NYPD Blue s01e19 Episode Script

Serge the Concierge

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: I can't watch over her.
I want someone I trust.
He's gonna die now.
- He thinks I don't love him.
- He knows you love him.
- What's going on? - We need a best man.
JUDGE: Do you take Jimmy Wexler to be your lawful wedded husband? I do.
I haven't seen you for 3 years.
Where you hiding your liquor? I've been a lousy father, but I always loved you.
You threw a grenade into my life.
Is that the best you could come up with? - You and Kelly up? - Yeah.
- He wants to talk to a detective.
- Look, I'm gonna do it.
EDDIE: Here's what I need to know.
If a person was involved in a type of situation, and he didn't know and now he came forward, cooperating, trying to assist - how would he stand? - Give more hints.
What was the situation? A possibility of disposing a body.
The person had no idea.
- The person knows it was a body now.
- He figured it out, subsequently.
Or maybe even at the situation, he's thinking,"This is a pretty heavy rug.
" So let's say he knew it was a body but didn't help with getting it dead? Say that then.
How jammed up would he be then? Coming in, being cooperative, assuming he didn't have any part in the death-- Absolutely not.
I'm at a party.
Guy asked me to help him.
He's my host.
- He asked you to take out a rug? - Take a rug outside.
- Somebody from the party's in the rug? - That's my guess.
After the fact.
- Who would that be? - I think a girl.
Because she wasn't around afterward.
- What would she be to the guy? - His girlfriend.
They'd been beefing all night, going at each other.
Maybe I saw the top of her head rolled up in the rug.
I mean, going over it in my mind, maybe I glimpsed something like that.
- He got a name? - Tell me what my situation would be.
Probably okay, but stop playing dimwit.
- What's the guy's name? - Ricky Testa.
SlPOWlCZ: Where'd you put the rug? - A dumpster in an alley outside the old post office garage.
- Fifth, between B and C.
- This was last night? - Three nights ago.
- Three nights ago? KELLY: Thanks for rushing over.
SlPOWlCZ: Know where that body'll be? In a garbage dump.
And who's gonna go looking for it? - Picking through tons of garbage? - We are.
Crapped on by a bunch of overweight sea gulls.
In terms of my being jammed up.
- I'll be all right? SlPOWlCZ: Yeah.
You're gonna be all right.
We're gonna be up to our asses in garbage.
Serge the Concierge Story sounds good.
Girl got reported missing two nights ago.
KELLY: Marilyn Amico.
Her mother says she dates Ricky Testa.
There's no answer at Testa's.
We contacted the super.
Testa took off for the Dominican two days ago.
We checked this dumpster that Eddie said he dumped the rug in.
The city serviced it Tuesday.
So either it's on a garbage scow or out in Fresh Kills landfill.
- Sanitation helping? - They're tracking it.
We'll start as soon as they give us the okay.
- Have Medavoy and Martinez help.
- They're on standby.
Three days this idiot waited.
DONNA: May I help you? SlPOWlCZ: It's time to suit up.
We're going to the dump.
Hey, Robin.
- What's going on? - Hey, Johnny.
Jimmy died.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You know what? Let's go over here.
- He died in his sleep.
It was peaceful.
- Good.
- He's out of his pain now.
- Yeah.
- Is there a memorial service? - No, he didn't want anything.
He had me down at the track putting his ashes on the finish line.
Ashes on the finish and 99- 1 on the tote board.
That's what Jimmy wanted.
- I'm going away for a while.
- Good idea.
My plane leaves at 1 1 tonight.
- Any chance we could catch some dinner? - Absolutely.
I'll call you later.
Okay? Hey, Robin.
You gonna be okay? - Yeah, I'll be fine.
- You sure? All right.
We'll talk later.
Make book on it.
I'm gonna get a skin reaction after we're out at that dump.
You're gonna see me come down with dizziness and an allergic breakout.
Well, I'll keep a close eye on you.
Large in Taiwan is not large in America.
They dump 1 3, 000 tons in that landfill every day.
SlPOWlCZ: Well, sanitation gave us the sector number 6- 7.
So you know that means? Since we know which sector we only have to pick through Those places are like giant petri dishes.
[KNOCKING ] - Everybody decent? KELLY: Come in.
Detective Sipowicz.
Jerry McCabe from the 8th Precinct is on the phone.
He says it's urgent.
- Line two.
