O Escolhido (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Missionaries of Death

1 [woman.]
Do you submit to the mercy of The Chosen One, - with honor and faith? - [man.]
Do you believe in the divine power of the holy Chosen One, with honor and faith? Yes, I believe.
Do you promise to worship and respect Him? - Yes.
- Do you agree to give your life to The Chosen One, trusted by God in this village, to act with compassion and charity? - Yes, I do.
- Do you believe in The Chosen One? - Yes.
- Do you believe in The Chosen One? Yes! Yes! Yes! [bell rings.]
Let's go.
Where are the masks? - Where are the masks, Lúcia? - You forgot the masks, Enzo.
CHARGING Stay back.
Clear, everyone.
Quick! Check his vitals.
Hold him down.
I'll give him a shot! Enzo, what the fuck? Give me a hand, man.
Hold him.
- Great.
- My husband Relax.
You'll be okay.
Thank God.
Praise the Lord.
Thank you, doctor.
You're a doctor, kiddo.
What's your problem? - Unbelievable, playboy.
- Give me a break, Damião.
- For real? - Guys, that's enough.
You really want to look like fools in front of Dr.
Ramiro? Just when he decides to show his face, you want to lose your jobs? Talk about losing jobs - Where is the next vaccination? - Aguazul.
Any reports of contamination there? We've been trying to contact the local doctor without any luck.
Almost as if it were a ghost village.
But still unacceptable, Lúcia.
It's possible that the Zika virus mutation has already spread over there.
What a catastrophe.
You should already have that kind of information.
What was I supposed to do? You can make a case for the job you still have.
USP scholarship students tend to think they deserve VIP treatment around here.
But if you ever want to quit, I'll understand.
Okay? It's not easy leading this team, is it? Too much testosterone to manage, right? - Everything okay? - Mm-hm.
Just great.
Threats, sexism, accusations of incompetence The life of a doctor is exactly what they told me it'd be in med school.
- He loves giving us a hard time, too.
- [Lúcia.]
But you're men.
What would he have against you? Black.
Well, now the worst thing is that he doesn't think I can lead a team of two people.
Well, if one of the two is this guy, looks like you really can't.
[she chuckles.]
Any news from Aguazul? We only got one message from the main board.
It was, "Do not come.
I repeat, do not come.
" Wait a minute, they just sent us a message and that's it? That's it.
Just, "Don't come.
I repeat, don't come.
" I wonder if Dr.
Ramiro's right.
I wonder if the village is really doomed.
I doubt it.
This looks like the doctor from that shithole thinking he can handle an epidemic all by himself.
- Handle it without the vaccine? - How should I know? He must be giving everyone the flu shot.
This is just wild speculation.
All I know is, we're going there tomorrow to check it out.
[dance music playing on radio.]
 Come Salgueiro, check it out The power is coming, yeah! I want to see moving all around Shake the mass, go crazy Damião, Damião, it's "come loud," not "check it out.
" A guy from Rio who doesn't know Claudinho & Buchecha is shameful.
That's how I sing it, gaucho.
What a snob.
[music volume increases.]
What a shame, right? This guy only does things his way.
Lúcia, I know I messed up.
I'm just not my best in emergency situations.
I'm sorry.
[music stops.]
That doesn't matter.
What you can't do is freeze up when a life's at risk.
Got it? Just be grateful that this time, the patient didn't die.
HEALTH DEPARTMEN Enzo, it's noon.
This is your problem now.
Damn, already? It sucks, you know.
We have to vaccinate, perform CPR and drive our own car? Is that right? I've said over a thousand times these past few weeks that the department is trying to save money.
But if you want me to drive, instead of having to listen to you [he sighs.]
Anyway, this is my last stop.
What are you talking about? We have at least two more months of work.
No, I applied for a transfer.
I'm much better in the lab.
You won't even know I'm gone.
- Well, the patients will be grateful.
- [Enzo.]
Seriously, Damião.
It's not the heat, nor the mosquitoes, not even the people spitting blood in my face.
