NYPD Blue s01e18 Episode Script

Zeppo Marks Brothers

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: Don't undermine me.
Trust me, if I want you gone, you're gone.
Well, I didn't get here easy, and I won't be going easy either.
MAN: I'll know better once I open her.
I'll call it 4 or 5 hours.
Oh, man, you know who this is, don't you? Uh- huh.
Roberts' snitch.
You threatened to take her life.
Saying you were gonna kill her if she calls your wife.
You think I killed her? Her diary, you take that above my word? Everything that happened that day.
Now! What I read made me sick.
I didn't kill her.
Which is what I understood this inquiry to be about.
- Put in for retirement today.
- I need three years for full vesting.
- Johnny, I'm seeing someone.
- Who's the guy? He's a doctor.
NICKY: Come on.
Don't push me.
I'm going into major back spasms.
Pain's shooting down.
Shouldn't have jumped through that transom.
It's hard on the sciatic.
NICKY: Don't take the bag off my head.
- We're at the station.
You're safe.
NICKY: I'm safe? Oh, that's a good one.
That's rich.
I'm a dead man.
This is the escaped material witness.
I need aspirin for his back.
NICKY: Tylenol 3! - DA's detectives will pick him up.
- Hope you gave them directions.
Up the stairs, Nick.
NICKY: That bitch Kimmy gave me up, didn't she? - I don't know.
NICKY: Yeah, tell me another one.
She gave me up.
You send me to my death, making me testify.
You play the Elephant Man? Say this with your nose all clogged: I'm not an animal, I'm a human being.
Why don't you just shoot me in the head? Come on, right now.
No? Okay, how about the mouth then? Right through the brain.
That way, I know when it's coming.
Not knowing when it's coming scares me.
That's it, Nicky, keep working yourself up.
Try for a heart attack.
The Olivas are in custody, Nick.
They cannot hurt you.
So are you trying to insult me now? Is that it? They can't get to me? Who are you kidding? You called it in, seeing them do that whack.
I was pissed off.
You don't kill a guy in front of his kid.
- They did it in front of the guy's kid.
- You did the right thing calling it in.
And I called it in anonymous.
That word is not in your vocabulary? You want anonymous, don't use your own phone.
We trace incoming calls here.
So I do a good thing, I have to die for it.
You're not gonna die.
You're gonna testify, and that is it.
I don't believe a word out of you.
lD the man.
Pick him out of a lineup.
You don't gotta go to the grand jury.
I come in, I make the lD.
Two days later, boom! "Our other evidence fell out.
You gotta testify.
" When I wouldn't do that you make me a material witness and throw me in a civil jail.
And that was really cute.
That was nice.
You know? - In there with the animals.
- We put you in a motel.
It's protective custody.
We put you there to protect you.
But deep thinker that you are, you escape.
Of course I escaped! I have this thought, you know that maybe my life is still worth something, you know? I could still do something with my life.
I mean, fellas, come on now if I stay in this town and I testify, I'm a dead man.
Look me in the eye and tell me that ain't true.
Nicky, if you stop acting like a flake, that won't be true.
Yeah, sure.
And Rose Kennedy shouldn't keep a black dress pressed.
Screw you guys.
Zeppo Marks Brothers Hey, he's got a bad back.
You might want to be aware of it.
Hey, guys, here's a little tip.
We try to alternate the guys who are asleep.
We try not to have both cops asleep in a room at the same time.
That way, the guy can't vault over your shoulders out the transom.
That's not the way it happened.
NICKY: Okay, okay.
KELLY: He has 48 hours before he has to testify.
If we could keep him in custody, that'd be ideal.
NICKY: You tell Kimmy I hope she got well, ratting me out to you.
You'll be all right.
Deep down, don't you feel pretty good about this? NICKY: Whatever happens to me is on your heads, you pricks.
Oh! My back.
It's probably the only good thing he's ever done, and it jams him up.
Not like he had much of a life to ruin.
Better get your uniforms in shape.
Uniform detail soon.
