NYPD Blue s03e18 Episode Script

We Was Robbed

- Almost caught the guy? - Yeah? Just got back from chasing him.
Witness saw him acting suspicious and called it in.
Guy took off as soon as we got here.
Jumped on the F.
Drive and we lost him.
- We didn't even know there was a D.
Here till we got back.
- We got the license number.
- Get a look at the perp? - Yeah, white, mid-30s.
About six foot.
A big Fu Manchu.
Come here.
- Black hair, like, hanging down to the collar.
- This is a witness.
- Saw it through his window.
- Can you describe the guy who got away with the car? Uh, yeah, white guy.
Looked about 35, 36 with a big drooping mustache.
- Fu Manchu.
- Like that I guess, sure.
And he had kind of long hair.
Dark hair.
I live upstairs.
I was looking out.
I saw him dump the other guy out of the car.
- Shannon, you know, you should run the plates.
- All right.
- You got it? - You been drinking this morning? It's my life.
Do you mind? I work nights.
I play bass.
I was drinking to try to get to sleep.
- All right, gimme your name.
- Ken Thornton.
- Musician, huh? - Yeah.
I play with Jaundice.
- You play with Jaundice.
- You wouldn't have heard of it.
So what do you do for a livin'? I'm a bike messenger in the afternoon.
Come over here, will ya? Bike messenger, huh? You guys think Manhattan's a racetrack.
I don't want any trouble.
I got enough troubles of my own.
How come I don't have a problem believing that? Come on.
I got- Here.
You ever seen this guy before? Uh, no, no, never seen him.
Pretty old.
He's shot in the head.
Dominic Landucci.
What is that, 72 years old? And $43.
There's some O.
People named Landucci.
- Think he might be one? - He's got a slug in the brain.
Could have been a mob hit.
Oh, a mob hit.
Oh, no way, man.
No way, man.
- I don't want nothing to do with this.
- Just relax.
- Why the hell did I go and report it? - He's got no keys on him here.
I ran the plate.
The car the perp fled in is registered to Dominic Landucci.
- That's this guy.
- It's this guy's car? Probably a carjacking, huh? - Hey, I'm not testifying.
- Stop worrying about it, huh? - Why don't you go get some sleep? - That oughta be easy.
- Do your best.
- Take it around the other side.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Diane, uh, could we talk a minute? Sure, Donna.
Uh, a friend of mine's asking for advice in a situation I'm not equipped to deal with.
Should he or she be talking to a detective? Absolutely.
Her name is Marina Bermudez.
She's my hairdresser.
- Uh-huh.
- And, uh, Marina was involved with this guy, Ronnie who's been away in prison for four and a half years.
And he just got out.
And he's been coming around seeing her.
His name is Pinera, in case you wanna run him through B.
- Ronnie Pinera? What was he in prison for? - Mm-hmm.
- Manslaughter, I believe.
- Okay.
So, Marina's got this present boyfriend, Luis, who's a truck driver.
And sometimes Luis parks a loaded truck at Marina's place.
So, Ronnie, the ex-con, heard about that from a cousin of Marina's who's jealous of her because she's always had a crush on Ronnie.
This cousin told Ronnie about Luis, and now Ronnie wants to hijack Luis's truck when it's parked at Marina's place.
He wants her to notify him when Luis is there.
Ronnie wants Marina to call him when Luis is there with his truck.
So, Marina's deathly afraid that if she doesn't notify Ronnie that the blabbermouth cousin down the street's liable to see Luis's truck and tell Ronnie about it afterwards.
And then Ronnie might blow his stack and really hurt her or something.
Is Ronnie on parole, or did he serve his full sentence? I don't know.
Well, Donna, see, he hasn't really committed a crime yet.
He might be violating his parole.
L- I can find out his status through B.
Have your friend Marina come in and talk to me.
I would be so grateful, because I feel beyond my depth.
No, you ran the story pretty good.
- I'll give her a call.
- All right.
- I think he had a bigger nose.
- Did you change the mustache? - I thought you had the mustache too small.
- Marini, you had your say.
Shannon don't need your kibitz in here.
It was a big Fu Manchu.
This is Mike Francis, F.
- Bobby Simone.
Andy Sipowicz.
- Bobby.
I'm hoping we can scratch each other's backs in the Dominic Landucci murder.
Is that right? We're running a surveillance on the Palermo Social Club.
