NYPD Blue s02e04 Episode Script

Dead and Gone

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: GIARDELLA: Hey, Sipowicz.
Looks like you're a creature of habit too, Sipowicz.
I'm sorry, Andy.
You were always more than a trick to me, Andy.
LESNIAK: Leave me alone, Jimmy.
- I just want Listen to me, all right? - Get out.
ABRUZZO: You think this is over? It's not.
You still love me.
- We're working on a double homicide.
- You going to a meeting tonight? - I'll try.
- It's an important meeting for you.
- Dan, I am gonna try to make it.
- Nothing's more important than sobriety.
Guys are breaking into dealers in your area, Tahir.
- We wanna put a camera in your place.
- I'm down.
Set it up.
KELLY: Police! SIPOWICZ: Turn around! - You had no idea this was cops, huh? - No idea.
If you were set up on cops, we should've been notified.
I told you, we had no idea.
Does Janice Licalsi's name appear in this document? - No.
ABRAMS: The Intelligence Division believes pages have been torn from the Marino ledger.
- Do you know how that happened? - No.
You float crap about that ledger then think you can dictate schedules? I will fix it when I get back.
You'll find out what your position is.
Dan Breen.
I canceled on him twice.
KELLY: Okay, no problem.
SIPOWICZ: He gets all upset.
Oh, man.
No bruises, no strangulation marks, one gunshot wound.
in the baby seat when she was shot.
- Is this the driver here? COP 1: That's him.
COP 2: Whatever you need, we got it.
- Detective Kelly.
You were the driver? - Yeah, yeah.
God almighty.
- What's your name? Duane Rollins.
My girlfriend's kid got shot.
KELLY: You see who fired? DUANE: No.
I was just driving.
Suddenly, they were shooting at me, came out of nowhere.
- How many were there? - I don't know.
- Two? A driver and a shooter or? - I guess so.
- They just shot, then they took off.
- Did you get a look at the car? - Maybe it was brown, I don't know.
- Can you think of anybody after you? No.
No, it was one of those drive-by things.
KELLY: Where's the mother? DUANE: She didn't come home.
MARTINEZ: Were you here? - Let me use your phone.
- Can you spell the mother's name? DUANE: R-O-W-E.
Sandy Rowe.
KELLY: Okay.
- How you doing? What was the baby's name? Tiffany.
Yeah, who's this? Lois, what, are you nuts? Oh, nice, real nice.
All right, well, you better call 911.
Yeah, okay, I'll come right over.
- You guys live together? - John, I gotta go.
Personal situation.
KELLY: You all right? SIPOWICZ: Yeah.
KELLY: All right.
MARTINEZ: Can I talk to you? - Sure.
Hang loose, Duane, okay? DUANE: Yeah, sure.
MARTINEZ: A witness saw the chase.
Saw that guy driving away from another car.
KELLY: Let him through.
- This is Detective Kelly.
- I understand you saw what happened? Well, I heard them way back there, tires screeching.
Then they come up on this street over here where I was walking.
They chased him up here.
That's where he started shooting.
- See any faces? SPINKS: No.
I saw a gray car when they was racing past.
Two guys.
I couldn't tell if they were white or black.
Thanks for your help.
- Thank you, James.
Duane, come back to the station house with me.
Duane, come back to the station house with me.
- We need to talk a little more.
- I don't know anything else.
- I understand, but I want you to come.
- What for? Duane, we gotta get in that car over there.
Let's go.
SIPOWICZ: Where is he? - Thank you, Andy.
I'm losing my mind.
SIPOWICZ: I can't believe it.
LOIS: He came after his night shift.
I mean, he always gets kind of worked up.
All of a sudden, he just He just kicked off.
It was horrible.
I was so freaked out.
Yeah, poor Howie.
He was getting too old for this.
He's married, of course.
I gotta get him to his car.
He's married, of course.
I gotta get him to his car.
It's at the station house.
He didn't like to have it parked outside.
Look, I got an appointment.
