NYPD Blue s02e11 Episode Script


NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: SIMONE: "You'll find the other half of this message if you find the other half of this couple.
" - Think it's Webster? The only similarity is words cut out of Webster's 3rd Edition.
Which is the guy's signature.
Whoever it is I'll give you a million dollars to kill him.
They're planning an armored car job.
How's that? I have access to military hardware.
Did I tell you or did I tell you? - We need the bullet now.
SIPOWICZ: Operation's a piece of cake.
I had it on both cheeks.
Who's the bug for? HAVERILL: A careful nigger, but - How'd you get this? Haverill sent Vinnie wired to me.
I sent him back.
The cop who gave you the ticket ID'd you.
- Don't treat us like we're morons.
- You've been on this case 27 minutes.
Raise your possibilities through me.
There's nothing I can do for her? No.
How's it going? So, what happened? I wear those other guys out? I think you did.
They out searching my apartment? You don't let very much get by you, do you? Those lava lamps I have are very valuable.
- Lf any get broken, you guys owe me.
- Fair enough.
PUTNAM: So what's your routine? - Me? I don't really have one.
I just wanna get this thing done with.
- I mean, you do too, right? - Yeah, I do.
Right now all we got you on is taking that dead girl's car.
Hey, I admit I was driving the car.
I know I made a big mistake.
It was even illegal.
I don't deserve this.
Thing is, well, whoever did these killings, he has us going from nothing.
So I'm here because you guys can't do a better job.
Well, I'd like to argue that, but until we find somebody else, you're all we got.
This is a nightmare.
Anyone you want me to talk to? PUTNAM: Huh.
You mean someone who cares about me.
- Well, maybe like family or something.
- No.
No family.
This room is as hot as my place in the summer.
I'll see if I can get the heat turned down.
Can I ask you something? It might seem like it's out of left field.
- What? - You admit you were in that car when you were joyriding around.
Turns out this guy's last victim was stashed in the trunk.
- You say she was in the trunk? - She was in the trunk.
We found her in the trunk after you abandoned the car.
See where I'm going with this? You were in a car this guy must've been in just before.
The guy we're calling Webster, the Dictionary Killer.
You must've found the car with the keys in it just after this guy had gotten out.
That could be possible.
You, uh You get any kind of vibe what this guy might have been like? People are saying he must be crazy.
You know, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, one of these nuts.
Whoever did this was not crazy.
I mean, I wouldn't think so either.
I mean, I wouldn't think so either.
Not after he's had us chasing our tails for the past five years.
[DOOR OPENS] Detective, can I talk to you? Detective? - What were you doing in there? - You were out.
We were talking.
And I was making progress.
I'm done with this crap.
Inspector, can I see you for a minute? It's too bad you don't work a case as good as you play the bosses.
Anything in the guy's place? SOLOMON: No.
I come back and Simone's with him.
Do I gotta nail the door closed on the interview room when I go to the can? - Simone caught this homicide.
- I'm the lead investigator.
- Simone caught this homicide.
- I'm the lead investigator.
I'm working an interview sequence.
Interference screws me up.
This hydrant-pissing stops right now.
Simone caught the case, Solomon has the investigation.
- Solomon runs the interview.
- Thank you.
- Six known homicides in five years.
- You don't have to tell me.
- I want a statement from this prick.
SOLOMON: Yes, sir.
- He's losing the guy.
- You gotta let it play out.
The guy doesn't lawyer-up, because he wants to strut.
- And all that asshole does is butt heads.
- Let it play out, Bobby.
Vishy Vashy Vinny All right.
Heist goes tomorrow as item number one.
- When everyone's here, Vinnie.
- No, no, no.
I also wanna be seen conversing with you when Capt.
Haverill gets in the squad.
- What are you doing? - Lieu, Haverill wants you on tape telling me to lie about the armored car job.
Telling me to say the Brighton Beach hoods are in on it.
He also wants me to ask you for money.
- And you telling me you can get it.
- So you want him to think that you're making a tape now? - Correct.
- Well, he just walked in.
- All right, all right.
So you signed on to this story.
You're telling me to float the bogus Russkies.
I'm asking you for money, you give me a nod.
Lieu, come on! Nod! Nod! [KNOCKING] Yeah? - Am I interrupting anything? - No.
No, not really.
I'll get Sipowicz.