- Yeah.
How's it going, Jerry? Yeah, that's my son.
Uh- huh.
When? - I gotta meet you at the dump.
- What's going on? I got a problem with my kid.
- Listen, I'm sorry.
- Do what you gotta do.
- John-- - Hey, don't worry about it.
- What's going on? - Let me ask you something.
Do you know a Nick Savino, Manhattan North, Narcotics? He just popped Andy for selling coke.
Did you talk to the guy? He's out undercover.
He'll be back in a few hours.
That don't sound like Andy, does it? I don't know what he's into lately.
- I gotta go to the 8th.
See you later.
- All right.
Thanks for calling me.
I know how this feels.
I got a brother who's a mess.
Every time I think he's square, it starts again.
- My kid's never been arrested.
- Yeah, well.
Savino's on his way back in.
I asked around about the pop.
A month ago, he made three buys.
Got a warrant on a John Doe dealer.
Today he spots your son, lD's him as the pusher and brings him in.
- What kind of a cop's Savino? - Makes about 20 collars a month.
- That stand up? - Yeah, they tend to stand up.
- Want to see your boy? - Yeah.
It's okay, really.
He's fine.
- The holding keys there are clear.
- All right.
Thanks, Jack.
Detective here to see Sipowicz.
- You all right? - Yeah.
What happened? On my way to work, I got arrested by two cops.
You know what for? They said I sold coke to a narc three weeks ago.
- Did you do that? - No.
- You believe me? - Why wouldn't I believe you? Why would you believe me? You don't know me very well.
You're telling me you didn't do it.
If you did, tell me now, and we'll take these things from there.
I didn't sell any coke.
I don't have anything to do with any drugs or alcohol.
There's gotta be a mix- up.
I'll talk to the cop that arrested you.
You need anything? I'd like to get out of here.
Try and take it easy.
I'll see you in a little while.
- That's your guy.
- Thanks.
Savino? I'm Andy Sipowicz from the 1 5th Squad.
- You just took my son down this morning.
- Yeah, I'm sorry it was your kid.
My son says he didn't do it.
- He sold to me.
- I believe my son.
I made three directs off him.
I spot him in the same area this morning.
- He works in that neighborhood.
- When I saw him, he was selling drugs.
Would you do this? Keep the kid in holding for the rest of today.
Don't run him through yet.
Let me look around a bit.
- You're wasting your time.
He's it.
- Then it's my time getting wasted.
We're in the same job together.
I'm not asking you to do anything illegal.
- Savino, phone.
- Right.
I got a call.
I heard.
How about it? All right, go ahead.
I'll stall the paperwork.
Would you go take a Polaroid of him? For what? I want to show his photo on the street.
I don't have a recent likeness.
- Yeah.
Hey, take a message.
MCCABE: Yeah, no problem.
I got a camera over here.
Join the police department.
Stand up to your knees in gooey condoms.
MARTINEZ: We shouldn't just look for the rug.
She could have rolled out when the garbage truck turned over the dumpster.
- That's it! That's it! KELLY: Greg! SlPOWlCZ: Easy, man, easy.
- I'm taking these birds out! - Do not take that weapon out.
- I've been crapped on three times! Do not discharge that weapon.
Greg! Put it away.
- Put it away.
- I got a rash.
- I hear you.
- I can feel it.
Hey, remember these? - We're looking for a female, right? - Yeah.
Blond, about 25.
Well, here's a 65- year- old male, gray hair.
Who the hell is this? I know you're the man.
I'm clean, empty, working.
I'm on my last 1 8 days of probation.
You'll never see a better citizen.
I want you to look at a photograph.
Can't hang around my building.
Everybody there shooting, smoking.
- You stay around here all day? - Turning, turning around.
Keep my face to the sun.
Just pay attention to me.
Look at this picture.
You know this kid? He work around here.
Across the street.
- You mean down the block? - No.
He sold 9 bags in that hallway.
Don't sell him down to make yourself look good.
Okay, sure.
What you say, I believe it.
I don't recognize the guy.
- I'm clean.
- Yeah, yeah.
- It couldn't be Lenny.
- What did you say? Did you say"Lenny"? Is this Lenny? - Clean him up, cut his hair.
- Is he selling here? - I ain't seen him.
- Lenny got a last name? - Lenny James.
- Where can I find him? He got a girlfriend too.
