NYPD Blue s02e07 Episode Script

Double Abandando

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: DONNA: Remember where we are.
MEDAVO Y: I just wanna COSTAS: I cleared out half the closet.
Yeah, I thought the official move wasn't until next week.
I was putting my son's laundry away.
I found that in a drawer.
Is it loaded? Tell the guy's name, where you got that gun and I promise he's not gonna give you any trouble.
We can file a complaint for violence.
Detective Simone with an E.
The shield number's 3118.
You can get it off your forehead in a mirror.
- Hey, I thought you were in court.
- Resnik took the hearing.
- I needed to talk to you.
- What? Andy, you're not gonna like hearing this.
I'm under control.
Just tell me what's wrong.
Elvira called me at the office and MEDAVO Y: Excuse me.
She couldn't vacuum the apartment because a circuit breaker was tripped.
That's it? That's nothing.
I can fix that.
Hey, Greg.
- The super already did that.
- Then what's the problem? Apparently, we should not have plugged the fish tank into the same outlet as the television.
- Uh-huh.
- The fish are dead.
- Uh-huh.
- Morning.
COSTAS: Morning.
I went by there, Andy and they're all floating upside down.
It'd only been a couple hours.
A couple of hours? Those are salt-water tropicals.
- A couple hours can be devastating.
- We'll get some more fish.
You don't just replace those fish.
Those were specific fish.
I'll have to talk to you later.
SIMONE: Morning.
What, the back again? No.
Boy, those night tour guys leave some mess, huh? They certainly do.
Maybe I'll leave a note or something.
- My sister just called.
- Oh, yeah? - She split with her husband.
- Oh, sorry to hear that.
And whenever she has a crisis, I'm supposed to bail her out.
It's not like we got a lot of room at our place.
Wait, your sister's coming to stay? She says it's just for a little while, until they decide on counseling or if it's gonna be permanent.
- I'll get a room for a while.
No way.
My sister's not gonna put you out.
I guess she can sleep on the divan.
Look, it's not a problem.
We'll all be fine together.
[GUNSHOTS] Were those gunshots? Sylvia just walked out of here.
SERGEANT: Across the street, a kid got shot in the schoolyard.
FANCY: Give me the radio.
Stand back, stand back.
FANCY: Fifteenth Squad to Central, rush on the ambulance to IS 27 schoolyard.
Forget it, lieu.
He's gone.
It's two in the heart.
Notify the ME and Crime Scene to respond.
SIMONE: Did anybody see what happened here? What, nobody saw anything? Nobody saw anything, huh? SIMONE: You a teacher? SIPOWICZ: Anybody know who he is? TEACHER: His name's Eddie Diaz.
I better call his parents.
[THUNDERING] He ran into the locker room.
Caught him in the can, trying to dump this into the toilet.
MEDAVO Y: I'll take that.
- Nick, for God sakes.
FANCY: You know this kid? Yeah, his mom's a friend of mine.
Can you do me a favor? Bring him across the street, put him upstairs.
OFFICER: Come on, let's go.
[BELL RINGS] FANCY: Get him covered up.
FANCY: Get him covered up.
MEDAVO Y: Anybody else here see anything? Hear anything? - Catching on this homicide? - Yeah, that's me.
- Is there a problem? - No.
No, I'm all right.
Double Abandando WOMAN: How could this happen? How do you let this happen? Mrs.
Diaz, we do what we can.
- Detective Simone? Here he is.
- Where's Nicky? SIMONE: He's in the back.
I can't believe this.
Tell me it's not true.
Let's go sit at my desk.
- You want coffee or something? - No, thank you.
SIMONE: Come on.
I'll get you some water.
I'll be right back.
So the school post officer caught Nick trying to ditch a gun in the boy's toilet.
Well, that doesn't mean he killed anyone.
- You don't think he did it? - That's why you're here, Christy.
You have to be present when we talk to him, help us find out what happened.
What about a lawyer? I'm not gonna lie to you.
You can go that way.
But I think the best thing to do is to find out what happened.
I've dreaded this since his father left.
I've dreaded this since his father left.
He doesn't talk to me or tell me where he goes.
- I'm Detective Sipowicz.
- Andy and I are working this together.
