October Faction (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

No Country for Old Vamps

[overlapping voices.]
Okay, you stay here.
- [girl 2.]
Uh-uh! - Okay! [laughter.]
[school bell rings.]
Okay, that was your bell.
[girl laughs.]
Let's go.
I I'm Fred.
From homeroom? I'm not here for you, Fred from homeroom.
You lost someone.
I've lost someone, too.
This aggression will not stand.
[low-pitched pinging.]
[pinging continues rhythmically.]
- [high-pitched whirring.]
- [sniffs.]
[weapon whirring.]
[rhythmic pinging continues.]
- [twig snaps.]
- [distant howl.]
[wings fluttering.]
[static crackling.]
- Come on.
Come on! - [buzzing and crackling.]
Not now.
- [gasps.]
- [screeching.]
- [roars.]
- [yells.]
What are you doing? I figured you'd want this.
To remember your father by.
I've never killed someone before.
I'd say you have a knack for it.
So do you.
Come on, let's get outta here.
It's senior year.
It's the Beyoncé of high school years.
True, but in the scheme of things, it is just a year.
It's an entire year.
Hey, guys, glass half full, much better.
I thought you liked it here.
That was when it was just for a few days.
Now it's just Pleasantville.
When your parents were your age, every kid in town wanted to live in this house.
Yes, except for the ones that actually lived here.
Have you guys even seen the outside? - It's like a Tim Burton film.
- [Margaret.]
Don't worry, we'll have it back up to Allen code in no time.
We? I'm having my staff send my things over.
You have a staff? - Well, shouldn't we all, darling? - [Geoff.]
They actually listen to you.
You gonna break up this axis of evil, or should I? You know, this house used to represent things like respect and influence.
This family's legacy is my responsibility now.
And this house is a valuable piece of its future.
Can can we just please stay focused on the fact that Viv and I are being cruelly ripped from our lives and friends in Osaka, and dragged into this Bronze-Age bucolic strip-mall satire? Guys, this is not a debate.
Oh, my God.
Later, Grandma.
Have a lovely day, my beauties.
- Bye.
- You too, Nan.
- Oh, that went well.
- Jesus.
No thanks to you.
A staff? They are just as tired of moving around as we are.
Just give them time.
Well, I'm spending my time packing up Samuel's things to make room for mine.
You are welcome to stay here as long as you wish.
I mean, we'd have to work out the terms, of course, but notionally, I think you should have the run of the whole place.
I mean, except for this wing.
Bye, Maggie.
Bye, Deloris.
I noticed you already started marking your territory in Dad's study and room.
I'm just sorting out donations and junk.
Speaking of which, I've decided to start on Seth's room.
- Today.
- [sighs.]
I'll take care of it.
- I don't mind.
- I said I'd fuckin' do it! And there you are, your father's son.
You're not the only one who lost him, you know.
No matter how callous you think I am, I plan on keeping this family's legacy alive.
You want legacy? Here it is.
He left the entire estate to me.
Of course, you can stay in it as long as you want.
You left Dad.
Oh, for God's sake, Freddy! He barely noticed when I told him it was over.
You don't have to be out of sight to be out of mind.
Have you ever even considered what I sacrificed? My eldest boy, who, by the way, was the real love of your father's life.
Not me, certainly not you.
No, no one could compete with that.
So when Seth died I lost my husband, too.
My job was to give him sons.
One died, and you left with the first girl who would look at you.
- You better be careful.
- Oh, I can navigate boys and their toys.
What I can't fathom are the lies, - especially from my son.
- Yeah.
I didn't wanna hurt you.
Get over yourself, Freddy.
Cowardice is hard to mask.
And you've always been terrible at it.
I walk down the dark side Good morning.
Can we help you find anything? I hope so.
Was just passing through town.
Been driving up the coast.
I'm not sure where I'm heading next.
I see.
That's cool.
Free spirit's the only way to road trip.
Right, honey? If by free spirit you mean Google Maps, then, yes.
I'm in the market for some travel books.
Is there anything specific you're looking for? Yes.