How's it going, captain? FANCY: Andy.
Something going on with this armored car job? Oh, yeah.
They wanna do it.
- They called? - They want us to deliver the weapons.
- They called? - They want us to deliver the weapons.
Call Major Perkins at the National Guard Armory on Lexington.
He'll bring it over.
- We got the dummy ammo? - We've requested it but check when they deliver.
We'll have the commander whack the ammo with a tire iron.
Let's go, Vinnie.
See you guys later.
Any sense the hoods on this job are hooked up? - Hooked up how? - Like working for an organization.
Vinnie's floating some stories.
He's talking about the Brighton Beach Mafia.
- You buy it? - I don't know yet.
- You'll tell me when you decide? - Definitely, yeah.
Detective Lesniak, Miss Galvin's here to see you.
Thanks, Donna.
Maria, Detective Lesniak, hi.
Come on in, my desk is over here.
You're younger than I pictured when we talked on the phone.
- Did you bring the note with you? - Yes.
LESNIAK: Thanks.
So tell me about the fire.
Well, last night I was home alone watching the late news and I smelled smoke, I thought it was something in my kitchen.
When I went to the living room, there was smoke coming under my front door.
What was actually burning? I opened the door, there was a little pile of papers, a rag was on fire.
I smelled lighter fluid on my door.
A neighbor in the hall helped me put it out, and when I went back inside this envelope was on the floor with a note.
"Leave 500 dollars in a paper bag on the steps of 809 Green Street at 12: 15 p.
" - Do you have any idea who's doing this? - I've tried to think.
I try to be a nice person.
I'm not having problems with anybody.
Do you think this is Webster? This really isn't Webster's m.
- I'm very scared.
- I understand.
I'm not going home.
I'm staying with my sister.
If you want, that's fine.
I don't think you should be afraid.
We know when and where he expects the money and we'll be there when he picks it up.
Suppose you don't grab him? Then he's gonna come after me for sure.
If he comes to pick up the money, we're gonna get him.
- Okay? - Okay.
Look at that, huh? Our tax dollars going to work.
Vinnie, come here.
This thing with Haverill and Fancy.
- I sensed the tension between them.
- I know about the tape, Vinnie.
- Haverill's trying to screw the lieutenant.
- I see.
Now, in that type of situation some might consider working both ends, multiplying earning opportunities.
some might consider working both ends, multiplying earning opportunities.
You're not putting your hand out? SIPOWICZ: What I'm saying is, if Fancy comes up short on this I'm gonna break all the bones in your hands and feet.
That kind of exaggeration is out of proportion.
- Like your hands and feet will be.
GRECO: I give you my word.
The lieutenant's gonna be absolutely fine on this.
Absolutely okay.
Detective, this is your hand receipt transferring one MK 19 grenade launcher to the N.
- Did you get those dummy rounds? - They're real rounds.
They've just been rendered inert.
- Anybody gonna be able to spot that? - They're a perfect match.
I also need you to sign this general liability waiver.
You mind my asking you what your plans are for the weapon? Yeah, every year we like to rattle their cage down at the ACLU.
This year, we're gonna show up and threaten to incinerate them.
Liability waiver should cover that.
- Let us know when to pick it up.
- Thanks.
This ACLU thing, you gonna do it before or after the armored car? SOLOMON: Done with your pizza, Webster? PUTNAM: You keep calling me Webster.
Which is the paper's nickname for the Dictionary Killer who we both know is you.
My name is George Putnam.
Where were you on August 17, 1989? I told you before, I don't know, I don't remember.
Up in Riverdale is where you were.
If you say so.
August 17, 1989 a 16-year-old girl named Heidi Ellison was shot through her left eye.
- Her boyfriend gets it in the head.
- I don't know anything about that.
Stop lying! We checked your Social Security number, you were working three blocks away.
How about October 3, 1989? Where were you then? How am I supposed to know? - Where were you? - Where was I? I was investigating another double homicide.
I was investigating another double homicide.
And guess what? You had a car registered at an address two blocks away.
How does Mr.
Smarter-than-the-cops feel now, huh? Not so smart.
Well, you know what you should feel like? You should feel like a scumbag who's going to prison for the rest of his life.
I don't know anything about any killings.
I don't know about any letters.
The only thing I know about Webster is, he's that little black kid on TV.
