NYPD Blue s01e12 Episode Script

Up on the Roof

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: You're on his list, Janice.
Friendly cops.
So stop acting like you still got your cherry.
This journal entry, that's Marino's own handwriting.
- Janice, Tommy Linardi.
- How you doing? Yeah, have a seat.
RlCHlE: Do you read the sports section? You're on the team.
I'll be in touch.
KELLY: Are you involved with these people again? Someone else knows.
I thought it was between me and Marino but he kept a book and I'm in it.
- No bodyguards.
Linardi knew them.
- So, what do you figure? Tommy and some pals have words, things go too far? KELLY: Unless the bodyguards knew.
- There's a blood trail outside.
There's another victim.
Let's get an FATN out and do a hospital canvass.
- What do you got? Tommy's using second- hand appointment books.
" - This was in there? - Yeah.
This is what ambition's about.
This is how the cream rises to the top.
Tommy wanted to be the first baboon on the block to carry a briefcase.
Look, a racing form.
Here's some supermarket coupons and some New Year's Eve party crap.
Here he has a TV Guide crossword puzzle three- letter word meaning "feline" and Tommy already had the last letter.
What do you think? A.
, Angelo Marino? Yeah, maybe.
You want me to voucher that? No, let me hold on to it.
I'll do it when we get back.
You wanna canvass the area? The neighbors gotta have stories.
Yeah, let's do that.
It's a hell of a way to start the New Year, huh, Tommy? [TOOTS] Up on the Roof FANCY: Anything on the crime scene? Has Lastarza showed up? Yeah, okay, I'll be in in a couple hours.
- They're ready to start.
- So, are we going in now? Yeah, let's go in.
SHERILEE: When I was arrested I didn't want Maceo with all the social services and foster homes.
So I asked the lieutenant if he would take care of my son.
He said he'd keep Maceo with his family till I finished detox.
Now I'm through with detox but he don't wanna give Maceo back.
The lieutenant has only asked for a Judge, I'm through with the program.
I'm ready to pick up my life and to be a good mother.
I can't do that if I don't have my son with me.
Lieutenant Fancy, would you like to make a statement? Yes, Your Honor.
My wife and I support Ms.
Williams' efforts to rehabilitate herself.
We recognize her parental standing.
We filed this petition because we're concerned she's at too early a point in her recovery to care for Maceo.
Particularly to move him to South Carolina.
Before Maceo came to us, he hadn't seen a doctor or dentist in four years.
He was a constant truant.
Now he's doing his homework, enjoying school, he's eating properly.
By his mother's own account, he seems happier than he's been in years.
Maceo responds to the stability of our home environment.
I also believe-- I'm glad and grateful that I can be a good role model for him.
He's never had a father or a stable paternal figure to look up to.
And so, I would like to be able-- My wife and I would like to continue that for a little while longer while Sherilee continues her admirable progress.
That was the promise I made to her when she was brought in.
That I would look after her son while she got well.
- Thank you.
JUDGE: Maceo? Do you have anything to say about all these people that want you? Yes, I'd like to stay here where I'm at, with Mr.
and Mrs.
JUDGE: Your mother says she's ready.
- She said that before.
I mean it this time, Maceo.
I'm afraid you're still sick, Momma.
I don't know if I could take care of you as good as where you're at.
JUDGE: Thank you, Maceo.
I'll take this under advisement.
OFFICER: Come on.
SERGEANT: What do we got? - Public lewdness.
DRUNK: It's January, shirtsleeve weather.
It's 80 degrees! - So where's your shirt? - Where is my shirt? I'm buck- naked! OFFICER: Come on, let's go.
- Hey, all aboard for Coney lsland! DRUNK: Woo- woo- woo! OFFICER: Come on, here we go.
Please keep me notified.
Any wound related to a gun.
Anything that looks like a gunshot wound.
Detective Kelly, Detective Sipowicz of the 1 5th squad.
Thank you.
- Detective.
- lnspector? - Lieutenant Fancy's out? KELLY: He'll be back shortly.
You got the Linardi case.
- Yeah, Detective Sipowicz and I did.
- Could you run it for me? Sure.
Nothing off the crime scene or canvass.
Located a stolen car about two blocks away, had a gun in it.
Dusted the car and the gun for prints but found a pair of gloves nearby so we're not too optimistic.
- Anything on your end? - Nothing substantive.
