash.
Merry Christmas.
Let's go.
Get on the floor.
Get on the floor.
JUNKIE 1: He's going out the window.
Out the window! Get the window! Get down! Get down! Get in the kitchen.
OFFICER 1: Shut up.
SlPOWlCZ: Hands behind your back.
- Hi.
- Can I come out now? Come on.
OFFICER 1: Stay down on the floor.
OFFICER 2: Bathroom secured.
You're safe.
You're going home.
SlPOWlCZ: Easy now.
All right, come on.
- She's okay.
KAREN: We didn't hurt her.
We just wanted something for the holidays.
SERGEANT: You okay? - Yeah, we got the girl.
How about you? Three male suspects, slightly damaged due to necessary falls.
They'll live.
- Hi, Tina.
Nice to see you.
TINA: Thanks.
This is John Kelly.
Yeah, hold on a minute.
Hold on a second.
Go ahead, honey.
Wish your dad a merry Christmas.
Hello, Daddy.
It's me.
Merry Christmas.
OFFICER 1: Come on.
Get in the car now.
- Watch your head.
OFFICER 2: Let's go.
SERGEANT: You got my radio? - I know a shortcut.
I'll lead you.
- Okay.
I got a stop to make.
See you at the squad.
- All right, buddy.
- Bye- bye, honey.
[SIREN WAILS] Something on your mind, or are you moonlighting? Let's skip the foreplay and get right to the screwing.
- What screwing? - The one you're giving to Lt.
- Did he send you? - No.
Detectives don't get a say in promotions of senior officers.
- I didn't come to vote.
- What's your stake? Never mind.
Let's talk about famous meals from the past.
Remember the Disico hit? Carmine goes facedown in his clams? I was trying to work him.
I didn't see the shooter.
- I was clean and you know it.
- No, I don't.
I took your word.
I buried you having lunch with him so you wouldn't look bad.
Squad's still looking for that diner whose salad got dressed with Disico's brains.
Before you got shot, Fancy was ready to dump you.
All you need to know is, I think I owe the lieutenant enough to put some wood up your ass if anything bad happens.
HAVERILL: How's it work, Sipowicz? He let you drink in the john? Let's not quarrel, huh? It's the holidays.
- Where's Andy? - He had to make a stop.
At the dry cleaners? I picked up the outfit.
- He didn't say where he was going.
- Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
The kids are coming.
John, you want to be Santa? I don't think I would pass, do you? Well, you think I look like Santa? Because I'm gonna have to be Santa now.
- Tell them the party's started.
- Okay.
Hey, Johnny.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Did you hurt yourself? - I got a little banged up.
I'm fine.
- You going to the party? - Yeah, maybe I'll see you.
DONNA: Little button eyes, right there.
Good! Miss Abandando will take Kyle to the party.
- Will he go with me? - Sure, he's used to different people.
We stayed in so many places.
You want to go to a Christmas party? Okay.
- I can't believe it.
DONNA: What? I took the rabbit out of the cage to put a ribbon on it.
I come outside to find Andy I go back in.
- The rabbit's missing? - The rabbit's dead.
Lucas' cat ate it.
- Okay, let's go.
KATHY: All right.
Be good, baby.
Your wet- brained errand boy came to see me.
- What are you talking about? - Deaf and dumb, huh? - You didn't send Sipowicz my way? - No.
- Unpack your bags.
He did his job.
- Listen to me, captain.
I don't know what you're talking about, and I never had my bags packed.
Andy, change into this, and stall on the rabbit.
- What are you talking about? - Lucas' cat had rabbit for Christmas.
So when you give out the presents, stall till I get back.
- Your little boy's just fine.
- Great.
MARTINEZ: Got a minute? We gotta talk.
LAURA: When you taking Kathy to the motel? MARTINEZ: We're not.
That perp's not Calvin James, he's Carl Shivers.
Busted his wife out of jail.
The wife's been lD'd from the prints off the glass.
- Kathy? She's married to that guy? MARTINEZ: Yeah.
She's got 1 1 armed robberies and two assaults on her sheet.
You stay back now.
- Give me Carl and my boy.
- Drop the scissors.
- I'll cut her throat.
- You're not leaving.
Drop the scissors.
- Clear me a path to the stairs! - Don't make this worse.
- Don't hurt me! - Shut up.
You do it now! Clear me a path! - Drop it! KATHY: You miss, she dies.
Go ahead! SlPOWlCZ: Grab the scissors! MEDAVOY: Let go.
SlPOWlCZ: Grab the arm.
Grab her arm.
SlPOWlCZ: Get her up here.
Give me some cuffs.
- You okay? - She would have killed me.
Take it easy.
You're okay.
SlPOWlCZ: Settle down! Take it easy! You saved me, Gregory.
I gotta go to a pet shop.
Get yourself a drink of water.
I'm going to get myself some spiked eggnog.
SlPOWlCZ: Okay.
Merry Christmas, Daniel.
Ho, ho, ho.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, ho, ho, ho.
All right, who's next? There you go.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, ho, ho.
- So, what's your name? BOY: Sammy.
- Hey.
- Punch? - Yeah.
- Big change from last year, huh? - Yeah.
- You seem happy here.
- I like the work.
Look at Andy.
Yeah, tough time of year for him.
- You'll go over to your mother's later? - Yeah, I was heading over there.
- Merry Christmas.
- Yeah.
Merry Christmas, Laurie.
SlPOWlCZ: Merry Christmas, Ben.
BEN: Merry Christmas to you.
Can I talk to Santa for just a minute? SlPOWlCZ: How you doing? I put it in my letter.