You're the one I'll miss the least.
What are you going to do when you're done pretending to be the missionary? Treat gunshot victims in the hood? Shut up, you don't know me, asshole! Neither do you! You think working with me for a few weeks gives you the right to judge me? What is that? DO NOT ENTER [Enzo.]
They forgot, "I repeat, do not enter.
" Now what? We should go back.
Did you check for an alternate route? Looks like this has been here for years.
Of course not.
Someone would've cleared it.
Well this is definitely the way.
Next stop? There is no next stop.
We're going to that village.
I hate places with no signal.
This is exactly why I left.
Sometimes I forget you're from here.
Let me see.
Well, if we go around from the other side, it's going to take us a good few hours.
- Let's check over there? - [Enzo.]
No way! You're joking, right? Let's go.
- Yeah, we'll have to drive around.
- Are you lost? Hello.
Good morning.
We need to get to Aguazul.
We're doctors with the World Health Organization.
Doctors? - Did something happen? - No.
Not yet.
But we need to vaccinate the village, so nothing does happen.
Doctors aren't allowed in Aguazul.
- The people there don't like visitors.
- Do you know how to get there? Only by water.
Of course.
Only by water.
Why are you complaining? At least you found a reason not to drive.
Do you know where we can rent a boat or something like that? We can pay.
Oh, we can pay for that.
I have a boat there.
Perfect, you've got yourself a job.
They're very isolated.
Even for me.
I live there, and I don't get much access.
They say they don't need anything from neighboring areas.
They make all their own stuff.
And they're very healthy.
Rumor has it, they never get sick.
And, hey, lots of alligators around here, you know? People get confused.
They think there are crocodiles in the Pantanal.
There are no crocodiles in Brazil.
See? It's an alligator head.
Not a crocodile's.
There's Aguazul.
Thank you, mister - Silvino.
Thank you.
- Silvino.
Well, I'll wait for you here.
- What? - I said, I'll wait for you here.
Don't worry.
Vaccination takes time.
Maybe you can pick us up tomorrow? Doctor, no disrespect, but this won't take more than 15 minutes.
Um I get that they don't like visitors, but we still have a job to do.
Whatever you say, doc.
Good afternoon.
Can you please tell me where the health center is? Sir, please [children chatter.]
Excuse me, we're doctors.
Can you tell me where to find Dr.
Lorenzo? MEDICINE BRINGS DEATH HEALTH CENTER Don't be alarmed, but this is the health center.
See if that door's open.
"Don't come," they said.
Guys! What is this? Good afternoon.
We are doctors Get out of here! Get out! What is this? [villagers shouting.]
Get out! Leave! Get out of here! No, no, no! Get out! Leave us! Get out! Get out of here! Get out! [Lúcia.]
Calm down.
Calm down.
Stop this, for God's sake! - Let's just talk.
Take it easy.
- Let's go, Damião.
Hurry up! Wait! Stop! Be careful, Damião.
Calm down.
Are you crazy? Damn it! What's all this? Calm down! Calm down, Damião.
- That's enough, you sons of bitches! - Calm down! Zulmira, we should wait.
No, we shouldn't.
Go! Throw them out! Out.
Throw everything out.
Do it.
You damn villagers! There are alligators here! What is the matter with you people? Do you want us to swim back? You've should've thought of that before coming here uninvited.
We brought you medicine, you bastards! Did you hear that? Did you? They came to intoxicate us with their poison.
The dark one admitted it.
So, that's the problem? You fucking racist! Hey! What's going on? For God's sake, what are you doing? Let me help you.
I can't believe this.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Thank you.
Is this how you welcome our guests? Is that the impression you want them to have of us? If you act like animals, that's how they'll see us.
As savages! It's the word of The Chosen One, Mateus.
He told us to stay away from the blind and walk towards our mercy.
The words of The Chosen One.
We didn't touch them.
You should all go back to your chores.
Everyone! Go! Off you go! Vicente.