It's on Mulberry.
- You know, it's a mob hangout.
- There's rumor to that effect.
We videotape everyone coming in and out of that club during business hours.
Well, this morning, some of the wiseguys showing up were acting kind of different than usual.
A lot of laughing.
Giving each other the high fives.
We heard about the Landucci hit, we put it together.
Landucci went to the Palermo Club every day of the week.
- Case closed.
- We ran this Landucci through B.
He's got a couple of low-rank collars for shylocking.
You think he's big enough to rate a hit and all these high fives? I know how to find out.
Agent Francis feels our job could get a court order to plant a listening device.
You got cause to believe a contract on Landucci might have been run out of that club.
We provide the equipment, run the bug into your squad, share the information.
Inspector Aiello thinks it's a good idea.
There's a disconnected phone socket in the card room we can use to put the place up.
You get your court order today, we can get you in tonight.
- You're gonna get us in? - Our bug, my plan, your tap.
Set him up in Anticrime.
Got my equipment outside.
He's got his equipment outside.
- Come on.
Let's go, Francis.
- Hey, Bob, I can't get the son of a bitch in.
Are you talkin' to me, huh? Because I'm Andy and that's Bob.
- Hmm? - What was that? Did you hear something? No, I didn't hear- Move over, huh? Let me put this damn thing in here.
- Wejust need some more light.
- Go on, move, move.
- I gotta take a leak.
- Need any help with that too? Don't laugh.
You ever have prostatitis? Go ahead, Francis.
Do what you gotta do.
Feels like you gotta piss all the time.
Stand there, get no flow.
Look, I had prostrate" trouble once.
I don't got it no more.
But if you don't get the hell outta here, I'm gonna piss on your shoes.
Beat it.
He's gonna tell me how to Prostrate.
I got a prostrate.
At least he's an expert, you know? Yeah, you don't know.
I'm the king of prostrates.
Got it.
- What? - I heard something.
- Don't you start with me.
- I'm serious.
Turn off your light.
Keep quiet.
I don't want pain-in-the-ass Giordano coming down from upstairs.
Hey, Giordano's passed out.
Don't worry.
Yeah, I don't want that drunken Giordano figuring out that I got the missing key.
Just keep your voice down.
- Shh.
- Put your money where your mouth is.
- And watch me run the table.
- Yeah, right.
You're so full of crap.
I could beat you with both hands tied behind my back.
You racked up the cue ball, you big asshole.
I love you, you crazy bastard.
You know why? - Uh-uh.
- 'Cause you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.
You're gonna show me pool shootin'? What the hell is that? - Somebody's in the toilet.
- Somebody's in here? If these guys find out we're cops, they're gonna level this place looking for the bug.
- Who the hell are you? - Oh, my God.
All right, get 'em up, you sons of bitches.
This is a stickup.
Yeah, yeah, put those pool cues down.
Come on, come on, come on.
Put those cues on the table! Get your hands on the table! - All right.
- And take off those watches! You better hurry up.
Gimme that watch.
Gimme that watch! - Get on the floor.
Come on, asshole.
- Get down there! And get his wallet.
Shut up! Hey, you wanna shoot him? Go ahead, shoot him.
You wanna shoot him.
- I think I'm gonna shoot him.
- No, no, no! - Don't shoot me, man, please! - Come on! - Start praying! - What the hell you doing? - We're robbin' the place.
That's what we came here for.
- You can't do this.
Will you shut up and find something to tie them up with? - This is horrible.
- Move! - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- These guys are insane.
Why didn't somebody warn me? Quit your bitchin' andjust find us somethin'.
- This is the last time you go on a job with us.
- Damn right! - Here.
Here's some tape.
- Come on, hands behind your back.
- Here, keep a gun on 'em.
- What? Keep the gun on 'em.
Don't move! Hands behind your back.
Come on.
Where you taking that? Out to the car.
Oh, God.
I see you got over your flow problems there.
- Oh.
- Hey, get the other TV.
- Well, I- - Come on.
Put your feet together.
Put your feet together.
Come on.
- Did you get the stuff vouchered? - Yeah.
- So, anytime now, huh? - Complete confidence.
That's the key.
- Sure.
- Circumstances, it was the only appropriate move.
- Morning.
How'd it go last night? - Hey.
- Yeah, we got the bug in.
- Good.
