NYPD Blue s02e10 Episode Script

In the Butt, Bob

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: I'm afraid for your safety.
You gotta move out of your place.
Go to Queens or Hoboken.
Find an apartment and don't tell Danny.
Oh, Dan.
Let's you and me work a signal out, okay, lieutenant? If I'm here for your opinion on something, I'll come in wearing a rose.
I'd like to be a better father or friend or whatever the hell you need.
Excuse me! Excuse me, I'm a little confused.
I was wondering how to get to Mott Street.
- Mott Street.
- I got turned around somehow.
Go straight down to the next light, make a right then two blocks, make a left.
GUMBLE: I got a map here.
Could you point it out to me on that? - It's a map of Texas! - Is it? Well, maybe you can help me find Johnson City.
You showed me yours.
Now I'm gonna show you mine.
You're under arrest, you jerk.
Zip it up, get out of the car.
[SIREN WAILING] Get these guys back.
All right, we got a white male.
Guy over here walking his dog called it in.
- Right down the alleyway here.
SIMONE: Hey, guys.
Stabbed and strangled.
MARTINEZ: I'll start a canvass, all right? - All right, James.
MEDAVO Y: Looks like he was dragged down here.
Benjamin Hollis, 634 Waverly.
Got over $300 in cash, four credit cards.
MEDAVO Y: We can eliminate robbery.
MEDAVO Y: There's three pictures.
SIMONE: No wedding ring.
It's gotta be a girlfriend.
"To the police.
" - Words cut out of a dictionary? - Yeah.
SIMONE: "You'll find the other half of this message when you find the other half of this couple.
You didn't get me before, and you won't get me now.
More to come.
" Oh, man.
You think Webster's back? SIMONE: Looks like it.
In the Butt Bob - Hey, found you.
- Yeah.
What's it look like? Victim's name is Benjamin Hollis, - You think this is Webster's homicide? - Perp says it is.
Stabbing, strangulation.
Webster homicides were shootings.
It's a different m.
The victim's mother has a townhouse next door.
She ID'd the photographs of the girlfriend in his wallet.
Her name is Alexandra Rudman.
Went to her apartment.
She wasn't there.
Super said her car is missing too.
We put out an alarm.
Apartment's in her dad's name.
We left word at his office.
If it's Webster, we're gonna find his girlfriend dead.
- Think they'll reactivate the task force? - Yeah.
- It's our case? MAN: Where are they? Yeah.
DONNA: They'll be back in a moment.
- So you've been saying.
Are these the very busy gentlemen? DONNA: This is - I'm Arnold Rudman.
My office got a message for me to contact a Detective Simone.
- And nobody's here! - I'm Detective Simone.
This is Lt.
How do you do? What the hell is this all about? Mr.
Rudman, you wanna step into my office? - You went to my daughter's building? SIMONE: Let's talk in the office.
Rudman, Benjamin Hollis, who we understand your daughter was dating was found murdered this morning.
- Where was he found murdered? SIMONE: Outside of his townhouse.
- What's happened to my daughter? - We're not sure of that as yet.
She was with him last night.
- They had dinner with my wife and me.
SIMONE: Did they leave in her car? Yes.
- What's happened to my daughter? - Please try and calm down, Mr.
Now, sir, your daughter's car is missing.
She may have been abducted.
Do you have any evidence that she was murdered? - We're trying to find out what happened.
- She must've been abducted.
I want it understood I am willing to pay any ransom.
- Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
- Listen to me.
You listen to me! The people who find my daughter safe are going to be wealthy men.
Rudman, I want you to calm down.
Now, I want you to go home.
Do you have a tape recorder that you can use on your phones? All our phones have automatic recording devices.
FANCY: That's fine.
That's good.
If you receive any calls concerning your daughter or asking for ransom I'd like you to contact us.
Do you need any information about my daughter's car? We got it from the Motor Vehicle Bureau.
We're looking for the car right now.
