Obliterated (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Born in the U.S.S.R.

Must be some Bin Laden level shit
if they're bringing in the CIA.
They even brought in the NSA tech nerds.
Hey, Trunk!
- [Trunk] Baby! What's up, man?
- My man.
What are they feeding you?
Hey, what y'all think this is about?
Bet you a box of Claws it's Taliban.
- I don't know. I'm feeling Russia.
- Really?
As long as it's not Yemen.
Why can't more shit go down in Fiji?
Be nice to shoot
on the beach for a change.
Oh, yeah.
[keypad tapping]
Damn. She's pretty hot.
That's my daughter.
I figured.
She looks just like you.
The name's Hagerty. Army EOD.
Paul Yung. Air Force.
I feel like we're going to be
best friends.
[microphone feedback whines]
[James] Thank you all for coming.
I'm sure you're wondering
what this operation is about
and why all the secrecy.
The truth is some special ops
are more special than others
and this one
is unprecedented in our nation's history.
You've been selected
for an Elite Tactical Unit,
the best of the best combining forces
in a way we've never done before
to combat a threat
we've never seen before
a portable nuclear device on US soil.
Leading this op will be
the best of the best of the best,
Agent Ava Winters.
The room is yours.
Good morning, everyone.
Normally, I'd start by saying,
I'm honored to lead
this very impressive team,
but screw the pleasantries.
I'm getting straight to it.
Last week, we intercepted communications
of the terrorist plot
from an arms dealer
operating out of Russia.
Told you.
[Ava] Ivan Koslov.
He keeps a low profile,
but in the illegal arms trade,
he sits at the top of the pyramid.
His father was Dmitry Koslov,
a former KGB agent who had access
to the Soviet Union's nuclear stockpile.
We took him out
with an air strike back in '99.
His wife and daughter
were collateral damage.
As you can imagine,
Ivan Koslov has held a bit of a grudge.
What you think?
She's cute for a suit.
Careful, Mac.
I don't shit where I eat.
- Senior Chief McKnight, is it?
- The name my mama gave me.
Something you want to share?
Just ready to make
these commie bastards eat shit.
As my tactical lead on this op,
this is the most important briefing.
Pay attention,
I'll be using some big words
and there'll be
no band geek to cheat off of.
- [snorts]
- [all chuckle]
The fuck you laughing at?
This is an early blueprint
of the Holy Grail of nuclear arms.
With a five kiloton yield,
enough to level an entire city.
Ivan has plans
to sell this to the highest bidder.
We're talking millions
of American lives at stake
and that's just from the initial blast.
The fallout will prove
exponentially more catastrophic.
[James] Your job is to locate
and neutralize this device
before the transaction can take place.
It's going to take
every ounce of your skill set.
All of you working together
as a well-oiled machine.
[Ava] What is wrong with you?
You're supposed to be sobering up!
You want to get a hangover, be my guest,
I'm keeping the buzz going.
Stop bickering for five whole seconds?
You're like an old married couple.
Whoa! Where'd you get those from?
- I raided the minibar before we left.
- Give me.
The gummies are hitting me.
- I'm sorry. Once I pop I can't stop.
- Give me the chips!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Stand down! Stand down!
[indistinct bickering]
Hey! Watch it back there!
I swear to Christ, I will land this thing!
Somebody strap Hagerty in!
He's fine. Just fucking drive. Shit.
You know what?
Everyone just take a second, all right?
Take a breath. Let me see it.
- [exhales aggressively]
- [exhales]
Now, get your shit together!
We have 6 hours and 54 minutes
to find the nuke.
Can't wait to kick the shit out of
that Russian cocksucker.
Not that there's anything wrong
with sucking cocks.
To each his own, or her own or their own.
I swear that was the last one.
- Give me a fucking chip!
- Whoa!
[indistinct bickering]
What did I say? Not in my fucking chopper!
I will land this thing.
[indistinct bickering continues]
- [Trunk] Paul. A little help here?
