NYPD Blue s02e22 Episode Script

A.D.A. Sipowicz

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: I hear you're in a jam with your sergeant.
- Well, it's nothing I can't handle.
- What happened? - It don't concern you.
- It does concern me.
I'm your brother.
Reggie starting to sweat a little? Came running to you, did he? - No, he didn't.
- Strong-arm crap don't work with me.
So Andy thought you might have been drinking when you were at the hospital.
- I had wine with my dinner.
- He's concerned you have a problem.
AA people think everybody's a drunk.
I was hoping maybe you'd stand up at my wedding, be my best man.
I'd be glad to, Andy.
Too much to ask they're familiar with the road rules: Starting, stopping.
I know a guy who will pull the dent out cheap.
And this woman's mystified.
How'd I bang into her? Otherwise you'll spend hours in a police garage.
SIPOWICZ: Yeah, yeah.
When did I get this? When did I have noodles? SIMONE: Hey, lieu.
- Hey, how you doing, guys? We zeroed on the recanvass on that Chinatown homicide.
Yeah, those people got "looking the other way" turned into an art form.
So where are you gonna take it? Maybe if we had tanks patrolling Canal Street they'd think they were back in their homeland.
They'd think they were riding their bicycles and wearing those stupid hats.
Twenty-four more hours, huh, Andy? - Till what? - Your wedding.
Yeah, tomorrow.
What made you think about that? Nothing.
I just saw Sylvia coming.
Keep me posted on that Chinatown murder.
- Good morning, Sylvia.
- Good morning.
- I'll go look through the 61 s.
- Yeah.
How's it going? Andy, we got lucky.
Remember I told you about the inn at St.
Adolphe? - That place in the forest? - The Laurentian wilderness.
They had a cancellation.
They can get us in for three nights.
- What about our hotel in Montreal? - I cancelled.
- You cancelled Montreal? - Oh, Andy, I can't wait.
Waking up with the sun, breathing pristine air listening to the birds.
No phones, no TVs.
- Is it near anyplace? - It's bordered by a trout stream.
- They cook your catch for you.
- I raise fish.
Well, we'll hike then.
We'll see deer, moose, maybe even a bear.
Andy, we'll be completely on our own.
We could be on our own in a civilized region too, you know.
But yeah, this sounds great.
Just great.
ADA Sipowicz - Art.
- Hey, Reggie.
- Art.
- Hey, Reggie.
- You got a minute? - What's this? - I thought you were working 8-4s.
- I'm off the street.
IAB's got me on modified assignment.
Come here.
What happened? McNamara had me on a street condition.
Cracking on Gypsy cabs, working bus stops.
So I'm out there writing tickets, taking all this abuse from these guys.
Next thing, some Haitian driver comes into the house says I'm shaking down him and his crew.
McNamara must know it's bogus.
He was the guy who put you there.
He said his hands were tied.
He had to put the complaint through.
That's crap.
He knew the guy had no credibility.
- He should have kicked him out.
- He's looking to cost me my job, man.
- You know anyone down at IAB? - Sorry, they got a log number, Reggie.
If I reach out down there, it'll make things worse.
Look, I'll go see McNamara.
IAB's gonna interview him.
So if he stands up, they'll stop it.
If he was gonna stand up, he never would've put it on paper.
Maybe your grief will be enough for him.
- I gotta sit still for that? - No.
No, you gotta get past this jam.
And then you gotta get out of there.
- Thanks for trying to help me, man.
- Yeah.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna be gone a couple of hours.
Beep me if anything comes up.
- Yeah.
- Morning, lieu.
- Good morning.
- I got caught in traffic.
- Morning.
SIPOWICZ: How's it going? RUSSELL: Good.
FRANCINE: Who can I talk to about this? DONNA: Detectives? This person says she has information on that Chinatown murder.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
This is Detective Simone.
- I can help you with that dead Chinaman.