KELLY: Looks like an OC hit though? - Yes, it does.
We'll keep you apprised, then.
That would be full cooperation from the organized crime unit? - Absolutely.
- Excuse me while I lay a loaf.
A minute for me, officer? Richie and the guy with him are suspects in the Linardi shooting.
- Richie hasn't called.
- Who's the guy? - He never gave it up.
- We can't make him off our photos.
Too bad they don't wear nametags, huh? Update me on the investigation.
- Here? - They're not telling me dick.
If they have anything, I wanna know about it.
You drafted me to get to Tommy Linardi, now he is dead and-- Officer, you're out when I say you're out.
- I won't rat on my own people.
- I'm telling you, you are not out yet.
- You're a prick.
- Keep your ears open.
- You working on the Linardi shooting? - Yeah.
This work for Lastarza, I went to a Christmas party and Linardi stiffed a couple guys on their bonuses, they were pissed.
One guy I didn't get a name on.
He's - The other guy? - Richie, Linardi's runner.
Did you get a last name? - C- A- T- E- N- A.
- Get an address or number? - He called me.
- I can get it.
- Is Lastarza on this? - Yeah, hard.
- He told me he didn't have any leads.
- You didn't hear this from me, John.
- We need to talk later.
- About what? About some of the stuff from the Linardi effects.
Thanks for your help.
- Ouch.
- Like the sport coat, huh? - I'm Detective Martinez.
- I've been robbed.
Somebody took the money out of my checking account.
I didn't know where to go, my bank's closed.
MARTINEZ: Have a seat.
- Thanks.
- What's your name? - Frederick Converse.
We've had people in here since yesterday, all got robbed the same way.
You use that ATM at the Pathmark mini- mall? Yes.
It was a fake ATM.
The thieves rigged it to read your card's code.
- Then they ran out on your account.
- What do I do? I'm broke.
When the bank opens, go make out an affidavit of fraud.
And I'll get it back? There'll be restitution, but it'll take time.
The bank's insured for credit card theft.
Or if fraud was involved with their machine.
But this wasn't their ATM.
I have to pay rent.
I don't know where I'll get money for groceries.
You'll have to coordinate that with the bank.
If you go with Miss Abandando, she'll show you how to draw up the complaint.
- In other words, I'm screwed.
- Well, we're following up a few leads.
Miss Abandando, could you help Mr.
Converse? - Sure.
MARTINEZ: All right.
KELLY: How's this ATM thing going? We're working off a partial plate from that van that picked up the fake ATM.
- I feel bad for these people.
- Yeah.
We got a tip on the Linardi hit.
His soldier, Richie Catena, was pissed off.
- Where'd we get that? - Anonymous call.
All it took was for me to go to the can.
We got an address? - Got it.
- Wanna sit on his house? I wanna sit on his house.
lntelligence is coming for the Linardi stuff.
Can you voucher that notebook? - I will.
- Where's the guy live? KELLY: Staten lsland.
SlPOWlCZ: That figures.
LlLLlAN: Okay, you finished? MACEO: Yeah, I'm done.
- Wonderful dinner.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
Oh, we've embarrassed Maceo.
Deal with it.
RHONDA: Will you help me with math? Mom, she should do her own homework.
I want you to check it.
- Is yours done? - Yeah.
You want me to look at it? [PHONE RINGS] Excuse me.
This is he.
When? All right.
Is everyone almost finished? - I'm finished, may I be excused? - Yeah.
- May I be excused? - Come on, I'll help you with your math.
Well, that was your social service representative on the phone.
I have to go back to my mom? The judge decided she's ready to take care of you again.
When do I have to go? She's gonna pick you up tomorrow after school.
May I be excused? Yeah.
[PHONE RINGS] Lieutenant Fancy.
You dropped him off? Did you see him go in? All right, let me know if you hear anything.
It's good to find you at work.
Two detectives have been sitting on a house in Staten lsland.
They're acting on an anonymous tip in the Linardi case.
- I authorized it.
- Why wasn't I told? It was unproductive.
And it seems you were told.
- Not by your people.
- So you were set up out there? That suggests a live lead and you said you didn't have any leads.
Stay off Richie Catena.
When do I look at Linardi's effects? According to Detective Medavoy Linardi's briefcase held want ads and coupons.
We're sending them to lntelligence.
They'll forward them to you.
[PHONE RINGS] Lieutenant Fancy.