- You're kidding.
- Commander's request.
What's the detail? Broadway on Broadway.
People from the musical performing songs on the street.
We're gonna be hip- deep in leotards.
It's the division commander busting Fancy's balls.
I gotta see Roberts for breakfast.
He didn't sound too good.
- How's that your problem? - I don't know.
See you later.
I'm calling the dry cleaner.
Does your uniform need any alterations? What's that supposed to mean? No.
All I'm saying is, you know if it was necessary, my dry cleaner does alterations, is all I meant.
Excuse me.
- Hi, Mike.
- Hey.
- Nice to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
Thanks for meeting me.
KELLY: Sure.
- How you been? - I've been better, John.
What's going on? Well, you know, Connie's got me sleeping on the couch.
She wants a divorce, only we can't afford one.
She can't forgive me, John.
That stuff with Dee Dee, she can't get past it.
- Give her some time, Mike.
- It's not gonna happen.
She looks over at me sometimes, to get a glass of water I'm on the couch like a dog.
She looks at me with no respect.
My kids used to ask me how the day went.
Now they ask me,"You seen anything on TV? Anything good on TV?" I had decorations, John.
I had two separate citations for valor, right? Enough bitching and moaning from me.
You got enough problems of your own.
I wanted to tell you, I took out a Pl license.
- Hey, good.
- Yeah.
And 1 00°% candid, I heard you were moonlighting bodyguarding for Jimmy Wexler, maybe you have work for me.
He's been so sick, I'm not working for him.
No kidding, huh? Oh.
I'm sorry he's so sick.
I will think of you if I get that kind of work.
Okay? - Yeah, I'd appreciate that.
- Okay.
You thought I was an okay cop, right, John? I know I crossed the line that one time, my relationship with Dee Dee but in general, you respected me as a cop? In general, Mike, I did.
You know what, hold on to a few dollars, will you? Absolutely not.
Put that away.
I'm looking to earn here, John.
I'm not looking to glom on to anybody.
Thanks for meeting me.
Us guys gotta stick together.
That's right.
We gotta stick together.
I'll call if I have that kind of work.
I never thought I'd miss the job this much, you know? It's crazy.
[BEEPING ] What? You gotta take that? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Well, go ahead.
I understand.
- All right.
Thanks for meeting me.
- You bet.
Keep your chin up, all right? - Okay.
KELLY: All right.
I'll talk to you.
- Okay.
[SIREN WAILS] How did this happen? Nicky jumped out while they were taking him to the motel.
He got lost.
I guess his back spasms let up, huh? KELLY: Why didn't we hear? DA cops never called.
They looked for him themselves.
He ran around loose for an hour.
They shot him 20 minutes ago.
KELLY: What have you got? - No witnesses to the shooting.
That guy saw a blue Pontiac driving away and a girl running.
KELLY: Description on the girl? - White, late 20s, blond hair.
- That's Kimmy.
OFFICER: He said she ran away screaming.
Hey, I wanna talk to you a minute.
You work in the bar, right? - That's right.
- You know him? Yeah, Nicky Constantino.
- You know the girl? - I saw her with him.
She come in with him today? No, she met him.
He'd been in here, hitting it good.
She came in.
She made a phone call.
I think they had a drink.
- They leave.
He gets shot out front.
- How come you remember the phone call? I broke a 20 for her.
She didn't have any change.
- John, where are they going? KELLY: I don't know.
They said they didn't see anything.
Forget that you let this guy boogie twice in 24 hours and uncuffed him.
DETECTIVE 1: His back was killing him.
What I wanna know is why you assholes didn't call it in? - Get away.
SlPOWlCZ: You got him killed! - I think you got him killed! - I got him killed? Prick! All he could talk about was how you guys lied, made him testify Shut your mouth.
he knew he'd be taken out, which is exactly-- - Shut up.
- I don't like the way he's talking.
This is your screwup.
This is your mess.
Get in the car! SlPOWlCZ: Don't get lost.
We didn't kill nobody, pal.