- Yup. On it.
- You got him?
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Okay.
Keep your distance from these people
unless you want them to smell the booze.
Fix your hair
so it doesn't look like we just banged.
No one can know about that.
Last thing I need
is my authority undermined
'cause you bragged
about sleeping with the boss.
Brag? I didn't even come.
You know how hard it is
to make me not come?
Keep your mouth shut
and let me do the talking.
I want to present professional
[gasps, grunts]
- [Chad] Shit.
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
[Ava] Okay.
Are you okay, Winters?
Yes. Sorry, it's these heels.
No time to change.
Uh, we can get you some new shoes.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
What happened to him?
He was hurt in the raid.
Well, get the medic to take a
look at him.
Sorry, Colonel.
This way.
Unbelievable. I mean, what the fuck.
[automated voice] Sub-basement level 13,
security level Alpha.
So, this is Area 52?
[Colonel] The public has a wild
imagination about what we're up to here.
Silly nicknames aside,
all my personnel have top secret clearance
and are at your service.
Has Koslov been isolated
for interrogation?
[Colonel] We followed
your instructions to the letter.
He hasn't made any statements,
but maybe you'll have more luck.
[Ava] And our crypto terrorist, Mr. Chen?
[Colonel] It's his first time in custody,
which is probably why
he pissed himself twice.
I'm gonna need full profiles
on everyone we brought in.
Lerner, we're gonna need your database.
[Colonel] What is it?
["Get Into It" by Doja Cat playing]
If they ever tryna knock her
Put my foot up in your caca ♪
Call your mama and your papa
Like I'm finna take your daughter ♪
Turn that bitch into a soccer ball
And rocka, rocka, rocka ♪
- [cackles]
- Girl.
- [laughs]
- Thank you.
Girls' night.
Here's to bitches who aren't bitches.
No, we're not. Boom!
- [Sharonda whoops]
- [burps] Oh!
Your boss did
a real number on you, didn't she?
Where do you and that ho work anyway?
It's actually interagency.
We, um
You know,
I'm not really supposed to talk about it.
- Confidentiality clause.
- Right.
Your boss just fucks your man
and then you protect her clause?
Does that seem fair?
Fuck it. So my company is here in Vegas
for a convention.
We spent the past six months
trying to get this Russian account.
Things were looking shitty at first
but we rallied and ended up getting it.
Cause you're Maya the Destroyer! Okay?
So we do this big celebration,
my boss busts out the champagne.
We're drinking.
She starts treating me
like a friend for once.
Even gave me props
for helping to find the nuke.
New customers for business.
Let's see how well she does
on the next business trip.
I'm the most indispensable person
on the team.
[chuckling] Without me, they're fucked.
- [giggles]
- Oh! Is that right?
- [brakes squealing]
- Hmm.
It looks like we're here.
Welcome to Big Willy's.
[Maya] Holy moly.
I haven't seen a live dick in two years.
Well, you're about to be
surrounded by 'em.
Come on.
[Ava] Now which one of you is gonna talk?
[Lana] This is bullshit!
God. I mean, this is America, dickhead.
You can't stick someone in a cage
and take all their shit away.
When my followers see
that I haven't posted in two hours,
they'll declare me a missing person.
Can I speak to your supervisor?
'Cause I know you're not in charge.
I'm gonna get a lawyer.
I'm going to sue all your asses.
Watch me.
[Ava] Whoa! Whoa! What's going on?
Groot here won't give me my phone.
I know my rights.
He can't do this to me.
- Listen, I know you're upset.
- Yeah.
- Lana. It's Lana, right?
- Yes.
I could really use your help.
I don't know anything! God!
How many times do I have to say it?
I did nothing wrong.
We found you half naked
with almost two kilos of coke.
Sex isn't crime.
And I'm pretty sure in Vegas
coke is like decriminalized.
No. Not even close.
[sobbing] Fuck.
Fuck my life.
[monitors beeping]
I'm so hungry I could eat this whole room.
