NYPD Blue s02e03 Episode Script

Cop Suey

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: You know, you make me sick.
You take a few tests, kiss a few asses.
- You think that makes you a boss? - John.
Give Bernard Jenkins his deal.
Kelly just gave me what I need.
He'll learn this time.
This time he went to jail.
I'm talking about going off the end of a pier with a rock tied to you and a noose on your neck.
- You threatening me? Do not beat her.
Look, why don't we get married.
Don't say nothing now.
- I'm just thinking out loud.
- It's okay.
- Hey, how'd your meeting go? - It's over, Donna.
Marie and I finally signed off on a money settlement and a custody arrangement.
- I feel like 1000 pounds is off my back.
- Now you can get on with your life.
Yeah, that's how I feel.
Like I can finally turn the page.
You look great today.
So do you.
And that perfume you're wearing drives me wild.
Gregory! Remember where we are.
I can't help it.
Whenever I'm around you I just I just wanna Excuse me.
MAN: Can you sign this form right here? Morning, detective.
On the Andretti stabbings, his lawyer's all over me for your paperwork.
Yeah, all right.
You can tell him that this is every piece of paper I got except I'm trying to find those two Kleenex I sneezed in at the crime scene.
Counselor in terms of our conversation the other night I don't want you feeling pressured with that.
I don't.
My point is, it's not imminent.
I mean, it doesn't have to be.
It could be way down the road, you know, if you wanted that at all.
The nicest thing that's ever happened to me is you asking me to be your wife.
I just want to settle into it before we make any decisions.
That's smart.
That's good.
FANCY: Andy.
SIPOWICZ: Morning.
COSTAS: Lieutenant.
- Hi, Sylvia.
- Theresa Carlin - Domestic abuse.
Yeah, I took her 61.
She's a homicide.
Neighbor found her body in her apartment.
Son of a bitch! Medavoy, Martinez, we've got a homicide.
SIPOWICZ: I knew it.
That son of a bitch.
Detective Adrienne Lesniak.
I'm supposed to report to Lt.
SIPOWICZ: I knew he was no good.
DONNA: He's busy.
LESNIAK: No problem.
SIPOWICZ: That son of a bitch killed her.
- Excuse us.
- No problem.
Cop Suey The Lower East Side's gonna be a change from the 2-7.
I grew up in Bayridge, lieutenant.
I did my time in uniform in Bed-Stuy.
I'm comfortable among the great unwashed.
Lieutenant, on the reason I was transferred That's not my concern unless it interferes with your work for me.
It won't.
That relationship is finished.
[BUZZING] Yeah? Yeah, okay.
We got another homicide.
Excuse me a second.
KELLY: Thanks.
FANCY: Hey, John.
Sorry, lieutenant, I took Janice to the probation hearing.
That domestic violence victim Andy worked a few weeks ago showed up a homicide.
- Mrs.
And we just had another homicide in Chinatown.
- That's a new transfer, Lesniak.
KELLY: Right.
- Okay.
I'll work the Chinatown with her.
- Okay.
Lieutenant, you'd better take this.
He'll be right with you.
That shooting in Chinatown an off-duty cop.
I'm gonna ask you to work with Detective Sipowicz.
- Our PAA will give you the address.
Adrienne Lesniak, John Kelly.
KELLY: How you doing? - Hi.
Donna, give Detective Lesniak the address on Andy's homicide and have Medavoy and Martinez move over to the Chinatown shooting.
DONNA: All right.
FANCY: Who is he? - Paul Van Pool, Central Park Precinct.
He interrupted a burglary, had his shield out.
We've got an ID of a male Asian from a witness who tried to stop the shooter.
Guy slipped out of his jacket and took off towards Canal Street.
FANCY: Is that the witness? - Right here, yeah.
John, take him back to the station house, see what you can get.
Also, inventory the contents of the jacket.
And move that line back.
Get those people out of here.
We're gonna need a Chinese cop.