- Come on, let's talk in here.
SIPOWICZ: What's your name? - Francine.
And the guy you're looking for: Richie Morales.
- Who would that be, Francine? - You see this eye? Nice, huh? He's staying at my house, he's spending my money, he's eating my food.
- Then I find out he's screwing Teniqua.
SIMONE: Teniqua? FRANCINE: Black bitch.
You know, I'd see her around and I just knew Richie was doing her.
Women know that kind of thing.
We know.
How does this relate to the homicide? I brought it up to him, was he seeing her? And the guy slugs me in my face.
That was it.
I threw his ass out.
I don't need that.
He got even with you by killing a Chinaman? The guy is a scumbag junkie.
He don't exactly have a regular job.
So he rips off those little Chinese guys.
He comes back and he's telling me about how he beat him up with his club.
And then later on, I heard on the news about that Fong guy getting killed.
And I found these when I was throwing Richie's stuff out: Credit cards.
He must've stashed them because they were hot.
They got Fong's name on them.
- Where's Teniqua live? You know? - Hell, no.
So where are we gonna find Richie? FRANCINE: Where he cops, Fourth and C in front of the pizza joint.
Him and his sorry jones will be there eventually.
Here, this is him.
Someone's cut out of this picture.
Is that your hand there lining the dope up? You know what? I did not have to come down here.
- You want to see justice done.
- We appreciate you helping us, Francine.
You know what? When you find him, why don't you slap him around? You know what? When you find him, why don't you slap him around? - Want to do a sweep on Richie's corner? - Guy copped off the mugging he's banging some new broad.
It could be a couple days till he comes up.
I'm gonna beep Fancy.
Tell him we're gonna do a sweep.
Otherwise, I might get distracted in the pristine wilderness worrying how this guy's at large.
- Sorry, that was an important call.
- No problem, Mac.
- How you doing? - Good.
I'm worried about my brother.
Hell of a thing, huh? That Haitian making charges.
Could we talk about that someplace? - Shapp, take over here.
SHAPP: Yeah, sure.
- So Reggie says it's already with IAB.
- Yeah, I tried to finesse the guy but he was all cranked up.
He knew the procedure.
Insisted I put it on paper.
You wouldn't happen to have the 49 on this? - Sure.
- You mind if I take a look? No problem.
Got it right here.
Time was this Haitian would have had a boot in his ass to help him out.
The complaint would've hit the round file.
It's a different department now.
So Reggie says he was ticketing these Gypsies on your instructions.
We had a street condition.
They were soliciting at bus stops.
It'd be natural for a cabby to try and get the heat off, filing a complaint.
You'd hope IAB will take that into account.
You can make sure they do.
Reggie wasn't freelancing.
He was there on your say-so.
The complaint says he shook this guy down.
No one instructed him to do that.
Well, I don't think he did do it, Mac.
Do you? I'd guess no, but I don't know him as well as you.
- Did you help that cabby fill this out? - What do you mean? - This is textbook language.
- You gotta get current, Arthur.
We got all these new policies supposed to help civilians, minorities and such.
- Even if the complaint's against our own.
- Yeah, and Reggie's one of your own.
I don't like the tone you're taking.
I don't like what you're doing to my brother.
It's one of his brothers doing the job on smart-mouth Reggie.
You better stand up in that IAB interview, Mac.
- Or what? - Or I'll be back down here.
I gotta get to work.
I'll need that form.
I was looking forward to Montreal.
Now I gotta honeymoon like some beaver-pelt trader.
- Maybe you'll like it out there.
- Maybe I'll like it? Maybe I'd rather spend time on Rikers Island.
Maybe I'd rather spend it on one of these skell junkies' pissed-on mattresses.
Hey! Hey! Andy! Andy, I'm just trying to make conversation here.
- Yeah.
Like it, huh? - Jeez.
OFFICER 1: 15 Boy, 10-4.