You little prick! I've waited five years so you better start talking.
You want to arrest me for joyriding in that girl's car, go ahead.
You got nothing else.
SOLOMON: You killed these people.
And I'm here as long as it takes for you to admit it.
PUTNAM: You got nothing else on me.
Greg, you all right to take a ride with me? - Where are we going? - Screw Solomon.
We're gonna take a look at this guy's place.
Solomon showed up at the funeral parlor.
Detective, do you have a minute? - I'll meet you outside.
- Yeah.
- How you doing, Benita? - Good.
I spell your name right this morning? Yeah, you got it right.
Solomon's been in and out twice, I thought they locked you upstairs.
Locked out is where they got me.
Do you wanna talk about it? I gotta go.
Can I cash that rain check tonight on dinner? Could be, I'll be in touch.
I'm not going anywhere.
- Hey, how's it going? - You guys gotta take a look too? - Yeah, the bosses want another toss.
- The door's open.
- So Aiello wants a second toss? - Yeah, I think he'd want us to.
- You guys need any help, just shout.
- Yeah.
Greg, I need to take a look around here and I don't want that cop to come in, in case I'm wrong.
- You got something in mind? - There's something I wanna look at.
- All right, let me go talk to this guy.
- Thanks.
Boy, I hated fixed posts when I was in the bag.
Amen to that.
Sitting around eight hours, breathing stale air.
- You got problems with your sinuses? - Maybe they're clogging up a little.
Places like this, there's molds you can't even see.
Little spores, you know, that get in your lungs.
- Greg? MEDAVO Y: Yeah? You guys, come in here! Come on.
SIMONE: Make an entry in your logbook.
I recovered this from this guy's air conditioner.
MEDAVO Y: A zip gun, huh? SIMONE: Made to fire a.
22 caliber.
Webster's caliber of choice.
This guy in the interview kept talking about how hot this place was.
And I knew when Andy and I were down in the alley I looked up and saw the air conditioner there.
So that's where he stashed the piece? That's why it wasn't working.
- He pulled the guts out to stash.
- Good going, Bobby.
- Appreciate it.
- Yeah, no problem.
MEDAVO Y: You all set? SIMONE: Yeah, I got it.
Friend of mine's trying to get me into this Ironman stuff.
- Here's a refill.
- Thanks.
He swims, trail bikes - He's got legs like steel pistons.
- I sent away for one of those treadmills.
It's been under my bed four months.
Look, that mope's checking out the bag.
This girl had no description of the guy? LESNIAK: She didn't see him.
Portable 1 to van, keep your eye on the guy with the backpack.
OFFICER 1: We got him, 10-4.
- Here we go! All right! LESNIAK: Take him down.
LESNIAK: Police! Hold it! - Police! Hey! - Don't hurt me.
Please, don't hurt me! - No one is gonna hurt you.
- Why am I being arrested? - We'll talk about it at the station.
Is there any reason I'm being arrested? If there is, I'd really like OFFICER 2: Here you go.
LESNIAK: Thanks.
Simone found this in Putnam's apartment during a follow-up search.
- Found it where? - Hidden in the air conditioner.
- Does it match in ballistics? SIMONE: 90 percent likelihood.
This kind of weapon doesn't put grooves on the slugs once it's fired.
Webster's were all unmarked.
Finding it in his apartment links him to Webster homicides five years back.
And the Battery Park shooting last August.
Let's get back to this follow-up search.
You want Simone to put the gun back so you can find it? Simone's earned a shot at an interview.
- I'm working a sequence with him.
- I think he deserves it.
Maybe try a change of pace.
- I wanna be in the room.
- You have a problem with that? - My interview.
- Yeah.
- No, no problem.
- All right.
Thanks, lieu.
- How's your guy in a room? - Better than your guy.
Give me a minute, Archie, all right? - How you gonna work the guy? SIMONE: I got some ideas.
I'll be with you in a minute, okay? - You don't want me to go in? - Nope, wait until I'm there.
- What's going on? - I found a piece at this guy's crib so they put me in the interview.
- Good.
- What's up with that armored car job? - The clock should be running.
They asked for the gun.
Greco made a stop we're gonna take it out to them.
- Heads up with that guy, Andy.
- Oh, yeah.
- Detectives.
Detective Sipowicz.
SIPOWICZ: How's it going, Mr.