I'm sorry I ate the chips.
No, it's not okay.
Fine. I'll go find the mess. Just chill.
Oh, hey!
Cook up those grilled cheeses
you made in Kandahar,
the one with the garlic butter and shit.
Garlic grillers, full shit. Copy.
I want six.
So, what exactly happened to him?
Um, we're not entirely sure.
We believe he was drugged.
Any idea what drugs they gave him?
All of them.
- Definitely some LSD.
- And ludes.
Probably some K, E, most of the letters.
- And a bunch of whippets.
- They drugged him with whippets?
Fucking commies.
No regard for human decency.
He smells like alcohol.
I think one of the guys hit him
on the head with a bottle of vodka.
- Yeah, and a bottle of tequila.
- Yeah.
- Shouldn't you be writing this?
- Where's your pad?
Tell me, Miss Kirkwood,
how does a girl from Scobey, Montana
end up with an international arms dealer?
All I know is that
Ivan's a rich guy who likes to party.
I met him at a club a few nights ago.
He offered to show me his private jet.
Okay. Did he mention why he was in Vegas?
Did he say anything
about a nuclear device?
I mean, it was a little sus that he had
all these like, scary MFs working for him,
but I just thought he was a drug dealer.
I do not fuck terrorists.
I fucked a terrorist?
It's okay. We all have
lapses in judgment sometimes.
Um, you were with him for a few days.
So anything you may have seen or heard
could be the crucial information
that helps avert a catastrophe.
So, think.
Lana, what do you know
about Ivan and his associates?
That's right.
They spoke Russian.
What'd she say?
She's not the sharpest tool in the shed,
but she knows more than she thinks.
Okay. Ha!
All right. My turn.
- I'll get Koslov to talk.
- No.
You are not fucking this up
with your strong arm shit.
- You're sitting this one out.
- Oh!
This is because of the sex.
Fucking kidding me?
Keep your voice down.
It's because you're drunk and belligerent.
Like a Scottish football fan
whose team just lost.
First of all, it's called fucking soccer.
Second, I know exactly what I'm doing.
- The fuck you're doing is standing down.
- Oh!
We got one shot of squeezing something
out of this shithead.
- I'm handling it.
- [chuckles mockingly]
[Ava sighs]
[sighs deeply]
[door buzzes]
I knew you wanted to see me again.
Cut the shit, Koslov.
Where's the real nuke?
So my associate has contacted you.
Must be really frustrating
to think that you have won
and then realize
that you're still a step behind.
You took a big risk
by popping your head out at the club.
Just couldn't handle one more day
without partying, could you?
Takes one to know one, huh?
Matted hair, crumpled dress.
Maybe both of us like having a good time.
We're never letting you out of here.
You know that, don't you?
You're wasting your time.
And the clock is ticking. Tick-Tock.
Pointless. Pointless!
[cell phone chimes]
Yeah. You and me both.
I got fucking blue vag over here.
Maybe send me a pic,
so I can think a little more.
[cell phone chimes]
Sideline me!
Don't fucking sideline LeBron.
What's up?
Winters still thinks
I'm a grunt foot soldier.
Why do you give a fuck?
I don't. Why would I?
I could get answers
out of that piece of shit Koslov.
Two minutes left in the Super Bowl,
Tom Brady sitting on the bench.
I thought you were LeBron.
I'm both!
So go for it. Screw Winters.
That needs to be flipped.
- Now you Guy Fieri too?
- Triple fucking threat.
[Angela] Fuck.
I have to say,
it wasn't entirely a bad plan.
Make a fake nuke,
trick some newbie terrorists
into giving you millions
and then sell the genuine article
to someone else.
Who can you trust
if not your nuclear arms dealer?
[chuckles softly]
You seem to be
awfully concerned about my etiquette
with the people
who are planning to blow up this city.
If I were Chen,
I'd be pissed I got played.
If I were you, I'd be nervous he talks.
- He doesn't know anything.
