NYPD Blue s01e21 Episode Script

Guns 'n Rosaries

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: I watched some TV and did a little repair job.
That was the fourth drink.
- You like this story? - No.
- Then get the hell out.
Get out.
- Andy-- I want to follow him all the way through booking.
- That's not going to happen.
- You don't have a choice.
You're not the only hustler with a minicam in the city.
Clip him.
Pull the trigger.
She's done what most people would think is wrong.
- Do you? - Yeah, I do.
- Does she? - She seems okay with it.
Some detective I am, boy.
A regular sleuth.
Gregory, what's the matter? The matter, Donna, is I came upon my wife in a compromised position with the manager from Roland's Foods.
That's what it took.
Me seeing her with legs in the air for me to realize what's been going on.
- Gregory, you caught her in the act? - Yeah, yeah.
Yesterday's matinee was a first.
Usually she saw him nights when I did the babysitting and she was supposed to be with her friends.
- Holy smokes.
- Yeah.
That's probably why she wanted me back when her and I split up those few days.
She probably wanted me back so I could pay the bills and watch the kids on her nights out.
That's how stupid I am.
What are you gonna do now? I got my clothes in the car.
I can make a deal for a room at the Worthington Square Hotel.
- That place is a dump.
- It's a dump I can afford.
Gotta pick up that witness on the Rappaport case.
We gotta pick up a witness for the grand jury.
- I'll talk to you when you get back.
- Yeah.
Bitch, move it? Another happy citizen.
Driver, move! - What's your problem? - I got no problem.
You gonna have one, you keep making faces.
If you're trying to louse up my day, somebody beat you to it.
Nobody's making fun.
Just calm down.
- Shut your mouth, you faggot.
- This guy's unbelievable.
You want me to louse your day up? I'll louse it up real good.
This is gonna be a trip to Night Court.
Gun! - I can't get out.
- Come on out of here.
You see that? The cops blew that guy away for nothing.
MAN 1: What's going on? MAN 2: They shot the man in the head.
Did you see that? They just killed that guy.
James, get on the radio.
- Get on the radio.
- That was crazy, man.
Guns'n Rosaries He was in Greg's face.
Saw that gun point- blank.
Do you remember where the gun ended up? Black revolver, 4- inch heavy barrel.
I lost sight of it when I came out of the car.
Must have been blown out of his hand.
Somebody must have grabbed it.
He's been lD'd as William Danton, 43.
He's a Waldbaum's employee.
- Still can't find that gun? - We'll find it.
We're gonna have to leave your car here.
- You and Greg come back in with me.
- Okay.
Hey, Greg.
Let's go back to the station house.
It was that spic.
He did it.
Find that mouth.
If he saw it, we want him.
I figure we got 1 0 minutes before we go to hats and bats.
- I want witnesses and that gun.
- Yes, sir.
Okay, let's go.
KELLY: Janice, let's start over here.
- Can I speak to you? - I ain't got nothing to say.
- You see what happened? - I ain't got nothing to say.
JANICE: You see anything? MAN 1: Yeah, I saw it.
- What happened? - It's confidential.
I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you.
MAN 2: And I'd have to help him.
You see the shooting? You mean the cop killed that man for no reason? - Shot him in the face? - Were you here? No, but that's what happened.
Police lady.
Why don't you come over and talk to me too? Sure, mouth.
What have you got to say to me? Tough guy.
Excuse me, can you help us with this shooting? Man's name was Bill Danton.
He was a customer.
His wife too.
- Did you see it? - I heard the cop did it on purpose.
- That's not how it happened.
- How do you know? The man is dead, and he lived here.
- Did you see anything? - I saw what I always see.
John, look out! Hey! Clear the roof! Get that guy! Shut up.
Get back! - Sorry, never got sick like that.
- Don't worry about it.
- I'm gonna wash up.
- Okay, pal.
Both of you go to Psych Services.
- Right.
- Okay? Are you all right? - Yeah, if it hadn't been for Martinez-- - Don't say it, Gregory.
Did you guys get anything more off the canvass? The airmail got a little thick.
We'll go back.
- How's James? - He's washing up.
He's taking it hard.