You sit tight until I get back.
I'll take care of this.
No, you gotta take him out now.
I got people coming up here soon.
Oh, you are a real piece of work, Lois.
Howie's not even cold yet, and you're worried about your next john.
Andy, either take Howie out now, or I'm gonna call 911.
Help me get him dressed.
Come on, Howie.
Dead and Gone Vince Gotelli, night watch.
Adrienne Lesniak.
You guys got a homicide? Yeah, I'm a little late getting in.
I had a situation at home.
I gotta testify in court.
LESNIAK: That's quite a cup.
- Yeah, isn't it? - Family heirloom? - It's just for laughs.
- I guess I don't get the humor.
What do you mean? It's my cup.
That's great.
I just prefer not to see it.
How about if I put a brassiere on it? I hope you stay on the night watch, Gotelli.
I hope you stay on the night watch, Gotelli.
KELLY: Run this guy through BCI.
- The girlfriend? KELLY: Girlfriend too.
Greg, would you situate Duane for me please? Yeah.
What's IAB doing here? KELLY: I don't know.
MEDAVO Y: Let's go down here.
- What are you doing here, Kimmy? - You tell me.
- Those guys brought me in here.
- How about you, Tahir? They just say they wanted to talk to me.
FANCY: Use Interviews 1 and 2.
- Lieutenant, I was gonna use 1.
Then use the 124 room downstairs.
BRIGHAM: Let's go, Tahir.
- Kimmy.
Come on.
- Over here.
- What's this about? They're re-interviewing cases you worked on.
Can't they do that downtown? They said the interviewees live in the precinct.
Where are you on that child homicide? The mother's boyfriend had the girl in a car.
He said it was a drive-by.
I haven't been able to locate her yet but I think he's all wrong.
- I don't know how yet.
- Get him.
They're doing this here to embarrass me.
How long you live at the hotel, Duane? DUANE: Couple of weeks.
Where'd you live before that? Another hotel.
We are gonna need more help locating Sandy.
- I told you, she went to see a friend.
- And she left the child with you? What was the friend's name? She never said.
Never mentioned the friend's name? I don't remember.
Her being out all night, weren't you worried about Sandy? DUANE: Yeah, I was worried.
I was driving around looking for her when Tiffany got shot.
Sandy work someplace? She's looking for work.
John, you got a second? - What's up? - This is Duane's rap sheet.
Sandy Rowe got popped for prostitution last night.
She's being arraigned this morning on Centre Street.
- Let me take care of him, we'll get her.
- Okay.
MEDAVO Y: Are you working Duane? DUANE: We've both been looking.
We haven't been in town very long.
MEDAVO Y: You came in from where? - Baltimore.
But you used to live here.
So what? Well, burglary, assault, possession of cocaine.
DUANE: You guys are really something.
I get used for target practice, and I'm the criminal.
KELLY: I don't think this is random.
- What do you call it? I think you know these people.
They chased you in traffic, in and out, for two blocks.
What, is this fun for you guys? I'm broken up about this kid, and you just wanna harass my ass.
I don't care what else you're into, okay? But you know these people.
They chased you, and they shot an 18-month-old girl.
So I want you to give them up.
I got nothing to tell you because I don't know them.
I don't know why they picked us.
We just picked up Sandy for prostitution.
We're going down to Centre Street to pick her up now.
While I'm there, I want you to sit here and think about your little scenario because I wanna come back and get it right.
Got it? SIPOWICZ: Hey, Howie, I gotta make you presentable here you dumb son of a bitch.
Get your tongue inside there.
- Hey.
- The invisible man.
Dan, I'm sorry about all the postponements.
Don't be sorry.
Remedy your faults.
And I gotta do it again.
I gotta leave.
- What the hell is going on with you? - In general or right now? BREEN: Three telephone conversations in 24 days.
That's what I wanted to explain to you, Dan.
- You say you've been going to meetings.
- I have been.
I'm going to the 10: 15's at Gramercy Park.
Okay, I'll take your word for that.
