NYPD Blue s03e20 Episode Script

A Death in the Family

- Previously on NYPD Blue.
- You got a job with Apple? They just offered me an area associates position which is a fancy name for exactly what I do here - but supposably," there's no promotion ceiling.
- That's great, Donna.
I don't want my boss to hear this but maybe you can give us a hand with this.
- Sure.
- What's in the bag? My cop's uniform.
- [Screaming] - Oh, yes.
Here he is.
[Squalling] Here's your son, Mr.
It's a boy.
- Good morning.
- How's it going? - How's Mom and little Theo? - Ah, his colic seems better.
- Oh, great.
- He's less crampy and gassy.
- His stool's firmer.
- Good.
Uh, I think you've showed me this one before.
- He's such a cutie.
- No, that's last night.
See, to me he seems less wrinkled.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
This guy look like me? Robbery/shooting at a bar on Sullivan.
Victims transported to Bellevue.
Um, you two go straight to the hospital.
- James and Greg, here's the bar.
- Okay.
[Medavoy] Let's go, James.
- He's over there.
- Thanks.
New York City detectives.
- Did you get shot over on Sullivan Street? - Yeah.
Two white guys, they shot me and the other guy.
They came in carrying on real loud.
- I'm in the corner- - What did these two guys look like? One was about my height.
The other was, like, 5'8" with a scraggly beard.
So I'm in the corner drinking, and they carrying on.
I come back from taking a leak, and I find the one guy making advances on the waitress, holding her down over a table.
And the other guy and the bartender, they disappeared.
So I ducked back into thejohn and climbed out the back window.
I dropped down into the alley, and there's this young guy coming down the street.
He sees me.
He's like, What are you doing?" I said, I ain't no cat burglar.
Something's going on inside.
" So he goes around the corner to the front.
Tells me to call 911, but I go to the fire box 'cause I ain't seen no phone.
Then pow-A shot comes from inside the bar.
And you know, I'm like trying to peek out the corner to see what's going on, and blauw"! There's another shot.
I guess I must've got hit by the ricochet.
The guy that went in there to stop it- That's him in there? Yeah.
He's shot much worse than me.
Okay, thanks.
- Take him to the house for a statement.
- All right.
[Woman On P.
, Indistinct] Hey, Doc.
Pronounced 9:02.
His effects are over there, I think.
- I got it.
- Yeah.
Where was he hit? Mid-sternum.
One behind the ear.
- Did he say anything? - Nah.
He was gone when we got to him.
Oh, my God.
This is Andy's stuff.
This belongs to my son.
Is it Andy? It's him? Yeah, Andy.
[Gasps] Oh.
Somebody killed him.
Oh, my God.
Oh God.
Oh, God.
- There's no one here I recognize.
- Okay.
Try this one.
That boy died trying to protect me.
Look at this book.
- Lieutenant? - Yeah? It's so terrible.
I feel so terrible for Detective Sipowicz.
- We're not made to bury our children.
- No, we're not.
Please understand.
I apologize for disturbing you with this now.
Without going into details, I'm leaving my position.
Donna, if this is about what happened to Andy's son you should take a little time, let your feelings settle.
This is the product of a lot of thinking- courses to prepare and so forth.
I did quite well but still worried my background was unrealistic.
But this past week my prospective boss had several meetings with me and he urges me to take the chance.
What's the job? I'd be working for Apple Computer Company in Northern California.
And you'll leave right away? As soon as wouldn't inconvenience you.
You know how much we're gonna miss you.
I have such strong feelings for so many people here.
[Man] When I told them to pipe down, they said they were celebrating and that I should too.
And then they laughed, like there was some big joke.
Yeah, well, maybe meaning they pulled a stickup somewhere else.
Be glad it wasn't you that got robbed.
Yeah, that could be- in how they were talking.
- I'm sorry, Andy.
- Thank you.
We'll get these guys.
I'm sorry, Andy.
How are we doing here? Come on.
[Fancy] Robbery's checking patterns on bar stickups.
Narcotics's already got money on the street.
Aiello's giving us whatever we need.
What do the witnesses say happened generally? When AndyJ.
Went in, a tall guy was sexually assaulting the waitress.
Pulled the guy off and then a shorter one came in from the small office next to the kitchen where he had the bartender opening the safe.
He shot AndyJ.
