NYPD Blue s02e08 Episode Script

You Bet Your Life

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: - Don't point that finger in my chest.
- Don't say that I'm not doing my job.
Hey, turn it down or take it someplace else.
- You're driving me crazy.
- Who's the boss? With 18 years of sobriety? You're a classic drunk.
You can't stay inside boundaries.
In the hallway before, I may have been halfway out of line, what I said.
I'd never dump a case.
- I worked with the other guy for 8 years.
- I know.
SIPOWICZ: What've we got? WOMAN: Burnt up female.
Fire Department called it in.
- She's pregnant.
MAN: Maybe six or seven months.
- Any hunch as to race? - No idea.
SIPOWICZ: Looks like one of those necklace things they do in Haiti.
MAN: Face is gone completely.
Not gonna get any fingerprints either.
She's a God-awful mess.
Got any cigarettes? No.
SIMONE: You see anything last night? - No, we didn't see nothing.
Yo! How about you? You see a fire here last night? - Fire? - Yeah, a fire.
What you mean, a fire? Otis, you don't know anything.
Shut up.
Hey, pal, you got something to hide? - Did you do something there last night? - No, man, I didn't do nothing.
- What's your name? Otis? - Yeah.
SIMONE: Let me talk to you for a second.
SIPOWICZ: You didn't see anything last night? Ask them.
They were here all night.
Now, you know somebody set a fire over here last night.
- Did you see it? - Yeah, I was in my sleeping bag there.
SIPOWICZ: You see anything? - So did you see what was going on? - Yeah, I got up.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- What did you see? It was dark.
The guys left after it started.
Didn't see nothing except the fire.
I'm gonna give you $5.
How many guys? What do they look like? Two guys.
I couldn't see what they looked like.
They moved some junk, set it on fire, ran to a van and took off with no lights.
So they had a van? - Yeah.
One of them kind.
- What kind is that? One of them outdoorsman kind of Jeep kind of vans.
A black one.
- So did you walk over to the fire? - No, no, I went back to bed.
You know there was a body in that fire? No, I didn't know that, no.
Thanks, Otis.
- I'm gonna run to the store, all right? - Yeah.
Two guys in a sports utility vehicle.
They dumped something set it on fire, and then they split.
There was a radio run last night.
Possible hooker abduction at 10th and First.
- We ought to get over there, then.
Aw, man.
What am I stepping in? What is this, a dog run here? You can hope it was a dog.
I haven't even had my coffee yet.
You Bet Your Life WOMAN: Hey, baby.
Chill out.
I'm not trying to roust you.
You see guys bothering a girl last night? No, I don't remember seeing that.
But it might've been.
- You sure now, huh? - Mm-hm.
All right.
Be careful.
- Got anything? - Something's coming down.
SIMONE: How you doing? - You the cops? - Somebody called in a report last night.
- About the girl? That was me.
That turn out some kind of crime? - What do they call you? - Fatso.
- Fatso, what'd you see? - I knew there was something wrong.
I was sitting at the window.
Two guys pulled up in like a 4x4 a beat-up black one.
A guy in front and a guy in back.
They said a few words to a Spanish girl, and she was gonna get in.
Then she was backing out of the deal.
The guy got a hold on her and he pulled her in.
- She pregnant? - Yeah, you find her? - We found a body.
FATSO: Oh, hell.
I'm like the neighborhood watch around here.
I got their asses cold.
Every damn number on their license plate.
- Good for you.
- Take it easy, Fats.
- Yes? - Well, hello.
And what might your name be? Did you wanna see someone? There was a pawnshop robbed on Fifth Street yesterday.
Who would be handling that case? Detective Martinez.
[BUZZING] DONNA: Detective? MARTINEZ: Yeah? There's someone here to see you.
- Are you gonna tell me your name? - Donna.
Steve Richards.
A pleasure to meet you.
- I'm Detective Martinez.
Can I help you? - Yes.
It's near here, the pawnshop? You know? It got knocked over? It was in the paper yesterday.
- Yeah, armed robbery.
- Yeah, right.
- They had noses on? Fake noses.
- Groucho glasses.
- Right, that's what I'm talking about.
- Right.
What about it? - What? - What about it? - They catch the guys? - No.
- What's your name? - Steve Richards.
- You got any information? - I might come across something.
- They got a reward? - Last I heard, there was no reward.
