O Escolhido (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Relic

You don't seem surprised to see me.
Have you seen me before? Have you seen me before, doctor? In the mangrove.
What? I saw you in the mangrove.
Brother, I can handle the strangers, I can deal with Mateus's failure.
Please, brother.
Let me take the doctors away.
Let me remove them from our village.
Why are you so afflicted? Why are you so afflicted by her? - Chosen One, please - Mateus.
Take the boat and go back to Aguazul.
The doctors will stay with us.
Brother, they are false prophets.
They have challenged your will and brought disease to our village.
Do you want to go with your brother, Santiago? I never go to the mangrove, doctor.
Well, no problem, then.
She just got mixed up, and it was clearly a mistake coming here.
You must have dreamed about me.
The Lord revealed The Chosen One to you through a dream.
I wonder why.
Maybe The Chosen One was revealed so that you could cure my sick friend.
The believers in my village are the only ones destined for the blessings of my sacred hands.
This could be a sign of greatness.
To prove your power on those who don't have the same gift of faith.
So, is medicine bowing to the holy power? No.
Not yet.
But you can change that.
Don't do this, Lúcia.
He can't cure me.
Don't use me as a guinea pig for this trickster, goddamn cheat! Maybe your friend doesn't deserve to be cured.
- Shut up, insolent fool.
- Stop! Don't do that! - That's your punishment.
- Stop! Stop, you animal, stop it! Let him go! Stop! Didn't I tell you, Mateus? Didn't I tell you that you'd regret it? You animals.
- Leave him alone! - No, Lúcia! Motherfucker.
No, no, no! I'm sorry, mister.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to push you.
When one gets nervous - the body releases No please! - I'll kill you! - Santiago! - Quiet, Santiago! - My brother, this bastard - You're going to be quiet.
Swallow that rage of yours.
Turn it into something else.
Let it seep out.
Let the rage seep out.
Let it out.
Like someone squeezing a sponge.
Let it out.
Feel the impurity leaving? Good.
That is also a cure.
Vicente? The natives.
They've taken your husband.
You attacked a man twice your size and strength, without stopping to think about what you were doing.
Is that courage or stupidity? Despair.
What makes a doctor desperate? Loss of control? Lack of resources.
So, you believe that if you had the proper resources, you could save your friend? I could at least try.
That's the difference.
Science is always in doubt faith is certain.
So far, we've only seen the worst side of your faith here.
So, start believing in its best side.
Then show me its best side.
Heal Damião and make me believe.
Maybe that's the real reason why I'm here.
Maybe your God wants you to show science the certainty of your faith.
This is a waste of time.
The Chosen One will not cure any of you.
Silvino? You're like a ghost.
But this time, Vicente called me.
Did you bring what I asked? What are you going to do to him? The Chosen One has decided to cure him.
I'm asking how he intends to do that.
You were the one who came to us and asked for his blessing.
Now back off and be grateful.
Chosen One, do you think the woman has seen the serpent? Chosen One Remember Sinhozinho? The serpent sealed by the cross.
This could be the first step to freeing the serpent.
This could be a mistake.
A mistake? No, not a mistake, but Santiago, all I want from you right now is silence.
Get me out of here.
What am I doing here? Do you submit yourself to the mercy of the holy Chosen One, with honor and faith? Go to hell.
All of you.
Carry on.
Do you believe in the divine power of the holy Chosen One, - with honor and faith? - No fucking way.
Do you promise to worship and respect him? Never.
Do you agree to give your life to The Chosen One, trusted by God in this village, to act with compassion and charity? I'd rather die! - Do you believe in The Chosen One? - No! No.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
I'd rather die.
I'd rather die! The Lord poisoned your body with pride and gave you disease as a path to humility.
- Receive the blessing and believe - No! - in the eternal father's glory, - Stop! - for his mercy, am I.
- Stop, Lúcia.
It's just another trick.
Now what? What happens now? Now you wait until he wakes.
Your friend is ready.
The sickness is gone.
No perspiration, normal respiration, pulse Normal temperature.
