Obliterated (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Shots! Shots! Shots!

["Rhythm of the Night" by DeBarge playing]
[woman] When it feels like
The world is on your shoulders ♪
And all of the madness
Has got you going crazy ♪
It's time to get out,
Step out into the street ♪
Where all of the action
Is right there at your feet ♪
Well, I know a place ♪
We got a party boat across the lake.
About a dozen or so civilians.
The compound
is about 500 yards across the water,
roving patrol, three men at least.
Looks like the same guys
from the warehouse.
Any sign of Trunk?
[in Spanish] Negative.
He's gotta be in there somewhere.
Guys, I think Hagerty might be waking up.
Yes, yes.
Hagerty! Can you hear me?
I'm Britney, bitch.
You're not,
but I'm glad you're coming around.
At least he's still talking.
By the time we get the nuke,
maybe he'll be conscious to disarm it.
- [Maya] Time to go.
- [Paul] Shit. Back to the helicopter?
No, Paul. No more flying.
We could use this shack
as cover to stage for the breach.
- No, you're not
- [lock clicks]
[Chad chuckles dryly]
Can we maybe try a house instead?
With running water?
No security system,
direct line of sight to our target.
Works for me.
Look, they got a computer too.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
That's not a computer. It's an abacus.
Well, you'll have to make do.
We need tech support,
even if it's dial-up.
Yes, ma'am.
How did this thing survive Y2K?
We need to change your bandage.
Whatever you say, doc.
Just give me a three count
before you rip it off.
But go on two.
But you'll know it's coming.
- It's an old psychological trick.
- Yeah, I know it doesn't work.
- Never mind. One, two.
- [grunts]
Yeah, I saw. I saw how dumb it was.
[Chad] It's not dumb if it works.
Words to live by.
Does anyone have cell service?
[Chad] Negative.
- No.
- Shit.
[Paul] Is this real?
Thank you, Paul.
I'm calling Langdon.
Be ready to move in five.
Whoa! Whoa! Paul, Paul, Paul.
These are real too.
Scour the team's last location.
I need satellite images, heat signatures,
everything you can get in a 5-mile radius.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [woman] Yes, sir.
[cell phone beeps]
Who is this?
- Director Langdon. It's Winters.
- Ava.
Thank God. Are you all right?
Where are you calling me from?
We're at Lake Las Vegas.
We're 500 yards from the nuke.
Holy shit. Great goddamn work, Winters.
I'm not gonna lie, it's been
a whirlwind last couple of hours.
[modem beeping]
How did people survive with this?
- [Paul] Can I have some?
- [Angela and Chad] No!
Oh, hell yeah. Old school.
We believe these new buyers are using
Koslov's courier to get the nuke.
- Give me the word. I'll send the cavalry.
- Not yet, sir.
We don't have enough intel
on this new group.
They're just as likely
to detonate the nuke as surrender.
- How can I help?
- We need an ID on these buyers.
I've got a partial print
on a bloody zip tie.
- I'll scan and send.
- I'll get our analysts on it right away.
Good luck, Winters. I'm counting on you.
I know, sir.
We won't let you down.
[Maya] Right there
Lerner, I need you
to get this print to Langdon,
and I need schematics on that compound.
I'm not exactly working
with top-of-the-line equipment here.
None of us are.
It's the hand we've been dealt.
Maybe these will help.
Handmade comms à la Lerner.
Not exactly standard issue. But
[Chad] Fuck yeah.
So what do we do after we swim across?
First objective, take out their transpo.
I'll get the chopper.
Gomez, you disable the vehicles.
Patrol boat's yours.
Lerner, you're going to get us
those specs and relay it from here.
What do I do?
You're standing down.
You are in no state to do
what we're about to do.
I just did what you're about to do.
- Yeah. Except no, you didn't.
- You weren't there!
- [Angela] To be fair, neither were you.
- I have to save Jen.
I know, Paul.
I have to save my daughter!
She said she hates me,
that I'm never there for her.
Look, Yung, if you want
to fix things with your daughter
you can start by making sure
she isn't vaporized.
Okay, okay. Then let me help, please.