You should be ashamed.
Can't you defend a woman? Huh? Go look for the doctor.
And get him ready.
As you say, Mateus.
Cleuza, there's nothing for you here! Get! Sorry.
She's one of our oldest residents.
Hello, doctor.
Thank you.
I don't know what we would've done without you.
- Mateus, right? - Right.
What was all that? I hope you'll be able to forgive them.
We are honorable people, but isolation has made us distrustful.
God knows there are many who try to take advantage of us.
Well, at least you all know how to defend yourselves.
Come with me, please.
It's a shame when my people's distrust falls on decent people like you doctors.
Good people, you know? Thank you, Mateus.
It's very kind of you to help us.
But what I really need right now is to speak to Dr.
- If he exists, because until now - My men will find him.
He's probably fishing somewhere.
He's a good doctor.
[Damião .]
Really? He turned the health center into a dump.
We don't use that place.
Lorenzo will make house calls, but it's rarely needed.
Actually, there's not much for him to do in Aguazul.
Why is that? No one gets sick here.
And who is "The Chosen One" who doesn't want us here? That's just some made-up nonsense.
Don't worry about it.
Well, everything looks okay.
We still have our tools.
Hey, Mateus, I know your people are strong and healthy, and they haven't been exposed to the virus.
That part of the world doesn't come here.
It does, Mateus.
I'm from these parts, Mato Grosso do Sul, and I know that it seems like things only happen elsewhere.
But we're here because we're trying to stop an epidemic that respects nothing.
Nobody's safe, not even in the middle of the Pantanal.
And what do you want me to do? I'd like to help you, doctor.
Help me control your people so we can vaccinate them.
Can I count on your help? But my people are stubborn.
Stubborn like mules.
You've seen it, right? - You know what a vaccine is, don't you? - [Lúcia.]
Damião! The issue, Mateus, is that if we don't vaccinate the people here, besides opening a pathway for the virus, we'll lose our jobs.
And other doctors will come.
The government won't take any chances.
So, wouldn't it be better if you helped me with this? Help a fellow countrywoman? All right, doctor.
I'll help you.
But I need time.
Time? Yes, time to convince them.
I know you mean well, that you're concerned with our region, but they don't.
So, in the meantime, I'd ask you, please, don't go out onto the streets.
The people are still aggravated.
And when they run out of fruit, they throw other things.
Very well, then.
We'll wait for you.
Thank you, Mateus.
Do you think there's an opening for me at your lab? It couldn't just be easy.
Of course, my last stop had to be a nightmare.
At least the big boss here likes our Lúcia.
She doesn't need to worry.
Where's the doctor? - Over there.
He won't come out.
- Oh, no? - Mateus.
- Out of my way.
Mateus! Dad! Come on! What are you? Go, go, go! [Dr.
What are you doing? Your only job was to welcome the doctors in case they turned up, even after sending our message! You just had to take the vaccines and let them leave! Now look at the mess we're in! The doctors are here? Someone clean him up.
- Did you send them away? - I can't.
Do you want them asking more questions? Who told you to attack them? We had arranged for Dr.
Lorenzo to meet them, but look at him.
What did you expect us to do? Take the vaccine? We resisted, as instructed.
That's not true, Zulmira.
The Chosen One's orders come from me.
And from me only! I can't leave you alone for a second.
You mentioned his name, Zulmira.
You said "The Chosen One" in front of strangers! How could you? Do you realize the attention you'll draw? We can't wait here forever.
Did you hear what he said? They were going to get the doctor ready.
And The Chosen One? That crazy woman said The Chosen One told them to attack us.
Baby, repeat after me: I can be anyone I want to be.
I can be anyone I want to be.
I can reach whatever goal I want.
I can reach whatever goal I want.
Because I'm intelligent and confident.
Because I'm intelligent and confident.
- And if someone knocks me down - I knock them down, too.
- No, you get up.
- Ah.
I get up.
That's right.
Because God is with me.
- Because God is with me.
- And he blessed me.
