NYPD Blue s01e20 Episode Script

Good Time Charlie

KELLY: Previously on NYPD Blue: You remind me of my father.
He has four brothers.
They eat a ton and drink more.
They end up in fights and think it's fun.
Should we have another baby, Art? No, we talked about this.
The last delivery was too hard.
- I'm glad I stopped by.
- I'm glad I live in Queens.
- See you when I get back.
- You bet.
- I won't rat on my own people.
- I'm telling you.
You are not out yet.
You're a prick.
LlCALSl: Lieutenant? FANCY: Come on in, Janice.
- You're being promoted.
- Oh, yeah? I'm getting my gold shield? - Congratulations.
- Thanks.
This is for real? You're assigned to lntelligence.
You won't be transferred for three to four weeks.
Any idea how this happened? I've been in Anticrime three months.
This was a contract from the Organized Crime Unit, from lnspector Lastarza.
You were effective in an undercover assignment.
You want to tell me anything about that? I reported a corrupt solicitation.
lnspector Lastarza had me work for him.
Did you know he's going to work for the DEA? I heard rumors about that.
I guess he wanted to make sure your work was acknowledged.
Personnel's idea was that you work here while lntelligence reorganizes.
All cards on the table, you had a personal relationship with John Kelly? Yes.
That's been over for a while now.
- No problem working with him? - Not for me.
- You might want to ask Detective Kelly.
- I will.
Talk about coming from left field, huh? Yeah.
MAN: Detective John Kelly-- DONNA: Can I help you? - Just Detective John Kelly.
- Is he expecting you? No, he's not.
He's a close, personal friend.
I've got to talk to you on a personal matter.
The feces has hit the fan.
Let's not voice- mail it though, Charlie, okay? Some malevolent asshole has sent these pictures to my wife.
To Kitty, John.
Can you believe that? Who do you think might have done it? I have no grievances with anyone.
I stayed up and thought there might be someone with grievances against me.
These people I may have inadvertently offended in business transactions.
- Kited checks and things.
- Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Go ahead, sit down.
- They sent these pictures to Kitty? - Apartment on Fifth.
What'd she say? She said,"How can you do this to us?" Then she went to Mustique.
She would not go there unless she was grief- stricken and distraught.
Say she was coming back? She'll learn to deal with this.
We've got to find the prick that did this.
Who gets hurt here, John? Not me.
Kitty and Minette two of the most extraordinary women to ever grace this planet.
I can't help you officially, but let's think.
The people on this list-- They're friends, that's what hurts.
Let me tell you what I'm thinking.
They have no motive because if they break you up they don't get any money.
Has there been another extortion attempt? John, I am trying to protect my ass and my marriage.
I am being totally honest with you.
Which is why I don't think it's anybody on the list.
- Which leaves Minette, right? - Minette? She ever ask you to leave your wife? She talk about you guys splitting up? Minette? That bitch maneuvered me into these photographs.
She probably paid the photographer with my money.
I open up my heart and allow her to make a home and she defecates in my broadloom.
Well, the scales have fallen from these eyes of mine.
I am gonna put a 1 0- ton weight on that worthless bag of gumbo, if I find her.
- You're talking like an asshole.
- Listen to me! If I wasn't really rich, I'd be an asshole.
Good Time Charlie COSTAS: Taxi! SlPOWlCZ: Sylvia.
Wait, wait! - What's going on? - Nothing much.
- I picked your dad a present.
- From Yanni's.
It's a Greek shop.
If he doesn't like it, he can exchange it.
I'm sure he will love it.
- I got the receipt, so.
- That was very thoughtful of you.
I gotta be in court tomorrow.
I thought I'd meet you here - and we'd go over about 6.
- Okay.
If you still have work, meet me at the restaurant.
I don't feature going in on my own.
First time meeting your family.
Would you stop worrying? These are the least formal people you will ever meet.
Look, I've been thinking.
I'm not gonna dance.
- Whatever you want.
- That gonna make everybody mad? Andy, this is a birthday party.
People are going to have fun.
Now, whatever you want to do will be fine.
All right.
I'll meet you here at 6.
I'll break plates, but I'm not gonna dance.
