October Faction (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Truth and Consequences

[car horns blaring.]
[siren wailing.]
- [Fred.]
Do you know what I can't believe? - [Deloris.]
What? I can't believe we made it through dinner without talking about the kids.
Oh, my God, you're right.
But we're talking about them now, so I'm not sure this counts as a totally successful date night.
- Things are definitely different.
- Yeah.
But I like it.
You like it? Yeah, I like it.
- Aah! Well - Okay, all right.
- It's amazing.
- Well, I love what we have.
I just wish it could last.
I wish it could stay like this.
You know? Yeah? Why can't it? Aah Because we are who we are and we do what we do.
And the kids Will never find out, because we're good agents, but we're even better parents.
Well, we're better than your parents, at least.
- Well, honey, that's not saying much.
- [chuckles.]
Do you think Presidio will extend our stay? This has been my favorite post.
I mean, what's not to like? Architecture is amazing, the kids are starting to pick up these cute little French accents, and the food Oh! My God.
Oh my God, that soufflé was better than sex.
Madame, are you challenging me? Perhaps.
Do you accept? Mais oui.
[Deloris, in French.]
Excuse me, are you looking for someone? [snarls.]
[Fred groans.]
Okay, honey Ah! Need a hand.
Very nice.
[Television playing film dubbed in French.]
[door opens.]
Sorry it's late.
We got caught up with a river dweller.
How were the kids? Oh, perfect angels.
Come see for yourselves.
Look what I got.
Look, Mama, it's a monster.
Monsters are just pretend, sweetie.
But your bedtime is very real.
And it's well past it.
- [children groaning.]
- Come on.
I know.
What the hell are you thinking, exposing them like that? Oh, Freddie, don't be ridiculous.
It's a movie.
No, it's just a gateway through which you start indoctrinating them.
Look, I can't control what they hear out there.
But they are never to find out monsters are real.
Hah! So you're gonna lie to them their entire lives? Yeah, if it means giving them a chance at a normal life, Dad, unlike the one I had, yes, I'll do that.
Oh, here we go.
Blame us.
Well, you're the ones who made the boogeyman real for me, Mother.
- We showed you the truth.
- And showed you how to fight it.
We prepared you for the real world.
Yeah, you did a fine job.
You only got one son alive.
You were there! You could have saved him and you didn't! Keep your voices down.
You may be the authority in your house, but you're in my house now.
And there is no way in hell I'll let you groom my kids the way you did yours.
You know, I would've thought the miracle of surrogacy that gave you those beautiful children might've softened you, Deloris.
But I was wrong.
Though she is right about one thing.
It's time we went back to our own home.
I'm gonna book us on a flight tomorrow morning.
Have another drink, Mother.
You want to protect them? It was not knowing about monsters that got your dad killed.
[shouting on television.]
So, if you wanna keep your children in the dark it's on you.
Piece of shit.
They despise us.
And we deserve it.
We did the right thing, Dee.
We gave them a childhood free of the traumas we had to experience.
That's worth their anger.
So don't "I told you so" me, please.
That's not what this is.
Yes, I wish we could've told them on our terms, before it landed on our fucking doorstep, but I can live with it.
It's the way they look at us since they found out what we do.
- As though we're the monsters.
- Hey, so don't go there.
It's kinda hard not to.
And considering they don't know the half of it.
I mean, before they find out some other way, we need to tell them everything.
You can't be serious.
They'd never speak to us again.
We'd lose them.
- Hey, how are you doing? - Morning.
Got your favorite.
At least my attempt at it.
I'm good.
[music plays through earphones.]
You need to understand how sorry we are.
You know, it is mind blowing that the people who encouraged me to be open and honest about who I am - have been living a lie this whole time.
- Hey, we're still the same.
The only thing that's changed is what we do.
Oh, right! And that, see, is the ultimate irony.
Your cover is risk assessment, yet you failed to consider the risk that your job has to your own kids.
It's the only thing we ever considered.
Hey, everything we've done [music drowns dialogue.]
Well, thank you for that, but I think we can protect ourselves.
And these are what? Probably growing us into big, strong, monster-killing machines like you, right? Pass.
Come on, Viv, let's go.
And don't bother.
We'll take the bus.
- Don't Don't go after them! - Oh, no, I'm not.
I'm going after the thing that did this to us.
I want to take this out as much as you do.
We don't even know what species we're dealing with.
The only thing we know is that it's humanoid, presents as female, was powerful enough to get past our security systems Uh-huh.
And you're gonna figure it out, 'cause that's what you do.
