Obliterated (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Make It Rain

[radiation detector clicking]
- [detector beeps]
- Huh?
[in Russian]
I told you, it's the perfect replica!
Our crypto buyers
will never know it's a fake.
Until they try to detonate it.
And by that time, that psychopath Maddox
will have incinerated them,
along with this entire city.
Which means today is our last day
to enjoy Las Vegas.
[door opens, closes]
- Let's go.
- Shall we go to the club?
[Anastasia] No!
Leaving now is an unnecessary risk.
[sighs wearily]
[in English] My darling sister,
I know you're nervous
about today but relax.
Everything's under control.
I'm not nervous and you're out of control.
Every day, it's the same thing.
Drinking, drugs, women.
I found these.
And a bunch of other slutty clothes
your last whore left here.
Yeah. Well, she wasn't a whore.
She was an Instagram model.
- [sniffs]
- Right, an Instagram model.
"Is it okay if I take a selfie
with your private jet?"
"I want to post it on TikTok.
No PJ no BJ."
You're so good at that.
This shit will get you behind bars.
[in Russian] I'm just having some fun.
It wasn't fun
growing up in this country alone.
Living a lie,
pretending to be somebody else.
You're the only family I had
on the other side of the world.
What got me through those years
was the hope that you'd arrive
and I'd have a family again.
[in English] Nastenka,
you will have your wish.
We can get revenge
for the death of our parents.
We can make the money to do
whatever the fuck we want
for the rest of our lives.
All I want is you to be safe.
If something happens to you,
I don't know what I would
- [sobs]
- Whoa! Whoa! [shushes]
[in Russian] Nastenka, trust me,
we're gonna make it.
[in Russian]
I hope so, brother. I hope so.
I'll make sure
everything works out, brother.
I won't lose you.
Good morning to you, too, Anastasia.
- Is this everyone?
- The Barinov brothers are standing by.
Are you sure you want them involved?
You cannot control those animals.
You say that as if it's a bad thing.
Call them. And Mr. Rodriguez, too.
Tell him we need some men.
It's definitely enough.
[timer beeping]
[tires screeching]
Quick in-and-out.
I just need to see if I can salvage
Maya's tracking software.
Keep it close.
Lana won this round, so what?
Fight's not over. We'll get her.
Lana. I had Anastasia Koslov
right under my nose all night.
How can I not see it?
[Chad] Because there was nothing to see.
Intel told us that she died years ago.
Long before
any of us heard of the Koslovs.
And it's not just on you,
she played all of us from the jump.
I risked my dick to protect her.
Obviously, she didn't need my protection.
[Ava] And if she's anything like
the other sleeper cell Russians
I've encountered,
she's had combat training her whole life.
That explains why the Russians were
suddenly back in play at the compound.
[in Russian] Come on.
What's done is done.
Got to keep moving forward.
[Chad] This ain't fucking over.
Oh, my God. You have made me feel
like the luckiest man alive!
- [moans]
- [chuckles]
I can't remember a time I felt this happy.
Should we quit while we're ahead
or should we do something
completely irresponsible?
Is that a rhetorical question?
- God, I love you so much.
- I love you.
My man. Everything on 33 right here.
- Michael Jordan.
- No more bets.
Isn't Michael Jordan 23?
Shit. You're right.
My man, can I put that
- [dealer] Thirty three!
- [shrieks]
- Holy shit!
- Oh, my God!
Yes! This is the greatest day of my life!
- [line ringing]
- Langdon's still not answering?
- Something's wrong. He usually
- [Langdon] Winters.
Sir, I've been trying to reach you.
Listen, the nuke has been
Intercepted by Anastasia Koslov,
who you had in your possession
the entire time and didn't know it.
I know how this looks, but
It's over, Winters.
No, it's not over. We still have time.
Not anymore.
I tried, believe me,
but it's out of my hands.
Don't take it too hard.
It's not your fault. It's mine.
I shouldn't have put you in this position.
I knew it was too soon.
It wasn't too soon.
I was ready.
I am ready.
I'm sorry, Ava,
there's nothing more I can do.
I'll pray you return home safely.
Sir, please.
You have to give us one last chance.
[line disconnects]
- Sir?
- [man] You're out of last chances.
Who's this twat waffle?
FBI Special Agent Ferguson.
What are you doing here?
