NYPD Blue s02e21 Episode Script

The Bank Dick

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: - An Orthodox wedding is so beautiful.
- Yeah, I'm sure it is.
You'll need a Koumbaro.
It's like a best man.
I had no idea I was bringing you such misery, Donna.
If I'd realized that, I never would have left my wife and family.
[KNOCKING] Just a second.
- Sorry.
Excuse me.
SIPOWICZ: No problem.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
Good night.
SIPOWICZ: Did we do a rape kit? - The uniform officer has it.
- How's it going? SIPOWICZ: Where were you? I got tied up.
- I've got the kit and her clothes.
- What did you get from the scene? The newsstand guy by the ATM saw the victim's car and the one that followed.
The follow car was a green Ford.
I got a partial plate.
- You got the interview? - Sure.
SCHWARTZ: Right over here.
Is David okay? - A neighbor is taking him for the night.
- No, no.
I have to get home.
We're New York City detectives, Mrs.
What did the man look like who did this to you? He was white.
About his height.
Dark, short hair.
Forty, maybe.
Did he have any distinguishing marks on his face or hands? - Have you been drinking? - No, I haven't.
How old was he, Mrs.
Hughes? I'm not good with ages.
I'd recognize him if I saw a picture.
He had a gun.
I felt a gun.
A pistol.
He took me to my car and told me to drive.
Another car followed us.
On this dark street, he told me to stop the car.
He was so proud of himself.
He ejaculated several times.
He changed condoms.
So we can't trace the DNA.
Can you tell us anything about the second car? I don't know.
It was green.
When he finished, he got in the car and took off.
I'm sorry.
I'm all upset.
I thought I smelled liquor on your breath.
Don't worry about it.
We'll be in touch again tomorrow, Mrs.
You try and get some rest, huh? SCHWARTZ: It's okay.
So that's five in the pattern now, right? Rapes off an ATM robbery? Yeah, that's five.
She seemed hysterical.
I don't know, she seemed pretty on top of it to me.
The Bank Dick What's going on? Hey.
You finished with your collar from last night? Yeah.
The grand jury on Wednesday.
You got anything off that rape victim? It's the same scum.
The same m.
He grabbed her at the money machine.
How did Russell do on the interview? Pretty good.
You know.
- Hey, guys.
SIMONE: Morning, lieu.
Sector car brought in two guys off your partial license.
One of the guys fits the victim's description.
In 1 and 3? SIMONE: Thanks.
- Okay.
- Got the pedigree on those two mopes? - Yeah, here it is.
Can I talk to you? Andy I gotta take a minute.
- Want to work them separate? - No.
Come in with me.
I'll be right in.
How'd you get that shiner? I've been seeing someone for a few months.
- A uniform cop in another precinct.
- Did he hit you? No, no.
I've been so happy lately.
We were coming out of a club last night, and two black kids attacked us.
The one on me, after he gave me this, ran.
I thought Paul was gonna kill the other one.
The kid said two white guys put them up to it.
Gave them $ 10 each.
They're cops from Paul's precinct.
So, what have you done about it? I feel like such a hypocrite.
I mean Paul won't let me report the incident.
If you say no, I will absolutely understand, but I was hoping maybe you could talk to him.
That's a personal conversation to have with someone you don't know.
I know it is.
Why doesn't he talk to one of those organizations? He won't get near them.
He's not out? I thought maybe you could help him see his way clear on how he can handle this.
It's like he's ready to explode, detective.
I'm afraid of what he might do.
What's Paul's last name? Caputo.
Paul Caputo.
He's in the 27.
- Okay.
- I'm so grateful.
It's all right, John.
I got no idea what you're talking about.
I was home.
You were watching A Fistful of Dollars.
DOUG: Wanna ask me what it's about? - No.
- I want to ask, "Was anybody with you?" - I live alone.
My old lady left me.
- There's a surprise.
- Should I have a lawyer here? - Is that what I should do? - Lf you want to escalate the proceedings.