- They got a reward? - Last I heard, there was no reward.
No reward? Well, what are you gonna do? We might drum up a few dollars for the right information.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
I could, if there's something in it for me, I could come across something, find something out.
What are they talking about for that? I don't know.
Maybe, if your information panned out, a couple hundred dollars.
I heard they got over $20,000.
- That's what I heard.
- What've you got on this? I'm not sure.
You know, let me think about it.
All right? That's all.
- Two hundred? Two hundred dollars? - Yeah.
I wasn't in no accident.
Somebody says I was, they're lying.
- Take it easy, Rudy.
I got the boss.
- Yeah.
Come on.
- What's doing, lieu? - Where are we on the burnt body? No way to make an ID.
We knew it was a woman because she was pregnant.
Notify Missing Persons.
Maybe you can get something off dental records.
This guy we brought in, his Jeep was called in last night involved in an abduction a couple blocks away from the body.
- We'll see if there's anything there.
- Okay.
We're not talking about an accident, Rudy.
- You said my car was in an accident.
- We think your car was used in a crime.
- Maybe a murder.
- You got the wrong car.
No, we got the right car.
A witness took your license number at the abduction scene.
- Black Jeep.
Corner of First and 10th.
- My stomach's killing me.
- I got stomach problems.
SIMONE: You got more than that.
- I didn't use the car last night.
- Who had it? I loaned it to my cousin and his buddy.
You better give up some names and addresses, or this is falling on you.
Sal Molina, he's my cousin.
And Bobby Ruiz.
They wouldn't do that.
They went to see somebody.
We need where Sal and Bobby live.
RUD Y: I can give you where they hang.
- This better be straight here, Rudy.
- Straight.
- Am I done? - No, you're gonna stick around.
- My stomach's killing me.
- Well, we'll send you in some Tums.
Oh, my God, Dan.
Did you get mugged? You have a minute to talk? Take your time, Andy.
I got calls to make.
- What the hell happened? - We'll get to that.
How are you doing? - I'm all right, Dan.
- Gotten another sponsor? No.
- Have you gone back out? - Let's talk about me another time.
I wanna know how you got beat up.
Well, you you met my son, Danny, didn't you? About four months ago.
Yeah, I saw him once over at your place.
He didn't do this to you, did he? I didn't want to tell you about Danny.
I felt kind of private about it.
Danny's been in and out of institutions the last nine or 10 years.
They say it's a chemical thing in his mind.
He was released again a few weeks ago, and he's been staying with me.
What set him off? If he takes the medication, he's all right.
He won't take it.
Something gets into him, and he just won't take it.
Then God knows what it's like inside his head.
I'm just talking to him and I ask him to turn down the television And he beat you up.
He hasn't been back since this happened yesterday.
He's gone back to Tompkins Square Park.
He's got this area he's kind of settled in, down in the southwest end.
He walks all day long.
I want to go pick him up, Dan.
I don't want him doing this to you again.
I guess I just can't think like a father here.
He might hurt somebody else.
He wears a Walkman in his ears all the time.
Don't open the door till you hear from me.
Anybody knocks, don't let them in.
- I'll talk about you at a subsequent point.
- Yeah, okay, Dan.
- I'll talk about you at a subsequent point.
- Yeah, okay, Dan.
What happened to that guy? You got a minute to help before I get those guys with the Jeep? Absolutely.
- James, you got a minute? - Sure, Andy.
SIPOWICZ: Grab your coat.
Hang back a little, let me see if I can get him to come easy.
Danny! Danny! Hey, Danny.
- I don't know you.
- My name's Andy.
I'm a friend of your dad's.
That's all right.
Why don't you take the headphones off? Turn down the music a minute, all right? All right.
- You had it up loud, right? - That way I don't have to listen.
- You have to go someplace with me.
- Why? Rules and regulations.
I gotta talk to you.
- I eat by myself.
- We'll go over and have a bowl You killed that baby, didn't you? You shouldn't have killed the baby! Settle down here.
Now we're gonna go to the station house SIMONE: Hey! - Get over here! SIPOWICZ: Hey, Danny, take it easy.
DANNY: Help, I'm being killed.
MARTINEZ: Take it easy.
Somebody help, I'm being killed.
- Take it easy, Danny.
- Somebody help me.
Help me.
- Nobody will hurt you.