Do you think my daughter may be dead? Sir, I promise we'll contact you with any developments on our end.
Come on, Mr.
Rudman, let me walk you out.
- What's your name? - Detective Simone.
I know this must be hard on you, sir.
Just let us do our job.
Just remember what I said to you, Detective Simone.
Whoever brings my daughter back alive, that night, he goes to bed a rich man.
[PHONE RINGS] DONNA: Fifteenth Detective Squad.
One moment, please.
Detective Sipowicz your son's on line one.
Oh, thanks.
Andy? Yeah, thanks for calling back.
Andy? Yeah, thanks for calling back.
No, everything's okay.
How about yourself? I'd like to see you, son.
Any night, you know.
All right, well, call when you know.
Okay, Andy.
And I'll see you tomorrow.
How was your friend's memorial service? It was all right.
What was that guy talking about, going to bed rich? Daughter's missing.
We're thinking maybe Webster's back.
DONNA: Can I help you? Lt.
It's okay, Donna.
Come on, Vinnie.
Will you look at this? Your own office.
I'm happy for you, Arthur Fancy.
Arthur Fancy.
I knew you'd make it.
I don't know, I got intuition sometimes I can't always explain.
Weren't you in Florida Witness Protection? GRECO: Yeah, well, relocation wasn't for me, lieutenant.
I'm a New Yorker.
I left the program.
Did you miss me, or are you here on business? It so happens I travel this regular route.
One day, I observe a pair of individuals I know from around the vicinity.
They look a little incongruous.
They're holding hands in a car like fags, which I know they're not.
And then I notice that they're looking at this armored car making a pickup.
A couple of days later, one of the individuals he inquires if I can get him some guns.
- What kind of guns? - Military.
Armor-piercing variety.
Armored car, armor-piercing weapons.
I'd say that adds up to four.
I arranged the meet, but then I do not pass go.
I proceed directly to Lt.
Fancy of which whose career, I would like to think a previous piece of information delivered by yours truly helped to put into overdrive those many moons ago.
- So when's the meet? - They're waiting for me to call.
All right.
Okay, arrange the meet.
Tell them you're bringing somebody with you.
But that might be a little bit dubious, lieutenant.
You know, a strange guy they don't know.
That's how we're gonna work it, Vinnie.
I need confirmation.
So, what about the money? I say this is good for about three grand, right? Maybe 2500, but that's down the road.
Yeah, all right, whatever you say but only because of the tremendous respect I have for you.
FANCY: Make the call, Vinnie.
Hey, Andy.
That guy in there is an old stoolie of mine.
He gave me the bust that helped get my shield.
He gave me the bust that helped get my shield.
He says he was approached about brokering some weapons.
Want me to check it out? Supposedly, these guys are planning an armored-car heist.
He set up a meet.
- I want you to go along.
- Sure.
Lieutenant, that's for you.
Yeah, Fancy.
Yeah, okay.
I'm on it.
Female DOA, alley off Chambers.
It's the car you're looking for.
- They leave a note? - No mention of a note.
Take Medavoy and Martinez.
SIMONE: Okay, lieu.
MEDAVO Y: Let's go, James.
- What's happening? Vinnie Greco, Andy Sipowicz.
- How you doing, Andy? - How you doing? I gotta change.
DOCTOR: I've been seeing Mr.
Gumble weekly for the last two years.
This is a man with a highly successful business who's exposed to extreme stress.
During the time of his treatment, he's experienced manic episodes where he is at the mercy of various irresistible compulsions.
The incident this morning is clearly one of these.
To be honest with you, doctor I could care less about your client's deep-seated reasons for what he did.
She's right.
My behavior was inexcusable.
This is a treatable condition.
I'm going to adjust his lithium.
Have you checked his record with BCI? He's clean.
I've checked with BCI.
Now I'll start going through past complaint reports.
- Will that take long? - It will take as long as it takes.
I have patients to see.
Gumble can see as many high-priced lawyers and shrinks as he wants but if I find any previous record of this kind of crap, he's going into the system.
