NYPD Blue s02e09 Episode Script

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: Andy Sipowicz.
Oh, Andy, Bobby Simone.
Good to meet you.
You worked a long time with your last partner.
Me and you we're not always gonna start on the same page.
The doctor said you weren't supposed to be pregnant again.
- The last time was too hard.
- I just came from seeing him he thinks it'll be all right.
There's only a small chance there'll be any problem.
- I want to know how you got beat up.
- You met my son, Danny? Did he do this to you? Been in and out of institutions the last nine or 10 years.
- Somebody help me.
- Just relax.
Nobody wants to hurt you.
You gotta move out.
Find another apartment and don't tell Danny.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
You know that, right? - He's sorry for what happened.
- Yeah, he's sorry now.
Doesn't mean it won't happen again.
MARTINEZ: You look lousy.
Yeah, I'm a little rough around the edges at 4 a.
What do we got? DOA, Peter Schelzo, 27.
Shot in the head.
He was one of the owners, along with his uncle.
- Any witnesses? - So far, nobody saw anything.
A lot of customers, though, in the closet didn't wanna give their names.
That's the uncle, and the body's back over here.
- How you doing? SIPOWICZ: Somebody got their merit badge in knot tying.
My first homicide 15 years ago, the shooter tied up the victim like this.
Wrists, elbows, legs and ankles with one pair of pantyhose.
Leon Nadeau was the guy's name.
- You wanna interview the uncle? - Yeah, I got him.
The bouncer went to the hospital.
He gave the dead guy mouth-to-mouth.
- He might have swallowed some blood.
- Did you get his name? Yeah, he's gonna come to the squad.
See if the security cameras have got anything.
CSU's on it.
There's one over the cash register, another on the front door.
And one in the back, in the office.
Hey, Andy, you see that blond chick that found the body? SIPOWICZ: Yeah.
MARTINEZ: Yeah, she's a sex change.
SIPOWICZ: Yeah? - Yeah, she does a lounge act here.
- No.
- The uncle's coming in.
- Said they cleaned out the safe.
- I'll get back to you.
Here's the first one at the body.
- A former male.
- Is that right? Damn.
Nice job.
Detectives Simone and Sipowicz.
You found the victim? How could anybody do a terrible thing like this? Yeah, it's a big world.
When I found Peter all tied up like that, I'm thinking, "Mapplethorpe, fine.
" Then I realized he's been shot, and I just started screaming.
Then everybody came and started screaming.
It was like a Passion play.
Chaz, ignoring the blood and vomit, refusing to take death as an answer desperately blowing breath into poor Peter's chest.
Can we get your name, ma'am? Candace La Rue.
Please don't call me "Candy.
" Candace, we're gonna need you to come to the station house with us.
Do I have time to fix my face before we go? - Yeah, sure.
- Right now this puss is a felony.
Happy New Year.
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel Don We Now Our Gay Apparel - What happened, lieutenant? - Hospital sent us home.
False labor.
Is that a new scent? No, that's someone from the gay-bar homicide.
She's about to be interviewed.
You'd think a person that spent all that money on her appearance would at least spring for a better perfume.
As a gender-dysphoric person, people expect me to camp it up in my act.
You know, Carol Channing, but that's not what I'm about.
Holiday audiences expect the traditional.
I start with "The Little Drummer Boy" and end with "What Child Is This?" - Candace what time was it when you last saw Peter Schelzo alive? I had just finished my second set.
I went back to the office to get my paycheck.
About 2-ish.
- Two-ish? - Mm-hm.
Peter paid me.
I asked him for a bigger mirror in my dressing room.
He said he'd think about it, and the next time I saw him well, he was Did you see anyone at the club that seemed suspicious? Honey, on drag night, everyone looks a little shady.
- Tell me about the bouncer.
- Chaz? Sagittarius, very good on the door.
Polite but firm, sees me to a cab every night.
- Did Peter have any problems with him? - Peter never had problems with anybody.
He was a love.
Detective, am I a suspect in this murder? No, Candace.
You were observed on-stage.
You couldn't be in two places at once.
Can I tell you my theory about what happened? - Sure.
- Well, I'm a crime buff.
Novels, not the real thing, Lord knows.
I think Peter might have met up with a new friend who played with bondage.
- Did you see him with anyone? - Not specifically, no.
But whoever this person was probably tied Peter up a little too tight a little too long.
Then tried to cover up an unintended tragedy by making it look like a robbery.
Okay, Candace, thanks for your cooperation.