Just get me the reports by the end of.
You stay off Richie Catena.
Seems he wasn't around, inspector.
You looking for him too? Who's first in the shower? Go ahead, I'll get the coffee.
I hate to rush you on this notebook but I'm building the Linardi package.
- What did I say? - That you'd voucher it and get it in-- - And that's what I'm gonna do, okay? - Okay, okay, okay.
How about we talk about this 800- pound gorilla standing in front of us? What's in Marino's book? Licalsi's name is in that book.
Marino had her old man.
He told her and then used it to blackmail her.
- What did she do for him? - She didn't do anything.
But she turned herself in to Lastarza, he put her to work.
- I'd hate him holding paper on me.
- I don't know if it's official or not.
He won't stand by her if her name comes out.
FANCY: Sipowicz and Kelly? MARTINEZ: Lieutenant? We got a break on that ATM investigation.
We found the truck up on Bronx River Parkway.
That fake ATM was in the weeds nearby.
- That kid leases the truck.
- What's he know? - I'm gonna talk to him.
- Good.
I gotta go out.
If anything breaks on the Linardi case, let Lastarza know.
You all right, lieutenant? The kid we're looking after ditched school and got caught shoplifting.
- You got a situation with that girl.
- Yeah.
You know, this wouldn't be the first page somebody tore out of a book.
- You're Eric, right? - Mm- hm.
I'm Detective Martinez.
- You got no rap sheet? Never arrested? - No.
Your first time seeing cops, my first being a detective.
Don't make it tough on me, okay, Eric? What am I doing here? You leased the truck abandoned by the Bronx River-- It broke down.
I was gonna get it repaired.
There was an ATM machine found in the weeds nearby.
It's a phony machine, which many people got robbed off of.
It read pin numbers and secret codes off bank cards and then someone emptied people's accounts.
- I don't know about it.
- Eric.
You used that truck to care for shrubbery and so on? So what? You serviced the Pathmark where that ATM was.
- Then the ATM's found near your truck.
- I service a lot of businesses.
lndoor plants, tree trimming, trash hauling, it's how I pay for school.
I don't know anything about any ATM.
- Where you go to school? - NYU.
- What year you in over there? - Junior.
Must be some schedule.
Hold a job and studying.
- Yeah.
- What do you major in? - Applied engineering.
- Applied engineering? Good for you.
Eric, you take any computer courses? Look, I didn't do this.
Somebody did, Eric.
And so far, you sure look like a candidate.
Right over here.
I'm looking for Detective Kelly or Sipowicz.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
I was told you're connected with the Linardi homicide.
SlPOWlCZ: No, here, this way.
I'm a physician, I don't know how this happened.
SlPOWlCZ: Right in here.
What are we talking about, doc? Have a seat.
JACOB: I got in over my head.
I eat a lot at Gianinni's, I got to know some of the fellas.
I hung out.
- "Fellas" being criminals.
- Right.
I socialize with them a little, I thought it was glamorous.
Yeah, they're very glamorous.
Anyhow, a fella last night was injured.
- Wounded? - Wounded, yes.
He was shot twice, he wouldn't go to the hospital.
- And I treated him.
- You realize that's a felony, doc? A physician giving aid like that and not reporting it? - You could lose your license.
- I'm reporting it now.
I'm ashamed of it.
My wife and parents sacrificed so much to put me through school and while I set up a practice.
- They called me again, a half- hour ago.
- The fellas? The guy's in bad shape, he's got a septic process going on.
I'm sure there's infection.
He was hemorrhaging.
KELLY: Is he still there? JACOB: Yeah.
- Did you get a name on him? - I don't know his last name.
His first name is Richie.
[SIREN WAILS] KELLY: Richie, talk to us.
RlCHlE: I told you to screw yourselves.
I'm lnspector Lastarza, of the organized crime task force.
- Hi.
Screw you too.
SlPOWlCZ: Hey.
Think you'll make some miraculous recovery? You're not.
Who shot you? Who shot Tommy Linardi? - Go ask Jerry Frumento.
- Is that who shot you? Ask Jerry, he's at his girlfriend's.
One King Street, number 216, Gina Zarone.
- Did Jerry shoot Tommy Linardi? - Who knows about those things? Listen, when you get with Jerry, you tell him I banged his girlfriend.
Tell Jerry, Gina had me up Christmas Eve and I climbed her.
Her mouth was open so wide screaming, I saw her tonsils.