OFFICER 2: 15 Charlie, 10-4.
- Do you like it? - Come on, let's do this, guys.
Move in.
SIPOWICZ: I should be driving.
I told - Andy, please.
SIPOWICZ: Hold it right there.
SIMONE: Up against the rail.
- Get up against the rail! SIPOWICZ: Up against the rail here.
You too, slowpoke, huh? Where are you going, huh? Yo, man.
I didn't do nothing.
SIMONE: Diane, you got the female? RUSSELL: Yeah.
SIMONE: Andy, you got Morales' photo? SIPOWICZ: Yeah, I got it.
- Come on, man.
I was just walking by.
- Now we're gonna give you a little ride.
- He's not here.
- Hey, what did I do? You wore that idiot earring, asshole.
SIMONE: Let's get them to the house.
MARTINEZ: Let's go.
- Diane.
- You want her here? Yeah.
RUSSELL: Watch your head.
Come here.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Do I think you're happy? I don't think you're sitting there in tears.
Let me ask you this.
What is your record this month for the longest period that computer has not been down? When are we gonna get these rap sheets? SIPOWICZ: I heard of the term "mutual respect.
" You ever hear the expression "kiss my ass"? I'm gonna take the guy in 1.
I'll take 2 when this guy's done explaining the respect concept.
- Give me a second.
Do not hang up.
Don't put me on hold! Do not put Oh - I don't know how I missed that gun.
- That can't happen.
- You think I wanted to? - Why didn't you drive in with me? - I told you, I had errands to run.
- You run a lot of errands.
If you don't believe me, we have no reason to talk.
- Somebody could've got killed.
- Tell the boss.
I'm telling you, I think it's because you're drinking.
I guess you don't want my help with those interviews.
- BCI computer's still down.
I got 2? - Yeah.
- Toby Ray? - Yes, sir.
The good news is I may not be interested in that crack you were holding.
- I got a job down at the Video Barn.
- I am interested in a way to this guy.
Now, that gets your crack vouchered as found property and you on the street.
- How can I give you what I haven't got? - I don't have time for crap.
You're on that corner every day.
You're telling me you never see him? Unless he looks different from that.
That drug can do that to you.
- Richie Morales.
You know that name? - No, sir.
Stop calling me sir, all right? You ready to go to jail, Toby? - Lose your good job at the Video Barn? - I didn't do nothing.
No, you didn't do enough.
Why don't you come into the store, huh? I'll get you Forrest Gump.
We got a waiting list.
- Think about jail.
- Hey, hey.
What about Lion King? I got no help from my guy.
Trust me.
One of these skells gives us Richie Morales by 7 p.
What's at 7? SIPOWICZ: Me and Sylvia gotta go see some uncle who's too sick to come to the wedding.
- Then you got your bachelor party.
- Yeah, that's gonna be a million laughs.
- Let me try BCI again.
- No, Andy, let me try him.
SIPOWICZ: Yeah, all right.
- No help with Morales? - No.
We're holding these guys, right? Yeah, we don't want to tip this guy off that we're looking for him.
- Medavoy, you read this fish book? - Yeah, I read what you told me to.
You read that chapter on troubleshooting? Yeah.
You know, I don't think there's gonna be any problem, Andy.
I feed them every 48 hours.
You're only gone five days.
- Only five days, Medavoy? - It's gonna be longer? Medavoy, did you read the part about ammonia and nitrate poisoning? - That can happen in a matter of hours.
- That's why I gotta check the pH.
All right, suppose there's a white spot on the fish.
What's that? - That's obinium.
- Odinium, with a D.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I know that if I see that, I put the treatment in the water.
Andy, the fish are gonna be fine.
If there's any real problem, I'll call you.
You can't call me because Sylvia booked us someplace the only contact with the outside world is through smoke signals.
- What's that BCI hump saying? - I'm on hold.
- The computer's coming back up.
- I got it.