Of course, it's also possible that he got mixed up with some sadistic little leather boy, who gets off on this sort of thing.
Yeah, well, we'll have to look into all that.
Okay, bye.
Schelzo, did your nephew have any money problems, any big debts? Are you kidding? You own a gay bar, you own a bank.
The disposable income those people have Two salaries, no kids.
We had a positive cash flow our second month.
We had a positive cash flow our second month.
Does anyone benefit financially from your nephew's death? No.
Do you? You're not accusing me, I hope.
I'm just trying to understand the situation, see who could have a motive.
Never mind that Peter was my own flesh and blood I happen to be a good businessman.
People came to the bar because of Peter.
He was one of them.
He lived the life.
Actually, I was looking to become less involved.
Thinking about retirement? Peter and I were in the middle of taking over La Fontana's on Hester Street.
We lent the owner of the joint some money and he wasn't taking care of business.
Besides you and Peter, who else had keys to the premises? - Our security guy.
- What's his name? Chaz Hildum.
And Kyra had keys.
She's a lesbian that rents the place twice a week.
- We're gonna be talking to her.
- Let me ask you something.
Would it help if I posted a reward? Wouldn't hurt, but rewards tend to bring out the creeps looking for a payday.
Still, it's something I would like to do to honor the memory of my nephew.
- I understand.
Does the name Leon Nadeau mean anything to you? No, should it? Shot in the dark is all.
All right, thanks for your time, Mr.
You'll keep yourself available, huh? Lieutenant, some Gypsies ran a scam on a neighbor of mine, Mrs.
They took her for $3000.
Give it to the Special Frauds.
Well, they're backed up over there, and I told her that I'd look into it for her.
- You mind if I run with the ball? - Run how? They moved from the place where they took her off but she thinks she might have seen them at a storefront at Third and B.
I'll use my own flash money if I could just get a little backup, you know for when I go in for the pop.
Yeah, all right.
[BEEPING] That's my wife.
- She's got you on a baby beeper, huh? - Yeah.
Is it time? Yeah, of course it works.
The batteries are brand-new.
Don't scare me like that.
All right.
Me too.
Trial run.
Tense times, huh, lieutenant? Thanks.
- Hey, what's up, Dan? - Danny's walking the streets again.
- How do you know what Danny's doing? - I've seen him.
You promised to stay away from him, Dan.
I watch from across the park.
I can tell he's not on his medication.
- You said you'd look after him.
- I'm doing the best I can.
- I check on him every couple days.
- You don't spend enough time.
You go there, you're out in 10 minutes, tops.
What are you doing, Dan? - Are you standing there all day? - We're talking about my son No, no, we're talking about you.
You're putting your life in danger, being anywhere near that kid.
I'll agree to stay away, but I want your commitment to bring him back to the apartment and see he gets his pills.
I'll see to that, Dan but I'm working a homicide.
I can't leave right this minute.
I'll have the uniforms locate Dan, and then they'll call me.
- And then you'll go see him? - Yeah, I'll be in touch.
Why don't you go home now, Dan? Go ahead.
All right.
All right.
Dan you make sure you go home.
The source of your wife's wandering spirit is most likely death-ridden monies.
That's why I hear her voice in the night? That's why I hear her voice in the night? When your wife died, did you benefit financially? - There was some insurance money.
- I need to see some bills.
What do you got with you? Let's see - I got $94.
- Give it here.
Yeah, all right.
- What is it? - This is unclean.
- What does that mean? - Your wife's spirit is warning you.
- The inheritance must be cleansed.
- What will happen? Should I stop using the money? I just bought my girlfriend a new microwave.
It could kill her.
I'll be right back.
Sweet God! You see yourself, now this money's clean.
What else is there? I have about $ 1500 in cash.
The rest is tied up in investments.
Cleansing the cash will prevent immediate danger but then you've got to liquidate the investments and bring me that money or it's all gonna be in vain.
- Where is the 1500? - At home.
Bring it here, quickly.
Or bad things will befall those you love.
- I'll go right home.
- The situation is perilous.
I'd run.
I'll be back.
MARTINEZ: Did you see anybody leave Buddies agitated or in a hurry? Last night was pretty mellow.
- I heard there was Ecstasy in the house.
- How long you worked at this bar? Three years.
I run the coat check.
And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my lover and I produce Lipstick Venus.
You know, women only.
We split the door with Peter and his uncle.
They keep the bar.
Peter gave us a shot, turned out to be good for everybody.
So he was a straight shooter in his business dealings? He's done right by me and Kayla, yeah.
