October Faction (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


[rock music playing.]
[sirens wailing.]
[horns blaring.]
We're going to get busted.
Dude, seriously? There's no way I look 21.
You're not even 21.
Okay, next month.
Now, come on.
To the Allens.
Long may we kick ass.
- Aah.
- [chuckles.]
All right.
I still can't believe Presidio gave you field agent status.
Well, you can't deny my stats.
I mean, one containment and two kills in the last month alone? And with Dad's graduation present, I mean, come on, bro.
Can I see it again? Safety's on.
You know the best part? None of these people know who I am or what I can do.
- [snaps fingers.]
- Give it back.
What's wrong? Just stay put, little brother.
Stay put.
Just going to go take a leak.
Okay? [sighs.]
You enjoying the show? Mm.
[sucks teeth.]
You're a siyokoy.
You think you're pretty hot shit, huh, rookie? I spotted you from across the room.
Well That was the idea.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
All yours.
I can still smell them on you.
- [grunts.]
- [yells.]
- [roars.]
- [yells.]
[door opens.]
[Seth whimpers.]
[Seth groaning.]
- [Seth.]
No! - Don't do it, kid.
No! He's not worth it.
[Seth groans.]
I need you to listen to me.
- I want her as much as you do.
- Shut up! I am not the enemy.
This is not about you or me.
You're goddamn right.
This is about Seth.
Well, he had it comin'.
You murdered my brother! [screaming.]
Hang in there, hang in there.
Gonna be - You're gonna be - [yelps.]
Fuck you! - fine.
- [gasping.]
Pull! [groans.]
Okay, leave me.
Go after the kids.
We need to elevate the wound.
Can you sit up? You never did listen to me.
Oh, Jesus, Maggie.
- [moans.]
- Got it? Okay.
Any of them left? - No.
- [bleep.]
This is Agent Deloris Allen, requesting emergency med ops to Barrington home base.
Oh, that bitch might have nicked an artery.
- Better have 'em send a body bag.
- As much as I've wished it sometimes Okay.
Do it.
Seth was young.
And the word was out.
"Steer clear of that one.
He loves the hunt.
" - That's what we do.
- Stalking his prey.
We're Presidio.
We hunt monsters, so you don't hunt us.
Their names were Layla and Ruby.
We had a house in New Milford by the river.
I told her we had to move again.
We'd gotten too comfortable.
But Layla was tired.
- Raising an eight-year-old - [laughs.]
[both laughing.]
I was away on mission.
That's when your brother found them.
He would have told me.
He'd always come back and tell me.
And brag about his kills? And then Seth tied her to a chair.
There was a pile of cigarette butts around Ruby’s body.
She was covered in burns.
He made her watch.
[Layla sobbing.]
No! - [gunshot.]
- [Layla screams.]
No! [sobbing.]
- And when he'd had his fun, he - [gunshot.]
He wouldn't do that.
The boy had demons! With Seth, it wasn’t a job, it was sport.
I think you're full of shit.
So pull the trigger.
You couldn’t do it then.
But you’re a man now.
With how many kills under your belt? Do you know how many times I’ve put a gun in my own mouth? All those years of "Why them, and not me?" So pull the fucking trigger! Why didn't you kill me? Because I'm not a monster.
Neither am I.
[Deloris over radio.]
Fred, do you copy? I'm almost home.
The warlock took the kids.
Where are you? Dryer'sRoad, just past the pond.
- Okay.
Stay right there, I'm on my way.
- [moans.]
The warlock? Yeah.
It's got my kids.
She took out my entire team.
That's why I need your help.
- The bleeding's stopped.
- Yeah.
At least externally.
You're welcome.
You have to stay still until the medics get here.
Hey, I mean it.
Thank you.
You know, Fred won't admit it, but it's been hard enough to lose one parent, as you well know let alone both.
We never should have moved back to this fuckin' town.
It's cursed.
Maybe we're all cursed.
Go get your kids back.
[water bubbling.]