- Andy, don't piss this guy off, huh? - Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Bobby, any help with Morales off the sweep? BCI's down.
We're just getting rap sheets right now.
What do you got? - Lieu, what's up? SIPOWICZ: Yeah, thanks for your department's cooperation.
My brother's on the job at the 8th.
He just got suspended.
- For what? - His sergeant's got him ticketing cabs picking up at bus stops.
A driver looks to hassle my brother.
Says he solicited a bribe.
- Why'd the sergeant put that through? - He's a racist.
And my brother's got an attitude.
It's a perfect complaint because the driver's black too.
I went to the academy with the guy.
I talked to him, but it didn't do any good.
So it's at IAB now? If I reach out there, it'll make things worse.
He's in the 8th Precinct, huh? SIPOWICZ: You wanna join me for an interesting conversation? BCI says my interview took a collar with Richie Morales four years ago.
Go ahead.
I'll check on these other skells.
What is it, 3? SIPOWICZ: Yeah.
Lieu, what's the cab driver's name, the one who made the bogus complaint? Pierre LaFont.
My brother banged him out at a bus stop at Ninth and 23rd.
Yeah, listen.
I got some other names for you to check.
What do you think, Toby, huh? You think this is the Dark Ages? - You think we don't keep records? TOBY: What, man? What? What? You said you didn't know Richie Morales.
- I don't.
- You and Morales got collared together in Nyad four years ago.
- I got probation on that.
Been clean since.
You can check.
You've been clean, but your memory went.
You forgot who Morales was.
You've been clean, but your memory went.
You forgot who Morales was.
Look, Richie's bad news, man.
I got nothing to do with him.
- I didn't want to get connected.
- I can send you away.
Your next Video Barn job will be in Attica.
I swear I don't know where he is.
We got a drug charge.
We got obstruction of justice.
Look, maybe he's with this chick named Teniqua.
That's all I know.
And this Teniqua would be where? She stayed on Essex when I was boning her.
You better hope we find him.
- I got the address on Morales' girlfriend.
SIMONE: I'll call you back.
Greg, James, Adrienne.
- Help us grab a guy? RUSSELL: Yeah.
- Diane, let me talk to you.
- Yeah.
Make an excuse.
I don't want you out on this.
- What do you mean? - I don't want you out there.
- Bobby, you ready? SIMONE: Yeah.
- You guys covered without me? - Yeah, we're okay.
Good, because I gotta run an errand.
The Alpine Drive on the 59th Street Bridge is absolutely longer.
- They were doing construction.
- I'll check with the super.
No, there was no construction.
It's six minutes longer than when I lived with Marie.
After this goes down, could you do me a favor? - Sure.
What's up? - Lieu's brother is in a jam.
MARTINEZ: Uniform cop, right? - Yeah.
Some Gypsy cabby's filed some bogus bribery charge on him.
The sergeant's looking to hang him up.
This cabby, he's got a record.
So I'm having his wet photo pulled down in BCI.
They say he cruises the bus stops down at Ninth and 23rd.
- We're looking to hail his cab? - Don't say nothing to Andy.
He's looking for a reason to bail on meeting Sylvia's uncle.
Landlord says this Teniqua broad's up in 3-G.
And would we please remind her, her rent check's a week overdue.
MAN ON TV: Lori, my wife that I'm married to now, is a wonderful lady.
I'm not taking anything away from Lori.
TV HOST: You didn 't tell her you were coming? MAN ON TV: I told her I was coming.
I didn 't tell her why.
- Police, get your hands up! SIMONE: Is Richie Morales here? - Who are you? - Police! Who else is in here? TENIQUA: Nobody! SIMONE: Hey, get up.
SIPOWICZ: Get your hands on the table! MORALES: What's going on? They kicked the door, Richie! There was nothing I could do! MORALES: I'm not Richie.
