NYPD Blue s02e02 Episode Script

From Whom the Skell Rolls

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: I don't want you testifying.
She called the DA behind my back.
Said she'd take six on a plea.
- Janice - Gina Zarone can put you in jail.
Want me to voucher that for Intelligence? No, let me do it, and I'll do it when we get back, all right? SIPOWICZ: I've gone to AA.
I did 90 meetings in 90 days.
So I'd like to resume seeing you.
We will give you 100K for an exclusive interview after the trial.
- Not interested.
- IAB's looking at you.
They had a guy on me at court.
KELLY: Police! Police! Against the wall! SIPOWICZ: Turn around! GUYCE: We're all on the same job.
KELLY: Andy, book our friends.
I gotta talk to Fancy.
- You had no idea this was cops, huh? - No idea.
If you were set up on cops, we should have been notified.
I told you, we had no idea.
I'll tell you why you're upset, Darryl.
Because you believe in the right things.
I used to.
I don't know what happened to me.
You think he's happy about what happened? You happy, detective? KELLY: I'm just doing the DD5.
I'm just saying, no one's happy with the situation.
- We want everybody on the same side.
- I think it's too late for that.
I don't think that's true.
It's never too late.
Right, detective? Just do what you gotta do.
- Here you go.
- No.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Did you get some sleep last night? - Couple hours.
- You here for their statements? COSTAS: On standby.
IAB still thinks they're gonna give names.
Then they're gonna go over to the switching yard and root for a train wreck.
- On dinner, I was thinking Georgetti's.
- Fine.
- Unless you think someplace else.
- No, Georgetti's is good.
- I'm looking forward to it.
- Me too.
- Morning, John.
- Morning, Andy.
- See you.
- Yeah.
I've got no place to work.
They'll need our desks for the foreseeable future, analyzing files.
They'll start with World War II.
- You get your 5 in? - Last night.
John, when they were done on the bust, they got onto you and Licalsi.
Marino ledger.
Stuff like, if it's Medavoy's case, how come you held the ledger? - Got me in their cross hairs.
- I need your statement, John.
- I don't have a place to type one.
- I'll take an oral statement if you want.
- No, thanks.
- Our problem is your failure to notify.
I'll say this to you once more.
We didn't know they were cops.
I don't see you setting up because some dealer got robbed.
We set up because civilians were getting hurt.
What were we doing, Brigham? Running a shakedown? Busting cops to cut in? BRIGHAM: Lower your voice.
- You calling us dirty? - Why don't you say it.
- I'll tell you this much if you weren't, pray these guys flip.
Now you got dick-fist off failure to notify.
- I got dick-fist, huh? I got dick-fist?! - We got a homicide.
Come on.
- Let's go do our job.
Come on, Andy.
- We'll be here.
If I got dick-fist, Brigham, my fist looks like your face.
For Whom the Skell Rolls Thank you.
Mine's been dead a good eight hours.
See his hands? Defense wounds.
Trying to protect himself, cover his face.
Might have a print on the inside of the lampshade.
We got a blood trail out here.
SIPOWICZ: Come on.
MEDAVO Y: There's some.
SIPOWICZ: Walk into an apartment.
He's going right out the fire escape.
SIPOWICZ: Cut on his right hand.
See? MEDAVO Y: Oh, yeah.
SIPOWICZ: All right, here we go.
- So, Andy you and John are with those busted cops, huh? - Yeah.
Watch yourself, there's blood.
- Yeah, right.
So listen in reference to John was IAB Iooking at him in any other reference? Come on, do better, Medavoy.
There, here's his trail again.
MEDAVO Y: Uh I guess what I was wondering was are they looking at John in connection with Linardi? Yeah.
Where it was my case, why didn't I have the ledger? Why didn't I get it those two days? My impression, one thing and another, it got turned in a little late.
My impression, one thing and another, it got turned in a little late.
MEDAVO Y: Right.
Yeah, that's right.
One thing and another, I I never got around to vouchering it, never got around to asking him for it.
- You work a case, the paperwork's last.