Could it be? - Damião.
- He should wake up, right? Damião.
Damião, wake up.
Is this normal? You don't know what's going on, do you? Rise.
In the name of the father, who chose you to receive his blessing through me rise.
Damião! Damião! - He's in shock.
- What was that blue thing? Father.
Have I misinterpreted your wish, Father? Damião! Father, please, talk to me.
No, no, no! For the love of God.
- He healed a sinner! He caused this! - What are you talking about, crazy woman? No one has ever been cured without believing in him.
This is punishment.
Since when does a lack of faith give you seizures? The serpent! Angelina, get Dr.
Lorenzo right now! Enzo.
Enzo, help me here.
Enzo! Enzo! Where do you see yourself in five years? Finishing medical school and getting ready for residency.
And when did you realize that was your vocation? My father is a director of Cardiology at the Moinhos de Vento Hospital.
He made me realize that from an early age.
He made you realize or helped you realize? I want to be a doctor.
I really do.
I just don't want to follow in my father's footsteps.
Why do you want to be a doctor, Enzo? I don't know.
I think it'd be cool to win a Nobel Prize or something like that.
Or to be remembered as the guy who found the cure for an incurable disease.
There's an Emicida song that goes: "Filthy dream, only water in the fridge and I want to save the world.
" He's talking about a guy who has the potential to save the world but not the resources.
In my case, my fridge is full and I can save the world.
But my question is, do I have the potential to do that? My Lord.
I've never seen anything like this.
What the hell happened here? This non-believer started drooling like a dog for his lack of faith.
Cure my brother, doctor.
This is different, Santiago.
Why are they both like this? The lack of faith might have contaminated The Chosen One.
Do your thing.
You bastards.
You don't fool me.
You had it all planned.
Don't be stupid.
Damião is just as sick.
Your Chosen One made him sick.
Shut up, witch.
The devil brought you here to take advantage of his good faith.
- Sure, if that old lady's the devil.
- What old lady? Did Cleuza bring you here? My God.
Cleuza! What have you trapped us in now? Let's leave the doctors here and find out where the shots came from.
When you think things couldn't get any weirder Did you notice Santiago's face when you mentioned Cleuza? Thank you for pointing out that I did it.
The strange thing is that she lives in the village peacefully.
They don't treat her like the enemy.
Help me! We can't let him choke.
I hope the chief has a good reason for this sacrilege.
For ending years of mutual respect.
Holy Lord.
They want The Chosen One, brother.
Don't let them do that.
This is a trap! Damn you, man! We were forced to do this.
You have to share the cure with my people.
The plague the doctors brought has reached their village.
God sent us The Chosen One because we believe.
He can't cure heathens.
Don't worry about me, brother.
Protect The Chosen One! Santiago, we didn't want to break our pact, but if your healer doesn't help my people, I will kill your brother.
He's not responding.
The seizures are gone but so are his reactions.
What's your diagnosis? I'd say that they poisoned Damião with a heavy narcotic and put him in a coma.
That makes sense to me.
What about the other guy's reaction? Both of them were poisoned by that blue liquid.
No way of knowing what its chemical composition is.
But there's no denying that the other symptoms are gone.
Isn't that crazy? If we could at least get him out of here Lúcia, don't make things worse.
We're in the prison of a crazy cult whose leader is sick and his followers think it's our fault.
We won't leave here unpunished.
And what are we going to do, Enzo? Give up? Or accept whatever they decide to do to us? I took my car to the mechanic the other day.
Well, one of my cars.
And we were talking and my mechanic says, "Doctor, know what I was thinking? That our jobs are very similar.
I make a diagnosis, open it up, change the parts, why do you make so much more than me?" To which I answered, "Try doing this, change the parts with the engine running, without letting it stall.
" Do you know what it's like to take a car to the mechanic? Yes.
Do you know what it's like to operate on someone? How many lives have you saved? Hundreds.
And you? Do you know how many lives Oswaldo Cruz saved thanks to his yellow fever research? To this day, millions.
What you're ignoring is that even Oswaldo Cruz needed a Rockefeller to pay for all of his research.