Okay. Here.
- Uh! Wait a sec.
- [Angela] Wanna help?
[Paul] Yeah. I'll be a helper.
Okay, Paul. This much gun
is no use to me in close quarters,
but if you get behind the scope from here
and you watch our six,
you'll be our guardian angel, Paul.
That's right, Captain.
Hey, this is a big job. Can you handle it?
I'm gonna kill every motherfucking thing
that moves over there.
Or you're going to alert
every motherfucker we're coming.
All right?
Just relay enemy positions,
let us do the killing.
What if there are more
than you can handle?
That would be a first. Just be our eyes.
Do your best
to shake off these shrooms, copy?
[Ava] All right, listen up.
Here's the plan.
We swim across, take out their transpo,
clear the house room by room
until we find the nuke.
And Trunk.
And Lana.
The bomb is our priority.
They've got numbers,
stealth is our biggest advantage.
- Got it?
- Got it.
Looks like Langdon got a hit
on your print.
Wade Maddox. Doesn't ring a bell.
He ran his own private military company,
contracted in every major hotspot
from the mid-90s to the late 2000s.
[device beeping]
They did a fair bit of work
for the agency too
when he wasn't selling his services
to the most despotic bidder.
In 2009,
he dropped off the radar completely,
presumed dead.
Until we found him trying to acquire
a nuke with an army at his disposal.
So he's a shadow operator
that knows the game and our playbook.
He managed to disappear
and stay gone for over a decade
to prep for whatever
he needs the nuke for now.
This guy doesn't fuck around.
Yep. Neither do we.
Goddamn right.
Let's finish this.
Let's go.
[gun cocks]
Go get 'em.
[muffled screaming]
[muffled] You fucking son of a bitch.
[mumbling indistinctly]
Eat me, asshole.
Maybe I will.
[Trunk, muffled] Don't you touch her!
I'm gonna rip you apart.
- You're in a talking mood.
- [grunts]
How did you find
our warehouse in Las Vegas?
Fuck your questions.
Who the fuck are you?
And who do you work for, huh?
And most importantly,
what is that, a dry rub?
[man chuckling]
Lemon pepper? Is that lemon pepper?
The warehouse
That was easy.
I just asked myself,
if I was a bunch of chickenshit
little motherfuckers,
where would I be?
You are gonna tell me what I want to know.
No. I'll fucking kill you.
Then I'm gonna kill you.
Then I'll kill the rest of those wings.
[man] No, hoss.
All done.
Besides, you're about to lose
your appetite.
[Lana] What the fuck?
We all are.
What, I'm supposed to be
scared of that? Huh?
You will be.
When I insert it and press this button.
Insert it where?
[whimpers softly]
How much longer?
Hard to say until it's done.
As soon as you disable the timer,
we can get the show on the road.
But what are you going to do
with the Russians?
Like I said, let 'em freeze.
[device beeping]
[in Russian] We should have
left Ivan and taken the money.
We'd be on a beach in the tropics
instead of freezing to death.
Focus! We have to find a way out.
There's no way out. We're fucked.
Don't be so sure
- Radio check.
- [beeps]
Five by five.
Ten by ten.
No, you don't double it, Lerner.
It's still just five by five.
What happened to McKnight?
He's an amphibian
who's been in the desert for over an hour.
He's gonna milk this for all he can.
Got eyes on the vehicles.
[Paul] Gomez, bogey on your six.
He's glowing green.
And so are you.
Good eye, Paul.
And you're on night-vision mode?
Hell yeah, I am.
Color vision.
Ava, stand fast.
Chopper pilot
on the other side of the bird.
Proceed with caution.
He may be fondling a small whip.
[man urinating]
[Paul] Careful.
There are other guards in the area.
I'll be quiet.
- Hi!
- [zipping up]
Can you help me? I fell off my boat.
Now I'm all wet and slippery.
I hate these things.
- They suffocate my breasts.
- Oh!
- Don't know why I wear these things.
- Mmm-mmm.
Oh, man.
[Paul] What is she doing?
[Ava] Almost got it.
There it is.
[man] It sure is.
- Fucking idiot.
