Obliterated (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


Rubbing shoulders
with the founder of bitcoin.
- Watch your step, bro.
- On her tab!
[both laughing]
Oh, shit! As you were, soldier. [laughs]
Yo. You fucked up, man.
Fuck you.
No. Fuck you. She was hot.
She was fine.
Like, six and a half, seven in the dark.
- You turning down sevens now?
- [burps]
- Excuse me, Mr. Clooney.
- [urinating]
- Come on, man.
- Fuck, she was hot, wasn't she, bro?
- Oh, fuck, man.
- [zipper closes]
Okay, we're gonna go back in
and then you
are gonna play nice with her friend.
- No, fuck that.
- Yeah.
I'm not getting with that Sasquatch.
Whoa! Hey. You owe me for Tahoe, bro.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
Hey, I'm just trying to get
this night back on track, okay?
Look, couple drinks, some laughs,
so before, you know it it'll be
"One, two, I unbuckle her shoe."
"Three, four,
she shoves my fat dick right in the"
What the fuck?
Did you hit someone?
- What? Of course not.
- I just got off with Langdon.
Things have gotten noisy,
we need to tighten up.
- Can I just drive?
- I don't know, can you?
[Ava] Slow down.
We got till 9:00 a.m.,
we're on a ticking clock.
But I don't want Litvin to spot us.
He will, when I rip him from his car
and beat the crap out of him.
You're not beating anyone.
Last time you did, a witness got killed.
- [sighs]
- We're in surveillance mode.
With Koslov out of play,
Litvin is in charge of the bomb.
If he doesn't know we're watching,
he'll lead us to it.
Or send us on a wild goose chase
for the next six hours
till the nuke goes off.
Yung, how's it going?
[Paul] I have a visual.
The target is a black SUV
Northbound on Interstate 15.
He's about five klicks ahead of you,
keeping a steady pace.
[cell phone ringing]
- Yes?
- [man] You owe me a package.
The delivery will be made,
but the schedule has changed.
I'm not the kind of man you jerk around.
I can be a real son of a bitch
when I'm unhappy.
I'm not the kind of man
who cowers from empty threats.
The only thing running
on empty is my patience.
I am on a strict timeline.
I have to make this go kaboom tonight.
Tell Koslov, if he doesn't get me
my bomb in the next 30 minutes,
he won't like what happens next.
The schedule has changed.
Then you leave me no choice.
[exclaims in frustration]
Hey, you got any food?
Chocolate bar? Licorice?
A fucking Tic Tac?
Sorry, no.
Look, I'm fucking starving, too.
I'd kill all of you for quesarito.
Any luck?
These are all the potential buyers
in the market for a nuclear weapon
so if anyone seems remotely familiar,
it'll help us figure the Russians' plans.
Sorry, I go to a lot of parties.
I meet a lot of people,
it all just kind of, like, blurs.
And also doesn't help that
all these guys are extremely un-fuckable.
That's kind of a biggie
on whether or not I'll remember someone.
I'll probably remember three of you guys.
- Just do your best.
- Okay.
Maya, did you run
A crosscheck of the NSA database
to see if Litvin's ever been arrested?
Yeah, obviously.
And if I found something I would've
told you because I'm not a sneaky bitch.
What happened to I don't shit where I eat?
It was the ecstasy.
No. Bullshit.
There were plenty of women at the party.
You could have fucked anyone.
But you had to fuck Winters.
It was like a hate-fuck situation, okay?
I thought I'd never see her again.
Take down the target, move on.
That's how we roll, right?
- Right.
- [Ava] Let's talk.
We already had our talk
and you were right,
I am an American hero,
so I can do any fucking thing I want.
[cell phone chimes]
Wish I could be there tonight, sweetheart.
What the
Who is this dipshit?
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
- [Chad] Why, what's your guy doing now?
- Oh! Uh
They're off the 15 now,
heading East on Carson Avenue.
Wait, he's pulling over.
You're only two klicks behind him now.
[engine revving]
[in Russian] You want us to come?
No. Stay here and keep your eyes open.
Litvin's heading to Fremont Street.
[Ava] Pull over here.
He's a block north, heading west.
[Chad] There he is.
Shitty blazer, 20 yards up.
We've got Litvin.
- Leave the heavy artillery, sidearms only.
- Got it.
Can't afford
to attract any more attention.
Let's move.
The fuck you looking at me for?