Who's Richie? SIPOWICZ: Who told you that, huh? MORALES: Who's Richie, man? - We're in! SIMONE: Get dressed.
Get dressed fast! MORALES: All right! All right! WOMAN ON TV: Way to go.
Way to go.
[PEOPLE CHEERING ON TV] I got a pretty good sense of people, Richie.
My sense is you're not such a bad guy.
Are you playing with me? You did muggings to support your habit.
I tried to get in the program last year.
They said they was full.
SIMONE: With these muggings, you chose the Chinese because you know they tend not to fight back.
You're looking to lessen the possibility that something may get out of hand.
- Yeah, that's my guess on your thinking.
- Yeah, I'm not looking to hurt nobody.
Which is the bad luck with what happened with the guy whose credit cards you took.
You were just looking to score to help yourself.
Then everything went out of whack.
This guy had a heart condition.
Somebody sneezed when he wasn't expecting it, he was gonna croak.
My point being here, Richie, you get in front of this now you put yourself in a better light.
A good kid with a little bit of a drug problem pulls some low-risk jobs to support his habit and on bad luck, one goes totally opposite his intentions.
You see, now that's the way I read it.
But you don't work with me on this, Richie, how I read it doesn't matter.
You can take your chances, and you can go to trial.
But let me tell you this: Between the credit cards we found in your things all these witnesses that we got and your girlfriend's testimony We got the death penalty back.
Did you know that? - What kind of deal you talking about? SIMONE: Your full cooperation.
You tell me everything that happened, I could get you down to manslaughter.
- Can you make that deal? - You know how the system works here.
I tell the DA, the DA lets the judge know that you gave us cooperation.
I don't want no if-come on this.
I gotta talk to somebody with juice.
[KNOCKING] - Bobby, can I see you for a minute? SIMONE: Mm-hm.
Let me see what I can do.
- What's up? - Yeah, we picked up that cabby.
Easy, James.
I don't want lieu to have to sign on.
- How's it going with Morales? - We'll be all right.
- Sergeant said you made a collar.
- Yeah, we were taking an early dinner.
SIMONE: Uh-huh.
- We're driving through Chelsea and this Gypsy cab rolls through a stop sign, which is no big thing.
The guy jumped a light, so we pulled him over.
- You pulled the cabby over? - What was his name? Pierre LaFont.
Turns out the guy had 14 suspensions on his license and a gun stashed under his front seat.
- Did you collar this guy? - Yeah, we got him in 3.
Thanks, James.
FANCY: Andy.
SIMONE: Hey, Andy.
- Why are you here? - We saw her uncle.
- The bachelor party's now.
- It's not for 20 minutes.
What's going on with Morales? He's in shape to go.
He wants a DA.
- He got something to trade? SIMONE: No.
SIPOWICZ: So how's the DA gonna deal? - He wants the DA.
I want to talk to this guy in 3.
Lieu's got a personal situation.
SIPOWICZ: Yeah, all right.
SIMONE: We're covered.
I'll see you at the party.
- See you over there.
- Night.
- Yeah.
John? - Hey, you got a minute? - Certainly, detective.
Let me have your briefcase.
- All right.
- I'll only use it a minute.
- There's nothing weird in here, is there? - Some Visine and my Day Runner.
- Richie Morales? - You the DA? My name's Sipowicz.
I heard you wanted to talk.
[DOOR OPENS] Now, I want you to understand something here, Pierre.
I want you to tell me the truth about a few things.
- And that is all I want to hear.
- I needs that gun to defend myself.
Yeah, on that gun, that's an illegal weapon.
Possessing a loaded, unregistered firearm is a felony.
- That gun - You ever been in a station house? - No.
- No? MARTINEZ: Never once? - I need that gun to protect myself.
You never been at the 8th Precinct? LAFONT: What you ask about that? - I told you what I'm looking for.
- I am looking for the truth.
- I spoke to those investigators already.
