Obliterated (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

From Vegas with Love

[water splashing]
- [man] Mom give you that bug spray?
- [boy] Yeah.
- Did you put it on?
- Sure did, Dad.
- Did you?
- Yup.
Whoo! All right! Today is a big day, son.
Cast your own line.
Put the minnow on the hook.
The whole deal. Yeah?
- Minnows know what we're using them for?
- Probably not.
Poor minnows.
Yeah. Poor minnows.
But hey, guess what?
You're not going to be a kid anymore.
Today, you become a man.
- Think you can handle that?
- Yeah.
- Let's do it.
- [woman moaning]
[Hagerty moaning] Oh, God, yeah!
- [both moaning]
- [boy] Uh, Dad
Whoa! Hey! Don't look, don't look.
What are you doing?
Hey! I've got my kid here!
You're so amazing!
I swear to God, your face, your voice.
- Fuck, this boat is so slippery!
- [moans]
Get out of here, you animals!
This is a public dock!
Boss, you're killing me right now.
Give me a second?
Seriously, get off now!
I'm trying!
[Langdon] This is a disaster.
The bomb is gone.
Maddox is in control now
and unpredictable.
We have no leads
and now you've lost
two members of your team.
We believe Hagerty's still alive, sir.
He's just gone missing.
How the hell did you lose your EOD tech?
I don't know.
He was last seen
on a raft in Lake Las Vegas.
Dear God, we're fucked.
I know the situation is bad,
but there is still time.
[Langdon] Not anymore.
I'm on my way to the White House
to get my ass handed to me.
They're gonna want to bring in the FBI.
Ferguson's already
Ferguson? No.
If that hard on
and his shock troops get involved,
he's gonna screw everything up.
I know things don't look good,
but I'm gonna find Maddox.
I just need time.
I can't make any guarantees
at this point, Winters.
After this major fuck-up,
I would suggest you can't either.
- I understand, sir. I'm
- [line disconnects]
How'd he take it?
All right. Fuck it.
We've come too far to give up now.
We could start
by scouring this neighborhood.
Maddox has a head start.
It's like looking for
a needle in a haystack.
- Okay. Then, what do we do?
- We?
No, no. There's no more "we."
You disobeyed my direct orders,
you turned off your comms
and because of your action hero bullshit,
Maya might die.
- You're gonna put that on me?
- Yeah.
[Chad] I had to save Trunk.
That's what you do in a team.
Don't give me the locker room crap.
It's not crap!
The stronger the bond you have,
the stronger a unit.
But you wouldn't know that,
'cause you're always the boss.
[speaks Spanish] Come on, calm down.
No. It's true.
Have you hung out
with Maya before last night
or just bark orders at her?
I know her better than you do.
Yet she still hates your guts.
Yo, enough.
Winters saved my ass back there.
She's part of the team, too.
Yes, she is.
But apparently, I'm not anymore, am I?
Can't trust you.
Okay, fine. [clears throat]
We'll find Maddox on our own. Let's go.
You're not coming?
[Angela] Mac. Come on, man.
You love her so much now? Stay.
Let's go, Trunk.
What about me?
Mental case is all yours.
I thought you were about the team.
Paul! Get in the fucking car!
We're all just
starting to feel the hangover,
and it's putting us on edge.
But if we just chill for a sec
- Let 'em go.
- [engine starts]
[Angela] Fuck.
Girls' day. [chuckles awkwardly]
[timer beeping]
We have the nuke and we're on our way.
Make sure everything's ready
for the detonation.
Set up a secure video conference
so I can update the organization.
I can't believe
we made it out of there alive.
You need to have more faith, Mr. Dugan.
But we're not out of the woods yet.
Winters was right.
It's like looking
for a needle in a haystack.
Calm down, Paul.
You don't even know where you are.
Grab the wheel.
I'm in a car with you guys.
You don't have to treat me
like a live grenade.
I think I'm starting to sober up.
Yeah, me too.
Which sucks 'cause
I'm beginning to feel like shit.
Hey. So you had
some of Hagerty's guacamole, huh?