Drop that low ♪
I ain't come lonely, once on me ♪
[people cheering]
Drop that low ♪
But you scared that,
don't want from me ♪
Drop that low ♪
We get back, I hate no gummy ♪
I see you baby ♪
Ribs out, drop that low ♪
Like this money on the flow ♪
Drop it like is half of the stone ♪
Just make sure you pick it up slow ♪
Dot's still moving heading Northwest.
I wish my dot would move.
How long does it take
to put nine quesaritos,
five Crunchwrap Supremes,
four Nachos BellGrande in a fucking bag?
I got eyes on the douchebag
headed toward the Four Queens Casino.
Keep your pace.
We don't want to spook him.
Okay, he's going in.
We still just watching?
Affirmative. Move in, but don't engage.
[Angela] Fuck. This whole place
is a sensory overload.
[slot machines chiming]
My eleven o'clock.
Assume he knows our faces,
keep your distance.
All right, spread out.
Remember, this is the guy
threatening to nuke Las Vegas.
He's here for a reason,
do not take your eyes off of him.
Lerner, can you access the cameras?
Casino security is a fickle bitch.
I'll try through a back door.
I knew a girl like that in high school.
Good luck.
[slot machine beeping]
What's he looking at?
[Angela] Directions.
Back on the move,
heading toward the food court.
My man.
[Chad] Trunk, stay by the ATM's.
Gomez, you take the slot machines.
I'm going to head to the craps tables,
should have a good view
of the food court from there.
[indistinct chatter]
[camera shutter clicks]
[keys tapping]
[cell phone chimes]
Maya, can you unblock my number?
I'm sending you a photo
of the lady working the noodle counter.
- You think this is an exchange?
- Yeah, an exchange of cash for noodles.
Probably. It's called due diligence.
No stone unturned.
You want me get a slice from Sbarro,
get a closer look?
I can get a whole pie
of whatever is better.
Stay put.
Maya, how we doing?
No dice on the cameras,
but facial recognition
got a hit on the noodle girl.
And McKnight was right,
she's a noodle girl.
Thanks, Maya.
You were wrong, Ava.
- Thank you, Maya.
- [chuckles]
[Paul] I don't care if you approve.
That guy looks 28 years old.
Fine, fine.
Is she home yet? I want to say hi.
Away for the weekend? She's 18.
Okay, okay. Where did they go?
Las Vegas?
[Ava] How're we doing, McKnight?
I've got a good look at him here.
I'm going to blend in keep my eye on him.
[dealer] New roller.
[Ava] Remember surveillance mode,
just keep it cool.
[Chad] Don't worry, I got this.
Give me 12.
Tell me you didn't bet the 12.
What's wrong with 12?
It's a sucker bet.
Your odds are 35 to 1
but the payouts only 30 to 1.
You might as well
throw your money in a toilet.
It's the highest number.
I'm sticking with it.
[dealer] Eight the Hard Way.
The point is eight.
What happened?
You lost your money.
How much do you have left?
Thirty-one dollars.
- What? Really?
- That's not a lot of money.
- Did you not get your allowance this week?
- I don't carry cash on a mish.
Hey, guys, remember the nuke?
Relax. Litvin's still hoovering noodles.
[Maya] Here's what we'll do
the point eight.
Five dollars on the pass line,
25 odds behind.
You roll an 8 before a 7,
we can build bankroll
and ride till morning.
- You ready to mount up?
- Yes, ma'am.
Can I put my last dollar on 12?
You do and I'll break your dick.
[dealer] Eight. Winner.
Holy shit, Tech Chick.
You fucking nailed it!
That's what I'm talking about!
[grunts] Ow!
All right, now we got some juice,
it's time to come.
That came out wrong.
I meant we're gonna bet the come
Buy you a drink?
No, thank you. I got one.
You know the boys and I
are in town for tile expo.
I'm in the sandstone game.
None of that ceramics bullshit.
Excuse my French.
You been working here long?
I don't work here.
Right, you're not working,
I'm not a customer.
We're just a couple people at a bar,
having a couple drinks.
Settling on a price.
Okay. I'm not working like that.
No, of course not.
You're just
in a little black dress at a casino bar,
scanning older men for no reason.
If you don't leave right now,
I'm going to yell rape or pedophile.
Pick your choice.
You know, maybe don't stand
at the stove wearing a chef's hat,
people are going to expect omelets.
- What the fuck is happening?
- [Maya] You know what they say?
If it walks like a slut
and quacks like a slut
Okay, you know what, Maya?