A lawyer's gonna take time, Doug.
You look a little anxious here.
What are you, sick? You got a jones to take care of? Your car was ID'd.
Your identifiers don't know what they're talking about.
We're looking to clear multiple rapes here.
In every one, the women swore the driver had nothing to do with the sex.
That means the driver gets a lot less time, Doug.
Look, I bet I know what happened.
You know the neighborhood I live in.
And I bet you some punks, they borrowed my wheels And I bet you some punks, they borrowed my wheels while I was watching the movie.
- Like stole? I watched Fistful of Dollars.
They brought it back.
Want to do me a favor? Whatever else happens, don't mention Fistful of Dollars anymore.
Anyway, that must've been what happened.
You sit still there, Doug.
- How long? - Till your bones start aching.
- This one fits the victim's description.
- So, what did Russell do wrong, Andy? You want to have that conversation now? Yeah.
She drinks.
- She was drunk? - She was half-bagged.
- The victim smelled liquor on her breath.
- You sure? It wasn't like she was having a glass of wine with dinner? Yeah.
I guess it could have been that.
Want to do this? Yeah.
What's going on? What do you need a driver for? Huh? I don't need a driver.
I don't know what you mean.
You like the company? You like having an audience while you're doing it? - What's he talking about? - He's talking about rapes.
Multiple rapes off robberies.
I don't need to rape nobody to get my rocks off.
You listen to me.
You are gonna tell me before you walk out of here.
We take rapes seriously.
Spare yourself some misery.
You're gonna give it up.
Get those women.
Let them take a look.
[KNOCKING] Can I talk to you guys a second? SIMONE: What's up? - They made stills off the ATM camera.
- That's the guy grabbing the victim.
- That's not these guys.
These guys are wrong.
Although maybe they were both in the follow car.
Well, put one of them there or you got to cut them loose.
All right.
DONNA: Detective.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
DONNA: I have messages for you.
- Let's try Doug again.
- Yeah.
- Is his name Lowvolt? - Lowtech.
Well? - Let go of me! - Who is this lowlife? - And where are we gonna find him? - I don't know.
You were the driver, and this is the guy we want.
- No, I wasn't the driver, I swear to God.
- Who is he? - I don't know.
He's Johnny! - Johnny who? Johnny somebody.
I don't know! I swear to God! - How do you know this Johnny? - Can you get me a little something? Oh, yeah, you've been so helpful, we'll go out and score for you.
I didn't drive the car.
- You're the owner.
- I wasn't the driver.
You're the owner.
Talk to me.
- Talk to me.
- I drove for him once.
Just once, okay? He knew a friend of mine in the joint and I need money all the time, and Johnny doesn't have a car and all I thought it was supposed to be was that I would drive him to the cash machines and wait, and he'd hold up some broad and then we'd split.
So this once, this lady gets out of a car and goes up to the machine.
And he points to her and he says: "No, I'm gonna get in with her.
" I follow him.
I mean, see, all I thought it was supposed to be was to get the cash.
But this guy is warped! So I followed them, and the car stops, and I stop and then I hear the screams.
I should've just split, you know.
I should've just left him right there, right? But afterward, I told him, I said, you know: "I can't do this.
I need the bread, but I can't do this no more.
" So now you rent the car to him.
Not to him, to the guy who drives for him.
- Which is Russ? - Yeah.
- Which is Russ?! - Yes! It's Russ! I'm gonna be sick.
[DOUG SPITTING] [DOUG SPITTING] [DOUG GROANS] So there's an occupation.
Car rental to rapists.
Give me a minute.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I got a letter from John.
- John Kelly? - Yeah.
He has three more weeks to guard this guy with these dot-heads.
I've asked you not to use that kind of language.
He's in India.
He can't get back.
I want to ask this guy to stand up for me.
COSTAS: That's a great idea.
Not just he saved my life.
We've become friendly.
He's a good guy.
How you doing? - I'm in a state of ambulatory hysteria.