- Yeah, exactly.
The blood ends here.
He must've drove off or got into a cab.
All right, let's get word to the ERs.
- Walk-ins treated for knife wounds WOMAN: Excuse me.
- Get a sample of this blood.
WOMAN: Can I get through? MEDAVO Y: Yeah, I got it.
- There's some inside here too.
COP: Stay back.
- Why? What's going on? - Sorry, ma'am.
- I want to go up and mind my business.
COP: I'm sorry, ma'am.
SIPOWICZ: Excuse me, you live here? - My cousin does.
I was babysitting.
SIPOWICZ: Who's your cousin? Barbara Kane, 344.
SIPOWICZ: Can I talk to you for a second? Kids, let me talk to your cousin.
- Medavoy, give me a hand here.
- What happened? SIPOWICZ: Well, I just want to talk to you.
Let's go over here.
Uh Listen, there's There's no easy way for me to tell you this.
Something happened in there, and your cousin got murdered.
Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! - Try to pull yourself together if you can.
- Pull yourself together for the little ones.
BO Y: Tanya, where's my mommy? She's upstairs, baby.
Son, listen, why don't you come over here with me.
Medavoy, you might look after her for a second.
Come here, kids.
My name is Andy Sipowicz.
I just want to talk to you for a second.
Miss Licalsi, tell us what happened when you met Angelo Marino that night.
We were in the back of his car.
He asked me why I hadn't obeyed his instructions.
- And what were those instructions? - To kill Detective John Kelly.
SINCLAIR: What was your reply? LICALSl: I said, I was working on it.
- And what was Mr.
Marino's reaction? - He was infuriated.
He said that I was in love with John Kelly.
And was that the truth? Yes.
What, if anything, did you think Marino would do at that moment? I was afraid he'd kill me and then later kill Detective Kelly.
Did you believe Mr.
Marino and his bodyguard to be armed? LICALSl: I knew Tony, his driver, carried a.
38 revolver.
Angelo Marino usually carried a.
45 caliber automatic in the pouch behind the passenger seat.
45 caliber automatic in the pouch behind the passenger seat.
Knowing them to be armed and fearing it was Marino's intention to kill you how did you react? I panicked.
- I drew my weapon, and I shot both.
- Would it be fair to say that this was a spontaneous act born of panic and fear? Yes.
As you know someone else, Alfonse Giardella confessed to these shootings.
In effect, you got away with what you did.
What prompted you to come forward? I couldn't live with myself anymore.
SINCLAIR: Were you counseled? LICALSl: A priest.
Father Jerry Downey.
How did you come into contact with Father Downey? He's John Kelly's parish priest.
I'd asked John if he knew someone I could talk to.
Was giving you the name of his priest John Kelly's only connection with your decision to confess? - Yes.
John Kelly never knew about any of this.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Miss Licalsi, you've stated that six days elapsed between Marino's ordering you to kill Kelly and the time you killed Marino and his driver.
That's right.
During that period, since you were directly disobeying his orders did it occur to you that the next time you saw Marino, you might be in danger? I was worried, if that's what you mean.
You knew the task he gave you was important.
You knew his reputation.
When you were called to the meeting and knew you'd have to confront him how much notice were you given? - A few hours.
During those hours, Miss Licalsi, as you anticipated the meeting with a violent and dangerous man with a violent and dangerous man who had turned your life upside down and was threatening to destroy it you never considered the act that could solve all your problems save the man you loved and extricate yourself from danger? I never thought about shooting Marino until I was in the car.
How could this sense of danger come to you as a sudden revelation? You were an experienced officer.
You had successfully conducted a life of duplicity and secrecy for months, as you would for months to come.
Was it only during these few hours that your capacity for planning and forethought escaped you? - I don't pretend my behavior made sense.
- There's hard logic to your behavior.
What you did in that car makes the coldest kind of sense.
Is there a question in there, Your Honor? Miss Licalsi, as someone with considerable professional experience do you believe a woman who killed two men would get more favorable treatment if she appeared to confess with remorse or if an ex-lover turned her in? - Objection.