And now would be a hell of a good time to get back on your game, Fred.
I'll get the guns we cleared from your dad's armory.
Didn't you send them back to headquarters? Yeah, I kinda figured following protocol might not be in our best interest.
Boss? I've got that footage you asked to review.
Come in.
Okay Here we go.
This is from before TOD.
I need to cue it up to after it happened.
I wanna look at people's demeanor on the way out.
See if anything pops.
Thanks, Woody.
No problem.
You can go now.
I'll just be, uh in the bullpen doing police work if you need me.
[Presidio AI.]
System reboot completed.
Run full analysis of security breach.
I want still shots of intruder, inventory status and DNA detection, please.
Security report initiated.
Stand by for results.
The premises is secure.
- There has been no breach in security.
- JesusChrist.
Like hell there hasn't.
An item was extracted from Archives at 2:12 a.
, October 27th.
Requesting verification that you or Agent Deloris Allen obtained the item without properly logging it out.
No, something was stolen during the security breach, which you just denied happening.
What was the item? I do not have access to that information.
So you know something was stolen but you don't know what it is? I can provide the shelf location the item occupied.
Shelf R, position six.
R6 Inventory, there's nothing.
Jesus Christ.
Ay-yi [Maggie.]
What? You're interrupting spa day.
Wait till you see my new look.
I need your help.
Well, I'm all ears.
I'm sitting here in traffic.
We had an incident happen at the house.
Whatever the thing was, it took something from Dad's archive.
Since you're the one that organized everything, I thought you could identify what was taken.
Seems you shouldn't have shooed me away after all, huh? Okay.
Forget it, Mother.
I'll figure it out myself.
You won't be able to without me.
I deliberately designed that inventory system so only I could access it, so I would have to, um consult my records there to determine what it might have been.
I'm on my way.
Thank you.
Charles, reroute us to Barrington on Hudson.
Yes, ma'am.
[bird squawking.]
[wind chimes tinkling.]
- [cracking.]
- [gasps.]
- [thump.]
- [gasps.]
There is one good thing about Mom and Dad being outed as liars, though.
Now they can't ground us for throwing that rager.
Ugh, that party was punishment in and of itself.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing.
Forget it.
Hey, Allen! - Sick fucking party, bro! - [chuckles.]
deeply delusioned.
These paintings were I finally realized why you've been avoiding me.
At the party you saw something about my future, didn't you? Oh, God.
Is it Is it Is it bad? Do I die a horrible death? No.
I didn't see anything about you.
That sketch of the bus crash was a total fluke.
- [scoffs.]
- Nothing like that has happened since.
Cathy, I can't predict the future, okay? I don't believe you.
Lemme see the book.
No! - Viv, if you drew me, I'm gonna freak out.
- [door opens.]
Vivian Allen.
You're to report to Principal Schaefer's office.
Ooh-hoo-hoo! [sighs.]
Well, I didn't see this coming, so [Principal Schaefer.]
Have a seat.
Rob just told me what happened between the two of you this weekend.
That you assaulted him? She lured me into the woods, pretending like she wanted to make nice.
And then shoved me down a ridge.
I know you've had a hard time fitting in with some of your peers, and some of the kids have been unwelcoming.
But violence is never the answer.
I had scouts coming to see me at the next game.
And not only is our shot at State completely blown now, but my college plans are on the line, too.
My parents said if you make a public apology, then they might not press charges.
Vivian? How would you like to respond? - Know what? Now you've been assaulted! - [groans.]
- Asshole! - [Rob.]
What the hell? Vivian! Vivian! Oh, God.
[Presidio AI.]
Zone six sensor activated.
- Fred Allen.
- Mr.
Allen, it's your daughter's school.
There's been an incident today - and your daughter's been suspended.
- Suspended? [sighs.]
Atlantic All-Risk Insurance.
Don't risk going with anyone else.
How may I be of excellent service to you today? You can connect me to one of your agents, please.
Deloris Allen.
I'm sorry.
I'm unable to do that.
She and her partner are currently on sabbatical.
However, we have many other quality agents to assist you with your insurance needs.
We carry numerous products, including home, life, auto, pet, nautical, flood and fire damage.
It's them I want.
Is there anything else I can help you with? Perhaps something for What have you become, Dee? Two weeks for a little slug in the arm.
Things have gotten tough.
In my day, you used to get away with murder.
Hey! Look, I understand your behavior is all a reaction to what your mother and I did.
And that's totally understandable, okay? You don't have to worry.
We'll get everything squared away with the school, all right? By lying some more? You can take the blame for what I did or didn't do, and make all the breakfast you want.