I was about to ask you the same thing.
When I saw your $60,000 hotel bill,
I thought to myself,
"Well, that seems a bit pricey
for a makeshift Command Center,"
but from the looks of this place
it's clear your team would
rather play hard than work hard.
- That's not true.
- We like to do both.
When I got the call
that this mission had gone FUBAR,
I figured there had to be
some kind of mistake.
You guys are supposed to be
the best of the best.
And what do I find?
Puddles of puke, used condoms,
and a camel you sick fucks have
plied with cocaine.
That camel's free to make his own choices.
Not anymore, I called Animal Control.
It's going back in the cage.
You motherfucker.
Okay, you know what? I agree.
Things got a little out of control,
but once we knew the mission was on,
we dialed it in
and we did our fucking jobs.
[Ferguson] Really, Winters?
You had the target's sister with you
for a ride along the entire night.
Is that your definition of doing your job?
That's what I thought.
So how about you just give me the phone
Anastasia Koslov called you on,
so I can clean up your mess
and secure the nuke.
- Fuck that. We clean up our own messes.
- No. We won't.
It's untraceable.
But I have a feeling she'll call again.
- If you want my theory
- I don't.
Your job is done here, Agent Winters.
Mobile unit is waiting. Let's go.
[in Spanish] You fucking clown.
Do you see me laughing?
[Chad] Get out of my way.
Go on.
[door closes]
Now that these fuckers are gone,
what's the plan?
- The plan?
- Yeah.
Find some ice.
["Beat Goes On" by Campbell playing]
[indistinct announcement over PA]
This is why we're not supposed to
veer from the original delivery location!
[man] Another rectal bleeding
coming through!
Cyanide? Felt more like roofies to me.
Your friend is going to be fine.
The police need to speak with both of you
about the drugs they found.
- [man 2] Shit! Fucking douchebag!
- [officer] Yo, he's running.
Two through-and-through GSWs,
one to the torso and shoulder.
No organ or vessel ruptures,
expected to make a full recovery.
Right now she's all drugged up
and in dream land.
- [club music playing]
- [keyboard clacking]
[music increases in tempo]
Don't tell me you're going
to sit and finger that keyboard.
You're more than welcome
to do the fingering.
Get over here.
[both grunting]
Boobs and brains? You got it all, Maya.
I'm bored.
Well, I'm not. Go play with your tablet.
It's useless.
Without Wi-Fi it's like
an oversized calculator.
[keypad tapping]
Here, TikTok to your heart's content.
Fuck. Where were we?
- [sultrily] About to get our fuck on.
- Yeah.
- Where'd that come from?
- Safety first.
- Mmm-hmm?
- Hmm.
Safety and Security,
those are my middle names.
You're so fucking secure.
- Triple encrypted
- Shit.
- Two-factor authentication.
- Shit.
Fucking blockchain.
- Fuck!
- Ah!
I'm the most secure.
Except when you gave me the Wi-Fi
so you can flirt with this guy
while he played craps.
And now I'm bored.
[keypad tapping]
Here. TikTok to your heart's content.
Thank you.
I was probably just on TikTok though?
But I could have been doing anything,
talking to anyone.
Shit. Lana warned Vlad.
That's how he knew
we were tracking his phone.
You're a Russian double agent.
Don't worry about her.
The mission can wait. Just focus on me.
It can't. I've been
way too focused on you all night.
[Chad] What? No.
You made me worse at my job.
Your dick is a trap.
Wake up.
Miss Lerner. Can you hear me?
[groggily] Your dick is a trap.
Right. That's the morphine talking.
Lana's a Rusky.
I need to warn the team.
[doctor] I'd advise against it.
You are in no shape
to leave the hospital
Give me that!
It's a matter of national security!
I'm coming, Ava!
- Welcome to a Vegas ER.
- [monitors beeping]
Never a dull moment.
[Ava] This one's for Maya.
Here's hoping
she gets out of surgery in time
to get prosecuted with the rest of us.
[speaks Spanish]
I can't drink on an empty stomach.
I'll shit myself and pass out.
I ordered you room service.
Got you one of everything.
I even got you a chocolate cake.
- [drink pouring]
- I love chocolate.
I know you do, big guy.
And this one is for my boss.
CIA Director James Langdon!
For foolishly trusting me
with the most important covert op
in US history.