- They got medicine for that? Yeah, don't have a big Greek wedding.
I'm sorry I'm not being more help.
Why should we both go crazy? Uh-huh.
I'll double-check it.
So Andy thought you might have been drinking when you were at the hospital.
I had wine with my dinner.
- He's concerned you have a problem.
- Did he ask you to tell me that? No.
You hear something like that and you get worried.
- Didn't Andy used to drink? - Yeah.
Now he's in a program.
AA people think everybody's a drunk.
[DOOR OPENS] - How's it going? - Okay.
I was back at the hospital.
They'll release Mrs.
Hughes this afternoon.
Bobby tell you we like a guy for the driver? - Yeah? - We're going back in there with the guy.
You want to work it? I'd crowd up the room.
So you're only the chauffeur, huh? - What? - You're the one waits in the car.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- About Johnny.
Your buddy Doug gave it to us.
How he rents you the car so that you can drive this wacko.
You believe that junkie? It's his car.
Sit down.
I'm gonna share with you.
I'm learning how to share.
I know someone.
A few years ago, some scumbag raped her.
The guy was never caught.
This woman still has nightmares.
I look at you, and I see the guy that did that to her and I want to punch you out so bad.
- I want to - Hey! - Come on, Andy! RUSS: Cool it! SIMONE: Take it easy.
- Be fair.
- You shouldn't have said that.
Be fair? Be fair? What the hell is fair, huh? One of those women got raped at those ATMs was pregnant! She lost her baby! She can't have any kids! Now that's not fair, is it? - You shouldn't have said that.
- Life hasn't been fair to you, has it? And it's not gonna be now.
I'm gonna take out on you what happened to that woman I know.
- Get away from me, man.
- Try and stop me, huh? RUSS: Johnny! Johnny Duffy! Johnny Duffy! Where does he live? Brooklyn.
DeKalb Avenue.
- Do better! - His family runs a roofing business.
They gotta be in the book.
Is that a real woman you were talking about? No.
I made it up.
Look, Andy, I just gotta say that I think you got the wrong idea about Russell.
I've been wrong before.
Yeah, because she said all she had was a glass of wine at dinner.
When you get a minute, I got something else I want to ask you.
You ready? New York City Police.
I'm Detective Simone, this is Detective Sipowicz.
- So? - So can we come in? - So? - So can we come in? I don't think so.
Stay right there.
[CHILDREN TALKING] We want to talk to you for a minute.
- What should I say? - He got the date wrong.
- Be there tomorrow.
- Sure you didn't get the date mixed up? - We want to talk to John Duffy.
RON: Why? Is that you? [PHONE RINGING] Answer that! I don't know where my brother is.
Him and his bitch wife disappear on us all the time.
If you find them, tell them they got work to do.
Tell her our books are a mess.
SIMONE: What's your name? - Ron.
- Where did they disappear to? RON: Who the hell knows? - How many rooms you got here? - Two.
- Anybody in them? - No.
- The kid is driving me nuts.
BO Y: I'm gonna kill you.
Shut up! SIMONE: Hey, come here.
Come here.
Calm down.
I want to ask you something.
- You got a record? - What? The joint.
Do you have a record? - These your kids? - No, they're my aunt's.
- You okay? - Yeah, why? - What are you doing here? - I live here.
I'm his niece.
You don't want to get in trouble with your honest roofing business, do you? Do you know where your Uncle John is at? - No.
RON: I haven't seen him or his wife.
I'm Detective Sipowicz, 15th Squad.
RON: I told you, man.
I don't know where they are.
Your brother gets in touch with you, call us.
Yeah, sure.
- The girl's got something for us.
- Yeah? Look, I gotta go see John Irvin's friend.
Upstairs John? Yeah, the PAA's friend is jammed up.
I'd hate to think how.
I had no idea braces were so expensive.
No one in my family has crooked teeth.
We can't stretch these payments out longer? Thirty-six months was as good as we could do, Greg.
All right, all right.