- We gotta run this.
We'll talk later.
- Okay.
Boy, first I catch Marie in the act.
Then I nearly get whacked.
I better watch out for falling pianos.
Your wife asked you to call.
She heard what happened on the TV.
I better let her know I'm okay so she can tell the kids.
That's going to be the entirety of our conversation.
We put it out we want to pay for the gun.
ME's running toxicology, and we're reaching out to the wife.
SlPOWlCZ: Here's the rat squad.
I don't want them making any statements till the dust settles.
- Remind them to go to Lefrak City.
- I'll work on the wife.
Kelly will fill you in, but this was clean.
Let's prove it was.
Give me a minute.
I'll run it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Lieutenant wants you and Greg to go to Psych Services.
- The shrink.
- That's standard.
You did what you had to.
- I wish they'd find that gun.
- They will.
- That's IAB? - That's him.
Don't give a statement till you get back.
- Yeah, okay.
- All right? Hey.
- Hey.
- Did you get hurt? My shoulder, just a little.
- What were you trying to do? - Get statements.
It looked like you were taking on a crowd.
Yeah, well.
- Well, what? - Nothing.
What's the matter? I just feel so bad.
It's weird, huh? I got my shield, we're working on getting along, everything's great.
Only, my shield's a buy- off from Lastarza and you wish I was in Alaska.
And I have dreams about killing people.
Wonder where that's from.
You want to know the truth, John? I feel like I'm falling apart.
If something happened to me doing somebody good that's not the worst that can happen.
- You need help.
- If I talk to a counselor I'm gonna have to lie and they'll put me on the rubber- gun squad.
- What about your family? Your priest? - He still thinks I'm 1 1.
I know somebody we can talk to.
He's a good listener.
- He'd have to be.
- He is.
- How much can I tell him? - Everything.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let me reach out to him and I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
This big black points his finger at me and I was sure it was a gun.
- I saw the gun.
- Thought that's what I saw too.
- I'm ready.
Talk over here? - Yeah.
- What are you doing? - Filling myself in.
I will give you everything.
He won't make any statements until he speaks to his DEA delegate.
- No problem.
- Don't talk to him again.
You got a bad attitude-- Don't talk to him again.
Did you hear me that time? Yeah.
No more canvass until tomorrow.
At least we didn't get hit by as much garbage.
- How are we doing on the booze? - All right.
- You gonna get help? - I'm thinking about it.
- Guys! - Look at this asshole.
- Hey.
- Any progress finding the weapon? Go through the regular channels.
So you have no reaction to opinion that it was an unnecessary shooting? That's right.
- Is it possible he had no weapon? - Hey, all we know so far is we heard some reporter called a lowlife pimp with the brains of a flea.
But we haven't nailed down yet who was being referred to.
A touch of a poet there, Sipowicz.
Detectives, the guy who pulled the gun his wife is upstairs.
These guys are waiting for a reward.
I got $ 1 2.
I got the guns over here.
Matches what James gave us.
We want this guy upstairs.
Tell the others they crapped out.
I'll give them amnesty certificates worth $50.
- I'll take the wife.
- Andy? - First guy, Reggie Slocum.
- Reggie.
Reggie, I'm Detective Sipowicz.
Let's talk upstairs.
Okay fellas, step up to the desk.
- Mrs.
Danton? - Yes.
I'm Detective Kelly.
I'm sorry for your loss.
- You're not the officer that shot him.
- No, I'm not.
I had some trouble locating you.
Did you move? I've been staying with my sister in Queens.
Can you tell me why? You and your husband having some problems? Yes.
Our reports described your husband as screaming and pointing a weapon.
- Does that sound like him? - I've seen William behave irrational.
Recently? - He never hit me.
- But you were scared enough to leave.
He was drinking.
- I think he was doing other things.
- You mean drugs? I think he may have been.
The way he'd begun acting was how I've seen it described.
- Did you ever ask him about it? - Yes.
He denied it.
Did your husband ever threaten you? He'd begun to, yes.
- Do you know if he had a weapon? - I'm not sure.
He'd begun to say, if I.
If I kept it up he had something for me.
He kept it in the car.