I am so done with your
Shit, I lost visual.
He's re-saucing.
It's not sriracha, could be oyster.
Maybe dark soy.
What you want to do
is add a little bit of both.
Add some toasted sesame.
You never want to overwhelm it
with a singular flavor profile.
[Ava] Paul, this may take a minute.
Stay and keep an eye on that vehicle.
- [automated voice] Autopilot activated.
- [line ringing]
Hey, it's Jen. Don't leave a message.
Jen, it's Dad again.
I'm not mad,
I just need you to call me back.
It's about Vegas.
You can't come here,
just stay away from Vegas.
[Chad] Let's go up on a hard four,
max bet across the board,
and let's throw a hundo on the field
and let's hop on the five
just for the shits.
You're making a hot bet
just to fuck with me right?
Just making sure
you're still with me, Lady Luck.
I'm not sitting back there in that stink.
I'm doing government business.
So was I, but now I'm bored.
Ugh. I can't even get on TikTok.
Here, TikTok to your heart's content.
Thank you.
- [dealer] Point nine winner.
- Yes!
Shit! I told you, Carl!
I told you, motherfucker.
I fuckin' told you.
- USA!
- [crowd chanting] USA! USA! USA!
All right, slow your roll, McKnight,
you're attracting a lot of attention.
[Chad] This is what happens
at a casino, Winters.
People win, they get happy.
It's the American dream.
Noodles in the trash.
Looks like he left
a bunch of good bites, too.
[Chad] What now? We watched the guy eat,
you want to make bets
whether he gets a drink?
Target on the move towards the elevators.
McKnight and I will follow,
you guys stay here.
Stay here?
You're my best eye.
I need you looking for surprises.
Trunk, in tighter quarters,
you're harder to hide.
That's okay.
You don't have to hide anything from us.
It's fine. I'll watch the doors.
Hey, watch my chips.
I gotta go save the world real quick.
Slow down. We're getting too close.
[elevator bell dings]
[electronic music playing]
What, uh What floor are you?
- Okey-dokey.
- [elevator door closes]
I guess he's got it covered. [chuckles]
- [chortles]
- Damn it.
[man] Which floor are you again?
[woman] Um, eight? No. Maybe twelve.
- [man] It's got to be one of these.
- God damn it.
It's all good.
Our one eared man won't get away.
Our girls are like white on rice,
right, Lady Luck?
[Maya] Sure thing.
You know I always got your back.
Get it, girl.
Litvin just got off the elevator.
He's on the 19th floor.
Get the fuck out.
Jesus Christ,
we're only on the second floor.
Should we take the stairs?
Running up 17 flights?
That won't get us there any faster.
[elevator bell dings]
[Maya] Litvin is at the end of the hall.
Fuck it.
[Ava] Are you serious?
Come on!
[Maya] Litvin is entering a room.
[door unlocks]
[gun cocks]
What's the password, bitch?
[man] Bobby, quit busting balls.
Let him in.
["Mammy Blue" by Pop-Tops playing]
- Oh, Mamy, oh, Mamy, Mamy Blue ♪
- Oh, Mamy ♪
Oh, Mamy Blue ♪
- I may be your forgotten son ♪
- Oh, Mamy ♪
Sorry about that.
Bobby saw Dom Irrera at the Orleans,
now he thinks he's a comedian.
Anyway, you made it right on time.
At 2:30 on the dot.
I'm always on time.
And I told you to come alone.
Hey, we all need backup
just in case, right?
Don't mind Tracy,
it's like she's not even here.
The world disappears
when she's got her candy to crush.
- What happened to your ear?
- Hey! Manners.
Sorry. Kids today have no respect.
Can I get you something?
I have an untouched Wellington
from Hugo's cellar.
So good you wanna frame it.
You know what I need.
Are you ready or not?
Of course, I'm ready.
Lenny is always ready.
You want drugs?
I get you the purest blow in town.
You want muscle,
I can get you a bus full of guys
that make Bobby look like a teddy bear.
You know I always deliver.
What you're asking for
ain't exactly on the regular menu.
You said you can handle it.
I know what I said, babe,
but if you want me to scratch your back,
I'm going to need some scratch too,
in advance.
[elevator bell dings]
[sighs in exasperation]
Fucking close.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
I shouldn't have had so much champagne.
Or beer. Or tequila. Or vod [retches]
[groans, pants]
Boot and fucking rally.
Come on. Why the fuck did you stop?
[Ava] Trunk, keep watching the tracker.