A couple of hiccups, but nothing we couldn't take care of.
- Couple of hiccups? - Yeah, couple of hiccups.
Let's hear about it.
So, describe the hiccups.
A couple of wiseguys walked in on us.
- And? - We jumped 'em.
It was the only appropriate thing.
No choice.
If we identified ourselves, they would have known the place was up.
- We had to protect the operation.
- What do you mean jumpin' em? - We jumped 'em, like we were burglars.
- And then you ran out? Oh, good.
Here comes Dopey.
I want you to know I was in the toilet when they pulled that holdup.
- What holdup? - I just told you we jumped 'em.
You jumped 'em and you took something? Something? They cleaned the place out.
- We had to make it look real.
- What'd you take? - Their wallets and watches.
- And two TV sets.
- You stole the TVs? - All that stuff is vouchered, boss downstairs in the property room.
Well, we'll have to work out a way to return that stuff.
Can we add saving my job to that wish list? Just tell your boss you were in the potty.
Do you know how many of those goombahs' civil rights got violated last night? When we walked out of that social club, those men had been robbed threatened with death at gunpoint and left hog-tied on the floor.
Well, right now that sounds like spilled milk.
No, no, the milk is just beginning to spill.
The conversations that bug picks up are gonna get me fired.
What we did last night is gonna be all anybody at Palermo is talking about today or in the foreseeable future.
Do you got a plan, or are you just gonna stand there cryin'? I've told my boss you don't want bureau people trampling around your squad.
When I'm not on the monitor, you've insisted on your people relieving me.
I got no problem with that.
'Cause everyone in this room should understand if I go, it won't be alone.
What are you gonna tell your bosses when they ask you about the transcripts? Tapes get lost.
Portions get erased.
Accidents happen.
Hey, look at last night.
Don't ever mention last night to me again.
- Yeah, Donna.
- The two of you should be in a zoo.
Yeah, and you oughta be a groundskeeper at a miniature golf course.
Miniature golf course.
What does that mean? Just keep your hands on your po-po and try to make wee-wee.
Thanks a lot.
Detective Culbertson called from the 1 st.
Says they've got a suspect in a bar holdup.
Fits the sketch you guys circulated on the Landucci perp.
- Mr.
Fu Manchu.
- Oh, my God.
- What's the matter? - Those are the guys we took off.
They're liable to wanna talk to you.
Hey, Donna, don't ask me to explain, but for the next 20 seconds or so don't let those guys take their eyes off you.
- Get outta here.
- All right, come on.
- We were held up and robbed.
- Yeah, taped up all night laying on the floor.
Lost a lot of money and possessions.
Uh, Detective Medavoy? Uh, these men have a robbery to report.
- Oh.
Come here.
- Yeah, we're reporting an armed robbery.
- Yeah, robbed at gunpoint.
Taped up all night long.
- Uh-huh.
Oh, God.
Hey! - Their backs are turned.
It's okay.
- All right, good.
We're gonna go to 1 st Precinct.
You wanna listen to your bug? This is a nightmare.
Francis, can you make it up the stairs okay? Go ahead, Francis, while their backs are still turned.
We're gonna go grab our coats.
Come on.
What a dick.
Diane? Uh, this is Detective Russell.
- Mark Margiotti.
It's a pleasure.
- How do you do? A detective.
I gotta say you're the best-looking detective I've ever run into.
No offense to you, but a fact is a fact.
Am I right? - You're right.
- Where did this robbery take place? We're in a private club, just me and Vince, shooting a quiet game of pool.
And these psychos bust in screamin'.
Stick a sawed-off shotgun to my head.
They were outta their minds on P.
Or something.
- What's the name of this club? - The Palermo Social Club.
These men, how many were there? - Four.
- Three.
- So, which was it? - Oh, she's sharp, you know? Four, counting the guy outside.
So, what do we got? - Robbery at the Palermo Social Club.
- No, a stickup.
They ripped off four TVs, plus all our money and our watches.
- Gold watches.
- Club have insurance? - Fortunately, yes.
- So, you know anything about this murder yesterday? - What murder? I didn't hear nothin'.
- Dominic Landucci.
He belonged to a Palermo Club.
You mean old man Dominic? Yeah, I heard about that.
Somebody whacked him.
Yeah, you got any idea how that happened? Not a clue.
Couldn't even guess.