We're not the ones who let him escape, all right? KIMMY: You've got no reason to hold me.
- Just wanna talk.
I already told you.
We were coming out of Kerner's, Nicky got shot.
KELLY: Right in here.
Come on, come on.
Right down the end.
Go ahead.
I need something to drink.
Can I get a diet soda? In a little while.
Oh, what's this gonna be now? You guys gonna beat me up? Nicky was blown away in the street, Kimmy.
You got his blood on your shirt.
Now we wanna catch them.
We need your cooperation.
I didn't see anything.
You know what"theory of the case" means, Kimmy? You wanna hear one theory of the case? The Olivas bought Nicky getting hit, you fingered him, you're traveling.
I called you last night so you'd get him safely back into custody.
You also hit us for $200.
And maybe today, you'd look for a higher bid.
Did you call the Olivas from the bar? They reach out? Sons of bitches! I loved Nicky.
I cared about what happened to him.
The only call I made was the Port Authority for buses to Miami.
- What happened? - I didn't see anything.
- I don't believe you.
- Leave me alone.
You wanna get to Miami, huh? - We could arrange that.
- Yeah, after what? You lD who shot Nicky.
We pick him up.
We take the ball from there.
Is this what you told Nicky? Is this how you lied to him? "Make the lD, we'll take it from there.
" Tell us.
We'll get you out of town.
We can do that, but you gotta listen to me, so look at me.
Look at me.
Now, sometimes in life, things go far from what we dream for ourselves.
When that happens, it's a drag, but we must be willing to be resilient and make changes and a new plan for ourself.
Understand? If you put some thought into that, you could come up with something good.
I want to go to Florida.
Swim with the dolphins.
We could make that happen.
Understand something.
Nicky not being able to testify the guys he was gonna lD will walk out of Rikers.
We don't want that.
Help us make a case against him, and it's not just $ 1 00.
How much will you need to get to Florida, $3000? SlPOWlCZ: We can get that for you.
But you've got to give us the shooter who killed Nicky.
I'm scared.
I think Nicky would want you to get out of here.
I really do.
I know he would.
I know that.
Yeah okay.
FANCY: Six months ago, the Olivas put out a hit on a dealer.
Nicky Constantino witnessed it and was going to be a witness in the trial.
You guys lost him, they slaughtered him.
- That's not it.
- DA squad detectives had him.
I don't give a damn.
He was your witness, you were responsible.
The girlfriend saw him get hit.
She can lD the guy.
But she's not gonna open her mouth unless there's money for her to get out of town.
- How much? - $3000.
And she'd have to lD him? Either we pop this guy or the Olivas walk away, and we all look bad.
I'll get you $2000.
Is that the best you can do? What are you, working off commission? Twenty five hundred.
If you bring this guy in off her lD, and he won't flip on them I don't care what promises you made this girl it's understood between us she's gonna testify.
You wanna thank him for the uniform detail? KELLY: Yeah.
Listen to this.
Ready? The dry cleaners can't find my uniform.
- They're having trouble tracking it.
- You got the claim ticket? I lost it.
It's three years, they should have it.
They're required.
- I'd go arrest them, Medavoy.
- I may have to buy a new uniform.
I don't wanna wind up a liar with this girl.
I keep a promise to a witness once a year, to remember the feeling.
- Let's start on photographs.
- Want to handle that? KELLY: What's up? - I want to talk to that bartender again.
All right.
I'll see you later.
- Hey.
LAURA: Can I talk to you? KELLY: Sure.
Get her started on the photographs, please.
- Sure, no problem.
- What's going on? My trial calendar had a hole put in it.
The Oliva prosecution's in trouble now because of Constantino's death.
What did you wanna talk about? Maybe I'm crazy, but I've had the feeling that I'm being followed.
- Tell me about it.
- Well, it's nothing concrete.
Three times over the last week.
It's more like a feeling.
I come out of a place, I feel someone watching me and I turn around, it's just people on the street.
Probably some post- stress syndrome from the Giardella thing.