- Hey, detective.
- Morning.
- Can I talk to you? - Sure.
- I'm being promoted.
- Is that right? Lastarza's going to DEA.
Guess he wanted to take out an insurance policy.
Good luck with that.
I'm assigned to lntelligence, but I'll be in the squad a month unless you object.
Fancy's gonna talk to you.
How do you feel? I feel okay if you feel okay.
I don't have any problems with it.
Well, I'll talk to him.
And congratulations.
- Hey, it's Mrs.
How you doing? - Great, thanks.
Lieutenant, your wife's here.
- The girls are fine, Art.
- So, what's going on? I want to buy you an early lunch.
- Let me make a few phone calls.
- Okay.
Got it.
No, what was that first name again? Minette? 21 4 James Street.
Got it.
- That's Minette Coleman? - Yeah, shooting homicide.
White female.
- That's Charlie Lear's mistress.
- Your friend that stole that train? - He was all pissed off at her.
- For what? - Somebody sent his wife pictures.
- Him and this Minette? That Minette.
It's hard to figure he'd talk to you, then whack this girl.
- I know.
- Course, he did steal the F train.
I saw a man leave her apartment about two and a half hours ago.
Can you describe him? I mostly saw him from the back.
He's 5' 1 0", brown hair.
He had a camel's- hair coat on.
He looked like a guy I'd seen before.
When he was leaving, he was creating a ruckus, muttering profanities.
- You talk to him? - No, no.
In the next hour, I thought about how I'd heard a car backfire a few minutes before he left Minette's apartment.
I thought I should check on Minette and make sure she's okay.
When she didn't answer, I felt I had to call you guys, because she was home.
- What do you do? - I'm a night RN at St.
- If you saw him, could you lD him? - I don't know.
I'd give it a whirl.
- Thanks for your help.
- You have my numbers.
Yeah, thanks.
says she was shot through the pillow.
This guy described Charlie Lear.
This just came in over the radio.
Sanitation worker found a gun in a dumpster three blocks over.
Tell them we're on our way.
Would your pal be bright enough to toss his iron? If he had a gun, wouldn't he be the type to shop at Barneys with the butt sticking out of his waistband? You want to tell me what's going on? I'm pregnant, Art.
- How did that happen? - We both know how that happens.
- The birth control failed? - Yes, it failed.
Sloan said a small percentage of times something goes wrong.
- I can't believe what I'm hearing.
- I thought you'd be happy.
The doctor said you weren't supposed to be pregnant again.
He thinks it'll be all right.
There's only a very small chance there will be problems.
A small chance.
Arthur, everything doesn't always go according to plan.
Not everything goes by the book.
- Did you do this on purpose? - How can you ask me that? - So that's a no? - That's a no.
But if you're asking, do I regret having a life inside me? The answer to that is no also.
Can't you be happy? - That your life might be at risk? - That we're gonna have another child.
No, I'm not going in there with you.
- Let's sit down and talk about this.
- No, Art, I'm going home.
I don't want to sit with you or have a meal with you.
I don't want to look at you.
You break my heart.
That gun we got from the dumpster was registered to this Charlie.
- Your friend? - I put him in a lineup.
- I couldn't get an lD.
- He's in interview? - Want me off this? - Could knowing him help us? I think so.
He's a flake, but I can make sense out of him.
- It's Sipowicz's case.
Work it with him.
- Okay.
- John.
- Yeah? - Janice Licalsi's getting her shield.
- She told me.
Would you mind her working in the squad? I don't foresee a problem.
- Your personal relationship is settled? - That's over.
- Okay? - Okay.
That pistol we pulled out of the dumpster is registered to you.
The last time I saw that pistol was three months ago in my underwear drawer.
I wasn't lD'd, was I, by these people in this lineup? - Where were you the last few hours? - I wasn't lD'd.
If I was, I'll check into the puzzle house.
- Where were you? - I can tell you if I have to.
This qualifies as a jam, Charlie.
I'd recommend that you tell us.
I was at my other girlfriend's.
Claudia Lowe, she's a good kid.
Claudia's trapped in a loveless marriage.
I'd appreciate it if you would approach her discreetly.