How was it? You can tell me.
Creamy? Salty?
- Honestly?
- Yeah?
It was the best guacamole I've had.
Hey, maybe he is coming out of it.
Seeing a member go down like that
can really sober a guy up.
No. No fucking way. You didn't see him.
He was a loose cannon.
And not in like
a funny buddy cop movie kind of way.
I can hear you.
I'm not a loose cannon.
I'm having to operate by my own rules.
That's exactly what a loose cannon says!
There gotta be something in here.
What the fuck!
Oh, shit.
What is it?
I think I found our needle.
[Trunk] Oh, fuck yeah, baby.
[tires screeching]
[horns blaring]
What is it?
[Chad] Got your bitch ass!
- Be ready.
- [gun cocks]
Go, go, go! Get out now, motherfucker!
[man] Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh shit. Please.
Don't kill me!
Who the hell are you?
I'm Donnie. Delivery driver.
These guys, they jumped me.
They had guns.
They took my van
and told me to drive this way.
They swapped vans.
Looks clear. Leave the van here. Let's go.
You didn't see which way they were headed?
No, they just took off in my van.
Shit, they could be anywhere by now.
- I know how to find them.
- Sure.
Gonna use your psychedelic powers
and mind-meld with them?
No, we just call this guy's supervisor.
All these vehicles
get tracked for deliveries.
Should be easy.
Fuck, you're right.
Goddamn. The guac's expanding your mind.
I'm gonna start microdosing that.
- [scanner buzzing]
- [Angela] Is it working?
No, same deal.
It goes to this encrypted lock.
Too bad we don't have Maya here.
I know. Keep looking.
There's got to be something here.
Lana, you don't have to do that.
You have been through enough already.
I need to give you a ride
while there's time.
No! No.
Look, I wanted nothing to do
with all this at first, it's a
I know, a fucking mess,
but your team saved my life.
- I'm not sure they're my team anymore.
- No, they are!
Hey, it's like
when BTS broke up
to work on their solo stuff,
but it was like a hiatus.
If you say so.
And these guys you're trying to stop,
they're like really bad.
So if there's anything I can do,
I want to.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It'd be nice to do
something meaningful for once.
Plus, I don't want to die
before I fuck a legitimate A-lister.
No losers from Bachelorette.
Uh, Winters, I found something.
[Ava] Ladimer? Never heard of it.
Oh! That's Ladi's. I love that place.
Probably nothing.
[Maddox] Why aren't you
guarding the Russians?
Sorry. I'm trying to reach Dallas.
His voicemail's full.
I think he's at Ladi's.
I remember one of the bad guys saying
something about another bad guy Dallas.
They couldn't get in touch with him
'cause he was busy at Ladi's.
Well, if one of Maddox's guys
is still there,
he may know where Maddox is headed.
Even if he doesn't talk,
you can get him to unlock his phone.
What are the chances
this Ladi's place is open?
It's an after-hours club.
It doesn't open till 4:00,
it's just getting good.
Okay, we're going clubbing.
Yes! Girls' day.
- We should call McKnight.
- Yeah, no.
- Fuck McKnight. We don't need him.
- Okay.
He doesn't follow orders.
Hey, he wasn't trying
to mess things up back there.
He did help me and Trunk.
You know what? We got to go.
Uh, Gomez,
is there any car here we can use?
Yeah, I know just the one.
- Clear here!
- [Paul] Here, too!
- Oh, sweet baby Jesus.
- What is it?
- What do you got?
- Salvation.
Please, God, just one.
That's all I'm asking for.
You know what?
I'll go back to church every Sunday.
Doesn't need to be jelly.
[screams] Son of a bitch!
Who the fuck leaves
an empty fucking doughnut box!
My pastor always says
the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Fuck you, Paul!
Fuck your pastor
and pastor's momma! Shut up!
[Chad] Christ. Chill the fuck out.
Maddox could still be nearby.
Switch to your secondary.
We're gonna continue on foot.
Paul, keep your distance,
in case you freak out.
I told you. I'm fine.