- I'm being killed.
- I'm being killed.
I'm being killed.
SIMONE: Settle down, Danny! SIPOWICZ: We're trying to help you.
- Stop trying to kill me, you bastards.
SIPOWICZ: Nobody's trying to kill you.
- Murderers! Murderers! Murderers! - Bastard murderers! SIPOWICZ: We're trying to help.
Danny! Danny! DANNY: Dad! Dad, help me! Dad, help me! SIMONE: Cuff him, James.
- He bites.
Dad! Dad! SIMONE: Relax.
You got him cuffed? MARTINEZ: Yeah, I got him.
Okay, let's go.
Take it easy, Danny.
Settle down.
DANNY: Dad, help me! SIPOWICZ: Take it easy! - Dad, help me.
Take it easy.
- Should we take him back to the house? - Let's just take him straight to Bellevue.
SIPOWICZ: We'll discuss what it's about up here.
If this is about parking violations, they got paid.
SIPOWICZ: You'll find out what it's about.
- We didn't do nothing, right, Bobby? BOBBY: Right.
SAL: We tight and we right.
- Be quiet.
- Known him since we were kids.
- So you've talked a long time.
Shut up.
- Just cut this nonsense out.
SIMONE: Thanks, James.
No problem.
Hey, you're not at home.
So, what's up with that ring in your face, Sal? - It's just jewelry.
- Nice touch, man.
Sit down.
So, what were you and Bobby doing last night after you borrowed Rudy's 4x4? That's what this is all about? We brought the damn car back.
How come Rudy turned us in? He just told us you had it.
You got turned in by some guy that told us he saw you drag a woman into that car.
Wait, wait.
A woman? - We didn't pull no woman.
- A hooker.
A hooker? - Hey, I don't want no hookers.
- Sal, I'm not a vice cop.
I don't care how you have fun.
I don't care if you were balling a hooker.
Do I look like a guy that pays for it? Come on, man.
Check this face out.
- I can get all the tail I can handle.
- Even some movie stars pay for it.
- Well, I ain't no movie star.
- Well, maybe someday.
- Hey, why not? I'll take it.
- Okay.
So you didn't pick up a hooker.
But our witness says that you did.
He wrote the license plate number of the 4x4.
So think about this, Sal: A dead woman's body was burned up last night.
In a vacant lot.
If you did pick up a hooker and you're lying I figure maybe she's the dead woman.
Otherwise, why are you lying? See what I mean? You must be covering something up.
See what I mean? You must be covering something up.
But if you admit that you got a hooker so what? I just figure it's a couple of guys out there screwing around.
Man, your brain's working overtime.
I told you we didn't pick up a hooker.
- What did you do? - Just drove around looking.
- For what? - Just looking.
- Which one of you guys was driving? - Me.
- Seems to me you grabbed her to rob her.
- Hey, we didn't rob no hooker.
You know, maybe you ought to get a hooker, man.
- That's all you think about.
- Why? You think I have to pay for it? Could be.
You sit still, Sal.
Maybe we got a hooker, but we did our thing and let her out.
You picked her up at First and 10th? Yeah, could've been there.
What does that mean? Is that where it was? You pick her up at First and 10th? Yeah, I think that was it.
- And who was driving? - I was driving.
First Rudy drove us to this guy that Sal wanted to borrow money from.
He wasn't home.
Then Rudy drove home and I drove.
SIPOWICZ: Why'd Rudy go home? BOBBY: He just wanted to go home.
SIPOWICZ: Before you picked up the hooker? Yeah.
- You use drugs, Bobby? - No, I got nothing to do with drugs.
I take care of myself.
I'm going back to school.
- Those are fine ideals.
- I want to better myself.
After you got done bettering yourself, banging that hooker, what'd you do? I let her out a couple blocks away.
We wanted to go to a club.
Do some dancing, buy drinks.
Just have some fun.
We drove around, but we were broke, so we just drove around.
You didn't wind up at the Manhattan Bridge, did you, Bobby? No.
Okay, here's where you stand.
The streetwalker who got in the Jeep, our witness said she was dragged in.
We figure that's a robbery.
We know she was pregnant and we know somebody dumped a pregnant woman's body under that bridge last night and burned it up.
- We got nothing to do with a robbery.
- Bobby we're gonna get dental x-rays off that body.
We'll identify her.