Yeah, I'll get Harold Ng from the robbery squad.
Has anyone contacted the Chaplain's Unit on notification of kin? SIMMONS: Not yet.
- Okay, let me go do that.
MARTINEZ: Anything else? WOMAN: He hit her all the time.
I heard her screaming Christmas Eve.
But last night and this morning you didn't hear anything? - No.
- Thanks, you've been very helpful.
Detective Martinez? Adrienne Lesniak.
- I'm your relief.
- Welcome aboard.
Detective Medavoy already left.
Let me introduce you to Detective Sipowicz.
SIPOWICZ: Make sure you get pictures of the glass around that window, and that bogus ransack on the dresser.
- This is Detective Lesniak.
- How you doing? MARTINEZ: Fancy wants me at that Chinatown shooting.
The neighbor says Mr.
Carlin called her from work at 10 a.
Asked her to come over and put a note on the fridge that he was working late.
- So that prick could establish his alibi.
- He told the neighbor he kept calling his wife but there was no answer.
The neighbor had a key, went in and found the body.
- You'd better get over to Chinatown.
- Okay.
Nice meeting you.
LESNIAK: Same here.
So I understand you took a domestic violence complaint on this victim.
See, not all that damage is recent.
Her jaw's half off because it's broken on both sides from about a month ago.
Eyes are swollen shut.
See that chipped tooth, that's old.
Her husband gave her that after he lost his Super Bowl bet last year.
He really beat you to a pulp this time, didn't he, Theresa? Finish taking statements around here, then canvass the block.
Get to everybody.
- Where you going? - I'm going to pick up the husband.
- You got a problem with that? - I don't have a problem.
Do me a favor, don't you worry where I'm going.
Worry about what you gotta do.
You getting my drift? Yes, I get your drift.
All right, yeah, I'll hold.
All right.
- Donna, could you get me a pencil? DONNA: Sure.
- You done with those notifications? - Yeah.
Where are you? I got a sketch artist with the witness, but he didn't get a good look at him.
Contents of the jacket? A house key.
Medavoy's making a copy of that.
And we got a phone number on this guy Shen, and a lottery ticket.
James is calling the commission right now.
We're getting a lot of calls from off-duty cops from the Central Park Precinct offering to help with the investigation.
Take their names.
We'll contact them if we need them.
NG: How are you? KELLY: Harold.
NG: How's it going? - How're you doing? When I first hear a Chinese guy shoot a cop, I said, you serious? Chinese are afraid of police.
Must be a scumbag.
We kick his ass, eh, Johnny? - Yeah.
MARTINEZ: The ticket was bought at a Chinese herb store on Mott Street.
- Okay.
James Martinez, Harold Ng.
a Chinese herb store on Mott Street.
- Okay.
James Martinez, Harold Ng.
- Nice to meet you.
You new here? MARTINEZ: No.
I bust cases with all these guys.
John, Greg, Andy Sipowicz, all of them.
- Keep me posted.
- Yeah.
Harold and I are gonna go talk to Shen.
When Greg gets back, go to the herb store.
- We'll see if anyone can ID the sketch.
NG: Good.
You know, Harold I think you need to speak a bit slower so people understand.
- Know what I mean? - No problem.
KELLY: All right.
- Let's do it.
KELLY: Yeah.
Chef will be right out.
Johnny, you see Tommy Lew? The famous heroin importer.
He's head of Hop Sung Tong.
Chef not gonna talk until Tommy give okay.
So we need his permission to do our job then.
I'll go over, explain the situation.
Tong don't want police trouble.
Go talk to them.
[SPEAKS IN CANTONESE] KELLY: Show him the number.
Tell him we know it's his.
Tell him we found it at the crime scene.
Other chefs come to me, I help find work in Chinese restaurants.
I give them my number, they give me theirs.
You remember writing it on that newspaper? The guy I write it for never tell me his name.
- Still have his number? - In the kitchen.
KELLY: Let's take a look.
