NYPD Blue s01e14 Episode Script

Jumpin' Jack Fleishman

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: - Hey, come on, let's go.
GIARDELLA: Hey, Sipowicz.
I'm sorry, Andy.
He said,"Leave your apartment open.
" This is Giardella.
You never talked to anybody else? - Hungry? - Yeah.
Come on, I'll take you to dinner.
You want to do this again? Yeah.
I would.
Guys, Sharon Lasalle.
We were in the academy.
From Special Victims.
- She's the goods? - Oh, yeah.
- She ought to be.
Danny DeLuca's wife.
- Call in a robbery to 91 1.
[GUN FIRES] Two white males in ski masks.
- Just hold on, don't give up.
- I'm all right.
I'm all right.
At the end of the day, I'm not gonna have him to hold me.
That's gonna be very hard.
[SIRENS WAlLlNG ] EXAMINER: We'll run toxicology.
KELLY: You may find cocaine in her.
That's a broken cricoid.
You're looking at strangulation as the cause of death.
KELLY: What do you figure for time? - Rigor's passed.
With lividity general state of decomposition.
Between three, five days.
Didn't bother unhooking the cable when he was stealing the TV.
KELLY: No forced entry.
- No, he knew her.
- Probably fighting over the pipe.
KELLY: That tooth still bothering you? Nothing a bullet in the brain won't straighten out.
MARTINEZ: Here's the super, Mr.
Detectives Sipowicz and Kelly.
- Who's burning coffee grounds? - You want a whiff without them? - Put it out.
- Wait, I just got a smell.
- Where you been the last few days? SUPER: Took my first vacation in months.
- I was up to Ellenville, 48 hours.
KELLY: She live alone? - Pretty much.
- What does that mean? Boyfriend? No regular guy.
Different guys.
She have problems, bad habits, anything like that? - No.
- Smoking crack doesn't count, huh? Okay, let's make room.
I never would have guessed it.
She made the rent, she worked.
- Some publisher over in midtown.
- Any disturbances here last week? Neighbor complained about a ruckus Saturday morning.
I come down.
Some guy answered, said everything was okay.
You got complaints of a disturbance.
Shouting, sounds of a struggle.
Some strange guy tells you from behind the door that everything is fine.
Then you left and you never talked to the tenant? - Why you using that tone of voice? - You got a lot of morons in your family? Excuse me, could you help us make a list of missing items? Sure.
Check that moron thing before you have any late- in- life children.
- What's his problem? - The detective's in dental agony.
MARTINEZ: I'll notify the wagon dispatcher to have him brought in.
Jumpin' Jack Fleishman LlCALSl: I'll get right to it.
MAN: Muggers, dealers on every street.
Our police force can't be bothered.
They got their manpower focused on a card joint.
The streets will be safer tonight.
LARSON: When does your battery run down? - I'm gonna take these reports down.
- Hey.
- Did you give my message to Sipowicz? - He hasn't come back yet.
- Is she getting special treatment? - Look like she is? We make a good team.
We did all right.
You'll never make a living playing blackjack.
- I lost all my flash money.
- Don't split eights against a face card.
That never came up at the academy.
I could teach you a few things too.
You know what delts are? - No, Roy, what are delts? - Well, delts are these muscles here.
You got great potential delts, if the right person worked you out.
LlCALSl: Uh- huh.
I only noticed because of this bare- shoulders thing you're wearing.
- We need to set some rules.
- Let me guess.
- No complimenting while on duty.
- Yeah.
If I'm gonna tell you how great I could make you look-- Let's get these people squared away, okay? Here are the arrest reports.
- Who's taking them over to court? - Me and Larson.
Could you get them started? I'll be a minute.
LlCALSl: Can I speak to you a minute? - Yeah.
LlCALSl: Anticrime put an undercover into a gambling club and we popped the operators and some of the prostitutes they had.
One of the hookers is asking for you.
She says she can't make bail.
- Who? - Lois Snyder.
What's she wanna do, set me up to get me shot again? Here.
You give her this, and tell her to stay away from me, all right? Okay.
- Detective, how's it going? - Okay.
- Roy Larson.
I just came to Anticrime.
- I've seen you around.
I just took down an after- hours joint.
They paired me with Janice Licalsi.
Yeah, she's a good cop.
FANCY: John.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
- What did you find on that DOA? - A 27- year- old woman.