You notice anything different about me, Greg? That's a flattering new hairdo.
I mean in the spiritual sense.
Learning to take care of myself, learning to be my own friend.
Well, I'm glad you're happier.
I didn't say I was.
It's a journey.
Well, I'm glad you're making the journey.
- Gonna see the girls on Sunday? - Yeah.
Teachers say they're acting out.
What are they doing? It's just little troubles.
Katie stole a cheap bracelet from her girlfriend.
- I can't believe that.
- And Jamie spit on her art teacher.
- Why? - They're very angry.
Mad at us, that we're not a family anymore.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
L I do what I can, seeing them and such and I'm not so sure they'd be any happier with us together miserable.
- Would it have to be that way? - Oh, Marie.
I think I've learned a lot, and I'm learning more every day.
- With your journey.
- That's right.
That's right.
And I'm not too proud to say I needed to make it.
I haven't mentioned the whore.
- Cut it out! - All right.
All right.
Greg, maybe we should try again, for everyone's sakes.
I don't think so, Marie.
Thelma and Bob have rented that cabin again up north this summer.
Remember how much you loved it? I had allergies there.
You took your pills.
You enjoyed yourself.
The girls miss you, and they need you.
And I need you too.
Just think about it, okay? Yeah, all right.
WAITRESS: Your check.
MAN: How you doing? SIMONE: You Paul? - Yeah.
Bobby Simone.
- John's got a big mouth.
- John's worried about you, Paul.
Thought it might help for you to talk to another cop.
He's wrong.
- Look, I know you guys got jumped - This is not your business.
You want me to eat somewhere else? John wants me to go to IAB.
Is that what this is about? Do you want to go to IAB? Sure.
"Somebody's bugging me.
Get them to stop.
" It's more than name-calling.
PAUL: Whatever is involved, you know if you had a problem you'd take care of it yourself.
MAN: How was it? MEDAVO Y: Great, thanks.
Wouldn't one way for you to deal with this be for you to come out? Right.
So instead of two jerks, I'm dealing with the whole department.
What do you mean about handling this yourself? Look, I know John has a high regard for you, and I'm sure you meant well Look, I know John has a high regard for you, and I'm sure you meant well - Do you want to answer my question? - No, I don't! - John's worried about what you'll do.
- What I have to! WAITRESS: Here you go.
I got some friends over at your precinct.
I hope the guys hassling you aren't anybody I know.
One of them isn't Donny D? Donny wouldn't know if his wife was a transvestite.
He's still that sharp, huh? So long.
Don't make any mistakes in this, all right? If you're about to get shipped out, there's nothing you can do about it.
Well, but don't jam yourself up, Andy.
Just let me know.
All right, son.
DONNA: Can I help you? - I want to see that man.
- Detective? SIPOWICZ: Hmm.
- How's it going? - I'd like to talk to you.
Come on in.
Why don't we go in this backroom here? - Can I get you a soda or something? - No.
Come and sit down.
I'm glad you came in.
I bet I know why you're looking for my uncle.
It has to do with a rape.
Is she young? - In her 20s.
- He like them younger than that.
My mother and father were killed in a car accident.
Bang, you got no parents.
My Aunt Bea and Uncle John took me in, where you were today.
Uncle John and that drunk are brothers.
When nobody was around, my Uncle Johnny used to jump on me.
I was 12.
I used to cry while he was doing it.
He liked that.
I used to cry while he was doing it.
He liked that.
One night, my Aunt Bea walked in on us.
My wonderful Aunt Bea tells me if I ever said anything about what Uncle Johnny did to me, I'd be an orphan, on the streets.
I hope he resists arrest.
Then you'll have to kill him, won't you? Where can we find them? I don't know where they're living now.
They got a lot of names, a lot of addresses.
It's a welfare scam.
They have a baby in the Bellevue Pediatric Hospital.
He's sick.
He'll probably die.
Ask for Baby Sean Snyder.
He's kind of a celebrity.
Had his picture in the papers.