SIMONE: Man, look at that stuff.
- Manual strangulation, a lot of bruising.
SIMONE: Man, look at that stuff.
- Manual strangulation, a lot of bruising.
- The neck was worked on a lot.
- He enjoyed it? No ligature marks.
She's been dead from six to 12 hours.
- We got a name on her? - Yeah, Alexandra Rudman.
MEDAVO Y: Hey, look at this.
I found it taped to the bumper.
SIMONE: "I came back August 17.
The girl in Battery Park was mine.
" This guy, boy.
- We got some media, Bobby.
- Great.
I gotta take this back to Fancy.
James, canvass the ass off of this.
- Stay on top of the crime scene? - Yeah.
WOMAN: Is this Alexandra Rudman? SIMONE: You get a statement from Public Information.
- It's me, Benita.
- She's all right.
How you doing? They got you on DOAs now? You're not the only one sick of sitting around city hall.
- Is this Alexandra Rudman? - Where'd you guys get that name from? Her father put a statement out saying she was missing and he'll pay ransom.
Look, Benita, I gotta notify this person's family, all right? BENITA: How'd she die? Off the top, looks like a manual strangulation.
I can't give you more.
- Mind if I keep trying? - It's a free country.
How about a ride downtown? Handcuff me, put me in the back.
No, I think that's against regulations.
GRECO: You probably got doubts about me, Slivowicz? SIPOWICZ: Hey, it's Sipowicz.
Well, anyway, I'm trying to do the right thing here.
- I'm not doing this for the money.
- Really.
Hey, Tommy, Alex.
What is this? This is who will get what you're looking for.
- So you bring him here? - This isn't right.
I'm here because you won't front money, and I don't go on credit.
You want me to leave? We just weren't expecting this.
SIPOWICZ: We all get set in our ways.
Now I have access to military hardware.
Did I tell you or did I tell you? Here's what we need: An AT-4 Viper or an MK-19 grenade launcher.
- What are you looking to take out? TOMMY: Can you get it or not? The MK, no problem.
How much? It comes off the armory at night.
It's back the next night.
The rent's 4500.
Half of that's in the front.
It's 300 for a round.
Any damage to our weapon is a separate discussion.
When do you need it? - We'll give you notice.
- At least 24 hours.
TOMMY: We'll let you know through Vinnie.
We'll give you 1500 now and the rest on delivery.
Don't dick around and embarrass yourself.
Your friends are very nice.
TOMMY: Wait, wait.
We'll do business.
Sit down.
OFFICER 1: Hey, sarge.
OFFICER 2: Sarge.
- Another citizen exercising her freedoms.
- Yeah, here you are.
I'm hearing rumors this could be the Dictionary Killer.
- You hear that? BENITA: If I printed the department's looking into a connection with Webster would I be wrong? Let's say you wouldn't wind up in trouble.
I don't have further comment.
- Excuse me.
- Bobby I wanna buy you dinner.
Do you do that sort of thing yet? - Yeah, I do that sort of thing.
- Good.
- Tonight? - No, it can't be tonight.
Bobby? - Long time, huh? - How's it going? SOLOMON: How you doing, Benita? - Okay, detective.
How are you? - Okay.
What would you be doing here? - You gotta excuse me.
SIMONE: We're up here.
SOLOMON: You caught this double homicide? SIMONE: Yeah.
Good, I'm glad you're on it.
I don't think we got Webster here, but it's an interesting case.
SIMONE: Yeah, we'll see.
You'll explain to your client how an appearance ticket works? Yes, I will.
Detective thanks for your understanding.
- Mm-hm.
GUMBLE: I hope you realize this wasn't personal.
You mean, am I worried I might've done something to set you off? No, just that I want you to understand it wasn't directed at you specifically.
Yeah? Well, it was directed at me, Mr.
Gumble and I suggest you keep it in your pants.
- Sarge? SERGEANT: Yeah? - This guy is getting a DAT.
