NYPD Blue s02e12 Episode Script

Large Mouth Bass

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: How you doing, Benita? You rolling on DOAs? You're not the only one sick of City Hall.
I want to buy you dinner.
Do you do that sort of thing yet? I do that sort of thing.
HAVERILL: He's a careful nigger.
You made a career That tape's either a preamble to your retirement speech or my attorney's opening argument at your trial.
Recently I have decided to take my retirement from active duty.
You have a great place.
Did you just move in? I've been here for a while, six months or so.
You moved in after your wife died? I haven't gotten around to unpacking yet.
Bobby, do you want me to go? No.
I don't.
[SIREN WAILS] [SIRENS WAILING] SIMONE: What do we got? - Watch your shoe.
Lydia Cantwell.
Lived in the building, looks like she's in her mid-20s.
Never saw this, her arms are almost hacked off.
SIPOWICZ: Find a weapon? UNIFORM: No.
SIMONE: Witnesses? UNIFORM: Brooks, her neighbor.
She called 911, she's over here.
We were a couple blocks away when the job came, we just missed the guy.
- Mrs.
Brooks? - What? I'm Detective Simone, Detective Sipowicz.
Did you call this in, ma'am? I was coming back from getting my mail, and she She was coming down the stairs, and I saw this man grab her.
And he I thought he was punching her.
I didn't know what was going on.
- He was stabbing her.
And I didn't SIMONE: All right, take it easy.
She kept trying to get away from him, up the steps.
- He wouldn't stop, he kept after her.
- What did this guy look like? He was about 5' 10", glasses, a moustache, kind of brown, a raincoat And he just, he kept stabbing at her and stabbing at her Did you know Miss Cantwell? Mrs.
Brooks, did you know her? No, she lived up in 2-B.
SIMONE: Do you know of any relatives? LOUISE: No.
MARTINEZ: These are the DOA's keys.
She never put them away after she came out.
See what you can find in her apartment on next of kin.
SIMONE: Do you think you can come to the station house with us? Maybe you could help in getting a drawing of the perpetrator.
I just stood there.
I should've done something.
SIMONE: You did do something, ma'am, you called us.
- All right, just look at me.
- Uh-huh.
- Just look at me, come on.
- Oh, my God.
Look at me, it's all right.
Here we go.
It's all right.
Large Mouth Bass Right over here.
MAN: Detective, you got a minute? - Yeah, what's up? I got two guys on a car stop.
Came up with half a gram of coke in the car.
One of these guys says he knows you.
- Just give me a second, all right? FANCY: What have we got here, Andy? The James Street homicide, lieutenant.
This is Mrs.
Linda Brooks, a witness.
- We appreciate your cooperation.
SIMONE: I'll run this down, Andy.
- She's gonna help us with a sketch.
- Very good.
Come on, right up here.
Come on, right up here.
- What do we know? SIMONE: 25-year-old female.
She was just leaving her apartment.
She was stabbed 50 times.
Still had her purse.
Nothing so far except for this witness we brought in.
- The witness get a good look? - She gave a good description.
James found the mother's phone number in her apartment.
Mother wasn't in, so we left word for her to contact us.
Lifted blood samples, I gotta voucher these and put them over the M.
Okay, I gotta meet with the new boss.
SIMONE: Oh, yeah? What do you hear? I don't know.
Who's this guy who's supposed to know me? His name's Raymond DiSalvo.
- He was holding? - He was a passenger.
- Coke was on the driver's side.
- Was it a good search? Here's the thing, driver's a smartass, so I'm saying it was on the front seat.
- What about DiSalvo, he any trouble? - No, but he knew what was going on.
This can go away.
I write it up in the door pocket, I'd lose in court anyway.
Let me talk to this guy.
I'll find you in a couple of minutes.
- Yeah, sarge is gonna want to know.
- All right, thanks.
I gotta talk to one of the collars.
GUARD: Here you go.
SIMONE: Thanks.
Ray? Bobby Simone, man, you're a sight for sore eyes.
- What's going on, what happened? - I didn't know there were drugs.
- I'm catching a ride with Tommy here.
TOMMY: How you doing? - He's telling the truth.