So, uh, how big was Landucci? Big enough to be in somebody's way? - No one that I know about.
- Did he have any enemies? Everybody liked him.
He was just an old mustached Pete.
Sat around all day reading the paper.
I'll let you get on with your interview.
All right, cash stolen.
How much money did you have in your wallet? - Two grand.
- Really? You carry that much cash? - Absolutely.
- How about you? - Several thousand also.
- You too? Oh, yes.
He robbed the bar about 2:00 this morning.
We grabbed him half a block away.
- You recover the gun? - Had it on him.
- What your D.
Get whacked with? - Same caliber.
Okay, this is Parnell Manning.
He's got four arrests.
Three of'em for robbery.
And there's probably 100 other stickups we don't know about.
- Right, Parnell? - Is that supposed to be a joke? - Some detectives to see you.
- We're from the 15th Squad.
How you doing? I wanna know where you were yesterday around 900 in the morning.
In bed, sleepin'.
- Anybody there with you can vouch for that? - I live at the Eagle Hotel.
First Avenue.
Desk clerk saw me go out.
He knows me.
- I've been there about six months.
- How you pay for the rent? - I work.
- At what? - Oddjobs.
- I bet they're odd.
Talk to the desk clerk, okay? He'll back up what I'm sayin'.
You know anybody associated with the Palermo Social Club? - Never heard of it.
- You know Dominic Landucci? Oh, let me guess.
He got his 7-Eleven knocked over in Pissant, Georgia, so naturally I did it, right? Landucci got murdered yesterday by a guy that fits your description to a T.
" White guy, mustache? Some cop goes, Yeah, we got him right here in a cell.
" Sit up straight.
- I'm gonna show this to the clerk at your hotel.
- I hope that creep can remember.
'Cause I didn't kill nobody, and that's the truth.
Well, we'd like to believe you, Parnell, but you don't have the kind of background - that inspires trust.
- Officer, we're done here.
Hey, I know I'm gonna do time on the bar stickup but believe me, I'm not your guy in the killing.
And if you were, you'd tell us.
- Hey, your boy's here.
- Yeah, we were gonna grab a sandwich.
- I'll be right with you, Son.
- Oh, take your time, Pop.
How'd it go with those guys from the social club? - How many TVs did you take? - Two.
- They're claiming four.
- Sure, the stuff's insured.
So, how'd it work out with that stickup guy at the 1 st? He fits the description, Lieu, but his alibi's good.
The hotel clerk says that this guy was up in his room at the time that Landucci's body was getting dumped.
Yeah, they found Landucci's car abandoned uptown.
- I'll look at it, Andy.
Go have lunch.
- All right, thanks.
- AndyJ.
Have a good lunch.
- Hey.
- I'll see ya.
- Okay, come on.
Let's go.
- What's going on? - Ah, working a homicide.
Plus some wiseguys are pumping up an insurance claim.
These assholes can't even be honest about getting robbed.
- Here I am.
- Hi, Marina.
- I'm nervous.
- I know, but you're doing the right thing.
Come on.
We'll talk to Detective Russell.
Yeah, I got it.
See you later.
Detective Russell, this is Marina Bermudez, my friend from the hairdresser's.
Hi, Marina.
I'm glad you came in.
Donna said she told you about my situation? Yeah, your ex-boyfriend wants to hijack your present boyfriend's truck.
It's on my mind a lot.
It's really worrying me.
Ronnie said Luis wouldn't get hurt, but you just never know.
Have you warned Luis? I'm afraid to cross Ronnie.
That man can hurt you.
- Did Ronnie tell you what his plan is? - It'd be him and this other guy he runs with would grab Luis's truck outside my place.
They'd grab his keys when he comes out from seeing me.
Luis always stops on his way out of town.
Gets kinda lonesome on the road.
He's one of these guys, you know, who needs a woman.
- He's going out later on today.
- He's got a load of shrimp and lobster for Chicago.
I didn't tell Ronnie.
I'm afraid my creep Cousin Laurie will be watching my place, and she'll tell him.
And then he's gonna beat the crap out of me for not letting him know.
Well, I think we can help you with this, Marina, but you need to cooperate a little.
I looked Ronnie up, and he did his full bit in prison so we can't get him on a parole violation.
That means we need an overt act to arrest him.
- What's an overt act? - Does Ronnie know what Luis looks like? Not really.