We'll show her picture to the witness who saw you, and that's gonna be it.
You can do all the whining and explaining you want, and I'll just laugh in your face.
- I don't know about any dead woman.
- Talk to me now let me know you were only driving, and maybe you do yourself some good.
I don't know anything about it.
Okay, get up.
You're going in the cage.
I'm innocent.
Hey, come on, help me out.
You're too dumb to help.
Come on.
Get in.
Any good? Do we trade Rudy a walk for admitting these two guys went out to rob a whore? They're taking your guy out.
That Rudy Salinas.
He's going to the hospital.
He's in pain.
- What's going on? - My stomach.
I told you I got ulcers.
We could straighten everything out here for you Oh, my God! I'll take a ride with him.
- I'll check back with Missing Persons.
- Come on, guys.
- Better not be in your mind, Rudy.
MAN: Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I wanna report an assault.
Martinez, assault.
- Look at me.
DONNA: What happened? - You should see the other guy.
- Who hit you, Steve? Come on in.
I know who robbed the pawnshop.
- They post that reward yet? MARTINEZ: No.
What a world.
Screwed everywhere you turn.
- There'd be 200 in it? - Tell me what you got.
STEVE: All right.
Here it is.
- Sit down.
All right.
I know who did the pawnshop.
You want his name, you got it.
Slime like that should not be walking around amongst decent people.
Sit down.
- What's his name? - Weldon Small.
He got out of Elmira a few weeks ago.
I knew him there.
- Were you in on the pawnshop? - No, I was not in on it.
How do you know this guy did it? I planned the whole thing.
That pawnshop? I'm from that neighborhood.
Guys wearing Groucho glasses? You get those on and off in a second.
Not like some dumb Halloween mask.
It was all my concept.
See, I got out of the joint first, okay? And I come down sick.
I got a little pancreatitis.
Didn't even know I had one.
I'm in the hospital.
Sick like a dog.
I'm recuperating, it's in the paper.
Couldn't wait.
And then this, right? I find out where he's at.
I go over.
Won't give me a dime.
Come on, not a dime! Then he gets ugly and punches me.
Nobody does that to me.
I don't have my strength back, or he'd be gumming Cream of Wheat.
That's the place he lives at.
- He's got the pawnshop stuff there? - I don't know.
Sit here while I run this past my lieutenant.
STEVE: Yeah.
- Just sit.
DONNA: I need to get to Medavoy's.
WOMAN: Yeah, okay.
MARTINEZ: I've got this guy who's got some information on the pawnshop.
Donna, what's a girl like you doing with this crowd here? It's a good place to work.
I don't get it.
I mean, what's the product you're turning out here? Ever think about that? Jailbirds? Is that what life's about for a beautiful girl like you? Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry.
STEVE: Uh-huh.
- How'd we come out? - We want you to do something for us.
- Is that so? - Mm-hm.
STEVE: Lmagine that.
- Hello, Martinez.
- How's it going? - You go out picking my son up? MARTINEZ: Yeah, I did.
- I appreciate that.
No trouble.
Glad to help.
Steve, come here.
SIPOWICZ Forget about it.
I'll call back later.
I want to tell you how this works.
STEVE: I get paid for this? - How you doing, Dan? - I just came from Bellevue.
- Come here.
- They got him calmed down.
- Sit down.
I hope none of your boys got hurt bringing him in.
Is he charged? No.
Dan, I'm gonna be straight with you.
You gotta change your situation.
What do you mean? The DA's not gonna find Danny competent to face the assault charges and once he's medicated, he's gonna be released.
Now, I'm afraid for your safety.
You gotta move out.
Go find another apartment and don't tell Danny where.
You mean, never see him again? - He's my son.
- I didn't say never.
Give it six months or a year.
See if he stays on the medication.
You know, when he's on the medication, he's okay.
He can clean up around the house.
He can go to the store.
And talking, you know, he's got real insights.
Maybe I could move out and keep up the rent a while and then he could be there by himself.
If you can afford that, that's great.
The main thing is, don't expose yourself to any more violence.
It's the right thing.
Danny has to learn that there are consequences to what he does.
He's a grown man.
He has to follow the rules like everybody else.
He has to follow the rules like everybody else.
Once you move out get the keys to me.
I'll pick him up and take him over there.
I shouldn't be there? If you want to say goodbye, and I'll be there with you.