Hey, I already told you,
this is not on you.
Yeah, it's on all of us.
No, guys. The buck has to stop somewhere.
This is why I joined the agency.
To put my ass on the line for our country.
Come what may.
I'll drink to that.
Look on the bright side,
we won't be worrying about any of this
when we're all incinerated.
Hey, I appreciate that sentiment,
but no one's getting incinerated.
Lana, Anastasia?
She risked everything
'cause she cares about her brother.
She's not interested
in detonating the bomb.
She's going to trade it in for Ivan.
And once he's safe,
they'll be in the wind again,
free to plot their revenge
against America.
[music playing over speakers]
We're out. I'll be beer bitch.
I bet FBI bagged all the good booze.
I want you to run every John Doe
from the warehouse, lake house, pawn shop.
I need the comings and goings
of all known Koslov associates.
Shake loose anyone
they interacted with in Vegas.
And I mean anyone.
From the baristas making their half caffs,
to the call girls tugging their junk.
Let's flush out these fucking rats.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, hey, hey!
We're good.
I was expecting Ava Winters.
Winters is gone.
From now on this phone reaches me.
Special Agent Ferguson, FBI.
Who am I talking to?
I think you already know, Special Agent.
- Let's not play games.
- Fair enough. Anastasia.
Encrypted, we can't get a lock.
You have something I want
and I have something you want.
Give me mine and I'll give you yours.
Your brother for the nuke. Just like that?
Just like that.
The corner of Flamingo
and South Las Vegas Boulevard, 8:00 a.m.
Cutting it a little close.
The bomb will detonate at 9:00.
I would suggest being on time.
Bring Ivan to the Strip side,
I'll bring the nuke to Flamingo side.
Once I confirm Ivan is unharmed
And once I confirm the bomb is legit.
We'll make the exchange
and go our separate ways. Agreed?
[in Russian] They went for the location.
Head for the tunnels.
[Gleb] Okay. The time is now.
You all know what to do. Let's go.
[Ferguson] What are you up to, Anastasia?
What's your play?
Clever girl.
[beeping, trilling]
Sewer main line runs under the exchange,
access points on every block.
She's going to try and double-cross us.
Get her brother. Keep the bomb
and escape through those tunnels.
Thompson, take your team down there,
secure those entry points
and lay a trap for the Koslovs.
Yes, sir.
The rest of you,
you're with me, securing the exchange.
- [woman] Copy that.
- Yes, sir.
Make the call.
Get Ivan ready for transport.
Come on!
Come on. Come on.
Hey! Please. Cut me free.
I'm not dangerous. I swear.
I just need something sharp.
- Get inside.
- No, no, no.
No! Why won't anyone help me?
[crying mockingly]
Why won't anyone help me?
Why do you fucking think?
Would you help a sobbing lunatic
zip-tied to a pole
in front of a Las Vegas diner?
You look like a Grade-A psychopath.
Go away!
You're the reason I'm in this situation,
why the team abandoned me,
why I can't help my daughter.
You're ruining my life!
- Oh, I'm ruining your life?
- Yes!
How can I be ruining your life
when I am you?
The fuck are you talking about?
Gremlins aren't real.
They were made up in World War II
so pilots wouldn't get blamed
for their own fuck ups.
Nope, nope, nope.
So how about instead of
pointing fingers at everybody else,
you take a good hard look at yourself.
You fucked up things with your daughter
'cause you're too busy with the team
and you fucked up things with your team
because you were too worried
about your daughter.
Think about it, Paul.
If I know this, you know this.
[breathing heavily]
Oh, my God, you're right.
Embrace your pieces, Paul.
Only then will you finally be free.
- [grunting]
- Come on, come on.
Fuck yeah. That's what I'm talking about.
Thank you.
- Come on, bring it in here, my man.
- Thank you.
Yeah. Great job. I'm proud of you, Paul.
- [sobbing]
- It's okay. Let it out.
You're safe now.
Everything's going to be
[music playing over speakers]
It's too goddamn early for this shit.
First let me get my coffee.
I know you're an ice cube,
but if I believe in my heart
that you're Doritos Locos Taco Supreme,
dressed with two packs of Diablo sauce.
With extra sour cream
I can make it my reality.
Mind over matter.
Somewhere along the way,
people just became targets,
bride-to-be, fuck it.
