O Escolhido (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Science’s Faith

- Believe in me.
- Mateus.
Let me go! You're all insane! He will die! He'll bleed to death, Lorenzo.
Do something! You're still a doctor! He'll be fine.
Let me go! Let me in! He's going to die! You're committing a crime.
Let me in! Agh! Damião! - Damião, get the equipment, quick! - What's up? Mateus slit his own throat.
Let's go.
Where is he? I told you already, he'll be fine.
Listen, you idiot, this is serious.
Tell me where they took him before I revoke your medical license.
[belches] - You son of a bitch! - Calm down, Lúcia.
This idiot's drunk.
Let's look outside.
Those animals took him away.
- They're going to let him die.
- What now? What's all this fuss about? It's Mateus.
He tried to kill himself and they took him away.
We've never had any problems with these people.
Mateus proved to be a great leader.
Are you sure about this? What do you mean? Of course I'm sure.
Have you seen Mateus? Were they taking Mateus away? This village is crazy.
Commander Caruso, you must do something.
Do you think we can still save him? He talked, so his respiratory system wasn't affected.
And there was no arterial bleeding.
He may still be alive.
Commander, can you take me there? I have the tools to save him.
If they go into the mangrove, we won't be able to reach them.
[Damião] With all due respect, commander, you're the law here.
It's your duty to help us do ours.
Go on, Pereira.
- I'm going, too.
- Lúcia, wait.
Have you considered that this might be a ruse? I bet Mateus is still here, in Aguazul.
I don't always agree with the gaucho, but this time he's right.
You two look for him here while I'm gone.
- Okay.
But be careful.
- Let's go.
Let's go, Lúcia.
I can't see a thing.
Do you know where they're going? I don't know this area very well.
We were never called here before.
[engine thuds] [animals shrieking] The spirits of the jungle are restless tonight.
I can't even get one bar out here.
[whistle in distance] What was that? A monkey, maybe.
That wasn't an animal.
- Did you see that woman? - Woman? - I didn't.
- Why not? Right there, in the jungle.
Pale, dressed in white.
In the middle of the night, in the Pantanal jungle, sounds like "the Lady.
" - I don't like the sound of this.
- What lady? Since when do cops believe in ghosts? I don't get paid for this kind of thing.
I'm sorry, but I get paid to chase the living.
- I don't like this kind of stuff.
- Then drop me off near the riverbank.
ENVIRONMENTAL MILITARY POLICE What did I get myself into, damn it? And they say the slums are dangerous.
I'm a doctor.
Everything okay? Are you lost? No.
You're the one who's lost.
I heard you whistle.
It wasn't for you.
Was it for Mateus? Do you know him? Mateus is hurt.
He needs medical assistance.
Do you know where he is? Who are you? [bell ringing] I have to go.
Run! What was that? Run while you can.
I'm going with you.
[bird caws] Damião? He's not back yet.
The people are ready for the vaccines.
Any sign of Damião and your officer? Our comms don't work very well out here.
But don't worry, Pereira's experienced.
Someone slits his own throat.
A doctor and an officer are missing How can you be so calm? Doctor, calm down.
They'll show up.
Lúcia, Damião not being back might be a good sign.
He might have found Mateus, but couldn't bring him alone.
We're not sure of anything yet.
You asked me to get the people ready and they are.
That we're sure of.
Excuse me.
- What are we going to do? - I don't know.
As long as Damião and Mateus are missing, I think Impossible.
Doctor, I was desperate.
I didn't want to scare you but I had to get your attention.
He tricked you, Lúcia.
I swear, we don't need medicine here.
I'm sorry for what I did, but it was the only way to convince you.
Now you know that miracles are real.
Here, they are.
See? He's not even hurt.
This man is a fraud.
Don't waste your time on him, Lúcia.
This village resembles your typical cult.
You don't know what you're talking about, boy.
I don't trust a word coming from you anymore.
[Mateus] Doctor.
You have to stop the vaccinations.
Mateus, we have a doctor and an officer lost in the swamp because of you.
Weren't you dying? No.
[Caruso] What's all this, doctor? Commander Caruso, this man is a phony.
He's trying to boycott the vaccination.
I demand you do something about it.
- Commander - Mateus, I told you, this is no longer up to me.
People of Aguazul! Don't take the shots.
Don't do it! Don't let them vaccinate you.
Listen, Mateus.
We know you're independent here.
And we appreciate that you don't cause us any problems.
But everything has its limit.
Do you want to cut yourselves off from the world? Fine by me.