- Mmm.
Why do you think I picked his group?
His inexperience
can only be eclipsed by his hubris.
I could have sold him
a cuckoo clock radio.
[chuckles dryly]
I got nothing to fear from that imbecile.
It is you however, who is nervous.
I'm not nervous.
Why is your leg shaking?
Oh 'Cause I got to piss really bad.
So, thank you for making this quick
and giving me everything I needed.
[door buzzes, unlocks]
Strike out already?
[clears throat]
How close is the nearest restroom?
Opposite side of the base.
I can get you an escort and key card.
[radio static crackles]
Forget it. I can wait.
Mr. Chen, my name is Ava Winters.
I think it's time we have a little talk.
[door buzzes, unlocks]
[Chad] All right, shithead.
Playtime's over.
Good cop is gone
and now you're stuck with me.
Waterboarding. How original.
[Chad] It's not for you.
[chuckles softly]
Am I supposed to be afraid?
Yeah, that would be
the appropriate emotion
'cause you don't fuck with America
and get away with it.
There's a reason we're the best.
The best at what?
Your fragile economy is propped up
on 30 trillion dollars of debt.
And militarily,
over the last half a century,
the track record is full of failures.
Do you really want
to compare military failures?
The days of American hegemony
are long gone.
[inhaling] Okay,
I don't know what that means,
but I'm pretty sure
there's a diss somewhere in there.
So let me tell you
something about America.
We're still number one where it matters.
Freedom, cold beer,
and kick-ass rock and roll music.
Pretty much everything Springsteen covers
in "Born in the U.S.A."
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Because that song highlights the irony
of a country that overspends on war
and then abandons everybody
the moment the conflict is over.
[exhales in frustration]
[Chen] I want a lawyer.
We're way beyond lawyers.
This isn't a holding cell at Vegas Metro.
This facility technically doesn't exist.
This place is where I make
people like you disappear.
[breath trembling]
But it doesn't have to be.
[sighs] I'm not going to sugarcoat it.
What you did was extremely stupid.
People died.
But lucky for you,
it was all Koslov's men.
This doesn't have to be the end.
Full immunity as long as your intel
leads us to the bomb being retrieved
before it goes off.
[Ivan] Chen?
He doesn't know anything.
Why do you think I picked his group?
His inexperience can only be eclipsed
by his hubris.
I could have sold him
a cuckoo clock radio.
I got nothing to fear from that imbecile.
If he knew what I had
he wouldn't say that.
What do you have?
You captured Koslov,
but who you really need is his courier.
He's the one
he left in charge of the bomb.
And you know who that is?
No, but I know where he is.
I didn't trust Ivan Koslov.
I had a feeling
he would hack into my system
to make sure my money was legit.
So I purposely laid him our trap
and his courier fell for it.
From then on, I was able to track his cell
and if you get me my phone,
I can give you his location.
Of course it's hidden within
a 4096 bit RSA
that'll take you forever to decrypt.
So, if you want it unlocked,
I want total immunity in writing
signed by the Secretary of State.
Let me see what I can do.
- [lock beeps]
- [door opens]
- Get me his phone.
- Yes.
Should the colonel contact
the Secretary of State's office?
No. I just need
a letterhead and a printer.
And can you show me
where that restroom is now?
Yes, ma'am.
[Ava] Little faster,
just a little bit faster.
Looks like the drugs in his system
led to a pharmaceutical induced coma.
But don't worry, I expect he'll regain
consciousness in about 9 to 12 hours.
We don't have that kind of time.
You ain't got a two to four hour version?
Even if I had Narcan,
don't think I can rouse him.
Short of your man getting
Heisenberg level methamphetamine,
he's gonna be out cold.
[Chad] You take that back,
you beet-loving sack of shit.
Bruce Springsteen, Hulk Hogan,
and Pam Anderson are American Treasures.
You keep talking smack,
I'm gonna throw you through
that goddamn window.
Pam Anderson is Canadian
and your ancestors were Russian.