- Sustained.
- Nothing further then, Your Honor.
JUDGE: You may step down, Miss Licalsi.
SIPOWICZ: Up here.
Let's go.
- I got Fancy.
- Come on, Bernard.
Lieutenant, we've got a double homicide black male and female, both multiple stab wounds.
Found a paring knife at the crime scene.
Could be the murder weapon.
Along with some foil crack pipes.
Trail of blood.
He could have used a car to get away.
Picked up a guy.
Neighbors say he was threatening the female vic.
- Was the guy cut? - No, not on the hands.
He said he was with another woman all night long.
She's not home, but Medavoy and Martinez are looking for her now.
That's the third dealer to pick Quint and Guyce out of lineups.
KELLY: Yeah.
- They finger anybody else? - They're not moving.
They both say it was just them.
- IAB must be thrilled.
- They're waiting for your DD5.
He's conducting an interview on a homicide.
I don't care if he's conducting the New York Philharmonic, I want that DD5.
KELLY: Andy's got the interview.
- Use Donna's desk.
- You got a warrant on you, Bernard.
- Look I admit I got a problem, a terrible problem with crack.
Parole violation.
- Associating with drug users.
- It put me in, it jammed me up on parole.
But I hold a job.
I'm not robbing, and I'm not breaking in.
"That bitch Barbara took my money and didn't bring my rock.
I'm gonna mess that bitch up good.
" Two witnesses heard you say that last night.
When I gave her my money around 8, she said she'd be back.
So when 9:30 rolls around, I'm mad because the bitch wasn't back.
You got any fresh cuts on you, Bernard? No, nothing.
Just some old scars.
Oh, look.
I wasn't the only one gave Barbara money.
Other dudes did too.
See, you got to understand.
When the weather's okay that building is wide open.
I mean, it's like one great big party.
People moving in and out all night.
- Music, refreshments - People moving one place to the next.
So when she gets back right before 10 I go to this other woman's crib to watch Star Trek.
This is Shawanda that no one can find.
There was this dude with Barbara when she came back from copping, okay? He was with her, or he followed her.
Or whatever.
All I know is I didn't see him before.
- This isn't Jerome she was killed with.
- No, Jerome was inside her place.
I didn't know him.
He wasn't from the building.
[KNOCKING] SIPOWICZ: Yeah? - You got a second? Yeah.
You sit tight, Bernard.
Yeah? Shawanda Wilson.
First she said she was with Bernard.
Then she said she didn't wanna say anything.
SIPOWICZ: Shawanda.
Listen, you know about the murders at the building last night? - Don't know nothing.
- Come on if you were smoking crack, nobody's gonna give you trouble.
- We want to find who did those killings.
- It wasn't Bernard.
Because I saw Barbara downstairs when I come to my door to let Bernard in.
- What time was that? - About 9:30.
You let him in, he stayed with you, he never went back out? Uh-uh.
- What were you doing? - Fooling around, watching TV.
Yeah? What'd you watch? Yeah? What'd you watch? - Why? - Come on, just tell me.
Star Trek.
Bernard watches the one with Spock.
I like the one with Le Var.
- Right.
Okay, thanks.
MARTINEZ: All right.
Come on.
John, this guy didn't do it.
- No cuts? - No, no cuts.
The broad he's banging tells the right story.
They were both watching the Starship Enterprise.
The guy saw someone with the female different from who she croaked with.
Said she came back with this guy after she'd copped.
- We'll pick him up on the street.
- Son of a bitch, I'm gonna miss dinner.
This is an incomplete statement.
- How is it incomplete? - I want detail on why you set up.
I want to know why Tahir wasn't registered as an informant.
- Why didn't you want that on my 5? - What did you say? I have a murder to attend to.
I will fix that later.
You float crap about the ledger then you think you dictate schedules? - I will fix it later.
You're gonna find out what your position is.
- You doing an 8 to 4 tomorrow? - Yes, sir.
After IAB runs lineups on the arrested officers, make yourself available.
