October Faction (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Soirees of Future Past

[train running.]
[distant screeching.]
- [gunshot.]
- [glass smashing.]
[Deloris grunting.]
Dee! Hold on! - [groans.]
- Stay with me! Stay with me! Dee.
Dee, stay with me! Eyes on me.
Eyes on me! Look at me.
Look at me! It's okay.
It's okay.
Dee! Stay with me! Stay with me, Dee! Stay with me! [telephone ringing.]
I'm so sorry.
- [car horn blaring.]
- [sighs.]
[baby crying.]
Maybe this is fate.
Bringing up kids doing what we do, it's crazy.
That kid.
Geoff! You better be moving! [sighs.]
- Geoff, honey! - I'm up! [Fred.]
Since when do you make breakfast? I'm studying the denaturing of proteins in this yolk, and you get to be my test subject.
Hey, I meant to ask you.
Did Chester ever get back to you? - No, he didn't.
- Huh.
He's usually quicker than that.
Eggs Benny on a weekday? Huh.
Won't be Instagramming this.
Your account is basically just a tribute to shirtlessness, so maybe it's time to diversify.
Okay, you guys know the rules while we're gone.
Don't forget your vitamins, and remember to take the trash out for pickup.
This is for food tonight.
It's not for some outrageously priced concert tickets.
I don't get why we can't just go to the city with you.
We can stay out of your hair.
We haven't been to New York in so long.
You're not missing more school.
- But, Dad - But nothing.
It's a non-starter.
All right? We'll all go on a family trip soon when your Mom and I don't have to deal with this insurance stuff.
No, we trust you guys.
We know that.
But we really appreciate how well you're adjusting.
You are Doctor, pick up a thesis [muffled announcement on PA.]
I will [Geoff.]
"Adjusting well.
" It's easy for them to say.
Some of the girls here wear privilege as easily as they wear riding boots.
Yeah, it goes with their "high-functioning basic" brand.
Mom and Dad think we're adjusting well to that? How dare? Something's going on with them.
Yeah, maybe.
But we don't deserve to be punished for their bullshit.
It's fine.
We'll have a quiet night.
[voice fades.]
Turn on Netflix.
Order some Chinese But I get to pick the movie.
You okay? Yeah.
Why don't we forget the movie? Hm? It's Friday night.
- Mom and Dad are out of town - Uh-uh.
- No way.
- C'mon, Viv.
Mom and Dad are blowing off steam, I think we deserve to do the same.
I'm still dealing with post-séance trauma from the last time everyone was over.
It was a funeral! And it was a one-time thing That was a shit show! I've been put on blast on all social media, and I just don't wanna go through that again.
We're stuck here.
And it sucks.
It really sucks.
I don't know about you, but I need to let loose.
Like, desperately.
So please just go along with me tonight.
We've done this drill 20 times.
I make a friend, and we get on another plane.
And I'm over it.
In the spring When flowers bloom [Deloris.]
Five dead vampires, Fred.
They didn't do that to themselves.
Something took them out.
Well, we swept the area all last night.
Whatever it was, it was either dormant or completely off the grid.
You sure that uplink is working? I'm scanning 50 miles in every direction from the house.
The kids are safe.
They're almost 18.
We were their age when we joined.
We've done everything they've asked of us.
We take every mission, every assignment.
No bitching.
We're too good at our jobs for them to risk pissing us off.
That's why they gave us this sabbatical.
And why they won't recruit Geoff and Viv without our say-so.
The Presidio Initiative is in everybody's business 24-7.
The sabbatical gives us a little distance, but not much.
Well, I don't know.
Whatever keeps them safe.
The truth is gonna come out, Fred, - and they are not ready.
- Ugh.
And if we do get sucked back in, we can forget about protecting them.
We'll be the reason they come to harm.
- That's a nice window.
- Let's not talk about that.
Come on, boys! Pick it up! Let's go! [cheerleaders chanting.]
