NYPD Blue s01e17 Episode Script

Black Men Can Jump

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: - Guys, Sharon Lasalle.
We went to the academy together.
Coming from Special Victims.
- You don't give up.
- I'm all right.
I love you.
- That guy's wrong.
- Janice, a guy is walking behind you.
Move slow, turn around and walk back.
I've done this a while.
You sense when somebody's holding something back.
Linda, when this man robbed you, did he rape you too? Yeah.
SHARON: Got a minute, lieutenant? - Come on in.
You know about this call I got? They want me to take a position at OEEO.
I said I thought your work was outstanding.
- Thanks.
- So you gonna take it? - I'm not sure.
- Well, it's important work.
Make sure people get a fair shot at the job, not haras-- Yeah, I know.
I just.
I just don't know if it's the kind of cop I want to be.
- Anyway, I guess it's nice to be wanted.
- Let me know what you decide.
I will and thanks for the good references.
You from building maintenance? Yeah, I'm checking on these work orders.
You wanna make sure the place is falling down? It's falling.
- When can we expect repairs? - I just report on the specs.
- Will you be doing that today? - I should be able to, yeah.
The shower in the locker is on the fritz.
I got no report on it.
- The pipes are blocked.
Guys are - Detective Kelly, line one.
bringing drain cleaner.
Somebody put chemical reamer in, and stuff got added.
The gas fumes are like a war battlefield.
Yeah, it sounds bad.
- What? - I said, it sounds bad.
Sound bad enough for you to do something? COLLINS: I'm here checking work orders.
We got a shooting, Avenue C and Fourth.
KELLY: Greg, we got one.
MEDAVOY: Right, John.
- Shooting.
- Nose to the grindstone type, are you? A problem- solving machine.
Press hard on your order pad.
Make sure that copy number 27 doesn't come out faint.
KELLY: This will speed things up.
Think I'm stalling progress? They work in multiples of several years.
- Showers fall under custodial services.
- You pencil- pushing hump.
[SIREN WAILS] OFFICER: People, you can't come through here.
- The ambulance? - 1 5 minutes away.
Kid's in bad shape.
KELLY: Son, the ambulance is on the way.
You hang in there.
- You're gonna be okay.
- I got shot, Daddy.
GEORGE: Your shirt's still in the dryer.
KELLY: Ambulance is on the way.
You're gonna be okay.
I think we should take him.
- All right.
Let me pull the car up.
KELLY: Take it easy.
- He is just child.
- I know this kid.
He's a good kid.
- His name is George Butler.
- George, listen to me.
- That's my boy.
- That's my son.
CALVIN: George.
George! George! KELLY: Mr.
Butler, you gotta give our guys a chance.
Butler, okay, give them a chance.
Give our guys a chance.
- My son.
KELLY: Give us a chance.
Black Men Can Jump - Detective.
- Mr.
- I need to talk to you.
- Want to sit a second? Let's get Mr.
Butler set up in lnterview 1.
I'll be right back, okay? - John, I got Mr.
Bucci in over there.
- Okay, no problem.
- Anything new on his daughter? - Nothing that I know about.
Lieutenant, shooting victim is a 1 3 year old male, black.
- His father didn't see anything.
- Did anybody? Martinez and Medavoy are doing a canvass.
He was doing laundry, and he had a boom box, which is now gone.
- Lieutenant, your wife on line three.
- You better get back with the father.
For about six months now, this fellow Dick Corday - has been looking after Jenny's case.
- Uh- huh.
He's a good man, this Corday.
He's dogged, you know, real dogged.
- You heard of him? - No.
I gave you names of good private investigators.
He had these made up.
See that.
Color printing.
It's easier to recognize because we see people in color.
Color of their hair, color of their eyes, their skin tone.
It's the difference between somebody thinking and knowing they saw Jenny.
Especially after two and a half years.
Anything on your end? Every month, I put the missing persons alert out.
Every time there's an arrest with a similar m.
, I contact the cops.
- Nothing's turned up.
- Well I'll get you 1 000 more of those flyers.
The photo's been touched up to show how she'd look now.
I'll see to it they get sent out.
Detective, I gotta tell you something.
The Pl made me promise not to say anything, but hell you worked this case too.
You kind of kept care of me those few months after Jenny disappeared.
Bucci, what do you want to tell me? I'm not telling you this as a cop, understand? He asked me not to say anything but we're getting close to her.
I can't say about the details now.
An article of clothing is involved.