From behind and again as he was going down.
This from the waitress.
The bartender pulled the alarm in the office and locked himself in.
- These guys booked.
- Sure Sylvia don't know? Yeah.
No one has his name.
I'll go tell her and my ex-wife, see to the arrangements.
Andy, you want Bobby with you or working the case? I want him on it all the time.
- I'm not going anywhere, man.
- Them guys from Homicide and Major Case - know Simone's running it? - Yeah, they'll know.
- Okay, thanks.
- Yeah.
All right, Andy.
I need to talk to you.
- Could you take my coat away to get cleaned? - Yeah.
My concern- Did I get this kid killed? - Andy.
- I was a big shot.
Give this kid all kinds of lessons.
He goes in without a gun.
What kind of teaching did I give him? - You taught him how to help people, Andy.
- He went in without a gun.
He wasn't authorized to carry a gun yet.
Then he should wait outside with that gutless bastard snuck out the window - dial 911 and wait! - None of us would've done that.
What did I do, huh? - What did I do? - All right.
I don't want to- I don't want to look at these guys coming into the house.
Believe me, Andy.
These guys resist when we collar up, and they got a big problem.
Look at these guys in court with their suits on showing the jury their crosses! Phony bastards- They better not make one mistake! Sit there-And his mother having to sit there knowing what they did to him! Come on.
Don't do this to yourself, man.
You gotta help me, Bobby.
I want these guys dead.
All right, Lonnie.
Thanks for your cooperation.
- I guess I should've tried to do more.
- We'll be in touch.
[Martinez] Okay, thanks for the information.
Yeah, thanks.
The radio car's bringing in a homeless guy they picked up under the F.
Fits our description, Bobby.
Guy had a.
38 on him.
And Robbery's got a bar owner for us to talk to.
Got stuck up two weeks ago.
- Two guys, similar M.
- Yeah, good.
How's Andy holding up? How do you expect, Diane? Andy, is something wrong? Why are you back? AndyJr.
Tried to stop a stickup in a bar.
He got shot twice and killed.
Oh, Andy.
I gotta tell his mother see to the arrangements.
Why don't you just stay with us for a minute and- I gotta tell her.
I don't want her hearing from strangers.
- Make the arrangements.
- Andy.
Is the baby's colic better? - Yeah, he's fine.
- How's your tear- - Your discomfort down there? - I'm fine, Andy.
I'm fine.
Stay with the baby.
And so we're looking at similarities between how your bar got robbed several weeks ago, Mr.
Barks and this one in our precinct this morning.
Off your robbery, I guess I should be glad that no one in mine was shot.
Your complaint says these guys were hassling some customers before they robbed the place.
They were hitting on a couple of women.
One of them must've been 60 years old.
Let's talk about their appearance.
I reported they were both guys who were real dirty.
They looked like they had slept in their clothes.
Well, we'd like you to take a look at our mug books.
- See, I did this with the last robbery.
- Yeah, and I'm not saying that you could've prevented what happened today, but we were told with this previous incident you got halfway through one of the mug books and then said you had to leave.
We would like you to look through all of the photos that fit your description of these guys.
- Okay? - Yeah, all right.
- All right.
- You got an address on this one? - Lieutenant? - Yeah? He had this buried in his shopping cart.
- I found it.
I didn't do anything wrong.
- Just relax.
- Is he identified? - Yeah.
Right here.
- Okay.
Put him in 2.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, Greg.
Bobby's in with that bar owner.
Get him on this when he's finished.
- Got it.
- Pick up the bullets that killed AndyJ.
At the morgue.
- Have Ballistics check 'em against this gun.
- All right.
What is it? Is he hurt? He's dead, Katie.
He was in my precinct trying to stop a stickup - and he got shot.
- Could it be a mistake? No, Katie.
I saw him.
Oh, God.
What am I gonna do? Andy was everything to me.
I know.
Why was he there? I don't know.
We didn't have no lesson set up.
Oh, you know why? He was gonna pick up his uniform.
The receipt's in his effects.
He said he wound up spending all day with you the other day and he took his uniform to a tailor near your precinct to have his sleeve shortened and I knew it was an excuse.
He just wanted to show you he had it.
They shot him trying to help somebody? He tried to stop a robbery- and a girl was getting assaulted.
That's how he is.
That's what he's always been like.