I think he saw him once at a christening.
Do you have a picture of Luis? Wait here while I talk to my boss.
- What's going on? - I think they're gonna run in a ringer for Luis.
If it's James Martinez, he's really cute.
I'll tell ya, Hackensack or no Hackensack, Andy you park that piece of junk on the street, the department of sanitation's gonna tow it.
The engine on the Caddie blew! Excuse me.
Don't you never let Mr.
Gucci hear you say that, Andy.
You'll break his heart.
I had 700 bucks.
This was all I could get.
As soon as you get a couple paychecks in the bank you're gonna do better for yourself.
- It got me cross-country.
- Yeah.
You're eating your sandwich.
You got company.
The weather's fine.
- This is a perfect time to tune out the job.
- Yeah.
But you don't wanna tune it out, 'cause there's too much you gotta learn.
Here's the story about being a uniform cop.
Years ago, it's midnight, me and my partner are a couple of blocks from the precinct when I see two big Cadillacs turn into an alley.
Two Cadillacs? I'm thinking maybe they're mob guys.
So, we get out, we go in the alley, see what's going on.
Well, the Cadillacs are gone, but I keep on walking and pretty soon I see two guys come out of a back door.
One of them has got a machine gun.
So I yell to my partner, Hey, got a guy back here with a machine gun.
" I didn't know he could move so fast.
He runs behind the telephone pole.
And I'm standing in the doorway with my gun pointing at the guy with the machine gun.
What's going on with that? The building was a toy factory that made toy machine guns and one of the guys was taking one home to his kid.
I don't think he knew how close I come to shooting him.
But you didn't.
I could have.
And it would have been off not being prepared.
This was my beat.
And I should have known about the toy factory and what kind of toys they made.
And knowing that, I should have figured, you know, it's midnight.
The graveyard shift's just getting off.
I didn't put it all together.
So, I came this close to shooting that man.
People, places, the things they do the times they do 'em- say that.
People, places, the things they do, the times they do 'em.
A beat cop knows those four things, he's ready to do his job.
You're gonna be okay.
Yeah, that's 555-0172.
Right, 212.
I will hold.
- Anything on the D.
's car? - Landucci.
He definitely got whacked in it.
It's full of blood.
The crime scene is still processing.
- Who you got? - I'm running a check on a phone number that was found written on a newspaper in the front seat of Landucci's car.
Shannon and this other cop both picked this Parnell on photo arrays.
But I'm not buying.
The guy's alibied up, plus he's a crook.
's money's still in his wallet.
Uh-huh, you got it? Good.
Herman with an 'H"? Yeah, all right.
Thanks, man.
That number on Landucci's newspaper.
It's for a guy named Greg Herman.
He lives over on Mott Street.
- We gonna pick him up? - Yeah.
Hey, Lieu.
We might have something on that homicide.
You need us on this shrimp truck thing? - No, we're good.
- You don't trust us.
No more street operations, huh? - Hey, how's it going there, Francis? - Need stronger coffee.
What are you getting on the bug? Between comparing the size of their johnsons? There's more stuff about our adventure.
How they're gonna keep Iying about their losses.
- That's why they call 'em crooks.
- Plus they're talking about how Angelo Raffini got pulled out of the river this morning in Hoboken with two in the head.
You guys are probably right.
Those high fives outside the club yesterday, probably about Raffini.
So our shylock Landucci's not the godfather.
Doesn't look like it, no.
Uh, you got any leads? - We're working on a few things.
- You know, Francis you look like you could use some relief there.
Nobody goes in that listening room but me.
All right, yeah, but maybe you could listen Iying down.
You don't wanna win the battle and lose the war.
So I park my truck.
I come to your door.
- Would you come down personally when I ring, or buzz me up? - I buzz you up.
- So you buzz me up.
- Yeah, and I've already called Ronnie.
You let him know that I'm comin'.
And now I'm in there with you for, like, a half an hour.
- And if Ronnie calls back, I confirm you're there.
- And that's your part.
And I leave the apartment.
I go outside, and everyone does theirjob.
- You tried out the truck? - I took it around the block.
It's no problem.
You up for this? These police officers are going to be waiting in the van? - Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah, I guess I'm up for it.
It'll go fine, Marina.
Okay? Let's go.
How long is he gonna stay in there with her? James is supposed to make it look good, Adrianne.
- He's supposed to be getting one for the road.