All right, let's start with the obvious differences.
Every Webster homicide is Fort Tryon Park or Riverdale.
These are downtown.
These are stabbing-strangulations.
Webster's are shootings.
It's hard to make this the Dictionary Killer.
Only real similarity is words cut from Webster's 3rd Edition.
- Which is the guy's signature.
- So if a copycat uses it he's got an instant résumé.
He buys into six murders going back five years.
he's got an instant résumé.
He buys into six murders going back five years.
A copycat would try to keep patterns as close as he could to the original crimes.
Yeah, well, this is different, all right.
August 17, DOA, there wasn't even a male victim.
Every Webster homicide involved couples.
How do you wanna divide the work? All right, your people focus on today's DOAs.
Task force will work comparisons among the murders.
Obviously, it's all gonna be cooperating with each other, sharing information.
We made a section in Anti-crime available for task force use.
SOLOMON: Appreciate it.
You got plans for lunch? We can grab a sandwich, go over what I got.
Hey, Bobby.
Hold on a second, would you? Listen you been on this case, what, My suggestion, raise your possibilities through me.
- Filter through me.
- All right.
I was going through the 61 s from last August 17.
There was this guy Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second.
You're on today's DOAs.
August 17 is not an aspect of the case you're on.
So you want what I got on today's DOAs? Yeah.
Let me get set up, and I'll get back with you.
SIMONE: All right.
- Bobby, good to have you on the team.
- Thanks, inspector.
You said you had something else to talk about? An old stool of mine named Vinnie Greco.
- He helped get me into the bureau.
HAVERILL: What about him? He's back in town.
He was in Witness Protection.
- They dump him out of it? - He says he dropped out.
He's peddling information about two guys planning an armored-car heist.
It could be a shakedown by a scumbag, figures you owe him.
Well, I sent Sipowicz with Greco to a meet.
Sipowicz thinks the heist is probably real.
He's at ID section now, trying to put names on the guys Vinnie introduced.
- Lf it's a scam, they could be in on it.
- Lf it's a heist and we didn't move and someone gets killed, I'd hate to be the one making explanations.
I okay no money without talking to Vinnie.
You wanna do that now? You want me to do it after we get egg on our faces? How do I reach the guy? HAVERILL: Excuse me.
- Sylvia.
- Hi, how was Dan's service? It makes you think about things.
I talked to Andy Jr.
Before, about maybe having dinner tomorrow night.
You wanna have him over? Well, I kind of thought I'd kind of gradually let him know about our situation, but Well, maybe it's a good idea he gets the whole picture.
I do a great leg of lamb.
COSTAS: See you, Donna.
DONNA: Bye, Sylvia.
So how did that meet go with Fancy's old stool? The guy's 80 percent crap, but I think his information's alive.
So you gonna be working on that? Yeah.
Second body turned up, huh? Yeah.
Andy, I'd like to get your help on this, man.
I don't know when this other thing will move.
Whatever I can do.
- This task force is a freeze-out, man.
- Yeah, you surprised on that? Check my thinking on something.
The perp leaves notes on both bodies today, right? The second note he cops to a murder on August 17 in Battery Park, a female strangled.
- Dictionary homicides are shootings.
I know, I know, but I'm going through all these 61 s here from August 17 and here's a guy who was shot in the ass five blocks away.
Claims it was an unsuccessful mugging.
- You give this to the task force? - Yeah, I tried.
Told me to mind my own business.
Am I right contacting this guy? Absolutely.
If the guy that was shot in his ass and the August 17 female were involved we're closer to Webster's pattern.
You gave Solomon his whack.
Give this ass guy a call.
That's what I say.
DONNA: Detective? Victim's father.
Rudman, I'm really sorry for your loss, sir.
I now understand that this might be a serial killer.
There's a possibility.
We're just shaking things out right now.
My daughter is dead.
I have a right to know what you're working on.
Yes, you do, but we don't wanna give you any partial or misleading information.
Whoever it is I'll give you a million dollars to kill him.