Marks? I'm just out of the hospital.
I just wanted to come by and let you know that I'm in pain.
- Where they took out that bullet? In my right buttock, yes.
On your recommendation.
That bullet really helped our investigation.
So I won't be walking around like a crab for three months just so you can have a laugh? - You'll have to excuse me.
"Slivowitz," pronto.
Listen, I used this after my procedure, it might give you some relief.
Let's go, Vinnie.
I was just curious.
That's not a crime.
- You weren't waiting to get the bag? - No, I just saw it lying there.
I wanted to see what was in it.
- You didn't know it was money? LESNIAK: What'd you think it was? A pastrami sandwich on dried-up bread with a garlic pickle? - I was just curious.
MARTINEZ: You know Maria Galvin? You think this is funny, huh? Let me put it this way, when we bring her here, will she know you? - She might.
LESNIAK: Why? From where? I've seen her at work, but I don't speak to her.
- Why is that? - We haven't had occasion.
So instead of talking, you tried to burn her door down.
You left her a threatening note.
Was that your way of talking to her? Have you had problems with a coworker before? Not that I recall.
- Where'd you work before this? - Several places.
Write them down.
All I did was pick up a bag.
You can't prove I did anything else.
GRECO: You guys, get over here.
Get this thing out of the van.
- Tommy, got the money? - Up your ass, Vinnie.
TOMMY: Hey, come over here and give me a hand.
Maybe you don't need what I got.
What's with the other artillery? Here's the money we agreed on.
You pick the weapon up after 5 tonight.
We talk about more money if it's discharged? If this thing isn't sitting here waiting for you then the situation's gone wrong.
Then I want an extra 1000.
Cover-my-ass money.
Screw you.
Buy gun insurance.
Don't come crying to us.
Screw you.
Buy gun insurance.
Don't come crying to us.
Whoa, that's unnecessary.
We've got an understanding here.
- Where are we going with that, huh? TOMMY: Put it up, Alex.
Just by the nature of how things are, you'll have to live with the deal.
All right, look, he's got a point.
Things go right, there's no harm done.
They don't go right, it's nobody's fault.
See what I mean? - We assume certain risks.
- It's my ass if this doesn't get back.
Let's say we bring it back safe and sound, and we leave an extra 1000.
And if not, not.
Can you live with that? There's a mutual benefit there.
If they succeed, we succeed.
Well? Yeah, come on, let's get out of here.
- What's the matter with him? TOMMY: Come on, get this thing loaded.
Let's go.
Come on, into the van and get this out of here.
Come on! Open the gate, let's go.
That second weapon that will make things complicated.
- Shut up, Vinnie.
- They let you back in? - Yeah, I'm back.
I'd like a Coke.
Who's gonna get it for me? Nobody's gonna get anything for you to drink here.
Because I've got so much that I want to know from you and I'm really eager to get to it.
I think I could help you more if I had a Coke.
I think I could help you more if I had a Coke.
Let's just forget about the Coke for now, okay? I guess you're the boss.
[GEORGE CHUCKLES] I was talking to George this morning, his sense of what this guy might be like.
- Like I'm some expert on Webster.
- George, you sat where the guy sat.
You said that a few minutes after he was in the car, you were in the car.
Maybe you should be talking to some kind of a psychic or something.
Here's where we're hung up.
Five years back, there's a series of homicides all with a gun.
The perp cuts words out of Webster's Dictionary and puts them in notes at the crime scene.
Two days ago same kind of notes on two bodies.
Plus, one of the notes claims another DOA last August 17.
Plus, one of the notes claims another DOA last August 17.
But here's the big difference: The guy is not shooting now.
See, these are all strangulations.
Although the DOA last August 17, there actually was a shooting.
- I never read about the shooting.
- We just put that together now.
I am giving you information that no one else has.
The woman was actually with a guy when Webster approached them.
The guy ran, and Webster shot him in the rear.
What a coward.
The guy who ran.
Hey, he was scared of Webster.
Webster's got this whole town terrified.
What we're looking at with August 17, that's a big change for this guy.
In the sense of the strangulation why the change in his m.
O? - Exactly.
Why did he stop shooting? I mean, did the woman provoke him some way? What made him put his hands on her? Uh-huh.
I wouldn't be able to help you with that.
I mean, I'm just hearing about this for the first time.