Feelings just went out of the equation
and I trained myself to be like that.
Coping mechanism, and all.
But I guess not everyone
needs to be a target.
Know what I think?
I think this tastes
like a goddamn ice cube!
Were you listening to anything I said?
- Did you say something?
- [grunts]
No, sir, it's Senior Chief McKnight.
What are you doing on Winters' phone?
This is inappropriate.
Yes, sir, that's kind of my brand.
But in this case, it's necessary.
If anyone compromised this op, it was me.
I assume full responsibility.
Winters is solid, sir.
She's the best goddamn leader
I've ever had.
I appreciate your candor,
and when it comes to Winters, I agree.
Even coming off personal leave.
She's still my best agent.
So put her back in.
Let her finish the job.
I can't now.
Not my call.
But for what it's worth,
Winters was impressed by you as well.
And praise from her is to be cherished.
- Goodbye, Senior Chief.
- [line disconnects]
You didn't need to do that.
[sighs] Yes, I did.
- What happened before the mission?
- What?
When you were on the phone with Langdon
in the hallway,
you said it wasn't too soon.
You know what, forget it. Forget I asked.
No, it's okay.
Before all this, before we met
I was engaged.
He was MI6.
That's British
secret intelligence service.
You thought I thought
it was a Tom Cruise movie?
- I'm sorry.
- You were right.
Anyway, um, his mission went bad.
And he was captured and killed.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck, I am
I'm so sorry, I had no idea.
My point is, I thought the best way
to move forward was to get back to work.
And now
I've lost guys in the field.
Occupational hazard.
But having been there,
I know for a fact that your leadership
was never compromised.
Except by me.
But you led
the hell out of this mission, Ava.
Oh, God.
These kamikazes
are not going to drink themselves.
- Can we still call them that?
- I don't know.
Fuck it, let's get cancelled together.
[both exhaling]
- Fuck it.
- Come on.
Are you sure?
You got anything better to do?
No one comes to mind.
Ah! Glass! I like pain but not that much.
It's been a long night.
You might have to do most of the work.
How's your core strength?
My butt training has prepared me
for this very moment.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, fuck!
[both moaning]
- Fuck!
- Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Fuck, yeah!
That, but also just look.
That's Joey. He's cool.
I don't think I can come
with a camel staring.
He's seen this in the jungle,
this is like Animal Kingdom shit.
[Ava] Okay.
[camel grunting]
- No, this is too wrong.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
[both grunting, moaning]
Goddamn it, you're right.
Fuck! It is weird.
Joey fucking get out of here, bro! Bro!
Fucking leave!
Ava, are you
[Ava] Maya?
Jesus. Again?
Hey! You're still alive. [chuckles]
And y'all got the camel watching?
Y'all a couple of freaks.
- Put me down.
- I am so close.
- Down.
- God damn it.
This isn't affecting me like last time.
Could be the morphine, but yeah, nothing.
Your butt does nothing for me.
Maya, I'm so glad you're alive.
- Shit. Wait, sorry.
- It's okay, I can't feel shit.
- Should you be out of the hospital?
- According to the doctor, I shouldn't.
- How did you even know we came back here?
- I tracked your phones.
You are not gonna believe this.
Lana is working with the Russians.
- Yeah, we know.
- Yeah, that's old news.
She's Ivan's sister.
So you know who Vlad met with
at the Four Queens?
Lenny Rodriguez, he's a "fixer."
Kind of the biggest version of a coyote,
the criminal type. Not the animal.
The guy you call when you need
to get in or out of Vegas extralegally.
After he met with Vlad,
his phone pinged near
an airport just off the Strip.
Nice fucking work, Maya. As always.
Smells like the Russians
had an escape plan from the get-go.
There's no way Ferguson has this intel.
We gotta do something.
The FBI made it clear,
we're not welcome on their op.
Yeah, and I had
to hack the shit like a boss.
My access to NSA servers was pulled.
I don't have clearance anymore.
None of us do.
Fuck, we got Ghost Protocoled.
- Isn't it Burn Notice?
- [Chad] Maybe.
I'm calling Ferguson.
[cell phone ringing]
- Who is this?
- [Ava] Ferguson?
Our tech expert has intel you're gonna
What part of "stand down"
aren't you getting?
I have an exchange happening
in under an hour.
I don't have time for your shit.