Let's go, Warriors, let's go! - Let's go, Warriors, let's go! - What's happening? Game's postponed.
- Away team's bus broke down.
- Let's go, Warriors, let's go! What is it with the buses in this town? [laughter.]
Mind if I just Thank you.
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Party at my place tonight! [cheering.]
- Really? - Yeah.
[cheering and laughter.]
When I was younger I was insane for fame In big letters up in lights I could see my name Since my mouth could move I've had somethin' to say Now I'm a little older But I remain the same I think we're gonna need some more guac.
Come on.
This is the perfect place to make new friends.
"Make a little love.
" Come on.
"Get down tonight.
" You're incredible.
All right.
What's it gonna be, Viv? Hm? - [boy.]
Yeah! - [sighs.]
Geoff, I just wanted a quiet night at home.
- [sighs.]
- But you had to make this about you.
[Presidio AI.]
Identity confirmed.
Welcome to Presidio.
- [whirring.]
- Security to detention level five.
Security to detention level five.
Biohazard warning on levels 62 through 75.
Main operations level.
I know we're on highalert, but doesn't this seem like overkill? [Fred.]
Uh yeah.
You take one sabbatical [Fred.]
The whole world falls apart, apparently.
Oh, look.
I thought we cleaned up Reykjavik in '85.
We did.
If they miss us, they could have just said so.
It's not exactly subtle, is it? Oh, yes, because subtlety is your specialty.
Are you kiddin'? I'm a goddamn mystery.
Physical assessment team four to reception.
[laughter and chatter.]
Trying out this strain for Gate Night.
I was stoned out of my mind.
I spent the entire night flipping through my mom's Picasso book.
Speaking of stoned there's that weirdo clairvoyant chick.
[both giggling.]
[Geoff sighs.]
Self-medication it is.
Drink! Drink! - Ugh.
- [Daisy.]
Your sister's drinking.
What? - She's drinking? - Yeah.
Oh, wow.
- You know, she didn't wanna have a party.
- What? Ridiculous, I know.
Oh shit! [gasps.]
- [glass smashes.]
- Dude, you okay? Um - Sorry.
- You want a shot or something? Yeah.
Did we really have to come? - This place is creepy as fuck.
- There was nothing else going on.
Who cares? Let's get this fucking party started.
- [boy.]
Hey, Phil.
- Hey, guys.
Yeah, beers are in the fridge.
Help yourselves.
We are running low on mixers, just so you know, but I guess you can chase with Triscuits.
It's as gross as it sounds.
Agent Allen, Agent Allen thank you for waiting.
If you'd please follow me to your debriefing chambers.
[music and laughter.]
You might wanna stay away from Rob.
He's hooked up with more than half the girls in our grade.
The epitome of a fuckboy.
And you're you're too smart to be another conquest.
I know you've been ignoring me, and maybe after that social media drama, yeah, I deserve it.
But I I just wanna clear the air.
It wasn't what you think it was.
What I think is that you are the mercenary you said you were.
Guess that's on me.
Now you and Maddie can go be besties again.
You wanna know why I thought it would be a good idea to team up? To survive.
Because high school is a war of attrition, and I want you as my ally.
Everybody in this town settles like dust.
And I'm not going anywhere.
I don't get to jet around the world.
I'm I'm stuck.
And I'm I'm a Taurus.
We're ride or die.
I didn't mean to give Madison ammunition.
It was an honest mistake.
I wouldn't throw you under the bus like that.
I don't know what you would do.
We barely know each other.
I want to change that.
I I I gotta go.
October's always a shit show.
Much more activity.
The crazy starts at the top of the month and then just doubles down as we barrel toward Halloween.
It's nothing we haven't seen before.
This is typical tribal behavior.
There's a power struggle within the ranks, they turn on each other We saw something similar in Borneo five years ago.
A nest of ghouls basically wiped themselves out over a battle for dominance.