They did a story on him in the news.
Where are you going? I can't go back there.
No, don't do that.
I got $ 137.
I'm gonna buy a bus ticket and start a life.
Here, Holly.
What do I gotta do for that? It's meal money because you helped us.
SIMONE: Polaski and Carp weren't even trying to keep it quiet, huh? I'm gonna have them stop here when the tour's over.
John, thanks.
Listen, when you land somewheres maybe you should talk to somebody about what happened to you.
As long as nobody touches me, I'm fine.
We got a way to this warped bastard.
There's an office over here.
- Hey, champ.
BO Y: Hi.
- Yes? - Detective Simone, 15th Squad.
- We'd like to ask you a few questions.
- Go ahead.
You have a baby under your care named Snyder? - Want to contribute to his fund? - We're looking for his parents.
Well, good luck.
They have a 9-month-old boy dying of a heart defect and haven't showed up since they found out donations go toward the bill.
- Well, we need an address on them.
- It's bogus.
- I've sent forms.
They all come back.
- What about a number? They have a pager.
When they answer and I tell them we need them, they never show up.
Maybe their baby's better off.
When she visits, she never touches him.
Maybe their baby's better off.
When she visits, she never touches him.
Look, we really need to get in contact with his father.
Ma'am, could you do me a favor and page them? If they call, tell them the baby needs medicine and there's a company that will pay them to let them use an experimental drug.
Tell them you need both their signatures.
- What did the father do? - We think he's a rapist.
- Do you want me to call him now? - Now would be great.
- Detective? SIMONE: Thanks, Donna.
- So how'd it go at the hospital? - We might be all right.
We got a nurse over there helping us bait this guy.
She beeped him.
We waited around for about an hour.
He finally got in touch.
They're coming to the hospital in the morning.
They think they'll be paid to let them use an experimental drug on their kid.
- So they're coming for the money.
- Yeah.
The nurse says they don't show up for weeks.
The baby's lying there dying.
- Parents of the year.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night, Donna.
- Good night.
So I'll look in on Doug and Russ down in holding.
- Is there a Detective Simone around? DONNA: Detective? - Yeah, I'm Simone.
CARP: Hey, Jimmy Carp.
How's it going? - Ray Polaski.
SIMONE: Good to meet you.
- See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
- Thanks for coming in, guys.
- Sure.
SIMONE: Let's go talk over here.
CARP: Yeah.
- Danny Ferguson says hi.
- Oh, yeah? How's Dan? - He had another kid.
- What does that make, four? Yeah.
Try five.
That's Dan.
So do you guys know Paul Caputo? - He's in our precinct.
- What kind of guy is he? He's okay.
Yeah, he's okay, if you go in that door.
- I heard he got himself into a jam.
- Wouldn't surprise me.
Two skells jumped him and a friend.
- Maybe they were asking for it.
- Not what I heard.
Where'd you hear this? In the sack? - What did you say? - Where did you hear this? Tell this me this guy did something horrendous to get these beatings.
Did he sodomize your brother? Did he point a gun at you and force you to get him off? There was a time we used to lock fruits up.
- Now they got us working next to them.
- You could get locked up for hiring those skells to beat these guys up.
You're this close to getting cuffed.
Every nickel you got going to a lawyer to save your butts.
Having your families read about what lowlifes you are.
What, are you gonna collar us? Off what? Who's your witnesses? - Who will sign the complaint? - Understand me, I know you did this.
Anything more happens to Caputo or his friend I'm gonna come looking for you.
We understand.
For whatever reason, you're this Caputo's guardian angel.
- Let's go, Ray.
- You're giving us a chance, right? - Right now this is between us.
- Right now that's where it is.
- We appreciate that.
- Don't be an ass-wipe.
You're not losing me my job.
He is cute, isn't he? Caputo? You got a chance to walk out of here right now, take it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Two more coffeemakers.
Oh, did you talk to Bobby? The right time didn't come up.
- I talked to Andy Jr.
, though.