[SOBBING] The dead kid's mother.
That was our corner.
He had no business there.
"Our corner," huh? Who else hung out there? A group of us guys.
Like John, Bruce, and that Mace kid? Yeah.
They hadn't shown up.
Just me.
Then this PR starts pushing it.
- Pushing what? - Being where he don't belong.
We don't keep them in their place, in 10 years it's gonna be us or them.
Those assholes! If I hadn't shot him who would respect me? My God, Nicky, do you know what you're saying? You're out of the loop, Mom.
Forget it.
You're wrong.
I'm your mother.
I'm never out of the loop.
Hey, Nick, let me tell you what this means here.
I know what it means.
I'm 11.
The worst that can happen to me is a few years in Spofford.
- Who told you that? It's the law.
I know about the law.
SIPOWICZ: From the mouths of babes.
- Yeah.
Maybe you got a groundball to first there.
- How'd it go? - He's saying he did it but I wanna keep him out of the system.
FANCY: You don't buy the story? I don't know.
You know, this kid's 11.
He wants to be tough.
Maybe he's taking the weight for somebody.
I wanna hold off until we talk to the older guys that he hangs with.
- Okay, bring them in then.
SIMONE: All right, thanks.
[SIRENS WAILS] [MUMBLING] - Is that all you're gonna do? - Don't worry.
That's the guy that got shot.
MARTINEZ: You got the 61? - You got this? - They're holding jobs in the precinct.
- Go ahead.
Somebody fired at you? Maybe.
I don't know, it sounded like firecrackers to me.
Everybody seems to be okay.
If those cops didn't show up so fast, probably would've forgotten it by now.
I can't believe you're gonna let her get away with this.
- So you don't think it was an accident? - Those bullets were meant for Eddie.
- We both know who did it.
- No, baby, we're not sure.
- Who did it? - His ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Mills.
- Did you see her? - No, it happened really fast.
- Did you see her? - Dorie was getting water.
So why do you think it's this Jennifer Mills? She's been threatening him saying things like, "There's gonna be an accident," that kind of crap.
- So why is she threatening you? - I don't know.
- So why is she threatening you? - I don't know.
She's pissed because he dumped her, and that was over a year ago.
MARTINEZ: Hey, you're bleeding.
LESNIAK: Yeah, you are.
- Look at that.
DORIE: Bleeding? - Why don't you sit down.
MARTINEZ: You better sit down.
- Sit down here.
- Can you take this off? REYNA: Yeah.
LESNIAK: Oh, you're shot.
- God, Eddie! Man, I didn't even feel this.
I heard the shot, and I started to put on my jacket.
Isn't that right, Dorie? I put on my jacket when she came back from the water fountain.
It's not too bad.
I'm gonna call EMS.
Now, do you think we could maybe file a complaint? It's gonna be fine.
The girl you're looking for is Jennifer Mills.
She works at Saybrook Industries.
Look, if it really was her, you don't need to worry.
I won't go after her.
I'll let her calm down then talk to her.
- So you don't wanna file a complaint? - No, definitely not.
If you don't, I'm going to.
Okay, I'll file a complaint, I guess.
Ambulance will be here in a few minutes.
MARTINEZ: All right.
- Listen, if there's a way we could designate this a low-priority complaint.
No, there's no way I can do that.
Why don't you go over there, have a seat, wait for the ambulance? REYNA: Yeah.
LESNIAK: I don't know.
- He puts on his jacket after he gets shot.
- I don't get that.
- Well, he said he didn't feel it.
Yeah, I guess that can happen.
Miss Mills, I'm Detective Martinez.
This is Detective Lesniak.
Miss Mills, I'm Detective Martinez.
This is Detective Lesniak.
- We'd like to ask you a few questions.
- Is there somewhere we can talk? Yeah, I think the coffee room's empty.
Do you know Eddie Reyna? Yeah, but I haven't seen him for a long time.
Where were you between 9:30 and 10? In our staff meeting.
What happened? Did someone trash Eddie's apartment or something? He got shot.
- Is he dead? - No, he's okay.
- He thinks you did it.
- He knows I'd like to.
He told us you made threatening phone calls.
I'm trying to get in touch with his girlfriend.