Rudman, I know you're in grief over your daughter.
RUDMAN: My grief is my own business.
I know how the system works.
I can feed a million dollars into an account anywhere in the world.
Sir, this kind of talk does no one any good.
This man strangled my child! If he's arrested and brought to trial the next three years will bring him exactly what his warped mind desires.
He'll be paraded in front of news cameras every day.
There will be books, movies.
I don't deserve that.
My child doesn't.
No, you don't.
Now, Mr.
Rudman, I want you to go home.
You have a wife, am I right? - My wife is still alive.
- You should go be with her and I'll contact you if there are any developments, all right? My offer stands.
A million dollars.
I want the man dead.
Would that be in unmarked bills? OFFICER 1: Hey.
- Hey.
OFFICER 2: Detective.
- Hi.
What'd he do? Exposed himself on 11 th Street.
We had three different calls.
I don't know what comes over me.
No DAT for this guy.
He was a collar yesterday.
I want him upstairs.
I'm gonna bring a DA in.
This thing has a mind of its own.
- Mr.
Marks? - Yes.
Bob, please.
- Detective Simone.
- Hi.
This is Detective Sipowicz.
- Appreciate you coming.
Hey, I'm a pro-police guy.
But if this is about the shooting last summer there's nothing more I can tell you.
We just wanna go over a couple of things.
"August 17, approximately 10:45 p.
M perpetrator attempted to grab victim's wallet.
Victim resisted.
In the ensuing struggle, perpetrator fired one shot into victim's buttocks before running.
" Yeah, bullet's still in there.
I just thank God for a well-padded tokus.
Are you aware there was a homicide that same night a half a mile away in Battery Park? - A woman was strangled.
- Yeah, I learned about that subsequently.
- A woman was strangled.
- Yeah, I learned about that subsequently.
The victim's name was Stacy Siegal.
Did you know her at all? By coincidence, yeah, I had a casual acquaintance with her.
SIMONE: Bob, you work at the Gibson & Smith ad agency.
One of your accounts is Moonglow shampoo.
Stacy worked for Alive Products Beauty Aids Division, marketing associate Moonglow shampoo.
What, are you investigating me? We're looking into your relationship with that girl, yeah.
My God, you don't think I killed her, do you? No, we don't, but we think you were with her when she was attacked.
And we think the guy who did it is back.
Listen, I've given every piece of information concerning that attack on me that I recall.
I described the perpetrator as exactly as I could.
He was tall.
He was wearing a red ski mask.
Yeah, you just fibbed a little about being by yourself so your wife wouldn't know you were stepping out.
SIMONE: You read about that double homicide yesterday, Bob? We think it's the same guy.
We think he's back.
We need to look at that bullet you're carrying around to see if it matches some others we've got.
I was told there's no medical reason to have that bullet removed.
You want a reason? You made a false statement to a police officer.
You want us to file those charges against you? You can explain to your wife those charges.
Come on, Bob, help us out.
All we want is the bullet.
Your wife doesn't have to know anything about the circumstances.
Stacy's death was a horrible tragedy.
I didn't want to compound it by destroying my marriage.
- Do you understand what I'm saying? - Absolutely.
When will this have to be done? Well, Bob, we need the bullet now.
SIPOWICZ: The operation's a piece of cake.
I had it on both cheeks.
- Nice blouse.
- Thank you.
So, what do you hear, Vinnie? - Concerning? - Concerning the time on this heist.
Oh, yeah.
Look, this is for you, for your kids.
Open it.
That's genuine Russian craftwork over there.
"Made in Taiwan.
" You believe that? Farming out native goods like that.
But the design is completely authentic.
- A time, Vinnie.
- Yeah.
Just do me this one thing, all right? Don't get upset.
Don't get pissed off, all right? So I'm walking down the street, and out of nowhere Alex, the kid who was with me and Detective Stipowicz at the meeting he comes up to me, and he tells me, now that this other guy is involved he wants to meet me and make sure everything's okay with the artillery.