- Oh, when he's coming in? Well, he'd have to go AWOL to make it.
His unit's shipping out.
Oh, Andy.
I don't want to get him in trouble.
I don't want to get him in trouble.
- Dinner's almost ready.
- Yeah.
That church is liable to tilt.
Everyone on one side of the aisle.
[BUBBLES POPPING] Suspended animation.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm sorry.
What's the matter? I'm having a problem with this drinking thing.
- Oh, brother.
- I gotta tell you.
I noticed it myself.
The first time in that pizzeria, you had a couple of wine coolers.
You asked me, am I gonna tell? It's called conversation.
Yeah, well, that's what I thought at the time.
Where are we going with this, Bobby? You want to search my purse or my locker tomorrow? Hey.
No, I do not want to do that.
Come here.
Come here.
Look, I lost someone to an illness.
I don't want to lose you.
That's all I'm saying here.
I'm not sick.
Okay? I'm not sick.
Come here.
WOMAN: Radiology intern, call extension 4348.
- Get the trap up? - Yeah.
An hour late? That's the closest she's been to on time since the baby came.
- She didn't say where her husband was? - She said, "I'll be there in five minutes.
" We have a trap up on this phone right here.
In order to trace the husband, we gotta get her to have him call on that line.
Here she comes.
Good morning, Mrs.
These are the drug representatives? - Your husband's not with you.
- He couldn't be here.
He said I could sign for him, sign Sean up for the drug trial.
That's not gonna work.
We need your husband's signature to release the funds.
My husband said that I could sign off whatever you have to do to Sean.
I can't go for that.
I can't authorize the money.
- How much money are we talking about? - The full treatment? - We're talking about serious money.
- But I need your husband here.
I could beep him.
- I think you ought to do that.
- Then we can get into specifics? Then we can authorize the full dollar amount.
- Lf it's a local call, you can use this line.
- It's local.
It's his beeper.
Dial 9, then the number.
- I'll check in with the company.
- Yeah.
WOMAN: Wheelchair to Admitting.
Wheelchair to Admitting.
- He'll call back in a minute.
- Good.
- Do you know where he is? - No.
What's the drug? Some kind of heart drug? I explained to you, Sean's problem is with his valve.
- So it's a valve drug? - Yeah.
[PHONE RINGS] - Yeah? MAN: Why'd you page me? - They want you here.
- How much are they giving? A lot, but they won't release it without you.
I want you to find out exactly what they're giving, okay? Yeah.
He wants a specific dollar amount, and he wants you to show me drug ID who you're working for.
- Give me the phone.
- Hello? - Yeah.
Yeah, Mr.
Where are you, sir? I mean, because if you're indisposed, we can come see you We're with the police.
You're coming with us.
- Coming where? - To sit in our vehicle while we pick up your husband at that tit joint he's calling from while his kid's in the hospital.
- I am Baby Sean's mother.
Come on, Baby Sean's mother.
You're gonna ride with us so you can't beep your husband back.
- I got this side.
- All right.
- I got this side.
- All right.
What we got on the right? - Like that? - That's him.
SIPOWICZ: Police! Freeze, asshole! JOHNNY: Don't shoot! SIMONE: Get on the floor or you're dead! SIPOWICZ: Everybody get back to your business.
Go on.
What's this? A silver little pistol? JOHNNY: What did I do? - Show's over! - Show's over, folks! - Tell me.
- What you gonna take me in for? SIMONE: Raping and robbing six women.
JOHNNY: I didn't rape anybody.
Any woman I was with enjoyed it.
Tell Ann Hughes that! Tell your niece about that! Tell your wife that! She's waiting in the car! VERA: Andy? SIPOWICZ: Yeah? Vera.
You remember me? - Vera? - I had the tattoo removed.
- Yeah? How's it going? SIMONE: Come on.
- Hi.
- Hi, Greg.
So I saw Marie yesterday.
How was your lunch? We signed those credit-union papers.
I'm sure Jamie will thank you when her teeth are straight.