There's supporting evidence, which I can't say.
- Which this Pl's developed? - Yeah, that's right.
Detective, I think we're gonna get her back.
CALVIN: I won't have my boy buried in this city.
I won't have my boy buried in this state.
This place didn't deserve him alive.
They ain't gonna get him dead.
Butler, do you have other family? My boy lost his mother to drugs, to the streets whatever you want to call it, when he was 6.
Seven years back, long time ago.
My sister lives with us now.
She's waiting for me at home.
- Did he have any enemies? CALVIN: No.
Listen, do you know how many guns there are in that neighborhood? - How many kids got guns? - We understand about the guns.
- No one George didn't get along with? - Nobody.
We did everything together, he and I.
I supervised his homework, we worked out at the Y together, we talked.
If anything like that had been happening, he would've told me.
If he hadn't told me, I'd have known anyway.
Did George have trouble with the police? No.
I did.
I got into some drugs, and I stole a car.
I was only 1 8.
I did two years.
I was lucky because I learned something from it and I saw to it that George did too.
He was taking all the right roads.
Did he have a best friend? Me.
I was his best friend.
I can give you the names of some other kids he saw.
He didn't have a girlfriend yet.
He was starting to get interested.
Butler, I'm Arthur Fancy.
My wife just called me.
Your sister's a friend of hers from the youth program at St.
You know what? Let's start running down these names.
You think of anything might help us, you got the card.
You call anytime.
I'm sorry for your loss.
This city is empty the buildings, the people, the cars.
You gotta take things just a minute at a time now.
I was only strong for my boy.
I can't get my mind off of who did this to him.
We'll take care of that part.
We'll find who did this.
Believe me, we will.
Your job is to take care of yourself.
You better find out.
That's all I got to say.
You better find who did this.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm gonna have to put in more time on this Bucci thing.
How's that going? He thinks there's a big break.
A Pl he hired is onto something.
- Any chance of that? - I don't know.
People win the lottery, I just never met any of them.
I'm gonna see this Pl and offer him the department's full cooperation.
- Talk later.
- Yeah.
Get special attention on the Butler shooting.
- Will do, detective.
- Detective Lasalle.
Huh? - Talk to you for a minute? - Sure.
I know before you came here, you worked Special Victims.
- Mm- hm.
- That's what I wanna do.
I talked to the people there, but I haven't heard.
Would it be out of line for me to ask - you to check on my application? - No.
I know some people.
- Detective? SHARON: Yeah.
This girl says she has something on the Butler homicide.
- I'll look into it.
- I appreciate it, detective.
- I'm Detective Lasalle.
- Hi.
We're gonna go upstairs, and we'll talk there.
How you gonna help us, Tashana? - I know one of them that was there.
- You saw the shooting? - No, but this guy was talking about it.
- To you? TASHANA: No, to my girlfriend.
The guy doing the talking, what's his name? Don't you have some type of fund y'all give to people who help? Help y'all get it done? We got a fund, yeah.
Well, see, with my baby coming I'm gonna need money to get diapers and play stuff.
How much do you think you're gonna need for the diapers and play stuff? Five hundred.
Five hundred ought to do it.
I'm not trying to make no money off of George.
It's just that I need something too, you know? This can't be a could be, would be or maybe.
We need a name and an address, and if this guy is right, you get your 500.
His street name is C- Dawg, but his real name is Thomas Lennox.
He live at Jefferson projects on 1 1 3th Street.
And the other two guys, one is called Prince.
I don't know the other one's name.
But C- Dawg, he was there - when that boy got killed.
- He told your girlfriend? Yeah, he don't talk to me, 'cause he screwed me, gave me this kid.
C- Dawg don't talk to me, 'cause now he going with my girlfriend Kendra.
MAN: Come in.
Come on in, detective.
You work for Dominic Bucci regarding his daughter? - That's information he communicated? - Correct.
Then I'll confirm it.
Why don't you fill me in on the case.
Not unless he authorizes me to discuss the particulars.
Hey, we both want to find Mr.
Bucci's missing daughter.
I've devoted the last six months to that.
Let's not snag our pants on your sharp ethics, all right? - Show me where you're at.
- A lot of this is raw data.
I don't know how you work, but me I like to keep an active investigation in my head.
Let me see.
We'll look in your head later.
Just so you know, not everything's in here.
I see you took three trips to Florida.
Possible sightings.
They didn't prove out.
All right, who's this Carolyn Case? A woman who has been very successful finding lost objects and people.