Now, this meet, I know that I should straighten it out with you.
I should've been on that phone.
Slivowicz should've been there but this was something I think I should do.
So I go to the Odessa and meet with this guy Vassily, who's with another guy So I go to the Odessa and meet with this guy Vassily, who's with another guy that you already know.
Igor Pachenko.
The man himself.
There he is, all pudgy and hairy with that Russian BO.
What's up? Don't they have deodorant? Lgor Pachenko's involved with this heist? - Yeah, he's in on everything they do.
- You met with him? Lieu, I know for a fact the man gets a cut.
I know he's involved.
These are his guys.
Look, you need him at the meeting.
You need him to be there.
I'll say he was there.
I mean, it's It's the ribbon on the package.
We both know this guy is wrong.
Hey, look, I'll go to door number two.
I'm prepared to testify in court that he was sitting right across the way from me.
That's some offer, Vinnie.
- I know.
It'd be some collar for you.
- Mm-hm.
- Capt.
Fancy? - Mm-hm.
Son of a bitch.
This This is like my worst nightmare.
You were selling too hard, Vinnie.
Who's the bug for? You know what this is all about? That prick Haverill.
- Haverill had you do this? - Yeah.
I told him you wouldn't go for this You'd be ahead but he starts threatening.
- He threatened? Yeah, he threatened me.
Some stickups the witness protection people thought I pulled that I didn't.
But he went on.
But look, what he wants, he wants to jam you, lieu.
He wants to get you to get me to get You know, start lying for you.
All right, so Pachenko isn't involved? No.
From Miami to Moscow, that's how far he is from this one.
It was Haverill all the time.
I'm sorry.
So now what do we do? You're gonna pull yourself together.
You're gonna go back to him.
Tell him the tape messed up, and what does he want you to do? Take it.
All right, anything to straighten myself out with you but I don't exactly get the point.
You're going back wired, Vinnie.
You see? See, that's good.
That's smart.
Get out of here.
GRECO: All right, all right.
I'm sorry.
SIMONE: Listen to this.
Webster moves in on this guy and girl in the park, right? - This is August 17? - Right.
The guys runs, so Webster shoots at him, puts a cap in his ass.
But the guy gets away, so now he's really pissed off.
Or this girl does something to piss him off, and Webster lays hands on her.
Now, it's the very first time he's laying hands on a victim.
And it gets good to him, right? That's it.
That's the transition.
That's where he makes the change.
This bullet's gotta match earlier Webster bullets.
You know what kind of pain this guy will be in? He's not gonna sit right for three months.
Here's the bullet.
I can't tell the caliber.
Thanks, doc.
We'll get that from Ballistics.
- How's your rear? - Not setting off any metal detectors.
SOLOMON: We can be in and out of there in no time at all.
Excuse me a second.
How'd you do at Ballistics? - We got a hit, lieu.
- He got a hit.
There's over 90 percent likelihood the bullet from this guy's ass is out of the same gun as Webster.
- Don't get too comfortable.
- You gotta go on a pickup.
- What? You had the Rudman girl's car run for violations following the Hollis murder? - Yeah, yesterday.
Why? - The fax came in when you were out.
- Yeah, yesterday.
Why? - The fax came in when you were out.
Twenty minutes after Hollis was recovered, a summons was issued to a George Putnam, driving the dead girl's car.
Then there is a good chance that guy's Webster.
- They're gonna pick him up.
- The task force is going? FANCY: Solomon picked up the fax.
Bobby, you wanna give us a hand on this? - Take a ride with me? - I'll drive.
Third floor, apartment 307.
One front entrance, one fire escape in the rear of the building facing the alley.
- Can we get into the back? - Yeah, there's an alley.
Pull right up.
Solomon, we'll go in the front.
Strue and Vidalias, take the roof.
You and Sipowicz cover the back alley.
You don't want us to cover the Port Authority in case he tries to escape by bus? SOLOMON: All right, let's do it.