But in this case, if you don't cooperate, let me warn you, you'll attract the attention of outsiders to the village.
Thank you.
Now you just hold it here and apply pressure.
That's it.
Go to hell.
So polite, that one.
I'll be right back.
- [Caruso] Why did you let him off? - [Pereira] He went into the jungle.
- [Caruso] Are you trying to screw me? - What's up? Where's Damião? He decided to get off the boat in the dark.
And then I I couldn't find him.
- Hold on, he chose to go? - Yes.
So, there's not much we can do here.
What do you mean by that? You have to find my employee, the government's employee.
- Your officer abandoned him.
- [Pereira] I didn't abandon him.
I told him not to go.
He left on his own accord.
[Caruso] You called us because people needed to be vaccinated.
Then an alleged crime had been committed.
Now the people have been vaccinated and the victim looks fine.
- Our work here is done.
- [Lúcia] But Damião He's missing.
Is he missing or he just hasn't returned yet? If he doesn't show up in the next few days, then you can call us again.
Let's go, Pereira.
I can achieve any goal I want to.
No one is better than me.
I'm no better than anyone else.
And if anyone tries to knock me down, I'll get back up as many times as necessary.
[Enzo] Lúcia, Lúcia! We're fucked.
Are you happy now, doctor? Now that your medicine has poisoned my people? Can you see how God abandons those who don't follow his ways? [Silvino] Lord, I ask for your mercy, but not by me, not for me.
I am a believer, Lord.
I bring you this offering as a sign of my faith.
Lord, I come to ask for mercy.
I come to ask for mercy, Lord.
I'm begging you for help.
I come to ask, please It's for my wife.
You again? You have some nerve! It's not for me.
It's for my wife.
I'm faithful, I swear.
I even brought an offering.
I risked my life to bring this.
He'll understand.
God showed me the way.
God led me to this camp.
For God's sake.
Have mercy! I'm letting you go because I'm merciful, sinner.
[Silvino] Let me see The Chosen One.
Take me, for God's sake.
It's not for me, it's for my wife.
She's really sick.
Mateus, we can only reach a diagnosis if we examine them.
Don't let them blame you.
It's not your fault.
These are lies.
They all lie.
Stay here, doctor.
For your own safety.
We are these people's only chance.
You can't lock us in here.
Only chance? We never needed you.
If you don't want to get lynched, keep the doors locked.
No, no.
This is crazy.
We have to look for Damião.
They can't lock us in here.
It's better than being dead.
- Take the sick to the boats! - Not before they get what they deserve.
The time for that will come.
For now, nobody touches them.
Got it? These are direct orders from The Chosen One.
Whoever disobeys will have to deal the consequences.
Mateus, the boats are ready.
[Mateus] So, let's go.
Come on! Make yourselves useful.
Do you want them to die? Let's go! Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Where are these nuts taking them? This is a disaster.
I hate this.
My phone probably got worse after they threw us in the water.
Mine is waterproof, but I still can't get a signal.
Brothers, sisters, attention here.
God is testing us once again.
He's telling us that those strangers aren't welcome in our community, do you understand? He's manifesting himself to give us strength.
Now pray, brothers.
Pray like the family you are to The Chosen One.
Blessed be The Chosen One.
[all] Blessed may he be.
[woman singing] When I die I don't want crying nor candles I want a yellow ribbon With her name on it What are you doing home? Leave him alone, Nestor.
He's just doing his homework.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to your piece-of-shit son.
Did you hear me, you little shit? Where should I be? At the crack house.
Working the job the community gave you.
If you want to keep eating in this house, you'll have to contribute.
You're a man.
Think about the future.
The future as a mule? As a drug dealer? I don't want that.
I'm studying, to avoid becoming a loser.
What did you say? Are you calling me a loser? Is that it? Your father didn't want you.
And I'm not going to support a grown-ass bum.
You think you're going to be what? A doctor? Wake up.
You're black.
You're poor, from the slums.
You'll never amount to anything.
You'd better start bringing money into this house.
Or you can pack up and leave.
I'm sorry I hit you.
You wouldn't let me go.
I had no choice.
[coughing] I don't feel well.
I need help.
You have to go far away from here.
I'll die if you don't help me.
Worse things will happen if they catch you here.
Catch me? I left a boat at the riverbank.
You have to follow the path while you still have time.
Who are you? You're wasting time.
Who are you? I'm The Chosen One's life.
Life Do you really think that was a reaction to the vaccine or are they tricking us again? We have worse things to worry about now.
What could be worse than our vaccines poisoning these people? The fact that Mateus is the only one who doesn't want us dead.