Nothing's gonna make up for what you've done! [Presidio operator.]
Incoming call from Atlantic All-Risk Main Branch.
It's them.
Isn't it? Go ahead.
Pick up.
There's nothing to hide anymore, right? Agent Allen.
Hey, Fred.
- Yeah, I'm just checking in about - I'll report it in later.
Of course.
Be in contact when you're available.
You have every right to be upset with me, but please don't hold this against your mother.
Okay? She wanted to tell you guys, and I got in the way of that.
I was trying to give you guys a shot at normalcy.
Something my own parents robbed me of.
It's not just your dishonesty about what you do, Dad.
It's that you do it.
I mean, it's so violent.
It's so one-sided.
Grandma and Grandpa may have raised you to view what you call monsters as the enemy, but what did they ever do to you? They killed my brother.
And your mother's father.
Isn't there a chance, though, that some of them aren't dangerous? - [groans.]
- [yells.]
How can you be so convinced they're all bad? No All of them hold a very real threat and have to be eliminated, but you don't have to worry, honey, you really don't.
Nothing is ever gonna get that close to you.
Okay? I set up surveillance that covers every square inch of the property and then some.
So anything that gets anywhere near us will be caught and dealt with.
I promise you, you're safe.
[speaking warlock language.]
- [echoing voices.]
- [sighs.]
Geoff! Geoff.
Geoff! Geoff! Hi, sweetie! It's me, Sandra.
Sandra St.
Madison's mom? Right.
Couldn't you hear me calling your name? Oh, yeah.
It sounded like you were saying it with a J, and I'm a G, so Oh, Geoff! You are too much.
Listen, I'm glad I caught you.
I'm head of the Booster Club, and you know how we've been trying to get funding for the new auditorium? No.
Can't say I do.
Well, it is gonna be state of the art.
Give the, uh, privates a run for their money.
So, I really would love it if you would impress upon your parents for a contribution.
I don't have to tell you what a pillar of the community your family is.
No, you you really don't.
Barrington on Hudson simply wouldn't be the place it is if not for their unmatched generosity.
Such humanitarians.
Well, why don't I contact the humanitarians for you right now? Perfect.
Um, let them know that we're trying to meet our deadline - by the end of the month.
- Mm-hm.
Uh Sorry, Sandra.
I guess my saintly parents are busy saving the world.
Thanks in advance for putting a good word in with them.
Oh, don't mention it.
- [chuckles.]
- [Madison.]
- Oh.
- Bye.
Hi, honey! - Bye, Phillip! - Bye.
All right, take me wherever you're goin'.
So, Steve was there with us that night? His ghost And you talked to him.
To what you lost Yep.
That's how I knew what went down between you guys, and Okay I know this is hard to believe.
All right? It took me a minute myself, but I can prove it.
There's something that he said to you that night.
About the game you'd just won.
He said that you would always have his block to clear the end zone.
Why are you doing this? I swear to you, Phillip, okay, I am not gaslighting you.
I really can see ghosts Ghost, singular.
Steve was my first, so to speak, and he's the only one so far that I've actually ever seen - but - No.
I believe you.
You do.
You wouldn't have known otherwise.
What I don't understand is why you're telling me any of this now.
You could have gone on hiding it.
I never would have found out.
I kinda have a thing against lying.
Look, you're the only one that I've told.
I mean, my sister, she's got She seems to have so much going on herself right now, and my parents do not deserve the truth from me anymore, so But you do Phillip.
You deserve to not only hear the truth but to live it.
You could have at least given me a key to the house I raised you in.
I had to pick the lock.
Broke a nail.
- Hello.
- Love the hair, Grandma.
Let's have a cup of tea when I'm through with your father? Sure.
I'll be in my room.
Let me show you how the archive works, Freddie.
Can't wait.
Look, I see you questioning, all right? But you know what the answer is.
Okay? Trust me on this.
Look, this gift of mine is also how I realized you like guys.
I mean, my gaydar is usually pretty trusty, but I couldn't get there without help - from your ghost crush.
- Listen, dude I am grateful for everything that you did for me.
And And telling me your secret, but I'm all good now.
I don't need to be Queer Eyed.
Okay, first of all, I could single-handedly out-fab the Fab Five any day of the week.
More importantly, it's not your hair or fashion sense that need a revamp, Phillip.
What needs work is your self-acceptance, all right? Or lack thereof.
Look, I get it.
Okay, you're gun shy.
It makes sense.
The first and only guy you went for rejected you.
But you owe it to yourself to not let that define you and keep you from being happy.