- What investigators? - What you ask about 8th Precinct for? You spoke to investigators at the 8th Precinct? Look, I don't want trouble what went on up there.
Look, I don't want trouble what went on up there.
Did you hear what I said about the truth, Pierre? That is all that I am looking for here.
And if I get it, then maybe the gun part of this can go away.
- I'm a cab driver.
- I know what you are, a Gypsy cabby.
So a cop was making me summonses with other guys I work with.
SIMONE: At the 8th Precinct? - Yes.
- What were you getting summonses for? - Pick up at bus stands which we are not supposed to do, but we are out there trying to earn.
So I go to 8th Precinct.
Maybe I say too many things.
Maybe I exaggerate somewhat.
- Exaggerate how? LAFONT: How maybe the cop was asking me to kick back money.
Give him a break.
Did the cop ask you for money? - Maybe I exaggerate somewhat.
- I don't know what that means, Pierre! - Did the cop ask you for money or not? - No, he didn't ask.
You lied to the cop's sergeant that this cop solicited a bribe from you? Somewhat, I just wanted to get him off my back! This sergeant says I have to write it down! Make a complaint! I tried to walk away, but he said, "No.
" I didn't want it to get like this.
I thought he'd get moved somewhere.
- I didn't think it would get so big.
- But you're telling me you lied.
I exaggerated.
You want to take this exaggeration back? - I do.
I don't want to be in trouble.
- Mm-hm.
Who do I talk to to take it back? [LEON SINGS "THE MORE I SEE YOU"] - Having a good time? - You're killing them.
Hey, come here, buddy.
Hey, fellas.
For all you do, Andy Sipowicz, this broad's for you.
Say hello to Sabrina! How about it? Hey! [CHEERING AND CLAPPING] - Congratulations, Andy.
- Yeah, thanks a lot.
On me.
Anything you want to do.
It's covered.
Maybe later on, huh? - How's it going, Chris? - Andy.
- This bother you? - No.
- I could catch you between drinks.
- It's okay.
- Sixteen years since we rode together.
- I was thinking when I saw you.
- Not close as previously.
- I think about you.
New marriage, on the wagon.
I ain't neither of those, but that's horse races.
MEDAVO Y: How's it going, big guy? SIPOWICZ: Hey, Medavoy.
- Greg Medavoy, this is Chris Doudell.
- How are you? - And this is James Martinez.
- How's it going? How are you? I was just congratulating Andy on his upcoming event.
- We partnered in a previous century.
- We're glad he's getting married, Chris.
Yeah, it's great.
He's turned a whole leaf.
I wanted to take this girl out, and Andy's marriage kind of broke the ice for me.
- Got her and me talking.
- Hey, how'd it go last night? I think all right.
We had coffee together.
That was our first time out.
Hey, I'm gonna do this again.
Nice meeting you guys.
MEDAVO Y: Take it easy.
- Good to meet you, Chris.
- Take care of yourself, partner.
You too, Chris.
MEDAVO Y: So? MARTINEZ: Yeah, well So you and Lesniak had coffee? Yeah.
Only thing is, she asked me to walk her dog while she was making it.
But she's got an older dog.
He's a poodle.
So I take him outside.
We're walking along and I'm thinking it's a nice, mild night.
The leaves are out Adrienne's upstairs making the coffee.
Suddenly, I hear this thud.
Which I look down, the dog walked head-on into a light pole.
- Knocked himself out cold.
- She likes that dog.
What, the dog have some kind of vision problem? Yeah, cataracts.
She forgot to tell me.
Someone had the sprinkler on the lawn.
So I held him under, which I got all soaked, and finally he came around.
I'm thinking while I'm holding him, it took me three months to go out and have coffee with this girl, and now I killed her dog.
- But the dog came around? - Yeah, fortunately he did.
FANCY: Hey, guys.
SIPOWICZ: How's it going? Sorry I'm late.