Marie wants a reconciliation.
She says she has a new attitude towards me, you know and that we should probably think of the girls.
- What do you think? - Truthfully? I think I'd like to know if you and I might still have a chance.
- I don't think you can count on that.
- I shouldn't even count on a chance? No.
Because in that circumstance you know, I should probably I should probably think of the kids.
Boy, it's really getting on spring, huh? [PHONE RINGS] - My phone's ringing, Greg.
- Yeah.
Yeah, go on.
Go ahead.
- Given up a statement? - Yeah.
Andy, I don't want to charge the wife.
Take the DA six months to make the welfare fraud.
I just figure we hold it over her.
- Tell her she's gotta see that baby more.
- Think that helps the kid? - You only get one mother.
PAUL: Detective? - What's going on? - I want to talk to you.
Yeah, sure.
In here.
I thought you were gonna stay out of this.
Well, I thought I'd talk to those guys.
Polaski was all over me today.
All mealy-mouth how what happened to me and John was a mistake.
- How everything's gonna be okay.
- You got a problem with that? I told you I'd handle this.
I got worried that meant throwing down with these guys and getting someone killed.
- That's what I should've done.
Maybe you should work your life out instead of having this blow you apart.
You don't know about this! You want to stay in the closet, don't hold hands with your boyfriend.
You want to come out and something like this happens, bring charges up.
Either way, I give up half my life.
And that's how things work? What half are you losing here, Paul? I was supposed to give my parents grandchildren.
Well, this was the hand you got dealt.
You don't admit to that, all kind of strangers wind up in the game.
Look, John's gonna be there for you.
Don't sell that short.
I better go.
Hey take care of yourself.
Thank you.
[DOOR CLOSES] - Hey, Greg.
- Yeah.
Good night, James.
I don't want to make too much of this but Adrienne asked me to take her to Andy's wedding.
- Oh, yeah? That's great.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's not a date exactly.
Of course, I don't know what else you would call it.
Hey, what's the matter, Greg? I'm probably gonna call Marie and tell her I'm coming back to her and the kids.
- Well, maybe that's for the best.
- Do me a favor, James.
Don't say it's for the best.
I'm never gonna be with anyone like Donna again.
I was meaning in terms of your kids.
Yeah, well, from that point of view, yeah.
I guess it is.
Anyways, that's great news about you and Adrienne.
I don't know if it's great, but it's, you know, pretty good.
Now I'm gonna say good night.
- Good night, Greg.
- Yeah.
It's me.
I've been thinking about what we talked about That hump is not only a rapist, he got fingerprint ink on my shirt.
Yeah, well, that's a whole separate charge.
Yeah, well, that's a whole separate charge.
You seen Russell? No.
Uh - I want to ask you something.
- Sure.
I was hoping maybe you'd stand up at my wedding.
Be my best man, if you'd be comfortable with that.
I'd be glad to, Andy.
You wouldn't mind being the only person on that half of the church? - No.
- Yeah? I'd be grateful.
- Hey.
- How's it going? RUSSELL: Good.
This other thing, I'm gonna butt in once and say: If she's got a problem or not, it's gotta be her decides that.
Yeah, I'll remember that.
You gotta realize you can't be a part of that.
It's really hard when you got feelings for somebody.
It's really hard when you got feelings for somebody.
Through with Russ the wheelman's statement.
Let's go.
We got 114 envelopes we gotta address.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Bobby.
- Hey, John.
- You bought him time, detective.
- Talking to those cops, talking to him.
- Good.
I hope things work out.
- I'm hoping he's gonna get therapy now.
- Yeah? Don't you think that's a good idea? I wouldn't be comfortable saying, John.
I wouldn't want to get into that.
I understand.
There's only so much an outsider can do.
Well Good night, detectives.
Thanks for what you did do.
Good night, John.
RUSSELL: Good night.
Child Welfare signed off on Mrs.
Duffy having custody.
Is that where you were? Yeah, that's where I was.