[Ava] This is where
Maddox's guy's partying?
- Looks like an abandoned building.
- I know. But trust me. Give me the card.
Are you sure we're getting in like this?
We're already in.
[electronic music playing]
Yes! [whooping]
[all cheering]
[Ava] What the fuck!
Oh, shit! Candy Corn is DJing?
Where you going?
Should've known bringing Lana
to the club would be a disaster.
- [Candy Corn] Blonde in the blue dress.
- Three?
Whatever the fuck she wants. I don't care.
How are we supposed to find Dallas?
We don't know what he looks like.
This place is packed.
We're just gonna spread out
and ask around.
Yeah. Okay.
Guys! Come with me.
I got us into the DJ booth.
We don't have time for the DJ booth!
[bouncer] Let these three up to VIP.
What the f'ing fuck?
I'm way hotter than these hos!
Yeah? You wish.
Gomez. We're very supportive of women
and do not approve of this process at all.
Oh, go fuck yourself, slut.
Well, then fuck you too, bitch.
[Angela] You go fuck yourself.
- Great view, right?
- Yeah, perfect vantage point.
Okay. So we're looking for a guy
with an eagle tat on his neck.
Bouncer says he's a regular.
Nice work, Lana.
Let's check the next block.
I don't know, McKnight.
Maybe we should check in with Winters.
No, she'd slow us down.
We gotta keep moving.
Are you sure
or you trying to prove her wrong?
You questioning my leadership?
Just asked an honest question.
So honesty's your thing now?
After lying to me about being straight
the entire time?
I never lied about that, okay?
You didn't ask, I didn't tell.
That's not what I wanted to talk about.
All right. Let it out then.
What other lies you been telling me?
I'm leaving the team.
This is the end of my tour.
Once the mission's done, I'm done too.
What do you mean? What are you gonna do?
Private security.
You gotta be kidding me.
You're gonna go work
for some Blackwater billionaire dildos?
Nah. It's for Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga.
She's more important than us?
A fucking singer?
She's a singer, songwriter,
philanthropist, A-list actress!
I just saved your ass
and your fucking dick
and now you're quitting!
I want to get these guys
more than anybody.
But I think Winters would know
more about this.
Oh! Jesus Christ.
First Gomez and now you?
You know what? Go find Winters.
We got two hours
till the world ends anyway.
You know what? Fuck this. I'm out.
Fucked on or before,
we're fucked now. Fuck!
- What happened?
- Jesus, Paul!
Stop freaking me out. Where are you going?
To find some fucking food!
'Cause if we're gonna die,
I'm not dying on a fucking empty stomach!
I'm sick of this shit! I'm starving!
So fucking dramatic.
[music playing over speakers]
Let's go car shopping.
Hey, there.
Howdy, friends. I charge for pictures.
As you should.
I am more interested in your car.
I don't get your meaning.
This will explain it.
Hey, Sonny! Come on!
How about a trade?
[rock and roll music playing]
[Hagerty] God, I love this music.
- My old man used to listen to this stuff.
- Mmm.
Reminds me of the old days,
working in the garage.
Aw! That's so sweet.
You guys worked on cars together?
[laughing] Hell no.
He would get plastered,
and my brother and I would sneak in
and make pipe bombs.
We got pretty good
at making them and then
I got pretty good at breaking them.
Hmm. So you're like part surgeon,
part Evel Knievel?
That fucking pussy?
- Oh!
- There ain't a bike ramp in the world
that can give you the thrill
like disarming your first bomb.
Mmm-hmm. Wait, what's that like?
Fucking beautiful.
It was a different time back then.
I mean, it was all about colors, right?
You had to know
what color wire you were gonna cut.
Blue, red, green,
once in a while you come across yellow.
And now they send in this fucking robot.
And it's I don't know.
It ain't the same.
- I'm old school, I guess.
- Mmm-hmm.
I like to use these, right?
This fucker got scorched in
a car bomb in Tel Aviv.
I lost a thumb,
but I'll tell you a dirty little secret.
When you're in the middle of an explosion,
it's the ultimate rush.