As far as you know, did he have any enemies, to your knowledge? Besides Jesse Helms, none that I know of.
- Peter was an all-around great guy.
- He have a boyfriend? Dozens.
You know how promiscuous men are, gay or straight.
Any of these romances end badly, to your knowledge? Look, just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean I have a clue about what goes on in the mind of a gay boy.
We party together, but we go home to different planets, see what I'm saying? He get into any rough stuff that you might know of? Anything involving a man is rough stuff in my book.
When will he be back in town? Right.
Okay, have him call Detective Sipowicz or Simone at the 15th Detective Squad.
SIMONE: What's up? - Guy who owns that restaurant the uncle was invested in is in Florida.
He's due back in the morning.
I checked with Corrections, that guy, Leon Nadeau, he's still in the can.
- Who? - The old case I was telling you about.
CHAZ: Hello.
- Hi.
My name is Chaz Hildum.
I'm here to see a Detective Sipowicz.
SIPOWICZ: Bouncer.
DONNA: Detective? - Thanks.
CHAZ: You wanted to talk to me? Sipowicz and Simone.
We're working the case.
- Nice to meet you.
- Appreciate you coming in.
Everything okay at the hospital? Look, at the club, I told the officer everything I know, so Why don't you bring us up to speed here? Just come on in over here.
Nice boots.
- You're in charge of security at that bar? - Yeah.
I work the door, throw out the drunks, make sure no one gets out of line.
- You lock up after closing? - Usually.
SIMONE: You turn on the security cameras, Chaz? Me or Peter would, depending on who got there first.
Guess Peter won't be doing that anymore.
SIMONE: Who got there first last night? - Peter.
- Peter turned on the security cameras? - I assume he did.
I asked about it, and he said it was taken care of.
I gotta be honest with you.
We've run into some bad luck.
The office camera wasn't turned on, and that's where the murder took place.
- Peter must have forgotten.
- Or maybe somebody turned it off.
SIMONE: What do you get paid, Chaz? - $ 75 a night.
- So you work another job? - No.
SIPOWICZ: You're not trade, are you? Little hustling on the side pay for those new boots? - No.
- That was really something, huh? Him trying to get Peter breathing again after they found him shot.
I know CPR.
Back of the guy's head was blown off, his throat was full of vomit and blood and you give him mouth-to-mouth.
- So, what's your point? That he-she, Candace, now she says you're a true hero.
Myself, I wonder maybe you're trying to show everyone how shocked and surprised you are, how broken up you are about Peter.
So I'm a suspect because I tried to save his life? You were in charge of security, Chaz.
Now, the camera in your boss's office was disconnected, and your boss got whacked.
I gotta look at you a little bit.
- This is nuts.
SIMONE: You didn't pull the trigger because witnesses saw you working.
- I didn't have anything to do with it.
Suppose somebody gave you a few dollars to turn that camera off or to leave the back door unlocked.
There's no way you're gonna think it's more than a robbery.
SIMONE: If that's what went down just tell us who hired you.
- Otherwise, it's 25 to life, Chaz and upstate, you don't get to pick your boyfriends.
I wasn't involved with this.
Now, if you wanna hold me for more questioning I wanna talk to an attorney.
- He was in on it.
- We don't have dick to hold him, Andy.
The front desk called.
Some uniforms in a sector car located Danny Breen.
Tell them to pick him up.
Meet me in front of 21812th Street.
- I gotta do this.
Wanna cut Chaz loose? - Yeah, otherwise, he's gonna lawyer up.
DONNA: Yeah, go ahead and pick him up and take him to 21812th Street.
MEDAVO Y: This is all of it, the entire 1500.
Boy, I hope this works.
The smoke from the candle will cleanse the money.
Your wife's spirit won 't have anything more to worry about, in terms of this money.
Then you gotta bring me the rest of it.
Do not open the bundle for 60 days.
- What will happen? - You will double the threat to you and your loved ones.
MEDAVO Y: Sixty days is a long time.
Maybe you could do a little extra hocus-pocus to speed things up? - You fail to understand.
If the money sees light before two cycles of the moon have passed not only will the threat be doubled, but the money itself will be worthless.
- It is not in my power to change that.
- Boy, this must be some unclean cash.
- It'll be worthless? - Yes.
MEDAVO Y: You mean, like, it'll what change into newspaper or something? - It'll be worthless.
So is that what happened to Dolores Schnitzler? - Did she open the money too soon? - Who the hell are you? She waited the 60 days, and still all she got was newspaper, you know? - Just like this.