Strangulation crack paraphernalia by the bedside, ring missing TV, stereo gone, car gone out of the garage.
The car was towed off a side street yesterday.
Medavoy and Martinez are at the impound lot right now.
Parents are dead, no other family.
We found some divorce papers traced her ex.
He said she called and asked to borrow $400.
I'd say she's relatively new to the world of crack cocaine.
Andy? - Your jaw looks swollen.
- I got an infected tooth.
- You gonna get it looked at? - That would make too much sense.
- Get me some DD5s when you can.
- Okay.
- Hey, come here.
Give me your hand.
- What? What's this? Call this guy.
Runs his mouth a bit, but he's a great dentist.
You know how long it's been? - That's my point.
- You know what they'll find? - Whatever he finds, they'll fix.
- Yeah.
Who's the steroid case? Larson, Anticrime.
I'm gonna call the DOA's job.
You go to the dentist.
Yeah, yeah.
DONNA: Hi, John.
How you doing? COSTAS: Hi, Andy.
Oh, hi.
- Your mouth looks swollen.
- Yeah, I got a bad tooth.
Want me to come over tonight, and I'll make us some soup? I don't think tonight is any good.
Andy, we are running out of nights of the week that might be good.
If you aren't careful, I may start taking this personally.
Come here.
I just-- I want things to go right when you come over.
I don't think this is a good night, what with the tooth and.
I still got one or two things I gotta fix up before you come over.
You're never going to lose points with me for being who you are.
- Don't be shy of me.
- No, I know.
I'm just.
I want to make sure the place is right for visitors.
- Thanks, Andy.
- Yeah, don't mention it.
Twenty bucks a bullet.
COSTAS: I'll talk to you later, okay? - Yeah.
- Oh, hi, Johnny.
Lieutenant's got you back in rotation.
- Yeah.
- You ready for that? - I'm ready.
- Want another body in the interview? - I'm okay.
I got it, Johnny.
Thank you.
- All right, go get'em.
- You Linda Miller? - Yeah.
I'm Sharon Lasalle.
I'm the detective assigned to your case.
Why don't we talk in the interview room? We'll be more comfortable there.
Here you go.
Have a seat.
- The complaint says you were robbed.
- A man stole my unemployment check and they won't replace the check until I make a police report.
We'll take care of that.
Are you all right, Linda? Did you get hurt? - Just bruised up a little bit.
- You look more than a little bruised.
Can you? Can you tell me what the man did when he robbed you? Yeah, he.
He took my unemployment check, and he beat me up some.
You were on your way home from grocery shopping? I was at a couple of job interviews and then I stopped by the 36th Street market.
And when I was on my way home he came up, and he pulled me into a basement stairwell and he robbed me.
Can you describe the man? Yeah, he was white, about 5- foot- 1 0.
He was strong.
Okay, and he came towards you.
- Did you get a look at his face? - It was pretty dark.
- You resisted when he pulled you? - I didn't want to lose my check.
- And then what happened? - He beat me up, he took my purse and - he ran away.
- Anything else? No, that was it.
That's it.
Do you think you could identify him if you saw him again? I don't know.
I wasn't looking at him, and then it happened so fast.
- Did he touch you? - N-- He hit me.
Linda, you know I've been doing this a while.
I've been doing this a while.
You develop a good sense of when somebody's holding back - either because of embarrassment-- - Look, I told you, detective - he robbed me.
- You call me Sharon.
Linda if he touched you if he forced himself on you, feel free to tell me about it.
Unless you tell me differently, it will not leave this room.
- I'm worried about my husband.
- Why? He says that I dress provocative.
He was always saying something like this was gonna happen.
Linda, when this man robbed you, did he rape you too? Yeah.
Can you tell me what happened? He.
He put a knife to my throat, and he made me take off my pantyhose.
And then he.
He used my pantyhose to tie my hands behind me.
And then he put tape on my mouth and over my nose.
And then he raped me, and I thought he was gonna kill me, but he got scared.
He heard someone up on the landing and he ran away.
It's okay.
Okay, Linda, it's okay.
Good for you.
Good for you for saying.
Good for you.
If any of her coworkers could call me.
Detective Kelly, the 1 5th squad.
That's the idea.
No, we don't know how she died yet.
Thank you.
- What's her story? - Rob, assault and rape.