- You look good, Bobby.
How long's it been? Mary's funeral, a terrible day.
- Let's deal with the situation.
- He didn't know, believe me.
God's truth.
I didn't know there were drugs.
- You were catching a ride with - Tommy.
Tommy, exactly, and we get pulled over for a busted taillight.
- There's coke in the side pocket.
- Nothing, man, recreational.
Must've been there when I got the car.
I'm onto a good thing, I'm not gonna screw up now.
- I've got a club, did I tell you? - No.
It's a great place, you gotta come down.
Brazilian music, salsa I've been struggling these past couple of years, I'm not gonna screw up now.
All right.
Why don't we see what we can do to make this go away? - Tommy, what did I say about this guy? - Cop said you had an attitude problem.
Sorry, I lost my temper on that cop.
Believe me, I'm feeling bad about it.
It could go away because of confusion as to where the drugs were found.
Could be an illegal search, I was saying.
I'm not saying it was an illegal search.
I'm saying there's some confusion.
I'm not saying it was an illegal search.
I'm saying there's some confusion.
Right, understood.
They may vouch that the coke was found property and let you go.
- That would be great.
- Lf that happens we'd be doing you a serious solid, you gotta stay out of trouble.
God's truth, Bobby, I'm not gonna screw up now.
- I got a piece of this club.
- It's a great club.
You should come.
You think they're gonna let us go? Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised.
I appreciate what you're doing, Bobby.
I might see you there, right? Rio.
- It's in Bay Ridge.
- Promise you'll come see me, okay? I might stop by.
- Take care of yourself, Ray.
- You come see me, Bobby.
SIMONE: Thanks.
The hair should be shorter.
And the glasses? - She'll put in the glasses.
Machurski? - Miss Machurski, Lisa Machurski.
- You need to talk to a detective? Yes.
I think so, I'm not sure.
- What seems to be the problem? - Maybe there isn't a problem.
- I just have some questions.
- Why don't you tell me about it? Well, three weeks ago I bought this box.
LESNIAK: What was in it? LISA: That's the way I bought it.
The lining is a noble metal alloy which puts out particles that moisturize the skin and destabilize cellulite deposits.
I see.
You put the power pack here, it activates the box, and you wear it over your head two hours a day, you see improvement in your appearance.
LESNIAK: How much did you pay for this box? I paid $2000 for that box.
I'm to get the second month renewed this afternoon for an additional $600.
- You feel this is a confidence scheme? - A fraud of some sort? - Uh-huh.
- Is that what you think? Yes, it is.
Who sold you this box? His name is Mac McClellan.
- He seems very nice.
- They usually do.
You wait here while I get some paperwork going.
- The black box guy? - You know about this? He worked the Fulton Mall a couple years ago.
A buddy of mine told me.
They could never get enough to hold him.
Every plain Jane's gonna be here.
This thing with Captain Haverill leaving kind of a hit from left field.
FANCY: Uh-huh.
I don't know if I'm permanent or not.
Long as I'm the zone commander, I want you to know what to expect.
- That's good.
- Two things.
One: I believe in open dialogue.
Two: I judge a man on his performance.
One: I believe in open dialogue.
Two: I judge a man on his performance.
If that's a departure from Haverill's approach, so be it.
On overtime - I wanna approve overtime in advance.
- That's gonna make for a lot of calls.
This is my adjustment.
Give me a chance to know the work of the squad.
I've been in uniform my whole career, lieutenant.
To be honest I never did understand the glamour of the detective bureau.
Detectives aren't so bad.
On this Cantwell homicide, you're gonna keep me apprised on that.
You wanna meet the detectives on a day tour? I'll get to know them as we go along.
In terms of our own communication any time, any reason.
- Okay.
New zone commander.
Good to meet you, boss.
- My name is Agnes Cantwell.
- Andy.
AGNES: I'm to contact Detective Simone.
- Detective? - I'm Detective Simone, ma'am.
- You called the super at my building? SIMONE: Yes.
- Why don't we go in the coffee area? AGNES: Why did you call him? - What's going on? SIMONE: The coffee area's right here.
Here we go.
- So this is the coffee area? - Yes, ma'am.