Which you took to mean a weapon? Yes.
I don't want to say any more.
I loved my husband.
I don't know what was happening with him.
- I have to go identify his body.
- I'll have somebody go along with you.
No, no, no, thank you.
I have a lot of people that want to help us now.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
I was there.
I found the gun, didn't I? - Where? - Where it happened.
- Exactly where? - By his car.
- Which car? - The brother's car.
- And you saw him drop it? - Yeah.
Why you think I picked it up? It'd be safe in my hands.
- Under the driver's side window? - Yeah, sounds cool.
You write it down, I'll sign it.
It makes more sense if it was on the other side of the car.
Think you might've found it there? Look, I found it anywhere you say I did, you know what I'm saying? You got my drift? Now, let's talk about the bank.
What's up with the G? You're gonna need more than $ 1 000 for bail, you lying sack of crap.
Hold up, I've been straight with you.
Look here, I'm just trying to help you guys look good.
- Tell us where you got the gun.
- Look, I told you.
I found it at the scene, yo.
I am telling you, yo, that you weren't there.
Tell me where you got it.
A cop's career is on the line.
Help us and there's money in it for you.
A guy by the name of Gerardo.
- Where can we find him? - Look, I paid 200 for that gun.
- I can use another 3.
- Give us Gerardo, you get 5.
You got it.
You got a deal.
James, in case we get separated or one of us winds up staying longer-- Hey, excuse me.
I just want us to wind up on the same page in terms of the shooting.
Same page how? I wanna go over what happened, just, for our statements.
- The guy had a 4- inch revolver.
- Right.
And it was leveled directly at my head when you shot.
- Yeah.
- Or was he training it on me? He had it pointed right at you.
That wasn't what you saw? That's exactly what I saw.
What do we have to go over this for? We say what we saw.
- That's right.
- You didn't see the gun.
Hell I didn't.
It was a 4- inch revolver.
You didn't see it.
James, look at me.
Look at me.
I know there was a gun and I know it was pointed at me.
I know you saved my life.
Do you understand that? - Yeah.
- Have no doubt about that.
Now, this other stuff, you know, statements and so forth.
There's other things involved where they may be looking to trip you up.
I want us on the exact same page because I know what you did.
That gun was pointed at you.
I knocked you out of the way, brought out my weapon, and fired.
And in terms of what he said he called me a redheaded faggot a couple of times, and SOB and said he was gonna louse up my day.
I fired till it clicked.
I emptied my weapon right into him.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Johnny didn't tell me you were a priest.
[JERRY CHUCKLES] - Good old John.
Is that a problem? - No, I.
I used to talk to my priest outside sometimes when I was a little girl in the playground behind the school.
Some of us just think better in the fresh air.
Johnny said you had things you wanted to talk about.
- My life is a mess.
- What kind of mess? Generally.
- Can you give me a"for instance"? - This conversation we're having is it confidential? Yeah, of course it is.
My grandparents came through Ellis lsland.
Yeah, mine too.
With them, no matter what happened, it was God's will.
I wish I could believe that.
What did you do, Janice? I can't counsel you unless you tell me.
I'm afraid that if I tell you I'll be crossing the line and I won't be able to go back.
Will that be so bad? My father was a cop.
Did Johnny tell you that? No.
He killed himself.
- I'm sorry.
- He took money from a mobster.
For years, he made extra money that way.
He'd tip them off when there'd be a raid.
How did you find out about that? They said that they'd let it out unless I helped them too.
And did you? I committed a crime, Father.
A terrible crime.
What did you do, Janice? I killed two men.
They wanted me to kill someone.
I knew that if I didn't do it, they'd kill me and this other person.
And I was in the car with them and this guy was threatening me and I pulled out my gun and I shot him.
And I shot his driver too.
He was Angelo Marino.
He was this Mob guy.
I remember reading about it.
I kept telling myself that these were bad men, these were evil men.
If I hadn't done it, they would've killed me and someone else.
And I tried to believe it.
That's why God let me get away with it.
But I can't get away with it.
It's eating everything up.
Maybe that's God's will too.
Tell me what to do.
I think you know what you should do.
Hi, Andy.