- [grunting]
Yeah. Fuck yeah, Ava.
[Ava] Chopper's down.
Vehicles are now disabled.
Boat down. One guard dead.
Make that two guards.
And a helicopter pilot.
Hat trick, baby.
Okay, Lerner. You're up.
Do you have the compound schematics?
This doesn't have
enough processing speed to hack with.
But I found a workaround.
Straight ahead
from the dock is a bathroom.
Japanese toilet, rainfall shower,
louvered windows, easy to break into.
On it.
[Maya over radio]
Gomez, at the east entrance is one of the
Count 'em, three dens.
What exactly is this workaround, Lerner?
Come on, man. You ain't gotta do this.
I kind of do though.
If I don't do what he tells me,
you can't imagine
what this guy's capable of.
I mean, I guess you can.
[Lana] Oh!
Mary Mother of God.
Hey! Don't objectify him.
- His eyes are up there.
- [tool whirring]
You ready to talk now?
Fuck you, psycho!
You know, it never ceases to amaze me
how people think that's an insult.
Come on. No, no, no. No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
No. Wait. I'll talk.
Theater is clear, Lerner. What's next?
Sorry, it's tough to figure out.
The house is 12,000 square feet
which is actually only $548 per.
It's not bad for lakefront.
The library's clear.
Awesome. Down that hall
should be a solarium on your right
with a cute little adjoining sitting room.
Lerner, use cardinal directions.
Try and direct traffic
from a Commodore 64, Winters.
Looks like there is a gym
just north of the second den,
and a library at the west end,
past the dining room.
Won't be long before these assholes
realize their guards are MIA.
Agreed. Be thorough but quick.
Preserve the element of surprise.
Pull the trigger. Let's do this.
Oh! Motherfucker!
Whoa! Take it easy.
You know what you need? A fat fucking jay.
And I just happened to have
swiped one from that boat party.
You made me crash the Vulture,
but I know what you are now.
You're a drug hallucination.
Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.
But that doesn't mean I'm not real.
Now get over here
and smoke these drugs, you nerd.
- Ah!
- [gun clicking]
You're losing it, bud.
That's why
your daughter's screening your calls.
That's why your team took your ammo
and dumped it in the trash can
in the boathouse.
They did, huh?
We'll see about that.
[Lana] When I saw you on Fremont,
I recognized your creepy face
when Ivan left me in the car
to have a warehouse meeting.
[Trunk panting]
That's it.
That's the whole story, I swear.
What else do they know about us?
Who's on this team?
[Lana] Um
The leader, she's like a bit posh.
And the other one's sort of sporty,
and then there's one that's
like kind of scary and then
one that's a baby.
Let me guess.
That makes him Ginger.
[chuckles awkwardly]
You like jokes.
So do I.
I mean, you may not laugh at first
but I promise, you give it some time,
the tears will soon be
streaming down your face.
No. Come on, man.
You don't have to do this.
No, no. Please come on.
No, no, no. Come on.
No, no, no.
- God
- No, no, no.
No! [screams]
Oh, God!
[screaming continues]
[muffled screaming]
That's Trunk. I'm going after him.
McKnight, no.
I'm not leaving them to get tortured.
[Ava] We can't lose that nuke.
We'll come back for him
as soon as we have it.
We talked about this.
I thought we were on the same page.
We are, but I could be
on more than one page at a time.
Like a centerfold.
I'm gonna get Trunk.
We'll both help you get the nuke.
Not if the nuke and Maddox
are in the wind by then.
On me, that is a direct order.
[Trunk continues screaming]
I hear you.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
[Ava] McKnight?
[Angela] Relax, Winters.
It's just how he's hardwired.
That's what makes him
the best tactical lead
I've ever worked under.
He's always got our back
and he never leaves his people behind.
It goes for Trunk and Lana.
It goes for me and you too.
[Ava] Good for him.
None of that matters
if the bomb goes off and kills us all.
Fuck. I'm trapped in the gym.
East hallway, two guards by the door.
Shit. Are they setting up shop
or just pausing?
[Angela] Just pausing, I think.
I'll wait them out. Stand by.