And in your case, I pay for your research.
Not for much longer.
PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE CONTEST ANNOUNCEMEN I need to find a way to grab one of those bottles.
Where are we? A jaguar.
That's right.
We've been introduced.
Take it easy.
Everything's fine, Damião.
- What happened? - You were poisoned.
I was poisoned? We're still not sure.
You were very sick and we couldn't stabilize you.
Was it so bad that you had to let a crazy man do his voodoo on me? - I was against it.
- You had bites all over your body.
What happened? Must have been when I blacked out in the jungle.
There are too many mosquitoes here.
You took the Zika mutation vaccine, didn't you? Are you really asking me that? You had all the symptoms.
And they were pretty strong.
The mutation can kill in days.
But yours seemed like it could kill in a matter of hours.
Do you think it's possible the virus had another mutation? Great.
And here I am, without repellent.
That man Did he really cure me? Do you know how he did it? That's what we're trying to figure it out.
But in any case, they want to kill you again.
How are you feeling? I'm okay.
Great, actually.
You don't feel different in any way? Just a bit confused.
Looks like your friend is confused, too.
Why isn't your healer here yet? If you came looking for a cure, The Chosen One is sick.
He is in no condition to heal anyone.
Sick? What happened, Angelina? The Chosen One hasn't woken up yet.
Lorenzo is seeing to him, but we don't know what's happening.
Your intruders contaminated him.
Are you telling me the healer is sick? Do you think I'm stupid? The Chosen One can't heal anyone right now.
Not even himself.
Is he unable to cure even his own family? Lúcia.
The shots came from over there.
Doctor, come with me.
No fucking way she's going.
- What do you want? - The Chosen One beckons you.
I'll be okay.
Is your friend better? Seems so.
It doesn't "seem" so.
I cured him.
And what was that afterward? I was hoping you could tell me.
Me? Yes, you.
You received the signs, doctor.
Showed up at my campsite.
I healed your colleague.
And was penalized for it.
There must be an explanation.
My power is too great.
Only something from up high could leave me like that.
But as a doctor, - I can't explain it.
- I'm not asking the doctor.
Holy Chosen One, you're awake! Hallelujah! Your brothers need you.
Lúcia, help me up.
I've asked the doctor to help me.
Please, Lúcia.
Thank you.
I don't care if I die, brother.
We can't allow this to happen.
- We can't.
- Are you going to stop us? He won't.
But I will.
Drop the weapon.
Give me back my husband and go back to the hole you crawled out of.
Everyone lower your weapons! Mateus.
You're not sick.
It was a lie.
You brought me your sick.
Are you here for my mercy? It is my father, the Almighty, who has requested that I serve this village and only this village.
What led you to such insanity? Desperation, healer.
Is that why you hurt my brother? Why you invaded my home? Do you think my father will bless you after so many sins? Forgive me, enlightened one.
Forgive me.
I will heal your people.
But you will never set foot on this sacred campsite again.
Even if death knocks on your door.
- Yes, I promise.
- And if you touch me, or any of my brothers, my father's fury will be terrible.
Get them ready.
Are you okay? You? - Let me check - No.
Thank you, doctor.
My brother will heal me.
- What are you doing here, doctor? - She's my guest.
Lúcia, go help the sick.
I have to take care of my brother.
Since when do I take orders from you? Since you did the same thing they did and brought your friend for me to heal.
- Zulmira.
- Yes? - I ask you to leave us for a moment.
- But, Chosen One The wound is not serious, brother.
You'll be fine.
What about you? Are you going to heal the outsiders, knowing what may happen? The natives will not return.
They believe in me.
I won't be affected.
Besides, now they owe us.
But you can't.
Everything is different, brother.
My heavenly father has shown me a lot since the doctor set foot in the campsite.
Brother, you're seeing a trap as a blessing.
They made you sick, brought the natives, poisoned your followers, hurt your brother.
The doctors are missionaries of death.
Only thing that matters is getting them far away from here, before it's too late.
Chosen One, the natives are ready for your gift.