- Got an officer- involved shooting.
- I heard.
- Still looking for the weapon? - Believe me, it was clean.
How you doing? Okay.
I'm thinking about you.
Yeah, back at you.
And I'm pulling for you.
Maybe we'll see each other later.
DONNA: Fifteenth Detective Squad.
One moment, please.
Detective Sipowicz, line one.
I killed Angelo Marino and his driver.
Giardella copped to it, but I did it.
- I shot him in his car.
- Stop right there.
If you want to give a statement, we should get a DA and a lawyer.
- I don't want a lawyer.
- Then see a DEA delegate.
- Is there a DEA delegate here now? - Detective Conklin is here.
FANCY: I need him in lnterview 1 and get the riding DA in there.
Excuse me.
- You should go to lnterview 1.
- All right.
- What's going on? - Can't talk right now.
- Is she okay? - I can't talk about it.
Car picked up our guy for the gun, bringing him over.
Father Downey.
Detective Kelly.
When he's finished saying Mass, tell him to come to 1 5th Precinct.
lmportant police business.
Thank you.
- What's that all about? - IAB, Andy.
She's turning herself in.
Detective Licalsi has told me she killed Angelo Marino and his driver.
I placed her under arrest, she's aware of her rights and she'd like to give a full statement now.
- You should have a lawyer.
- I'd like to get this over with.
Without knowing the details - you should have a lawyer.
- I don't want one.
- You sure? - I'm sure.
You are confessing to a crime Alfonse Giardella claimed he committed.
That was part of a deal.
It made Giardella look better to confess.
Let's start at the beginning.
They're bringing up your guy.
Okay, Gerardo.
This is what we got.
We can lock you up for sale of a stolen firearm which is felony- whiff number two.
Am I right? Serious time.
Or, you tell me how you got it and walk away.
I'm the heavy when all I did was save my ass and make a few bucks.
- Tell me what happened.
- Were you there during the shooting? Did you pick it up or get it from somebody? I didn't have any choice.
I'm a Puerto Rican standing on a block full of pissed- off brothers and a P.
cop just kills someone.
- Damn right I picked up the gun.
- Did you see the shooting? The guy who got shot was hassling with the guy in the next car.
And he shoves a gun at him.
Then, the P.
R blows the black guy away.
Here comes the gun flying out the window right next to me.
- Is that the weapon? - Yeah, all scratched up and stuff.
No bullets.
Brothers wouldn't be happy when they found out.
You're sure it was empty? If it wasn't, I could've sold it for more.
You'll have to make a statement.
- Then I walk? - I think so.
Do I gotta make a statement? Yeah, I gotta.
We may be waiting a while for a DA.
- Just keep him locked in.
DONNA: Detective Kelly.
- Father Downey's downstairs.
- I gotta talk to him.
Come here.
She's giving herself to a DA and lnternal Affairs.
How did that happen? I put you together so she could get some peace, not wind up in jail.
She's making her own choices.
What'd you tell her, that she was going to heaven? This is the real world.
She is going to wind up in jail.
- Is this your urgent business? - If she goes to jail - this is on your conscience! - I'm all right, how's yours? Yeah.
I'd like the location of an open meeting in lower Manhattan tonight.
Lower Manhattan.
Gramercy Park, 6:30? Let me ask you something.
Is that a nonsmoking meeting? I recently quit smoking and it's very difficult for me to be around smokers.
It's not? Well, that's going to be a problem.
Clement's Church on 24th? But that's where cross- town traffic's gonna be murder tonight.
Hey, pal.
Let me worry about whether I really want to do this.
Yeah, right.
Thanks a lot.
How did it go? - Anything come in? - Yeah.
We got the gun and an eyewitness statement.
They saw the gun point at you and fly out of his hand.
- There you go.
- That's great.
I'm tracing the weapon through the manufacturer to establish ownership.
- Toxicology come back? - Not yet.
- Why would he act that way? - He was an asshole.
He was loaded or he was nuts.
- The wife thought he was using drugs.
- See that? Yeah, yeah.
MEDAVOY: We're ready to give IAB a statement.
- He's tied up right now.
- Yeah? I'm gonna go out.