Let us know if he moves.
[man] Large Meat Lovers for Jill.
Hey, guys, I moved to the food court.
It's easier to blend in.
Yeah, easier to blend
into a large pepperoni too.
[elevator bell dings]
I'm on 19. Get ready to alert the hotel
Here. Here. I'm here.
- Come on.
- [breathes heavily]
[gun cocks]
Let's move closer,
see if we can hear what's going on.
It's too risky,
if he exits the room we'll be exposed.
We'll see on the tracker
if he goes to the door.
Okay, but we pull out before he comes.
I didn't.
But that isn't
my standard operating procedure.
I can't hear anything.
Money's all there.
Sorry about making you
jump through all those hoops.
In this town, you never know
who's being real or not.
Just make sure
the planes are there 8:00 a.m. sharp.
You got it.
You mind telling me
what or who we're carrying?
Don't worry about things
you don't need to.
[mockingly] Ooh! Such a tough guy.
[Lenny] Don't mind her.
She's just mad she's missing
Zendaya's birthday at the Palms
with all the TikTokers and that nonsense.
Anything else I can get you?
How about a vodka Cel-Ray?
Something refreshing, cold.
There is one more thing I want.
[woman screaming]
[man groaning]
[moaning in pleasure]
What the fuck?
[both grunting]
Where is Litvin?
[Maya] He's gotta be in that room,
you should be right on top of him.
[Chad] Shit. It's really kicking in again.
Are you guys here for Jeff's fuck-fest?
'Cause you don't look like your photos.
Not that I'm complaining.
Definitely, not complaining.
[Maya] What's Jeff's fuck-fest?
Where are you guys?
Shit, this is Litvin's phone.
We've been fucking made.
[chuckles softly] You wanna join in?
[Ava] McKnight, time to go.
- You want to leave?
- You want to stay?
- Later, Jeff.
- So no?
All right.
- Happy Anniversary, sweetheart.
- [woman moaning loudly]
[elevator bell dings]
[line ringing]
[in Russian] The meeting was successful
we'll have Ivan back soon
but the Americans have been tailing us.
You go. I'll find my way out.
Let's go.
[helicopter hovering]
[device beeping]
The driver made me.
Litvin's men got back in the car.
They're leaving without him.
- Stay with them.
- Copy that.
How did One-Ear know we're on to him?
- Probably spotted you downstairs.
- That's bullshit.
Maybe you were busy cheating
with your new bestie to notice.
[Maya] We didn't cheat,
we just played the odds.
- Screw this. I'm taking the stairs.
- Again?
[elevator bell dings]
Here, let me help.
[sighs] Someone check the lobby.
Make sure he does not leave.
Copy. I've got the casino.
Trunk, you cover the doors.
Is my double meat lovers
with extra jalapenos done yet?
Fuck. Who's the manager?
Who's the Fuck!
I'm making good time,
going down is a lot easier.
[yells] Fuck!
- [Ava] McKnight, what happened?
- [groans]
- Are you okay?
- [grunts]
All good.
[elevator bell dinging]
[Ava] I'm stuck in this fucking elevator.
- [Angela] Ah! Colors.
- [Ava] Anyone see him?
Uh, I'm I'm looking.
[Ava] We cannot let Vlad leave the casino
or we are fucked. Stay vigilant.
[gasps] Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
I don't know.
I don't even know where I am. [chuckles]
- I just I don't want this night to end.
- No.
- I've never felt so alive in my life.
- [both chuckle]
Yung, what's going on
with the Russians' vehicle?
- They're hightailing it out of the city.
- [Ava] Stay on 'em.
Trunk, you got anything?
Yeah, no signs of Litvin.
[cell phone vibrating]
Who's this?
It's Charlie, from Postmates.
I got your Taco Bell order
and I am at the address.
I had to move,
I'm at the Four Queens Casino.
We're not supposed to go to a new address
after the order's already been picked up.
Okay, I'll give you a bigger tip.
[crunching over call]
Are you eating my nachos del grande?
Sorry, you're breaking up.
I can't hear you.
I can't believe I was gonna settle down
to boring town with boring Billy.
[giggles] I
You turn something on me.
You turn a lot of things on in me.
Um, but you know, you saw the videos.
There There was more than one video?
Yeah, there were seven.
You didn't get them?
No, I want
- Let me airdrop them to you.
- Yeah, airdrop them, yeah.
[Sarah] You want to get a room
and pick up where we left off?