But it's evident something is going on.
All right, look, Dan there may be an advancement in my relationship with Sylvia.
I wanted to discuss this with you in detail at a time of early convenience.
- What kind of advancement? - Uh We're talking about living together.
You were okayed to have dinner with her.
- This is why I wanted to talk to you.
- And now you're cohabiting! I have a pressing obligation in the car.
You are a classic drunk.
You can't stay inside boundaries.
You walk in for dinner.
You walk out, you're shacked up.
I'm surprised you didn't ask her to marry you.
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
Hey! Hey! Get away from the car.
Can you spare some change? I'm not an addict or alcoholic or anything.
I got a job interview uptown, but I don't have subway fare.
Can you help me out? Go on, take off.
- What's wrong with him? - Nothing.
He's drunk like you.
Get lost.
- That man looks dead.
- Will you get lost? What'd you do to him? Hey, y'all, there's a dead man over here! - You know what this means? - Yeah, you a cop.
- It means shut up and start walking.
- All right, I hear you.
SAND Y: Where is Duane? - We need to talk, then see Duane.
- James, take her up to Interview.
Kimmy, come here.
- Who'd you piss off? - What did IAB want? To talk about when you got me money after Nicky was shot.
I got you that money so you could get out of town, right? They wanted to know were you getting sex from me, is that why I got money.
You told them the truth though, right? - I'm not feeling so good.
- Kimmy.
Kimmy, you told them the truth though, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I said it wasn't like that.
I kind of got the feeling that was the B answer.
How was Florida? I was gonna go, you know, but l I kind of got into some behavior.
Take care of yourself, okay? You too.
- How old are you, Sandy? - Nineteen.
Do you know if Tiffany said anything? If she was alive at all afterward? I think she died right away.
KELLY: I know this is painful for you, Sandy.
But I've gotta ask you a few questions, and it's important you're honest.
- I understand.
KELLY: All right.
Now was anybody after Duane that you know about? - No.
Nobody he had run-ins with that you know about? - No.
How long you two been together? About six months, I guess.
How long you been turning tricks? Couple months.
Not every day though.
I just been going out once in a while.
It sounds to me like he has a drug habit, and that's why he's got you out there.
He doesn't use drugs.
I'm not here trying to bust him for that.
Tiffany was in the car with him when she got shot and we wanna catch the people who did this.
I don't know anything.
Are you scared of him, Sandy? We can protect you.
- You'll think about this for life.
- I'm thinking of her every second now.
Do you wanna always remember you didn't do anything? I don't know anything.
He never talked to me about business.
Was Duane dealing? Look.
Look, I just wanna look at my little girl, okay? I just wanna see my baby.
Take her over to 30th Street, James.
Come on, Sandy.
SIPOWICZ: Greg, come here.
- Hey, Andy.
Hey, come here, I wanna talk to you a minute.
Boy, that Cuban-American place is getting really popular for lunch.
I was there for lunch today SIPOWICZ: Can you help me? - Yeah, what's up? Come here.
I wanna ask you something.
Get in the car here.
We gotta go someplace.
MEDAVO Y: Well, that's Howie Hornbeck's car.
- Where's Howie? - He's a couple of blocks away in my car.
We're gonna drive there, then you'll drive my car back.
- And then you'll ride back with Howie? - Yeah.
Would you please get in the car? Did your car go dead? No, Medavoy.
Howie's dead in my car.
Now I wanna move him into his car but not in front of the station.
Would you please just get in the car? Howie's dead? Medavoy, get in the car! Let's put him in the passenger seat and when we get to the station, we'll slide him over.
MEDAVO Y: How many laws are we breaking? What do you want me to do, Medavoy? Have him get found with a $40 hooker? - All right, here, I'll get the feet.
- I'll take the top.
Here we go.
MEDAVO Y: On three.
- Yeah.
MEDAVO Y: One, two, three.
SIPOWICZ: Got him? - I got him, yeah.
SIPOWICZ: Okay, okay.