You gonna run that trace? I'm gonna wait for toxicology.
Where you going? - I'll be back in a little while.
- Okay.
So, what's IAB doing? He's talking to Licalsi.
- Thanks for staying on top of this.
- You kidding? You're the man.
- I'm grateful.
For looking out for me.
- James? You did a little looking out for me today too.
Yeah, well.
I know it was a righteous shooting - but I just keep being upset.
KELLY: James.
Keep your chin up.
Booze will simplify your life.
You wrap your arms around it, it'll dance with you every dance.
Pretty soon, all your problems start to disappear.
The apartment disappears.
The car disappears.
The wife and kid, gone.
Of course, you still flop around these places before your problems are over.
You're still showing up at places where you're not welcome anymore.
And, you know, then maybe you start to let people down who try throwing you a break.
By now, you're hanging some bad paper, writing bad checks.
Maybe the cop who busts you lets you go so you can make good.
But you screw those people too.
You beat bail.
You let those people down too.
Now the thing to do is to blow town.
You gotta get out of here.
The problem is not the booze.
The problem is New York.
The city's unlivable.
The place to try is Atlantic City.
So you hang some more paper and you get out of town.
Look before I continue with this chronicle of unbridled success I want everybody to know this has a happy ending.
Where was I? Let me see.
At some point, you just may realize that booze possibly isn't good for you.
Your gallbladder's shot, you get pancreatitis.
Before I found AA, the thing that helped me lick booze was cocaine with a heroin comedown.
I didn't quit drinking cold.
I had a few cocktails because I needed them, but I was tapered way off.
One reason my veins are bad.
Hitting my veins with a needle was pretty near a full- time job.
Hey, man.
If you stick around, this thing comes out all right.
- Is she done? - Yeah.
- Get her prints and photo for booking.
- All right.
She confessed to killing Marino.
Said Marino approached her to hit you off leverage about her dad.
Thought they'd kill her and ruin her father.
- Without a lawyer? - She declined a lawyer.
They gonna arraign her now? What about bail? My boss said to ask for $ 1 00, 000.
- She turned herself in.
- That's what he told me-- - Can I speak to her? - Yeah.
Excuse me.
- Robin Wirkus.
- I'll call her back.
- Can I get a minute? - Sure.
Yeah, thanks.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are we doing in here? - To be honest, I'm a little dizzy.
- Okay.
All right, then we'll sit down.
This is like a dream.
- I just gotta get through it.
- Yeah, okay.
They're setting the bond at $ 1 00, 000.
Well, I got $2500 in the bank and $4000 in equity in my car.
- And I got $ 1 0, 000 cash.
- No.
Well, listen to me.
Listen to me, okay? - I'm gonna get an attorney.
- No.
There is guilty, and then there's guilty.
Let me get a lawyer in here for you.
Johnny, it was right.
I had to tell.
And now, we'll just see what happens.
All right.
Gregory, about your plans for the night.
I think I'm gonna stick around and wait for the ME report, stick around with James.
I meant afterwards.
Gregory, it's silly for you to pay to stay at that crummy hotel.
You could stay at my place.
- I don't know, Donna.
- My couch folds out.
You could sleep on that.
It's no trouble.
Let me see how this thing sorts out with James.
But thanks very much for the offer.
- Just consider it there.
- Right.
John, what happened to Licalsi? She copped to the Marino murders.
How much of a lying pussy was Giardella? They came at her because of her dad? When I was putting the squeeze on Marino they sent her after me and she nailed them instead.
I say run her for office.
- What moved her now? - She was all upset.
She ended up talking to my priest.
She needs justice? She came to the right system.
John, I.
- I've been to one of those meetings.
- Good for you.
Yeah, it was really a great uplift.
I'm gonna let a takeoff artist tell me how to run my life.
What are you talking about? Guy running the meeting, paper- hanging skell I popped 5 years ago.
I gave him some rhythm, he beats the appearance.
Makes me look like 1 0 cents.
He's my top choice for guidance.
- Maybe you need to go to another one.
- I don't know.
Detective Kelly, Norman wants to speak with you.
- Okay.
- And.