Sit down right here.
Is Lydia Cantwell your daughter? Oh, my God.
Ma'am, your daughter was assaulted this morning on her way to work.
Oh What happened to her? Is she gone? - I'm sorry.
- But, she's gone? - Yes.
She is.
- She was killed? - Yes.
She is.
- She was killed? - Oh, my God.
- Okay.
AGNES: Oh, no.
- Okay.
I'm gonna get you a glass of water now, okay? Where are you going? I'm gonna get you a glass of water, ma'am.
Yeah, you go.
You get me a glass of water, and then I'm gonna tell you who killed her.
- Here's your water.
- Thank you.
Cantwell, this is Sipowicz, we're working the case together.
I'm sorry for your loss.
My ex-husband did this.
- He killed your daughter? - Not her father, my second husband.
His name is Derrick Cobb, he's a mechanic for the Traffic Enforcement Department.
- How do you know he killed her? We've been divorced for 18 months.
Ever since then, he's called or he's showed up.
He says he's gonna find the worst way that he can to hurt me.
He gets drunk, he calls, or he comes to my building.
He's always been violent.
He said killing me, that would be too easy.
- He wanted to watch me suffer.
- Anyone ever hear him make threats? I don't know.
I've heard them often enough.
Last week, Lydia said he was following her in some kind of stupid disguise.
Did she describe it, the disguise? Yeah.
Fake moustache and a trench coat.
But she could still recognize him.
SIPOWICZ: Is this the man? He's done exactly what he said he would do.
I mean, I loved my daughter so much, and he's taken her from me.
Is the man in that sketch your ex-husband, Mrs.
Cantwell? Yeah, that's him.
That's him.
- What can I do for you? SIMONE: Detectives.
- Derrick Cobb, he around? - Shift ended 15 minutes ago.
- He been here all day? - He did 6 to 2, why? His shift started at 6 this morning? - That's what I said.
- You saw him the whole time? The guy works in the garage, I sit at the desk.
If I say he was here, he was.
He ever take these trucks out for a drive? Yeah, he could be gone for five or six minutes.
Hey, where are you going? This morning he took one test drive, 9: 15, back at 9:25.
- Whose handwriting is that? - You sign yourself in and out.
- So he could have put down anything.
- No.
I'm telling you, I saw him all day.
Yeah, he saw him.
Through the hole in his newspaper.
SIMONE: Let's just set up at Cobb's house.
Let us know when you've given him the money.
We'll take it from there.
- How do I do that? - A wave, a nod, whatever's comfortable.
- We'll be at the bar, all right? - I'm a little nervous.
That's understandable, but we'll be here.
We won't let anything happen.
No, I know that.
I don't know, I'm just being silly.
- Don't worry, I'll be fine.
- Okay.
I feel for this woman, but I don't understand how people fall for this.
I feel for this woman, but I don't understand how people fall for this.
People wanna feel better about themselves.
I wanna be 3 inches taller, but I ain't gonna stick my head in a box.
Here we go.
I'm looking for a friend, and I just - Lisa, is that you? - Hello, Mr.
I didn't recognize you.
My goodness, you are radiant! Oh, no.
As long as I have been selling this product it still amazes me when I see results like this.
How do you feel? You must be thrilled.
To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure the box was working.
My dear, either you're in love or the box is working.
I mean, you're glowing! May I? I assume you want to continue with your treatments.
- I've been a little unsure about that.
- Well, I'm not surprised.
- No? - The results I see are extraordinary.
- I'm not sure you need a follow-up.
- You're not? You probably want to slow down a little right now, I respect that.
- I'm not sure what you mean.
- In four weeks, you have become an exceptionally striking woman.
People Men are going to start treating you very differently.
I'd be scared too.
Maybe Maybe I can help you with this.
Is there a chance you're free for dinner? I know it's short notice, but we need to talk about this.
Dinner? Well Yes, I think I can move my calendar around.
I'll see you tonight.
- We get a sign? - She let him go.
MARTINEZ: What the hell's going on? - What happened, Miss Machurski? - This was all a mistake.
He ran a con on you, he stole $2000.
- He didn't ask for money this time.
- You meeting him later? - I don't want to press charges.