I've heard so much about this little town upstate.
From what I understand, it no longer exists.
They built a strip-mall over it.
They called it "Harlow.
" [man groans.]
No, wait! Waleed! [yells.]
[Presidio AI.]
Access granted.
Agent Waleed Jabbar.
Motherfucking monster! - "Monster" is your word.
Not ours.
- [moans.]
Searching all data for "Harlow House.
" - [Waleed gasping.]
- "Allen Family.
" Oh, my God.
Oh! Please.
Stay with me.
Alia! Alia! Alia! Stay with me! Stay with me! Wait! Alia! God damn it! Stay Alia! Alia! Please! [shop door bell ringing.]
[radio chatter.]
Thanks for callin' us in.
You were right, there was somethin' behind that panel.
- It's always a panel.
- Yeah.
But a cooler full of frozen people juice? That's new and exciting.
People juice? Human blood.
Her term, not mine.
- Jesus.
- Get forensics on it.
Tell them Gina says, "Merry Fucking Christmas.
" You know what this reminds me of? Helsinki.
Oh, Christ.
Helsinki again.
Wait Helsinki? They've got this, uh, amazing Ice Hotel over there.
I'm talking an entire hotel actually made of ice.
Woody, forensics! Right away, boss.
Oh, um, uh and by the way uh, that security footage? It's nothin' but noise.
It's been wiped.
- That's weird.
- Yeah.
But I'm I'm pullin' the cams from the, uh, sports bar across the street because police work.
Nice one.
What about the Airstream? Ran the plates.
Airstream matches the description of ones witnessed near murder scenes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland.
All right, we need to get on tracking down the owners.
They're our only lead.
As long as they're gonzo, they're either suspects or hostages.
Either way, they're fucked.
Whoa, wait.
What about the end of Helsinki? TB continued, Baz.
TB continued.
It's worth the wait, but don't tell him I said that.
[ska music playing on car radio.]
All that comes - No.
- [opera aria.]
- [chamber music plays.]
- God, this radio is like time travel.
- And not the good kind.
- [reggae music plays.]
Though I do have to admit, a little bit of hard work and Mrs.
Meyer's, this could be a pretty badass ride, Mom.
Carbon footprint not to be advertised.
This could actually be pretty on-brand for you.
You might be surprised by how cool your mom might actually still be.
Besides, it's not about branding.
Back in the olden days, people like your dad and I, we had a lot of great memories happen right here in this car.
- That means sex.
Right? - [chuckles.]
Great memories means sex.
One day this epic love wagon could be all yours.
Viv, you're sitting in Mom and Dad's teenage sexy spot.
Major ew-ness.
Think of this whole Barington-on-Hudson thing as I don't know, a me memory-making opportunity.
A real teachable moment, brought to you by Deloris Allen.
Listen, I'm being serious, guys.
I was lucky enough to grow up in one place and, though one year may not make up for the fact that you guys didn't, it's worth a shot.
Mom, our lives were awesome.
That's the point.
Did it occur to you that it might be you and Dad who regret moving around so much? Yeah, this all has mid-life self-medicating written all over it.
Try to make the best of it, okay? Yeah, it's gonna need some major work.
It's been sitting there for 25 years.
But I just I really don't wanna give up on her, she's my Batmobile.
Or, well, she used to be.
Yeah Like I said, Deloris, I'm pretty backed up with work this week, so Okay.
I get it.
Um So, next week, then? You have to find somebody else.
You know, my dad would've been really proud to see you running Fuck, Dee, really? That's low, man.
It's Your father was a good man.
He always took it easy on me.
And he wouldn't appreciate being used.
Look, I thought I'd bring it to someone I could trust.
The car, I mean.
She took care of us.
Man, Dee.
Why the hell are you actually here? I am just doing a really shitty job of apologizing for everything that happened to you because of me.
It took me 25 years to get back on my feet.
Time didn't stop when you went away, and it doesn't stop when you waltz in here with your with your piece of shit.
Trying to fix things with your sad story about your need for closure? It's a '72 Charger, I can't help you.