But you should have another place to go to.
You know, that way I can give him instructions, explain what's what.
- You can't tell him where you're going.
- I understand.
I can do it.
I'll just grab some place.
I don't have to be choosy.
I like the idea of Queens, that way I can get in every day for my meetings.
Maybe it'll be good for him in the long run.
I'll get my stuff together.
And I'll contact you.
And you can bring him over.
Any help I can give you with the move I don't have much stuff.
STEVE: I'm going up the stairs.
What a dump.
I don't have my strength back.
I should be in the Bahamas on the beach.
Getting oil rubbed on me by a hooker.
- Or maybe Donna.
- Donna? - That'd be nice.
- What's he talking about? That's life.
- James, what's he talking about? - I don't know.
Okay, I made it up the stairs.
Weldon, it's me.
Open the door.
I want to talk.
WELDON: Who the hell's me? - Steve.
WELDON: What do you want? STEVE: I wanna talk.
Open the door.
WELDON: You alone? STEVE: Yeah, yeah.
WELDON: You got a gun? STEVE: What would I bring a gun for? I'm not mad at you.
I hope he's smart enough not to let this guy search him.
I don't want to hear about that pawnshop.
STEVE: Maybe I was out of line saying those things.
But you know we was supposed to be together on that job.
And I keep saying that pawnshop wasn't me.
This is Steve you're talking to.
Look me in the eye and say you didn't rob the shop using my Groucho glass disguise and the rest of my concept.
Go ahead.
- I didn't do it.
You know something? You wouldn 't have even thought of that without me.
Not even thought of it.
Easy or wasn't it, huh? Twenty thousand dollars you got.
The paper said $20,000.
- I'm gonna do something here.
- Go ahead.
But if we don't come to some kind of agreement I'm gonna kick your ass instead.
STEVE: What type of agreement? WELDON: I'm gonna give you 25 Hey! I'll give you $ 2500.
One more word about that pawnshop, you're liable to go out that window.
- We're cut off.
- I'll bet Steve disconnected the wire.
We got no confession from this guy Weldon, James.
MARTINEZ: Get over here, you creep! STEVE: What? What? What'd I do? - Keep your mouth shut.
- Hey! What? - Keep your mouth shut.
- I didn't do nothing.
WELDON: What do you want now, Steve? MEDAVO Y: Police! MARTINEZ: Get down.
Get down.
WELDON: What? What'd we do, huh? MEDAVO Y: Hands behind your back! WELDON: How'd this happen, Steve? - I'm shocked.
These guys grabbed me.
- I don't go with no coincidence.
MARTINEZ: Got guns? No, I don't got no guns.
What do you think this is? MARTINEZ: Quite a watch collection.
- How you doing, Sal? - I want a change of clothes and a shave.
If you would just corroborate what Rudy told us, we'll take a break.
- Why corroborate what's not true? - He didn't want to rob, you guys did.
That's why he made you drop him off.
I keep telling you he wasn't with us.
I don't know what he's talking about.
He's sick over what you guys did.
He's in the hospital over it.
You see, we're putting this case together, Sal.
Instead of wasting your time fronting you ought to do yourself some good.
Bobby says you weren't driving, he was driving.
That's gonna be important, Sal.
The driver may get some slack.
You ought to get in front of that one now.
- Bobby wasn't driving.
I can prove that.
- How? - Bobby was too drunk to drive.
- So who pulled the hooker into the car? There wasn't no hooker.
- We didn't have no money for a hooker.
SIMONE: You were after her money.
You went out to rape and rob a hooker and use her money to go drinking and something happened in that car there, and that hooker got killed.
There wasn't no hooker.
All right.
I'm gonna tell you, Bobby, you do not wanna go to bat on this one.
You do not want a jury looking at photos of that woman's body.
Have you got any idea how much heat a burning tire puts out? You know how we knew she was pregnant? We could see that fetus.
Her flesh was all burned away.
You listening, Bobby? Know how a jury's gonna feel looking at those pictures? We didn't do it.
We balled her and we let her go.
If someone else did something, I'm sorry.
I'm very tired.
Well, you count on two things, Bobby.
You're gonna get a lot more tired.
And before this is over, you're gonna tell me the truth.
I cannot move this son of a bitch.
The other one won't cop that they picked her up still.
You want to grab an hour? They're gonna release Danny.