And he blessed me.
Shall we? It's time.
- Enough.
I'm tired of waiting.
- Where are you going? Are you crazy? Lúcia, wait.
Let's think about this.
You can sit here and think, but I'm going after Mateus.
If they don't want to take the vaccine, we'll call the police.
Where did everybody go? It's like the village died.
What a relief.
Ramiro, excuse me.
We couldn't vaccinate anyone because they were dead.
" [man.]
No! No.
like The Chosen One said, we are not the sons of Adam! We don't have to atone for the original sin! And through our Father, I say to you, no! No.
Now what? [door opens.]
I have good news.
The people have agreed to be vaccinated.
We'll do it tomorrow morning.
- Just like that? - Excuse me? After what happened? Well, they have a condition.
Doctors, come in, please.
They cleaned everything up.
We meet at last, doctors.
I'm Alberto Lorenzo, the doctor in Aguazul for over 20 years.
I sincerely apologize for my absence.
I was visiting a patient in the area with limited mobility.
Doctor, Dr.
Lúcia and her team lost an entire day of work.
- What can we do to help them? - It's quite simple.
- Give me the medicine - [Lúcia.]
Have you been drinking? I'm sorry? The doctor had one drink after a hard day's work.
One drink? [Lúcia.]
His breath stinks.
This man has been drinking for days.
I didn't go to med school and pass public tender just to leave such an important task in the hands of a drunk.
Why did you send us that message to avoid the village? So, we wouldn't witness your criminal negligence? Look, he can help us control the people if he wants.
But I have responsibilities.
I hope you understand.
Yes, of course.
For this to work, the doctor has to give the shots.
I wouldn't let this guy give me aspirin.
Kid, I've been practicing longer than you, in much worse conditions.
I demand respect.
Then earn it.
Our people here respect the doctor, and they don't trust you yet.
Lucky us.
This doesn't have anything to do with another matter, right? - Like what? - My skin color, for example.
Your skin color? Absolutely not.
We may be different in the Pantanal, but we're very understanding.
Someone was probably scared and said something they regret.
How come it's so difficult to administer a vaccination? And don't say this is the first Zika shot either.
Or did the same thing happen with the chicken pox, too? No one ever received a chicken pox shot here.
This is a negotiation, doctor.
The people compromised, didn't they? Yes.
So, now it's up to you.
Either the doctor gives them the shots, or no one does.
I'm sorry, but that won't work.
There is no negotiating a mandatory government vaccination.
Doctor, do you prefer to impose your authority, or have the people vaccinated? Tomorrow We're out of here tomorrow.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Come on, Vicente.
Are you really nervous? What is the doctor going to think of you? Come on.
- Let's go.
- Be quick, doctor.
Just hold it.
Holy shit.
This old lady is fucking with me.
[inaudible dialogue.]
Well, thank you, doctors.
You see how our people can be nice when they want to be.
No hard feelings.
We'll reflect on what happened here.
I hope you have an easier time on your next stop.
- Our next stop is at Feitoria.
- Feitoria? Then you have to try Mrs.
Dayse's pacu pie.
Uh, Mateus, I'm sorry.
But I'll have to report the irregularities involving Dr.
I only ask you that you try to understand the poor man.
- He works with difficult people here.
- Yes, I know.
And there's one more thing.
I noticed that the church is quite deteriorated, compared to the rest of the village.
Normally, churches in villages like these are the most well-kept buildings.
So, I was curious.
We never restored the church.
- Because of the Minhocuçu legend.
- Minhocuçu? Yeah, it's a local myth.
They say it's a huge serpent that roams the Pantanal rivers.
Yes, I've heard of it.
What does it have to do with the church? Well, people here think we shouldn't restore the church.
The serpent may be trapped in the hairs of Our Lady So, it's best to respect this, right? Is that the reason for the tattoos of a cross with a snake tail? Faith keeping evil away? [Mateus.]
Silvino's here.
I've enjoyed meeting you, Mrs Miss.