So you wanna take a minute? - You know, think about it a little? - Yeah.
How about that soda? You think I could get that now? Move on this, tell him we've got the gun.
I will.
When he's ready.
- What we ought to do is kick his ass.
- No, we ought to get him a Coke.
You lay one hand on this guy, the ass that's kicked is yours.
- Where'd they get the machine gun? - I have no idea.
I don't think it was him.
If they realize the MK is a fake, they're liable to go to the backup.
What's the likelihood they'll try to fire it? Our people will be driving that armored car.
I don't want them exposed to gunfire.
If we back out, all we can do is tell ATF to collar them on the guns.
We'll look half-assed, and they won't get any kind of time.
The backup gun's mounted in a van.
We can use a sandbag truck to block its fire.
- Okay.
GRECO: See? That kind of thinking, that's what makes this a great nation.
- The rest of your setup's okay? - The bank's on 13th, at 2nd and 3rd.
There's construction down the block.
Guys cash their checks after work.
The armored car drops the money off at 3:45.
Martinez and Medavoy will be driving the car.
We've got unmarked vehicles on the street.
Uniform units are ready, and I'll be there coordinating with ESU.
- Good luck.
- Yeah, thanks a lot.
- I'll stay out of the way.
- Yeah, see how it goes? Lieutenant, this matter initiated on your say so.
Lieutenant, this matter initiated on your say so.
If it comes out wrong, you're the one in the crapstorm.
Don't look to me for help.
- Let's get Greg and James up to speed.
- And I'll reconfirm with ESU.
Lieutenant, do you see a role for me on this end of the operation? - No.
No role, Vinnie.
GRECO: All right.
On this thing with Haverill trying to jam you I've played this out as long as I can take it.
- Hang on a second.
- All right.
- Listen to this.
Good quality.
- Okay.
GRECO: Wait till you hear this tape I got for you, captain.
That's me.
I now present you with Lt.
Arthur Fancy tightening his necktie and throwing the rope over the shower rod.
I'm acting.
I don't mean any of this.
That's Haverill.
GRECO: Dong.
- "Dong"? What the hell is "dong"? - You'll get it, wait.
HAVERILL: What the hell is that? GRECO: This is my Chinese tape.
You're out of your mind, man.
GRECO: Nicky Wong owes me 50, so he's been teaching me Cantonese! HAVERILL: Where the hell is my tape? His face gets all red when he gets mad.
GRECO: I'm in Nicky's apartment - Okay, I gotta go.
GRECO: My God, I taped over it! You gotta move on this fast because I'm running out of excuses.
- Yeah, I'm moving soon.
- Good luck on this thing.
FANCY: Okay, guys, let's go! I called the places you worked before, Alvin.
I spoke to the personnel people.
- So? I've never been fired.
LESNIAK: You left your job when they asked you about notes that were found in a female employee's desk.
I didn't write those notes.
- So then why did you quit? - I didn't like being falsely accused.
Your employers kept copies of the notes.
They're gonna send them over.
If the handwriting matches Maria Galvin's note, you have some real problems.
Extortion, arson.
Why would I want money? I make good wages.
Check my bank account.
You picked up the bag and you have a history of these things.
What you should be thinking about is getting straight with me.
We can work something out? I can't say that until I know what happened.
I didn't want her money.
I would have given that back.
I just wanted her to know that I'm someone she could rely on.
- Rely on how? - Lf she felt threatened she would need somebody, and I'd protect her.
Protect her from what? There's Webster's out there.
Maybe I'd have done better if I'd just sent her some candy.
MARTINEZ: Passing the intersection at Eighth and Second Avenue.
they're coming around the corner.
Okay, all units wait for my signal.
MAN: The vans are in position.
ALEX: Hey! Open it, or I'll blow it open! - All right.
TOMMY: Give us the money now! ALEX: Keep your hands where I can see! - Okay.
Andy, go! Go! TOMMY: Let's go! Move! TOMMY: Or I'll shoot somebody! Move! - Move now! FANCY: Blocking vehicle go, take them.
TOMMY: Keep your hands out, or I'll shoot! [EXPLODING] SIPOWICZ: Get out! Get on the ground! - Don't you move! OFFICER 1: Get your hands up! - Check out that van! Go! OFFICER 2: Got it! [SIREN WAILS] FANCY: Anything? OFFICER 2: Van clear.