- [line disconnects]
- I
Okay. Okay.
[cell phone ringing]
If you don't fuck off
and stop jamming my line,
I'm gonna have you arrested.
[cell phone beeps]
Damn it. He's not hearing me out.
Who needs him?
We could check the airport ourselves.
Hell yeah, we can!
Airport's not that far.
One of you is going to need to drive.
- Done.
- Maya, you're going to need pants.
I kind of like this. It's airy.
[Trunk] God, I'm never going to eat again.
I'm sorry about room service.
I did tell them to hurry.
[Hagerty] Oh!
[both laughing]
Congratulations to
our big winner-winners chicken dinner!
- Yes, baby!
- Whoo!
Vegas baby! Where dreams do come true!
So we just need you
to fill out some tax paperwork,
standard procedure for all big winners.
- Oh, of course.
- Forms!
Look at this, "Mr. and Mrs. Hagerty."
Actually I'm keeping my maiden name.
Also I prefer Ms.
Oh! Okay.
That's going to be
a little confusing when we have kids
and they don't have the same last name.
Sorry, babe,
I got my tubes tied years ago.
After my third.
So are we depositing the winnings
into a joint account?
Um Just give us a second.
The FBI agreed to the exchange.
There's no way they'll keep their word.
That's where you come in.
[in Russian] Do you need help?
So we have come prepared.
[in English] Very impressive.
Always heard you boys
had a nice toy collection,
but I don't want this
to turn into a firefight.
It's too risky.
[in Russian] No weapons. Hand to hand.
Bitch thinks she can outsmart us.
She doesn't know who she's dealing with.
Just remember,
anyone can be working for the Koslovs,
keep your eyes and ears open.
It's almost time.
[tires screeching]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Now, all right.
Folks, hey,
this is a federally regulated area,
I can't have people on the tarmac.
That plane can't take off.
It's part of a terrorist plot.
Okay. And you are?
An elite joint special op team.
Yes, you do look special,
but I'm gonna need to see some ID.
Someone's reporting suspicious
behavior about one of your planes.
So you need to call it into the FAA.
If the people reporting the suspicious
behavior are pretty suspicious themselves,
it kind of cancels out.
I'm gonna call the cops.
Pull your head out of your ass,
you fucking idiot.
Oh, wow! Your breath smells
like an Irish wake and applesauce.
Oh! [blows air]
Someone's got
a refined olfactory receptor.
- Oh! Goddamn.
- Whoa! Whoa!
Listen, jackass.
That plane's been hired by a criminal
who poses a huge fucking threat
to the homeland.
- That plane?
- Yeah.
That plane flies out of here every week
with the same flight plan.
Same time, the same day,
with the same cargo and the same pilot.
So you want to try again?
I'll try again.
You're gonna cancel that flight
or my man Trunk here
is going to rip off your fucking arms,
Hulk style.
Ain't that right, big boy?
[knuckles cracking]
- God, Trunk!
- Fuck.
I'm calling the cops.
- [Chad] Jesus Christ.
- You know what? Call the cops.
Maybe they can help you
find your fucking balls.
I guess I could be wrong.
No way. I'd bet on you over that dickwad
every day of the week.
Hey, if that that dickwad
gets us arrested, we're screwed.
No way to prove who we are.
We've been Ghost Protocoled.
I thought it was Burn Notice.
What fucking ever.
If there's ever a time
to use those big brains of yours,
it's right now.
I got this.
[camera shutter clicks]
[indistinct chatter]
[FBI agent] Street's closed.
FBI business. Go around.
[cell phone ringing]
Hi, this is Craig Cormac.
I'm the manager over here
at the Omega Airfield.
I need you to come down here
and investigate a situation right away.
- What? Who is this?
- [gun cocking]
[softly] Tell him it's connected
to a Russian escape plan.
It's connected to a Russian escape plan.
Winters, is that you?
No. It's you.
It's her. She's got a gun on my Oh!
Jesus Christ, Winters.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Listen, shitdick.
We've got a plane
that's tied into this somehow.
I need you to ground it
until after the exchange.
I can't go and ground a plane
on your shit-faced say so.
So come and investigate it.
You're about to lose Ivan and the bomb.
- Do your fucking job!
- [line disconnects]
[sighs] I hope that worked.
Worked for me. I'm back up to a semi.