You seem fine, Mateus.
I can heal you later.
You're weak, brother.
Just like your judgment.
Do you doubt my father? I doubt the shadows that may cloud your vision.
I forgive you for your insolence, Mateus because not even I understand everything that is revealed to me.
Silvino needs to speak with you.
I'm in charge of this campsite.
Santiago, Silvino helped us when no one else could.
We couldn't stop following the natives, Santiago.
How did you help, Zulmira? I did what I had to do.
If you weren't my brother's wife, I'd make you pay for bringing this outsider who doesn't understand "no.
" Now remember that here, you obey me! Because of your help, I won't punish you.
You can go.
And forget the way back.
But Zulmira told me, she promised The Chosen One won't help you.
Not now, not ever.
Not you or any outsider.
Get lost! - But the natives - Don't test my patience.
Yeah, you're healthy.
You look healthy.
As impossible as that sounds.
You should've seen yourself a few hours ago.
There's something else inside me.
Like an energy.
I don't know how to explain it.
Energy? That's stoner talk.
You want to energize the chakras now, is that it? I don't know, man.
But I do know that I've never felt like this before.
The guy isn't normal.
No, it's not him.
I'm not speaking like a doctor watching a procedure.
I'm speaking as a patient.
Cut the shit, Damião.
It's just a side effect of that blue drug they gave you.
Blue drug? Damião.
Are you still okay? What's going on? What are they going to do to us? Nothing, we're not in danger.
I just witnessed our host cure several people with his own hands.
I was responsible for your cure, doctor.
Am I a fraud now? How do you feel? Would you be able to tell me how I feel? I would, doctor.
But I have to admit, I enjoy seeing you in doubt.
I'd like you to be my guest of honor for tonight's ceremony in Aguazul.
Ceremony? Do you accept my hospitality? My father knows well how tumultuous our meetings have been.
Your presence tonight would bring us balance.
You may leave tomorrow.
If I'm far from this jaguar, I don't mind taking care of Damião.
It'd be nice to have a moment of peace after everything that's happened.
If you know what I mean.
Of course.
It would be my pleasure to accept your invitation.
My brother, Mateus, will accompany you to Aguazul.
The natives have returned to their tribe.
I will come as soon as I'm done with my duties.
As for you, I'll allow you to wait in different quarters as a sign of trust.
I only ask you to respect the sanctity of my home.
You know what's really impressive? He actually cured those people.
We've managed to be left alone.
Stall him in Aguazul while I check things out here.
I have my suspicions.
Please, be careful.
You, too.
Look, doctor, I'd be grateful if you didn't share with the outside world what you've learned about my brother and our village.
I don't understand why you hide him.
Why don't you share his knowledge? His orders are to never expose his cures to the world.
It's going to be hard to keep this secret much longer.
God help us if that day comes, doctor.
You can call me Lúcia.
Are you going to that ceremony tonight? I wouldn't miss it for anything.
Something tells me it's going to be even more beautiful tonight.
This is barbaric! What do you want from me? Why did you want to steal the relic?! My friend, I'm a scientist.
I wanted to analyze the liquid you call a relic in the lab.
There's nothing to be analyzed.
You came here uninvited, but I welcomed you, nonetheless.
You poisoned my village, and I still cured your colleague.
I ask you to respect my home, and this is how you repay me? I'm a doctor.
It's my duty to study this.
Isn't a serpent the symbol for your medicine? There's been a pact between science and the devil for many years, right? You are sick! You can't analyze a spirit, doctor.
You can't analyze faith.
Now, tell me, devil's envoy: Do you believe in God? No.
You heard him.
The serpent's tongue admits it.
Does the fact that you don't believe mean God doesn't exist, doctor? It means the universe doesn't depend on my beliefs.
Shut up, son of Satan! - Don't spread your heresies! - Doctor answer me.
Can your science save you now? No! No, no.
People know I'm here.
My father knows I'm here.
He's going to kill you! - To the water.
- To the water! To the water! To the water! No! Subtitle translation by Gabriela Haas-Cronk