All done.
You'll enjoy the excerpt I included from my sophomore year dissertation on Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America.
Leave it to the sassy French aristocrat from the early 19th century to predict the rise of America and Russia as global superpowers.
All right.
Well, while you entertain yourself with that I'm going to take a leisurely stroll to the lavatory for the next 36 minutes! That is not how quizzes work, Mr.
You're gonna have to wait until everyone is done.
You said until the quiz is done, and my quiz is done.
Ergo, I get to leave and my prison-mates get to stay.
Allen I know your family has historically been known to flout the petty rules of us peasants, and sometimes feel they can rewrite them at their own choosing.
But I like to think of myself as the great equalizer.
You see, in here between 9:00 and 10:30 a.
, Monday and Thursday, I am king regent.
Sit your kiester down! It must have been very humiliating for you when your wife fucked the football coach and you were too afraid and pathetic to do anything.
Oh, my God.
- [boy.]
Did he say that? - Get out.
[gasping and giggling.]
So bad.
After lunch.
Detention! Back here.
Eyes down! All the while wakin' up under White cathedrals hidin' people Singin' praise Crawlin' out from underneath pillars Below the sacred takes The ways it carries on [sighs.]
What's up, cowgirl? I don't actually say "cowgirl", I was just trying that out.
Verdict's out on whether I can make that happen.
Is that right? I get it.
You're an outsider.
You're a weirdo.
Guess what, dude? I am all the weirdo.
In fact, I'm a bit of a high school mercenary, to be honest.
Cliques are a means, not an end.
Survival's the game.
And, in the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die! Yeah.
I don't get this place either.
I feel you.
Seen any cute guys you like? [laughs.]
Oh! Fuck yeah, you have.
This looks like you take this art class pretty seriously.
Not sharing.
It's okay, Picasso.
I get it.
Baby steps.
Baby steps.
Look unlike most people here, I actually love to draw.
But for me, it's not about paints, pencils, or canvas, it's actually about color, shadows, and light.
All the things that prove you can never truly be in the moment, you know? No.
But I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.
Mm, well [sighs.]
You know that thing people say about "living in the now"? It's kind of mumbo-jumbo.
Everything we perceive is sort of stuck out of time.
- Stuck out of time.
- Yeah.
I feel stuck out of time.
Like all the fucking time.
Yeah, me too.
It's it's kind of like that sun thing, you know? How it's like time traveling or something.
- Right? - [chuckles.]
You mean, how light from the sun takes eight minutes to reach the Earth? So, it's technically like looking into the past.
I guess it is like time travel.
But more like there's no such thing as the present.
- That's deep, maybe-friend.
- [laughs.]
That's deep.
I'm running out of ways to miss you, Dad.
[phone buzzes.]
Gina, hey.
What's up? Right.
That works.
Uh see you then.
Fuck this.
What the fuck? Four notches in an X-formation, where the latches used to be on the floor.
It looked like a Vitruvian Man or something.
I've included the images in the packet.
We'll run it through the archives, see what it poops out.
Scientia revelare, friend.
What was the company-wide lock-down about? Oh.
System-wide pipe-cleaning post-Boston.
It's fucking madness.
What happened in Boston? The cell was taken out.
Surveillance was nothin' but noise.
All we know is there was a massive data packet breach before the place was burned.
Just like an embassy attack.
I hate October.
It must have been very humiliating for you when your wife fucked the football coach and you were too afraid and pathetic to do anything.
Roar, bitches.
That's me, a ThunderCat! Scorchin' the Earth like a Lannister queen.
Oh, thank you.
You know, I gotta tell you, man, what you did to Mr.
Eriksen [chuckles.]
was like art.
Well, thank you, sir.
Maybe we can be friends after all.
- Well, damn.
- [chuckles.]
My day, better.
Your day, made.
Hello, friend.
Yeah, man.
Look, we get shat on all the time, all right? It's about time someone at this school spoke some truth to power.
Power to the people, my brother.
One little thing.
Bro to bro.
- Do tell.