Does Claudia live with her husband? She does.
He's not in town a lot.
Sells sectional garage doors.
He's in Troy today.
He may be back.
- You got an address? - Yeah.
She lives in Chelsea on 21 st Street.
This is the phone number.
You call it, and then hang up.
Then call it again.
If someone answers and hangs up that's Claudia indicating it is safe to come over.
Sit down.
I gotta go pick up Mike Trevor.
He's an alky.
I pick him up every week.
You take him to a meeting or something pious like that? No.
I take him to the Harvard Club to get loaded.
Are you a risk of flight? Look, you guys, I came in here.
I come under my own hook.
I give up Claudia's name, she's gonna say I'm not guilty.
Now, I am very torn up about this thing and I would like to medicate my grief.
You better make yourself available to us.
On my honor.
I was expecting someone else.
Yeah, I can see that.
New York City police detectives.
Can we come in? CLAUDIA: What's this about? I'm expecting someone.
Charlie Lear? What's this have to do with Charlie? Is he in trouble? Mrs.
Lowe, what were you doing between 9 and 1 1 this morning? - Watching TV, sleeping.
- Alone? This is about Charlie, isn't it? Right.
He gave you the number.
You used the signal.
- Between 9 and 1 1? - If Charlie says he was here, he was.
No, that's not the way it works.
Do you say he was here? - Sure, he was here.
- What time? I'm not positive.
I was asleep.
I never looked at the clock.
So he didn't use the phone.
He might have.
I might have gone back to sleep.
- What time did he leave? - I'm not positive.
I get up late.
Whenever he said he left, he left.
My husband doesn't have to know about this, does he? Would you be willing to testify in court Charlie was here? - Is this something serious? - Yeah.
- Just like the penalties for perjury.
- Oh, God.
Yeah, sure.
He was here.
He was here, okay? We'll be in touch.
I want to be straightforward.
I'm beginning to feel resentful.
I want to say that if my reputation at the club wasn't already tarnished you pulling me out of there like that put it in the crapper.
Your alibi doesn't stand up.
I was with Claudia.
We had sex one and a half times.
- She didn't mention that.
- It's true.
She said you might have been there.
She doesn't remember.
She said she was asleep.
Sleeping during sex? What does that say about me? Claudia's a good woman, but naive about the world.
You scared her.
You mistook her nervousness for a lack of conviction.
Let me talk to her.
- Did you do this? - I did not.
You were loaded.
Pissed off.
Did you go to Minette's? - I didn't kill anybody.
- Maybe you were too drunk to remember.
I won't say I have total recall about every event since my christening.
Just let me go talk to Claudia.
- No.
- Putting the bag on me? - I'm gonna read you your rights.
- I didn't do it! Come on.
Let's go.
CHARLIE: You guys are now gonna go a round with The Cobra.
- What do you mean,"The Cobra"? - Alan Biden.
He started behind me at Harvard.
When I graduated, he was in second- year law.
The Cobra will get his way.
John, I am particularly displeased with you.
SlPOWlCZ: Come on.
CHARLIE: I am particularly displeased.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I show up in the squad tomorrow.
- Yeah, hey.
That'll be good.
You wouldn't feel like going for a beer? Touching base? I'm working on this guy.
I'm glad that we're gonna get to work together.
The last months haven't been that great.
It may be awkward starting out, but we can get past that.
And I'd like us to wind up friends.
I'd like that too.
Let's see what happens.
- See you, Johnny.
- All right.
- He make his call? - Yeah, to The Cobra.
I think all lawyers should have reptile nicknames.
- Did he kill this girl? - I don't know.
Time for bed, girls.
- Good night, baby.
- Good night, Dad.
- Good night, Mom.
- Good night, sweetie.
FANCY: Sweet dreams.
- Are you asking me to get an abortion? - You know what I believe.
- Then why are you being this way? - Let me finish.
You know what I believe.
But if your life will be jeopardized-- - The doctor thinks it'll be all right.
- What if it isn't? I don't want to lose you.
I don't want the girls to lose you.
I know what's in your deepest heart, Arthur.
I'm asking you to let life in.
Let this life in.
I think it's too much of a risk.