Hey, you think this is going to be okay with Tommy? - He's cooperating with us.
- Yeah, he's a great man.
MARTINEZ: Nobody at the herb store could make an ID.
MEDAVO Y: Get anything? - It's a pay phone inside.
MEDAVO Y: Hey, Harold.
- How's the family? MEDAVO Y: Fine.
The wife and I are getting divorced.
NG: After I divorced second wife she call first wife they try to talk my third wife out of marrying me.
Told me to screw off! Got to keep ex-wives apart.
Remember that.
KELLY: That's it.
MARTINEZ: Shall we start knocking? KELLY: Key? MEDAVO Y: Yeah.
Should we get a search warrant? I don't wanna waste the whole day on one if this ain't the place.
Okay, why don't you guys grab some air.
A cop got shot, John.
We won't have a problem seeing what's in there.
You don't see what you don't have to see, Greg.
I'll be right outside.
Go ahead.
All right.
Be careful.
Come on, guys.
[KNOCKING] KELLY: Police! Anyone home? Get the warrant.
Hey, hey.
Hey! Hey! Stop! Who's this guy? Who's this guy? Do we know this guy? No.
You speak English? You speak English? What's he saying? NG: He didn't do anything.
KELLY: Tell him who we are.
[SPEAKING IN MANDARIN] This is all he had on him.
NG: Got him? - These keys match.
The keys match.
Let's go.
Here we go.
We'll talk about it down at the station.
Let's go.
Harold and I'll do the interview.
You start on that warrant.
MEDAVO Y: Yeah, sure.
- James, you want to get it started? - You got it.
Has Lt.
Fancy said anything to you? No, maybe he's gonna let it slide.
You know that Detective Lesniak who just got transferred? - You know why she got transferred? - Why? - Office romance.
- Gregory, this is all my fault.
If anyone was en flagrante it was me.
I should have kept this from happening, but what did I do? I tempted you.
Look, whatever happens, we're in this together.
I just can't imagine coming to work every day and not seeing you.
MAN: Hey, detective.
CARLIN: I know what you gotta be thinking, detective.
You busted me for beating Theresa, you gotta be thinking that I killed her.
I'm not going to lie to you, Victor.
I got a situation here where there's a history of domestic violence.
Now the wife's dead.
I gotta consider you a suspect.
I know what it looks like but I did not kill Theresa.
I swear.
The day we had our talk at that court house, I thought I got through to you.
With God as my witness, I never laid a hand on her after that.
You gave me a wake-up call, detective.
I was married myself once.
I know what it's like.
You get frustrated and sometimes you do things that afterwards you regret.
But that's a long way from beating somebody to death.
I swear to God, I didn't kill her.
I loved her.
And we got this apparent break-in at your place.
Used to be a nice street.
Used to be a nice street.
Now you got Africans, junkies I've been worried about something like this for a long time.
You see anybody suspicious when you left your apartment this morning? Actually I did.
I seen two brothers hanging around across the street at the liquor store.
Can you give me their description? Black as the inside of your hat.
- Anything else you remember? - I don't know.
Maybe I could look at some pictures.
How're you doing for time? I mean, you probably got a lot of arrangements to take care of.
Oh, no.
Detective, I owe it to Theresa to do whatever I can to help find whoever did this.
I called the M.
To expedite the autopsy so your wife's remains could be returned to you as soon as possible.
- Oh, I appreciate that.
- Let me set you up with pictures.
Ask him why he ran from us this morning.
[SPEAKING IN MANDARIN] He's illegal, thought we were INS.
Why was he at the apartment? - Visiting a friend.
- What does the key go to? He doesn't know.
Ask if he knows anything about the cop getting shot in Chinatown this morning.
No? You guys just spoke for five minutes.
What's going on, Harold? He wanted to know why I'm working with you white ghosts.
- Why don't you just be straight with me? - I just was.
Maybe he will change his tune after he's picked out of lineup.
Tell him that.
Detective, Mr.