Believe me, I want to more than anything,
but I really can't right now.
- Why not?
- Because I'm working.
Then why are you rubbing my pussy?
[moaning softly]
Oh! Oh!
[Sarah chuckles]
It's just you and the molly,
it's like the ultimate combination.
No, but seriously, I gotta go.
- Yeah, I'll call you.
- Mmm
Get your ass to the Four Queens Casino
before I drop zero stars on you.
You get me?
Jeez, all right. I'm coming, I'm coming.
I looked all around the casino.
He's not there.
[Ava] He must've gotten outside
but can't be far.
Search Fremont high and low.
You stay low, I'll go high.
Lerner, pull the CCTV footage
on Fremont Street.
I need eyes everywhere.
Sorry, I need a screen that's bigger
than a freakin' playing card.
My laptop, for instance.
Why don't you get over yourself
and hurry the fuck up?
Sorry. Not you.
- I'm in.
- [Hagerty farts]
[Ava] Run an ocular scan
of everyone leaving.
[elevator bell dings]
Elevator's full. Take the next one.
Looks like there's room.
- Take the fucking next one!
- [exclaims]
- [Ava] Still got eyes on that vehicle?
- Affirmative. I'm on him.
Oh, you're on him, all right.
Just like your daughter's
on that sleaze-bag slippery hog. [laughs]
When you picture it, is he circumcised?
Because I've got an image in my head
and, buddy, it's not pretty.
- Where'd he go?
- [Ava] Yung, what's going on up there?
Paul, what's happening?
I don't know.
- [Ava] Just stay glued to that SUV.
- [gasps]
Shit, I lost them.
Son of a bitch.
Get the Vulture back here.
Fuck. Fuck.
- Sorry, guys.
- Where's this shithead?
Fuck. Litvin ditched his jacket.
He's altering his appearance. Anything?
Pockets are empty.
Jacket's giving us nothing
except it's softer than anything
a man should ever wear.
My God, it's incredible.
Oh, my God.
That's more than a fart.
Hagerty just shit his pants.
Smell in here's a special kind of awful.
What about the fucking scan?
The rodeo just let out,
there's tons of cowboy hats
obscuring people's faces.
Okay, I can't stay on this bus.
No, no.
Check everyone with a cowboy hat.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [people cheering]
Fuck. No sign of him. Gomez?
I see Litvin,
he's headed toward the East exit.
Everyone get there now.
Move! Move, move, move.
I have the target on my sight.
What do you want me to do?
Shoot to stop, not to kill.
Aim for the kneecaps.
Fuck. I missed.
What? You never miss.
[Trunk] Not the food.
[woman] Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
- [man] What happened?
- [crying]
[woman] What does it look like?
My fucking elbow exploded! What the fuck?
I see Litvin. He's getting away.
He's at the end of the street. Shit!
Lerner, use the bus to block his path.
I'm not on the bus.
I mean, I had to right?
- [Ava] Maya, what's going on?
- You don't wanna know what I'm doing.
Oh, shit, he's coming towards me.
- Fucking stop him!
- How?
Do whatever it takes.
It's your time to shine.
[Maya] Okay.
Oh, shit.
- No, please, please don't kill me.
- [gun cocks]
- [zapping]
- [grunts]
[groaning weakly]
Lerner, sit-rep!
He's being taken off.
- [Ava] Taken off? By who?
- I don't know.
[Ava] Fuck!
[tires screeching]
You okay?
What happened?
This guy came out of nowhere,
he had a cattle prod and took off in limo.
- Did you get a license plate?
- It was black.
Yung, we're looking
for a black limo, just left the area.
- [breathing heavily]
- Yung, are you with us?
Black limo, do you see it?
[Paul] Yeah. I see a black limo.
And another and another and another.
Of course.
The douchebags-in-limos
capital of the world.
- Did you get a good look at him?
- Yeah, but I've never his face before.
I have.
Ivan had to make a stop once
when I was with him.
He said it was like a business thing
so I waited in the car,
- but that guy was there.
- Where was the meeting?
Some warehouse.
Not sure of the address.
There was a junkyard next to it.
[Ava] Anything else that narrows it down?
Oh! It was like a graveyard
for old carnival rides.
There was a Ferris wheel, but dead.
I know where that is.
[man] Tell me again about your schedule.
What is so damn important,
that you would upend our agreement
and upset a man of my temperament?
[in Russian] Fuck you.
You know, I don't like it
when you speak Russian.