AIELLO: You in position? MAN: We got the roof covered.
- We're in the rear.
SOLOMON: We're going in.
[RATTLING] You hear that? Heads up! Heads up! AIELLO: We didn 't get no answer here.
- We got somebody coming down.
SIMONE: Hey, hey, hey, police! All right, you wanna jump or drop the rest of the way with a bullet in you? SIPOWICZ: Heads up! Get him up! All right! SIMONE: What's your name? - George Putnam.
What's going on? SIMONE: Just relax.
Want us to take him in, inspector? Yeah, go ahead, but take Solomon with you.
Go ahead.
SIMONE: How do you feel, George? PUTNAM: A lot of attention.
- I don't know what's going on.
- You don't know? PUTNAM: You guys come in like it's D-day.
No one says what it's about.
- You get a traffic ticket yesterday? - No.
Moving violation? Illegal left-hand turn? My driver's license was stolen several weeks ago.
We know you're a real smart guy, maybe smarter than we are.
But don't treat us like we're morons.
The cop who gave you the ticket ID'd you on the photo array, George.
And the problem is that car you were driving a woman was found dead in that car an hour later.
I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
All right.
Let's get on the same page here, okay? I know nothing about any woman.
Forget the woman.
Let's agree that it was you in the car.
And maybe there's a good explanation of what you were doing there.
All right? It's possible when a person was taking a walk yesterday he found a car near the park with the keys in it.
And were you that person, George? It's possible he just joy-rode around a little and got out.
Is that what you did, George? I know nothing about any woman.
But it was you in the car? - It's possible.
- George All right, let's take a minute, come on.
Bobby, I wanna take it a while now.
- No problem, I'll hang back.
SOLOMON: I wanna interview him alone.
Hey, we got the guy in the car.
You did a hell of a piece of legwork on this whole case, man.
- Thanks.
- But I gotta be putting this guy at eight different homicides, so I gotta establish rapport.
Let's have Archie take him alone a while, okay? Okay.
Hey, Bobby.
You gotta understand something, man.
That guy's the reason I stayed on this job.
Oh, yeah, I get the picture.
FANCY: Bobby.
Bobby! - There's no way to beat that play.
- That prick better not screw this up.
That is Webster in there.
We got one right guy in the room.
- Stick around.
- Yeah.
Hey, Andy, I need to talk to you.
- Simone's out of the interview? - For now.
That stinks.
Sit down.
HAVERILL: Did you get it? GRECO: Well, what we got is a bad news, good news situation, captain.
HAVERILL: Don 't give me any hand Jobs, Greco.
HAVERILL: Don 't give me any hand Jobs, Greco.
GRECO: I can definitely get Fancy behind some hummer information but my tape did malfunction while I was talking to him.
HAVERILL: How? - I may have failed to push the button.
It's the only thing I can figure.
HAVERILL: I want Fancy on tape buying into a story you admit to him is bogus.
GRECO: No, the armored car heist is real.
HAVERILL: I'm talking about this Pachenko nonsense.
You get Fancy to sign on, and I'm gonna use it to get him out.
He's a careful nigger, but you made a career of lying.
- So come up with the right details.
GRECO: And what about Slivowicz? If I have to involve him? HAVERILL: You get that fat bastard too, you come out with an extra grand.
How'd you get this? Haverill sent Vinnie wired to me.
I sent him back.
Take that tape into the observation room and shove it up Haverill's ass.
- I'll move when the time's right.
- What about now? He wants a piece of that armored-car collar.
Wants to step out from that building like J.
Edgar Hoover when they shot Dillinger.
That's when I wanna cut him off at the knees.
I'd like to see Haverill about 4 foot 6.
- Hi.
I'm gonna need about a half-hour.
I gotta fill out a five here.
I got a two-minute conference here.
I'll go on home, and I'll get ready for Andy.
I'm Assistant District Attorney Costas.
Miles Grabiner, representing Mr.