I want to warn her.
- I am sure he's threatened by that.
- Warn her about what? I'm HIV positive.
Eddie infected me.
- How do you know he infected you? - I don't do drugs.
I'm monogamous.
And all my old boyfriends tested negative.
- Has he tested? - No, he refuses.
I'm not his only victim.
I'm sure that I'm not the only person who'd like to kill him.
- Who else? He's such bad news.
It's like take your pick.
Drug dealers once shot at him in front of my building.
- He deals drugs? - Yeah, he has.
He bragged about all the money he made before I met him.
Spent it on a vacation to Jamaica.
What a prick he is! Look, I'm sorry.
I really hate the bastard.
MARTINEZ: You know the dealers? - No.
I know the girl he went out with before me.
He infected her too.
She's dying.
MARTINEZ: We'd like to get her name.
Kathy Manning.
Her number's in my Rolodex.
I'll get it for you.
Yeah, sure.
I skinned my knuckle installing my folks' water heater.
- I got pretty close to that guy.
- Hey, he may not have it.
The guy looked really healthy.
- Yeah, so does she.
- Yeah.
SIMONE: Can you run that info for me and get back to me? I'm Vincent Mackie.
My wife said I'm supposed to bring my son in to see Detective Simone.
DONNA: Detective, Mr.
Mackie and his son are here.
My wife says that you were at the place looking for us.
Yeah, I'd like to talk to Bruce for a bit.
Not without me there.
Bruce is 16.
We can deal with him as an adult.
Like how you threatened him the other night? That how you'll deal with him? - Yeah, I heard all about that.
- Okay.
You know there was a little kid that was killed at school today? Bruce, you hear anything about that? - Just what I heard, like everybody else.
- There, that's it.
We should try and clear the air on this.
I don't wanna arrest him.
You don't scare me.
I can afford a lawyer.
He's not talking.
You're not gonna trick him.
He said what he knows.
You want more I call my lawyer.
Come on.
SIPOWICZ: Excuse me.
That kid, Mace, had the flu.
He's in bed with a 102 fever.
- Yeah.
- Bruce says he doesn't know anything.
- His father threatened to lawyer him up.
- Lieutenant wants you both in his office.
SIMONE: Thanks.
The proctor verified that John was in detention.
That's the third kid Nick was hanging with.
FANCY: Detectives Simone and Sipowicz are working the case.
Reeves is the principal at IS 27.
We got the tape of the 911 call.
Reeves was able to ID the voice.
It's Matthew Bernstein, our shop teacher.
The door to his shop is very near the playground.
I'm sure it's him.
We've shut down for the day but I know he's still over at the school.
- We'll talk to him.
- All right, go ahead.
[GIGGLES] Hi, Dana.
You better call Mom and let her know you got here.
- That's not Greg, is it? - No, that's Detective Simone.
SIMONE: Donna, we'll be at IS 27.
- All right, detective.
Look, when I get my break, we can take your stuff by my place.
Oh, good.
Lunch is my treat.
There he is.
- Donna, any messages? DONNA: Nothing new, detective.
By the way, this is my sister, Dana.
- Detective Medavoy.
- Hi, at last we meet.
- Sorry.
- Looks like you just got into town.
DANA: Just.
Well, enjoy your stay.
We're going out for lunch.
You wanna join us? Gee, um - Where? - The usual.
Yeah, I'll catch up.
I'm doing follow-ups on the canvass.
Yeah, I'll catch up.
I'm doing follow-ups on the canvass.
He's cute.
Very shy.
- Why'd you do that? - What? What, invite him along? I wanna get to know him.
But just keep your voice down about it, Dana.
I told you, he and I have to be very discreet around here.
All right.
No problem.
I think this whole secrecy thing makes it very romantic.
[DANA LAUGHS] WOMAN: Kathy? These people are police detectives.
They wanna ask you some questions.
- What about? MARTINEZ: Eddie Reyna, Kathy.
I'm Detective Martinez.
This is Detective Lesniak.
- Hi.
KATHY: What about Eddie? Someone took a shot at him, Kathy.
We wanna find out who it was.
You thought maybe it was me? I don't have the strength to go to the bathroom, detectives.
I'm dying.