And he just abandoned us.
- Mom! - Son, don't scare me like that.
What are you doing here? If Nestor catches you here, it's going to be a nightmare.
Did you forget about today? Don't tell me it's your birthday, son.
- I have so much on my mind - My birthday is in two weeks, Mom.
The college results are out today.
The entrance exam.
What are you talking about, Damião? College? MEDICAL SCHOOL CLASS.
NAME DAMIÃO ALMEIDA Medical school, Mom.
Your son will be a doctor.
[coughing] This Zulmira's scary.
Actually, everything's scary here.
I don't know why they're waiting to lynch us.
They won't lynch us.
They'd have done it by now.
And the old lady waiting for us? I think she's the one who tipped Damião about the vaccines in the river.
Maybe it would've been better if she hadn't said anything.
Then we would've never known what goes on here.
Don't even think about it! They're not going to attack us.
Mateus told them not to.
You're very brave for doing this.
Listen here, I'm tired of your tricks, secrets, attacks.
And there's something else.
I'm not going to leave without Damião.
Like it or not.
Let's go, Enzo.
I'll take you to your friend.
If that's the only way to get you out of here.
I'll take you to him.
The son of a bitch is alive.
[bell ringing] [coughing] - I'm not interested in your role.
- I did what I could.
Sort it out.
[Angelina] Do you submit yourself to the mercy of the holy Chosen One, with honor and faith? [all] Yes.
Do you believe in the divine power of the holy Chosen One, with honor and faith? [all] Yes.
[gun cocks] Don't forget, Mateus gave clear orders, Zulmira.
You can't hurt us.
[Zulmira] I'm not hurting you yet.
But you know what I find curious? I never thought of you as a woman who takes orders from a man.
Funny you should expect that from me.
Mateus is going to ask questions, and I'm not going to lie to him.
The doctors escaped to the jungle to look for their missing friend.
- That's all, Vicente.
- What if they find the campsite? You don't find the campsite.
The campsite finds you.
[Enzo] What are you up to? Listen, if we go missing, the police will come looking for us.
You don't know who I am.
[laughing] Wait, you can't leave us in the jungle.
Do you want to get us killed? Your lives are in God's hands.
Isn't the doctor a man of science? May science save you, then! [Enzo] We can't drink swamp water.
So, rain When it rains, we have to find some sort of container.
Stop talking nonsense, Enzo.
We're in the Pantanal.
Water's everywhere.
That's true.
The Pantanal is the biggest floodplain in the world, with 4700 species of animals and plants.
We're surrounded by 263 species of fish, 41 species of amphibians, 113 of reptiles, and 132 of mammals.
Too many animals.
So, there's always something crawling, flying or running.
- And I didn't even mention the crocs.
- Gators.
- Huh? - Alligator.
No crocodiles here.
Oh, good, that makes things better.
They are so different.
There are no crocodiles, but there are boa constrictors and jaguars Oh, God.
How could I forget about the jaguars? Stop that.
We could be stuck here for days.
We need to find fruit, insects as a protein source And the rain can put out a fire.
A roof.
We need to build a roof.
I brought antibiotics.
Who knows what kind of viruses and diseases are here? Not to mention Zika.
Because I'm lost in a virus mutation area! Shh, shh! Somebody's here.
Hello, doctors.
- Where to next? - [Enzo] Silvino.
You're like a ghost.
It's crazy that Zulmira left you in the jungle alone.
There are too many dangerous things in this region.
I can see that by your bruises.
And our friend is lost, and no one does a thing about it.
He's been missing for almost a day? Yes.
The people from Aguazul are difficult.
People from my village are much more open.
[Enzo] If you're from another village, how come you're always here? Aguazul isn't the only place with sick people.
I thought if I could meet some doctors, one could have a look at my wife.
Is it serious? Oh, shit.
An alligator! [engine groans] Great.
Just what we needed.
I think something's stuck here.
I hope it's not the Minhocuçu.
Well - I'll get this sorted out.
- Wait, Silvino, no! He's crazy.
[growling] That's the lost doctor.
Should I get Mateus? Why are you here? How did you get here? He's really sick.
This is God's justice.
Should I look for Mateus? Want some water? What are you doing, Santiago? Giving the doctor some water.
Mateus [Mateus] Don't worry.
This cage is strong.
I'm taking him with me.
He poisons our village, then shows up in our campsite? I don't think they're malevolent.
- Just ignorant.
- We made a vow, Mateus.
To protect the village and The Chosen One.