All right.
[FARTING] - Oh, jeez.
- Oh, man, Howie.
All right, let me get the feet in first.
I gotta get his feet in.
Oh, man, he's got me all tangled up.
Okay, good.
All right.
Now slide him over.
MEDAVO Y: Why? So I can grab his collar.
Otherwise, I step on the brake he smashes his head on the dashboard.
That's good.
Here's my keys.
Hey, Andy, something's not right.
- What? - Did you button these buttons? I was in a hurry.
MAN: That smells really nice.
- There, that's better.
- All right, close the door.
Does your car have any special handling traits? No.
LESNIAK: Jimmy, listen Because you need to see a doctor.
Because you need treatment, Jimmy.
Why? You say they're gonna find me in a pool of blood? Our lives are not over.
We should go on with our new lives.
Please, let me do that.
Do it for yourself.
You stop this.
I'm asking you for a last time.
I'm hanging up.
I'm hanging up, Jimmy.
Oh, God, please, leave me alone.
Miss Hypersensitive.
- I thought you were on night tour.
GOTELLl: I just finished in court.
Yeah, well, leave me alone.
Is someone about to get the curse? Oh, Gotelli.
You know, I was gonna get Band-Aids for this, but I didn't have the time.
Sit down.
Sit down, Duane.
When am I getting released? I don't know.
I don't know.
Look, I didn't see them.
I don't know them.
What can I do? If you were in the middle of a criminal act, say drug dealing when this child got killed in your car in the eyes of the law, that's like pulling the trigger.
What's that bitch telling you I'm dealing? - She's crazy.
She's out of her mind.
- You got a crack problem.
Yeah, that's a crock too.
But I'm handy.
Pin something on me.
KELLY: Here's the other thing.
These guys that are after you are not gonna let up after what you witnessed this morning.
Hey, you're not slick enough for this work.
I'm not dealing anything, and nobody's after me.
You believed everything that crazy bitch told you.
She lost her child this morning.
You owe her respect.
- What about me? Where's my respect? - Be a man, and you'll get your respect.
The kid was killed in your car.
You're responsible.
So I want you to take responsibility for it and give me these guys.
I don't owe anybody.
I've been jerked around my whole life.
Nobody ever gave me one damn thing.
Go on, buck for your promotion.
I've been stepped on by badder guys than you'll see in your wildest dreams.
I doubt that, Duane.
No? I've been screwed by experts since I was a kid.
You wanna see a victim of child abuse? You're looking at one.
Locked in closets, beat with a board, you name it.
What do you know about what I had to go through? - Sandy is out on the streets - She was hustling when I met her.
turning tricks, hooked on dope.
Now her child has been killed.
That's your fault.
Man, you're really simple.
I took her in off the streets.
She'd be dead if it wasn't for me.
I'm not any kind of damn pimp.
I tried to take her out of the life.
She sneaks off, turns a trick once in a while.
I tried to take her out of the life.
She sneaks off, turns a trick once in a while.
I did the best I could.
I tried to be a father to that kid, but I can't control everything.
- You're a liar, Duane.
- Well, I don't care what you think.
I can look myself in the mirror anytime.
- What do you see? - What do I see? I see a good guy.
Okay, this is what we got.
You're not getting out of here.
I'm not bucking for any promotion because I'm about strung up on this job.
So if I have to lock the doors and pull the shades down in here to get what I want from you, I will.
So I want these guys, got it? Poor little baby.
There, there, there, huh? Sandy, in your daughter's memory, I want you to cooperate with us.
Some dealers let Duane have credit on a quarter ounce because Duane had a buyer, and the guy didn't show.
And we did a lot of it.
Duane tried to talk his way out of it but he told me they were real pissed at him for not coming up with the money.
- It could've been them.
- Do you know their names? Tito was one.
And I don't know their last names.
Duane would have to tell you.
Do you know what they look like, where they deal out of? You ever seen them? No.
I don't think so.
Okay, we'll get it off of Duane.