Eddie took my life.
Are you sure about that? You're sure it was him? I was a virgin.
He said we'd get married.
- Was he hurt? - No, it was just a flesh wound.
How did you find out about me? Did Eddie ask about me? No.
Jennifer Mills gave us your name.
He infected her too.
- Is she all right? - So far.
Manning? Were you with your daughter all morning? You mean did I go out to shoot him? No, I was here, so was my husband.
We wish he was dead.
But shooting's too good for this man.
Okay, and thank you.
LESNIAK: Thank you.
WOMAN ON TAPE: 911 operator 2002.
Where's the emergency? MAN ON TAPE: I Just saw a boy shot in the schoolyard, IS 27.
He's hurt real bad.
Would you send an ambulance? WOMAN: Your name, telephone number and address, please.
MAN: Just get someone over here! Hurry! - It's not me.
- Well, it sounds just like you.
Half the Bronx sounds like me.
Whoever it is on that tape, he saw a Want me to tell you what I've seen? I've seen my tires slashed a couple of times.
Got my windshield busted out because I wouldn't let one of them make a machete in metal work.
We've had teachers assaulted.
Last year, there was a rape.
Suppose we check on this call and find out that it came from this office.
Look, people walk in or break into this office every day.
And you can forget about a voiceprint.
Tape quality's too lousy.
I know about electronics.
I teach industrial arts.
Bernstein, did Nicky Williamson do this shooting, huh? I wouldn't know.
I didn't see anything.
Look, I got the right to stop talking to you now.
So that's what I'm gonna do.
You did the right thing making that call.
Why not go all the way? I never made the call.
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
You didn't like the way I did that interview? You figure this guy told us everything he knew? I figured to come back at him, let his conscience eat at him a while.
I don't think his conscience had an appetite.
He needed to be pushed.
SIMONE: I don't like to be second-guessed.
Then stop reading my mind.
I walked back minding my own business.
You walked back here with a face like you swallowed a turd.
Did you really wanna hear what that teacher had to say? What the hell does that mean? - You think I don't wanna clear this case? - Hey, all I know I partnered with the greatest social worker since the nun from Calcutta.
But he always made sure the cop part got done.
But he always made sure the cop part got done.
Listen to me.
When my wife died, this kid's mother sat with her.
Do I hope this kid didn't pull the trigger? Yeah.
But if you think I'm protecting him, you can kiss my French-Portuguese ass.
Don't point that finger in my chest.
Well, don't say that I'm not doing my job.
Hey, turn it down or take it someplace else.
Nothing here proves Eddie Reyna knows he has HIV.
He knows.
He just doesn't care.
- This guy's gotten all these girls sick.
- Has he been tested? When we took the guy's 61, when he got shot we found out from EMS the guy wouldn't go to the hospital.
He didn't want his blood to come up positive.
Look, if you could prove he has been tested and he knew he was positive and he had sex with reckless disregard and then if you could exclude any possibility that the victim contracted the illness from another partner theoretically, you could make a case for endangerment.
But with the state of the law right now we're just not pursuing prosecutions in this area.
Minimum, we ought to warn the girl.
- I still wanna talk to that bastard.
- Well, there's no law against that either.
SIPOWICZ: Is he home for dinner? - Yeah.
All right, if he comes in, Detective Simone or Sipowicz in 15th Squad.
All right, if he comes in, Detective Simone or Sipowicz in 15th Squad.
It's about an incident at the school this morning.
Okay, thanks a lot.
SIMONE: Hey, Christy.
- Nicky's gonna have to stay? - Yeah, he's gonna have to.
- Have you found anything? Witnesses? - We're still working on it.
- But you don't think it was Nicky? - We're still checking things.
I'll take you upstairs.
- How's it going? - Any progress on the school shooting? - Are you gonna charge that boy? - We don't know yet.
Andy, my landlord called.
He said he can bring an electrician in to replace the old breaker panel.
- I'd rather do it myself.
- I wanted to ask you because you said you might wanna do that.
- Yeah, I'd prefer to do it.
I'll tell him.
I'm gonna get home a little early, so should I drain the tank? - No, just leave it.
- Okay.
In terms of the fish, "those things happen" is the approach I'm trying to take.