- You tell him that, you hear me? PARAMEDIC: Get away! He's in arrest.
I can't keep these sons of bitches alive! They're dropping like flies.
PARAMEDIC: Let's get some epi drawn up.
Call base and tell.
Are you not gonna talk till it's time to leave? - I wanted a tie.
- Baloney.
- I guess I wanted to steal something.
- I know you better, Maceo.
When your mother made you steal things to sell for drugs you didn't want to.
And you don't now.
Remember what you said the first time you were here? Asking if I'd help you.
I remember.
You didn't want to steal, did you Maceo? Thought if I got arrested I could stay up here.
Maceo I don't want you to leave New York either.
But things don't always go the way we want.
And when they don't, you gotta obey the rules.
You gotta be a man.
I don't know about being a man! You were showing me.
You know, I wanted to stay with you.
I don't ever get what I want.
Never yet.
GINA: I'm filing a citizen's complaint and a civilian harassment lawsuit.
SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, okay.
People still got rights, regardless of who they date.
Lieutenant? Jerry's gone, she's the girlfriend.
Is it okay if Lastarza's with us? Yeah.
If you think that I'm cooperating, then your minds must be up your asses.
SlPOWlCZ: You eat with that mouth? - Among other things.
- You know Jerry's a button guy? - I wouldn't know about that.
You wouldn't, huh? I'll tell you.
He shoots people for money.
We got a message for Jerry, it's from his buddy Richie.
- Richie, who's that? SlPOWlCZ: That's Richie Catena.
Says on Christmas Eve, he bounced around in your goonya.
I don't know that terminology or the Richie in question.
Is Jerry gonna be upset, you letting out his parking space for casual use? He knows me better than that.
You don't sound convinced.
Maybe he knows you right.
I'm not ending up in court in three years waiting to rat and wondering when I'll get a bullet.
I am not giving up Jerry.
Okay, listen to me.
This is not testimony, you're not on the record, but we want an address.
And I get what? A Good Citizenship belt? - For which maybe we'll get you a grand.
- A grand? Forget it.
A grand to get you out of a town that's dead for you.
Your boyfriend is going to the joint and your fallback hump is DOA.
What if I could only give you, like, a geographical area? You mean, like on a map, Gina? No, that won't make it.
Look, the guy is a psycho.
He never tells me exactly where he's staying.
It's a hotel by the park where you get in those stupid horse carriages.
You don't have the men.
My people will hit all those hotels with his picture.
- This works from my office, inspector.
- Fine, fine.
I'll get it going.
What are we gonna charge this guy on? You can question him on Linardi and this Richie Catena.
- Catena made no accusations? - None to use in court.
He gave an address, said to say he balled his girlfriend.
- Get your ex- wife to look at this.
- Okay, I think she's in the 27.
Get her.
Maybe this guy was involved with Giardella.
I'll see if Gina remembers him around when Giardella got whacked.
- You okay with calling Laura? - Yeah.
Got a minute? I'll talk to the ATM suspect again.
Doesn't make sense he ran the show.
Why? He's a working- class kid on a white- collar scam.
- Maybe somebody put him up to it.
- I can get him to roll.
- I gotta make a call.
Work that angle.
- Okay, thanks.
That's what I thought.
You doing okay? Did you use the phone yet? My mother wants to know if I'm going to be arrested.
I don't know yet.
I'm still trying to put you together, Eric.
You got a full- time job, you pay for your school.
Your hands are dirty from landscaping and you keep up with your courses.
Those were the guys I respected most, running from classes to job and back.
I took the easy way, I left the school part out.
Anyway, that's the one guy, does things the right way.
Then there's the guy who builds gizmos to break into people's accounts.
That could be the same guy, but why didn't you take the easy way before? Eric, I'm gonna make this case.
Your chance of getting a positive deal won't get better later.
You're a hard- working kid.
You got a life in front of you.
You could save that life now.
He offered me $4000.
That's more money than I make in three months.
He told me no one was going to lose any money.
You got a name for me, Eric? Yeah, I'll give you his name.
FANCY: Thanks for coming in, Sherilee.
Last time I was here, I was so loaded I don't remember how I left.
Please, have a seat.
I wanted to tell you this without Maceo around.
He got caught shoplifting today.
- Is he arrested? Where is he? - He's not arrested.
I got the store manager to release him to me.
Why would he do that? Before he only stole for me.