She lives over to the Edison, but I'm clean.
You stick around here.
I ain't moving.
- Police, open up.
WOMAN: Who is it? - Got a warrant? - Open up or I'll make this door a ramp.
Don't break it.
There's nothing in here.
Wait a minute.
You got no warrant.
I must have lost it.
Where's Lenny? You mean you did all this cha- cha stuff just to find Lenny? - You must not be too bright.
- I can spell soap.
Can you? Is this him? Once.
He hasn't looked that good for a long time.
I want to know where he is.
Where you guys put him.
He got busted two weeks ago for a stickup.
Prick owed me $85.
I got that for you, but you gotta tell me something.
I'm not asking you to give him up.
If I was looking to cop from Lenny if I knew he dealt coke, where would I go to score? Over on Grove, 1 840.
That's the $85 answer.
He was screwing the super's daughter.
You're sure? Definite lD? No, we were working on another case.
We found him by accident.
Tell the M.
thanks for getting back to me.
So it's Maurice Taub.
got it off the prints.
- How'd he die? - lffy on the decomposition.
They're talking strangulation.
Gotta do the toxicology.
- It's gonna be a lot of heat.
- Yeah, big shot found in a TV crate.
- Andy still got that situation? - For a little while.
- You mind talking to the Taub widow? - No problem.
I talked to Medavoy and Martinez.
No luck on the original body.
I feel bad for them.
They're still over in the dump.
- You wanna go back? - I'd love to but I gotta talk to this woman.
- John.
- Yeah? - Burn that bag.
- It's going.
Detective? That's Seymour Gould.
Hi, Mr.
- I got your message.
- I'm sure you're very busy.
- Is there someplace we can talk? - In the back.
I got a few minutes.
I was Jimmy Wexler's lawyer and manager.
Yeah, I know.
They nearly held up the wedding for you.
He had me in Singapore negotiating a contract.
I was in the Cayman lslands when he died.
Son of a bitch croaks while I'm burying his money.
So now I'm executing his will.
Read that.
Whatever he asks, I'm supposed to give you $ 1 000 a week for as long as you agree to do it.
Well, what he asks me to do, I'd do for nothing.
Never admit you'd do anything for nothing.
How do you want to receive the funds? Well, I need to speak to somebody before I go ahead.
- So can I get back to you on it? - Okay.
Hope Jimmy's not asking you to kill anybody.
Unless it's this guy we've been dealing with in the Caymans.
- See you.
- Yeah.
Thanks for coming in.
Taub, I'm Detective John Kelly.
- Is this news about Maurice? - Could I come in, please? Come into the library.
Won't you sit down? I wish there was another way to say this to you - but we found your husband's body.
- My God.
I'm sorry.
Where did you find him? Staten lsland.
- Maurice has never been to Staten lsland.
- We found him in a landfill out there.
- How did he die? - Well, it appears he's been strangled.
I had hoped we'd find out that he ran away.
So did we.
Even if that meant he was unhappy with me.
Do you have any suspects? Well, not yet.
Do you feel like you're up for talking about it? Okay.
Did he have any enemies? Anything like that, personal feuds? No.
Business associates, anybody angry at him? If this were not some random act of street violence don't you think the criminal would have asked for ransom or jewelry or art? Well, he disappeared in Central Park while he was taking his walk.
- Yes.
- Any special reason he'd go there? Why do you ask that? Well, I'm not trying to pry into his sexual habits or preferences.
It's merely in regards to his death.
As far as I know, my husband had no sexual preferences.
I suppose I could always be surprised.
- Excuse me.
I'll return later.
- No, no, this is Detective Kelly.
Serge Deschanel.
He's our concierge.
They found Maurice.
He's been strangled.
I'm so sorry.
KELLY: You're the concierge? - Correct.
I'll need a list of service people from the building here.
- I'll have you come down to the station.
- I'm on duty now.
- Please, Serge, cooperate.
- Of course.
Taub, again I am sorry.
They'll inform you about the procedure for your husband's remains.
I'm sorry.
My car's around the corner.
Who are you? - My name is Sipowicz.
I'm a cop.
- Go on.
I wanna talk to you a few minutes.
I got nothing to say to you.
He looks like you, doesn't he? - Lucky him.
- He got nailed for you.
- A John Doe warrant for selling coke.
- Maybe he sold it.
Out of a hallway at 1 840 Grove? That's your spot, Lenny.