Great to see you! Let's work out!
I hope you like intensity
because we're about
to kick things up a notch.
Keep it going, almost there.
[cell phone ringing]
Feel the burn. You can do it. [grunts]
All right. Get ready.
It's butt-kicking time.
Three, two, one
Good job. But you're not done yet!
Giving up so soon?
[both grunting]
Come on, get up!
You can do it! No pain, no gain!
Reach and reach and reach.
[man straining]
That's it!
Push! Keep pushing!
Come on! Push!
- [Angela choking]
- [woman whooping]
[metal clanking]
Heck yeah, you crushed it.
We'll see you soon.
I don't leave people behind either.
Lerner? Gym is clear.
Two more guards down.
[Maya] Copy that.
McKnight, main floor's almost all clear.
What room are you in?
McKnight? Copy?
He turned his comms off.
What? Why?
Because he's McKnight.
- And he knows what he's doing.
- I hope so.
He's thinking of Dean Stockwell.
- [door creaking]
- Hagerty?
Who's Dean Stockwell?
[Paul] All right,
you Gremlin motherfucker.
I'm ready for you now.
Careful, McKnight.
They just said
he's not on the radio anymore, Paul.
Oh, right.
That's okay. I got you covered, buddy.
[Trunk screaming]
Fucking hell. I'm coming in, bro.
[Trunk] Don't press that button, man!
[screaming continues]
Look at me! I'm over here now.
There you are.
Dude, turns out these guys
are cool as fuck.
Get over here and smoke with us.
Die, you son of a bitch!
- What the fuck?
- [Gremlin] No! You shot Gary.
No, no, no. Travis, is he okay?
Shit, where'd it go?
Stand down, Paulie.
That's enough! You are out of control!
Do not harm Travis.
He's my best friend,
and the best man at my wedding.
[Gremlin] Travis, no!
Damn, these guys keep getting in the way.
[man] Shots fired near the dock.
It's coming from across the lake.
Change of plans. We leave now.
- [Dugan] The timer
- Fix it later.
Charlie team. Marshall the vehicles.
Charlie team, respond.
[device beeping]
Williams, fire up the chopper.
Williams, copy.
Transpo's compromised. Evac protocol!
Fuck you!
[rifle firing]
Oh, shit.
Who's firing those shots?
Lerner, come in.
[Maya] Paul! No!
It won't leave me alone.
- You're acting crazy again!
- You don't understand.
- Just give me the gun!
- No!
No, no, no!
What the hell's going on?
[man shouting]
Shots fired from the outside!
Fuck. There goes our element of surprise.
Who's shooting?
Who do you think?
The only other person with a gun?
Your favorite tactical lead? Let's go.
Yeah, let's get him.
- [screaming]
- [Ehren] Almost there.
Or I can press the button.
I know it's been a long build-up,
but I promise,
the punch line will be worth it.
I hope you like pulled pork.
That's fucked up! You're fucked up!
And stop talking about barbecue,
Ehren, we're under attack.
Maddox says kill the hostages and evac.
I guess you get
a quick and painless death,
after I push the button.
No, no, no, no!
- Oh!
- [crashing]
How you holding up, bro?
Oh! Fuck!
- Paul! Give me the gun.
- No!
[both grunting]
[Ava] Lerner, we're blown.
Where the fuck are you?
Lerner, respond.
I don't like sassafras.
[Ava] Lerner, come in, goddamn it.
Maddox knows we're here.
We need your eyes on
[radio zaps]
Oh, shit
Maya, copy.
[radio beeps]
Comms are useless.
No sign of a nuke.
Our whole plan is fucked.
Maybe not.
Maya said we cleared the main floor,
but we haven't checked the basement.
Hold here, I'll clear.
Maybe unplug it then plug it back in?
Shut up.
What the fuck do we do now?
We stay on mission.
We can't let them blow up Vegas.
My job is tech, Paul.
Yours is flying.
So unless you see
a flying computer parked outside.
Not at the moment.
But so what?
You want to just give up?
- No?
- Well, me neither.
So you don't have
your top of the line tech.
Big deal.