[alarm blaring]
Of course. Fuck me!
Come on!
That all you got?
At least struggle, put up a fight.
Now, where's the fucking bomb?
[both grunting]
Which one of your goons has the bomb?
You'll never find them.
You already let them
slip through your fingers.
- [door opens]
- [Ava] McKnight, stop!
- Cuff him, take him to the medic.
- Yes.
[Angela] That's how we do it.
The only way.
You fucked him up.
What the fuck was that?
I specifically told you
to back the fuck off.
And now you may have
jeopardized this mission.
Do you like apples?
What are you talking about?
Because I got intel.
How do you like them apples?
Good Will Hunting, when Matt Damon gets
What's the fucking intel?
Ivan said his man
slipped through our fingers.
So somebody we came in contact with.
So who's left
that's not dead or in custody?
- Someone slipped through our fingers?
- Hmm.
The guy with the ear.
That really narrows it down.
[device beeping]
[in Russian] I know you are all on edge.
But rest easy,
we will bring our comrade home.
And what about the bomb?
Our buyer will have to wait.
Bring the car around.
[cell phone beeps]
[people cheering]
[Vald] Give me an update.
This woman is the main technical expert
on the government's team.
She says the others
are helpless without her.
Bring me that juicy meat stick.
I'm gonna snap in two like a Slim Jim.
She is indispensable?
Then dispense of her.
I will send Josef to pick you up.
Just make it quiet.
Sharonda! You gotta see this.
He's spinning his thing around
like a propeller.
I'll take care of her.
[Maya whooping]
[Ivan coughs]
- [officer] Let's go. The medic's waiting.
- [coughs]
Shit. What's wrong?
[both grunting]
Alert the Pentagon.
I got a lead on the nuke.
You mean we got a lead. We got a lead.
- I'll contact Joint Chiefs.
- I'll inform Langley.
Are you sure
this creep is telling the truth?
Yes, and once Chen decrypts the phone,
we'll be able to track down
the guy with the ear.
[gun firing]
What the fuck was that?
[lock beeps]
Drop it.
Now I'm ready to go back to my cell.
Get this piece of shit out of here.
Fuck. How we supposed to track
the ear guy now?
We need Lerner.
[all cheering]
I'm ready, girls and boys ♪
I'm ready to make some noise ♪
I'm ready to lose control ♪
I'm ready to bear your soul ♪
I'm ready to do it right ♪
Ooh! Interception, biatch.
No Apple for you, Eve.
Oh, my God. It's so good!
- [man] Here you go, babe. Two Palomas.
- Thank you.
- [cheering continues]
- [song continues playing]
[Chad] Tech Chick has got to be somewhere.
Anyone called the hotel to check her room?
Yeah. Of course, we did.
Didn't we?
Don't look at me.
I was the designated driver.
Got her.
Her credit card was swiped
at a place called Engorge LLC.
What the hell is that?
Oh! That's a credit card alias
for Big Willy's.
We need to work up intel
on this Big Willy fellow.
It's dicks, Paul.
Yeah, it's a strip club.
Get the Vulture ready.
We're heading to town.
She's coming with us.
What? No, she's a civilian.
She spent the last 72 hours
with Ivan Koslov.
If she remembers something
I want her by my side.
Ah! Finally! I can't wait
to get the fuck out of here.
You're gonna love Big Willy's.
Mmm. I don't know if it's your scene.
[chuckles softly]
[Sharonda] Hey, girlfriend!
You missed the most amazing dancer.
He was doing things with his abs
that I'm sure abs aren't supposed to do.
It was like cats running around in there,
but in a good way.
Well, I'm here now.
Let's keep the party going. Drink up.
Hello, ladies.
What are we celebrating tonight?
Oh, hey. I loved your performance.
Thank you. I couldn't help
but notice you when I was on stage.
Mind if I sit?
- Actually, we were
- Sure.
Thank you. Jeremy, by the way.
- Pleasure.
- With an M.