SIPOWICZ: Got a gun! OFFICER 1: Got a gun here too.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Where are the other guys? - Get in here! Get down.
Get him down! Get him down! OFFICER 3: White van's cleared.
- Let's get everybody to the house.
OFFICER 3: White van's cleared.
- Let's get everybody to the house.
- Greg, take care of all these weapons.
- Okay, lieu.
Andy, make sure this weapon gets back to the house.
All right! Great job, men.
Captain, you got anything you want to say? Yeah, fine job, men.
Fine job.
- Yeah, fine job.
HAVERILL: You all right, Andy? SIPOWICZ: Yeah.
MARTINEZ: All right, let's go.
The interview rooms are full.
Take them to the cells downstairs.
We'll take their statements as they clear.
You should've seen their faces after those grenades went off.
I was standing clear across the street.
My ears are still ringing.
We're getting calls from the media.
What should I tell them? I'm on top of that.
I'm gonna hold a news conference.
Maybe you and I should have a word first.
What? I think I know all the details, lieutenant.
I don't think so.
[PHONE RINGS] DONNA: I'll have to take a message.
Okay, in an hour.
Close the door.
What, are you gonna tape this? - Listen to this.
HAVERILL: I want Fancy on tape buying into a story you admit to him is bogus.
GRECO: The armored car heist is real.
HAVERILL: I'm talking about this Pachenco nonsense.
You get Fancy to sign on, and I'm gonna use it to get him out.
GRECO: All right, if that's what you want.
He's a careful nigger, but you're a good liar so I'm confident you'll get the details right.
You dirty son of a bitch.
- There's an easy way and a hard way.
- What does that mean? That tape's a preamble to your retirement speech downstairs or it's my attorney's opening argument at your civil trial.
I'll take retirement.
I got no love for what this job's turned into.
Why? Is it me or everybody black? I got several colored friends.
- I don't like your attitude.
- Too much self-respect? Yeah, maybe that's it.
Better get to your press conference.
- Did you get this at the bottling plant? - I wanted to give you time to think.
Do you realize how long I've been in here? I want this over.
Shouldn't be much longer.
Can we get that help now, George? I would think he plans everything very precisely.
I would think the man chooses victims he is not connected to.
Places where the victims aren't expecting it, where they'll be surprised.
He's walked his escape route and he's fully prepared to delay action anytime he encounters unforeseen circumstances.
He must've been pissed off last August in Battery Park when that guy ran.
Yeah, probably.
What's he trying to accomplish? Well, he kills couples, right? Maybe he has some kind of sixth sense that tells him when a man is gonna be dominated by a woman.
- And he wants to prevent that? PUTNAM: Wouldn't you, if you could? Who wouldn't prefer a quick, painless death to years and years of torture? That doesn't work for me.
- Why not? - What about the woman? - He kills the woman too.
- The woman is the whole problem.
Of course he kills her, she's the one who deserves to die in his mind.
We gotta talk about a gun, George.
- What do you mean? - We found a gun in your apartment just where you told me to look.
- Where I told you to look? - I think we're in touch on this.
You wanted me to find that gun.
That's why you mentioned how hot it was.
You knew I'd look at that air conditioner in your place wonder why it wasn't working.
You knew I'd find that gun there.
I did say it was hot.
But I don't see the connection, my having a gun.
It's a match, George.
We matched it to the Webster shootings, just like you knew we would.
We got you, George.
You let yourself get caught.
Now help me understand, otherwise this turns into a freak show, and Webster is just another weirdo.
And I don't want that.
That really wouldn't be fair.
Think about it.
He really is saving people.
Why did he come back to a new area of the city? The nexus of men in need of his help shifted.
One place was in need and then another.
He goes where he's needed.
Where did he disappear those five years? Broward County, Florida, would be my guess.
- Was he active there? - I wouldn't be surprised if he did some interventions.
- But these were shootings, right? Why did he start strangling in August? Have you ever seen anyone strangled? I would guess it's much more gruesome than being shot.
You die looking your killer in the eyes.
That woman who got strangled, what did she do to Webster? She kicked him in the testicles.
You're gonna write this up for us, George.
- Hey, Adrienne.
Congratulations on the armored car collars.
All I did was wear an itchy uniform.
I liked the earlier part of the day better.
- What do you mean? - Working with you on that case.