- Lisa I think I may have underestimated how much the box has helped me.
You didn't see me before, how could you know if the box was working? ["MY SHARONA" PLAYS] [SINGS] No one there? - No.
- I called in, I told them we were sitting on this guy's place.
- You changed my station? Put it back.
["DUKE OF EARL" PLAYS] Gotta be the oldies, huh, Andy? Turn it off, I just don't like that other crap.
No, this is good.
[SINGING] I'm gonna get accompaniment now? - It's a great tune.
- You seem very cheery today.
Oh, yeah? Maybe you just got laid? [SINGS] [SINGING] What's going on? [SIPOWICZ HUMS] - Nothing, what are you doing here? - They want you guys back at the squad.
- What? - We're sitting on a guy's house.
We're doing the 4-to-1.
They want us to take it.
They want you to take it? - It's what they said.
- Did you get a description of the guy? Derrick Cobb.
They gave us his photo.
What the hell is going on there? - We'll take your guys' spot.
- All right.
Captain, if you can let me know where you're coming from SIMONE: Something you need us to do? - Four-to-one guys will sit on the house.
- I'm sending you home.
SIPOWICZ: They don't know about it.
Pulling you in was my call.
Captain Bass, Detectives Simone and Sipowicz.
- Captain.
- How you doing? I want to make sure we stay justified on overtime.
With four working the evening, I couldn't see keeping you on.
Pick it up in the morning.
The relief guys were briefed.
- You briefed them on our case? - Okay.
- Good to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
Five minutes after my shift, what am I still doing here? [LATIN MUSIC PLAYS] Where's John Travolta? SIMONE: I'm looking for a buddy.
- Familiar face at the coat check.
- Lou Minetti.
BENITA: He was a Linardi soldier? SIMONE: He still is.
- Hey, you came! - Benita, Ray DiSalvo.
This is Ray's place.
BENITA: Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You've struck gold.
To tell you the truth, I exaggerated if I said this was my place.
- Ray, Ray.
- A matter of time and legal work.
Let me get you something.
These are mine.
One round, then I'll pay for my own.
We grew up together, now I can't even buy him a drink.
- Be right back.
RAY: Where you going? - Bathroom.
SIMONE: Drink? Beer's fine.
- Sit.
SIMONE: All right.
WOMAN: What can I get? SIMONE: Two drafts.
"One round, Ray, then I gotta pay for my own.
" What is that? You weren't always straight, even when you were a kid.
- Who owns this place? - A group out of Brooklyn.
This group hooked up? RAY: These are legitimate businessmen.
- It's a who's who in here.
Wiseguys have a good time.
They spend a lot of money.
This is not bad for a club.
- You mixed up with these guys? - What is this? You used to look out for me, Ray.
I'm just trying to do the same.
I got a chance to get a piece of something.
- I should pass on that? MAN: We're gonna slow down.
- I don't know.
RAY: I'm okay here, Bobby.
- My nose is clean.
- Good.
You're supposed to be having a good time.
Benita, come here with me.
- Where are we going? - We're gonna dance.
- Where are we going? - We're gonna dance.
- This guy used to be the best.
- Hey, I still got my chops.
MAN: You've nothing to worry about.
You're in good shape here, okay? Hey, sarge, the guy with the lawyer Derrick Cobb.
SIPOWICZ: He's the suspect.
- Brought him in 1:30 this morning.
SIPOWICZ: Derrick Cobb? Who are you? - Sipowicz, you got a minute to talk? - I'm his attorney, and he's done.
Your ex-wife's daughter got murdered.
Don't you want to help us? - Have you talked to my ex-wife? HERMAN: Derrick, be quiet.
He's been interviewed and passed the lineup.
You got no grounds to hold him.
He's got a right not to speak.
Give my ex-wife my sympathies.
GOTELLl: Andy.
Vince, come here.
Come here a second.
You run a lineup on my case and I don't get a call? - We were gonna call.
- This is my homicide! Sarge had to call his new captain and he wouldn't authorize it.
- Did you question this guy? - Mulligan and Sharma brought him in.
Fifteen minutes after they start, the guy lawyers up.