She just described the identical m.
to a series of rape- homicides that I worked on about 41 /2 years ago.
How the guy tied her up.
Very specific how he taped her face.
- It's exactly the same m.
- She get a look at him? She's not sure how good.
She's going through the books.
- Johnny, do me a favor? - Sure.
I'm gonna pull the files on those cases.
Would you keep an eye on her? No problem, let's go.
- Linda, this is Detective Kelly.
- Hi.
John Kelly.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
SHARON: He'll be available to you while I put together that information I was telling you about.
I'll be back in a while, okay? Thanks, Johnny.
See you later.
Detective Lasalle's given you the photograph speech.
- People's appearances change.
- They grow facial hair, they shave they get fatter, thinner.
The idea is to lD all the possibilities.
Don't worry about the number if you're not sure.
I'll be right there if you need me.
You want some coffee? - No, I'm all right, thanks.
- Okay.
Six o' clock.
Thanks a lot.
- Martinez? MARTINEZ: Yeah? How you doing on that strangulation homicide? We searched the victim's car.
We found a receipt for some makeup items.
Those stick- on nails, eyeliner, lashes and stuff and a wig.
All from a place in Astoria.
The receipt was dated after she died.
Maybe the guy who killed her had a backup girlfriend.
We thought we'd go over to the wig place.
Maybe they remember something.
I'm waiting for a callback.
Sharon's running down a lead on a rape.
- You don't need Kelly.
MEDAVOY: No, we don't need him.
Nobody needs Kelly.
- Andy getting his tooth looked at? - If he doesn't chicken out.
[DRILL WHIRS] - Let me give you some Novocain.
- No needles.
HELLER: It's always the toughest guys afraid of a little needle.
- How much more drilling? - We're getting there.
The inside of your mouth reminds me of some Mayan ruins I visited last year.
Just kidding.
Ten years minimum since you had your teeth worked on, right? - Yeah, it's been a while.
- Well, I know how that happens.
[SlPOWlCZ GROANS] People cross what I call the great divide.
They think it's impossible to get their oral house back in order.
They're afraid when they open their mouths up, I'm going to rebuke them.
[WHIMPERS] The fact is, I'm not their father or their priest.
All I am is a dentist.
A glorified mechanic.
You've gotta do something.
Fleishman is threatening to kill himself.
Fleishman's the pedodontist who shares the suite with us.
- Maybe he's kidding around.
DAWN: I don't know.
He's climbed out on the window ledge, and it's 28 floors down.
All right, call 91 1, tell them what's going on.
This guy better not be kidding around.
- What are you doing out there? Don't come near me.
You come near this window, I'll jump.
I'm going to the other window.
I'm going to the other window here.
- Jack.
- What? - Jack.
- Oh.
SlPOWlCZ: Listen, your buddy, Dr.
Heller, says your name is Jack.
- He's not my buddy.
- What? - Not my buddy.
- All right.
Anyways, listen, my name is Andy.
I'm a cop.
I was getting my tooth drilled over here in Dr.
Heller's office, and.
I don't know what's on your mind, but it's obvious you're pretty upset.
There's hostage negotiations people that are coming over to talk to you.
They got a lot of information they can give you on a situation like this.
Like what? That I'm a despicable asshole? That I don't deserve to live? Jack, it's me, lrv.
You're being way too hard on yourself.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I'm an embezzler.
I'm about to have charges filed against me by the IRS.
And I've poisoned every personal relationship I ever had.
Hey, don't worry.
I'm not coming out over there by you.
I-- I'll tell you, Jack.
I feel like I got a drill team jumping around on my tooth that the doc was working on so it's hard coming up with a bunch of cheery thoughts to tell you.
But believe me, these hostage squad people, they know their stuff and they know exactly what to say.
Hey, officer, I'm not looking for anyone to tell me anything.
I know what I am.
- A 48- year- old one- man train wreck.
- Don't you think people could change? I tried to change a thousand times.
That crap lasts a couple of months max.
Eventually, you go back to being the same asshole you always were.
You get to a certain age, it's too late.
You are who you are.
Officer can you look me in the eye and honestly tell me that I'm wrong? Of course not.
- Screw everybody.
- Hey, hey, hey! Oh, my God! MAN: Look out! [SIRENS WAlLlNG ] There's the hostage squad unit now.
The victim described an m.
similar to a series - I worked four years ago.