Woo's lawyer is here.
- Detective Kelly.
- Stephen Cheng, detective.
How do you do? I'd like to see my client, Woo Shu Kwan.
How do you know we have that person in custody? Friends of his saw you pick him up.
Well, Mr.
Woo has not asked for the services of an attorney yet.
A member of his family has asked me to represent him.
- Who would that be? - Mr.
Woo's uncle.
I don't know why you're here, but you'll have to do better.
John, can we talk a minute? KELLY: Sure.
Tong sent the lawyer to get Woo to confess.
- They're gonna get him to confess? - They do something for him.
Maybe lighten up about the money he owe to come over.
Give money to the guy's family back in China, or whatever.
Or get him to confess to protect the real guy.
- We found the key on this guy, John.
- Who put the key on him, Harold? Tommy Lew is not gonna make my case for me.
Understand? You know what? I'm gonna need more proof that you represent the family so bring the uncle in, okay? - Thanks for your time, detective.
SIPOWICZ: What? - No one saw anything.
These are the no-answers, I'll go re-canvass tomorrow.
All right, let me have those.
I got the husband looking at photos.
Let me know if the lying prick comes up with an ID.
You gonna be pissed if I ask where you're going? Back to re-canvass.
There's a vote of confidence.
Detective Lesniak, you got a bunch of calls from a Detective Abruzzo.
I tried telling him you were tied up with a case.
- How's it going on your case? - Dinner's gonna have to be late.
Let's just bag dinner, Andy.
I feel bad about this woman.
You did what you could.
I gotta go.
- Yeah? If you want to talk, I'll be up late.
FANCY: Hey, John.
FANCY: Hey, John.
The chief of detectives is gonna make a statement to the press.
He wants to know if we're calling Woo a suspect.
As far as the lineups are concerned, I think it's a maybe.
I wanna keep him overnight, let him get tired, take a shot at him in the morning.
On showing up late this morning Yeah, if I could just make the time up now, that would be great.
My point is, don't have Andy sign you in.
- That's what Haverill's looking for.
- Yeah, okay.
- How's Harold Ng doing? - Harold Ng? Doing great.
- All right.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Hey, how we doing? - Okay.
How's your case? I think we got a direction.
The husband on my homicide picked out a couple of photos.
- You believe him? - No.
One's in jail.
The other I'll question at his parole officer's tomorrow.
We're going out for a beer.
Wanna come along? - Thanks, yeah.
KELLY: Okay, good.
How about you, Harold, you want to go out for a beer? Yeah, sure.
KELLY: Talk with him.
- Okay.
Harold this Tommy Lew thing, I got my bosses squeezing my shoes and maybe I got my back up.
- Yeah, Johnny, I understand.
But no boss own me, Tommy Lew especially.
- Understand that too, okay? - Okay.
Give me a minute.
NG: Yeah.
[MEDAVO Y CHUCKLES] Hey, Harold, tell her about the possum case.
LESNIAK: Possum case? MEDAVO Y: It's a great story.
Come on, Harold.
You tell it great! Come on.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Go ahead.
We were working a kidnapping.
Kidnapper sent a ransom note.
Letters cut out of newspaper, spell out: "If you ever wanna see what-his-name ever again" Like old movie.
We gotta make a ransom drop.
But we got nothing to put the money in.
Only a barbecue bag.
The guy loved barbecue.
Eat the rib all day, right? Everybody follow me? Yeah, we're with you, Harold.
Come on, we're with you.
We put money in bag, hide it in the woods like kidnapper tell us.
Possum smell barbecue, eat the money.
$ 10,000! - Everybody follow me? - Yeah.
Guy down at the station house said you might still be here.
- Hey, John.
- Hey, Jimmy.
I understand you're working that cop shooting.
- Good luck with that.
- Thanks.
- Adie, you got a moment to talk? - Sure.
We gotta catch up with each other someday.
- We'll talk later.
- You got it.