- That's sick.
- What's sick? - Your adolescent snickering.
- I wasn't snickering.
I was stating a fact.
- Why don't you grow up, Greg? - I was not snickering.
- No wonder Donna couldn't take you anymore.
Whoa, Adrianne, that's a low blow.
Here he comes.
He's coming out.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- You wanna die for a load of shrimp? - No, man.
Hell, no.
All right, get out.
Don't do nothin'stupid.
- Take it, it's yours.
All right? - Hold it! Police! - Get your hands up! Get 'em up! - Hands on your head! Drop it! Drop it! Get down! Get down there! Down on your face.
Down! - Where's James? - He's over there.
Where'd you think he was, Adrianne? Out getting some quick seconds? - How we doing? - Easy.
Sit down, Greg.
- You gonna tell me what this is about? - You answering a few questions.
- What were you doing today? - Well, one thing and another.
I'm looking for work.
I read the papers.
I go out.
Why? Where were you yesterday morning at 830 to 900 a.
M? - At home.
- Anybody with ya? - No.
- You're outta work, huh? You borrow money? - A little.
- Who from? - Friends.
- Anybody else? Borrow anything from a Dominic Landucci? Well, I did, yeah.
- You see him yesterday? - No.
- No, you didn't see him.
Is that what you're saying? - No, I didn't.
How come your phone number's on his newspaper from yesterday? Well, I was supposed to see him yesterday.
I was supposed to pay him some money that I owed him, but he never showed.
- How much money do you owe him? - I was gonna pay him 150.
- Is that what you owe him, or is that the vig? - That's the vig.
- So you pay him that every week? - Yeah.
If you're not working, where do you get the money to pay? - Savings account.
- You got money in the bank, but you borrow from a shy? What bank do you have your account at, Greg? Uh, Chemical Bank on 23rd.
And when did you make your withdrawal to pay Landucci? - Eh, a couple nights ago.
- You ever been late on your vig payments before? One or two.
I make 'em mostly.
From the savings that you didn't touch when you went to this juice guy to start with, right? I sold my car after I borrowed the money.
That's where I got the money to put in the bank.
What happened to your face? You got these bruises over there.
- I got in a car wreck.
- I thought you said you sold your car.
- No, I was riding in my friend's car.
- What's his name? - HankJablonski.
- Is that with a J,"Jablonski? Yeah.
Well, Dominic Landucci, he was murdered yesterday, Greg.
Oh, wow.
- You guys know who done it? - Nope.
What we know is that your name was written on a paper in his car.
- You're gonna have to stay here for a little while.
- What for? What for, Greg? We gotta check your story out.
So what were you doing when you were up in her apartment? - Nothing.
Just talking.
- You must have had a lot to say to each other.
- You gonna see her again? - Adrianne, I got no plans on seeing her.
- Why not? You asked her out.
- I didn't ask her out.
- Why would you think that? - So what are you getting so defensive about? Hello.
- Hello.
- Here.
Boss, this is Marina Bermudez.
We wanna take her statement.
We saw her looking through the window when this went down.
- What are you looking at her for? - She wasn't involved.
- We just want a witness statement.
- Okay.
- Take her statement and let her go.
- Right through here.
- Do you think that worked? - That guy had a gun to my head, Marina.
- He's not getting bail anyways.
- I'm so grateful to you, James.
You took a big chance doing what you did.
- Ah, I was just doing my job.
- So, uh, thanks again.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Talk to you later, Marina.
- Okay.
You're the best, Donna.
Where's your suspect? In the can.
He got no flow problem.
Now, look, don't get carried away with yourself, Francis, okay? We're just trying to get over on him how serious the situation is.
Okay, fine.
Agent Francis of the F.
The F.
I? That's correct, Mr.
We're looking into the Landucci murder.
The Chemical Bank has no record of you withdrawing that 150, Greg.
- They don't? - Don't give me that innocent, bewildered crap, all right? You lied.
You know it, we know it - And the Bureau knows it.
- You only had 10 bucks in that account, Greg.
I don't know why I said that about the bank.
You guys scare me.
It just popped out of my mouth.
How about you getting those bruises in a car wreck? That just pop out too, huh? I had a talk with your friend Jablonski, who did have a wreck, but you weren't in the car.
I had my reasons for saying that too.
Uh, I didn't know if you guys would be talking to my wife or not but I got these bruises over another broad.