- So how's the groom-to-be? - Counting the minutes.
- Anybody want anything? - All set, lieu.
SIPOWICZ: Hey, Bobby.
- Hey, how's it going? SIPOWICZ: Morales go? - Yeah, he gave up a statement.
Morales said some assistant DA told him he was looking at manslaughter.
- Is that right? - I didn't know we had one in the house.
If that happened, I'll bet the ADA told him his statement would give him some consideration.
- Only a judge could make the deal.
- Uh-huh.
Leon says you might want a private dance lesson.
SIMONE: Uh-oh.
MAN 1: Way to go, Andy.
Go on, buddy.
No, I don't really need a private dance session.
Well, you're an easy man to please.
MAN 2: Come on.
- You don't mind if I don't stay, do you? SIPOWICZ: Smuggle me out in the trunk.
Andy, I'm - You know I'm seeing this girl, right? - Russell.
- You were right about that problem.
- It's her problem.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Guys, I'll see you later.
MARTINEZ: Set it up, all right? So, Andy, what do you think is the best bet this time of night? The 59th Street to Grand Central? Or the Midtown to the LIE? I'd go the bridge.
I'm back with Marie, you know.
I'm making the drive again.
This thing working? How did all these people get in my room? [LAUGHING] I want to dedicate a song now to the groom-to-be which I think is very appropriate at this time.
Hit it, Leon.
[SINGS "MY WAY"] - Medavoy, promise me something.
- Andy, I will take care of your fish.
No, if this goes more than two choruses, I want you to blow my head off.
FANCY: Hey, Reggie.
- That cabby recanted his statement.
- Yeah, I'm glad.
- You are one hooked-up Negro, Arthur.
- It wasn't me.
- Oh, yeah.
It's the truth.
Some people in my squad made it right.
- Oh, yeah? - You don't live by yourself in this job.
So I guess before I transfer out of there I'll ask McNamara for an invite to the St.
Patty's Parade.
No, you steer clear of McNamara.
Keep in mind, four or five people reached out for you last night.
Not a brother in the bunch.
I gotta turn in my monthly stats.
- Hey, tell those people thanks.
- Yeah, you got it.
JOHN: Morning, detective.
- Hey.
- I was hoping you'd be here.
I sent away for this, and it was delayed.
It just came mail order.
- Best wishes to you and Miss Costas.
- Thanks a lot.
It's one of those "love it or hate it" presents.
It's a quilt.
It has fish on it.
It's a quilt.
It has fish on it.
- I collect fish.
- Yes, I know.
Saltwater tropicals.
Anyways, thanks a lot, John.
- You're welcome, detective.
- Yeah.
- Best of luck.
- Thanks.
Detective, I understand you're my new colleague now.
- Yeah? You join the force? - No, I gather you've become an ADA.
Is this a running start for what you want to say to me? You represented yourself as a district attorney to Richie Morales.
He made a statement thinking you'd offered a plea.
I never said that.
And I never said I was a DA.
He figured I was.
I didn't correct his impression.
I didn't say one word different than I'd have said as a cop which was the judge makes the call, but his cooperation would be noted.
The courts have held a confession can be obtained by ruse or trick so long as an innocent man wouldn't be deceived.
SIPOWICZ: There's a relief.
That doesn't make me comfortable with what you've done.
- Hey, what's your name again? - Arnold Rosenthal.
Well, Arnold, why don't you leave me your card and I'll be in touch the second that your comfort becomes important to me? I don't know what Sylvia sees in you.
What a dick.
Morning, lieu.
- What are you doing here, Andy? - An 8 to 4.
The wedding's not till 6.
Is it gonna take me nine hours to get dressed? Lillian called from Maryland to tell you she sends her best wishes.
SIPOWICZ: Oh, yeah? - Yeah, she's taking care of her sister.
- Tell her thanks for her thoughts.
- Yeah.
- Bobby, you got a minute for me? - Sure.