Thanks. That's sweet.
Can you get that gun off of my balls?
Ow! What?
Let's go, Koslov.
[exhales] Fresh air.
What a beautiful day.
It always feels like there's
endless possibilities on a day like this.
You writing me a poem? Get in the van.
This morphine is not wearing off
and I'm here for it.
- You realize it's basically heroin.
- Yeah.
Now I know why it's so addictive.
It's amazing.
Fucking finally. Where's Ferguson?
At the exchange site.
He already had us
stationed near the airport
- just in case the Koslovs tried to escape.
- Oh!
Ferguson likes to cover all bases.
We'll look into the plane.
You and your team wait here.
All right, well, just hurry up.
Hurry up.
So this guy's leaving us for Lady Gaga?
Assuming we don't get sent to prison.
Or blown up.
I'd prefer prison. I'd run that shit.
I'll miss going into battle with him.
Yeah, me too.
If this is gonna be our last mission
let's make it count?
Hell yeah, we better.
You sure you're up for this?
My stomach may be empty,
but my heart is full as fuck right now.
I'm ready to give every last ounce
just for you guys.
That is the gayest shit I've ever heard.
Hey, man. She said it not me.
Bring it in.
[Angela] Let's go.
Hold up. That was way fast.
- Never seen anything more aboveboard.
- [line ringing]
- What?
- [Ferguson] What do you got?
The plane is clean.
Cargo matched the manifests.
Flight plans were filed.
Pilot's the same as usual.
Security check is clean.
It's just a regular casino cash transport.
No, that can't be right.
Congrats, Winters.
You found a regular plane.
Real solid work.
Your guys must've missed something.
The Russians have help.
They've got something set up.
You're playing into their hands.
You don't have a clue what you're saying.
I'm standing in the exchange site
right in the heart of the Strip.
Tell me how in God's name
can a plane land here.
You've been a waste
of my time and resources.
And I clearly can't trust you
to stop interfering with my op,
I have no choice
but to take your team off the board.
[tires screeching]
A fucking paddy wagon?
Party too hard in Vegas,
that's where you end up.
This is for your good as much as mine.
LV Metro is going to hold you
until the exchange is done.
Hand over your weapons. Now.
I'll let you know when
I'm done clearing your clusterfuck.
[gun clicks]
[Ava] Do what he says.
Thompson, what's your status?
Blocking the manholes.
Nothing's getting in or out.
Copy that. Keep me posted.
[man] Inbound with Koslov. One minute out.
[cars honking]
[soldier] What the fuck is that?
Why are we slowing down?
There's something blocking traffic.
[Ivan whistling]
Shut the fuck up.
Something wrong?
She was the greatest gift in the world!
[horns blaring]
I just wanted somebody
to get freaky with the rest of my life!
Is that so much to ask for?
[horn honks]
Suck on my sticky taint, bitch!
Fuck you!
[horns blaring]
Yeah, you too!
Fucker! I see how you're looking at me!
It's fitting this all ends with us
being carted off to the drunk tank.
Not my first mission
that ended in one of these.
That's right.
You're lucky you got off that easy.
How am I supposed to know it's illegal
to piss in the street in Karachi?
I had the best kebab of my life there.
Buffalo meat, tomatoes,
onions, chilis marrow.
Yeah, that's right.
They put bone marrow in that shit.
that motherfucker to perfection.
Crazy how you take that for granted.
Screw this.
What are you doing?
Betting on myself. And you.
Something else has gotta be wrong
with that plane.
[Ava] Check the pilot.
There's the most room for manipulation.
[Maya] Security check is clean.
But they don't dig as deep as I can.
I got something.
Five days ago,
the pilot lost big on a boxing match
and this morning
his gambling debt disappeared.
After his last security check
but before the next.
It'll never get flagged.
The pilot's been compromised?
But Ferguson's right.
They can't land the plane on the Strip.
So why does Anastasia need a plane?
It's got to be a diversion to spring Ivan.
Fuck! We gotta get out of this wagon.
[in Russian] All done.
[indistinct chatter]
The hell is this doing here?
[cell phone ringing]
Not getting cold feet, are you?
I'm sending an associate
to do the exchange
in case you decided to fuck me.
Where's the trust?
I thought we're friends.
Well, in the spirit of friendship,
Mr. Ferguson, I should tell you,
I have men where you least expect them.