What's the point? He's my son.
And? - I want you to cop to the drug sales.
- Cop to a felony? You're crazy.
Take it.
I'll get you a sentence concurrent to what you're popped for.
You won't do extra time, and I'll let them know that you cooperated.
If you let my son get arraigned I'll make sure that you go separate on every charge, three counts of sale.
Why put me on the spot? He could beat the case.
- He'll have a B number.
- It ain't a tattoo.
It might just as well be.
Even off a dismissal, he's gonna have that arrest number for life.
Every time he's fingerprinted, that number's gonna come up.
He can tell people he's innocent, but the file is sealed.
They'll just think he beat it.
Every time he files a loan or a job application, they're gonna ask: "Have you ever been arrested?" And he's gonna have to say yes.
Give him a break.
That's my lawyer.
He says it's okay, then it's okay.
I need you to tell the truth.
I need you to say you did it.
If my lawyer says it's okay, I'll say I did it.
On the gate.
MARTINEZ: What do you think? Should we wrap it up? MEDAVOY: No, I want to move in out here.
I want to set up a tent right here in section 6- 7.
Dirty, stinking, rotten birds.
- How we doing on that service list? - I finished that list half an hour ago.
Sorry to hold you up.
Let me ask you is there anything about those people that might connect them with the death? - I'm sorry, no.
- Okay.
In a case like this, with no apparent motive, anything you tell me can help.
Taub's death is a mystery to me, as well as yourself.
In Mrs.
Taub's report, she said you saw him leaving for his nightly walk.
- Yes, about 9 p.
- Yeah.
So you were the last person to see him alive.
Obviously not.
The last person to see him that can help, that we know of now.
Can you be real specific about him leaving the building? Unfortunately, we had the al- Fassis arrive that evening.
He's a Saudi prince, and it's quite a project getting him settled.
I was running between the lobby and the 1 1 th floor.
So was Roland.
That's the doorman? He didn't see Mr.
Taub leaving? I don't blame him for momentarily deserting his post.
Al- Fassis is an extraordinary tipper.
As for Mr.
Taub leaving, there was nothing distinctive.
Know what strikes me as funny? How you let yourself into Mrs.
Taub's apartment.
Yes, I have a master key.
For many guests, I drop things off, leave documents.
- And you help her that way too? - Of course I help Mrs.
She's my boss.
So you knew she was home, you didn't ring, you didn't knock you let yourself in.
You guys get along pretty well, don't you? She's a perfectionist.
And I'm Swiss, and it's in our nature to be perfectionists also.
Have you ever noticed a 35- inch television, a Triton, in the apartment? - Did you let yourself in to deliver that? - I don't recall that.
Taub's body was found in a Triton television box.
I wouldn't know about it.
I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna ask you to stick around.
- Why? Write up what happened that night al- Fassis, Mr.
Taub leaving the building.
Something might jog your memory.
I'm grateful for your help.
Hopefully it won't last much longer.
What do you think? I don't know which one whacked him yet, but they're both definitely involved.
- This guy doesn't fluster too easy.
- That's his job.
- What about bringing in the widow? - I wanna do that.
- Maybe shaking her up a little.
- Yeah.
- Speak to Medavoy and Martinez? - They're winding up.
- No luck? - No luck so far.
They must be pissed.
- I'm really sorry.
- It happens.
I gave too much credit to the haircut.
Your boy's got a haircut, and I adjusted when I remembered the perp.
We got another problem, though.
They took your boy to booking.
- You said he'd stay here.
- I told the sergeant I'd take him - so he sends him.
- Son of a bitch.
Is he printed? Yeah.
The guy is a real hard- on.
- Savino, state police.
- Thanks.
- I'm on a special.
- What about my kid? I'm trying to reach out on his prints right now.
Phil, could you do me a favor? I collared a kid.
It was the wrong collar.
I'm trying to get the prints back so he don't get a NYSllS number.
No, just within the last half- hour they would've come in.
- I know, I know.
- What if they're smudged? Maybe they could get rejected for quality.
Maybe you could reach out, ask for a reprint.
No, by then I could get the arrest voided down here.
Will you let me know? I appreciate it.
Thanks, Phil.
He's gonna see what he can do.
- So he's gonna call you back? - Yeah.
- Are they bringing my son back? - I asked.
- When's my son getting back? - This is Savino's case? - You sent him over with a bad lD.