Oh, you want the ultimate rush?
I just bought a gram
of the purest Colombian cocaine,
mixed it up with some Angel Dust
and ground up pharmaceutical Quaaludes.
And trust me,
this shit will make your heart cum.
It already has.
[moans in pleasure]
Come on, little bird.
Let's go have some fun.
[door opens]
Eat up, big papa.
[waitress] Oh! Pardon me.
Excuse me. Can I make an order?
Yeah, when I'm ready.
Can you hurry the hell up? I'm hungry.
[Chad] Hey!
There's a goddamn bomb out there.
Millions of people will die.
We can't afford a hissy fit
so get your butt-hurt ass up.
What? Is "butt-hurt" offensive now?
Can I not talk about anuses?
'Cause if that's the case, Al-Qaeda won.
All right. What do you want?
Two jumbo Trucker Specials,
a stack of chocolate pancakes,
two orders of French toast,
six hash browns,
and all the bacon
you got in the back, extra crispy,
and if you can bring me
some of that grease in a cup, do that.
And a gallon of milk.
May I have the plain muffin, please?
Together or separate?
- Together.
- Separate.
- [music playing]
- [people cheering]
[Angela] Where the fuck is this asshole?
There he is. Eleven o'clock.
Our objective is his phone unlocked.
Soon as we have it, we move.
You sure this will get us to Maddox?
[Ava] I'm sure. These guys use
the same phones and encryption.
You keep lookout. I'll grab the phone.
It might not be as easy as it sounds.
It looks like he's occupied.
I know how to get his attention.
Dallas, you motherfucker.
- Hey!
- You cheating bastard.
What the fuck?
This asshole is my husband.
- You don't even have your ring on, again!
- [woman] Fuck this!
Wait, wait, wait!
What the fuck was that?
Who the fuck are you?
I'm an upgrade.
Yeah? Let's see what you got.
Oh, the shit I do for my country.
[music increases in tempo]
Damn. Boss Lady's got moves!
What's up? You're looking good.
I said, "You're hot. What's up?"
I can't understand you.
I know it's hard to talk
with this mask on.
Dude. I have no idea what you're saying.
Can you take off your triangle thing?
Do you like rosé?
- What?
- Come with me.
Oh, cool! Look at all these buttons.
[Candy Corn] Here we go.
Still working on the ventilation.
- Don't know if you could tell.
- Right.
So, you came to see me, huh?
Uh Yeah.
Come on, Ava. Get the damn phone.
Let's take a selfie!
Let's use your phone.
Mine's all fucked up.
Yeah. Okay.
Let me take it! I have angles and stuff!
[bouncer] Hey, hey, hey.
No pictures in here.
Hey, Yung.
Why don't you pound some water
and get into a sober mindset?
I keep telling you, I feel
I don't want a lecture, McKnight.
Then how about an apology?
You were right. I messed up.
I'm being an asshole
'cause I feel shitty about it.
I'm a shitty asshole.
You're just saying that.
Look, I don't process
feelings or whatever very well.
It always comes out like I'm pissed off.
It's just that
you're my best friend and
I don't know what I'd do without you.
And if this is our last meal,
I just don't want us to die angry.
You can have one of
my hash browns if you want.
[both laughing]
Okay. My lady,
where would you like
to lay out the llello?
Well, we're looking at
the sink or toilet seat?
Uh! Yes. Well, let's hope
we're better than that.
Aren't we?
[both chuckling]
You know, I had a pinky nail going,
but it got a bit cumbersome.
- I know.
- What?
Why don't I bend over,
you can snort it off my ass.
That's the most incredible thing
anybody's ever said to me.
- But the answer is no.
- What?
I want to do this with you. Together.
You're the most wonderful man.
- Oh! Let's use my phone!
- What?
- Yes!
- Yes, we can Shit.
That is a lot of missed calls.
I better check in with my buddies,
if that's okay.
- [knocking at door]
- Occupied!
[line ringing]
[cell phone vibrating]
Hagerty? Where are you?