I'm gonna take him and see his dad.
You should give a whack at this asshole.
I'll give him a few minutes.
Let him think he can sleep.
STEVE: Shut up.
WELDON: Wait till this gets out, Steve.
You've got it wrong.
They staked you out.
- Steve's a stool pigeon! - Shut up, Weldon.
WELDON: A lousy snitch.
MEDAVO Y: I told you to shut up.
You better hope you never go back to the joint.
You'll get shanked first day.
One and 2 are in use.
I'll take him to Anti-crime.
I'll voucher the property and talk to the boss.
- The first day, Steve.
MEDAVO Y: Move it, Weldon.
You're lucky I don't kick your ass, Steve.
- I don't know what you mean.
- You don't? You disconnected that wire when the guy offered you $2500.
You may take a collar for that.
If that wire didn't work, something technical went wrong.
Can't blame me.
You don't use a lot of makeup, do you? - Excuse me.
I have work to do.
STEVE: No problem.
MARTINEZ: Lieutenant.
Yeah, okay, just give me a call as soon as something breaks.
How'd you make out? He had jewelry from the pawnshop.
I don't know if the search will hold up.
- You get probable cause on tape? - This Steve, who wore the wire? The other guy wouldn't admit to it.
But he tells Steve he'll give him $2500.
All of a sudden, the wire goes dead.
Steve kills the wire.
- So then we went in.
- So we might lose the search.
Should we bring in the ones who got robbed? Yeah.
Yeah, bring them in for a lineup.
Donna, this is Mrs.
I think she should talk to Detective Simone.
What's going on, sarge? Get off of there.
- This is Valeria Santiago.
SIMONE: How do you do, ma'am? She came in to report her daughter's missing, talked to me about it.
I think maybe she should talk to you.
Come on in, Mrs.
Have a seat right here.
When did you last see your daughter? Two days ago I spoke to her.
She was supposed to come to see me.
I am afraid she was in an accident.
- I want to know if something happened.
- Give me her name.
We'll run a check.
Carmela Santiago.
She's 22.
She was supposed to come two days ago.
Maybe she'll show up today.
I'm afraid that maybe she's in the hospital or something.
Why would you think that? She's going to have a baby soon.
Maybe something happened too early.
She doesn't have anybody that lives with her? No.
Let me have her address.
We'll go see what we can find out.
I don't know her address.
She moves a lot.
Stays with people.
Her friends.
She have a job? - She's a waitress.
- Where? I don't know.
She never told me.
Santiago please don't take offense to this.
Could she be involved in some things she didn't want you to know? What things? Drugs.
Is she in trouble? Arrested? Mrs.
Santiago, do you know if Carmela? It's Carmela, right? Did she go to a dentist? Would you know her dentist? No, she wouldn't take care of her teeth.
Do you know if she ever had an accident where she broke her leg? Yes.
Somebody knocked her down some stairs a couple of years ago.
- She broke her left leg.
- Above the knee? - What's happened to her? - It may not be her but a woman was found dead, who fits what you've told me.
She was pregnant.
The coroner said her left leg was fractured.
- Where is she? Let me go see.
- This woman was burned in a fire.
You wouldn't be able to recognize her.
So it might not be Carmela.
Ma'am, do you happen to have a recent photo of your daughter? Yeah.
It's from her sister's wedding.
- I'll need that.
Do you know the hospital where she was treated for the broken leg? Lincoln Hospital.
This is her picture.
Do we have your number? Yes.
I gave it to the sergeant at the desk.
Why don't you go home now, Mrs.
Santiago? Let me look into this, all right? Oh That girl that you found was she Puerto Rican? - We don't know if this is your daughter.
Maybe that girl was not even Puerto Rican.
My partner's got something to show you.
What's this about? Out.
Before and after, Bobby.
This is Carmela Santiago.
We took this picture to the stroll on First and 10th, and our witness ID'd her as the woman that you guys dragged into that 4x4.
And this burned up woman who you assholes thought we wouldn't be able to make an ID on she was identified through medical records.
she was identified through medical records.
Carmela Santiago.
Same girl dumped out of that same 4x4 underneath the Manhattan Bridge.
All that's left now, Bobby is how we're gonna charge you.
If you both intended to do this, maybe you shouldn't say a thing.
But if it was an accident or if it was one of you more than the other then this is the last chance you've got.