Just like this.
- Stevie, Juan.
MEDAVO Y: Backup.
- Son of a bitch.
, you're under arrest.
- Get your hands up against the wall! MARTINEZ: Turn around.
Come on, give me your hands.
OFFICER 1: Hands behind your back.
- What have we here? MAN: All right.
MARTINEZ: That's it.
Here we go.
- What did she say? - She spit on you.
You're cursed, pal.
MARTINEZ: Let's go.
Come on.
Yeah, what is it, Bobby? This bouncer's hip-deep, man.
We didn't have enough to hold him.
- What else you looking at? - We're bringing in Mauro Graciale.
He runs a restaurant that these people invested in.
He's into them for some cash so I think it's worth a conversation.
- Okay.
Baby's about due, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm excited.
- You know what it's gonna be? - Boy.
We've got two daughters, We've got two daughters, I'm a little worried about my wife.
What? She's had a tough pregnancy? It was a difficult delivery last time.
But they're watching her real closely.
I just can't help feeling I put her in harm's way.
Yeah, well, I'm sure she don't feel like that.
Come on, lieu, you're gonna be walking in here with cigars soon.
Yeah, I hope so.
- Night.
- Yeah, good night.
[SIREN WAILS] - He give you any trouble? - He's stoned.
He stinks of reefer.
- Hey, listen, thanks.
- No problem.
Come on, Danny.
- I'm wasted.
- Yeah, let's go inside, all right? Danny.
Danny, where's your medicine? Where's your medicine? - It's here.
- Where here? It's not in the cupboard.
- Bedroom? Bathroom? Where is it? - Bedroom.
I'm gonna get it, and I want you to take some, all right? You gotta keep these windows open once in a while.
Okay, here.
Come on, take it.
Take your medicine, come on.
Come on, Danny, take it.
You gotta remember to take your medication, Danny, okay? You gotta remember to take your medication, Danny, okay? - You gotta remember that.
- Uh-huh.
I don't want you smoking marijuana.
You'll get arrested for that, understand? Okay.
I saw you had some baseball pictures in the other room there.
- You like baseball? - I used to play baseball.
You follow any teams? Yankees, Mets? The Mets are on strike.
Yeah, of course, they all are.
All right, look, I'm gonna take off.
Can I get you anything? You want me to make you a sandwich? All the bread's poisoned.
No, there's some fresh bread here, Danny.
It's poisoned too.
No, it's not.
Come on, Danny.
All right.
Take care.
I'll be checking in, all right? [BEEPING] DONNA: Can I help you? I'm here to see Detective Medavoy.
Detective Medavoy.
I'm Detective Medavoy.
- My name is Herman Costello.
- All right, this way.
You've got all my children in jail.
You mean the fleecing team, who tried to take me off for 1500 bucks? You must have entrapped them.
We have the whole thing on tape, Mr.
Costello so spare me any talk of entrapment.
- This is it.
I'll be checking in.
DONNA: I'll keep a good thought.
- Where do they stand? Well, let's see, the sons will be ROR'd at arraignment.
Unless there's a further development, your daughter's looking at time.
- What kind of further development? - I don't know maybe some offer of restitution to a prior victim.
My daughter said you mentioned a Dolores Schnitzler when you arrested her.
Suppose Mrs.
Schnitzler got a couple thousand dollars back.
- She got taken for 3000.
If she got three, would that get my daughter out? Mr.
Costello, are you offering to make $3000 restitution? Detective, is that a rash around your neck? Let's stay on the subject, okay? Are you offering to give Mrs.
Schnitzler back her $3000? The reason I bring up the rash The reason I bring up the rash My daughter's words are very powerful.
Did she mention anything to you about a curse? Mr.
Costello, that is a cul-de-sac.
I am not a person who responds to threats, implied or otherwise.
If I talk to the district attorney about your daughter's plea arrangement it's because you're offering restitution to a prior aggrieved party and not out of concern for some half-assed curse.
I'll put the 2500 together.
It's 3000, and I'll be in touch.
Have a seat.
Thanks for coming in.
- You've been in Miami, Mr.
Graciale? - Yeah, just flew in.
Hell of a sunburn, huh? Wait till I start to peel.
- You hear about Peter Schelzo's murder? GRACIALE: Oh, yeah.
Horrible, a real shame.
He was a nice kid.
What do you think? Some fag went on a rampage, or what? You're a business associate of Schelzo's, right? More with his uncle.
I guess, technically, they both had a piece of my restaurant.