MARTINEZ: Who's that? - What? ABRUZZO: You won't return my calls.
Jimmy Abruzzo.
We went through the homicide course together.
- She didn't look too happy to see him.
- Yeah.
They were in the 2-7 together, nobody knew they were involved.
Sector car answers a disturbance call they're having a knockdown drag-out, so That's why she got transferred.
- Just listen to me, all right.
- Get out of here.
You think this is over for you? It's not.
You still love me.
- Be right back.
LESNIAK: Get your hands off me! ABRUZZO: I'm not letting you go.
KELLY: Wait, guys everything okay? - She's okay.
- Yeah? I asked her.
- I'm fine.
- I think you need to take off, Jimmy.
- I think you should go hump yourself.
Butt out, John.
I don't need anybody protecting me, all right? My problems are my problems.
NG: Hey, Andy.
Looking good.
Something about you different.
How's it going, Harold? Where the cigarettes? All the time you smoking.
Must be it.
Careful, you get fat like Goodyear blimp.
It's nice to see you too, pal.
- Johnny, you ready to talk to this guy? KELLY: Yeah, let's go.
- You doing all right? - Yeah.
- Morning.
- Morning.
This guy Carlin picked out, I'm gonna go talk to him at his parole officer's.
Ask him about the grassy knoll in Dallas or the location of the Lindbergh baby.
Look, detective, I thought about this real hard last night and I'm unable to remember what I did to piss you off.
So if you're running some guilt trip about this lady dying please do not make it my problem.
- What, do you moonlight as a shrink? No.
This job is hard enough and it does not include you batting me like I'm some inflatable punching clown.
So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go question this guy, even if it's just to rule him out.
Meanwhile, I'd appreciate it if you'd take your attitude and shove it up your ass.
KELLY: Well, he's had the whole night to think about it and we're putting this together.
So we need a statement and his description of the events.
He said he doesn't know anything.
Well, tell him that I'm certain he didn't kill this police officer intentionally but I need a statement and I need his description of the events.
He said he doesn't know anything.
[KNOCKING] What's up? That lawyer, Mr.
Cheng, wants to talk to you again.
Where's Uncle Woo? Hi, detective.
Woo Hong Lee, my client's uncle, is too infirm to be here.
This notarized letter authorizing me to represent his nephew should suffice.
I also have a letter from the uncle's doctor attesting to his poor health.
Wait here.
Tell him there's a lawyer outside who says he's been hired by his uncle.
Ask him if he wants him to represent him.
Tell him that I want him to tell the lawyer that, all right? Let's go.
Ask him.
What'd he say? He said that Tong want to help him and his family.
He wants the lawyer now.
- I'd like some time with my client.
- Okay, fine.
But we get no sacrificial lambs in here.
If he confesses to me, I better believe it.
Got it? [KNOCKING] SIPOWICZ: Excuse me, ma'am.
Detective Sipowicz.
Oh yeah, I saw you the morning of the murder.
- I'm the one who found Mrs.
- Right.
You live in this apartment? No.
Irene Polotto lives here.
I do her grocery shopping for her.
She's a shut-in.
She's been out and about a lot.
Nobody ever answers the door.
She can't hear you knock.
She's deaf.
This is how I let her know I'm here.
I flip the switch.
It's okay, Irene.
This man's a police officer.
He was wondering if he could ask you some questions about Theresa.
She reads lips, so speak slowly and clearly.
I'll put these away.
Ma'am, I'm Detective Sipowicz.
I'm hoping you can help us with our investigation.
I'll certainly try.
Were you home the morning of the murder? Yeah, but I didn't know anything was wrong until I looked out the window and I saw all the police cars.
Did you see the victim's husband that morning? - I saw him leave for work.
- What time would that have been? I'm not sure exactly, but it must have been early because I was feeding my pigeons on the window sill and they get very impatient if I don't feed them before 9.
Especially Tommy.
Was there anything unusual about Mr.
Carlin's behavior? Did he seem agitated? No.