- I wanna look into this.
- What'll you do? I'll call your super and send a sector car.
Okay, yeah.
- Hey, Laurie.
- Yeah.
The guy you're seeing, does he have this feeling too? - What does he have to do with this? - You're spending lots of hours together.
Yeah? - Well, does he feel this way too? - No, he doesn't.
Anything else? I'll send a car.
You gonna be around? You wanna know where I'm sleeping? I won't get into your private life but to check this out, I need to know where you are.
- I sleep at his place half the time.
- In Manhattan? Yeah.
I finally made it over the bridge.
Here's his name and number.
- Anything else? - No, that's it.
- Okay, thank you.
- Yeah.
MARTINEZ: You okay? - Yeah.
BARTENDER: What's up? - You remember me, right? - Yeah.
- I'm following up on the shooting.
- I don't know what else I can tell you.
I'll ask questions.
That'll give you a hint about what I'm interested in finding out.
So this girl comes in and meets Nicky.
Let's go over this next part again.
Okay, she made a phone call, they had a drink, they left.
- He was paying for his drinks, right? - Yeah.
And she broke a 20 with you so she could make the call? Yeah, that's right.
That's how you remember her making the call, because she asked for change? Yeah, we talked about all this.
So Nicky's paying for his drinks, he's got money on the bar and she goes into her pocket and asks for change for a $20 bill.
That doesn't make sense to me.
- I don't think she did that.
- What's your problem? I got no problem.
I just get the feeling that you really want me to know that she made a phone call, and so you lied about her asking for change.
This is why people hate cops.
You cooperate, and you get the third degree.
Hey, sit down.
I said, sit down.
Did you make a phone call too? What's your name? - Lenny.
- Lenny, did you make a phone call too? Because her call was to the Port Authority.
I'm wondering who else might have made a call that got Nicky whacked.
Hey, I said all I'm gonna say.
Listen, this girl is cooperating.
She saw the hitter.
As soon as we pop that guy, I will find out did you make that call.
Don't cooperate, I'll make it worth some time off to that guy, giving you up.
- Come on, Lenny.
- All right.
I didn't know.
Zeppo said Nicky owed him money.
Yeah, right, and I'm an lndian princess.
All right, this Zeppo got a last name? Anybody doesn't look right.
Keep an eye on the place, talk to the super see if any front door locks are broken, missing keys.
Hey, you know what? You don't need to bother her either.
That'd be great.
She goes back to one photo, but she's too spooked to pick the guy.
- Talking about Kimmy? - Yeah.
Would the guy she's looking at be named Zeppo Marchansky? How'd you know that? [EXPLODING ] The boiler just exploded! We have to get out! Get up against the wall.
KELLY: Zeppo Marchansky? - Yeah.
KELLY: You're under arrest.
- You made a mistake.
I got a face, people think I'm somebody else.
I got the same problem.
A woman the other day says: "Bob, you were marvelous in The Sting.
" Get this asshole some clothes.
- I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
- I promise, he cannot see you in here.
If we cut him loose, you're in danger.
You'll be all right.
It's number three.
KELLY: Good.
That's good.
Everybody but number three can leave.
Bitch, you're dead meat! - He can see in! KELLY: He cannot.
He's guessing.
Don't worry.
You gonna take me to the grand jury and get me killed? You gave us what we needed.
You gave the lD.
Right? I'm not sure.
I need to think about this some more.
Can I talk to you outside, please? Tell her that she's not gonna have to testify for the grand jury.
- How? - Any way you want.
- She has an excellent chance not to go.
- I'm not going to.
If this guy doesn't testify and doesn't give you the Olivas my boss is gonna make her go to the grand jury.
We can't flip him unless he's lD'd.
We can't get him lD'd unless you talk to her and reassure her.
- I'm not comfortable doing that.
- Okay.
COSTAS: Listen, understand and trust me.
I speak with full authority.
All we ask is for you to lD that perpetrator.
And the grand jury? We will exert every resource to make your testimony unnecessary.