I don't have my Vulture
and I've got a Gremlin fucking with me
and enough psychedelics in my veins
to kill a full-grown rhino.
I don't even know
if I'm having this conversation.
For all I know, you could be a cactus.
I'm not a cactus.
I know it doesn't seem that way.
But right now, nothing is certain.
But do you think that's gonna keep me
from doing everything I can
to save my daughter?
Fuck no!
Are you gonna let
some broken machine stop you?
- No.
- What?
- Fuck, no.
- And why not?
Because when life throws you
in a scorpion bed
you climb your ass
right the fuck back out!
[exhales heavily]
Oh, damn. What does that mean?
It means get your shit together
and help me get Hagerty in the raft.
We still got a job to do.
How do you cock this?
You have no idea
how fucked up these guys are.
- I have a bit of an idea.
- [Trunk groaning]
- You gotta pull it out, Knight.
- Yeah.
- Oh, God
- You gotta pull it out.
All right, listen.
I'm gonna have to touch your dick.
I'm not opposed to it.
I'm okay with it if you're okay with it.
- It's not a big deal.
- Oh!
I slap your ass in the shower
all the time.
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
- Should I not do that
- Just pull it out! Please.
All right, here we go. Here we go.
- Do I press the button?
- No!
Fuck, guys! I just got here.
All right, I'm just gonna pull it out.
Okay. I got you buddy. I got you.
I'm gonna There we go.
All right, on three.
- On three
- Look at me.
One, two.
You went on two!
- [Chad] It's an old psychological
- Look out!
How's my dick smell, motherfucker?
[tool whirring]
[breathing heavily]
Dude, that was so fucking raw.
Hey, thanks for coming to get me.
Never considered otherwise.
Good to have you back.
Where's Lana?
[man] Where the hell are you, man?
[keypad tapping]
[line ringing]
[man] Pick up, damn it.
[Maddox] Why aren't you
guarding the Russians?
Sorry, sir, I'm trying to reach Dallas.
His voicemail's full.
I think he's at Ladi's.
He doesn't know the plan's back in motion.
He chose to let the bright lights
lure him from his post.
It's on him.
We don't have time for sympathy.
The compound's been breached.
Kill the Russians and rendezvous out back.
I have a van picking us up in five.
If you're not there, it doesn't wait.
And you can join your friend
on the wrong side of the blast.
Yes, sir.
[gun cocking]
[glass breaking]
- [man grunts]
- [Lana screaming]
Oh! Fuck.
[Chad] Damn.
He was gonna kill me.
I did what you told me to do.
I acted scared,
and I stuck this sharp end somewhere soft
- and then I didn't have my knife anymore
- It's okay.
You did exactly what you had to do, okay?
It's okay.
All right. Let's go. Come on.
We gotta get to Winters.
Let's go.
[whispering] Paul. Paul, what did I say?
Row the other way. Paul!
Okay, it's go time.
Paul, you're in no shape for go time.
[in normal voice] What about what
we said at the boathouse?
Look, you're not at 100%.
You must know that.
I need you to stay here and watch Hagerty.
We still might need him
to save everyone in Vegas.
Can you do that?
Okay, I'll stay here.
But what about you? What are you gonna do?
[gun cocks]
Hero shit.
[Maddox] Listen up, men.
Evac's three minutes out.
Keep your eyes and your ears open.
What about Ehren?
He took care of the American forces,
or they took care of him.
He's got the nuke.
This is our window.
There's only seven of them.
We'll take out the gunman first.
- Then the boss. Grab the case.
- And then we're home free.
- [Vlad] You were right.
- [guns cocking]
Your freezer was just like
a Sunday stroll in Siberia.
Don't bother. You are outnumbered.
Vladislav, my friend.
[in Russian] Thanks.
You wanted to do business?
Let's do business.
I can still wire the money.
All you had to do was be patient.
Let us get Ivan Koslov back,
and the bomb would be yours.
But now,
your money no longer matters to me.
All I want is to see your life
drain from your eyes.
[Maddox] You sure? I can pay double.
His money still matters to me.
[in Russian] Where is your loyalty?
[in English]
Loyalty has gotten us nowhere.