- She picked out four possibilities.
This one's in the Acacia Cemetery.
Catskill Correctional.
This one is not ambulatory.
This is number four.
Number four is Louis Foreman.
Four years ago, he copped to a sexual assault in Philadelphia.
The case was pleaded down because the victim wouldn't testify.
Same m.
as the four murders in Morningside, same m.
as our victim.
The sexual attacks with this m.
stopped when this guy was in prison? Yeah, he was released on parole a month ago, transferred to New York.
- You talk to his parole officer? - He's a violator.
Failed to report.
FANCY: Parole check his residence? - Cleared out last week.
This guy has a bad pattern.
Victim one was two days from victim two.
Victim three, a day later.
Victim four, later that same night.
I think we should set up on the street and put a decoy out.
You and Kelly put it together.
KELLY: So this guy just jumped? SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, 28 floors.
- What was his problem? - Tax thief, cheated on his wife.
If that's all it took, there wouldn't be an empty ledge in the city.
He was going,"People can't change, what's the point of kidding yourself?" Janice, why don't you move up to the pizzeria, look in your bag and walk back down to the grocery? - So he just went.
- Yeah, yeah.
"Why kid yourself thinking people can change," and that type of thing.
He was going on, daring me to tell him different.
What's my opinion? Do I think people can change? That guy is wrong.
Janice, there's a guy walking behind you.
He's bald, about 5' 1 0" - he's got a brown hooded jacket.
KELLY: This is our man.
He's gonna make a move.
- Larson, you got him spotted? - I got him.
He's on her.
SlPOWlCZ: What the hell is Larson doing? Put your head down in your magazine.
What is he doing? - Hold it! - Larson's blown it.
The guy made him.
[CAR STARTS] - Drop it or you're dead! - Leave me alone! - Police! - Put it down.
SlPOWlCZ: Drop it and put your hands against the wall, you asshole.
Come on.
FOREMAN: He didn't say he was a cop! LARSON: I told you.
I didn't hear you.
I didn't know what you wanted.
- I told you I was a cop, asshole.
- Take it easy.
- He didn't say so.
- Shut up! You heard me, right? I was in the alley.
You must have said it.
What are you arresting me for? What did I do? - That's not a bad question.
FOREMAN: What are you busting me for? Tell you when you get down to the station.
Yeah? I put 1 5 years in, but this strangulation homicide we're working-- - Wait till you hear what we found.
- You went to that wig outlet? Yes, sir.
- That's where the two girls come from? - They work there, yes, sir.
But listen to this, lieutenant.
Our theory is that this guy is at the wig outlet buying stuff for his backup girlfriend.
- There is no backup girlfriend.
- Then who is the wig for? For him.
The wig and the fingernails are for him.
He's in the store for six hours trying on wigs and fingernails.
And these girls are helping him with his makeover.
One of them he sends out.
She's getting him dressed from the Big and Tall Girls shop.
She had to go three places to find high heels in a 1 2 1 /2 EE.
Apparently his plan is to go home and spend the rest of his life as a woman.
He doesn't sound rational, this guy.
That part I can write off to him being a crackhead.
But these two girls here, I don't know what their story is.
They're rolling on the floor like Heckle and Jeckle.
Here's some mail addressed to the guy.
Care of the dead girl's apartment.
There's a picture of him.
See if they can pick it out.
I'll put an array together.
- Can I help you? - Detective Sipowicz, please.
LOIS: Andy.
DONNA: Miss! It's okay, Donna.
I got her.
SlPOWlCZ: Come here.
Over here.
- I came to return the money.
- It wasn't a loan.
Whatever it was, it was really nice of you, Andy.
You made enough to pay me back the same night? You're a hardworking girl.
I'd like a chance to explain what happened with Giardella.
- I got a clear picture of what happened.
- Would you just-- ? Let me take you out to dinner.
For old times' sake.
- Sure, why not? - Great.
- Come on.
- All right.
I've never been to a police station before, detective.
Have you, Con? - I've been in firehouses.
- You have? Sure, I slid down the pole.
You were upstairs? Like where the beds are? Detective, can I ask you a technical police question? I don't know if I'll be able to answer, but sure, go ahead.
Detective Martinez, if a criminal takes a sanding machine or acid can he erase his fingerprints and commit crimes without getting caught? Here comes Detective Medavoy.