Between the preliminary arraignment and the grand jury we'll develop corroborating evidence and simply name you anonymously as a reliable informant.
- Can I talk to you without them here? - Of course.
I'm not sure I can trust them, after Nicky.
This isn't coming from the cops.
It's from me.
I want you to trust me on this.
All right.
It's number three.
- You don't think I'll have to testify? - You heard what I said.
She lD'd your suspect.
How could you lie to her like that? I said we'd make sure she won't have to testify.
I'll honor that.
If push comes to shove, you'll make her testify.
Yes, if push comes to shove, I will make her testify.
Welcome to the world, sweetie.
KELLY: Right over here.
KIMMY: Okay.
Detective, there's a Dr.
Schrager here to see you.
- For me? - Yeah.
Okay, would you give her some coffee? Keep an eye on her.
- Dr.
Schrager? SCHRAGER: Mm.
John Kelly.
You didn't have to come in.
I said give me a call.
- I hope you don't mind, detective.
- No.
Come on in.
I just wanted to come down here and see where Laurie spends her time.
It's really very, very different from the world that I live in.
I'm a pediatric cardiologist.
I work with children.
Yeah, I got that from the pediatric part.
Well, Laurie just respects the hell out of you.
You don't need me to tell you that.
Well, same goes for you.
She mentioned to you she feels like she's being followed.
- Yeah, she has.
- You have any sense of that? Well, to be truthful, I don't, John but I'm the least paranoid guy in the whole world.
- Okay.
You have any enemies? - Me? No.
- Malpractice suits, something like that? - No, I've been very lucky.
Although I have colleagues just tell me some horror stories.
- Ex- wife that's mad at you? - Never married.
Former girlfriend? No.
It says you live at 842 Central Park West.
It's a real schlep from the hospital but, I tell you, I wouldn't give up that view of the park for anything.
Any trouble in the neighborhood over there? Well, the co- op board is up in arms because there's a rock star trying to move into the building.
That's about as bad as it gets.
Okay, okay.
I think that's it.
Thanks for coming in.
I'm hoping that eventually you and I, we can be friends.
KELLY: Yeah.
Thanks for coming in.
- All right.
LAURA: What are you doing here? - John, you ready to talk to Zeppo? - Oh, gee, Zeppo.
- Soda or a cigarette? - No, I don't smoke.
Good for you.
Don't have to be a scientist.
Smoking kills.
Jail's unhealthy too.
People go downhill in jail.
You've been lD'd for shooting Nicky.
We're talking major hard time here.
Yeah, because that bitch lD'd me? Hey, people change their minds.
- What bitch would that be? - The bitch.
She thinks she lD'd me.
You shot this guy in front of people.
You don't think we have witnesses? SlPOWlCZ: You got to look up, Zeppo.
If you'd looked up, you'd realize that it wasn't smart, where you whacked him.
Look up? Some sea gull flew by? A neighborhood woman with arthritis.
She looks out the window all day.
It's like going to the movies.
She calls her husband to the window.
They both saw it.
You don't wanna go to bat on this one.
We got witnesses.
Okay, recess is over now.
You follow this arithmetic.
You do 25 years, you'll be 60 by the time you see the board.
They'll turn you down, you'll be 63 before you got a chance of getting out.
Think! 63 years old, in a pinafore, keeping house for some bodybuilder.
Who paid you to kill Nicky Constantino? - What kind of deal we talking? - Depends on what you have.
- If I do the whole flip.
- Was it the Olivas? Hey, you work out a deal.
Marchansky agreed.
They send him to Rikers, wired.
- Without an escort? - With an escort, some trustee notices.
- It'll get to the Olivas.
- It's a big risk to be unaccompanied.
We'll alert the guards and be outside.
They'd cut his throat before you stand up.
Those guys walk in less than 24 hours.
This is our only chance.
All right.
Any chance this gets us out of parade duty? See how it comes out.
ZEPPO: My name is Zeppo Marchansky.