I'll see to the arrangements.
Do you want the funeral at Scotty's? You're going to see to the arrangements? I took care of him for 23 years! I'm only saying I'll handle the financial part.
I thought Scotty's 'cause it's close to your sister's.
He was so sweet.
He warmed me up from inside, just seeing him smile.
I'll contact you with the arrangements.
[Weeping] I'll call.
What kind of a name is that, Scott- Bernat"? Bernah.
"The T" is silent.
It's a French name.
- You from France? - My family was.
Anyone in your family ever been in jail? 'Cause you're in felonious possession of a deadly weapon here.
- Look, I don't do well in institutions.
- Mm-hmm.
I found that gun.
I don't know anything else about it.
I don't bother nobody.
I lost my job.
I was a pressman at the newspaper there.
That's why I'm out on the streets.
I lost my job.
Well, you fit the description our witnesses gave.
Your appearance is all messy, the way they said, plus, no one can verify - your whereabouts at the time of the homicide.
- I was looking for cans.
I don't even like guns, but I thought I could get 50 bucks for it.
We test your hands for powder residue, are we gonna find out you shot that gun? - No, sir.
- Did you see anyone else with it? - No? - Look, I don't do well in institutions.
I mean, I know I've made mistakes.
I know that.
I used to be a pressman at the New York Times.
You didn't see anyone else with that gun? - You found that gun in the gutter? - I swear I did.
I didn't see anybody else.
What about service and casket, Mr.
Sipowicz? Any preferences? I'm a cop- I don't have a lot of money but I want to do the right thing.
Even within the lower price parameters I know we can find something tasteful.
With visitations there'll probably be a problem.
My former wife's sisters hate me.
Sometimes we find if the different sides pay their respects at different hours- I wouldn't want a cop coming by, I'm disrespectful not being here.
Or if the sitting room from viewing room B" could be funneled into viewing room 'A"- which also has its own sitting room- so that we'd have two sitting rooms and one viewing room.
Something like that.
It's somewhat more expensive, because it prevents us from using the other room.
Do it like that.
He tried to stop a robbery without a gun.
You worry you made him feel he was ready when he wasn't or he concentrated the wrong things with what you taught.
This type of concern.
He was just getting his cop's uniform.
They were altering the sleeves.
I want him buried in that.
Lieu? The bar owner from that similar pattern robbery last week? Says he gets back to his place and is explaining to one of the regulars why he opened up late.
The customer says that he thought the two guys that pulled the stickup he'd seen living out of a trailer across from a warehouse over on Avenue D" near the Con Ed plant.
He didn't give a statement before? He didn't want to lose drinking time over a $70 robbery.
Anyway, this trailer is like a block or two away from where we picked up - this bum that found that.
- Match on the gun, Lieu.
Find these guys.
Take Diane.
- Excuse me.
You can't park that car there, pal.
- We're police.
- This your place? - Yeah.
Why? - You got two men living in that trailer? - Yeah, why? What'd they do? - They still live there? - Yeah.
I gave them some day work.
They said if I let them live in the trailer that they'd keep an eye on the place during the weekends and the nights.
- I'd like to get rid of them.
- Why? What are they doing? I just don't like the hours that they keep.
I don't like what they're doing inside that trailer.
They got undesirables in there.
They put a padlock on the damn trailer- my trailer.
- They're in there now? - Yeah.
They were in there about 20 minutes ago.
- Is this the only entrance right here? - Yeah, right through that gate.
We gotta question these guys.
- Why don't you just keep your men on this side? - Yeah, sure.
to 15th Squad supervisor.
" [Fancy] Be advised, subjects are at location.
They're in a trailer.
We're at 14th and 'D.
" [Fancy] At least maybe we get these scumbags.
I'm going in there now.
What are you talking about? - This is how I want to do it.
- Backup's gonna be here in five minutes.
I don't want you coming inside.
- I don't want you coming inside, Diane.
- Bobby, I'm backing you up.
You want to back me up, stand right there.
Right there, Diane.
Bobby, what are you doing? Police! Don't move! Police! Bobby! Bobby, are you okay? - Don't you move! Don't you move! - Get down! Get down! - [Man Groans] - Give me your hands.
Under the mattress, Diane.
Check under the mattress.
Shut up! - Got a gun.