I'm having this child.
I don't believe Charlie killed that girl.
- I don't believe you believe it.
- You just got back from Mustique? Putting Charlie's peccadilloes into perspective.
Sexual fidelity has never been Charlie's strong suit.
He's suffered from these transient infatuations for years, as you know.
We even joke about it, Charlie and I.
Know what I told him this morning? "If anything happened to your pecker, I don't know what you'd use to think.
" Mrs.
Lear, have you let go of any help recently? Maybe being unreliable, taking things? No one, no.
Anyone have access to the apartment, want to put Charlie in trouble? You're thinking Charlie's gun was used in the shooting? Well, we're not bears with security, but no one specific comes to mind.
Did you know the dead woman? Hardly.
Oh, except as a type.
They're all very much the same, John, these women of Charlie's.
- These other women don't bother you? - It's been awkward at times.
And embarrassing, right? I've never cared or had to care what other people think.
- Who do you think sent these pictures? - The girl who was killed.
- They were addressed to you.
- Yeah.
- You have that envelope? - No, I threw it away.
Charlie's being arraigned this afternoon.
He told me not to come down.
He sounded upset.
Charlie hates being unhappy.
Thanks for your help.
Tell him I asked for him.
I'll do that.
Say she set him up.
What about the witness description, and the mistress' story he was there? - Let's call the mistress again.
- I'll call.
KELLY: Yeah.
- John, The Cobra has struck.
- Look who's here.
I'm out.
Had to put up a cool million, John.
That was the bond.
When this reaches certain quarters, the city's most beloved bankers are gonna go into simultaneous arrest.
I'll make that call.
Keep stepping on your joint, Charlie.
John, I tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna sleuth to find out who cast this shadow over Kitty's and my life.
No, you're not.
You check into a hotel, stay away from Kitty, and don't see this girl.
- I can't spend time by myself.
- You better figure out how, Charlie.
What if I did this, John? I'm gonna have to take you to jail.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Lear's girlfriend said she would see us tomorrow.
- All right.
- What happened to Charlie? I sent him to a hotel.
That's probably where he went.
- You got that birthday thing tonight.
- Mm- hm.
- You haven't met her family? - Nope.
This is it.
They're probably expecting some young, hotshot, DA type.
I walk in.
I got her father a present.
What did you get him? A Greek fisherman's cap.
Their family's from some island there.
They used to fish.
If he doesn't like it, he can take it back.
You think my hair's too long? Too long? - In the back.
- You look great.
You look fine.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Knock them dead.
All right? - Yeah.
Knock them dead.
I am Kostas Costas.
I am Andy Sipowicz.
- No, my friend.
- No? You are Andrea Sipowicz.
[TALKING lN GREEK] And you, you are my Argyro.
I'm his Sylvia.
COSTAS: Tell the others to meet Andy.
KOSTAS: They are coming.
These are my brothers.
- This is Spiro.
- Yeah, yes.
Welcome, Andrea.
- Little George.
- Andrea.
My grandfather was also George.
- He's not so little? - No, he's a big guy.
- My niece, Eleni.
- How do you do? Andrea, I prepare all this myself.
I closed at 3:00.
SlPOWlCZ: Looks great.
- Coca- Cola.
- Nothing more.
Thank you.
- No.
- You don't have to go behind the barn.
- People drink in front of me.
- You sure, Andrea? - Yeah, it's okay.
- Okay, okay.
Let's drink.
Let's drink.
Happy birthday.
- For me? Thank you.
- Yes.
- Ya sou, Kosta.
- Ya sou.
You think I am alcoholic? I wouldn't know.
You got to figure that out on your own.
- I am drinking since I am 1 2.
- Well, there you go, then.
- Andrea, I'm wearing my new hat.
- It looks good.
I love this hat.
SlPOWlCZ: Yeah.
KOSTA: I come to this country I start out by washing dishes.
Next I am busboy.
And then I manage a restaurant.
Many hours work.
My lovely wife stays beside, my brothers, they come one by one.
Many years work.
We own our own restaurant, and then two more.
Then we have this girl, this Sylvia, this wonderful Sylvia.