Now, vampires, of course, are more intelligent and more violent.
Based on the evidence, things escalated, it got bloody Basically, they did our jobs for us.
Even though we're on sabbatical.
I don't give a damn about their sabbatical.
I want to know where Fred stands.
We've set perimeter scans and linked them to global sat tracking.
Any more activity in the area and you'll know about it.
[chickens clucking.]
Relays! Take your mark.
- Go! - Come on! Come on.
- Come on, Jack! - Go on, go on! - Yes! Yes.
- Come on.
- Come on! - Yes! - Yes! - [cheering.]
Let's go, guys, you're good! Come on.
- Go, go, go, go! - Yes! - Come on! - Yes! Finish up, Phillip, let's go! There we go! Get it, get it! - Yes! - Come on, man! - Whoa! - [cheering.]
Yeah! You are havin' an off night.
Looks like someone lost his swagger.
- [Phillip.]
You're not wrong, Jack.
- [Daisy.]
I told you! Maybe we'd all be better off if I wasn't around.
I'm done with you guys.
[girl, mockingly.]
Waah! Waah! [coughing.]
You know, last time we were all sitting in a circle like this in this house, Vivian here started convulsing.
Anyone would seize when listening to your voice for so long, Madison.
Heather, come on.
No, let's just play one more round.
The freak can go next.
Is it okay if I kiss you? Yes.
[cheering and whistling.]
- [girl.]
Oh, yeah! - Christ, I didn't come here to watch this.
Heather! Let's go.
- Ugh - Heather! Wow! Your cheeks are all red.
- It's just hot in here.
- It's It's cute.
Maybe we should head outside.
The girl's a freak, and we're gonna prove it.
You're starting to sound a little freakish yourself, Madison.
I'm just being a good Samaritan.
Queens don't get mad, we get even.
I'm just saying.
You know what? This party's actually kinda fun.
And, plus, you guys said you were high the night of the séance anyway? Viv Allen and her too-cool attitude are canceled.
I'm not here to play nice.
[stomach grumbling.]
If you wanted to purge, why did I have to come up here? [whimpers.]
[stomach gurgling.]
- [retching.]
- Madison.
Ugh! My God.
- Madison, do not run - [retches.]
- [whimpers.]
- Madison, just [sighs.]
I don't feel like running.
- Geoff! Geoff! Geoff! - Chug! Chug! Chug! - Geoff! Geoff! Geoff! - Come on, Geoff! - Geoff! Geoff! Geoff! - Chug! Chug! Chug! Come on! - Yes! - [cheering.]
Yeah! [girl.]
Yeah! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! [girl.]
Oh, my God, that was awesome.
- You good? - Whoo! - Whoo! - Hey, where's Phillip? Uh Probably gettin' some in your parents' room.
- [laughing.]
- Might wanna change those sheets, buddy.
Great party.
And a great hostess.
I'm glad Geoff talked me into it.
Ah, you're good at this.
- You're just saying that.
- Is it working? - Maybe - [laughs.]
Stop! [both laughing.]
Oh! Rob.
Great party.
And a great hostess.
What? Wait.
What? I thought you wanted to get some air? I wanna go back inside.
What? Why? Just I feel weird.
I wanna go back inside.
What? Are you going to leave me like this? That's not very hospitable.
That's exactly what I intend to do.
- Hey - Stop it.
Go away! Stop.
- [groans.]
- Oh, come on.
It's okay.
Oh, fuck! [yelps.]
- [thump.]
- [Rob groans.]
Hey, Viv! [cicadas chirping.]
[murmur of voices.]
[girl cheers.]
How are Viv and Geoff handling the transition? God, how do you think? 17-year-old twins scarier than anything I've ever faced in the field.
Well, we've been keeping an eye on their academics.
Their aptitude shows immense promise.
- But that is to be expected, I suppose - No.
No, Edith.
Just no.