You've neglected who you are long enough, Phillip.
It's time to do you.
I didn't I didn't mean "do you.
" Okay? This isn't me coming on to you or anything.
Don't worry.
I certainly don't find every gay guy attractive, and I wouldn't make the assumption that they all find me attractive.
You know, that's not That just wouldn't be Um I mean, I I could be wrong.
[Presidio AI.]
Connecting to archived log book.
Accessing inventory.
You shouldn't call me on the Presidio line.
Well, it was work I was calling you about.
Uh, listen, I finished up analysis on that symbolthat you wanted me to look into.
It has no significance.
I can't find any trace of it in any culture, monster or human.
It's over.
I've turned over every stone that I could.
There's just there's nothing.
I mean us.
I I can't do this.
I don't want to do this anymore.
I know.
I know I asked you to stay the other night.
But things have changed.
Something's happened.
I need to protect my family.
I'm sorry.
You know, Fred all I was saying earlier is that you know, we've both done the best we can to protect our children.
We just went about it in two different ways.
You know, I'm not claiming mine was right and yours was wrong.
But your family has been attacked.
And, God forbid, it happens again, those children will be defenseless, unless you involve the Initiative.
I mean, get them the proper training, for God's sake! - No! - It's the only way to ensure their safety.
No! Presidio's never gonna get anywhere near my children! Monsters are the enemy here, or have you forgotten that? You know, they finally got back to me about that symbol I found in Seth's room? After all their analysis, they concluded it's nothing.
But you know as well as I do, nothing is nothing when it comes to Presidio.
So, I take it you won't be filling the board position they've offered? How did you know about that? - When you've sacrificed as much - [Deloris.]
Fred? - as I have for our cause - [Fred.]
We're in here.
they can at the very least give you a heads-up when your only son's in town, and can't bother to visit.
Well, we were a little busy being interrogated by our employers.
- You okay? - I will be, if you tell me you've figured out what that thing is.
No, not yet.
But we're just trying to stay focused.
A warlock.
The stolen goods were ashes.
Ashes of dead warlocks.
Dad knew their species has a habit of returning for their own kind, and yet he kept them here in the family home? - Jesus Christ! - I told you he was losing his mental faculties towards the end.
Perhaps you should have done a more thorough inspection of the house before taking possession.
They use the ashes of their dead to restore their own power.
[speaking warlock language.]
Which means this bitch is hopped up and on her way to finish us off.
There's no way in hell she'll let two agents live.
- I'm going with you.
- No! You stay here in case she gets past me.
You're certain about this? [Presidio operator.]
The sheriff called personally.
My assessment is the Allens are at risk of being compromised by local law enforcement.
Would you like me to notify them? No.
Let's just see how things play out.
Be careful.
If they found you, my parents would hurt you.
I don't want that to happen.
So, you need to you need to go somewhere safe.
Do you understand what I'm saying? You can't speak.
That's actually kinda refreshing.
There are sensors everywhere.
Come on.
Go! Let's get you out of sight.
Last known tracking puts the warlock a mile and a half southwest of the house.
Starting my sweep.
[Fred over radio.]
Copy that.
Be safe.
Come on, bitch.
I know you're close.
G Gina.
What the hell are you doing out here? Lower your weapon.
Gina, I can't imagine what you must be thinking right now Then let me clear it up for you.
You and your husband are cold-blooded killers.
I promise you, that's not the truth.
So you and Fred decided to change your clothes in the market for the hell of it? - Gun down! - Please, you know us better than that.
I haven't really known you for a long time.
I swear to you, Gina, we are not who you think we are.
And I can explain, and I will.
But not here.
You need to go.
It's not safe.
Are you really gonna make me call for backup? No! Don't bring anyone else out here! No, I'll I'll come in.
Deloris Allen you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be - used against you in a court of law - No! Hands! Now! We're not on the same side.
In fact, she's out here hunting me.
I said let me see your hands.
Gina! Go! Now! [gasps.]
Gina, run! Run! [Gina gasping.]
You take another step and I'll shoot! I'm counting on it.
- [fires gun.]
- No! I've been thinkin' That you should step down There's nothing you have done To keep us Keep us on side We keep watching you for a long time Reading between the lines Is this it? Is this it? Marchin' in a long line We're not gonna leave you alone This mess we're in is so deep now Standing in a long line Waitin' to be just the same This mess we're in is so deep now We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you out We're gonna get you Marchin' in a long line We're not gonna leave you alone This mess we're in is so deep now Standing in a long line Waitin' to be just the same This mess we're in is so deep now
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