I can't understand you
and I want us to understand each other.
Wanna help our friend understand?
[electricity crackling]
There's the limo. We got 'em.
- [guns cocking]
- We go in quiet.
Find out about that warehouse.
If there's security cams you can hack.
I'm already in.
There are a lot of dudes with guns.
We've got guns too,
and they don't know we're coming.
- [zapping]
- [grunting, screaming]
You are tough. I get it.
The fucked up ear thing, very scary.
You and your boss, very formidable.
But here is the thing that you missed
I am formidable too.
Ehren, let's show him what I mean.
[voices cheering, echoing]
- [Chad] Psst. Hey, Gomez, let's go.
- [voices stop]
[man] Now, three things
are about to happen,
two of which you can't do shit about.
The third one, that's still up to you.
One, you are going to tell me
where my bomb is.
Two, I am going to take it.
And three, now this is one
that you still have some say in,
Ehren is going to cut off your good ear
just to make sure
that there is no further miscommunication.
Can you hear me now?
[in English] Fuck you.
Suit yourself.
Take it.
[restrained grunting]
You hear that?
Shit. Can you pick this lock?
Yeah, but with all due respect,
fuck surveillance mode.
Get him out of here.
[men grunting]
Fuck, there are a lot of dudes with guns.
Then we kill them all.
Not Litvin, we need him alive.
Gomez, your left.
[grunting, groaning]
Trunk, your three.
[both grunting]
Lana, we need to move.
No, shit! I wasn't ready.
I need help out here.
- Lana ran for cover.
- On it.
[guns firing]
Winters, cover me up top.
- [Chad] Come here, motherfucker.
- [grunts]
[guns continue firing]
[both grunting]
I'm kicking your ass
on 12 beers and zero sleep.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! Fuck you.
Free me.
Got my hands full with Johnny government,
you deaf and blind?
If they take me,
you will never get your bomb.
At least you're calling it my bomb.
We're getting somewhere.
- [guns firing]
- [man grunts]
Free me. I will take you to it.
[Chad grunting]
Take your bitch ass to sleep.
- [muffled screaming]
- [shushing]
It's okay, all right? I got you.
Okay. Let's get you out of here.
Stay behind me, okay.
- [zapping]
- [screams]
Clear. You good?
- They must have left with Litvin.
- Where are these shitheads?
[helicopter blades whirring]
[man] Get him in!
Trunk! Trunk!
[Ava] McKnight!
Gomez! Take the shot.
- I can't.
- Take the fucking shot.
- [Angela] It's the fucking molly.
- [grunting]
[Ava] McKnight, we can't risk it.
Hey, come on. Don't do this.
He's still alive.
They wouldn't have taken him if he wasn't.
We're going to get him back.
We're gonna get both of them back.
Paul, land at the bus.
These things have seat belts, right?
[Ava] Come on, Lerner, let's go. Hurry up.
Fly faster, they have Trunk.
Is someone gonna close the doors?
Paul, how fast are we flying?
130 knots.
130 knots headed due east, with winds
[voices echoing]
[Chad] Maya, pull up the map?
You have a vector?
That path will bring them somewhere here,
Lake Las Vegas.
I want to know everything
that's in that grid.
[distorted conversation]
[undistorted] One of the lake houses
have been pulling crazy amounts of energy.
How crazy?
If you were trying
to cool nuclear material.
Pull up satellite images.
On it.
[Ava] Paul, patch us
into air control comms.
What the hell? It's cake?
[gremlin] Mmm, fucking delicious, right?
This ain't no Betty Crocker shit.
Oh, yeah, let me get some.
Oh! This shit's moist as hell! [chuckles]
Ain't nothing like
the sweet taste of chopper. Mmm!
- Do you mind if I have the rest?
- You son of a bitch. [grunting]
What the fuck are you doing, Paul?
Okay, fine! It's all yours, dick.
You motherfucker!
Are you out of your fucking mind?
[Chad] He just pulled
the fucking stabilizer.
Where the fuck are you?
[man] Sir, look. They're going down!
Fuck. Fuck.
[Chad] Get this fucking thing
under control, Yung!
I don't think I can land it.
Well, I definitely can't!
- [Maya] Are we gonna crash?
- It's okay, team. It's all right.
- [automated voice] Terrain.
- Everything's gonna be
- Fuck.
- Pull up. Pull up.
Terrain ahead.
- Pull up.
- Fuck yeah!
- Pull up. Pull up.
- [Paul whimpers]
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