Is that so?
Any attempt to kill my associate
or take the bomb
without delivering my brother,
my men will strike.
And they don't miss. Understood?
[Anastasia] My associate's arriving now.
I see him.
Once I confirm the bomb is legit,
the exchange will proceed as planned.
Well, I guess
our business here is almost done.
It's been a pleasure.
Send in the robot.
[keypad beeping]
[robot beeping]
[robot dings]
[man] The robot confirms the nuke's hot.
Any sign of Anastasia's team
on the tunnels?
Not yet, if anybody's down here,
they're not getting out.
This place is tighter than Fort Knox.
Copy. All teams at the ready.
The exchange is on.
Get me Koslov.
[Ava] Shit.
I can see the exchange site.
It's already in motion.
Trunky, I know you're spent,
but I need you
to dig into your reserve tank
and do what the fuck you do.
[Angela] That's right, baby.
[both grunting]
Get it! Come on. Go get 'em.
- Fuckin' get it!
- [yells]
[Maya] Oh, shit.
Hey! Knock it off back there
or you'll get tased.
[Trunk groaning]
It's okay. We're all off our A game.
Yeah. We are, buddy.
We are so fucked.
- [horns blaring]
- [tires screeching]
What the fuck! [speaks Spanish]
[Chad] What the fuck was that?
What is this guy doing?
- He one of ours?
- Plain clothes maybe.
- Can you see anything in the front?
- [Trunk] I can't.
Hey brother. What's
- [electrical buzzing]
- [men screaming]
- [screaming stops]
- [object thuds]
Fuck. Get ready. Get ready.
Holy shit. How'd you find us?
I stole a police car.
It's an emergency so it's okay.
I heard you guys were detained,
so I cut off the paddy wagon,
and emptied a can of mace
on the guys up front.
They put up a fight
so I had to use the taser.
Pretty effective.
Holy shit, Paul. That's some ballsy stuff.
Sorry, I sidelined you,
but I thought you were fucked up.
I am fucked up.
It may be the best thing
that's ever happened.
Come on,
we gotta get to the exchange site.
The fuck are you smiling at, asshole?
I love this city.
It's always so, uh, alive.
I just hope you don't do
anything to jeopardize that.
If anything happens, shoot to kill.
Grab weapons, comms,
everything you can get your hands on.
- What the hell you think you're doing?
- Saving your nerd asses.
You heard him, nerd.
We're taking the shit.
Did you see that? I got his gun.
Split up.
- Tired, babe?
- Mmm-hmm.
I cannot believe
we were up all night partying in Vegas.
I'm so grounded when I get home.
I thought you said
your mom was cool with it.
Yeah. But my dad's definitely not,
as evidenced
by the 47 voicemails he left me.
He's just worried about you,
that's that good dad shit.
[airplane approaching]
Shit. It's here.
The fuck is that?
Couldn't be a bomb, could it?
[keypad tapping]
- [cell phone chimes]
- What the hell?
[cell phone chimes]
- [exclaims]
- [crowd screaming]
[Hagerty] Money! Money!
[crowd clamoring]
[whooping and whistling]
[Ava] Shit.
Fuck. I told them to ground that plane.
It's creating mass chaos.
The FBI can't control the scene.
Get off, bitch.
Here you go, bitch.
Yes, joint account this!
[laughs boisterously]
Get Koslov back to the van now!
What the
[laughs maliciously]
- [screams]
- [bone snaps]
Jesus Christ.
I need manpower
to reestablish the perimeter!
What's the matter, Special Agent?
Too many men in the tunnels, huh?
Thompson, get your team topside,
I repeat, get your team
Get out of there!
Come on, we gotta get to Ferguson.
- [coughs]
- [engine revving]
- [Chad] Holy shit. It's Lana.
- Let's go.
Come on, let's go!
- [screams]
- [woman screaming]
[both grunting]
Bomb's down.
I repeat, the bomb is down.
Secure the nuke.
- [man 1] Nuke?
- [man 2] Let's get out of here.
Fuck! Ferguson is down.
I repeat, Ferguson's down.
I'll get the nuke!
[grunts] Motherfucker.
[Chad] Out of my way! Hey!
You were right.
America is number one in freedom.
My freedom.
[Anastasia] No!
[sirens approaching]
[Ava] Fuck!
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