- You were trying to shoot me? You scum! - You were trying to shoot me? - No, I was asleep! [Groaning] Gotta call for an ambulance.
Put your hands behind your back.
Put your hands behind your back.
[Pants] Why didn't you wait for your backup? They made us, boss.
- We had to move.
- You were made, but they stayed in that trailer.
They made us going in.
They were ready to book.
So you weren't holding a trial out there? I want to interview this guy, Lieu- see if he did this homicide.
And I don't want his statement excluded 'cause he went from here to the hospital where his running buddy's already admitted with a fractured skull.
The guy with the fractured skull pulled a shotgun on us.
- What were we supposed to do, kiss him? - Don't go over the line, Bobby.
People are gonna look hard at this.
I don't think we should tell Andy anything until we know where we're at.
Go ahead.
Don't walk 'em, but don't give 'em nothing to hit.
Why didn't you wait for backup? - Oh, don't you start with that crap.
- That's crap? Being part of an execution? No one got executed.
Hey, Diane, I told you to stay outside.
I'd like to know why that was too.
Why don't you make a list of all your misgivings, Diane? - Maybe I.
Can beat it out of me.
- Bobby! Bobby, what's going on? You better work this by yourself.
[Clears Throat] Come on.
Let's do this.
Vince Gotelli been around? No, Detective.
Open it at your convenience.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks.
[Sobs] I don't know how to say how terrible I feel, Andy.
When a person loses a dad or a mother it's an honor to be a delegate, to let 'em know how the union can help.
- But this here- - Give all his benefits to his mother, Katie.
All right.
I talked to the Hackensack delegate.
He's figuring it out.
It looks like the insurance package looks substantial.
And he also said that they'll assign a policewoman to his mom till after the funeral.
On our end, I just have to know where AndyJr.
's gonna be waked and the cemetery where he'll be buried.
Scotty's Funeral Home and the V.
Cemetery on Long Island.
- Out at Calverton? - Yeah.
Yeah, 'cause the Highway's providing a motorcycle escort.
The Police Foundation, Cop Shot and the line organizations are putting up reward money, Andy and if either of these mutts are federal fugitives the government'll add 75 grand.
Now we also want you to know- if for any reason you're short we'll advance the funeral expenses against your retirement annuity.
I don't need an advance.
Tell our people in Hackensack that all the benefits should go to his mother, Katie.
Okay, Andy.
I thank you for your help.
How are you doing, Andy? I was wondering what the developments were.
Well, we're looking at some things.
I don't want to get your hopes up till we see if they're going anywhere.
- You spoke with Sylvia? - Yeah.
And I spoke with his mother, and I made the arrangements.
All I got left's the I.
- which I'm reluctant for.
- I don't know why the hospital isn't enough.
- Yeah.
It doesn't make sense.
Bobby's out working on something? Yeah.
He and Diane are following some things out.
- All right.
- Okay.
I appreciate your thoughts, and I wish you luck.
[Sighs] - So you know Marty, like, what, six or seven months? - Yeah, ballpark.
Like I say, he gave me that ride from Akron.
Right- Both like your cocktails, start hanging together- [Man] Yeah.
Main basis was guarding that place.
This Daniels asked us to guard it.
Says we live in the trailer, ward off theft.
- You and Marty? - I mean, that's how this thing went crazy, Detective.
We didn't know youse was a cop.
We thought you was gonna kill us.
That's why your buddy pulled out that shotgun there - and you had that piece underneath the mattress? - Yeah, absolutely.
Last Tuesday, Mike, you and Marty pull a stickup over in a bar on Second Avenue? - No, I didn't hold up no bar.
- Jesse's Club over on Second Avenue? No I never heard of it.
You know, I never robbed nobody.
- You pulled a stickup this morning? - No.
- No? - No! What are you doing? - What are you doing? - That was a cop's son that you killed today, Mike! No, no.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I didn't kill nobody.
- Same M.
Same guys that robbed Jesse's Club last week.
- I don't know nothing about- We got a witness from Jesse's Club that recognized you doing that job! He recognized you going into that trailer.
We found the gun that killed my partner's kid two blocks away from where you're living right now.
All right, Jesse's Bar.
You know, that was 70 bucks, but no one got hurt.
Today, I don't even know what you're talking about.
I wasn't there.
You got the wrong guy.
When did this happen, anyway? - 9:00 this morning.