No one's at fault.
No one's at fault.
- So I'll see you back at the apartment? - Yeah, I'll see you later.
- Hey.
I'm gonna go back on that shop teacher now.
You want me to come or not? - It's up to you.
- Give me a minute.
- I'll meet you downstairs, all right? - No, I mean, let's go in here.
I wanna talk to you.
[SIPOWICZ SIGHS] I'll tell you, this day's got room for improvement, generally.
First thing I got hit with this morning, all my fish died.
- All of them? - An electrical thing.
The filter shut down.
Eight years ago there was this Newcastle's epidemic.
I lost all my birds.
See, that's a similar thing.
Anyways, in the hallway before I may have been halfway out of line, what I said.
I'd never dump a case, Andy.
You didn't take me right.
What I meant the way you felt, maybe you were going slow not that you didn't mean to get there.
You see, when you don't know someone, you have difficulty coming to an understanding.
- That's true.
- I worked with the other guy for eight years.
- I know, Andy.
I know.
Anyways Okay, I appreciate you saying that.
You want me to come with you on this interview or not? Yeah, I would.
MARTINEZ: Thanks for coming in.
- What else we gotta tell you? MARTINEZ: We have questions.
REYNA: What? - Did you talk to Jennifer? MARTINEZ: Take her into 2.
- Hold on, you talk to her with me.
You can't hold us here.
MARTINEZ: Would you rather be under arrest? - Under arrest for what? - Let's talk, all right? I know most of the people Eddie knows.
I mean, I know all the people from the gym.
That's where we met.
- You work out there? - I did.
Eddie was my personal trainer.
He's the best.
Are you aware that he was dealing drugs? That's a lie.
He's totally into health.
Did Jennifer tell you that? She's a liar.
Have you ever actually spoken to Jennifer? No.
Eddie doesn't want me talking to her.
She's crazy.
Let's talk about the time you got shot at by drug dealers.
I know where this is coming from.
Look, Jennifer is a very disturbed person.
I mean, you know the term transference? I mean, you know the term transference? She had a heavy drug problem, and I was trying to work it out of her make her understand that her body was the temple of her soul and she was destroying it.
- Have you ever been tested for HIV? - Do I look like I have AIDS? I'm asking the questions.
I've never been sick a day in my life.
Why should I be tested? Jennifer is positive.
Well, I'm very sorry to hear that, but I'm not surprised because of her drug problem.
- You're not worried? While I was with her, she was just dropping pills, no IV use.
How about Kathy Manning? Kathy? I haven't seen Kathy in three years.
She's dying.
Well, that's too bad, but it's got nothing to do with me.
You ever hear of reckless endangerment? Yeah.
And when you say something like that, I say get me a lawyer or let me leave.
If you'd seen Eddie without his shirt on you'd know there's no way he's got AIDS.
He told me that bitch was spreading that rumor.
Have you been tested? - I don't need to be.
- Have you practiced safe sex? The kind of sex I've practiced is none of your business.
Get yourself tested, Dorie, and protect yourself.
I don't need to.
I trust Eddie with my life.
Now can I please leave? Come on, let's get out of here.
- You okay? DORIE: She just asked me questions.
Did you get through to her? She thinks Eddie Reyna's the greatest guy in the world.
I still get nightmares being back in school getting called on, I don't have my homework.
I want you to know that I've spoken to my union and they said to notify them if you harass me.
I'm sympathetic with all your concerns.
But I need for you to confirm for us if we've arrested the right kid.
I don't know.
I didn't see.
If Nick Williamson did this, you're not gonna have to testify here, okay? He already confessed.
Just give me an indication that what he's saying is true.
I didn't see.
I can't give you an indication one way or the other.
See, I heard your voice on that tape.
So I know you did see.
What I think this is, is that you're trying to say he didn't do it without having to say who did.
If he didn't do it, you better step up.
Otherwise, this kid is going away and I'm telling you if he does, and you know he didn't pull the trigger it's not only his life that's ruined.
It's your life too.
Okay, I've been warned.
You can ruin your health over something like this.
Gets to where you can't sleep.
You're eating with your kids one day and start thinking: "Gee, I wonder what that kid is eating at Spofford?" Prison food.