GUARD: Wanna sign your name on line 27? [BUZZER SOUNDS] GUARD: All right.
Right through that door.
[BUZZER SOUNDS] I thought when they said"visitor," they meant"human being.
" [LAUGHING ] What brings you here? Come to pay your respects? - No, I got a problem.
- You got a lot of problems, man.
NANDO: So, what's your problem? You lonely? You miss us? - I need another 1 0, Nando.
NANDO: I see, really? Me too.
I need another 1 0 too.
How about you, Jesus? You want another 1 0? I can always use another 1 0.
ZEPPO: Look, I got money problems here.
I did a deal, got fronted some product, the guy I moved to skated on me.
I need $ 1 0, 000 to make good.
You doing drugs, baby? You're talking all crazy.
You told me to take out that guy, I did it.
I did good.
You did so good, how come that DA broad's still walking? ZEPPO: No.
You told me if I couldn't hit the guy, you needed a mistrial.
Hit her if I couldn't hit Nicky.
- l had it set up.
- Know who they're talking about? You know who that is, don't you? That's Laura.
I took Nicky out like you said.
I did good.
I followed orders.
- You got to look out for me now.
- How? I need another $ 1 0, 000.
I owe people.
You're hallucinating.
Where we gonna get that kind of money? We're in jail, man.
No money here.
You didn't have no problem getting me $25, 000 to kill Constantino.
I'm telling you, I need another 1 0.
- Are you threatening me? - No.
No, no, no, no.
- I'm just telling you my situation.
- Hey, Zeppo, look at me! Screw your situation.
Okay? You understand? That's nothing to us who you owe, or what's gonna happen.
We took out Nicky.
You can die too, Zeppo.
[KNOCKING ] Hey, I got what you guys wanted, didn't I? ZEPPO: Hey, take it easy.
- You lying pricks! - Shut your mouth.
Zeppo and his attorney are upset about the felony for stalking Laura.
If you think you can violate a plea agreement, sustain a charge off information secured while he wore a wire to assist you, you are nuts.
He promised full disclosure but he did not disclose the contract to stalk my colleague.
I'm considering filing civil and criminal charges against you for assaulting my client.
- He slipped.
- Fell on his face on the slippery ice.
I guess it's no holds barred.
As long as you know you're the good guys.
KELLY: See you.
- Give me a minute, will you? - Yeah.
Come here.
You all right? Well, it's a little upsetting to be a candidate to be murdered.
Don't worry about it.
It's over.
I also resent your intruding on my relationship with Danny.
- How'd I do that? - You dragged him in to interrogate him.
I didn't drag him in here and interrogate-- Asking if he's been married, the neighborhood he lives in.
I called him on the phone, he came on his own.
- Ever think that he's curious about me? - Don't turn this around.
Come here.
Laura, you're upset.
Two minutes ago, you found out you were the subject of a hit.
Now you're in my face about invading your privacy.
You came to me, remember? I did the best I could for you.
Next time you're in trouble, ask this doctor for help.
- You are totally out of line.
- Take off and beat that uptown traffic.
- Kimmy's here.
You got that check? - Yeah.
I, uh.
I just buried Nicky.
He was okay, Nicky.
Be smart about that money, Kimmy.
You ought to really do it.
Make some changes, get out of town.
Yeah, well, I'm thinking about it.
I really am.
- Can I ask you guys something? - Yeah.
You were gonna make me testify, weren't you? Why worry about problems you don't have anymore? It's our job to clear the case.
If you can help us, we gotta get you to.
Telling you the truth is always our first choice.
And if you can't do that, then you're gonna lie.
We gotta clear the case.
Go swim with those dolphins, Kimmy.
Take care.
Uniform inspection's in half an hour.
- Take it easy on yourself.
- How am I supposed to? I just bought three pairs of socks, and they're missing.
How am I gonna explain this? You think they'd be safe in a police station.
Think I'm a sock thief? What are all these little looks? I didn't say a word, Andy.
It's just that, usually, you wear brown socks and I noticed all of a sudden, you got black socks on.