MEDAVO Y: In what connection? HAVERILL: Excuse me? In what connection would I be talking with them? Just make yourself available, Medavoy.
IAB will tell you the connection.
SIPOWICZ: Medavoy will stand up.
- They wanna put him in the middle.
BERNARD: People will recognize me.
- Nobody will recognize you.
- We're in a car with smoked windows.
BERNARD: This will help my violation? Help us find this guy, it's gonna do you some good.
Come on.
Give us somebody in an hour, I'll give you 20 bucks.
- Give me a minute, John.
KELLY: All right.
So how was the doctor's, Dan? What'd they say about your hip? It's going, like the fenders on my DeSoto.
What did she say about Georgetti's? - She's good with that.
- How do you feel? - Okay.
We're working on a homicide - You going to a meeting tonight? - Yeah, I'm gonna try.
- It's very important for you.
- I am gonna try to make it.
- Nothing is more important than sobriety.
Nothing takes precedence.
I gotta take this guy out.
I'm gonna take Sylvia to dinner.
I will try to make the frigging meeting, okay? You think this is a game? Think you can take a shortcut? - Dan, come on.
- You're still full of yourself.
You're not giving credit for 18 years of sobriety.
Here, want a shortcut? Here's 10 bucks.
Save yourself three months.
Go out and buy a bottle now.
Oh, man, they gonna know I'm with the police.
You're a moron.
These are tinted windows.
They can't see in, and we are running out of light.
I see Calvin by the Caddie.
KELLY: What's he got to do with this? - Nothing.
I just know him from the joint.
- You trying to bust my balls, Bernard? - No.
If you don't see that guy from last night, I don't give a rat's ass, so shut up.
- Sylvia couldn't change the time? - No, she had to go to the 2-5 later.
Couldn't work unless we did it on time.
The dinner's bagged now.
It's bagged.
KELLY: You can do it another night.
- Yeah.
How about your buddy? Dan? Oh, he's great.
He just stopped in to predict my doom.
I don't see him.
KELLY: Tell you what.
If we have to come back tomorrow we lock you up tonight.
You make the decision.
- Oh, I understand.
- Well, that's big of you.
I'm speaking with Gina Zarone former girlfriend of a soldier in the Marino crime family.
Gina lives without allies in the no-man 's land between those who enforce law and those who break it.
As we speak here tonight, you're in fear for your life, aren 't you? - Yes, I am.
- You fear reprisal from both sides.
GARDNER: Yesterday, Gina testified at the trial of former officer Janice Licalsi.
She identified Detective John Kelly as witness to a meeting between Licalsi and Gina 's boyfriend, Richie Catena who has since been gruesomely murdered.
She has more startling accusations she's prepared to share with the public tonight.
Gina, your boyfriend told you that Tommy Linardi successor to Marino as capo had told him that Marino had more contacts in the police department than the 11 officers whose names have been revealed to this point.
That was what he told me, yes.
And what did you infer from this as regards John Kelly? When I saw John Kelly following Janice Licalsi that day When I saw John Kelly following Janice Licalsi that day I put two and two together.
- Now your ab She's got you pegged, John.
You were in Marino's pocket all along.
IAB's talking to Medavoy tomorrow.
- About the ledger? - Yeah.
Come here.
Come here.
ABRAMS: We've heard a great deal about the enormous pressures Miss Licalsi was under.
Her worries for her father's reputation and career her love for Detective Kelly.
But, ladies and gentlemen no one made Janice Licalsi get into Angelo Marino's car.
She had a choice.
As a police officer, she knew she could have Marino arrested.
She chose not to do that.
Instead she became judge, jury and executioner all in one.
Whether she subsequently came forward out of genuine remorse or because her crime was discovered and was about to be exposed she is not relieved of her responsibility for what she did that night.
Even in our age of pass-the-blame psychologizing Even in our age of pass-the-blame psychologizing feeling like you're in a tight spot does not qualify as extreme emotional disturbance as defined by the law.
When Janice Licalsi fired those five hollow-point shells she knew exactly what she was doing.