- Leave me alone.
- Who you talking to now? To me or to your own conscience? If I tell you then I have to get a transfer out of here.
Doesn't exactly sound like you're in love with the place.
Look for someone who's a little older.
Stop playing games with us here.
Now give me a name.
Bruce Mackie.
- Smells good.
- Oh, yeah.
Donna should be home any minute.
Her legal-stenography class ends at 7.
Donna should be home any minute.
Her legal-stenography class ends at 7.
I took some fashion design courses at Tobé Coburn before I got married.
I'm thinking of trying to find something in the industry.
Yeah, sounds great.
I'm probably dreaming.
I'll probably end up working at the Gap.
You shouldn't give up your dreams.
That is really nice to hear, Greg.
I haven't heard that for three years.
Jeff doesn't relate to dreams.
He's just not ambitious.
I want something out of life.
Is that so bad? No, not at all.
You know, maybe I should heat up the baked apples.
I think they're better when they're hot.
When you left your wife, did you know for sure that it was the right thing to do? Were you absolutely positive? Yes and no.
But, you know, I think it's different for everybody.
I know I'm unhappy married to Jeff.
But now, I don't know where I'm going.
I don't know what'll happen to me.
I might be more unhappy.
I'm sure things will work out for you, Dana.
I'm just so alone.
It would be so great to have someone like you someone who understands what I'm going through.
Donna understands.
You know, maybe you should go in the other room and lie down for a little while.
Greg? Could you hold me? Just for a second? Dana, I don't think that's such a good idea.
Just hold me for a second, please.
Yeah, all right, just for a second.
There you go.
Oh, here's Donna now.
Donna, I'm glad you're here.
Dana's very upset about her future.
Oh, yeah? Is that why her robe's open? What's that supposed to mean? Donna, I think you got the wrong impression.
He was offering support, which is more than I can say for you the last few days.
Yeah? He was offering support.
- And what were you offering? - Girls, ladies DANA: This is how she thinks.
She can't conceive of a man and woman bonding without some sexual aspect.
Excuse me, I'm going for a walk.
I know how you operate, Dana.
Ever since junior high, nothing's changed.
Oh, I forgot, she knows everything.
She thinks a D-cup makes her God.
Please turn down the heat on the baked apples.
James, that 61 you took yesterday, shots fired.
- Yeah, Eddie Reyna.
- He's DOA.
- What've you got? - Didn't rob him.
- He's got 120 bucks in his pocket.
MARTINEZ: Hey, hold up.
Outer burns around the wound.
Looks like real close-range.
- Check stiffs for HIV? - We can.
Test this guy's blood and let me know.
There's his girlfriend.
Come on.
[THUNDERING] You see what happened, Dorie? Must've been those drug dealers again.
Did you see what happened to Eddie? Eddie's dead.
It's okay.
That's what I'm gonna be soon.
MARTINEZ: Why are you gonna be dead? - Because I'm sick.
- Sick, how? Dorie, did you get tested? Yeah.
He made me sick just like everyone else.
And now he's dead.
It's what he deserved.
Stand up, Dorie.
We're gonna have to take you to the station house.
Come on.
I happen to know you're holding some punk on this.
- Bruce's got no business here.
- We have an eyewitness a teacher who saw your son point a gun at Eddie Diaz and pull the trigger.
- The guy saw someone else, not Bruce.
- Trust me, the guy knows him.
Bruce is never gonna get through a line-up.
I don't know what they're talking about.
Are you lying to me? I ain't saying nothing.
You know what a murder charge means, Bruce? - Twenty-five years to life.
- Well, not me.
I'm a juvenile.
- Twenty-five years to life.
- Well, not me.
I'm a juvenile.
- I shouldn't even be here now.
SIMONE: He's wrong.
He can be tried as an adult and sentenced as an adult.
I'm not buying this.
We gotta talk to a lawyer.
Look, Mr.
Mackie, I got one offer to make here.
It gives your son a chance to have a life.
You wanna hear it? Yeah.
Bruce makes a full and frank confession.
He expresses remorse for his actions.
We'll make an effort to try this in family court.
- Effort? You gotta do better than that! - We don't got to do anything! We can close this case, and little Brucie here heads off to Ossining.