Brother [laughs]
I'm in a shitter doing blow
with a little hottie I met on a boat.
Forget that! We need you, son of a bitch.
Hey! Whoa! Whoa!
Why the hostility?
What the hell'd I ever do to you?
You put drugs in the guacamole!
I ate all of it!
Ah! Sweet, dude, sweet. [laughs]
No, not sweet, dude.
I've been hallucinating,
and seeing a little, evil gremlin.
What? Okay, wait a second, Paulie.
First of all,
I didn't ask you to eat all of it.
And you know you're my bestie,
I love you, I wanna protect you.
And second of all,
you gotta be careful
with that psychedelics shit.
It'll bring out your demons.
You'll be wrestling with your gremlins.
Right? And you just gotta
make peace with those things.
Uh, I I got to go, I got to go.
No, no, wait. There's still a
Guys, I just spoke to Hagerty.
He's doing drugs with a boat girl.
- He said I needed to face my gremlins
- Paul. Calm down.
You didn't talk to Hagerty
about a gremlin, all right?
He's on a raft with a boner.
[Paul] I just talked to him.
Check the call log, it was him.
Shit, McKnight. Look.
That's Maddox's watch.
Are you sure?
Yep. It's a diamond-encrusted Audemars
Piguet Royal Oak Gold Anniversary Edition.
Real Elvis couldn't afford that.
Let's go.
Hey, you hillbilly cats.
Howdy, friends.
- We are friends, aren't we?
- Yes, we are.
Yeah That is a nice watch.
[Trunk] Yeah. Very nice.
Wanna tell your friends where you got it?
Priscilla gave it to me.
- [chuckles]
- [Trunk chuckling] Priscilla?
That's good. That's good.
Yeah, now where'd you really get it?
You cops or something?
I really don't owe you squat.
I got this thing fair and square.
Oh, that wasn't a friendly answer, was it?
No, it was not.
The next thing you say
better be friendly as fuck
or you and your buddies
aren't gonna like what happens next.
And let's just say it won't happen
peacefully on the toilet.
[Trunk] Okay.
[waitress clears throat]
Are these boys bothering you Kings?
Yes, Beatrice, I'd say they are.
You don't have to worry
about what's going on.
Worry about my order.
I haven't put that in yet.
Are you kidding me?
Who's your manager? You got me messed
Just Get the fuck out of my way.
Listen, we do this the easy way.
We don't want your watch.
We want the guy who gave it.
[Paul] Guys! Guys!
I just realized.
We can figure out where Hagerty is
just by tracing the call
You're higher than a giraffe's ass.
Go sit down.
Will you stop saying I'm high?
I told you. I'm fine.
Yeah, McKnight. He's fine.
His daughter, on the other hand,
is getting railed by
a guy with a Prince Albert.
That's a pierced cock.
You should see it. It's glorious.
Die, you fucking monster!
- Paul, no!
- [grunts]
What the fuck?
You're dead, man! [grunts]
Oh, my God!
[all grunting]
Go to sleep, fat Elvis.
Go to fucking sleep!
Then I tried the NFT space,
but I found it really toxic.
You know, Kygo made rack,
Tiësto did well, but I just
I'm putting all my energy
into eco-friendly vape pens.
Great. Hey, don't you think
you should be like DJing or something?
That? No.
It's mostly for show. I just press play.
Do you smell that?
It smells like blue cheese or something?
Oh, that, yeah. [chuckles]
- Yeah. That's it.
- That's the mask.
- That's it.
- The sweat gets caked in there.
It gets caked in there.
Blue cheese. That's right.
It's really distracting.
- Yeah. I hear what you're throwing down.
- [chuckles]
- Let me just go freshen up, so don't move.
- Okay.
It does smell like a rotten Cobb salad.
Oh, my God, that's her.
She's hooked up with Sarah.
Hey, we've been trying
to find Sarah all night.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Last I saw her, she was at Four Queens.
You fucked her, didn't you?
What? No, I just worked
her torch out a little. That's it.
Don't lie. She sent me
the tit pic you sent her, bitch.
What did you call me?