She was getting out from under.
The law describes such an act as murder with forethought and it prescribes a price.
It is your duty now to exact it.
SINCLAIR: Ladies and gentlemen seventeen months ago Janice Licalsi began a desperate attempt to save her father's career and reputation and set in motion a series of events which culminated in a terrible act for which she's now on trial.
Per the orders of Angelo Marino Per the orders of Angelo Marino who was threatening to expose her father for having once been on the mob payroll Janice Licalsi transferred precincts.
Per Marino's orders she surveilled Detective John Kelly seduced him and won his trust.
Then, as so often happens in this sort of human tragedy fate played a cruel trick.
Janice Licalsi and John Kelly fell in love.
Then she was ordered to kill him.
For all her desire to protect her father Janice Licalsi could never commit such a repugnant act.
Day after day went by, and still she failed to carry out Marino's order.
After six days she was summoned by Marino to a meeting in an underground garage.
She knew the meaning of this summons.
She knew that by failing to act she had put her own life at risk as well.
As she entered Marino's car, she was like someone who has gone off a cliff.
At that instant, in fear for her life as Marino confronted her Janice Licalsi's instincts took over.
In a single explosive and unthinking moment, she reacted.
The woman you are to judge could not be more different from those who hide behind the shield of victimization in order to deny the most egregious acts.
Janice Licalsi is taking responsibility for her actions.
Janice Licalsi is willing to pay her debt to society.
All she asks is that you take into account the obvious and undeniable presence of what the state penal code calls "extreme emotional disturbance.
" If you believe that a woman threatened with her father's destruction the murder of her lover and her own likely death could possibly be subject to extreme emotional disturbance then I ask you to do as the law requires.
I ask you to return the lesser verdict of manslaughter.
[WOMAN COUGHING] That's him.
- Where? BERNARD: At that check-cashing place.
- That's him.
KELLY: The guy in white? - That's him.
KELLY: The guy in white? - Yes.
- Fifteen Special 10-85 the squad.
Give me your hand.
If this is your man, I walk on the parole thing.
Yeah, all right, here.
Lie with your face down and don't move.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Hey, citizen in white! - Asshole in white! You! Police! - What's up? Let's go.
Hands on your head.
Let's go.
Get your ass up against the fence.
Get up against the fence! KELLY: Gun to your head, that's right.
- He's got a gun, John.
Right here.
- Hey, officer, I can explain, you know? KELLY: Back at the station house.
SIPOWICZ: Come on.
KELLY: We're fine.
SIPOWICZ: Look, cut on the right hand.
KELLY: We're fine.
HAVERILL: Here's the files, Donna.
SIPOWICZ: Two years? All right.
His jobs check out.
He's clean the last two years.
I like him for the murders.
- Will he go? - He thinks he's here for the gun charge.
I'm getting him cigarettes now.
Haverill's up my ass.
Get a revised DD5 when you get a chance.
- You guys get demoted or what? KELLY: Look who's here.
What's going on? Hey, got a minute? I'm working this homicide and dodging bosses, but we could talk later.
- Sound good? - Yeah.
- I gotta get back in, Andy.
- Yeah.
See you later.
- How's it going, Roberts? Hey look, Andy you're pissed off after DeeDee died, I ignored her dog.
Let's put that behind us, all right? Look, they're crucifying John.
I think I got something for him.
- What? - I've been working for this party.
Actually, she's a madam.
She had me watching her place.
One of her girls was getting harassed by a pimp.
- I need to put food on my table.
- All right, come on, what happened? So me and the madam become pals.
I sit with her in the living room at nights.
We chew the fat.
Then one night a trick calls up asking for Suzie and Denise.
Break out the teenage-schoolgirl outfits.
- Norval Grolsch, Andy.
- Who the hell is that? Norval Grolsch who turns out to be Norman Gardner.
Who, blow-hard newscaster asshole that he is turns out he likes his headmaster act on tape.
Now I owe John.
You tell him if he wants to use this, he's welcome to it.
Well, if he doesn't, somebody else might.