- I say this from the bottom of my heart.
Okay, this whole fucking performance you're putting on? [chuckles.]
You're selling way past the close.
Are you stalking Mr.
Ericksen, or what? Or maybe you're actually in love with him.
I'm not in love with anybody.
You're obsessed if you know so much about his shit.
Oh, wait, wait you're not one of those skin-peeling, ass-flesh eating motherfuckers, are you? [laughter.]
Really? You know what's worst than a cliché? A cliché with zero fucking irony! [all.]
Ooh! [scoffs.]
Fuck you! [school bell rings.]
[woman on PA.]
Attention, students.
Student parking is only in the south parking lot.
The north parking lot is for teachers only.
Please The fuck? Jesus.
- Give it back.
- [Madison.]
Whoa! Freak show! - Fuck right off, okay? - Actually, your family are the ones who need to be doing the fucking off.
Okay? Nobody wants you here.
Seems like a lot of nobodies are happy to take my family's money.
Whatever, Cat.
You can have her.
We're out.
I can't believe I have to deal with a year of this! [Cat.]
She's harmless, trust me.
And you know how powerful we'd all be if us gals just Avengers Assemble? She called you "Cat".
So? Well, sounds like an old friend.
Uh, no.
My Madison drama has nothing to do with friendship, believe that.
- Okay.
- [sighs.]
This, um high school mercenary thing you were talking about, you're serious about that, right? Yeah, I I shoot first.
Let's do it.
Do what? You know.
Forge this alliance you were talking about.
You mean like a fellowship, Mr.
Frodo? You need a Samwise.
I can be your Samwise.
As long as you follow the school rules.
Wait, what rules? One, nobody here gives a shit about your feelings, so act accordingly.
Two, this is all temporary.
Thank God.
And three, everybody's got a pressure point.
Even Madison.
And you can use them as a way to avoid pissing off your enemies or you can use those pressure points as a weapon.
Or all of the above.
All right.
See you then.
Well, that was my driver.
He'll be here in an hour.
- Dad loved that.
- It's just more junk.
But it's your junk now.
Hey, when you last saw Dad, was he workin' on anything? Oh.
You know.
Obsessing over one project or other as usual.
Yeah, it wasn't the good kind of obsessing.
I think he was struggling.
- With the symbol? - [door closes.]
- With what? - The symbol.
- The one on the floor in Seth's room.
- I have no idea what you're talking about.
Well, I've got some bad news.
Gina called.
- The Charger's on some security footage.
- What footage? Cameras across from the market.
- Oh, fuck.
- She wants us to come in to answer some questions.
Well, someone's getting sloppy.
Even I know not to tussle with those things in broad daylight.
Mom, stay retired, please.
Thank you.
Let's not overthink it.
- Simplest explanation's always the best.
- And the simplest to unravel.
Hey, your car's comin' in an hour, right? Dear, dear, dear.
[woman on PA.]
Don't forget the big Warriors game is this weekend! Come on out and support your team! Go, Warriors! [sighs.]
It was just a guess, okay? Sit.
Now! - What's the scam? - [scoffs.]
There's no scam.
How did you know about my wife? How do you know anything about me? You got someone from your fancy family doing background checks or what? Who has this information? 'Cause I will sue Whoa, whoa! Man, I don't know, okay? Don't mess with me, kid.
I am two years away from full pension.
Jenny and I just barely stitched things back together, and after three years, we're finally happy again.
I will not let you dig all that back up.
Guessing that you would be cheated on is just statistics.
Let me put this in terms you'll understand.
Hashtag Truthbomb.
This is a very big strike one.
You are here for seven months.
And I will be here, waiting for strike two and three.
Now leave.
I come here all the time.
Janitor Sally gave me the key.
I get her free food from the cafeteria, and nobody knows about it.
Fortress of Solitude.
My grandpa played basketball here.
[plays keyboard.]
Where did you learn to play? Where else? Church.
Cathy Cathy goes to church.
Surprises are good for a friendship.
Keeps things fresh.
Do you go? Not formally, no.