All right? - Sarge, Howie Hornbeck's dead.
- Where is he? What happened? In the parking lot in his car.
He's stone dead.
- Well, let me call EMS.
- He worked a night tour.
- He must've been there all day.
- He had a heart attack, huh? - Yeah.
SERGEANT: This is the 15th Precinct.
We need an ambulance here to pronounce a DOA.
What's up? Howie Hornbeck died.
- Howie Hornbeck? - Howie Hornbeck.
How can I help myself? KELLY: You done with this guy? - Yeah.
KELLY: See you, Tahir.
- See you, detective.
KELLY: Let me ask you a question.
You're using him to make a case against a wrong cop, correct? - Is that the question? - No, that's not the question.
The question is, if you're dealing with him down on Hudson Street The question is, if you're dealing with him down on Hudson Street all the time, why re-interview up here? It's called obeying orders.
You ought to try it sometime.
Your orders are to humiliate me in my own house? - I gotta go.
- I want an answer from you right now.
Go ahead, detective, make another mistake.
FANCY: Howie's space is next to mine.
I was parked right next to him.
I must've walked right past him this morning.
I'm taking a membership out at one of them gyms.
- Hear about Howie Hornbeck? - The night tour guy? SIPOWICZ: I found him dead in his car.
- You're kidding me.
FANCY: Looks like a heart attack.
MARTINEZ: I'll be right with you.
I don't think I'll be able to recognize any pictures.
Go ahead, we'll see how you do.
- I just heard Howie died.
- Yeah, how're you doing with her? She gave up the boyfriend's dealing.
He had two guys mad at him.
- Can she pick them out? - She doesn't think so.
All she had was the first name of one, but I'll run some photos anyway.
- What about the boyfriend? KELLY: Said he didn't see.
FANCY: Could he be telling the truth? - No.
HAVERILL: Lieutenant.
- You got a minute? - Yeah.
Stay on him.
- I gotta talk to the M.
KELLY: Okay.
- What was that name she gave up? - Sandy? - Yeah.
- Tito.
- Tito.
Stay on her.
- Okay.
I gotta contact Hornbeck's family.
This won't take long.
Kelly's transferred to the borough.
He'll work dispatch.
- IAB investigates him for a month.
- IAB's a separate matter.
They come up with zilch.
IAB's inquiry is separate, and I understand it's not complete.
- And you hang him out? - He was borderline insubordinate.
He stinks from that trial and is reassigned.
No, this stinks, captain.
Let's you and me work a signal out, okay, lieutenant? If I'm here for your opinion on something, I'll come in wearing a rose.
Let the man know.
DUANE: Here come the Marines.
Story of your life, Duane.
- What is? - In too long, out too soon.
I guess I'll be smart enough when I file for brutality.
For what? Nobody touched you and you could've walked out of here with some cash in your pocket.
Cash, huh? - How would that've worked? - That's what I've been trying to tell you.
We got a 2-year-old girl who's been shot.
We gotta clear that.
We could've gone into our pockets for you.
But asshole that you are, you made me wait.
So I don't need you anymore.
I got another witness.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
I don't think you have anything, or you wouldn't be talking to me.
I've got Tito.
Tito rolled on his buddy and he got the deal that you could've had.
So I got something.
Is there any money left? I'm gonna need full cooperation.
I'm gonna need names, places of business.
And then I've gotta prove to the D.
You're not an asshole.
SIPOWICZ: Looking for me? - Detective Sipowicz? - Yeah.
I understand you discovered the body.
What was it, a heart attack? I think so.
We'll verify on autopsy.
But I'm concerned about the body position.
What do you mean? Lividity's all wrong for the position he's in.
Well, I moved him a little.
Well, I moved him a little.
When I found him he was sagging forward on the steering wheel.
But I pulled him back.
When this man died, he wasn't sitting up at all.
The blood's settled in the front of him.
If he'd be sitting up, it would've settled in the lower part of his body.
- It was a heart attack, right? - Also, the front of his shirt's tucked in his undershorts.
