October Faction (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

The Horror Out of Time

Today we are here to unite two people who love each other.
And to affirm their union.
Family love is not only one of our guiding principles, but it is also a source of hope for us all.
You've chosen the totem that will represent this unbreakable bond? Yes.
These rings will act as a symbol of your desire to walk the path of life together.
Fred, talk to me.
Closing in on your position now.
- [growls.]
- [clattering.]
Deloris, do you swear to put the well-being of the other ahead of your own, from now until death? [screeching.]
I do.
- [growls.]
- [device powering up.]
I do.
Lights! [female voice.]
Performance evaluation complete.
It is my honor to present Mr.
and Mrs.
Frederick and Deloris Allen.
[cheering and laughter.]
Oh! Almost forgot.
The samples from the symbol I found at the house.
- I'll callyou when we know something.
- All right.
I gotta go.
Hey, Hannah.
Will I see you again? That's up to you.
[door closes.]
[breathes deeply.]
- [chuckles.]
- [thunder rolling.]
[thunder rumbling.]
[Yuuto, in Japanese.]
The boy lives.
Hey, Yuuto.
It's just been crazy here.
And then with the time difference It's fine.
I miss going to Mister Donut with your sister.
So my parents are excited to meet you.
And I don't bring just any boyfriend home to meet them, so consider it an honor.
Yuuto Uh we're not coming back.
My parents decided to move here.
For a year.
Oh That sucks.
I know.
I tried to get them to let me go back on my own, but it was a non-starter.
I understand.
Family's important, right? Apparently.
But I feel like I went back in time to the Dark Ages.
This place is filled with this dead culture.
It's really weird.
Are you okay? I'm figuring things out.
I just wish I could be there.
I know we just started up but I like you.
I like you too, Geoff.
[cicadas chirping.]
What are you doing up? I was just getting a glass of water.
I know that look.
Mom, there's no look.
Come on.
Is this about the "it was no big deal" bus crash? - Sweetie? - Mom.
I mean, it was scary, for, like, five seconds, but everybody was okay.
In fact I had a great day.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
I made a maybe-friend at school.
Maybe-friend? [chuckles.]
- So, I I like this girl, Cathy.
- Okay.
- And we could be friends - Great.
but it's still early in our relationship, - so, you know maybe.
- Aaah.
Maybe - Mm-hm.
- Mm-hm.
Well, I am glad you are maybe making friends.
They're hard to come by.
Even the maybe kind.
Maybe we could invite Cathy over for dinner.
Mom, no.
- [chuckles.]
- No.
Where are you going? Groceries for breakfast.
So, um you should go back to sleep - and I will see you in the morning.
- Mm-hm.
[door closes.]
[train passing.]
[rock music playing.]
Fuck it.
[Basil Tate.]
Chuck? Can I get another when you get a chance? What's your poison? Uh Used to be everything, actually.
When I was in high school, my friends and I came here all the time.
You were the only place that let us use our fake IDs.
Actually, you know what? - I was just about to card you, so - [chuckles.]
- Welcome back.
- I'll take whatever's on tap.
Thank you.
Baz Tate.
Been a while.
What was it, like 15, 20? Ask me, it should have been life.
Hey, Baz! I'm talkin' to you.
Dude! I'm fucking with you! [laughs.]
Lemme buy you one.
What're you drinkin'? What the [sighs.]
Fuck! Don't be such a baby.
Not like it was gasoline.
Huh? Shit happens.
I get it.
That's how you got through doin' all that time.
Bendin' over and takin' it.
That's enough.
Friend of yours? She's not my friend.
Well, that makes a lot more sense.
'Cause this dumbass jailbird don't got any friends.
What makes sense is you leave him alone before you have a problem.
I'm outta here.
The only problem is you're not on your back at my place.
- I'm sorry, I - Hey.
I see you again, I call the sheriff.
Same goes for your fuckin' friend.
[man coughs.]
[distant sirens wailing.]
Fuck! [sighing.]
- [growling.]
- [gasps.]
- [roaring.]
- [whimpers.]
[motorcycles approach.]
I thought it was gonna be harder finding you.
But then you just walked right through the door.
That couple you killed last week, they were our kin.
The ad man? Mm-hm.
Sorry for your loss.