Who Detective Lesniak avers exposed himself? - Repeatedly.
- I'm sick about this.
It's so humiliating.
I popped him yesterday on the same offense.
Gumble's now volunteered to enter therapy for this specific problem.
No good will be served by putting him into the system.
- Are you sure about that? - This man feels enormous remorse.
This is a reputable citizen in the throes of enormous emotional difficulties.
It's a second offense.
I will not let him walk on a DAT.
He's gonna plead to a misdemeanor.
Is that acceptable, Arnie? You'll have a record.
I think I may deserve a record.
That would be acceptable.
And I would like to thank and applaud Detective Lesniak for the way she's handled this.
She could've said horrible things to me.
This filthy, depraved behavior deserves every vilification.
Oh, God.
- Oh, God.
GRABINER: Arnie, put that away.
Oh, God! - Look at this! - Get him zipped up and in that program right away.
- What is this? GRABINER: Arnie! GUMBLE: What are you doing to me? GRABINER: Arnie! GUMBLE: Oh, God.
- Hi.
Your dad's gonna be a few minutes late.
Can I get you something to drink? A soft drink? - That's okay.
- Okay.
Oh, you have fish too? Well, actually, those are your dad's.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
- He's got some new ones.
- Yeah, he does.
I'm sorry Hi, Andy.
- Sorry I'm late.
- It's okay.
No problem, I was looking at your fish tank.
Yeah, I got it here.
Well, I'm gonna go check the leg of lamb.
So how you been? Okay, good.
Come on, sit down.
- This place is nice.
- Yeah.
Your old place was kind of gloomy.
Yeah, this This is much better.
Want some peanuts? What happened to your hair? Did you lose a bet? I'm just warming up to a new look.
I just took an induction physical and my written test for the Air Force.
The Air Force? Yeah.
I scored okay.
- Surprised myself.
COSTAS: It's almost ready.
Andy was just telling me he's joining the Air Force.
AND Y: He noticed my hair and detectives, they catch everything.
You gonna be a pilot? No, I'd have to be an officer for that.
That takes college, but I'll definitely learn a trade.
So, what do you think? I think it's a good idea.
You're not mad that we didn't talk about it? We don't have a big tradition of talking things over.
So when do you report? In two weeks.
SIPOWICZ: Two weeks.
That roast smells good.
I'll put it on the table.
- Hey.
- What's up? - Just checking on my way home see if you might be done.
Well, like I told you when I called you, something's come up here.
Well, like I told you when I called you, something's come up here.
We'll do dinner another night.
Something with Webster? It may turn out to be related.
It may not.
You have a suspect? You running an interview? No, somebody else's talking to him now.
- Archie Solomon.
- Benita, I've always liked you.
I'd just as soon not feel like you're working me.
If you think all I'm doing here is working a story then you're not as good a detective as everyone says.
- Arnold Rudman.
- Give him a break, Benita.
Rudman I'm very sorry for your loss.
Rain check on the dinner, huh? Rain check on the dinner.
How's it going, Mr.
Rudman? Are there any developments? We're talking to someone.
We're talking to someone.
Maybe we'll have something to tell you tomorrow.
I don't know what to do with myself.
I know.
There's nothing I can do for her.
Sometimes all you can do is wait.
COSTAS: Well, he sure had a good appetite.
He cleaned his plate and had two desserts.
SIPOWICZ: Yeah, I think it went okay.
Let him know we're together and everything.
It went fine.
You must be very proud of him, going into the service.
He'll be away, you know.
That's the only downside of it.
You don't know where he'll be stationed.
We get along all right now, you know but the things you didn't do, that's gone.
The time to be a father is when they're little.
If he didn't still need his dad's approval, he wouldn't have come here tonight.
There's so many things I wanted to say to him.
I didn't feel I had the right to tell him.
Maybe it's Dan dying but I keep thinking of all the chances lost.
Ask me again, Andy.
What do you mean? Ask me again.
Will you marry me, Sylvia? Yes.
I will.