Money will get me anywhere I want to go.
He makes a good point.
- [Angela] What is going on?
- Dissension in the Russian ranks.
Chaos can work to our advantage.
I can take out half a dozen or so,
while you outflank them and grab the nuke.
I am not letting you
sacrifice yourself for a crapshoot.
Not when there's
still another card to play.
Give me the nuke, comrade.
And the full payment will be yours.
I can transfer the funds
to any account you like,
right here and now.
And you would be a traitor.
You cannot trust this man!
[in Russian] And I can trust you?
- [Ava] What if there's a better option?
- [guns cocking]
Full disclosure,
I've got snipers on all of you.
I die, you die.
[gun fires]
I can offer you that same payout.
And unlike Mr. Maddox,
I can guarantee you safety and immunity.
You can enjoy your bounty
with protection of the US government.
[Paul] I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
I'm sorry I chose a career
where I have to be away so often.
But I swear, I always think about you.
I love you, Jen.
[sobs quietly]
Shit, they got Winters.
[in English] Once she has the nuke,
she will lock you up.
You'll never see daylight.
He's right. CIA would never do
business with an arms dealer.
[Ava] That's true.
But one country's arms dealer
is another's hero
depending on the outcome.
The choice is yours.
[Chad chuckling]
What do you say, guys?
Got room for a couple of more
at this circle jerk?
- McKnight, stand down.
- What?
[in Russian] I don't trust any of you
[guns cocking]
[timer beeping]
- [man 1 shouts]
- [gun fires]
- [man 2] Sniper!
- [guns firing]
- [Ava] I'm going for the nuke.
- [Vlad grunts]
Winters, watch out.
Well, this turned into a real clusterfuck.
Yeah. Right when you showed up.
[man groaning]
[guns firing]
[men grunting]
The nuke. Where is it?
Oh, shit.
Where's Maddox?
- [lock beeping]
- The gate. Go!
[engine revving]
[Maddox] Right on schedule. Let's go.
[Maya] Going somewhere?
Make one move
and I'll blow you motherfuckers
Oh, shit.
- No!
- Fuck!
[engine revving]
[Chad] Motherfuckers!
- Fuck!
- [Angela] Please, God, no!
[groggily] Whose blood is that?
[Ava] Maya.
Maya, can you hear me? Maya?
Lerner? Hey, can you hear me?
Fuck! Maya!
Please tell me this isn't real.
[Ava] Maya, Maya. Maya! Open your eyes.
Maya! That's an order, Lerner.
[birds chirping]
["Haven't Met You Yet" playing]
[woman] I'm not surprised ♪
Damn, that shit is smooth.
I've broken my heart so many times ♪
I stopped keepin' track ♪
Talk myself in
Talk myself out ♪
[Hagerty] God damn.
Best fucking nap I've ever had.
I tried so very hard not to lose it ♪
You look like you've had some night.
Ah I guess I did.
Sweet pants.
Fuck yeah, they are.
These babies are fire.
Fuck yeah.
- You got another one of those?
- We had more of a selection earlier
but we've been going all night.
Party's just winding down.
You'll make me work
So we can work to work it out ♪
And I promise you, kid ♪
To give so much more than I get ♪
Yeah, I just haven't met you yet ♪
Something tells me
this party is just getting started.
They say all's fair ♪
In love and war ♪
But I won't need to fight it ♪
We'll get it right and we'll be united ♪
Yeah ♪
That's right, I'm looking at you, baby
Mmm, mmm-hmm ♪
Meet me upstairs.
I know it's a boat, but
And I know that we can be so amazing ♪
And being in your life
Is gonna change me ♪
And now I can see
Every single possibility ♪
And someday I know it'll all turn out ♪
And I'll work to work it out ♪
Promise you, kid
To give so much more than I get ♪
Than I get, than I get, than I get ♪
Oh, you know it will all turn out ♪
You'll make me work
So we can work to work it out ♪
And I promise you, kid ♪
To give so much more than I get ♪
Yeah, I just haven't met you yet ♪
Yeah ♪
I just haven't met you yet ♪
[song ends]
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