We gotta get you at separate desks.
We want you to identify a photograph.
- What happened to the sketch artist? - We're gonna do this instead.
I want you to take a look, and if you recognize the guy you point him out to me.
You got to make separate lDs.
This is the guy.
This is the guy who came into the store.
Thank you, Monique.
MONIQUE: Connie, you know what? It's really, really fun.
- Could you wait there, please? MONIQUE: Yes.
MEDAVOY: Take a look at these.
- Do you recognize anyone, Connie? - Sure, that's him.
But after our makeover, he don't bear a vague resemblance of that mug.
Ladies, I'm gonna ask you this.
Would you be willing to sit in a stakeout van and help us identify him? - Will Detective Martinez be there? - Absolutely.
All night if necessary.
- Yeah, I'll do it.
- I'm not missing this.
- Great.
That sounds good.
Louis, let me tell you where we stand.
We got you on resisting arrest.
I wasn't resisting arrest, because the man never said who he was.
You're going back to prison for violating your parole.
Understand? - I missed a parole appointment.
- You didn't tell the officer you moved.
- I hope I can fix that with him.
- We had a rape last night, Louis.
- I don't know anything about that.
- Got your mark on it.
- I don't know what you mean.
- What were you doing last night? - I was reading the Bible.
- You read the Bible a lot, Louis? FOREMAN: It's what I read, yes.
It must be hard living here, trying to follow what the Bible says.
Temptation everywhere you look.
"Blessed is the man that endureth temptation.
For when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life.
" Were you reading the Bible when they sent you to prison in Pennsylvania? I'm not the person I was then.
With God's help, I have renewed myself.
- How'd you do that? - I read God's word, and I do pushups.
Two hundred and fifty.
Sometimes 500.
Whatever it takes.
All those pushups, and the urges won't go away? Is that what happened last night? Could we talk without the lady in the room? Sure.
The rape that happened last night was exactly like the one you went away for.
The lady got a look at you, and she's gonna pick you out of a lineup.
So if you want to help yourself, do it now.
"Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake.
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
" I'm asking you if you want help, Louis.
- You a God- fearing man? - Amen.
You're a God- fearing man.
A God- fearing man ought to ask for help.
I think I want a lawyer now.
KELLY: Okay, Louis.
- Any good? - Well, he asked for his lawyer.
- Detective, you got a minute? - What does this jerk want? Attention.
The way he screwed up that bust tonight if my complainant doesn't pick Foreman out, we're screwed.
I know.
There's no way we make that assault charge.
- I know.
I'll talk to you later.
- Mm- hm.
What is it? I was wondering what you were going to write in your report on what happened on that rapist takedown? - I haven't had time to think about it.
- I've been racking my brains.
Like whether that guy made me.
I'm sure he didn't.
This guy probably just saw me as some kind of a threat.
In his whacked- out state of mind, he might have thought I was a mugger.
I mean, who knows, right? I don't think it matters one way or another.
The guy got hinky, and we didn't get the bust.
Well you write it the way you saw it but I'd appreciate it if-- I'm not going to write it up that he made you.
Plus, if you could be clear that I identified myself-- We're just trying to find a way to put this guy away.
What happened during his apprehension, I couldn't be less concerned with.
But I did lD myself as a cop-- - Excuse me.
- I want that clear.
- How you write this up could impact me.
SHARON: Linda, thank you for coming.
I think your business is done up here, don't you? She is writing her report.
I want her to hear my side.
I think she has.
Why don't you go back to work? We were hoping that we could get the guy who raped you to confess.
- But he wouldn't.
- No.
- So now what? - Now he goes back to Pennsylvania does the balance of his parole violation, then he's back on the street.
Unless you pick this guy out of a lineup.
No, I don't think I could do that.
I'm feeling like maybe the flu.
I don't know-- It would open up possibilities.
He may confess, enter a plea arrangement.
- Or there might be a trial.
KELLY: There may be.
- And I'd have to testify.
- That's up to a DA, but probably, yes.
I can't.
I'm sorry, I can't testify.
I can hardly think.
I haven't been up to tell my husband yet.
- You want us to talk to him? - No.
I gotta do that at the right time, when I feel right about it.
Don't bottle this up, especially if you're concerned about a marriage.
You don't understand.
I may be able to put this behind me but my husband, I don't know.
Maybe you're not giving him enough credit.