Lawyer says he'll line up, but it's gotta be right away.
Between the disguise and look-alikes, his mother wouldn't recognize him.
- What's going on? - Night watch picked up Cobb.
- New boss won't let them call us.
- I'm sorry, I'll see you.
- Cobb's here now? - He's out the door, beat the lineup.
These meatballs let him go.
You could've dropped a dime, I'd have come.
- Sipowicz, we did our job.
- Your witness couldn't ID the guy.
You dragged a 60-year-old woman in here in the middle of the night? - Guy's lawyer made us run the lineup.
SHARMA: Tommy, we're late.
You got a landscaping business out on the island, right? - We gotta apologize for that? - Go roll around in fertilizer, you turds.
BASS: Hey, men.
SHARMA: Captain.
- Hey, Vinnie.
- Here comes Bass.
I've been asking around about this guy.
He's not spent day one in the bureau.
Thinks we're looking to cheat on overtime and steal the glory.
Maybe he can explain that to the dead girl's mother.
[KNOCKING] BASS: Good morning.
DONNA: Morning.
- Your witness didn't pick Cobb out? - Cobb lawyered up.
- Which he's got a right to do.
- Even killers get a right to a lawyer.
We sure we got the guy? I've been catching homicides for 18 years.
- No way this isn't the guy.
FANCY: It happened.
- How we gonna fix it? - Go at his alibi, back to that garage.
- Talk to that supervisor.
SIMONE: No way that alibi's right.
If Cobb's out there, don't lay a hand on him.
Just talk to his boss.
- Bobby, before you go? SIMONE: Yeah? You were at a club in Bay Ridge last night? A place called Rio? - You got the 411.
Yeah, I was there.
- Okay, steer clear of it.
Narcotics has an operation going on, one of their people spotted you.
- Hmm.
Who's going down? - I think they said the owners.
All right, I'll stay away.
If night watch screwed up, maybe those men should be looked at.
Every detective should be competent.
Nice theory, but this isn't a patrol where assignments are interchangeable.
Truth is, the guys on night watch don't catch cases.
It's a custodial shift.
Guys work cases till they're done with or without overtime.
We're gonna come out all right on this? I don't know, captain.
Excuse me, could I speak to a detective? Sure.
Just a sec, wait right there.
Just a sec, wait right there.
Detective, there's another one of those ladies here.
LESNIAK: Can I help you? I don't know.
I just have some questions.
In regards to this box? - Are you familiar with this? - It's a bogus product.
The man who sold it to me seemed so nice.
I'm gonna shut this guy down.
Miss? - Brenda.
LESNIAK: Want to have a seat? Look at this cocky prick.
You guys again.
- We need to talk to you.
- I got nothing more to tell you.
- You see, you just think that.
- We are investigating a homicide.
We need to be sure about Cobb's whereabouts yesterday.
You understand? Look, the guy shows up, he punches in.
He's here working on vehicles.
Once in a blue moon, he takes one for a drive, which lasts about 10 minutes.
- I told you this.
I saw him all day.
- That's crap.
- This is not mine.
- You're half loaded every day and you wouldn't know where this guy was from one hour to the next.
You think you're gonna protect your fat-ass job alibiing this guy? You're gonna lose your job.
I will take this bottle to your commissioner and put it on his desk.
SIMONE: How long you been on the job, Supervisor Kosyck? - Nineteen years.
- You ready to sacrifice that for this bum? Okay.
Maybe there's stretches where I don't see him every minute.
How long do these "stretches" last? An hour, maybe more.
I don't keep track of time so good.
Funny how that happens.
- The murder was in Manhattan? - Right.
If he took our truck, they'd have a record on the Triborough.
They go over on a pass, coming and going, they'd have the time.
Don't you tell that asshole what you told us.
No, I won't say anything.
Detective Simone.
Can I talk to you? - How are you? - Is it true you let him go? That you had Derrick Cobb and you let him go? There was confusion, we weren't able to hold him.
Well, he called me to gloat.
He was laughing.
He called you? After you let him go.
What is it? Didn't you believe me? Did you think I was making this up? Why would I make this up? That wasn't it, Mrs.
We developed evidence showing that he was lying about his whereabouts.