When's IAB coming for me? This is like the Chinese water torture.
- Try to relax.
- Yeah, sure.
This is gonna be all right.
You did nothing wrong with that ledger.
Neither did John.
I'm just afraid I'm gonna stammer.
You're gonna do fine.
Yeah, but if I stammer, they're gonna think I'm covering up.
Gregory, it's on record that you stammer.
You don't understand.
You don't understand.
If they think I'm covering up, it's gonna louse up John.
I don't want to louse up my friend.
KELLY: Okay, Reginald.
Since I was in here last, we firmed up on a few things and we're looking at you for something that happened over the weekend.
Let me explain how it goes.
- Is this gonna be an ass-kicking? - No.
I'm not going to lay a hand on you.
Now, there's two ways we can go with this.
I've read you your rights, and you can have a lawyer in here.
I've read you your rights, and you can have a lawyer in here.
Or you and I can sit here and get to the bottom of this, because frankly I don't think it is how it looks.
- That's right.
So you want to continue without an attorney? Yeah.
How do you mean "it's not the way it looks"? I've looked into your background.
You've been working consistently for two years.
You've had some bumps, but I think you're a decent man.
And I don't think that you could be living the way you lived without character and heart.
I've been working my ass off for the last two years.
I know.
Something set you off in that apartment.
I don't know what it was.
I don't know if somebody was bothering you, tried to humiliate you.
I don't know.
I don't know what happened.
But the bad news is, I have enough right now to lock you up.
Your blood was all over the place.
And nowadays, Reginald blood is like a fingerprint.
And people saw you there.
So I can lock you up right now as a crazy man.
I don't want to do that, because you're not because you're a decent guy.
So help me.
Think about it.
Remember what it was that set you off.
Can you do that? I'll be back.
- Norman, glad you could make it.
- What do you want? I got something newsworthy I thought I'd give you first crack at.
Why don't you come on up to my temporary quarters.
Come on.
Well, you know the rules.
If your homework is late, then I have to spank you.
SUZIE: We know.
DENISE: We know.
GARDNER: Assume the position.
You know, you're lucky your asses are so firm and round.
Oh, boy.
- This may sting a little - No.
This is my favorite part, Norman.
- Ouch.
GARDNER: Denise.
Well, have you learned your lesson now? DENISE AND SUZIE: Uh-huh.
Will you turn your homework in on time from now on? Yes, Headmaster Grolsch.
This is blackmail, Sipowicz.
I could have you arrested.
You're in the right place, Norval.
That squad room's asshole-deep in bosses.
You want me to bring some people in here and make this public? - Or you want to hear an idea I got? - Le Let's say I like your idea how do I know I get all the tapes? Norman, if we don't have trust, where are we? We're back in the trees.
GARDNER: Cross your hearts.
DENISE AND SUZIE: Cross our hearts.
MARTENS: Sorry for the delay.
I got stalled in lineups with those dirty cops.
You understand you're entitled to have a lawyer or delegate present? - Yes.
- You understand that this interview is being recorded.
- Yes, I do.
State your name and shield number.
Gregory Medavoy, shield number 588.
Were you the chief investigating detective on the Tommy Linardi murder? Yes.
Who were the other investigating detectives on that case? Detectives Kelly, Sipowicz and Martinez.
The day tour of the 15th Squad.
MARTENS: During your investigation of Linardi's death did you come into possession of a ledger belonging to Angelo Marino? Yes.
- Who turned that ledger in for voucher? - That was Detective John Kelly.
Your case log shows it was entered two days following the other evidence.
That was on me.
My logging was interrupted.
I knew Detective Kelly had the ledger and I didn't ask him for it for a couple of days.
What interrupted your logging? I don't specifically recall.
I was working on other aspects of the case.
There was no resistance on the part of Detective Kelly in turning that ledger in? None whatsoever.
During that two-day period, was Kelly the only detective with access to it? I guess you could put it like that.
It was on me, though, you know.
I just never got around to picking it up.
You guys want anything else? MARTENS: No.
That'll do it.