Listen, do you mind if I sit down? My knee.
I got a bum knee.
Please, please, sit.
So he walked out the door and headed for the subway.
Is that right? Yeah.
After he threw out the garbage.
- What garbage? - He was carrying a garbage bag.
- Doesn't this building have a chute? - Sometimes it backs up.
Did you happen to see where Mr.
Carlin took that bag of garbage? Yeah, to the building next door, across the alley.
- Thank you.
You've been very helpful.
- Yeah.
[WOO SPEAKS IN MANDARIN] I went to workers' apartment owned by Mr.
Fong owns a restaurant.
All his illegal workers live there.
I lived there too.
Until Mr.
Fong fired me for no reason.
I knew someone who lived there who has a gun.
I wanted to sell it for a lot of money.
I went out the door saw the policeman.
I got scared.
I never touched a gun before.
Never thought, "Now I kill a man.
" I owe $30,000 U.
Being smuggled in the U.
The trip took two months locked in the hold of a cargo ship squeezed in with 300 men no toilet no water to wash hand or bathe.
Everyone was sick.
Who do you owe the 30,000 to? Excuse me, what case are we working on here, detective? Ask him how he lost the jacket.
NG: Someone tried to stop me.
Grabbed me by my jacket.
I didn't want to shoot him too.
I slipped out of my jacket and ran towards Canal Street.
I came to America to earn money to send money home.
After I arrived, I could not find work.
No money to send home.
I lived any way I can, in filth.
Always dirty.
In China it's never like this.
Worse than animal.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
- I buy it.
- Yeah.
I bring the guy down and book him, then come back and finish up the paperwork.
- Good job, Harold.
- Okay, lieu.
The jacket sold you, Johnny? How the guy grabbed the jacket.
That's right.
You brought this one home, Harold.
Hey, Johnny.
Dead cop, if this was the guineas looking to keep the pressure off then give up the guy who really did it, would you have a problem with that? Not if he were guilty.
Maybe you would have seen it a little easier.
I needed the help.
Anyway, maybe this'll keep Haverill off your back? Maybe.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Where's the other detective? She said there was more mug shots for me to look at.
I don't think that'd be the best use of your time right now.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I want to bring you up to date on a couple of things.
Your African perpetrator theory.
That didn't pan out.
I ID'd the two guys I seen hanging around in front of the building.
One's in the joint, and the other was at his job all day yesterday.
- His parole officer verified it.
- I know what I saw.
We're kind of questioning that whole break-in theory now.
The place was tored up, it was ransacked.
I'll tell you, that window was broken out.
There was busted glass all on the sidewalk.
That meant that somebody had to break it from the inside.
Plus what do you make of this? They're a size 12.
You look like you're about a 12.
That look like dried blood to you? It looks like dried blood to me.
There's some bloody overalls in here too.
Made a real mess of things, didn't you? So there's blood on them.
I work in a meat packing plant.
There's blood all over the place in a meat packing plant.
The DNA tests are gonna prove that that's your wife's blood.
If that's my wife's blood then whoever did this took my clothes and put them in her blood afterward.
Yeah? And then they threw them in the next building's trash chute where your neighbor saw you drop a bag?! where your neighbor saw you drop a bag?! I dropped a bag of garbage.
Sometimes our chute gets backed up.
You killed her, you scumbag son of a bitch.
You beat her to death.
Now I gotta give you one last chance to confess to make it easier on yourself.
And I'm hoping you're too stupid to do that.
Because the harder it is for you, the happier I'm gonna be.
So you gonna tell me the truth now or you gonna make me happy? Tick-tock, Victor.
What's it gonna be? I'm missing happy hour.
- You prick! You prick! - Let go of me! You killed her! Shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you! - Get off of me! - Shut up! - You were watching? - Is that okay? Nursemaid this guy.
I gotta clear my head.
I'll tell you, Mr.
Carlin, I wouldn't want to be you right now.
Hey, that wacko just hit me.