And what's this broad's name? And don't put me on another goose chase.
L- I don't know.
I met her in a bar, and I started coming on to her.
And my hands started wanderin'.
And her boyfriend, he wasn't that big but he sure tore me up.
And that's why I told my wife I got bruised in the wreck with Hank.
And so that's why I told you that too.
How do you think all this looks, Greg? - You wanna ask me how it looks? - No.
You got a cloud over yourself, with all these lies you've told.
- So you gotta do something to get rid of it.
- Like what? - Like stand in a lineup.
- I don't wanna do that.
You should have thought of that earlier.
Well, if I got to, I got to.
- You shave your mustache recently? - Uh-uh.
We're gonna put some facial hair on you for the lineup.
- Just for a lark.
- Sit still there until we get some fillers.
No, stay with him, Agent Francis.
- Hey, Greg.
- Hey, James.
Some backup on the interview rooms, huh? Yeah, Bobby and Andy are putting together a lineup for that, uh, shylock homicide.
Yeah, they had to find some fillers with facial hair.
Yeah, I was down in Holding with Ron's running buddy.
The guy's completely miserable.
He said he should have never got involved.
Says he's allergic to shellfish to begin with.
- So he should be an easy flip, huh? - Yeah, definitely.
Well, we'll see what we get off my talk with Ron.
Yeah, I'll start the fives with Adrianne.
You know, not for anything, James, but, uh I think you got some problems brewing in Adrianne's area.
- I think you're right.
- The green-eyed monster's working overtime.
Greg, we're coming back from this undercover.
She just about accused me of sleeping with this girl, Marina.
You should have heard her in the van.
What's he doing in there so long?" And I offered her the most mild explanation she's on me like a heat-seeking missile.
I don't know what to do about it.
I never saw it coming this aspect of her nature.
She accuses me of asking this girl for a date which is a whole-cloth fabrication.
Anyways, obviously you're aware of the problem.
You don't need me harpin'.
But I gotta address it with her.
No question.
You did good work out there, James.
- Thanks for the backup.
- Yeah.
- You know, you got a definite future as a Teamster.
- Oh.
Hey, boss.
All right.
You know how to do it.
Don't be too quick.
- Wow.
- What? Number five.
He's the guy we were chasing.
Only he don't have the Fu Manchu and all the hair.
He got busy with a pair of scissors but he's the guy.
I almost picked number two.
I got thrown off on the mustache.
- Okay.
Thanks, Shannon.
- All right.
Appreciate it.
Okay, Ken.
Come on.
Let's go.
- You get any sleep? - Yeah, some.
- Ready to do this? - Man, I oughta have my head examined.
I'm on my bike all afternoon.
The Mafia, they could run me over easy.
If you pick the right guy out, maybe he confesses.
There's not even a trial.
Look, if you're crazy enough to ride a messenger bike in Manhattan you got the guts to look at a lineup.
- You ready? - Yeah.
All right.
Recognize anybody? - Five.
- Where from? He dumped that old Italian's body.
Okay, latch Parnell and let the fillers go.
- All right.
Thanks, Ken.
- That's it? Yeah, that's it.
Good work.
- Thanks, Ken.
- Yeah, yeah.
You make a collar on this homicide, that bug has to be disconnected.
- Take it easy, Francis.
- I'm just saying, those are the legalities.
- Yeah.
- I told you it wasn't me.
Yeah, you were right, Parnell.
This one you didn't do.
- This might pinch a little.
- Aah! Well, Greg, all that cutting your hair off and shaving off your mustache that you did after you whacked Landucci, that didn't do any good.
You just got I.
'd by a civilian and a cop.
Now, thejury's gonna believe them, so you might be looking at death row.
Now that is a reality.
Oh, man, I can't believe this.
This Landucci, he had a long record.
He was hooked up.
You had every right to be afraid of him.
What I'm saying, you give a statement with a self-defense angle the D.
Might go for.
- Did Landucci threaten you? - What, are you kidding me? I missed a couple of payments, and that old bastard sent a couple of guys to come over and knock the crap out of me.
Then he calls me and tells me I gotta stick up some Arab guy's liquor store to get his money.
- Landucci said this? - That's right.
Well, you see, I think he should try self-defense.
- So, did you stick up the liquor store? - No! That's when he started talking about having me whacked.