- How? - She's worked with police departments.
The type of person that closes her eyes and rolls her head around like Whoopi Goldberg, saying stuff like,"I'm getting a vision of water"? - We talking about a psychic? - She worked with the Bureau - of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
- She green- lighted that raid in Wacko, Texas? That was near water, wasn't it? I mean, they had a big tank in their compound.
You want to make light of this? Practice your ridicule? Please call Mr.
I don't think he'd be real amused.
He happens to be very impressed with this woman.
So am I.
He said something about finding a piece of his daughter's clothing - maybe a sighting.
- I'm not gonna discuss the case with you.
If you got a piece of that girl's clothing, I wanna see it.
Look, I am having it analyzed at a laboratory.
Once I ascertain its legitimacy, I'll involve the authorities.
Yeah, well, while you're ascertaining on that tell me where I can find this psychic so I can ascertain on her.
- I'll tell you-- - Somebody telling lies.
You got a choice.
I put you in a cell, or you listen.
What's it gonna be? Go ahead.
Thomas where you're at right here, right now is the best place you'll be in for a long time.
- You're in a position to help yourself.
- You got nice legs.
Be all right if I look up your dress? - What's your street name? - C- Dawg.
C- Dawg, you must be some kind of moron because I'm trying to help you and you piss me off.
What were you gonna say? You're past your 1 6th birthday.
You're not going to Spofford.
You're going to Rikers.
You heard about it, now you're gonna see it.
Welcome to the big leagues.
Witnesses put you at this murder, whether you pulled the trigger or not.
That's 25 years, nine years more than you've been alive.
- I didn't do no murder.
- Maybe you can help yourself because weight falls on who pulled the trigger.
If you didn't you have to give up a name right now.
If you did pull the trigger, you should call your lawyer.
- Do you wanna do that? - I didn't do no murder.
- I don't have a gun yet.
- Who had the gun? - Your buddy Prince or this other guy? - Prince or Shabazz.
I don't know.
I was down the street, heard a shot and booked.
- This Shabazz, where can we find him? - He a friend of Prince's from downtown.
We wanted the kid's radio was all.
I was a block away when that kid got capped.
- They call you Prince, huh? - Right.
Prince, we got you and C- Dawg for murder, did you know that? - No, man! No way! - You know the law? You don't have to pull the trigger.
Just standing there, you can get 25 years.
It's called"acting in concert.
" I got you, your friend, and I'll get the other guy.
If you don't help, I got no reason to give you any slack.
Even if you didn't shoot the kid.
You don't help me, I don't help you.
Why would you help me? You're in a position to save me time and trouble.
WHISPERS: Kid's name is Shabazz.
They went to Virginia together.
We got Shabazz's name and know about your little trip to West Virginia.
Hey, wait a minute.
Hold up! I still know some stuff I could tell you.
You tell me now because if you lie, I'm gonna lock you down and we're gonna do this the hard way.
Do you understand? Me and Shabazz went to West Virginia to get guns.
Sold crack, got a trey- eight, two 9's, a 44 Desert Eagle automatic.
- What happened to those guns? - Shabazz sold them - except for the 44.
- Kept that, used it on George Butler? Who's that? That's the kid with the radio.
Yeah, he used it on him.
- Why? You already had the radio.
- He wanted to - I guess.
KELLY: Yeah.
I'm gonna need a real name on Shabazz and an address right now.
Shabazz Hamilton.
He's at 559 West 1 1 th Street number 41 8.
- Pick him up.
KELLY: Yeah.
[HORNS HONKING ] MAN 1: Would you be careful when you set it down? - Oh, no.
MAN 2: Hey, move it.
- Oh, great.
- Oh, no.
[SIREN WAILS] - Can I get some advice from you? - Sure.
They offered me a job at the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.
- That right? - Upside is, there's probably a promotion.
Downside is, I don't know if I like the job.
I don't know.
That racial and sexual harassment is important stuff.
- I know.
I know.
- Yeah.
- I don't know if it's me.
- What's the bump? Seventy- five hundred.
We could use the money.
No more shift work.
Yeah, definitely be more regular for the boys.
When we came on that kid dying on the street yesterday all I could think about was Danny.
Seeing him lying there.
- I keep thinking about that.
- Yeah.
I didn't join up to be the cop they're offering me, but I'm not the same.
I'm not the person I was when I joined.
I know.
I know.
Here we go.
Come on.
[BABY CRIES] OFFICER: First door on the right.