Come here, Medavoy.
Let me show you something.
Those look new to you? Hey, Greg, these yours? I found them under my desk.
- You must have misplaced them.
- I'm mortified.
SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, right.
My deepest apologies.
- Here, here.
- No, thank you.
- I got three pairs.
- I don't want them, all right? Putting the bag back on for parade duty? What's next? Escorting the mayor to a tea party over by the Ritz? - Hey, John.
- Hey, Mike.
- How's it going? - Great.
- Hey, detective.
How's it going? ROBERTS: Good.
You're putting the bag back on.
SlPOWlCZ: I got uniform detail for some parade.
How's that dog doing? She's okay.
Wanna come over and visit her sometime? No, I don't think that'd be a good idea.
- Come on, Mike.
Thought we were meeting at the Greek's.
I had business in the area.
Thought I'd drop by.
Am I supposed to hang my head in shame? Not come in here? - I'm not gonna do that.
- Here.
I'm sorry the job didn't last longer.
I'm glad Laura's out of danger, but I could use the work.
Yeah, I know.
They were looking to whack her? Get a mistrial.
If they couldn't get the witness.
If I have anything, I'm gonna use you.
I wrote down all of her comings and goings.
I got photographs.
- She's serious with that guy, huh? KELLY: Yeah, she is.
- Here.
KELLY: What's this? The log and the photos.
- What are you doing here? - John and I had personal business.
- Is it done? - Yeah.
I gotta get back to this parade thing.
Take care of yourself.
- You too.
- And take those with you.
- You got the wrong collar brass.
- I didn't get the new brass.
I didn't have a minute, what with my uniform missing and the socks.
It's been out three years.
This is the first occasion to require it.
- Where's Sipowicz? SlPOWlCZ: Here.
SERGEANT: Mm- mm- mm.
Careful where you point that on the street.
What? Your uniform.
Those buttons popping off could be lethal weapons.
SERGEANT: All right, everybody, let's move out.
SlPOWlCZ: "So how's the dog?" You hear Roberts ask me how the dog was doing? Gotta give him credit for having balls.
Leaves this dog to die, then asks me how's he doing? - He's trying to pull his life together.
- The guy is a loudmouthed screwup.
- How many more floats they got? - Don't know.
I gotta get out of this uniform.
- Laura know you had Roberts looking out? - No, and I am done.
She comes in, she needs help.
She thinks she's being followed.
I look into it.
She's busting my balls about invading her privacy.
Says I'm snooping on this guy.
He came to see me.
Makes sense.
He's explaining to me what the word pediatrics means.
- Kids' doctor.
- Yeah.
- You gotta let them live their own life.
- Absolutely.
- Or the best you get is the worst of it.
- That's right.
KELLY: Hey! Whoa.
SlPOWlCZ: You see us standing here? Are we standing here? Are you an idiot? - I have to get through.
- You're not getting through here.
- I'm a performer in the parade.
- What part? What part does it look like I'm in? The street's closed.
This has been the most hellish day of my life.
And I am saying that if you don't let me through you may have a suicide to solve.
- We wouldn't want that.
- No.
All right.
Come on.
Let's go.
Pull it all the way up, all the way up.
- Love you guys.
- Love you too.
SlPOWlCZ: He loves us? - I think so.
KELLY: It may get a little active inside, but I'll be okay.
All right? You know who I am? NANDO: Some kind of cop.
- That's right.
NANDO: Take it easy.
I was married to the lady you put the contract out on.
We know about the lady DA.
You boys got some surprises coming this week.
You better be in order on your housekeeping on this contract.
If anybody but Zeppo was out to hurt her, I will come after you.
Didn't know she was your family.
Don't care if she steps off the curb and twists an ankle.
I don't care if she breaks a nail.
I will come after you.
Understand? Nothing will happen.
But if it does, I don't care where you are, inside or out I will find you, and it will be a bloodbath.
It'll be worse than anything you can imagine.
JESUS: Ain't no problem, okay? KELLY: On the gate.