[Jeremy] Okay.
[helicopter blades whirring]
Will you strap him in?
- You're gonna get him killed!
- He's fine.
I know what I'm doing.
A little fresh air will do him good.
I can't believe we left them sandwiches!
Will you let it go already?
Have some water.
It's better than nothing. I got you.
You all right?
I never had a chance to pee.
You should try to urinate
seven times a day.
Bacteria can build up and give you a UTI.
- I always aim for an even ten.
- Not helpful, Paul!
Oh, my God.
Everybody look away.
We're all adults here.
That's an order. Look away.
- [groans]
- [urinating]
[continues urinating]
Damn, Winters. You sure one can is enough?
Uh I I don't know.
Jesus! How much did you drink?
It's a thin can. Do you have another?
If she has another I'm going ballistic.
Okay. Yeah, we're done.
I swear we're all professionals.
- Most of the time.
- I've peed in weirder places.
- [helicopter trembles]
- [shrieks]
- Oh, shit!
- [Trunk] McKnight, no!
- McKnight!
- [screams]
- Paul! Hover!
- Shit.
[Trunk] McKnight!
[Chad grunts]
- I'm slipping! He's too heavy!
- [Ava] Grab my hand!
Fuck no! We're 400 pounds combined.
No way you can hold us!
I grab your hand,
all three of us are dead!
Just shut up and grab my hand!
No way!
Ugh! [spits]
- Ugh! It's in my mouth!
- You're slipping!
[Ava] McKnight!
Oh! Fuck!
[strained grunting]
[Trunk] I got you.
[both grunting]
[strained grunting]
Shit. Shit!
[breathes heavily]
Did you eat asparagus?
[Maya] So then when
I was a sophomore at MIT,
I hacked into Google's
data center in Oregon,
and changed their algorithms,
so whenever people looked up
serial killers, they got ads for cereal.
But what I didn't realize
was it had the reverse effect.
The next day, Kellogg's got complaints
from people
who were looking up Rice Krispies
but got images of mutilated bodies.
That's crazy!
You know, I love how smart you are.
What do you say we go to the back room?
I can give you a private dance
and hear more about
these wild days at MIT.
Backroom. Sounds naughty.
Are you gonna be okay here without me?
Oh, of course, of course,
but let's do a toast before you leave.
To my new bestie!
Friends forever!
Until the day we die, baby.
Oh! Oh, no, I can't drink this.
It has grapefruit in it.
I'm allergic to citrus.
I'm sorry.
But the cheers still counts, right?
To the back room!
[shrieks, giggles]
Can I at least come in
for a drink or something?
Oh! We're not getting drinks.
Uh, Paul, can you watch her?
- Do I have a choice?
- No.
[Lana] Ugh!
There you go.
Wait, why are we bringing Hagerty?
There's strippers, there's blow,
there's blow, there's meth.
That's what the doctor said
will wake him up.
[Trunk] Doctor's orders.
Hey! Can I fly the plane?
["Cherry Pie" by Warrant playing]
She's my cherry pie ♪
Cool drink of water
Such a sweet surprise ♪
Tastes so good
Makes a grown man cry ♪
Sweet cherry pie ♪
Oh, yeah! [giggles]
If you like desserts,
you should try my banana split.
They have ice cream here?
This place really is the best.
No. It's
Here, I'll show you.
Your dick is the banana.
But you'll love this.
- [crying]
- What's wrong? Lactose intolerant?
[hip-hop music playing]
[Sharonda] No more fucking around
with this bitch.
[girls screaming]
Are all male strip clubs this packed?
Why are you asking me?
I mean, it just seems like a fun place.
Yo, yo, Trunk. My man!
We got four new dancers tonight.
You want your usual table?
I'm good.
All right.
All right,
let's all spread out and find Maya.
Without her,
we do not track down this All right?
Rendezvous with the Vulture in ten.
[Chad] I got it.
- Oh, wow.
- What is it? You find her?