Let me talk to him.
- He might surprise you.
- Linda, are you aware that this guy killed some of his other victims? Did you know that? He didn't kill you because you got lucky.
You're the police.
You could follow him around get more evidence.
Make him confess some other way.
Sitting here with you, I know you're a good woman.
I can see that.
Right now, I know you think you can get past this, but you can't.
It's gonna grind on you, and when this animal is back on the street you'll want to change your mind.
But by then, it may be too late.
He may have raped and killed again.
That's what he does.
That's what I want you to think about.
Think about those other women.
Okay? You were always more than a trick to me, Andy.
- Sounds like a song title.
- I mean it.
- I never wanted to hurt you.
- I don't think you wanted to hurt me.
Things just happened the way they happened.
That prick Giardella said he would cut my throat unless I set you up.
- He said he'd kill me, and he meant it.
- It's over.
You did what you did.
- Please say you understand.
- Okay, I understand.
- And say you'll forgive me.
- I forgive you.
You don't know how good that makes me feel.
Come on.
How shall we celebrate? Beats me.
Vodka martini for me, and a Scotch for the gentleman.
No, I'll have a ginger ale.
Bring me a vodka martini and a Scotch.
- In case you change your mind.
- I don't drink anymore, Lois.
Well, is that a rule or just sort of a guideline? - It's a bitch, is what it is.
- Then why torture yourself? - Because it doesn't fix anything.
- It fixes right now.
I'm trying to feel better about myself, Lois.
I'm trying not to look for fixes inside a shot glass.
Have one drink.
It'll loosen you up.
Then we'll have a great meal, we'll go back to my place and I'll make you remember why you made me keep every Tuesday on my calendar open.
WAITER: Vodka martini ginger ale, sir - and a Scotch.
LOIS: Come on, Andy.
To us.
To old times.
You know, Lois, sitting here looking at my beverage alternatives I gotta admit I'd like that Scotch.
Which is why I gotta keep reminding myself that the old times got me set up, shot and suspended.
Now, maybe I'm kidding myself but I think I'm done with the old times.
Andy, don't leave.
- Come on, just keep me company.
- Take care of yourself, Lois.
I say the glass is half full, John.
You may lose a guy who did five rape- murders but here we are staking out some asshole so burnt- out on crack he thinks he's Doris Day.
- I'm gonna head in there.
- Go on.
I think this temp crown is loose.
MARTINEZ: Here's Kelly.
Listen, we really appreciate you sticking around all night but we're going off shift, so why don't we get you some food? That sounds like a plan.
We gotta be back at the shop in two hours.
- I'm staying.
MONIQUE: What? Hey, John.
Say hello to Detective Kelly.
This is Connie and Monique.
- Hi, I'm Monique.
- Hi.
- As soon as Andy gets over, you can go.
- I'm staying.
- I'm not losing a job over this.
- You don't want to do that.
We got a picture we can lD the guy from.
MONIQUE: See, the detective agrees.
- Is it or is it not correct that the man we've been staking out is guilty of first- degree murder? MARTINEZ: I don't know about murder one, maybe murder two.
Is it not also correct that this man may be wearing a dress and wig in which case, assuming Monique sees fit to leave I am the only one in the five boroughs who has seen him so dressed and can positively identify him as the specified culprit? KELLY: That would be correct.
CONNIE: I'm doing my civic duty.
Check this out.
Is this who we're looking for? Oh, my God, that's him! It's him! It's him! KELLY: Stay here, girls.
MITCHELL: Thank you.
KELLY: Here.
Cover me.
SlPOWlCZ: Police! Mr.
Mitchell, hold it! - Don't you move any closer! We got cops at both ends of the block and across the street.
Do you want to run with your skirt hitched over your ass and me jumping on your back? Or you want to do this more sensible? Hey! Hey! You better stop.
Stop! You just had to run.
You made me swallow my tooth, you asshole! KELLY: Come on, we're getting a fresh start on your 20- year vacation.
- Can I have my wig, please? - Let's go.
Let's go.
MEDAVOY: Hold still, for crying out loud.
- Here.
She'll take care of you.
- Can I help you? I'm Ray Miller.
My wife said you wanted to see me about her getting robbed.
I think Detective Lasalle is who we're supposed to talk to.
- Hey, Kelly.
Don't walk away from me, man.
I'm talking to you.