KELLY: Shabazz inside? - Guy outside says he saw him go in.
- Can we secure the roof? - We got a couple of guys up there now.
No warrant.
We gotta get him to open up.
[KNOCKS] MAN: Yeah, what's up? Who is it? - Anybody order a paid package? KELLY: Police! Police! Police! KELLY: You Shabazz? - Yeah.
What you want-- ? KELLY: You're under arrest.
- I didn't do nothing.
MARTINEZ: All clear? SHARON: Yeah.
- Look.
- You got a search warrant? - It was in plain sight.
- It was under the mattress.
KELLY: Maybe it slipped out.
[SIREN WAILS] Shabazz.
Shabazz, C- Dawg and Prince tell me that you shot this kid.
And the gun we found in your apartment ballistics is gonna tell me it was used on George and that it's got your prints all over it, aren't they? I got you.
- I got nothing to say, man.
- Good.
I want you to shut up.
Know why? When you go to trial for this murder, then you'll get the full 25.
Then you'll start your federal bit for transporting weapons across state lines.
It's my guess the state will take you back on that felony sale for the guns - you picked up in West Virginia.
- Look you prove I did the crime, I'll do the time.
Can I go to my cell? Yeah, you can go to your cell, you little prick.
You are gonna bounce around this system like a little rubber ball for the rest of your life.
Would you mind if I had a moment or two alone with Shabazz here? You waste your time with this asshole.
I have a report to do.
Have a nice life, Shabazz.
[DOOR CLOSES] I'm not gonna lie.
You're in trouble.
It doesn't have to be the way my partner said.
You're young.
The way the world is, you know how easy it is to make mistakes.
- Judges and courts know that too.
- Well, your partner's an asshole.
He thinks you're trying to get over on him, make his job harder.
- He gives me no respect.
- I'm not saying he's right.
I'm not saying he's right.
Just that's the way he sees it, you know? The fact is, you could really help us out here and if you did that, I know I could get him to lighten up a ton.
What about the other charges? You tell us what went on there, and we all go home early.
Those firearms charges, illegal sale, that's penny- ante.
The system doesn't have time or money for that.
Want a cup of coffee? Take a few minutes to think about it? - Why don't I get you a cup of coffee? - Yeah, okay.
Three sugars, black.
How's it going? You got the blood pumping.
I'll see if I can get him to buy the homicide.
- Think he'll go for it? - The gun? I don't know.
I think he might put himself on the scene.
Thanks to you being such a prick.
Kelly! We got an escaped prisoner! Come here, punk.
KELLY: We got an escape.
Hey! MARTINEZ: What's going on? - Alert downstairs and get an ambulance.
- Did he get out? He get away? KELLY: We'll get him back.
FANCY: What happened? KELLY: He nailed her.
FANCY: You all right? SHARON: Oh, yeah.
- Call an ambulance? - Yeah.
- Just lay there until the EMS comes.
KELLY: Easy.
Damn it! [DOG GROWLS] [KNOCKS] - You would be Detective Sipowicz.
- You must be psychic.
Corday called, said you were coming by.
Come in.
Kind of pink in here, huh? How can I help you, detective? You can tell me how you been helping Corday in his work on the Bucci case.
You know, detective, I sense a strong, skeptical energy nexus around you.
You can disappear it by telling me about your last contact with Dominic Bucci.
- It was a very exciting session for us.
- Yeah, and why was that? He brought an article of clothing Corday recovered.
Bucci remembered it being exactly similar to the blouse Jenny wore the day she disappeared.
I got emanations off this blouse a very strong sense from this blouse.
And what was the upshot of the emanations? My strong sense was that Jenny may have worn the blouse.
I'm sure you've come across things you haven't been able to explain.
Each of us has our own conceptual tool kit we work with.
I've developed mine in special ways.
It might help you to try and accept that.
- Where'd Corday get the clothing? - A field associate, I believe.
For my purposes, that's irrelevant.
When I was able to make available to Mr.
Bucci that this could be Jenny's blouse it was a transformational experience for both of us.
Really beautiful.
I could always sense a withheld joy in Mr.
That joy was gestating.
I was proud to be able to facilitate its birth.
That just made me feel marvelous.
Maybe it's being in this pink environment, but I got a strong marvelous feeling from emanations or whatever that I know exactly what's going on here.
- How much money you making out of this? - My fees are confidential.
Thanks for the séance, huh? - Lieutenant? FANCY: Yeah? I have those work orders, and maintenance is on line three.