I knew I should've waited for you.
They don't even like me.
And I was born around here.
Driving my boat up and down the river every single day.
It was better this way.
At least we managed to vaccinate them.
Yeah, that's the weirdest part.
At least they only threw fruit at you.
Could've been worse.
It could've been the Minhocuçu.
They only did that because Mateus wasn't there.
Everyone respects him.
He seemed like a decent guy.
I'm glad he showed up.
He was the only one who understood us.
Don't be so naive, doctor.
Nobody wants them more isolated than Mateus.
Well, I guess I'll go with Silvino until I find a bus stop.
Are you literally jumping ship? [Enzo.]
I told you that before.
You don't have to stay with us.
What's wrong? I'd like to check on a tip I got.
It might be nothing, but What are you talking about? We've wasted enough time.
There, Silvino.
Get closer.
Son of a bitch! Whatever Dr.
Lorenzo gave them, it wasn't our vaccines.
So, what would you like to do? [children chanting.]
Me, me, me! Go, go, go! [woman.]
Oh, my God.
What's happening? The diagnosis indicates a general infection in the abdominal area, which generates inflammation and shuts down the organs.
To revert this, we need to operate now, - with a blood transfusion - No.
- Pardon? - No blood transfusion.
Do you fully understand your husband's situation? Tests have shown that he has half the amount of blood cells - he should have at this age.
- No, blood is divine.
You do not share blood.
Madam, I realize you have power of attorney in a situation like this.
But if you nix the transfusion, we'll have to intervene with the Court of Law and Public Ministry.
Blood is holy.
Madam, if we don't act now, your husband will die.
Heavenly Father, I thank thee.
You have shown me the truth.
I thank thee because Christ has redeemed me from my ailments.
Take us to the nearest police station.
That's like 90 minutes by boat.
- Are you sure? - Now more than ever.
ENVIRONMENTAL MILITARY POLICE - What happened, doctor? - Don't talk to me.
Deal with the police.
Commander Caruso, how can we help you? Your little show is over.
We're going to vaccinate this village, whether you like it or not.
Listen, Mateus.
We don't want to interfere.
We've made our agreement.
We each have our own business.
But if the people refuse to take the vaccines, I assume you won't be left alone and people will ask questions.
Understand? And this hotheaded doctor won't be the only one.
Many others will come.
Mateus, what do we do? We'll have to cooperate.
Another night in this hellhole.
How was it that you knew about the vaccines in the river? It's unbelievable how stubborn these people are.
It's absurd.
My hat goes off to them.
Ignorance is the world's most powerful religion.
But sometimes faith can help.
But sometimes it kills as well.
Well, where's that cop? Why wait this long? What is it? I'm here to ask if Dr.
Lúcia can come with me.
- Is there a problem? - [man.]
Mateus wants to talk to you.
- I'm going with you.
- [man.]
Not you.
Just her.
- If I don't go, she doesn't go.
- Wait.
I'll go.
Don't worry.
I see that the doctor is doing what he does best.
You keep offending me, doctor.
Let me handle this, Lorenzo.
Doctor pull up a chair, please.
No, I'm fine standing.
Look, forgive me for what happened.
But we had no choice.
You are making a big mistake.
And I'd like to know how I can convince you.
Convince me of what? What's so wrong about vaccinating these people? Your vaccine is poison to our bodies.
That is medicine for the blind.
Blind to God.
No one gets sick here, doctor.
No one.
I've heard this all before.
Don't treat me like a savage, doctor.
I'm not talking about a myth.
Can't you understand, there are places that have been touched by the divine hand? If traditional medicine is the enemy to places like this, why rail against spiritual vocation? Okay.
I've listened to you.
Now, if you excuse me.
Aren't you interested in a place where nobody dies? If you knew how many deaths we've had Almost none, after all these years.
I bet there's a reason for the "almost.
" No one here dies of disease.
They die because they choose to die.
Mateus, if you don't want me to treat you like a savage, don't display such ignorance.
Good night.