- What're you getting at? Somebody put Detective Hornbeck's clothes on him and moved him.
No, no.
I totally disagree with that.
You speaking as a detective? Yeah, as someone he worked with.
I met his wife.
There wasn't a crime committed.
This was natural causes.
I'm not saying it wasn't natural causes.
Now what could've happened is maybe somebody pulled his pants up or moved him from someplace to somewhere's else.
That doesn't have to be a part of the report.
- Why not? - Look, you heard the expression: "I wouldn't wanna get caught dead" in a certain place? - Sure.
- Well, this could've been that situation.
He could've been in a place he didn't wanna get caught dead in.
That's what happened.
And then someone moved him after he expired to save him embarrassment? - I think so.
- You're confident about that? - A hundred percent.
- Because the lividity's all wrong.
I'm telling you, doc, you can sign off on this one.
Okay, he died in the car.
You gonna show that to the D.
A? Yeah, but first I want you to come out with us and pick these guys out.
- In a lineup, right? - No, in the street.
You never had them.
You son of a bitching liar.
I'm gonna get you the 2000, Duane.
And maybe if these guys have federal beefs, I can relocate you.
Stand up.
Stand up, Duane, or I'm gonna break your neck.
Let's go.
MARTINEZ: You recognize anybody? Stand right there.
Andy, you wanna take a ride? He's gonna pick out the shooters.
- Your car.
Mine's airing out.
KELLY: Okay.
Lieutenant, he's gonna cooperate and show us where to grab these guys.
- Good.
- How's Haverill? Okay.
- I'm doing this for you.
KELLY: Shut up, Duane.
Let's go.
- That's one of them.
That's Tito.
- Which guy? The Puerto Rican.
He's the one who was driving.
Ray's just inside the door.
KELLY: The other guy? DUANE: He's nobody.
Take him down.
Biker jacket.
- All right, got it.
MAN: See you next week, man.
MARTINEZ: Come on.
Don't make a sound.
Keep your mouth shut.
KELLY: Call Ray.
TITO: I don't know Ray.
KELLY: Call for Ray, or I'll blow your brains out.
Yo, Ray! Get your hands up in the air.
Turn around and keep your hands in the air.
MARTINEZ: We're taking a ride downtown, all right? Let's go.
I'm putting in a 28.
And I can't work my shift tonight, and you don't know why.
- And I probably don't need to.
- Howie Hornbeck was a friend of mine.
He was as great a guy as you'll ever wanna know.
I had more laughs with Howie than anybody I ever worked with.
I mean, there was a man who knew how to have a good time.
And now it's over.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, you're sorry? You know that cup you went and broke? Howie gave me that cup.
That was my tit cup.
Detective Lesniak, Detective Abruzzo on two.
Tell him I'm not here.
[KNOCKING] Hi, it's me, Sandy.
SAND Y: Do I have to look at more pictures? No, we just picked up the guys Duane told us about.
If he IDs them in a lineup, there'll probably be an arrest.
- Do I have to leave now? - No, not right away.
How's your headache? I don't know where to go.
Everything's just so weird.
I just I didn't know it all gets like this.
You gotta hold yourself together now, Sandy.
I can't handle this with Duane anymore.
I just wanna be gone from all this.
Do you wanna be with your sister in Florida? I don't have any money.
- Lf I could get it for you, would you go? - Yeah, I'd get out of New York so fast.
I'm gonna see what I can do.
You said that the charity'd bury Tiffany? Right, the church'll bury Tiffany.
If you got me that money, maybe then I should use that for her.
That'd be your choice.
But if you ask my opinion, I think you should go to your sister's.
I'm gonna lie back down.
I'll let you know what happens.
That's the other one.
That's Tito.
- Say the number.
DUANE: Number two.
You got them.
KELLY: All but number two, go please.
MONITOR: Everybody else, come on.
Let's go.
DUANE: What will you do to him? - Charge him with murder.
MONITOR: Right through there.