- Wanna change that tone? He told you he was gonna take him over.
This desk is run by the uniformed force, not by the bureau.
- I didn't make the wrong bust.
Savino did.
- Why don't we wait in the squad room? You get my kid a NYSllS to bust this guy's balls? - Take it easy.
MCCABE: Andy, it's going to be okay.
- When's he getting back? - On the next run.
That's the last answer you get till you change that tone.
I want my son back.
I want my son back.
I'm busting my ass, you're dicking around.
I gotta do all my work for you guys? - They can take us right away.
- I gotta get back to do an interrogation.
- No problem.
- All right? So you all packed? - Shorts, T- shirts and a bathing suit.
- Sounds good.
We were digging in a garbage dump all morning.
- White wine.
- And club soda.
And if we could see a menu, that'd be great.
As soon as Jimmy passed I started thinking, I gotta figure out the rest of my life.
Well, you took care of him for a lot of years, Robin.
I don't want to sound like an idiot.
I'm very grateful Jimmy left me comfortable.
But if I had to make decisions now, do I keep the apartment - dealing with his lawyer? - No rush.
No rush.
I don't know if I'm ever going to be good at that stuff, or if I want to be.
Funny how the best plan I could come up with was to sit on a beach and sip drinks with umbrellas in them.
To Jimmy.
I'm glad you were Jimmy's friend.
Me too.
And I'm really glad you're my friend too.
- Can I talk to you about something? - Sure.
Seymour Gould came by today.
He had a letter.
- From Jimmy? - And in the letter he talked about me looking out for you.
It was a formal request.
A formal request? Well, he indicated generally that he was going to provide for you.
Is this the bonus? Since he left me some money, I'll need a full- time bodyguard? - Maybe I don't want a bodyguard.
- Then you don't have to have one.
I just had to talk to you about it and honor his request.
But you've gotta be comfortable with it.
I suppose he'd be paying you for this? I need to talk to you about that too.
Still arranging everyone's lives even from beyond the grave.
[PAGER BEEPS] Is that your interrogation? Yeah, but I want to talk to you about this.
You know what? Let's not.
Let's talk about it some other time.
- How about when you get back? - Yeah.
The last thing I wanted to do was upset you tonight.
Or the last thing Jimmy would have wanted.
lsn't that him, pulling the strings from above a building somewhere? - You want me to get you a cab? - My driver's outside.
How stupid does that sound? Let me pay you for these, all right? Here you go.
- And those if you get hungry.
- Thank you.
Our chef around here is a vending machine.
I need to dispense with the formality and read you your rights.
- Why? - You have - I thought you asked me here-- - the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed.
Anything you say can and will be used in a court of law.
- Do you understand what I've just said? - Yes, I do, but I don't know why-- Let me ask you a question.
Can you think of any reason that Serge Deschanel would be hostile toward you? Have any kind of resentment for you? No.
Why are you asking me that? Any reason he might lie in regards to you? - What's going on here? - I'll be candid with you, Mrs.
I can't compromise the conversations that have been had but this would be an excellent time to tell the entire truth of what transpired for your husband if you did not do this.
- Is Serge saying I did this? - Let me finish.
If you did not do this and acted in another capacity this is your chance to say what happened, and it won't last much longer.
So without disclosing the nature of these other conversations my advice to you is to step up to the plate now.
- So he's saying this was my idea? - Tell the truth from your point of view.
The truth is, I had nothing to do with my husband's death.
Who's responsible for your husband's death? The same person who's lying about my involvement right now.
So you're saying Serge killed your husband? He kept saying,"If Maurice weren't around, everything would be perfect.
" He was going to take care of everything.
- He was going to make our lives perfect.
- "He"? - Who are we talking about? - You know who we're talking about.
We'd had dinner, and Maurice was sleeping in his bedroom and Serge went in and choked him.
It was very quick.
It seemed like seconds.
And then he carried Maurice out like he was carrying a baby.
You had no idea this was going to happen? There was no plan.
Not that I know of.
He said that Maurice should have an extra glass of wine.
He said make sure that I saw that Maurice drank a third glass.
- Is he calling that participation? - This was never discussed.
Is he saying I planned this? Did you plan to do away with your husband? No, I did not.
You just made sure he had another glass of wine to soften him up.
You have to understand.
Serge treated me like a woman.
I was in love with him.
I understand.