- [sighs.]
Oh, shit.
- [screeching.]
Hey! You're up early.
The smell of this fridge, Dad.
We need new appliances.
Oh, last Mister Donut pondering? I don't wanna talk about it.
Where's Mom? No idea.
I figured she was sleeping in.
She was out getting groceries pretty late last night.
Which, I'm sure, is her way of having some alone time.
Where were you? Oh, I was called into work.
Emergency audit up in Ithaca.
- I thought you and Mom were on sabbatical.
- Yeah, I am.
We are.
It was an assessment case.
They wanted some help finishing up the final report.
It was due this morning.
But what was it about? Uh Big pharma chain.
Chemical spill cleanup.
You know, typical corporate nightmare your brother loves to hold against us.
- Hey, Dad.
- Oh, speak of the devil.
- Those the same clothes from last night? - [laughs.]
Let's go.
Vamos, amigos.
Oh, I have not had a balanced breakfast yet.
First lesson of the day.
Let's go.
Skedaddle, both of you.
So one's MIA and the other says "Skedaddle.
" Wow.
Parents of the year.
- How is an apple even breakfast? - [Viv.]
Not it.
Dee! [Fred.]
What the hell happened? I ran into some vamps.
I ran an errand and they just came out of nowhere.
More vampires? I thought the ones we killed were just passing through.
Yeah, well, their kin came lookin' for payback.
How many? Five.
I made it out in one piece, but they are not leaving until they get what they want.
- So much for country life.
- [sighs.]
I'll get the gear and I'll meet you downstairs.
Honey you're pretty banged up.
- Let me handle it.
- No.
We do this together.
- Do you have a lead on their location? - [sighs.]
Not yet, but I know where to get one.
All right.
Spill it.
What did you want to show me? [sighs.]
Um Nice work? Geoff, I drew this before the accident.
Before? It's the exact truck, Geoff.
And I drew this on the same day it almost crashed into our bus.
Okay, okay.
What makes more sense to you? The fact that you coincidentally drew a picture of a random truck, or that you saw the future? Hm? Sciencia revelare.
- Right? - Okay.
Now, I have a real problem.
How I'm gonna take my rightful place at this school.
My direct assault on King Phillip backfired.
- [boys cheering.]
- Challenge accepted.
- Uh, challenge from who? - I'm gonna make friends with him.
And when he least expects it, I'll launch a coup.
Phillip hates you.
Okay, true.
But this is not a monarchy, it's a plutocratic oligarchy.
Which means I need to make low-key friends with one of the lesser oligarchs Hmm Like that quiet kid that's always hanging out with Phillip.
Or Pete Whatever his name is.
And, from there, I work my way up the food chain and depose Phillip.
You ever think you don't need the whole world to love you? [school bell rings.]
Just sayin'.
What is that supposed to mean? Hey! [winces.]
You okay? - [man on radio.]
We're happy - Yeah, I'm fine.
- or next month's music festival.
- [sighs.]
- If you haven't got your tickets yet - [sighs.]
website for details, and be sure to call in during the morning show to score some front-row I'm sorry for last night.
I should've been there.
But you're gonna need to bundle up to go to the show, because we are set It's not your fault.
- fierce winter - [school bell rings.]
Everyone, let's go! You're late! [woman on PA.]
Attention, all students Later.
Go Warriors! Hey.
Hey, man, wait up! Are you talkin' to me? Yeah.
Steve, right? Geoff Allen.
Yeah, I know who you are.
The new kid everybody hates.
I would beg to differ with that assessment.
Nonetheless, here we are.
Um Listen, I just wanted to say that, you know, if there's ever anything I can do for you, you just say the word.
Why? What's in it for you? Nothin'.
Okay, yeah, that was a lie.
But Truth is, I can tell that I got off on the wrong foot at this school and I just want to start over, you know, so everyone can see the real me.
So, you'll do anything? I mean, anything within reason.
Tell Phillip I decided to drive myself home.
Can't you just tell him yourself? Forget it.
W Hey.
Hey, hey.
Come on, now.
Of course, I can do that.
No problem.
You better.
Okay, Steve.
That is one hell of a doughnut.
Should I just text you my thoughts on it or What? Well, just 'cause, you know, some people don't like the whole analog thing.