My Argyro, with her beautiful eyes, where I can still see her mother.
Andrea, I do not ask what your intentions are.
Whatever, they are your own business.
- I have good intentions.
- This is your own business.
My intentions are good.
Real good.
The best.
If you ask for her hand, it's your own schedule, huh? Argyro.
She makes me very proud.
This fighting district attorney.
And tonight, we toast her happiness.
And we toast the man who made her happy.
You don't have to toast.
Okay? Don't worry about bad luck or anything, not to toast your beloved.
- Sylvia, you have a phone call.
- I got a call.
Come on.
ELENI: You'll do fine.
KOSTAS: Yorgo.
- You are great! - Oh, yeah.
I'm a real pistol.
- I gotta go.
- What do you mean? I gotta take a statement from a dying witness.
You mind taking me? How many hugs you gotta get in order to get out? If the statement isn't too long, want company later? - We'll see how it goes.
- Andy.
This has been the greatest night of my life.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] Hello? LlLLlAN: Sorry, sweetie.
I thought we decided not to pierce your ears.
I know.
Am I grounded? - No.
- Does that mean I can pierce mine? No.
- Do it every hour.
- Okay.
LlLLlAN: Okay.
- I accept we're gonna have this child.
- That's big of you.
- I'm not saying it right, okay.
- Then what are you saying? I guess I trained myself not to want things.
- Not to want what I can't have.
- We can have this.
I was worried.
I kept reminding myself how dangerous it was for you.
And I just equated it with your dying.
That if I wanted it, I'd lose you.
And now you're telling me it's okay.
And I just couldn't make that leap.
All I could think about was losing everything.
You're not gonna lose me, Art.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I want this child more than anything.
I just couldn't make that leap.
I think it's gonna be a boy.
Andy? - Andy? SlPOWlCZ: I don't want any company.
Andy, open the door, please.
There, the door's open.
[BARKING ] Shut up.
Will you shut up? Shut the hell up.
Shut up.
Come on, shut up.
You want a refreshment of some kind? A little rub of the brush? I don't understand.
What happened? No? What part don't you understand? I thought you had just one sip for the toast, and that you were okay.
I don't take a little Greek toast like some kind of fag.
I drink, I drink.
So you bought a bottle? - What is this? A kind of interrogation? - No, I just want to know what happened.
I had a couple of drinks is what happened.
You were doing great.
Look, I had the one drink, and that was okay, so I had a second one.
And I watched some TV, and the TV pissed me off, so I took care of that.
I did a repair job.
That was around the fourth drink.
- You like this? You like this story? - No.
No? Then get the hell out.
- Go back to those Greek maniacs.
- Andy.
Get out.
Go on, just get the hell out of here.
Go on back to those happy- go- lucky bunch of moron sheepherders asking me what my intentions are.
I got a joke.
What's your father's middle name? Kostas.
Kostas Kostas Costas Kostas.
Bunch of frigging Greek maniacs.
Get out of here.
Get the hell out.
SlPOWlCZ: Sorry I'm late.
KELLY: No problem.
- How did it go with Sylvia's family? - We got along okay.
I really don't like this.
I'm in a difficult position with my husband.
We appreciate you talking to us again.
I will unofficially say Charlie was with me but I will not confirm it.
I was hoping you'd understand that.
How come you say Charlie was with you when this other girl got murdered - so we think you're lying? - I was unclear on the time.
Or you're sure he was with you, but got a reason to make us think differently.
- I don't understand.
- I wouldn't figure the reason is you because, you don't seem smart.
Say somebody paid you to have the reason.
You got money problems, maybe your old man's not selling garage doors so someone offers you money to jam up Charlie Lear.
- I will not be talked to this way! - See, here is a case where being stupid can help.
If this wasn't your idea then you got a fine opportunity to tell your story.
By doing that, you avoid having a - Andy.
- Or sit and we build a case around you.
Claudia, I think you're serving somebody else's interests.
Be smart.
Think about yourself.
Tell me what happened.
That's all you have to do, okay? All I was supposed to do was get Charlie here and keep him here.
And if anybody asked, back away from the story.
I didn't know about the other mistress.
So Charlie was here when he said.