He touches me again and he goes to jail.
I don't think that's gonna happen.
I've worked with that detective for a lot of years.
These situations always go down the same way.
You'll wind up in the emergency room pissing blood and I'm looking at 12 hours of paperwork explaining how you resisted arrest.
You can't let him do that.
I can't control him.
My advice to you is give the guy what he wants, or it's gonna be a long night for the both of us.
We got ourselves a cop.
FANCY: Yeah.
Can you make a case off the bloody clothes? I can't put the guy in the clothes.
I didn't recover the bag for 36 hours.
LESNIAK: He doesn't like you, we know that.
Whatever he is, he's gonna be coming back through that door any minute.
CARLIN: He can't do that to me.
- Excuse us, Detective Lesniak.
- All right.
Beep-beep, Carlin.
Beep-beep? I know about you, Sipowicz.
You're a psycho.
We're gonna start all over only this time I brought my lie detector with me.
Every time my lie detector goes beep-beep, you're gonna get smacked.
- I wanna talk to somebody else.
- This is the first question.
The morning your wife was killed, what time did you leave? - Leave me alone.
- What time did you leave the house? - 8:00! - Very good.
What'd you do when you went outside? - I went to work.
- Beep-beep.
- I went to work! - Beep-beep! I took the garbage out and I took it to the building next door and then I went to work.
Very good.
And what was in the garbage you put out? Just garbage.
- Just garbage.
- Beep-beep! No! All right, it was clothes.
And then you threw them in the trash next door? That's right.
I did not intend for her to die.
What you don't know is that I was provoked on a daily basis and the outcome of what happened was the result of that.
Start writing.
- Medavoy.
Come see me.
- I'll be right there, sir.
Let's say two people in the station house were having a romantic relationship.
And let's say I were to find out about it.
I'd have to get at least one of them transferred out.
Are you aware of that? Yes, I am, sir.
So if anyone was to engage in that kind of a relationship and if they didn't wanna get transferred I think they'd be very careful about how they acted around each other wouldn't you? - Yes, I would.
Well, as far as I know you haven't done anything to be sorry for.
And I want you to keep it that way.
Thank you, sir.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
NG: Hey, Johnny, you want to type this? KELLY: Good job, Harold.
- Carlin tape his statement? - For a drunk, he's got a good memory.
Now there's a guy who wants my ass so bad he can taste it.
He can taste my ass too while he's at it.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You know what, you want to get some dinner? I was kind of hoping Sylvia might stop by later.
- How did Lesniak do? - She did good.
KELLY: Night.
- Here's my fives.
- Night.
- Night.
Nice job with that interview.
Nice talking to you.
So does Kelly's paperwork look okay? Yeah.
Let's announce we've got our cop shooter.
- Hasta la vista, Andy.
- Yeah, take it easy, Harold.
- Yeah.
See you, lieu.
- Hey, good job, Harold.
John Kelly did some good job.
He some damn good cop.
Why don't you people just put on cheerleading outfits? Tough to fire someone who just brought down a cop killer.
- Night, Andy.
- Yeah, good night.
- Carlin confessed.
- Yeah.
- That poor woman.
- Yeah.
So did you figure out that new place for us to eat? Why don't we just go to my place, and I'll cook you something? No, I don't want to put you out.
But you want to marry me.
Do you see anything strange about that? No.
I mean, eventually we'd start eating at home.
What's your point? Andy, when you proposed I got the feeling you thought if we were married it would fix something.
I don't wanna get married feeling like something needs to be fixed.
- In other words, you're saying no.
- I'm not saying no.
But I do think we need to get comfortable with each other.
Comfortable? I intend to get married.
And I don't want anyone else in my life right now but you.
I want us to get there but we're not there yet.
- Yeah, okay.
COSTAS: Look I'm hungry.
So just come over for dinner, okay? You already got food there? No, I'll have to shop.
But I go shopping all the time.
I meant to say, maybe we could go shopping together.