He didn't say he did it! We don't know that.
- I'll put him in the system.
Stand up! - No, wait, wait, wait! No, I'll take the deal.
Look, I don't wanna be tried as an adult.
Let's hear it.
I shot him.
Why? He was gonna tag our place in the yard.
No other reason? He shouldn't have been there.
SIMONE: How did Nicky get the gun? Came running over.
I gave it to him after I capped the guy.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry, Dad.
You disappointed Nick? No.
Why? Bruce confessed.
He's the big shot now.
- I don't believe that.
- I'll play you the tape.
He said he killed Eddie.
Then he gave you the gun and told you to ditch it.
He said he should've known better than to give it to a wimp.
He didn't say that.
I'm telling you, he must be some kind of guy, this Bruce.
What did he ever do for you that's worth three to five years in prison? I don't rat.
It's respect.
Oh, yeah? And how did he earn that respect? Did he feed or house you? Did he work to support you? - What exactly did this Bruce do? - It's not what he did.
- It's what he is.
- Oh, and what's that? Is he some kind of king badass? Let me tell you something.
He's downstairs right now bawling his eyes out.
He used you.
He used you, and you went for it.
It's got nothing to do with respect.
- Yeah, it does.
- Your mother there she works hard to feed you to put a roof over your head.
She's the one that earns respect and you're giving her grief.
- I know what my mom does for me! Yeah, but do you care? You're ready to leave her on her own because you figure you owe some punk more than you owe her.
[THUNDERING] What happened in that schoolyard, Nick? It's like you said.
Bruce shot him and handed me the gun.
CHRISTY: Oh, Nicky.
You did the right thing here, Nick.
You acted like a man.
He'll give a statement to an ADA in the matter of hiding the gun.
- He won't have to go to jail? - We'll talk to them.
I can't make any promises, but I'm pretty sure he'll just be a witness.
COSTAS: All right, all right.
She laid in wait with a gun.
We have to take it to the grand jury.
You'll indict her, but you couldn't move on the guy who made her sick? - No jury in the world will convict her.
- It'll never go to a jury.
We'll take the plea and suspend the sentence.
She already got her sentence.
- You finish the fives? - Yeah.
I'm glad it worked out like this.
Glad for that woman that took care of your wife.
SIMONE: Thanks.
That's the thing about working the precinct, Andy.
Sometimes you actually get a chance to do some good.
When I was drinking, some mornings I'd get up When I was drinking, some mornings I'd get up didn't know where the hell I was and trying not to remember what I was doing.
If I could drag ass to the station house at least I had a chance of making some sense of something.
You got plans for dinner? You're on your own? Yeah, she lets me out once in a while.
Donna, maybe we should talk about last night.
Why? You explained yourself.
Yeah, and I got the silent treatment in return ever since I got back from my walk.
- There's nothing to talk about, Gregory.
My sister's always done this.
She's always hit on my boyfriends.
My sister's always done this.
She's always hit on my boyfriends.
- I didn't do anything, Donna.
- You didn't have to.
If I didn't get home when I did, all you would've had to do was stand there and she would've done it for you.
- Hey, listen no matter when you came home, nothing would've happened because I'm not one of your old boyfriends.
I didn't say you were.
I just know Dana.
Then you gotta know me.
I love you.
I'd never touch her.
And if you'd like my opinion, I don't think Dana should stay with us.
I'm gonna talk to her tonight.
I'm gonna tell her to pack her things.
She's moving to the YW, and I don't care what my mother says.
Yeah, and if you wanna know what I say I say good riddance and no hard feelings.
COSTAS: Vitamins.
SIPOWICZ: Oh, yeah.
In the morning, I'll clean out that tank and recycle the water.
I'm so glad that you're getting past this.
Well, this tragedy could've happened in my place too, Sylvia.
It didn't, but it could have.
I don't think we should let it affect our schedule.
So next week you'll spend three nights here? Yeah, and then four the next week and so on, you know until I get used to it.
You know, l There's things I I've really wanted and I could never have without a life like the life that we're gonna have.
There's some beautiful triggerfish that I could never mix in with those other kinds, and now I can get those.
You're my big bear, aren't you? Yeah, I guess I am.