[Ava] Hey, maybe we should
take this some place quieter.
You don't want to do that.
Who the fuck sent you?
Let's not cause a scene.
I don't give a fuck about you.
I only care about Maddox.
- [punch lands]
- [Ava grunts]
Shit. Gomez.
I got bigger shit I'm dealing with.
I don't know where she is,
it was just a one-night thing.
One night to you,
but she called off her wedding.
Billy is devastated.
You fucked up people's lives!
Doesn't that bother you?
[Angela] I didn't ask her
to call off the wedding.
Shit! Winters!
You are not going.
- [bone cracks]
- [screams]
You don't know who you're fucking with.
- You don't wanna do this.
- Don't you touch her!
See, I was fading,
but y'all just woke me the fuck up.
[Lana] Ava, where'd you go?
[Lana screaming]
- [grunts]
- [gun clatters]
[Lana] Oh, shit!
Get the fuck out. Get out! Get out!
- [man on voicemail] Leave a message.
- Cooper!
Cooper, what the fuck is going on, man?
There's this crazy bitch here
comin' after me!
[both grunting]
[all grunting]
[Trunk] Not again!
["Unchained Melody"
by Elvis Presley plays]
Oh, my love ♪
My darling ♪
I've hungered for your touch ♪
A long, lonely time ♪
And time ♪
Goes by so slowly ♪
And time can do so much ♪
Are you still mine? ♪
I need your love ♪
I need your love ♪
God speed your love ♪
To me ♪
[screaming in pain]
Let's go.
Oh, my God, Yani.
- Wait. Did I say that right? Yani?
- Yes, Yani.
Now imagine if this was our life.
Like all the time.
[both moan softly]
All right. Yeah.
[chuckles] What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Will you marry me?
That's crazy.
I fucking love crazy.
- Yes.
- [laughing]
[both laughing]
[Chad] All right, Presley.
You jailhouse rocked enough to talk yet?
Listen, the guy you're looking for,
I traded my Caddy for his watch.
They were going towards Whitney.
I overheard him saying something
about Cherry Street.
That's good. Give me your keys.
I told you, I traded my car.
Fair point.
Just don't like your attitude.
Okay, but be gentle.
[Chad] Fuck you.
- Fuck.
- Ugh!
- Let's go.
- Hey, yeah.
[Ava] What happened in there?
I'm sorry,
my personal shit almost screwed us.
Happens to the best of us.
No, it's on me.
I keep my distance from people,
fuck the fallout.
Good for sniping, good for sex,
bad for everything else.
I feel that.
You got anything?
No. They're good at covering their tracks.
They've set meetings at the same location,
but they're using code words
for everything.
Now what?
We don't have Maya to crack this shit.
Isn't there anyone else
that would know the codes?
Yeah. Someone who met with Maddox.
Someone he'd used the code words with.
Ivan Koslov. Thanks, Lana.
[man] Welcome back.
Our associates are awaiting your orders.
[Maddox] Thank you for your patience.
Our time is finally here.
You all have a part to play
in changing the world.
That change starts
with wiping the slate clean.
What we do, we do for America herself.
As the country was built,
so shall it be rebuilt,
better than before,
starting today with Las Vegas.
[man, distorted] Perhaps we should
consider an alternative target,
given the trouble you've had there.
There are no alternatives.
Las Vegas is the target.
America has become shackled
with culture wars, petty politics.
Something needs to be done
to right the ship
and Las Vegas happens to be
a city despised by people on opposite ends
of the political spectrum.
That means both sides have
a reason to blow it up.
Perhaps it was destroyed
because it's a symbol of capitalism.
Perhaps because it was a symbol
of moral decay and sexual deviancy.
The truth is it doesn't matter
because we will make sure
that social media is bombarded
with competing stories.
[remote beeping]
Many will blame the left.
Many will blame the right.
Eventually this attack on Vegas
will accelerate us to civil war.
It won't be easy,
but it is what is needed
to make a fresh start.
And with our resources,
we will swoop in and give this country
the reboot it so desperately needs.