And you were in default on a loan from them? I guess, technically, I was in default.
The uncle says he was about to take the place over.
No, we were trying to work out an arrangement that was equitable to all parties.
- Pending this equitable arrangement technically, you're stiffing him on a loan.
Graciale, this is a homicide investigation, okay? Let's not be too cute.
If what you tell us doesn't square up with what we already know you're gonna have some problems.
You understand? Look, I'm here to cooperate.
- You mind if I smoke? - Your lungs.
- How long were you down in Miami? - Two days.
Just long enough to get my ass in a sling over this chick.
Like I don't have enough problems with my business I gotta step out on the old lady.
You know a guy named Chaz Hildum? - No.
- He's a bouncer at Buddies.
I know who you mean.
- So you do know him? - I didn't connect the name but when you said bouncer, I remember seeing him there.
You ever talk to him about your business problems? Why would I talk to him? You never asked this guy Chaz to do anything for you? A favor or anything? I don't get where this is going.
In terms of turning off a camera, maybe leaving a door unlocked at that bar.
Wait a second.
What the hell are you guys talking about? You're about to lose your place, maybe you figure you can pay back the people with their money.
- I know nothing about this.
- I was in Florida.
- It's time to get real here, Mr.
- The bouncer gave you up.
- He gave me up? He's got his head up his ass.
Keep this up, you'll be talking to my lawyer.
If you took a hit out on Peter Schelzo, you shouldn't be talking to us.
SIPOWICZ: Maybe if you hired some guy to do a robbery, and he messed up and did a murder you ought to be helping yourself.
- Lf that's the way it went down keep in mind the button guy knows you're the only guy that can finger him.
You can be in some danger too.
Help us grab the shooter, it'll go a lot easier for you.
Give us a name, Mr.
- You think I could be in danger? - Big danger.
This was a robbery, all right? A robbery.
It wasn't supposed to be a murder.
I'm just trying to pay back a loan.
Leon Nadeau.
I dropped a grand on Chaz to facilitate a robbery.
Whatever you need me to do here, you got it.
We're gonna need you to wear a wire.
Get this guy to say he did the murder.
Well, I gotta tell you next time someone starts talking about Franco Harris making that catch or Foreman knocking out Moorer, I'm gonna tell them about you coming up with Leon Nadeau.
- You wanna set up the wire? - Yeah, then I'll go back in.
I'm gonna whiz.
Then I'm gonna call Corrections and find out how they still show this guy Nadeau in the joint.
You sure you don't want to head to the lottery office, start buying tickets? You sure you don't want to head to the lottery office, start buying tickets? [PHONES RINGING] Mrs.
Schnitzler called again.
I didn't say anything.
I didn't want to get her hopes up.
We'll see what the ADA says.
I'm telling you, Donna, this neck condition is going into overdrive.
Laundry's putting too much starch in your collars.
I spoke to the Laundry.
They're not doing anything different with my shirts.
You remember me telling you how this girl spoke to me in a foreign tongue and then spit at me? DONNA: That neck rash could be a food allergy, Gregory.
You're allergic to everything.
I haven't changed my diet.
And why would my gums all of a sudden start bleeding? Do you honestly believe it's because a Gypsy girl put a curse on you? I don't necessarily believe that, no.
But in the absence of any other explanation I'd like to eliminate the possibility.
- Sorry I'm late.
Hello, counselor.
COSTAS: This about the Costello case? - Yeah, the father was in.
He's offering restitution to the prior complainant.
I got no problems letting the sons walk, but the daughter she's got multiple priors.
Miss Costas, the prior complainant is an elderly widow.
She lives on a Social Security check.
- Mrs.
Dolores Schnitzler? - Yes.
The $3000 that Mrs.
Schnitzler lost, that was her safety net.
Getting it back would make a big difference for her and her 14 cats.
If I let Ramona Costello walk, aren't I setting up future Mrs.
Schnitzlers? Well, realistically, Miss Costas, if you file charges on this Gypsy girl once she makes bail, would you ever expect to see her again? [BEEPING] I think not.
If you let me know that the father has made restitution I'll have her charges reduced, and she'll be released with her brothers.
- Sounds like a plan.
- Yeah, I gotta return this page.
Thanks, Miss Costas.
Start on locating that bouncer.
- He's gonna be a collar now.
- Right.
DAN: Andy.
How'd it go? I gave Danny his medication.
Did you check under his tongue after? Because he can pretend to take it.
He looked like he took it.
I'm 99 percent sure he did.
I stayed a while and we talked a little after.