It was Sal.
You wanted money to party.
You decided to mug a hooker.
It was Sal's idea.
They're out, pulling in the bread.
You know.
Like a drive-up teller.
We tried to pick up this other one.
She wanted to see money, so we stopped for this one.
She was getting in.
She changed her mind.
Maybe Sal didn't look right.
So he grabbed her.
She was strong, man, banging and yelling back there.
He finally got her under control, and when I stopped there was a baseball bat back there, and he had it pressed against her throat.
- That's how he got control over her.
- By killing her.
We didn't know that right away.
We were trying to find a place to stop and leave her.
But then we seen she went and died on us.
And so you decided to burn her up.
It was Sal's idea, man.
Get rid of the evidence.
We were just shook up.
We were driving around, trying to think.
This was not supposed to happen.
It just took us by surprise.
It was bad luck.
Wake up, Sal.
Bobby flipped on you, man.
We're booking you for murder.
- You're full of crap.
- He's gonna testify against you.
He told us how you choked that girl with that bat.
Get up.
So, what, was he lying? - Was he the one with a bat? - You're all liars! There wasn't no hooker.
- How could I kill her? - You stick with it, Sal.
You ride with it all the way upstate.
WOMAN: - The guys who robbed the pawnshop.
MARTINEZ: Feeling okay, Mr.
Cafferty? - No, I'm not.
He has a headache ever since that robbery.
Don't you, Lloyd? Yes, I have a headache and I don't feel right.
So where are these suspects? Excuse us for a minute, Mrs.
- Why? - You didn't see the crime perpetrated.
My husband told me everything after it happened.
You could jeopardize the legalities.
If you could just have a seat right here.
I'll be right over here, Lloyd.
WOMAN: Come over here.
- This way, sir.
WOMAN: Just have a seat right here.
I'd like you to look through the window.
There are six men in a room.
If you see anybody you recognize I'd like you to tell me his number and where it is you recognize him from.
This is a one-way mirror, so there's no way they can see you.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Have number two show his teeth.
Tell them all to smile and show their teeth.
Everybody smile and show your teeth.
It's number two.
Dumb disguise or not, he's still got that off-colored front tooth.
Tell everyone but number two to leave.
- Everybody but two.
- All right, let's go.
STEVE: Martinez.
MARTINEZ: You're out of here, Steve.
- How about that money? - We're giving you 50 bucks.
- What happened to 200? - We took 150 off for you getting cute.
Man! Anything on the reward angle from the pawnshop? No.
Why don't you tell them you planned it? See how much they wanna give you.
Thanks for your help.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Cut off my circulation.
- You ought to go now, Steve.
What do you say you and me split a $50 dinner later? How about that? - That's not gonna happen.
- End of a perfect day.
- Lf I had a card, I'd give it to you, but - You still here? Me? Not anymore.
- What was it between you and him? - Gregory, he thought he was Don Juan.
He was muttering your name on that wire.
I can't help what he muttered.
I didn't give him any encouragement whatsoever.
And you're being silly.
Which I find very sweet.
DAN: How you doing, Danny? DANNY: Good.
You see my suitcases over there, Danny? Yeah.
Aren't they mine? Am I going back to the place? No, no, they're my suitcases, Danny.
I'm moving down to Florida for a while.
You could stay here.
You could stay here.
So you're leaving me? No, I just wanted to try it down there for a while.
You're afraid of me because I hurt you? I got a list here in reference to the apartment.
- I want to go over these things with you.
- No, that's okay.
It's important that you understand this stuff, Danny.
Put it over there.
I won't forget it.
You gotta understand this, Danny.
- You're gonna be taking care of yourself.
- Yeah, I'm okay.
I feel better.
They gave me some medicine.
Anyway I just wanted to see you before I left.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
You know that, right? SIPOWICZ: We ought to go, Dan.
Yeah, okay.
- Bye, Danny.
- Bye, Daddy.
- You gotta do it, Dan.
- You heard him.
He understands.
- He's sorry for what happened.
- He's sorry now.
- Doesn't mean it won't happen again.
- What's gonna happen to him? - I'm running out! - You're saving your life.
I was never there for him.
- It got bad, I hid in the bottle.
- Regret for the past is a waste of spirit.
That sound familiar? I taught that to you.
Let's go, Dan.
I promise I'll come back and look in on him.