[man, distorted] What about timing?
You are already behind schedule.
We're preparing the device right now.
Should only be a matter of minutes
until it's ready.
[timer beeping]
Hey, Paul. Stand here?
- Hey!
- This is for your own safety.
- We love you, but you're grounded.
- No, no, no, wait!
Guys, I have to help!
I have to get to my daughter! Trunk!
McKnight's right. It's for the best.
Don't worry, we'll come back for you.
Guys. This isn't funny.
Guys! No! Don't leave me here!
[Hagerty] We're getting married! Whoo!
Hagerty! Hagerty!
Hagerty! Over here!
The fuck?
Fucking gremlins in my brain!
[door lock beeps]
- [Ava] You two stay here.
- [lock buzzes]
Time to talk, Koslov.
So, you're ready to uncuff me?
Maddox has control of the bomb.
Your allies are dead.
Your compound is a graveyard.
I need your help. You need mine.
Quite a story.
You make me think
that the game has changed.
Very smart.
Very good bluff.
I don't have time for your games,
neither do you.
Really? That's strange.
I thought I have
all the time in the world.
And I'm actually feeling quite safe
in this bunker you've got me in.
How can he be such an idiot?
- Most men are.
- [scoffs]
She's won't get anywhere
with Ivan like this.
She doesn't know him like I do.
I wish I was bluffing.
Maddox uses a code to set his meetings.
Wherever he took the bomb is right here.
You're right.
The answer is there.
So help me or Maddox wins.
Eh! Perhaps he should.
This country is ready to be split in two.
Ah! You didn't know his grand plan.
If Maddox wants civil war,
it won't end there.
He'll destabilize the entire world.
Russia included.
Is your team
on the other side of that glass?
No, I didn't think so.
You're not having
a very good day, are you?
If this is all you have
[in Spanish]no good.
Cut the shit and start talking now.
[mockingly] Ooh!
[in English] No.
[lock buzzes]
You stupid, fucking asshole!
- Lana!
- She's telling the truth
and she's the only chance we have left.
So get the shit out and start talking!
What are you doing here?
I'm telling you to help us,
you fucking dickhead.
Or else we're all gonna die.
Damn girl, get him.
It has to be now, Ivan.
It's fairly simple. It says,
[in Russian] "Meet back at the pawn shop."
[in Russian] Which pawn shop?
[in English] It's all there is.
Oh, and one more thing.
Good luck.
[lock buzzes]
[Ivan laughs]
[lock beeps]
There are countless pawn shops
in the Greater Las Vegas.
We need to mobilize
every resource we have.
- It won't be enough.
- I know.
We don't have a choice
and Lana needs an escort
to safety wherever she wants to go.
Ava! No.
Lana, seriously, just listen to her.
You can still get out in time.
But, Ava, I don't understand.
You're part of the team now.
I'm not asking. I'm ordering.
Any update on Maya?
[sighs] Soon as we hear
from the hospital we'll let you know.
I believe this is yours.
Got someone you can call?
Yeah, I do.
Goodbye, Lana.
You should call McKnight.
If I've learned anything from this,
it's never too late to start again.
[timer beeping]
Time's running out, Mr. Dugan.
What is the problem?
I can't reprogram the timer
without the Russian initiation sequence.
The only way to bypass it
is to create a remote detonator,
but I am missing a receiver chip.
Have you forgotten where we are?
Take a look up front.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah
Okay, we need a
We need is the biggest ring you got,
and nothing's too good for my lady.
How the hell'd you get in here?
We're closed.
You call that a lock?
Aren't you a pawn shop?
You're supposed to be open 24/7-11, right?
Hey, get out.
Okay, we need a radio receiver chip.
- Whoa! I am a paying customer.
- [Maddox] What's going on?
Oh! The boss!
I'll tell you what's going on.
He is standing in the way
of a perfectly legitimate transaction.
Well, I am sorry to hear that.
Well, you should be, good sir.
Because I am in love,
and no closed sign or any other nonsense
is going to get in the way
of me buying a ring for my little lady.
I see.