FANCY: Thank you.
Lieutenant Fancy.
I'm staring at three work orders.
I had a prisoner escape and an officer injured because of you people.
Now, I want these repairs done by 1 2:00 tonight or I'm gonna have somebody's ass! EMS: Look to the right.
SlPOWlCZ: How you doing? SHARON: I'm okay.
I want a workup on every address Shabazz has given every time we've arrested him.
Check his old arrest reports for telephone numbers he's given us.
- And get the addresses.
- Hi, Mr.
FANCY: Okay, that's it.
- Mr.
- What's going on here? Let's go into my office.
Dead kid's father must be happy.
Fancy called him and told him we had the perpetrator in custody.
- How's Mr.
Bucci? - This Pl's been working him.
- He's set up for the blowoff.
- Yeah.
- The verdict? How is she? - I'm fine.
There may be broken bones under the eye.
- I'm fine.
- Why don't you get it looked at? You'll be a half- member of the raccoons club.
- How long does the x- ray take? - If you're okay, a half- hour.
I'm not gonna try to excuse what happened here.
You let the one who killed my son get away.
We'll pick him up.
He's got no resources, no money.
There's a limited number of places he can go.
We'll pick him up.
And I'm supposed to believe that? - It's hard to put stock in this.
- I don't wanna hear it.
I do not want to hear no more.
You understand, lieutenant? You told me the other day, "Take it day by day.
" - That holds.
- That's what I'm gonna do.
I know exactly how I'm going to be spending my days and my nights.
Butler, stay out of this.
The world isn't so rich it can afford to lose your boy and you.
- Time for us to have a talk.
- What's on your mind, detective? - I've been to see the pink lady.
- I heard.
- She said you're real dubious.
- I'm hurt by that.
She told me you came up with the blouse and that she lD'd it off the emanations.
- Let's say that's true.
- What's the next move? You tell the grieving father how the guy that found the blouse at Salvation Army, or whatever you come up with now he's sighted the girl wandering around homeless with amnesia, but he's gonna need big bucks to follow through? Then Mr.
Bucci pays, and the footprints peter out again? I'm a licensed Pl, conducting an investigation.
Every step that I take is approved in advance by the client.
- That's the bottom line here, Sipowicz.
- Wrong.
Under that is, I want a piece of this.
A piece of what? I've been trying to find the man's daughter.
- I guess you'll ask for 50, 000.
- It's none of your business.
Hey, if you're getting more, God bless, but I want 25.
You're full of crap.
I'm telling you what I want to let you make your play.
Say for nuisance value, to reduce the aggravation, I gave you - five? - Say I bust your mouth? 'Cause you're gonna say 25 with or without teeth.
All right, say I gave you 25? But for 25, you'd have to earn that.
- It's not to stay out of my way.
- I'm listening.
You'd have to sell the old man.
Tell him the blouse lead looks strong.
Prepare him if it might not work out.
I don't want him giving up hope.
This is a well we're working here.
It's by no means dry.
You prepared to earn your money? He trusts you, you know.
- I'll do my part.
You do yours.
- You better do yours because you don't get your money till he writes that check.
CORDAY'S VOICE: Say I gave you 25? But for that 25, you'd have to earn that.
- lt's not to stay out of my way.
SlPOWlCZ: l'm listening.
CORDAY: You'd have to sell the old man.
Tell him the blouse lead looks strong.
Prepare him if it might not work out.
l don't want him giving up hope.
This is a well we're working here.
lt's by no means dry.
You want to file a criminal complaint against this guy? No.
You want me to say a few things out of my experience as an outsider on this? Dom.
I think that would be a good thing.
Detective, please.
You told me when Jenny disappeared, you blamed yourself for sending her to - the bank with money from the store.
- I thought I was a big man.
Everybody in the neighborhood respected me.
That would protect her.
You feel like you might've cost your daughter her life.
Her life, yes.
If you could find her, you could correct that mistake.
But it doesn't work that way.
I hate myself.
I lie awake at night sometimes doing that, you know? Yeah, I do know.
You got to get on with your life.
Take your time and money and do things for yourself and for your wife for other people, things that make you feel good.
Then, if your daughter does show up, it'll be a blessing.
And if she doesn't then you're doing what you can to live.
Maybe you're right.
I don't know.
Knowing doesn't happen all at once.
You gotta grow into it.
- Think you might be able to do that? - I'm gonna try.
I really am gonna try, Angela.
But that doesn't mean you give up hope.