SERGE: I've had enough being detained.
Either release me or I demand legal representation.
Option one is definitely out, so I better get you a lawyer.
- For what reason? - Roberta just gave you up.
She just described how you strangled Maurice in the bedroom.
You got your own guy, or you want the public defender in here? Did she tell you whose idea it was to begin with? Did the Jew bitch tell you that? - Whose idea was it? - Hers! Getting him drunk, lying about the walk.
Do I get to give a statement too? Yeah, you get to give a statement.
The hiccup on the plea is the robbery was on a subway.
- It's a transit case.
- I told him I'd get him together.
Calm down.
The case on the drug sale is Narcotics/Task Force.
I just gotta get clearance from Savino's boss.
My boss is okay with it.
It's gonna work out.
- Thanks.
- Glad I could help.
- How you doing? - What's going on? - You're gonna get released.
- I lodged the warrant.
I made a wrong lD.
We're trying to retrieve your prints so you don't get a record.
MCCABE: Savino? - Can you do that? We're reaching out to somebody.
Look, I don't know what your plans are for the future.
But if you get a NYSllS number, it screws up applications and so forth.
SAVINO: Sipowicz.
You're okay.
I can drive you out to Jersey.
You can just drop me at the Port Authority.
That'd be okay.
I really appreciate what you did for me.
That must've taken a lot of doing.
- We found the right guy.
- Really? Yeah, really.
What the hell does that mean? I didn't know if you had them dump the charges, because you were a cop.
I wouldn't have done that.
And they never would have gone for it if I'd tried.
- You had them smudge the prints.
- Because you were innocent.
You shouldn't suffer because some desk sergeant was looking to squeeze some detective's shoes.
You've been caught in the middle enough.
This is where we are now.
Bad enough I was the father I was.
I won't sit here and moan about it but I was glad enough to get the chance to help you.
I'd like to be a better father or a friend or whatever the hell you need.
Let me take you to Jersey.
Yeah, okay.
[CAR STARTS] You've got a chance of meeting Alan Dershowitz before this is over.
Yeah, I know.
- Hey, hey, who sliced the provolone? MARTINEZ: Get him out of here.
The aroma will be with us for several days despite we're gonna dispose of our overalls.
Not to mention the itching, even with cortisone.
We found the body.
Lieutenant said you guys were wrapping it up.
Medavoy took a guess it might be section 7- 6 instead of 6- 7.
We extended our visit.
Why would anyone have given us the correct information on the location? When this way, we could extend our exposure to the stink and the bird doo? Yeah, that's a good point.
- I smell, don't I? - No.
I was reaching for a pencil.
MEDAVOY: Hey, hey.
Here, here.
Give me that.
- Odds or evens for the shower? - Go ahead.
I'll put a want out on Testa.
God bless you for being an optimist.
I hope there's a sector car in the Dominican Republic.
Somebody puke in here? It's called eau de garbage dump.
Like it? I'm drenched in it.
I'm sorry you pulled that detail.
I didn't hold up my end.
No problem.
It's just that my doctor told me I should vent more.
I'll get some air freshener.
KELLY: How you doing? They say you found that Maurice Taub over at the dump.
They're gonna charge the wife and the concierge.
It work okay with Andy J.
? It was a wrong pop.
- How's he doing? - He's okay.
Actually, we had a good talk.
I drove him all the way to Jersey.
- Hi.
- Aren't you gonna miss your flight? - I got a minute.
- I feel terrible about before.
- Forget about that.
Well, the thing is, I was thinking of you as.
I don't have many friends I've made since I've been grown- up.
I was with Jimmy since I was 1 8 and I didn't know many people my own age, and.
- I was thinking of you as my friend.
- I am.
I know.
And I think I reacted like that because that letter kind of complicated things.
I know it's not your fault, and it's a good idea that I have someone in my corner.
- And it's right you get paid for that.
- And I've been thinking about that.
Because I want to be your friend and I don't want anything to louse that up.
Someday I want to have kids.
I don't know, maybe this lawyer can draw up some kind of trust for them.
For their education, you know, the future.
- I don't know how you feel about that.
- I think it's great.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I'm really glad I stopped by.
Well, I'm really glad I live in Queens.
I'm airport convenient.
All right.
Have a good time.
- I'll see you when I get back? - Have fun.
- I'll see you when I get back.
- You bet.
Get some rest.