- Aw, for gosh sake.
I was in jail.
I mean, I was in the system all night.
I didn't get back to the lot until, like, maybe 20 minutes before you broke in on us.
- What were you in the system for? - Five bucks' worth of crack.
It's dumb.
I'm not even big in that.
I'm a drunk.
Let me tell you something.
Your story's straight, you're still looking at a collar forJesse's Club last week.
Maybe Marty's who did this here.
You know, the guy you busted his skull.
- I mean, this was a murder today, right? - That's right.
Well, you would help me out last week if I help you on this one, right? If you didn't do this with Marty, who could he have done the stickup with? Well, he hangs with a guy sometimes, Freddy Keyes.
- You know, he looks halfway like me.
- Spell it.
I don't know how it's spelled.
The guy's a badass too- you know, guns, glue.
Him and Marty, they could've done a murder, easy.
If your story is wrong, Mike, I am coming back here for your ass.
Square up, Detective.
I'm not gonna lie to you about being in the system! I'll put Freddy Keyes through B.
I and check the arraignment part on this Mike's release time.
Let me run this through the boss and make that call.
Available for walks and meetings.
Get home? What's going on with this? We're getting somewheres, Andy.
No answers yet.
What do you got? Ballistics matched a weapon we recovered with the bullets that killed AndyJ.
Where's the gun from? Some whacked-out guy had it in the bottom of his grocery cart.
Then we got tipped that these two guys who pulled a similar pattern bar stickup last week- They're living out of a trailer one or two blocks from where this skell found the gun.
Now, these two guys, Andy- they're like half-assed watchmen at this used furniture warehouse.
One looks like his alibi's pretty good- he says he was in the system overnight- but he makes his running buddy as a candidate.
We grab up the running buddy too? He's in the hospital.
I fractured his skull when we collared him.
You fractured his skull? Andy, on this other thing- I couldn't be sure they fit.
I'm not sure now.
The guy's partner could be framing the guy- - looking for a walk on this other stickup.
- What hospital's this guy in? What are you gonna do, Andy? You gonna go over there and get yourself locked up? - What hospital? - I'm not telling you.
- Come on, Andy.
- You let go of me.
Sarge? Yeah.
It's Simone.
Sipowicz might be coming to your desk in a couple seconds.
Just don't let on that you're talking to me, all right? Yeah, Sarge.
He's all torn up.
Now, he's looking to find what hospital the guy's at that we might like for his boy's homicide.
Look, I know- I know he's at Roosevelt.
I just don't want Andy to know that.
Just tell him you haven't gotten the paperwork yet and that the Borough is in charge of the guard detail.
Then he'll probably go to Bellevue first, so that'll give me some time to go over to Roosevelt and talk to this other guy.
Okay? Yeah, thanks.
So this guy's looking to put AndyJ.
's murder on his buddy.
- Diane catch you up? - Mm-hmm.
His alibi's good, Bobby.
He was released 10:15 this morning.
's getting back on Freddy Keyes.
I want to go to the hospital and talk to the partner, see what he's got to say.
- Just let me run to the john.
- Diane, would you mind if wejust got going? Boss, don't ever let anyone tell you chivalry's dead.
- What's up? - I told Andy where we were on the case.
He's going out to look for this guy.
Simone and Russell with the 15th Squad, here to talk to this mutt.
- Can you sign my memo book? - Yeah, sure.
A bald, heavyset guy with no overcoat might come onto the floor here.
- Want to give me a heads-up? - Is the guy a problem? Just let me know if he shows.
Look at this.
Marty, wake up.
Detective Simone.
This is Detective Russell.
You fractured my skull, pal.
I got a compound skull fracture! We need to talk to you about that bar stickup.
Next time you and me talk's gonna be for brutality in court over money damages.
Yeah, yeah, Marty.
You go ahead.
You sue me for coldcocking you when you went for your gun.
- I could've blown your brains out.
- I didn't stick up a bar.
And you busted in without a warrant.
Marty, your buddy gave you up, so save everyone's time on not sticking up that club last week.
What we're looking at here- The club last week, no one got hurt.
The one you did with Mike- the one today-a kid was murdered.
Who got murdered? I didn't stick up any bar today.
The company was different maybe? 'Cause this last one was with Mike? The one today was with who? Some psycho glue sniffer? If Freddy pulled the trigger, say it and save your life.