[clears throat.]
So Sorry.
I Oh, I just have a lot on my mind.
No big deal.
So, um My mind's always like "Ah, ah, ah," so What's up? Come on, child.
If I show you something really super weird, do you promise to keep an open mind? They They call me "Open-Minded Cathy.
" - Okay.
- They don't, actually.
- I made that up.
- I figured.
It's dark.
I guess it's a good way to get it out of your system, though.
And I really like your use of color here.
I drew this before the accident.
For real? [whispers.]
I'm I'm, like, the firmest believer in the scientific method.
It runs in my family, so I feel stupid even talking about this, but I don't know.
You tell me.
Am I crazy? No.
No, no, no.
You're not crazy.
I mean, I'm Catholic, remember? We do exorcisms.
I saw one once.
It was real and it was freaky.
So I So I believe in all this kind of stuff.
And, you know, science is the opiate of the masses.
I mean, they're changing that shit every five minutes.
How are you to know what to believe? They shouldn't count those tests when they calculate your GPA.
Can I get an amen? [laughter.]
[laughter continues.]
One suggestion, though.
I wouldn't mention this to anybody else at the school.
Or around town.
Or, like, anywhere.
There are a lot of narrow-minded people who won't hesitate to use what makes you different to bash you into submission.
Your secret's safe with me.
Totally won't put this in my journaling app.
Sometimes I get crazy thoughts, and my therapist says, "If you get them down, Cathy, then they won't get you down.
" I won't tell a soul.
Honestly, I felt better just being able to talk about it.
My whole family kinda ghosted on me.
So thanks.
That's what friends are for.
That and sharing cool doughnuts.
Do you like it? Oh, my God.
I think this is the best thing that I've ever tasted in my entire life.
Yes! [exhales.]
[shoes squeaking on court.]
What's up, Phillip? [grunts.]
Oh, hey.
I, uh I just remembered.
Steve wanted me to tell you that he decided to drive himself home.
What did you say? Um - Steve - What the fuck is your problem, man? I don't I don't have a problem.
What - Say his name.
Say his fucking name again! - Dude! Come on! Don't! You get suspended, you can't play.
Okay? Come on.
Say his name again.
You're dead.
Come on, man.
Let's go.
What the fuck is wrong with you? - Why would you say that? - Say what? I don't get it.
I knew you were an asshole, man but bringing up the accident, that's just sick.
Once I put this baby in place, we'll have full access to the traffic cams.
Why not just hack the system remotely? 'Cause it'll take too long.
This puts us inside immediately.
These vamps were not the lazy kind, babe.
Okay, fine.
I'm doin' it.
Please, honey, you won't get past the desk sergeant.
Why, because your father was sheriff? Because I grew up in that building - and I know every square inch of it.
- So they'll recognize you.
Sweetheart, you were just shit-kicked.
- [sighs.]
- I'm planting the transmitter.
- Don't get out.
- [groans.]
Dee, don't get out of the car.
Dee! - [closes door.]
- Jesus Christ.
Can I help you, Miss? Karl? - Karl Stentz, right? - Yeah.
Deloris Lang.
Dee? Oh, my gosh.
Dee! [laughs.]
- Oh! How long has it been? - Too long.
I should've known you'd still be keeping the peace here in Barington.
Dad always said you were his hardest-working deputy.
Your dad was a good man.
He gave me a job when no one else would.
That was Dad.
Hey, would you mind if I used the facilities while I was waiting for Gina? Oh, sure, go ahead.
We got these new hands-free dryers.
They take three seconds, tops.
Wow, and I thought nothing changed in Barington-on-Hudson.
[door unlocks.]
Oh Shit.
Dee? What're you doing in here? I stopped by looking for you, actually.
I I guess I just got a little sentimental, started wandering.
I I remember when my dad bought the station's first computer.
Now look at this place.
But, how'd you get in? It's supposed to be locked.
Someone's in trouble.
So, um why I'm here.
I got into a little trouble last night.
I heard.
Don't worry about last night.
Nobody's pressing charges and, from all accounts, the asshole had it comin', so What I wanna know is why you were drinkin' alone.
You could've called me.
I was looking for Basil.
I don't know what happened between you two, and I'm not asking, but he pretty much straight-up hates you.
Oh, I know.