No, but this ecstasy is hitting me
so amazing right now.
Guys, if we end up dying,
I just want to say, I love y'all.
I love you.
I hate all of you.
Get your head in the game
and find Maya.
- [chortles] Ooh!
- Bing!
Hey, stud. You came to the right table.
I'm actually looking for someone.
Maybe you can help me find her.
[gasps] I got her right here.
Holy shit. You're hot!
- [woman] This is Janet.
- Yeah.
- It's her divorce party!
- Uh-huh.
on your failed marriage, Janet.
[crowd cheering]
[Trunk] Look natural.
All right, I'm right here, buddy.
Trunk is going to help wake you up.
[cell phone chiming]
There you go, baby.
Damn. Fuck.
Fuck it.
Ew. No, no. No titties in here. Biatch.
Fuck off.
[camera shutter clicks]
[woman moaning]
You want to be the cowboy or horse?
Usually I'm a cut to the chase guy
but today I need to find this girl.
You found her.
It's settled. You're the horse!
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
[Chad] Ow! Ow!
Fuck, you're bending my dick. [groans]
And then the cherry fell off my nipple.
Oh, God.
I'm never gonna be able
to look him in the eye.
Hey, stop it. Okay?
I bet McKnight thinks very highly of you.
He doesn't even know my name.
I'm just another tech geek to him.
Tech geek?
Not anymore.
You showed your wild side tonight, Maya.
The table is set.
Fuck that bitch, Ava. Okay?
You need to take what's yours.
- You think so?
- I know so.
Why don't we start having some fun?
[both laugh]
[Maya] Jeremy, you got it up my nose.
[DJ] All right, ladies,
let's hear it for Mr. Clean.
[dance music playing]
Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
Gotta love this place, huh?
Just wish the dances were free.
Am I right, huh? [chuckles]
You taking a little nappy nap?
Good for you.
Good for you.
I need pills.
[sighs] Hmm!
[imitates beeping]
Oh! Oh-ho!
What do we got here?
[gasps] You gonna buy me a dancey dance?
You are so generous,
I'm gonna owe you one.
Fellas, look who's flush again.
Yes, come to Daddy, boys.
Yeah, yeah.
Look at that move for you too, big boy.
Yes, yes, get in that no-no hole.
Mind if I have a sip of your cocktail?
Damn! Come on, hydrate my face, Barry.
Oh, shit! Oh, shit.
- [man] There you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, partner.
- Shit.
You got meth?
I asked the guy to give me
some Heisenberg level shit.
It is blue.
Yeah. Open his mouth.
- All of that?
- Let's just hope this shit works.
Here we go. That's okay. Good.
- [spits]
- Shit!
Whoo! [chuckles nervously]
You're so right. It's not over.
Next time I see him, he's mine.
[Jeremy] Damn right.
That's what I'm talking about, Maya.
Drop it.
Either the gun and the bag hit the floor,
or your brains do. It's your choice.
That's right. Down on your knees.
[both grunting]
[Maya] Ava?
You bitch, that's my friend!
[Ava] Maya, no!
Stop fighting!
[both grunting]
What the fuck? What the fuck?
You bitch.
Winters, what the hell?
- McKnight! No!
- I got this, Maya.
- You called me Maya.
- Isn't that [grunts]
Sharonda! No.
That's the guy I was telling you about.
Oh! Hell no!
We paid for that dancer, you skank!
- Oh, shit.
- I'm gonna ride you like a bull!
Get the fuck off me, Janet!
- Eight-second Champion.
- [Ava] She's running.
[Janet screams]
[Chad and Ava grunting]
Block the exits. Bogey on the loose.
Will someone tell me
what the hell is going on?
[Angela] Got her.
There's no escape.
[man retching]
[woman screaming]
Call 911! We need an ambulance!
- [Ava] Shit! She's getting away!
- Oh, shit!
[Chad] God damn it!
- What happened to Hagerty?
- He's fine. Come on.
[Chad panting]
- Who the hell was that?