If you got a problem you want to discuss, that's fine, but lose the attitude.
I come by it honestly.
You are putting it around that I blew that operation.
KELLY: I'm not.
I don't have time to think about it, or you.
- You got a motive for doing this.
- What would that be? I think that you are trying to demean me in the eyes of a woman.
Meaning Janice Licalsi, Detective Kelly.
- That's not the case, Roy.
- I say it is.
Shut your mouth and listen to what I have to say.
All cops make mistakes.
The worst thing you can do is blame yourself or assume anybody else is blaming you unless you got a reason.
And in this case, you don't.
Nobody is talking behind your back about anything.
So be a man - accept what happened.
- You're telling me how to be a man? You look like you want to hit me.
Do you really want to start a brawl? Hm? How bad do you want to hurt yourself around here? [CLEARS THROAT] SHARON: Please, come with me.
Here you go.
I'll be just a minute.
I tried all night to tell him, but I couldn't.
I want you to do it.
All right, I'll take care of it.
Take a seat, Mr.
You too, Linda.
I don't know what help I can be on this.
All I know about the robbery is what Linda told me.
Your wife wasn't just robbed, Mr.
She was raped.
Oh, man.
She asked me to tell you because she was afraid of how you might react.
- How do you expect me to react? - I never did anything to cause it, Ray.
Did I not say so? You kept dressing up in those short skirts and high heels! - Listen to what your wife is saying.
- It's happened.
I can't believe this.
Miller, please sit down and listen to me! Mr.
Miller take a look at these pictures.
Ugh! These are other victims of the man who raped your wife.
Denise Dominic, 65.
Collette Marchant, 49 years old, weighed about 220.
Mary Guybara.
This woman was in a walker, Ray.
Take a look, and tell me how sexy and provocative these women are.
They were just like your wife, random victims except they weren't as lucky as her, because they were raped and killed.
Your wife has been reluctant to identify him and it's because she's afraid of what it might do to your marriage.
Is she right to be afraid about that, Mr.
Miller? She asked you to come here today because she's asking you for the love and support that she deserves so that she can identify him, and we can put him away.
I'm so sorry, Ray.
I never wanted to hurt you.
It's okay.
It's not your fault.
We want to do the right thing, detective.
KELLY: Your boys like Chinese? - Oh, yeah.
We'll go to Big Wong's.
Everything in the soup looks like it belongs there.
- Good night, detective.
- Good night, officer.
- Hey, you want to get a beer? - No, thanks.
- Janice.
LlCALSl: Yeah.
Don't let anyone tell you I didn't lD myself to that perp - because I did.
- No one's saying you didn't, Roy.
I know what happened, and I am fine with it.
And if it's a question of your safety, I would do the same thing again.
It's your ex- boyfriend, trying to make it look like I screwed up.
Why don't you just drop it? Yeah, he better stay off my case if he wants to stay intact.
You made a couple of mistakes today.
Don't try to put it on Kelly.
I put it where it belongs.
Oh, well, in that case, put it up your ass.
- Hey, counselor.
COSTAS: What do you know? - What do you think of this cold front? - It's January.
That don't explain how you're acting with me.
- How was dinner? Or did you even bother? - What does that mean? I saw you leave with that prostitute last night.
The one who set you up.
Stupid me, I didn't realize that was the way to your heart.
Could we? Could we walk over here a second? Just over here.
- Listen, you got it wrong.
- Really? You went to the museum? No, but we didn't go anywhere after the restaurant either.
I don't get you.
I thought you liked me.
- I do.
- It's obvious that I liked you and we were hitting it off.
Yet you will make every lame excuse except for being abducted by spacemen.
But you'll screw some whore.
I told you, I didn't screw her.
- Why else would you go out with her? - Look, I don't know.
I'm not Joyce Brothers.
I don't know exactly why I took her out.
Whatever it was, it's over.
Nothing happened and I'm going to feel lousy if it messes us up.
Don't quit on me now.
Want me to come over tonight? I can't.
I gotta go back to the dentist.
I swallowed my temporary when we were taking down this scumbag.
I got a piece of gum stuck in there now.
I'll show you.
See? No, that's all right, Andy.
I believe you, I believe you.
Believe everything I said, all right? That"liking" part too.
You let me know when you're ready.
- Good night, Andy.
- Yeah.
Good night, Sylvia.