I mean I've been to churches.
You know.
To mosques, temples, St.
Paul's Cathedral.
I think I have a great-great-great somebody entombed there.
But I go in a museum-y, learning kind of way.
One day in an advanced future, on a colonized planet, the only church will be what we can prove and measure.
Scientia revelare.
"Science reveals.
" Yes, Church Girl understands Latin.
Jesus You really have low expectations of us townspeople, don't you, St.
Paul's? [laughing.]
"Advanced future.
" I'm asking if you believe in God, Nostradamus.
Let me put it this way.
Spirits and gods might as well be ghouls and goblins.
It's all the same to me because people's experiences of them are real.
That's all that matters.
But all experiences can be broken down to physics and biology.
Even the supernatural and the metaphysical.
Just because we don't understand it, doesn't mean we can't understand it.
That explains all the anatomy in your sketchbook.
Oh! Well, you know my grandpa loved biology.
So All right, uh Full disclosure, since we're, you know disclosing.
You were right.
Maddy and I used to be best friends.
We grew up together, actually.
[sighs heavily.]
- That sucks.
- Ah Sorry I guessed right.
It's fine.
Everything ends.
Thanks again for comin' in.
So, quick instant replay.
You, uh left the wake to get ice and Prosecco, and then you headed back home.
You took the Charger Lady, I love your ride, but that was an unregistered vehicle, which is a very big "not cool.
" I will get on that, promise.
It's also not roadworthy.
Baz can get that settled for you, you know? Oh, yeah.
Gave that a whirl.
You say you were at the market for a half hour, right? - Yup.
- Yeah.
- And you didn't see anything? - Nope.
I just, uh I guess I, uh I go to the store, I get my ice, get my bubbly, pay, and I'm out.
Half hour seems like a long time for that, no? [Fred sighs.]
[both laugh.]
Actually, Gina, we haven't been fully honest with you.
Okay? This is a little awkward.
But, uh Dee and I found a joint in the car and we got fucked up.
- We were very high.
- Yeah.
- And we get drug-tested for work.
- Just, uh Yes.
So that's why this thing has been kinda, you know weird.
- So - [chuckles.]
Little toke behind the market, eh, guys and gals? Yeah.
Old times.
Get you five to seven in the clink in some countries.
Well Again I'm sorry for your loss.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
My God.
And, uh, I just wanted to say I wish Seth was here to say goodbye to the old man.
- Oh, yeah.
- In high school, he was always good to me.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Gina crushed on Seth hard.
- Oh, well.
- [Fred.]
We all did.
- Me, too.
- [phone alert.]
- Oh, and me.
- Yeah.
- Plan B.
- [laughs.]
Oh, the kids.
- Oh.
- Go.
- Thank you so much.
- Bye.
- [Fred.]
- Don't drive that car, lady.
Me say dry no more Me belly full And I want no I still can't believe Principal Schaefer asked you guys for money.
Well, what's the matter? Don't you know that bribes are the lubricantof any healthy society? Okay, one, it wasn't a bribe.
Two, please don't say "lubricant.
" Either way I'm so happy we get to skipthat field trip to "Ye Olde Train Station.
" Not my jam.
- Ditto.
No FOMO here.
- Okay.
You know what? Everyone, stop.
Ooh, Mom's going DEFCON One.
Listen, we both heard you out this morning.
Now you just need to cut us a break.
Mom's right.
You're both being real dicks.
- Ooh.
- Whoa, Dad.
Slandering a teacher.
Breaking into locked rooms.
Guys, come on, this isn't like you! [Deloris.]
No, we are doing our best.
In fact, we are out here doing all of this for you.
- So you both need to meet us halfway.
- You're going on the field trip.
- What? - What? Yeah, you're going on the damn field trip.
We live here now.
We need to assimilate.
Part of assimilating is participating.
So, go! Participate.
- Come on.
- Go.
That's really annoying.
- Wow.
- Whatever.
Attention, all students.
Don't forget about the swim meet coming up this weekend.
Call in and support your team! [Fred.]