I think he's saying that even if it means getting caught up in the system he'd rather stay here than leave.
I'm asking you to hear that message.
Whatever you decide, I'll support you.
- I'm asking you to delay your plans.
- I can't do that.
I got relatives in South Carolina who've never even seen Maceo, he'll like them.
He'll like them just as much in two months.
I got a full- time job waiting for me.
I'm registered for therapy down there, I'm ready to go.
Lieutenant, I'm always gonna be grateful to you for helping me and Maceo.
I know it wasn't me made you do it.
You saw something in him.
But I'm his momma, and I'm ready to do my part.
I know better than anybody detox was the easy part of my recovery.
Let me get on with the rest.
I'll see you tonight.
Why weren't these photographs here before? These are out- of- town people.
Is there someone specific I'm looking for? - Your ex- wife's eyeing your job.
- Take your time.
- You recognize someone, Ms.
Michaels? - Maybe.
- What do you mean? - She's not sure.
- That's him.
- Who? - The window washer who shot Giardella.
- This one's mine.
Let's go outside, come on.
Come on, let's go.
DONNA: Lieutenant, line one.
Given the history, you should stay out of it.
LAURA: Where are we going? Outside, so we can talk away from Lastarza.
- Lastarza doesn't enter into it-- - Let's go outside the building.
- You're worried about me.
- Yeah, I'm worried.
This is testimony, this is risk.
Be absolutely sure.
I'm absolutely sure.
- Leave my witness-- - This is private.
- Get away-- - Excuse us.
He's on the roof at the Carey Hotel.
- Start the car.
- Where? FANCY: Carey Hotel.
LASTARZA: You saw what you saw.
I gotta go.
Andy'll take your statement.
Okay, Johnny, bye.
[ENGINE SPUTTERS] Start the car.
Start the damn car! [HELICOPTER BLADES WHlRRlNG] You all right? Can you hear me all right now? JERRY: I can hear you.
- I hear you good too.
JERRY: Well, you listen to me.
I want a bus to the airport and a plane to Brazil.
A place with no extradition.
- Jerry, listen.
It's Jerry, right? - Yeah, right.
MANFREDI: You have to understand this.
Forget about Brazil.
You're not walking away, you'll do time.
But where you do time we can talk about.
You're tired, you're hot, you want a cold drink? - Sprite.
- I can do that.
- Get him a Sprite.
- Sure.
KELLY: What's happening? He made it across to that staircase, ran into two uniforms and came back.
Laura being the only witness, I don't mind him not getting off this roof.
- I know that don't enter into it.
- No, it doesn't.
COMMANDER: Sharpshooters in position.
- Just stand by.
Yeah, Jerry, think about it, okay? We care about what you know.
You can help yourself here.
Think I can do the time at Eglin? My friends say it's a minimum- security jail.
- Can we bring him in breathing? - That's up to him.
- Tell him I'll authorize a deal now.
- You can't without a DA.
- Don't tell me what I can do.
- Giving people up is your specialty.
Sipowicz takes six bullets, and he's turned over? Why don't you show your card? You're afraid your ex- wife will testify.
That's right, what worries you? You're worried about your career.
Both of you just back off.
LASTARZA: Here, give me that.
- Jerry? JERRY: What? Who's that? Head of the organized crime unit, I'll get you what you need.
MANFREDI: It's better if only one of us talks.
Get a lawyer here and sign it.
That will take a little time.
No good.
You're trying to pull a game on me.
MANFREDI: Now you just talk to me-- - I'm getting out of here! We are walking down those stairs! Don't do anything yet.
Do nothing.
- I can turn him around.
- Get away.
- Give me a call on your sharpshooters.
- Give him room.
Nobody makes any mistakes! SHARPSHOOTER: How's your line? Highly confident.
JERRY: I want a car downstairs! - Anybody pulls anything - Green light.
this guy's dead! COMMANDER: Green light.
SHOOTER: We got him.
OFFICER 1: Stay clear.
OFFICER 2: He's down.
Son of a bitch.
I guess that's your way of saying, "Thank goodness that hostage is safe.
" - Hey, Laura.
- Lieutenant.
- You okay? - I'm okay, yeah.
Jerry tried to escape with a hostage? A pity he took a bullet in the melon.
LAURA: I took Eric Moore's statement.
- Thanks, Ms.
- Got the kid he rolled on.