I've been a good girl all year.
Do you have plans later? No, I think I'm gonna head out.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I wouldn't make very good company.
Merry Christmas, Andy.
Merry Christmas.
- Okay, who's next? GIRL: Elizabeth.
SlPOWlCZ: Hi, Elizabeth.
- Hi, Johnny.
- How's it going? - Okay.
- That's just conversation.
- I know.
- I'm not prying.
- I know.
KELLY: Okay.
I got to-- Lieutenant wants to see me.
All right, I'll talk to you later.
- Nice seeing you.
- Merry Christmas.
SlPOWlCZ: Merry Christmas.
There you go.
- James.
MARTINEZ: Lieutenant.
- This is for you.
- Me? I didn't get you anything.
Open it.
I'm a detective? I got the badge early.
Show up at 1 Police Plaza Wednesday at 10 for the ceremony.
I got my gold shield.
Flying James, you're a detective, you son of a bitch.
Way to go.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, detective.
All right.
- Way to go, detective.
- Thank you.
Lucas - that animal's a killer.
- Medavoy, rabbits are rodents.
That's how he makes his living.
SlPOWlCZ: Merry Christmas, Evelyn.
Ho, ho, ho.
WOMAN: Look at this! - Look what Santa's helper brought.
I thought maybe you crashed the sleigh, Medavoy.
OFFICER: Okay, this way.
Mommy, look what I got! OFFICER: Come on.
What was Haverill talking about? - Who? - Cut it out, Sipowicz.
- Haverill said you came to see him.
- Look, lieutenant I got a long night ahead of me, going up and down all those chimneys.
I don't know what leverage you had, but I wish you hadn't used it.
- That's a funny way to say thank you.
- I fight my own battles.
Maybe I did make a mistake.
Maybe Dumphy or O'Bannon or whoever was cued up for your job would have been easier to work with.
- Why did you do it? - I don't know.
All day, I knew I'd make a mistake.
This is just the one I got to first.
- I don't owe you.
- Nobody said you did.
- I don't owe you.
- You don't owe me dick, all right? Merry Christmas, lieutenant! Look.
Look, when you and I talk, it's always a train wreck.
I mean to say one thing, and we wind up in each other's faces.
- I got your drift.
- No, you didn't, Andy.
I don't like people doing for me, but I shouldn't have sounded ungrateful.
I appreciate you trying to help.
No problem.
I owed you one.
Merry Christmas, Andy.
Merry Christmas.
Christmas- bonus time.
Tommy's handing out goodies.
Toast, Tommy.
Who's that guy he's talking to? Fellow from out of town.
Did some special work for Tommy.
So are you gonna get rewarded for all your good deeds? We'll see.
Between us, I wish Tommy had a little more old- timer in him.
You wish he had a big mustache? He doesn't appreciate the tradition like the other guy did.
Marino? - Sometimes he's a little short- arm.
- He's cheap, huh? - Richie.
- My turn at the trough.
- How you doing, Tommy? - Hey, Richie.
RlCHlE: Janice, Tommy Linardi.
How you doing? Yeah, have a seat.
You did good for us.
Well, if you say so, Tommy.
I don't know how sector designations and personnel assignments help.
Yeah, well, maybe that's why you're walking the beat.
LlNARDl: Here's a little-- A little boost.
I think I did the right thing for you too, Richie.
Happy holiday.
RlCHlE: Thanks, Tom.
- I wasn't expecting this.
You must have something very special planned for those schedules.
Spend the money.
Don't worry about my plans.
RlCHlE: Tommy.
Happy New Year.
- Yeah.
LlNARDl: See you later, all right? Angelo, come here.
- You believe this cheap bastard? - I'm disappointed.
I don't roll over and spread wide.
You wanna get treated like a punk, that's up to you.
Where's justice, huh, Richie? Why don't you take your smart mouth someplace else? Okay.
Merry Christmas.
There she is.
- Hi.
CATHERINE: Oh, hi, Johnny.
I'm so glad to see you.
Oh, here you are.
Hanson says you're eating better.
- Mrs.
Gallaway died Thursday.
- Yeah, she died a long time ago, Ma.
She did everything gracefully, even her death was that way.
Can you turn that off? There's a controller around someplace.
It doesn't work anyway.
There's something I-- Talk, talk-- - I want to talk to you about.
- Okay.
- You gotta help me keep my mind on it.
- You got a deal.
With one thing and another, you working nights-- Well, it just never seemed the right time, you know? I don't want you to take this the wrong way.
It's about John Jr.
Mm- hm.
When you come home late and you're so quiet to not wake me, I hear you.
And I know you go into his room.
I've watched you a few times, sitting by his bed.
I've seen you stroke his hair and kiss him good night.
I know you love him, and John Jr.
knows it too.
- That's right, he knows I love him.
- He does.
He does.
But you need to spend more time with him.
Okay, I will spend more time with him.
And he's young.
He's young, and he's just starting to form himself to be the kind of man he'll be.
And he has to spend more time with you to be able to do all that and still be the little guy he is.
You understand? Yeah.
- Have I hurt you? - No, I'm okay.
All right.
That's what I wanted to say.
- I got it out, didn't I? - Yeah.
Yeah, you did.
You want some water? Be sure you spend more time with your son.
- You promise me? - I promise.
I'm gonna get you that water.
Johnny! You didn't have to drive all that distance tonight.
It's Christmas Eve, Ma.
You gotta go back, son, or can you stay a while? Yeah, I'll stay till you fall asleep.
How about that? Okay.
Go to sleep.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Merry Christmas, Ma.
Merry Christmas.