I got somethin' to show you.
- [girl.]
Hey It's true! - [laughter.]
Never mind.
Can't tell him! - Can we just - No.
Get on the bus.
- You'll have a great time.
- Seriously.
On the bus.
- Come on.
- You know what'll be awesome? This trip! This trip! [Fred.]
It's some kind of ritualized symbol, one I've never seen before.
And you think it may be affecting the kids? Yeah.
The real question is, why in Seth's room? And why was my dad trying to hide it? Chester's running it for me.
Dead dropping samples tonight.
- A dead drop? - Yup.
They're on lockdown.
- Who attacked us? Where? - Boston.
The who is, you know an unsolved mystery.
Something's up.
- The vamps in the store, now this? - Yeah.
What about Waleed and Alia? Waleed's in a coma, unresponsive.
And Alia's gone.
So Jesus.
Their poor kids.
The Initiative will figure somethin' out.
Sure they will.
[in Japanese.]
It's just a year.
Okay, let's go, guys.
Back on the bus! - We're done.
- [girl.]
[in Japanese.]
You're just saying that because you've met a new girlfriend.
Who? Cathy? I saw you together.
So? What? You're jealous now? Come on, what's really going on? [sighs.]
I don't know.
It is just a year.
But then what? You go off to take over the world? We both will.
You'll be so far away at stupid Oxford.
And here I thought you were waiting to inherit my kingdom after I was gone.
One year to conquer this town.
Deal? Deal.
[in English.]
Oh, fuck, did you just kiss your brother? The stalker and the cannibal.
Looks like we got a little indie incest rom-com dropping soon.
We're going to be on Anderson Cooper by the end of the week.
Yes! Yes, you will.
In today's headline, local bitch shuts the fuck up! [chuckles.]
[dance music playing.]
- Whoo! - [girl.]
What's happening? Hey! Yeah! Whoo! Whoo! Yeah! - [tires screech.]
- [screaming.]
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Everyone, quiet! First of all, anyone hurt? No? Good.
Stay in your seats.
No, I got this, Jerry You picked the wrong asshole, on the wrong goddamn day.
- Fuck him up, Mr.
- Yeah! - [all yelling.]
- Take him down! Come on, Mr E, let's go! - Get out the car! - Kick his ass! - Whoo! - Kick his ass! - Yeah! Get him! - [whooshing.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
- Whoo! - Yeah! - Go! - Yeah! - [laughter.]
- Yeah! Come on! - Come on, Mr E! Fuck him up! - Yeah! - Go! - Yeah! Wait.
Whoa, whoa.
What the fuck? - Drive away, you pussy! - Pussy! - Why did he look like that? - What just happened? - Let's go! - Shit! He's just driving away! - Mr E! - Whoo! [Fred.]
I've gotta go to the dead drop.
I shouldn't be more than a couple of hours.
Are we doin' the right thing? Well, we're takin' a swing at it, aren't we? I wanna say yes.
The kids don't seem to think so.
Gettin' harder to keep up with.
Would you take it back? I'd take back a lot of things, but not that.
Would you? [chuckles.]
Well, I wanna say no.
Hannah? Where's Chester? I was in New York, and I just didn't know when I would have another chance to see you, so I just wanted to see how you are.
Say in person how sorry I am about your father.
I'll get that to analysis for you.
It was nice to see you, Fred.
Hey, Hannah.
Are you stalking Mr.
Ericksen, or what? Or maybe you're actually in love with him.
I'm not in love with anybody.
You're obsessed if you know so much about his shit.
Oh, wait, wait you're not one of those skin-peeling, ass-flesh eating motherfuckers, are you? Fred has found something.
Something you've kept hidden from us.
- What do you think that could be? - [door slams.]
Fuck you.
Regardless we've sent someone to make sure that Fred doesn't get too caught up in the mess you've made.
- So until we get what we want - Didn't I say "Fuck you"? You were always the idealist, Sam.
It's a shame, really.
Seeing as you're already dead.
Death comes to all of us, Edith.
But it'll come to you before it comes to me.

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