CLAUDIA: Yeah, he was here with me.
- I don't know who killed that girl.
SlPOWlCZ: Who paid you? - Who paid you? - I should have a lawyer.
- Should I have a lawyer? - You can have a lawyer, or be smart.
[SIGHS] - Mrs.
- Come in.
CHARLIE: Hey, John.
Charlie, what are you doing here? I tried to do what you said, but I went to hotels, and sacked minibars.
- Where's Kitty? - Hey, can I get you something? No, you can't.
Where's Kitty? CHARLIE: She's probably in her room.
You know, it's all over, guys.
It's 99 percent I did it.
I had means, motive, opportunity.
- All you're missing is the balls.
- I was in a blackout, like a mad dog.
Go throw yourself in the shower.
Our business is with your wife.
KITTY: What is it? You're under arrest, Mrs.
- I don't understand.
- You don't? Claudia gave you up.
You need a lawyer to find how much time you get for giving up who you paid to dress like Charlie and kill that girl.
CHARLIE: You did it? KELLY: Charlie.
- Kitty, you set me up? KELLY: Charlie.
- You black- hearted joy- hating pig! KELLY: Calm down.
- I hate you, Charlie.
- I bet you do! I bet you do! KELLY: Take her.
I'll meet you.
- You nefarious bitch! - I want to call my attorney.
- You'll call from the station like the regular stiff from the street.
You don't calm down, you're going with them.
You hear? A heck of a turn of events, huh, John? I want you to stay put.
I want you to stay right here.
Okay? - They cut me orders for another chance? - Yeah, they did.
So maybe I'm gonna check into one of those detox centers in Minnesota where movie stars make their beds.
Maybe I'm gonna check into the Oak Room at the Plaza.
But I'm gonna go to sleep.
And I'm gonna sleep because I didn't kill anybody.
Kitty's in consultation with her shyster.
I'll take her to booking.
Okay, let's talk about this.
- I got drunk last night.
- At the party? No.
At that party, I had a half a swig of that ouzo or whatever it is those people drink.
I got drunk at home.
- Why did you get started? - For good luck.
They were toasting Sylvia.
There's no lightning bolts.
The ground doesn't open up.
Hey, I'm cured.
I can drink like a normal person.
So let me pick up a bottle of old rot- gut premium, show how far I've come.
What did she see? She heard enough.
This was a mistake? It does not erase 1 0 months.
- You should have heard me.
- It was the booze.
I drank it.
This was a mistake, Andy.
That's all it was.
I wanted to be through with it, you know? You don't deduct a day from the total.
You got to start again.
Then start over.
- I'm afraid to go outside.
- Know what we do? - Have dinner with me, booking later.
- No, I'll stick around.
Come have dinner with me.
No, I'm gonna stay here.
- Hey, good job today, John.
- Oh, thanks, lieutenant.
You know where I can find some roses? - How about the corner of Seventh? - They fresh? Yeah, I think so.
What's up? - Lillian and I are having another baby.
- Yeah? - Yeah, as long as everybody's healthy.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah.
Good night.
- Good night, Pops.
- How are you doing? - I'm good.
How about you? I'm doing all right.
LlCALSl: Busy day, huh? We made a collar on the shooting homicide.
- Surprise perp? - Yeah.
- Quiet day for me.
- We'll bring you along slow.
- Hey.
The Coppertone girl.
- Yeah.
Oh, Janice Licalsi, Robin Wirkus.
- How are you doing? - I'm okay.
Robin was in the Bahamas.
Oh, yeah? That's nice.
I got some phone calls to make.
- It was nice meeting you.
- You too.
I threatened to stop by, so here I am.
KELLY: Yeah.
Nice surprise.
- Is this okay, stopping by? - Yeah.
- Would you like to go eat? - Let's do that.
- Start a trend.
- Yeah.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] SlPOWlCZ: Can I talk to you a second? I.
I apologize for ruining everything like that.
I apologize for everything.
You're a drunk.
Are you going to keep drinking? I don't want to, no.
I don't want to hurt you like that.
Or yourself.
Yeah, I don't want to do that either.
I'm gonna have to think about all this, Andy.
I expected you would.