Exactly why we should let them leave as soon as possible.
Let's go.
[Enzo groans] I miss five-star hotels.
I still can't believe we're alive.
And I still can't believe, Silvino, that you jumped in that river filled with alligators.
They're easygoing.
Any luck with that part? - Everything's ready.
We can get going.
- Great.
Let's get out of here.
Listen, I just need to relieve myself first.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Why didn't he go before? Maybe because you don't know how to fix the boat.
[snarl then thud] Silvino! Silvino, is that you? Screw him.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Let's go! Oh, my God.
What the hell was that? That's Damião.
What were you doing in the mangrove? What did you do to him? Why is he like this? We found him like this.
We don't want to hurt any of you.
Well, that crazy lady might not feel the same way.
- What's he talking about? - Zulmira.
She left us in the middle of the jungle.
Well, now that the three of you are together, you should leave.
I can't transport him like this.
I need to stabilize him first.
No, of course not.
I'm not kicking you out.
- You can treat him at the health center.
- Okay.
I'd feel safer with the alligators, but what can I do? [Lúcia] Let's go.
Lúcia, Lúcia.
Make sure the doctors don't need anything.
And, doctor, don't worry, no one will disturb them.
Thank you.
Enzo, can you hand me that? Zulmira.
You couldn't stay away, could you? You had to mess with them.
They came to make us sick, Mateus.
Or do you have another kind of interest in them? Listen, if anything happened to them, you'd be With them? Or with her? The lady doctor has blinded you.
- You can't come in here.
- You can't see the enemy anymore.
Don't you ever disobey me again.
Do you understand? Never again! - You can't invade our village like this.
- What's going on here? [chief] Mateus.
I know it's not right to enter your village this way.
But the plague has reached our jungle.
[Enzo] Silvino will be okay.
His fever's way too high.
If he hadn't been vaccinated, I'd swear he has the mutation.
Lúcia, not to bring you down, but what Damião needs is not us.
He needs a miracle.
And I'm an atheist.
I'll be right back.
Tell me something.
Did they do anything to you? It's difficult to get rid of you.
Let's go, Paloma.
I can't help you.
But I can offer you our doctor.
He can go with you.
I don't want your doctor, Mateus.
I want the one you hide in the jungle.
We want your healer.
Look, he's a blessing to our village, but would be a curse to your tribe.
Lorenzo can go with you whenever you want.
That's all I can offer.
There will come a time when you regret this, Mateus.
And when that time comes, you'll remember this decision.
[Lúcia] Mateus.
Are you ready to go? Is there anything I can do? It's Damião.
He's gonna die.
May God protect him, then.
But there's nothing I can do about it.
Please, I need you to take me where you took the villagers.
Now you believe, doctor? Does it matter? Doctor, do everything your medicine is capable of.
Right now, I'm doing everything I can.
But, Mateus, if you have something here that can help me, you must tell me.
He doesn't want to take you to the jungle, does he? Yeah You're Cleuza, right? - Why did you tell us everyone here lies? - Because they do.
But they came back from the jungle healed.
That's where you're wrong.
They weren't healed.
They were something else.
And that something else, could save Damião? If you're willing to pay the price.
I don't care about that.
Would you take me there? It could be dangerous.
Right now, I've got nothing left to lose.
I keep getting myself into these situations.
How do I let you get me in these situations? I told you to stay behind.
Oh yeah.
All I want is to stay alone in hell.
Listen, I'm not watching Damião die if there's a cure.
What can they do that you haven't? You're a doctor, Lúcia.
They might have developed some kind of alternative medicine.
Yes, of course.
Maybe Dr.
Fritz is on call here? [Cleuza] Don't be fooled.
There are no cures or miracles here.
There are only sick people here.
Very sick.
Here's where you get off.
I'm so touched by their manners here.
[bell ringing] Is that a bell? It's a guide for us now.
[Damião] Where are we, Lúcia? No.
Not here.
Not here, no! [retches] No.
No, Santiago! Santiago, no! No! What are they doing here? [Lúcia] Damião is dying.
We need you to help us cure him.
I beg you.
No, doctor.
You've made a huge mistake.
I'll take care of them.
Close your eyes.
Mateus, please.
Tell me what you did.
He was just trying to help the village.
They're in The Chosen One's camp.
I don't know why you're ignoring this.
I won't let you take them.
Not this time! I warned you so many times, doctor.
You shouldn't have come.
My brother Santiago is in charge here.
Not me.
- Get your hands off me! - What will you do to us, Mateus? Subtitle translation by Gabriela Haas-Cronk