Okay, that's your call.
But I would highly suggest that you bring them in for initial testing.
- It's never too - Too early? Yeah, it is.
Because No sliding into their DMs.
All private Insta stories.
Facebook's already canceled.
Hashtag #theyrenotready.
They're willful and hell-bent on doing their own thing.
Jesus Christ, I can't get them to empty the dishwasher or take out the garbage.
You wanna train them to be assassins? Best of luck.
Well, I look forward to meeting 'em when the time is right.
Why are we really here? You could've read our report over your morning espresso and filed it under "Who gives a shit?" There's a vacant seat on the board.
One that your father filled.
My father vacated that seat eight years ago.
And we have so missed having an Allen on the board.
I'm a field agent.
Deloris and I both are.
On sabbatical, yes.
For now.
And then you'll go back to what? Oslo, Osaka Who knows? Or you can be permanently settled.
And your kids can have a home.
And if they should choose to follow in the family footsteps, you can control which missions they go on.
Work in the field is so tough on families.
On marriages.
Think about it.
- [whirring.]
- [snarling.]
[horn blares.]
All clear! [man.]
All right [radio chatter.]
[muffled announcement on PA.]
Hannah! Deloris.
Sexy stuff.
Oh, look at that.
Just came off the prototype.
Oh! It still has that new-car smell.
Now tell me you don't miss using gear like this.
Aah, not really.
Just when people talk during theater and cut me off in traffic.
How's the move to HQ been? Eh, better gym, better commissary, longer hours.
You still working with Daniel? No, actually.
I got promoted.
I'm working under Edith now.
Congratulations! Fast-track.
I always thought it would be you.
Looks like you got what you always wanted.
Nah, not quite.
I've got some stuff that I've gotta take care of.
But it was good to see you.
You too.
[muffled announcement on PA.]
[monsters screeching.]
Yo, Dee-Dee! Chester! What did I tell you about calling me that? Um That you love it? Oh, hey, check this out.
Titanium hollow-point with a soupçon of nerve agent.
Puts a dent in your day, doesn’t it? Wow.
Hey, how's small-town life? Boring.
But I'm sure Fred told you all about it during the dead drop.
Uh Fred didn't mention? Hannah went, not me.
I'm chained to this place.
Yeah, I I just forgot.
- Will you excuse me? - Yes.
Access denied.
Protocol clearance nine required.
Access denied.
Protocol clearance nine required.
[music and chatter.]
What do you want? What do you want? [Steve gasping.]
What the fuck do you want? Why won't you leave me alone? [Steve sobbing.]
Help him.
[high-pitched ringing.]
We're unbeatable.
'Cause you always have my block - to clear the way to the end zone.
- Cheers to that.
- Thank you.
- [laughs.]
- Jesus! - Oh! Ah, fuck.
I love you.
I love you too, man.
I know I I know that's weird to say But I I do, I really, really do.
I love you too.
- Mm.
- [chuckles.]
Dude! What the fuck! Please.
- Help him! - [gasps.]
Phillip! [gasps.]
- [high-pitched ringing.]
- [cries out.]
- You just tried to kiss me.
- No, no, Steve.
Uh I'm sorry.
I just wanted you to know that this is this is who I am.
Okay? This This is how I feel.
Th You You mean You mean so much to me.
- Okay? You mean so much - Stop.
Stop! Wait.
Please, Steve - You don't understand.
- I can't.
- Steve.
- I'm sorry, I can't! - Steve.
Wait, please.
I'm sorry.
- I can't fucking do this.
Wait, Steve! Come on, man! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Steve! - [high-pitched ringing.]
- [groans.]
Fuck! - [phone buzzing.]
- Fuck! Fuck.
- Fuck - [horn blares.]
- [tires screech.]
- [crash.]
Why don't you come down? I don't think that's safe.
Steve is gone.
It's It's all my fault.
I am so sorry about what I said at school.