We'll get a warrant, search for proof.
He's not gonna get away with this.
Do you have children? I do.
Well, then, that's all right.
That's all right, then.
I'm That'll help me.
You go home now, and I'll notify you the minute something develops.
If you call could you please ring once and then call back so I know it's you? I can't stand to hear his voice anymore.
RAY: Hey, Bobby.
Hey, Ray.
- I gotta talk to this guy.
- I'll tell Fancy what we got.
- See about getting the search warrant.
- All right.
Let's go down here, come on.
This looks serious.
SIMONE: Ray, I have to talk to you about the club.
- Did you have a good time? - Yeah, it was great.
I don't think it's such a good idea for you to be involved there.
Due respect, Bobby.
We've had this conversation.
- Your concern is with the clientele? - This is a different conversation.
Different, how? I'm saying I've got a bad feeling, and I don't think you should be involved.
- Meaning what? Is the place hot? - Ray, it means what it means.
I hope if there was something coming up, you'd let me know.
No, don't go counting on anything like that.
I am telling you as a cop and as a friend, that you are over your head and if you're smart, you'd straighten out.
That's the last I'm saying it.
Okay, okay.
Bobby, what are your intentions with Benita from the other night? We're working it out right now.
- She's a great dancer, kid.
- Pay attention to what I'm saying.
You want to be a wiseguy, then be a wiseguy.
Don't be some half-wiseguy.
Don't come crying if this thing blows up.
DERRICK: I want my lawyer.
- You get one when they arraign you.
We don't need a statement, so you don't need a lawyer.
We'll book you and send you to the Tombs.
You're as stupid as you are sick.
- That wasn't my knife.
SIMONE: Oh, no.
It was under the seat of the truck you signed out with blood all over it.
I know why you kept it, Derrick.
You could've thrown her off the bridge and beaten this.
But the twisted bastard that you are, you wanted to show it to her mother.
- Did it go down? - Had the knife hidden in the truck.
With that moron moustache he was wearing.
- What did she say? - Shut up, Cobb.
- What did she say when you told her? SIPOWICZ: Shut up.
Shut your mouth or I'll break your jaw.
Shut up! - Is that the guy? - Yeah.
Can I speak to you guys? - James, keep an eye on the prisoner.
Bobby, Andy.
MARTINEZ: I got it.
- Could you come here? SIMONE: Captain? - Congratulations.
Impressive work.
- Thanks.
BASS: I'm just learning my job.
I made a bad call and you guys bailed me out.
You can get drummed out of the boss's union, apologizing like that.
You know, processing that arrest is gonna involve overtime.
That guy shows me a little something.
With all due respect, don't you think this is insane? No, $600 in unpaid parking violations guarantees you a court appearance.
- I said I'll pay it right now.
- A detective will take your statement.
- How come you're not locking him up? - He's not in on a fraud charge.
- Any word from my lawyer? - Yeah, I'm on my way.
You believe these assholes? I take a beating from these half-wit apes and I end up in a cage.
Do I look interested? Excuse me for drawing breath.
Okay, how'd it happen? I sold these guys a winning lotto ticket, right? I couldn't cash it because of certain tax problems, right? Anyway - It turns out that there's defacement.
- Yeah, the date's been changed? The lotto people won't honor it, so these guys give me a beating.
- They should beat up Governor Pataki.
- Who are you kidding, pal? - What do you mean, who am I kidding? - You phonied a winning ticket.
The guys you sold it to caught on, kicked your ass, and got you busted.
- You got a nasty turn of mind.
- Yeah, that's how I came out.
- You ever hear of the black box? - Excuse me? Let me ask you something.
For the right amount of money, could you make it with an ugly woman? MEDAVO Y: What, do her, you mean? - Sexually? - Romantically, sexually sometimes.
- Any port in a storm, I guess.
- You want to sell beauty enhancements.
- You gonna make bail? - Should be out in a few hours.
- What are you in on? - A hummer, parking tickets.
You You got a few dollars to invest? - This black box, it's a beauty aid? - No, it's a prop.
You gotta dress it.
I could put them together and show you the pitch.
- Sell you, like, a franchise.