- Joel Burleigh? He put the scam together.
He built the ATM, set up the rip- off.
Go get them, James.
I would've testified I saw that guy shoot Giardella but I'm glad I don't have to.
That's your being sensible, right? I got to go do the workup on it.
When do I get this lunch you've been threatening? - We'll find the time, okay? - Mm- hm.
Detective Martinez, Joel.
You know what I want to talk about.
- I can't help you, Pedro.
- Come again? Talk to my lawyer.
Okay, Joel.
You ask for a lawyer, that means I can't ask any questions.
I want you to understand your situation.
A: That kid you hired, Eric, he gave you up.
We got you.
We know you built that machine and ripped those people off.
- Just so you're clear.
- Your ears must have goo in them.
Okay, Joel, let's see if I can do a little mind reading.
You figure, how bad can this be? A college boy prank.
Daddy's lawyer will get me a wrist slap.
See, but Joel, these are the sad cases newspapers love.
I missed my rent.
I couldn't pay the diaper service.
My checking account was stolen.
I couldn't buy my medicine.
Poor people being ripped off by a spoiled college kid.
You can have all the rich lawyers, the judge will still have to hurt you.
If you cooperate, you might be able to put a different spin on it.
You made a mistake and want to make restitution.
See what I'm saying? No more talk.
I want my lawyer, now.
I'll tell you the truth.
I was hoping you would say that.
I'm glad you stuck to your guns, Joel.
This way, you can forget about one of those cushy, minimum- security places.
This way, you're definitely going to the joint.
When you get a chance, write me, tell me what your cellmate's like.
Tell me what it feels like to have a subway way up your ass! And my name's James, you little piss pot.
And now I'm gonna get you your lawyer.
KELLY: How's it going? LlCALSl: Okay.
- Got a minute? - We gonna talk? Yeah.
You're all jammed up.
We found Marino's notebook.
lntelligence is on the way over to pick it up.
I told Lastarza about that notebook.
He said working undercover clears it.
- Is that written down? - It's clear at command level.
Did you speak to anybody at command level? Lastarza said it was cleared.
You don't think he'll stand up? We made a deal.
I'm going upstairs to work.
I'll be back and forth from my desk.
- What do you mean? - The notebook is on my desk.
I'm not telling you how to run your life.
I'm just telling you where the notebook is.
You do what you gotta do.
- Hey, James.
KELLY: What's going on? I went over the fraud affidavits.
It's gonna work out for those people.
Bank offered transitional funds till they settle liability.
Detective, working those interviews I felt like you were there the whole time.
You know what? You're a detective now.
You call me John, all right? All right.
John, I tried to do what you taught me.
Put myself in the other guy's place.
Think like him.
Feel sorry for him, like he was feeling sorry.
Yeah, well I'm glad that worked out for you.
- Get what you need? - Yeah, thanks.
- Bye.
- Good night.
LlCALSl: Later.
Not to get sentimental or anything but I'm glad I had you for a teacher, you know, the kind of cop you are.
Good night.
I'll go get him.
LlLLlAN: Why don't you have a seat? SHERILEE: Okay.
Your mom's here.
You gonna try and make this work? Yes.
We're going to be a long way separated from each other.
- But you got our phone number here.
- Okay.
I want you to write me.
I'm going to write you.
But you can always call, Maceo.
I want you to keep us in your heart.
And we're pulling for you.
And we love you.
You carry that with you, Maceo.
You're never gonna be alone.
Come on.
LlLLlAN: You were good for him.
Should we have another baby, Art? No, we talked about this.
The last delivery was too hard.
I'm not afraid.
I'm sorry I didn't give you a boy.
- No one could love their children more.
- I know.
Anyway, I don't want to change diapers anymore.
I don't want to have to depend on bifocals to read bedtime stories.
- I don't wanna be too old to play ball.
- You wouldn't be.
You wouldn't be.
It's snowing.
LlLLlAN: You were good for him.
I waited at your place.
It's over for you and them.
Without your name in that notebook they have no access to you.
And Lastarza has too much reason to keep quiet.
I got to admit, I didn't see all the angles.
Sitting outside your place, I kept thinking how it was up to us now.
That maybe we could make it like it was before.
But we can't.
Can we, Johnny? I don't know how long it would take but if we were together, you'd start to hate me because of what you did.
Maybe you hate me now.
I'm just glad you're all right.
Goodbye, Johnny.