Listen, man.
I'm 33 years old.
I did 14 years in jail.
I did one to four, cost me 18 months for a hardware-store robbery.
I got back out.
I did four more because the hardware-store guy said I tried to stick him up again just to get me out of the neighborhood.
Third time I get halfway through a grocery-store robbery get scared.
That's when I get grabbed.
I been out two years.
I've worked hard.
I been working day and night because I didn't want to go back.
But I go up there to that building.
You know the way it is, it's like a damn cellblock.
People with their doors open, women inside.
You just start talking.
You reach into your pocket, get some money for the rock stars.
That's what they call themselves, rock stars.
All they want to do is smoke that crack.
I go in.
I smoke a little.
I see a woman.
And this This punk This punk comes up on me.
Don't want me messing with his ho.
So I slapped him like a woman.
He's gonna try and take me strong-arm me jump on me.
How'd the people get cut? He tried to rob me.
- The guy in Barbara's apartment? - Yeah.
The punk's talking all that stuff, then he tries to rob me.
I pulled out my 380 and ordered their ass upstairs.
I tied the bitch up with an electrical cord.
Tied her up real tight.
Next thing I know this punk is gonna try and jump on me.
So I started punching him and punching him.
Then I see the knife.
When I broke the skin with that thing, I knew I had messed up bad.
These two rock stars were gonna ruin my whole life.
HAVERILL: Forget about it.
Bernard Jenkins goes back into the system.
I made a deal with him.
I gave him my word.
He led us to a double murderer because I said I'd help him out.
- You don't get to make deals.
- That's why you have supervisors.
- I can't do my job unless my word is good on the street.
- Maybe there's a message in that.
You know, you make me sick.
Take a few tests, you kiss asses, think that makes you a boss? - John.
- You think that makes you a boss? FANCY: John! Give Bernard Jenkins his deal.
Kelly just gave me what I need.
MAN: Be seated.
I understand you've reached a verdict.
Miss Foreperson, have you reached a verdict? - Yes.
- Will the defendant please rise? How say you as to the first count of murder in the second degree? - Guilty or not guilty? - Not guilty.
How say you to the second count of manslaughter in the first degree? - Guilty.
JUDGE: Is that the verdict of the jury? Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your patience and service in this very difficult trial.
The people of New York State are grateful.
You are now excused.
Bail will be continued pending sentence, and court is adjourned.
Two years max, work release in six months.
Not bad for a shyster mouthpiece.
- Thanks.
- The meal they said would never happen.
- I'm sorry about all the delays.
- That's okay.
Excuse me.
Could you bring the bread that smells like olive oil? It's cut up into little cubes.
- Focaccia.
- Yeah.
We don't have it.
There's nice pane marino.
- She likes that other kind.
- But we don't make it anymore.
- Sorry.
- Andy, it's okay.
Part of the reason we came here is because you like that bread.
It doesn't matter.
I'll try the pane marino.
It doesn't matter.
Oh, they have fresh Bronzini.
I'm very happy that we're having dinner here like this.
- Me too.
- Yeah, well, you know, I had to - I had to take things step by step.
- I'm proud of how you did things.
My whole thing is, I I have to learn how to take things in stride not get so worked up.
Like when we had to cancel last night or with this bread here.
Couple of years ago, that's a three-alarm fire.
I'm proud of your self-control.
Well I'm gonna get there.
Like, I got my work here, you know and I got my problem, which I'm making progress on and you.
- Yeah.
Look, why don't we get married.
I mean don't say nothing now.
- I'm just thinking out loud.
- That's okay.
Nothing is more important to me than the trust of my audience.
So if the statement I'm about to make causes me personal embarrassment or discomfort that's a price I'm willing to pay.
Ladies and gentlemen new information I've been made privy to in the last few hours exonerates Detective John Kelly and casts severe doubt on the veracity of my witnesses Where'd that come from? Somebody else must have bought him.
Sinclair thinks I'm only gonna do about six months.
He did good for you.
You did good for me.
You know the way upstate? I know the way upstate.