Where do you stand on that guy? He admitted he sent the note and he's waffling on starting the fire.
Complainant can't testify on that part.
I know.
And if you don't go for the arson, he may not do time.
- I get a bad feeling off this guy.
- Yeah? You think he might go the next step? Get violent? Yeah, I think he could.
I think he's trouble waiting to happen.
So if you don't mind me saying I enjoy working with you.
I enjoy working with you too.
James, they want us downstairs for the press conference.
- Really? Okay.
- Yeah.
If my picture's in the paper, it's great for my folks.
Stand next to Haverill.
- You gonna be okay in there? - Yeah, I'm gonna be fine.
- Hey, lieu.
- Vinnie.
- Some big doings going on outside.
- There's about to be a press conference.
Well, you came down on those thieves like a rattrap, huh, lieutenant? - Haverill's decided to retire.
- Well, you don't say.
Yeah, I got your check here.
I got some destinations preselected for this money, believe me.
- Sign it.
I'll give you cash.
- Department checks aren't a problem.
- Sign it, Vinnie.
- In this neighborhood, I prefer not to carry such a large sum.
- I'm not gonna let you work with it.
- What are you talking about? I don't want you adding any zeros to it.
Lieu, that would be very short-term thinking.
- You are a day-to-day guy, Vinnie.
- Well, I'm taking a longer view now.
You're looking at the new and improved Vincent A.
In fact, I got my eye on a developing situation.
Something in the planning stages.
These A-holes have been led to believe there's some dope in this warehouse.
- Bring it to me when you get more.
- Hey, lieu you be good to yourself.
- Yeah, you too, Vinnie.
- Count to five and then walk out.
- Okay.
One, two - So I won't be staying here now? - No, they'll be moving you to Rikers.
- That's too bad.
- You'll like it, it's got a better view.
I just heard Webster's in the station house.
I was hoping to get to meet him.
There's Lt.
Fancy now.
Let's get this on the road.
Is there any news on the Webster case? This is exclusively regarding the arrest in the attempted armored car hijacking.
Needless to say, I'm extremely proud of the execution of this operation by the detectives of the 15th Squad commanded by Lt.
Fancy and under my supervision.
I am especially pleased to be instrumental with this operation in that recently, I have decided to take my retirement from active duty.
Take questions.
Some of the detectives and patrol personnel involved in this operation are standing beside me.
I'd single out in particular, Detectives Sipowicz Medavoy and Martinez.
Because of their courage, this operation went well.
And I am also very pleased that there were no casualties.
- Any questions? MAN: What tipped you off? I'd tell my editor to save some space for some late-breaking news.
I'd tell my editor to save some space for some late-breaking news.
- Any ideas what that would be? - Off-the-record? Wouldn't surprise me if there was a break on Webster.
- Confession? - Wouldn't surprise me.
If I got the story started, could I get a confirmation in a few hours? - Yeah, we'll give you a call.
- Thanks, Bobby.
FANCY: Thank you, that's all.
- Greg, James, good going.
- So, what's with your guy? - He went.
- He did? All right.
SIMONE: He went, lieu.
- Way to go, Bobby.
- I'll call Mr.
Rudman and let him know.
SIPOWICZ: How did Solomon do? SIMONE: He was in there.
Yeah, what was he doing? Holding your coat? [DOOR OPENS] - Hey.
- Hey, how's he doing? He's writing away.
Did you tell the bosses? No, just Fancy.
- I'm 48 years old.
- Yeah, right.
Is there gonna be room for me? How it went down? There's gonna be more room for you than you made for me.
I appreciate it.
[TV PLAYS] [KNOCKING] - Yeah? BENITA: It's Benita.
- Paper girl.
- Come on in.
- Did I wake you? No, I'm just thinking about the case, trying to watch a movie.
- Hot off the press.
- It's your story on Webster, huh? Front page, Metro section, above the fold.
- Let me take your coat.
- Thanks.
- Can I get you a drink or something? - No, thanks.
- I can make you a sandwich if you're - No.
That does it for the refreshments.
You have a great place.
Did you just move in? No, actually, I've been here for a while.
Six months or so.
- You moved in after your wife died? - Mm-hm.
I I really haven't gotten around to unpacking yet.
- Bobby, do you want me to go? - No.
No, I don't.
It's just that I'm a little scared is all.
Don't be scared.