- Okay? That comment was fucked up.
- I killed him.
I I killed him.
Phillip, it kinda sounds like he killed himself, man.
Phillip, wait! Phillip.
I know you're in pain, but sometimes things are just nobody's fault.
You don't know me! You don't know what I did.
Fuck! You think your best friend died because you tried to come on to him.
Right? I caught on.
Listen Look, there was this kid, all right? In Tanzania.
He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen.
And I let him in.
Like you did.
Uh- For the first time in my life, I told someone how I actually felt.
Phillip, he broke my heart.
Okay? I thought I would die.
I actually wanted to die, so that it would just go away.
But I'm still here.
I'm still here and I understand that it wasn't his fault.
And it's not my fault.
It's not the same thing.
Phillip, my point is that life is messy.
It's messy and it's painful, and it's fucked up.
It doesn't make any sense.
Okay? Whatever it is you're blaming yourself for, you have to remember that he was just a kid.
Like you and me.
He probably didn't know what to do.
He He tried to get away from me.
I'm sure that if he was here right now, he'd tell you he can't move on - because he feels like he failed you.
- How do you know? How do you know what it's like to to blame yourself? To be torn apart this way? - Of course I - To have done something so wrong? All of us, we're just learning.
We're just trying to get by.
But I'm telling you now, you can either face who you are, or you can let it ruin you.
Phillip, don't let it ruin you.
It is not your fault.
You are not alone.
And you're not broken.
Okay? Just Just come back inside, please.
Come down, please.
Phillip, I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Come on.
Come on.
I got you.
Oh, God.
What did Edith want? I saw she pulled you in alone.
She offered me a seat on the Council.
You know you can't take it.
It's more complicated than that.
Presidio just wants us closer! It's more dangerous for the kids.
What if we just fade out? Just fade out of the Initiative, and we don't have to tell them anything.
They're good kids.
[low whirring.]
[faint whispering.]
[faint whispering continues.]
[whispering in Warlock language.]
Ashes of my ashes.
Blood of my blood.
Forgive me.
- [cans rattling.]
- [dog barking.]
[rock music playing in distance.]
[liquid dripping.]
[glass rolling on floor.]
Everything is spinning.
God, what is this? Peanut butter? - Or - [sighs.]
Wakin' up Oh, God.
You were right.
Throwing a full-scale party was not a good idea.
You look like hell.
And why am I the one cleaning? Because I'm the lovable scoundrel.
And you're the perfectionist.
So It's science.
Actually, it's vomit.
We do still have the credit card.
What do you say we get this place deep cleaned? And say we wanted to do something nice for Mom and Dad? You could even help.
And you'll what? Stand at the side wisecracking at everyone? I know my strengths, okay? Mom and Dad don't get back until tomorrow.
I just I really don't think that cleaning up beer cans and ralph off the furniture is something that needs to happen at 3 a.
, okay? [Fred.]
Those things shouldn't have to happen at all.
- Shit.
- Fuck.
I What the hell are you doing? - God! - What the hell happened here? I can't believe you two would do this.
Wh What happened to trust? [Presidio AI.]
Security breach breach detected detected in the archive - Security - What the hell? - Viv, Geoff - Stay put.
Do not move.
- [Geoff.]
Wait, Dad - Stay here.
- Security breach location - What is that? breach the archives Agent Allen, Fred, request target acquisition.
- Who did this and where are they now? - Something scrambled the system.
We need to go hot.
detect breach the detected archives archives location breach - detected archive - [alarm blaring.]
Security breach detected detected archive control archive location Security breach detected archive location Security breach Security breach detected Security breach breach detected archive Security breach I know this is awkward.
Reset security protocols.
Override accepted.
Protocols online.
Go to Threat Level Alpha.
Request uplink withnearest satellite for localized scan.
Satellite tasking enabled.
They're gone.
- Your mom and I are - Fred.
No more lies.
Who are you? Really?
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