- But I'm gonna make it better.
- [bleeping.]
Just don't break yourself trying to fix something that can't be fixed.
Good advice.
You, uh You wanna grab a coffee? Actually, Fred is waiting for me at the car.
So, uh if you aren't gonna haul me in - [chuckles.]
- You are free to go.
- Are we in? - Mm-hm.
We might have a problem with Gina.
We're gonna have to keep an eye on her.
Okay, well, first things first.
Can't be that hard to find a gang of vamps on Harleys in a small town.
Got 'em.
Headin' northbound on Route 9.
Saw you were hanging out with the new girl.
So? So, after that whole séance thing, people think she's a freak.
She's not a freak.
You don't want her bad rep bleeding onto you.
I mean, that's the last thing you need.
Do you think she's a freak? I think she's weird.
Her whole family's weird.
They've always been.
Remember, we'd dare each other to ring their doorbell? Yeah, that was when we were 12.
Look, I shouldn't even be trying to help you out right now, but I owe you for keeping things quiet.
I still think you should just tell people.
No, they'll understand.
This kind of stuff happens to lots of families.
That's not how things work here.
You know that.
I like being friends with Viv, and I don't care what people think.
You haven't seen her do anything strange? No.
God, you suck at lying.
You totally know something.
She She might have drawn a picture of the bus accident before it happened.
But, Madison, it's a huge secret.
You realize that is the definition of strange, right? This is exactly what I'm talking about.
Look, all I'm trying to say is, if you wanna save yourself a lot of trouble, cut her loose.
But it's your life.
[phone alert.]
- [boy.]
Here she is.
- [laughter.]
- [boy 2.]
Here she comes.
- [girl.]
What a freak.
- [boy 3.]
See? - [girl.]
Take a picture.
- Look at that.
- [phone alert.]
- [boy.]
No way! - [girl.]
It's her.
- [giggling.]
- [boy.]
Don't let her see you.
[phone alerts.]
- [laughter.]
- [girl.]
It's her.
[gossiping and laughter continue.]
Fred, there's a there's a piece I haven't told you.
I went to a bar last night and I wanted to see Basil, and I had an idea of where he might be.
There was this drunk guy at the bar that was giving him a hard time, and he was just sitting there taking it.
So I did something about it.
Turns out there was a fucking vamp in the bar, and I didn't notice.
I am off my game, and this is when bad shithappens.
Why are you so obsessed with Basil? [sighs.]
When we were in high school, I, um I had a scare, and I needed a morning-after pill.
And I, uh thought if I told my dad, he'd kill me.
So, genius that I am, I convinced Basil to break into Killigan's Pharmacy with me.
But, of course, he wouldn't let me near the place.
Said he'd do it by himself.
But when he shorted out the security system, it started an electrical fire and the the place went up in flames.
You and I left a week later to join Presidio.
I just wanted to put everything behind me.
That mess, my dad, what we found in the woods.
I just needed to get out.
So that fire was Basil? No, it was me.
I put him up to it.
I should've never let him do it on his own.
No, all these years, I thought the case went unsolved, but obviously they found something that put Basil at the scene.
No wonder his dad hates you.
Baz hates me, too, and I I just wanna try and fix it.
Are you talkin' to me? Yeah, I know who you are.
The new kid everybody hates.
[whispering voices.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
What do you wanna do? I will meet you there What do you wanna do? I won't even care Want it all But I can't seem to give you any more They definitely came through here.
Well, let's do this fast.
I'm making stir-fry tonight.
With new eyes - [music plays through headphones.]
- [birds cawing.]
- [bleep.]
- [door opens.]
- Do you have it? - I've got it.
I had the samples analyzed.
The fusion of molecules in the dust suggests a level of success.
So he did it.
And he's been lying to us this whole time.
Well, I'll take care of Samuel.
What about Fred? Do you think he's gonna be a problem? I know this is difficult for you.
But it's critical for the Initiative.
No vamps.
Does Deloris know? She's aware of the Summoning Circle, but she appears uninterested.
We can't afford to take any chances.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to do something about the Allens.
These are definitely the vamps that attacked me.
Well, somebody got to them first.
[flies buzzing.]
What the fuck did this to you? Jesus Christ.
What the fuck? [whirring.]

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