And frankly, I do not appreciate
the way this half-wit received me,
and you should reconsider his job status
if he can't find a radio receiver chip
that's staring him right in
his perfectly symmetrical face.
- Will that work?
- Of course it's gonna work.
The receivers in those things
can handle any radio signal input.
All right, honey, anything you like?
[Yani] I mean, they're all so beautiful.
- Look at that big one. It's amazing.
- Wow.
I'm not sure I can swing that.
I've got a gold tooth
that I can throw into the mix.
[Wade] Tell you what.
It's on the house.
Have yourselves a beautiful day.
Are you serious?
You, my friend, are a gentleman.
No, you're a hero.
In fact, why don't you
come down to the wedding chapel
around the corner. Join us.
- Thank you!
- I'll bring the champagne!
- Come on down!
- [laughs]
[Hagerty laughing]
I give that about ten minutes.
- Get to work.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Where the hell is it?
I know you don't want to hear this,
but I think we should
- We should check in with Winters.
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, I know.
I need to tell her I'm sorry.
I felt guilty about Maya
and I went a little overboard,
and I was a
- Shitty asshole.
- shitty asshole. Exactly.
Look. Look.
Look at the plate.
Unoriginal fucks.
I'm calling Winters.
[cell phone vibrating]
Where are you?
[Ava] We got a lead.
Their HQ is based out of a pawn shop.
We don't have resources to cover them.
We don't have to.
Look for the one in Whitney.
That's where we tracked them to.
Guess your plan worked.
I guess yours did, too.
I think I got it.
Rendezvous at this address.
[cell phone chimes]
What do we do when we find the nuke?
We don't have our EOD tech.
We'll worry about the bomb first.
We'll deal with Hagerty later.
[Chad] Copy that.
[slow violin music playing]
[timer beeping]
[muffled screaming]
You look great.
Thank you.
[man] Dearly beloved
- Huh. It's ready.
- Let's go.
Something's wrong.
There's activity out front.
Shit. They found us.
Get every gun we have.
[indistinct chatter]
Where's Paul?
He went loose cannon on us,
caused a bit of a Elvis incident.
We had to sideline him,
but he's safe. Where's Lana?
Safe. On her way to her family.
Hey, um I'm sorry about earlier.
Me, too. I was an asshole.
You, occasionally, are not a total moron.
And you're not always
a cold-hearted bitch.
Sometimes you're right about some things.
Any update on Maya?
- So let's finish this thing for her.
- Okay.
The pawn shop is one block from here.
We breach it, neutralize Maddox's team,
and secure the nuke.
Any objections?
Do you
Oh, Hagerty.
Yanica Marisol Muskivitch.
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Damn straight, I do.
And do you, Yan
Yani is fine.
Yes, I want him.
Tell him to kiss me now.
You may kiss the bride.
Come here.
[cheering and applause]
Oh! Wait, wait.
We have to break the glass.
- I didn't know you were Jewish.
- I'm not.
But I always wanted to do this.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
[Chad] What the fuck?
Holy shit.
[Chad] It's a goddamn bloodbath.
[Ava] Keep your guard up.
Whoever it was might still be here.
Winters, get over here.
[man groaning]
What happened?
[straining] You're too late.
Who did this?
[Maddox] Koslov.
What the fuck is he talking about?
[Ava] I don't know.
Good luck.
[Chad] What is it?
[cell phone vibrating]
- [Chad] What are you doing, Winters?
- It's for me.
Hello, Lana.
[Lana] I'm sorry for lying to you, Ava,
and you don't have
to call me Lana anymore.
You know who I am.
Your parents died
in an American airstrike,
your brother survived, and you did, too.
[Chad] Shit.
You're Anastasia Koslov.
[in Russian] Now you see the full picture.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm telling you to help us.
It's fairly simple. It says,
"Meet back at the pawn shop."
Which pawn shop?
[in English] Good luck.
Tell me what you want.
It's like I said, Ava.
It's never too late to start again.
Release my brother by 9:00 a.m.
or well, you know the rest.
[engine starts]
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