- How'd he seem? All right.
Okay, thanks.
- You going back to Queens? - I'm not sure.
I have a 6:30 meeting here.
I can't do it, Andy.
- I have to go back to him.
- Dan No, I'm 67 years of age.
I'm not gonna have any more children.
What makes sense to me now is to be with him, to look after him the best I can, for as long as I can.
I can't agree with you on this.
I've made my choice.
He's my son.
I have to look after him.
I want your commitment to call me every four hours.
- I will.
- I want a commitment, Dan.
You have it.
Sylvia Costas, Dan Breen.
How do you do? - It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Likewise.
Well, I'm due in court so I'll see you later.
She's very attractive.
- Relationship going well? - It's going good.
I'm glad of that.
If he comes after you you get out of there, Dan.
I was a cop a long time.
I can take care of myself.
He's in.
- How was Miami? - Wall-to-wall ass.
- You bring the money? - Is that what I said I'd do? - You bring the money? - Is that what I said I'd do? Come on.
How'd that thing happen at that fag place? - What thing? - Why did you whack the kid, Leon? Because the fairy walked in on me.
GRACIALE: It was supposed to be a robbery.
I know what it was supposed to be, but I told you, he walked in on me.
I get him all tied up, and he's still screaming.
He wouldn't shut up.
- Guy left me no choice.
- Got him.
Here we go.
Stand back, now.
SIPOWICZ: You, back.
OFFICER: Let's go.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Police, freeze! Freeze! SIMONE: Let that woman go and put that gun down! - I'm walking out or this bitch dies.
- Listen.
I got emergency services outside.
You hear them? These guys don't know to do anything but shoot.
You're the one that's gonna die here right now! - Then I'm gonna take her with me.
SIMONE: I hear what you're saying.
But you ain't got the balls to shoot unless they're tied up.
Your only chance walking out alive is give yourself up.
You got 30 seconds.
Don't you play this string out, Leon! I promise you you are gonna die here! - What's it gonna be? Wanna live or die? Bullet through the head, Leon.
[SIRENS WAILING] - You just take it easy.
SIMONE: Drop the gun and slide it over.
Get down on your face.
Get down on your face! You remember this position, don't you, Leon? You piece of crap, get up! MEDAVO Y: Come on, pal, you too.
- I don't have to ride with him, do I? - No, we got a limo coming for you.
- Have we heard anything from Fancy? - He called.
His wife's still in labor.
She's having a hard time.
All right, thanks.
Danny! Danny.
Oh, no! Oh, Dan.
Westbound on Grand toward Mulberry.
I'm gonna collar him, I know him.
I wanna try it alone.
- Be careful.
- You gotta come with me.
- You'll put me away.
We gotta go, Danny.
Leave my music on.
I don't wanna think about it.
All right.
All right.
I hurt my dad.
SIPOWICZ: Take him over to the house.
OFFICER: You got it.
- Hey, Donna, I got pictures.
- Let me see.
Lieutenant, he's a little doll.
- Good-looking boy, lieu.
MARTINEZ: Does he have a name? Arthur Fancy Jr.
- How's his mom? - It got tough for a while, but she's fine.
SIMONE: Hey, Andy.
FANCY: Andy.
Lieu, Andy's friend was killed today, Dan Breen.
Andy just brought in the son.
- Get the shooter on that gay-bar case? - Yeah, I'm taking the statement now.
- Congratulations.
- Good work.
Hey, I'm back with cigars, just like you said.
I'm glad everything went okay.
[DOOR OPENS] I just heard about your friend.
Did the son give a statement? Nothing that made any sense.
He's covered with blood.
His prints will be on the knife.
The father used to be on the job? The father used to be on the job? Helped get me back on my feet again.
I'm sorry, Andy.
My wife, she had our baby.
Is that right? Everybody's healthy.
That's great.
It's a boy, huh? Yeah.
I've always wanted a son.
I was afraid to admit it, I wanted it so bad.
I'm glad it worked out.
- I hope he gets what you want for him.
- Yeah.
I want everything for him.
We're making a run to Central Booking.
You want us to take your collar over? No, I should go do that.
VINNIE: Congratulations, lieutenant.
- Hey, thanks, Vinnie.
[DOOR OPENS] SIPOWICZ: Come on, Danny.
- I don't wanna go.
You gotta go to Booking.
I'm gonna take you.
I lost my headphones.
Get up, Danny, please.
Come on.
Turn around, give me your hands.
I got your headphones.
You can listen to them on the way down.
Come on.