- Where do you work it? Restaurants, movies, catch an ugly broad with her guard down.
When you get a qualifier, you gotta get next to her.
- Then you sell them the black box? - Tell them it destabilizes cellulite.
- Whatever the hell that means.
- You sleep with these women? As seldom as possible.
Unfortunately, I had to do a couple this week.
An unhappy, unloved woman is the most desperate thing in the world.
An unhappy, unloved woman is the most desperate thing in the world.
Especially if she's a beast.
If it gets that bad you can turn her face-down, you know? I'll sign that complaint now.
MEDAVO Y: What kind of money? - Yes, so will I.
It'll cost you a few bucks, but you're gonna make a pile, my friend.
I'm gonna like closing the cell door on him, wipe that smirk off his face.
That's not gonna happen, he's one evil son of a bitch.
Cantwell, what are you doing here? You notified me that he was in custody.
We gave you a call.
Where is he? Is he here? He is here, isn't he? Why don't you come in the back and talk with me? I want to see him.
I have a right to see him.
SIMONE: I don't think that's a good idea.
AGNES: He'll see me, just ask him.
Seeing me like this will just make his day.
- Can I see your bag, please? - No.
You cannot see my bag.
What do you have in your bag? Is there a weapon in there? - I don't know what you mean.
- You have something in that bag.
Now, do not do this.
Do not let this man win.
He has already won.
My daughter is dead.
I know that this man has taken a great deal from you, I know that.
If I don't do it to him, I will do it to myself! Don't do that.
Is that gonna help your daughter? Would your daughter want you to die? My daughter? My daughter.
You didn't know her.
But she She was so beautiful.
She was the kindest person that I've ever known.
She was the one thing that I did right.
And then I let this man into our lives.
You are not responsible for this.
You didn't know what kind of person this man was.
We can't always know what's in another person's heart.
Cantwell, please give me that gun.
Now I have to live.
I don't know how.
I don't know how I'm gonna do that.
What are you gonna do with the piece? I'm gonna feed it to the eels in the East River.
- Detective Simone, line two.
- Yeah.
Hello, Simone.
Okay, thank you.
I gotta do something.
Andy can you take care of this for me? You got a favorite pier? Bobby.
Some mess here, huh, Ray? I don't know anything, Bobby.
I was security, I wasn't one of the players.
I don't want to go to jail, Bobby.
Can you fix this? No, I can't, Ray.
This is the first time I was involved in anything like this, you know that.
- Just tell them - Ray.
Talk to your lawyer.
I'm not talking to my lawyer, Bobby.
I'm talking to you.
My lawyer? What's my lawyer know? Some kid telling me to cut a deal If that's what they're saying, then that's what you should do.
You're just gonna walk out on me? - I thought we were friends, Bobby.
- Ray.
I cannot help you now.
I could've helped you before, I tried to help.
- You didn't.
- I warned you.
- You didn't warn me, Bobby.
- I did everything but give you a time.
That's what I needed, see? How was I supposed to believe you? If you had told me the exact time, I would've believed you.
Forget it, man.
Come on, Bobby.
You see my point, right? I'm basically a good person, you know that.
I just needed some guidance there.
And you weren't quite as specific as you could've been.
That's all I'm saying.
I'm a good person.
- I just needed some guidance.
- You made a mistake.
I made a mistake, but that doesn't mean I belong here.
Can't you do anything for me, Bobby? Take care of yourself, Ray.
[KNOCKING] BENITA: What's wrong? SIMONE: Nothing.
I'm sorry.
Upset about your friend? Yeah.
You know, this guy was a hero to me when I was growing up.
BENITA: Really? Yeah, he was.
He was The boy was cool.
Just walking on the street, you couldn't take your eyes off him.
I'm, like, 10 years old and he's 16.
I'm following him like a puppy.
But he always had time for me.
He never talked down to me.
Seeing him at the Tombs like that, that was tough.
That was tough.
I don't mean it harsh, but he seemed, at that club, like another wiseguy wannabe.
Well, I guess that is what he seems like now.
I guess you had to know him younger.
Nothing's what you thought when you were younger.
It's like James Brown says: "Money won't change you, but time will take you on.