So my brother says that cabby's withdrawn his complaint.
- Pierre LaFont? - Yeah, the guy you collared.
He mentioned that was bogus, those charges he filed in the 8th.
Well, however that went down, I'm very grateful about it.
- You were looking out for your brother.
- And you were looking out for me.
SIMONE: You know that.
So you think we're all gonna live till Andy's wedding? I think the odds are up to even money.
She's in the locker room.
[KNOCKS] - Just a minute.
SIMONE: Well, I need to come in now.
What's going on here, Diane? You don't answer your pager.
I don't know where you are.
I had to think things out.
Yeah? And you're right.
I have a problem.
They say that's a good thing when you can admit it.
Yeah, you got a gold star for me? I told myself it came from working undercover but it's worse since I transferred.
And thinking back, I've been drinking since I was 15.
That program really seemed to help Andy.
Yeah, maybe I'll get in touch with someone there.
I, um I want to help you, Diane.
I care for you.
I don't want to mess us up, Bobby.
I think I better take care of this first.
All right, if that's the way you want to handle it.
You don't want to see each other? You're not gonna go to the wedding? No.
All right.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
You're trying to help yourself.
I know.
I just I worry about his skull.
How do you think I found out his cataracts was so bad? - It's not the first post he bumped into.
- Yeah.
Can I ask you one more question? How does it feel to be the best-looking girl in the church? FANCY: How you doing? LESNIAK: Here's the lieutenant.
MARTINEZ: Hey, lieu.
Don't let this guy eat too much cake.
He'll have to move up to a new weight class.
That's my boss and my boxing coach.
MARIE: Isn't it beautiful, Greg? - Very much so, yeah.
Our fourth day back together, here we are in a beautiful church.
Yeah, it's very striking.
I think there's a reason you and I are here, Greg.
- I think the ceremony is for us as well.
- Interesting.
- I'm gonna pretend we're up there.
- Oh, yeah? I'm gonna take the vows when Sylvia does.
You should do the same when Andy takes his vows.
Silently, right? - We'll just look at each other.
- Okay, Marie.
- Is she here? - Marie, do not start.
- Am I sticking you? - I don't know.
SIMONE: You're all set.
- Oh, yeah.
There's the finish line.
To tell you the truth, I didn't know if I was gonna make it.
- Is that right? - I felt a little skittish the last few days.
I could still be on the turnpike before anybody knew I was missing.
- You don't want that.
- No.
I just don't want to screw up.
- Are you all right, Daddy? - I'm full of emotion.
I know.
I know.
I'm happy.
I just wish that your mother could have lived to be here.
I feel like she is here.
And I feel like she is standing in front of me.
Are you all right, my argyro? Yes.
He's a good man.
He's a man I trust.
Everyone is tested, argyro but I know he wants good for you.
I love him, Papa.
And that is everything my beautiful child.
- There's my kid.
- I thought he couldn't make it.
SIPOWICZ: That's what he said.
AND Y: Hey, Pop.
- Hey, son.
- Late for church.
What else is new? - Should I be looking for MPs? No, I finagled a pass.
- This is Bobby Simone, my best man.
- How you doing? Andy Sipowicz.
How's it going, Andy? Anywhere on the left there.
I'll see you afterwards, huh? - He made it, huh? - Yeah, look how good he turned out.
SIMONE: Here we go, pal.
Let's do it.
- That's what that guy in Utah said.
- What's that? "Let's do it.
" He said that to the firing squad just before they whacked him.
How's it going? Andy, look at that beautiful girl.
- Hey.
- Can I come in? - Sure.
RUSSELL: How was the wedding? SIMONE: It was nice.
They left for Canada.
How are you doing? Not too good.
I, um I mean, I haven't had anything to drink.
I'm just scared.
You call anybody? Can I Can I Can I cheat a little? What do you mean? Can I get held a little before I'm fixed? Yeah.