- Must be working for Ivan.
- I fucking hate you!
- I can't.
Take it easy. I got problems
with her too but she just saved your life.
She's a Russian asset.
She was going to kill you.
You expect me to believe that
after you fucked McKnight?
What? You boned the boss?
Does it count if I didn't finish?
[Trunk] How the fuck you not finish?
Can we not talk about this?
Uh, she's not gonna kill herself, is she?
[tires screeching]
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Wow!
Hey, sorry, guys.
I'm gonna have to join this party.
[all exclaiming excitedly]
Not gonna be that kind of party, okay?
Listen up.
The US government's
commandeering this bus. Everybody out.
Back off, tough guy.
I picked up the bill for this pussymobile.
Did you keep the receipt?
[all screaming]
- There.
- [Chad] On it.
They're on us.
- [Chad] They're heading towards the Strip.
- [tires screeching]
[Ava] Here. You dropped these.
I need you to decrypt this phone
as fast as you can.
Why the hell should I help you?
I would love to talk this out
with you right now
but remember that nuke
we deactivated earlier?
Turns out it was a fake
and the real one is still out there
and we only have
about six hours to find it.
- Shit!
- Exactly.
Okay. Uh, where's my laptop?
I left it at the party.
We have to go back.
- There's no time.
- She yakked all over it.
It's dead.
[Ava] Come on, Maya.
Give me the phone.
[Angela] Guys?
- [snoring]
- [Ava] Jesus fucking Christ.
- I'm on it.
- Hang on!
[tires screeching]
They wanna play? Let's play.
What is she doing?
Oh, that's not good.
Get us away from that fucking thing.
What do you think I'm doing?
[Ava grunts]
- Shit!
- [grunts]
[Ava grunting]
Get him off me.
I can feel his dick in my belly button.
[Trunk] Oh, shit.
You sure that dude didn't sell you Viagra?
At least part of him is up.
- Get him off of me!
- [Trunk] Shit!
You all right, bud?
I am now. My name's Pete.
Yeah, good for you, Pete.
- [Ava] Shit, she's reloading.
- [Chad] Yeah, I can see that.
[tires screeching]
[brakes screeching]
[Ava] Fuck!
Brace yourself.
This one is going to be a lot closer.
Thank God, Air Force stayed sober.
Great shot, Paul! Fuck yeah!
That's the job, McKnight.
I always have my eyes on you.
[male voice] And I always
have my eyes on you, Paulie.
We smoked that bitch good.
What the
Trust me, if your wife saw that shit,
she'd be sucking both our dicks.
Oh, yeah.
[mimics gagging]
That's your wife!
What the fuck?
[Ava] Everything okay up there, Paul?
[breathing heavily]
Yeah, I just
Never mind.
All good. I'm coming down to you.
Hey, you tell anybody about this,
I will find you and I will kill you.
As you should.
- Can I get your
- Just go, Pete. Bye.
- [growls]
- [Maya] Got it.
It's a tracker.
Someone named Vladislav Litvin.
He's Ivan's courier. The guy with the ear.
- This is live.
- So if we follow this dot?
We get the guy with the bomb.
[on answering machine] Hey, honey.
You've reached Sharonda.
You know what to do.
[in Russian] Our friend isn't answering.
What about Josef?
- No.
- Dead then.
It's the Americans.
They aren't going away easily.
We've underestimated them.
- [Trunk] Hit up a drive-thru?
- [Chad] We're tracking the ear guy.
- On the bus.
- We blew up a car.
It's okay. They were the bad guys.
They have their top people on us.
[Trunk] If they hit a drive-thru?
- [Angela] Give it a rest.
- I'm not talking to you.
They are a serious problem.
Don't stick your nose in more butts.
[Vlad] We have to step up
our performance to meet theirs.
All good.
[Angela] Fuck yeah.
[driver] Should we return
to the safe house?
We proceed with the plan.
They think they have the upper hand.
But they will soon be proven wrong.
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