- Robin said she'd meet you here.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Give my regards to Norman.
- Yeah.
Good for you.
- What's up? - On the Danton shooting.
What about it? I don't know how we got off on such a bad foot.
I'd just as soon put my stories on a level playing field.
But I'm in a very competitive market.
- Certain kind of materials-- - Yeah, garbage.
I am not looking to hurt you people but I go on in 23 minutes - and I know about the empty gun.
- What empty gun? I got a source.
Point is, nobody else has this yet and I gotta make a living.
Now give me something else, something I can use.
Otherwise, my edge is the gun had no bullets.
Come on upstairs.
- To the squad? - Yeah, come on up.
- I'm hearing about a cop being popped.
- Yeah, let's talk about it in here.
- In here? - Yeah.
Martinez did his job.
This was a clean shoot.
- Come on, I don't want to argue.
- You know how bad he feels? If you go with the empty gun, this is gonna make things worse.
- It's not my whole story.
- But it's your edge, isn't it? And if you use it, you'll destroy this kid.
- Now, you know that.
- I know for a fact that the gun was not loaded.
He was never in danger.
Come here, Norman.
I'm getting sick of you.
Understand? Tell me if this gun is unloaded or not.
This is the situation they were in.
Gun pointed at his partner.
You wouldn't understand that.
Now, you tell me if this is unloaded or not.
I don't know! You're right.
Empty, see? But you couldn't tell me, could you? My God.
You're in trouble.
- You're in big trouble.
- Trouble for what? Who's gonna believe you? Get out of here.
The guy had wasted the storeowner so he's dead on the floor.
Now his gun is on the clerk opening the register.
- She's next? - As soon as the drawer's open.
So in I come three- quarters hung- over looking for coffee.
Guy spots me.
He turns his piece on me, now he's looking to check my ticket.
What do I-- ? I react.
I reacted and I take him out.
You couldn't ask for a cleaner shoot.
- Know what I did for the next 3 days? - What? I puke.
All day and all night.
- Is that right? - That's right.
If they had an Olympic event, I'd be wearing a medal.
I was never so glad for three days to go by.
It's the only way that makes this any better.
Getting the days in is the only thing that-- Detective.
Come here.
So how we doing? Good.
- You've been in these rooms before.
- Yeah.
You want to talk to me? Shook me up when you walked into that meeting.
- Why? You still got warrants out? - I got no warrants out.
But I hadn't remembered you.
I remembered you when you walked in, but not till then.
Well, you were in the grip of the old demon Rum when I knew you.
Probably all tends to blur.
I'm working unless you got a crime to report.
I wanted to apologize, not showing up when you got me that O.
No problem.
You got popped later.
I got popped later.
I still had the amend to make.
The what? I wanted to make amends, tell you I was sorry.
You go scratch your scab someplace else.
I'm not here on a conversion mission, but let me say one thing.
Hope you give the meetings another chance.
Maybe you'll get luckier with the next speaker.
Yeah, well.
Maybe seeing you there was a blessing in disguise.
You never know how those things work.
At the end, we have a meditation for the addict who still suffers.
I had a good thought for you.
Good luck.
Yeah, thanks.
- Maybe I'll try another one.
- They got them all the time, man.
Urology came back.
They confirmed high levels of coke.
MEDAVOY: Hey, there you go, James.
- That's why he was acting so crazy.
- That was it.
- That's why it happened.
- That's right.
FULMER: Lieutenant.
Licalsi's printed.
I'm taking her to Central Booking.
Statements on their shooting at their convenience.
We got a witness account confirming our officer's version.
And urology came back positive for coke.
Glad it turned out.
- It's not like you're empty- handed.
COSTA: Lieutenant? My office released the Licalsi arrest information to the press.
You're gonna take her out in front of them? I'm taking her to Central Booking.
Who sees doesn't really concern me.
I'll fill you in.
Give me your hands.
Ready? Let's go.
- It's a zoo down there.
KELLY: We're ready.
REPORTER 1: That must be her.
REPORTER 2: Janice! - Johnny.
- Just one minute.
- I'm getting scared now.
- Get out of my way.
Hang in there.
We're here, Janice.
We're here.