- Can't you mess him up or something? - Can I talk to you a second, John? KELLY: Sure.
When you're done, I need you in my office.
KELLY: Okay.
- I'll be right with you.
- My money coming? MARTINEZ: It's on its way.
- What's going on? - It's about the money for this guy.
On the first 500, I wanna get Sandy a deuce.
- That's between her and her boyfriend.
MARTINEZ: We can't give it to her? No, he made the ID so they're gonna want him in court.
She did give up that Tito's name.
- What's going on, James? - I don't know.
She's talking about getting away from this guy, going to her sister's.
I don't know, maybe she'd take the money and use it to cop.
- I'd like her to make it bus fare.
- Gotta get it from him.
- Duane has to give it up.
- Gotta get it from him.
- Okay.
All right, thanks.
- Okay.
FANCY: Yeah, come on in.
Close the door.
You're transferred to borough dispatch duty, John.
Steady day tour, effective tomorrow.
I wish I had a way to reach out, but I don't have the juice to help you.
- Think it's just Haverill? - No.
It's gotta go past him.
He doesn't have the guts to do it on his own.
Take a minute.
I'm gonna get some coffee.
No, it's okay.
You've been a great cop for me.
- Thanks.
- I'm sorry.
HAVERILL: Detective Martinez? MARTINEZ: Yeah? What's going on? Transferred.
Radio dispatch down at the borough.
Same shift he puts a knife in your back he's up here on a case that you clear.
- Andy.
SIPOWICZ: Let me talk to this asshole.
Andy! - Sign all three documents.
- Okay.
HAVERILL: Then you sign.
Hey, what are my limits on spending this? HAVERILL: Just your good sense.
- I need to talk to you.
- What is it, Sipowicz? What do you think it is? Kelly's transfer's a settled matter.
I think maybe you're forgetting I saw you walk from the Disico hit, captain.
You think I was gonna wait for you to drop that safe on my head? After you went to bat for your lieutenant last Christmas, I went on record as to what happened at that incident.
I'm off the hook, Sipowicz.
You wanna call downtown about it? We got free phones.
Those people that took you off the hook, those are the people that want Kelly? - He lied at that trial.
- Everybody lies at trials.
- He embarrassed the job.
- He embarrassed the job? And piss runs uphill, right, captain? And you're a stand-up guy.
- Where's my other 200? - Sandy gets that.
I'm gonna take care of Sandy.
That $500 was for me.
Hey, lower your voice.
Come over here, Duane.
Listen, if Sandy wants to see you tomorrow she can put back her 200 with your 300.
- You're gonna leave her alone tonight.
- Are you trying to break us up? Listen to me, Duane.
You make a stink about this money and when I check you into that motel, I'll lock the door and kick your ass.
- I said not to do that.
- They're screwing you! I know.
That's what they do.
They get my badge, but they don't get me to beg.
I know.
That's what they do.
They get my badge, but they don't get me to beg.
- Don't let them.
- What can I do? - John, ride it out.
- They'll find something.
They can't find their heads up their asses.
They will find something.
Look how hard they're trying to nail me.
They will find something, and I am not answering phones until they do.
You know I'm right.
I thought I was gonna be 65 when I left this job kicking and screaming for that age waiver.
Thanks, buddy.
Back at you.
Tell Fancy I'll clean out the locker later, okay? MARTINEZ: Hey.
That guy gave the money up.
- Good.
- She's gonna go to a separate motel.
- Good.
Listen, James - Yeah? I'm leaving the job.
- What do you mean? They'll put me on at borough dispatch until they get rid of me, so - Don't leave, man.
Don't quit, John.
- Listen, James, you're gonna be okay.
Just keep doing what we talk about, okay? Yeah.
- I can still call you though.
- You better believe it.
All right, I gotta take this girl her money now.
- I'll see you.
- Yeah.
Howie Hornbeck's wife's on line two.
What're you gonna tell her? I'll take care of it.
KELLY: Good night, sarge.
SERGEANT: Good night, Kelly.