- No.
BUCCI: No, you just, you.
I understand.
I understand what you're saying to me.
I do.
Clarence? This is Detective James Martinez.
I spoke to you about Shabazz? I wanted to check to see if you heard anything.
Is this the Emergency Room? This is Detective Lasalle.
I wanted to see if you treated a black male, 5'7", 1 50 pounds for injuries might be related to a fall? Yeah, I know.
I just wanted to check back.
Thank you.
Dispatcher? Yeah.
Well, put it over the air again.
Let me make this simple any cabby that made a pickup in the vicinity of the-- Well, maybe somebody was on a break.
Thank you.
- Did he fall down a rat hole? - He'd be comfortable.
OFFICER: Easy, Mr.
Take it easy.
CALVIN: Move it.
Get in it.
Get in it! A friend of mine tipped me to a bridge, where I find this piece of garbage.
You did the right thing.
CALVIN: I'm surprised he's still alive myself.
I did it for George, you know.
I owe my son.
This is how I taught him it should be, and I can't betray my son by going against what I taught him.
Your son would be proud of you now.
Medavoy, Martinez, take care of the prisoner.
MEDAVOY: Sure, lieutenant.
MEDAVOY: Step out.
MARTINEZ: All right, come on.
Move it.
All right, watch your step.
All right, let's go.
All right, here we are.
Watch your step.
SlPOWlCZ: Let's go.
- This is as pure a piece of entrapment - I've encountered.
- Shut your mouth.
The bust won't hold.
You proposed the bribe.
I say the bust will hold.
If not, I've lost them before.
But meanwhile, you're off the streets, out of that man's life.
Now sit down.
Probably trying to run some game of your own.
Trying to eliminate the competition.
You know how I know I'm evolving towards a higher planetary consciousness, Corday? Just like your psychic friend said: I know I'm getting a better planetary tool kit 'cause I didn't just punch your lights out.
SHARON: Lieutenant.
- You got a minute? FANCY: Yeah.
On that Equal Employment job, I guess I've decided to take it.
- All right.
- Yeah, it's important work, and the two kids waiting for me nights, they own more of me than when Danny was alive.
I've got respect for how you've carried yourself, from the day you got here.
Some day that was, huh? Yeah.
I'll miss having you in my command, and I'll miss you personally.
Can you keep the door open, in case I have second thoughts? Sure.
Given your new job, would I be on thin ice if I hugged you? You better give me a hug.
Good luck.
Thanks, lieutenant.
Officer Licalsi, I made a call to Special Victims like you asked.
- What'd you find out? - They didn't feel you came off great.
- What'd I do wrong? - It's not like you did anything wrong.
They just felt the way you carry yourself isn't a manner that would inspire a woman who was raped to confide in you.
I don't know if it's fair.
I spoke to a panel, not somebody who'd been raped.
I think what the feeling was is, what makes you a good street cop can work against you when you deal with a rape victim.
It's not hopeless.
You work on your presentation, you go back over.
- You agree with their evaluation? - I don't know you well enough to say but empathy is something that you can work on.
There's skills you can develop.
I'd be happy to work with you.
If you'd like that, call me at OEEO.
- You're transferring? - Yeah, as of Thursday.
I'll call you, and give you my number.
- Great.
Thanks a lot.
- No problem.
- Feel like a few club sodas? - I'm off the stuff but I could go for a soft drink.
DONNA: Fifteenth Detective Squad.
One moment.
Detective Sipowicz, Dominic Bucci on line two for you.
I think we're gonna be postponing this rampage to another night.
Yeah, Mr.
Yeah, how are you? What kind of possible development? Where are you? Yeah.
All right.
How does making dinner for you and the boys sound? - Great.
- Good.
I'm gonna take that job.
Good for you.
Good for you.
I'm gonna miss you, Johnny.
- Thank you for helping me along.
KELLY: Hey, come on.
You are changing tax brackets, not your friends.
Right? - Right.
I'm gonna go get my coat.
- All right.
I'll be here.
BUCCI: Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
What's going on? Well, I was walking.
Now, here's the thing.
Here's the reason I contacted you.
Detective I swear I heard her voice coming from that apartment right there the one on the ground floor with the lights.
- I know how this must sound.
- Mr.
I'm asking you, please, detective, just do this for me.
[KNOCKING ] [DOOR CLOSES] She wasn't there? No.
Please don't tell my wife that I called you, okay? No, I won't.
Come on, I'll walk with you.