And I had this gun I started carrying around 'cause I didn't know when it was gonna happen.
And then it was time for the vig again.
And he came over to my place to get me.
We went out in his car, and we parked.
And he said he was washing his hands of me, that my time was run out.
I didn't know if it was gonna happen then or what.
So I showed him the gun.
It didn't even scare him.
And he didn't think I was gonna do it.
But you did.
I guess I should have held up the liquor store.
Hey, Donna.
They wanna see us again about the robbery.
- They said there was a break in the case.
- Greg.
- Hey, Diane.
- Did you arrest those bastards yet? There haven't been any arrests, no.
But, uh, the property's been recovered.
- Everything that was stolen? - Yep.
Well, wait a minute.
Are you sure you got it all? You gotta be sure, 'cause we already been to the insurance company.
If we get some of it back and some of it's still missing then we gotta work out the difference with them.
- Off our list, we got everything.
- Okay, let's go through it.
- You get our money? - We recovered wallets with $47 and $82 in them.
- Aw, come on.
- See, Diane, we lost two grand apiece - plus two Rolex watches.
- On the watches, we just found a couple of cheap knockoffs.
- What about the four TVs? - We recovered two.
- Uh-uh, there were four.
- Yeah, you see, Diane, you didn't get it all.
And what about the VCR and the punch bowl and the golf clubs? Look.
None of those things were there in the first place.
- You calling us liars? - Yeah, we're saying you filed fraudulent insurance claims.
- That's a felony.
- Oh, get real.
You got nothing to back that up.
We know exactly what was in that club.
- How? - Believe me, we know.
Might be a good idea for you guys to drop your complaint and withdraw those claims.
Aw, look at this.
These are the guys that took us off.
- Do you know what this means? - Wait a minute.
Are you guys law enforcement? Were you in there last night putting up the place? - You writing a book? - You guys got a problem? No, no, I ain't got no problem.
We're just standing here realizing that an ordinary citizen doesn't have any rights anymore, just like Communist Russia.
Who are you guys, the Watergate burglars? Why don't you figure that out in the property room while you pick up your stuff.
How about we call it a draw, boys? Knockoff watches.
Those watches were 280 apiece.
I gotta say this, Adrianne.
Go ahead.
- You're driving me a little nuts.
- I knew this was coming.
You made something out of absolutely nothing between me and that girl.
You make it a case when I stand up to go to the john.
I never made anything out of you going to the john.
Point I'm making with you is you're so alert if I'm doing something wrong I wind up- Maybe I want to just to get away from her for a minute.
Who you saying this to? Nobody.
I mean, that's my mental conversation.
- I can't stop myself.
- Malarkey.
- I told you we shouldn't get involved.
- That's a cop-out, Adrianne.
You gotta control yourself.
If your thoughts start running away with you you gotta realize that's what's happening.
I was not making a pass at that girl.
Do you believe me? Hey.
Finally giving it up? Yeah, we're gettin'there.
You know, it wasn't so much about the shrimp, this hijacking he was doing.
It wasn't so much about the money.
It was more about this Marina.
Yeah, he was really jealous over this girl.
Yeah, well, that, uh, that could screw you up.
They're gone? Yeah, the coast is clear.
How'd you leave it with them? If they leave sleeping dogs lay, we don't collar 'em for fraud.
I'm gonna tell them the bug malfunctioned.
It never started to record.
That's between you and Hoover.
Anyways I enjoyed working with you guys.
God help me.
Well, you take care of yourself, Francis.
You're putting another place up you need a guy on flashlight? Keep me in mind.
People, places, the things they do, the times they do 'em.
There's guys outside that bodega now.
- There wasn't anybody out there at lunchtime.
- What do you make of that? I don't know.
Something to do with dope maybe? There's an old Puerto Rican guy runs that grocery.
Holds a few horse bets, pays track odds so his customers don't go to O.
So these guys are just waiting to see if they won their bets.
Horses weren't on at lunch.
- How's it goin'? - How you doin'? - Guy that gave me my hello back? - Yeah? He's an oiler.
He'd like to be a badass but more likely he'll step on his own joint first.
- You making this stuff up? - I can be wrong.
- How come I believe ya? - People, places - Things they do, times they do 'em.
- There you go.
Stay alert, take it serious, but you'll have a few laughs too.
Believe me, you'll have some fun.
I believe you, Pop.