And if you're talking about Freddy Keyes- if Freddy pulled that stickup today- I have no knowledge about it.
- All right, where were you this morning? - Not with Freddy.
I haven't seen Freddy in a week.
Oh, my head! My fracture! Where were you, Marty? You think this is as bad as your head can hurt? Mike was in the system today, so we know he didn't do the stickup.
- If it was you and Freddy, put the gun in Freddy's hand.
- Where did it go down? You know where it went down.
I was nowheres near Sullivan Street.
I was grabbing a wink's purse on 10th Avenue then.
I threw her I.
Under the trailer.
Get her name off her I.
, and ask her what time she got robbed.
- I have never shot a person in my life.
- Shut up.
[Groans] You fractured my damn skull! - Is that the guy you told me about? - Yeah.
- Let me talk to him.
- Sure.
Andy? Andy, look, I don't think this guy in there did it.
What did he say? Well, he locks himself onto a robbery charge on a story - that's really easy to check.
- So we're no place? - We'll work off the weapon.
- You said the guy that found the weapon's a nut job.
- Well, we go back over there.
We canvass the place.
- We're no place.
- I gotta go to the morgue.
- Let me go over there with you, Andy.
Give your keys to the department car to Diane.
She can take it back to the Squad.
- No.
- Andy, I don't want to be a demon for exercise but you think a walk might help before you go over there? - Maybe stop at a meeting? - That's twice you told me that.
I got good hearing.
I don't need you telling me things twice.
- Andy, don'tjump on Diane.
- That's okay.
I apologize.
I gotta go make the I.
, get that taken care of.
I understand.
- What's up, Sarge? - Hotline phone running out of here or the Borough? Uh, the Borough.
We'll have the number in the press release.
- All right? - Any chance this Freddy Keyes might go somewhere? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Thanks, Bobby.
Your cheerful countenance, Arthur- I assume we're still in the dumper.
All right.
Are we sure that Sipowicz contacted his family? - His boy's name can go in the press release? - Yeah, he's contacted them.
That's reward, hotline phone number- That's it.
We've covered everything.
All right, Arthur.
- Call me with some good news, huh? - I'd like to.
- God, she's a pretty girl.
- She's leaving.
End of a perfect day, huh? - I understand you're leaving us.
- That's right, Inspector.
- You have lots of good luck.
- Well, thank you, sir.
- Good-bye, Lieutenant.
- Bye, Donna.
I bet you're gonna do great.
- Could I impose on you to be mailman? - Sure.
- You take care.
- [Sniffs] - I'm leaving, Greg.
- What do you mean? I've explained it all in a letter I wrote you.
Donna, what are you talking about? Where are you going? It's all explained in my letter.
I, uh- I just want to tell you good-bye and the good thoughts I have for you.
Donna, please, just don't go like this.
It's the way I want to.
Today's such an unhappy day.
Make yourself happy, Greg.
It's a sin not to try.
Hey, what's up? - Donna quit.
- She quit? Yeah.
She, uh-She said she explained it in a note.
These are from Donna.
That's for you, James.
I guess she left notes for all of us.
- Detective Solomon? - Over here.
- Joe Solomon.
- Andy Sipowicz from the 15th.
They said you'd be coming.
I'm really sorry about your son.
I'd like to get the I.
Over with.
Your boss sent over a photo and I checked it.
As far as I'm concerned, you made the I.
Sign there and here.
Is there progress on the case? They recovered the gun.
The guys they were looking at didn't pan out.
He was trying to stop a stickup.
I'll have a good thought for you collaring these guys.
Element of inexperience.
You wish you'd taught him better.
Now he winds up in there.
He's lying in there now, under a sheet.
Anyways, uh- This is all I need.
How's the baby? - He's fine.
- How do you feel? It hardly hurts at all.
You don't have to ask anymore.
I, uh-We had a couple of suspects, but they didn't pan out.
- Did you see Kate? - Yeah.
I talked with her, and I took care of the arrangements.
Cop at the morgue was considerate in terms of the I.
I think I'll take a walk.
Do you want me and the baby to come with you? It's trying to rain.
You stay with the baby.
Let us be close.
We all have to get through it.
Take care of the baby till I get through this.
- All right.
- [Baby Coos] I'm gonna take a walk.
Line 'em up.