What the fuck? Hey.
[Viv groans.]
What happened? Last thing I remember was some super freak killing a bunch of Presidio agents.
And now we wake up here.
This is fucked! [sighs.]
- [rattling.]
- Shit.
- [footsteps.]
- Oh, fuck.
Geoff, someone's coming! - Here.
- Okay.
Hey, Geoff.
I thought you might be hungry.
You didn't tell me we had company.
He's after the same warlock we are.
Blood magic? We have to find her fast.
Slow down with this "we" shit.
I don't know who you are.
If you ever wanna see your children again, you'd better start trusting me.
The name's Moshe.
So, clearly, you know who we are.
Care to share who the fuck you are? My name's Alice.
- I understand you're confused.
- We're not confused.
We're kidnapped.
- Nothing as dramatic as that.
- Oh, no? Okay, so what happens next? We eat the poison gingerbread and you toss us in the oven? I promise I don't wanna hurt anyone.
Says the woman who sliced and diced a small army.
Those agents had guns.
I was protecting you.
Those agents work for our parents.
Oh, I know all about Presidio.
If I hadn't stepped in they would've taken you prisoner.
- Why would they care about us? - Because you're both like me.
Sweep the kill sites.
I need samples ASAP.
Yes, ma'am.
- Medics, with me.
- Yes, ma'am.
Maggie? In here.
I'm in here.
Let's move.
- [sighs.]
- [radio chatter.]
- How you doing? - Oh, peachy.
Hurts like a fucker, though.
- Ten agents down because of one warlock.
- God.
It was blood magic.
Sam always said it was the thing that scared him the most.
What was she after? She took the kids.
Geoff and Viv? - Yeah.
- Why? Why does it fucking matter? Fred and Deloris are out looking for them.
Go help them.
- This is Hannah.
I need a search team.
- [man.]
Copy that.
So, you’re saying different species banded together.
A unified force.
Like cats and dogs, all on the same team? [scoffs.]
We share a common goal.
Defeating the oppressor.
That'd be us.
Why haven’t we heard about any of this before? Because we didn’t want you to.
It was one of Moshe’s men that tracked the warlock this far.
He can pick up vibrational imprints - left by higher-energy beings.
- Like warlocks.
I get it.
But Presidio caught him on a recent sweep through upstate.
Moshe says he was taken to the Ithaca facility.
That doesn't make sense.
That's just an R and D facility.
Weapons development.
The nearest detention facility is Stockbridge in the complete other direction.
Well, he's there.
I saw them take him in.
You're not buying this fairy tale, are you? The warlock could be anywhere, D.
- Which is why we shouldn't waste time.
- Do you have a better suggestion? - I don't know, but - [Fred.]
This may be our last chance at finding Geoff and Viv.
Which is why we need to call in backup.
Our own people.
No, I don't trust our own people anymore.
Presidio withheld critical information.
They deliberately put our family in jeopardy.
Don’t I get a say in this? Or is this like all our other arguments about the kids? We do what you wanna do - and to hell with me.
- Really? We can’t screw this up.
We won't screw this up.
But we can't just waltz in Ithaca's front door.
And until we find out what’s going on, do you really wanna risk exposing Geoff and Viv? - I wanna save their lives.
- Oh, God.
And I don't? Both of you, just shut up and drive.
[Deloris sighs.]
It’s the truth.
- Okay.
But Mom and Dad, they - Oh, they knew.
They would've said I don’t know, something.
I think they were afraid.
- Of what? - Of you.
Your powers.
That’s why they’ve been suppressing you all these years.
What are you talking about? They must’ve been drugging you with something.
The vitamins.
No, they wo they wouldn't.
Think about it.
Every day, they insist we take our vitamins.
It’s so like a human to fear us.
Instead of embracing you and nurturing your greatness, they wanna sterilize you and neuter you like animals.
But you're getting older now, passing through adolescence.
You must have started to notice strange things.
Visions premonitions? Yeah.
I remember when I was your age.
Things bubbling up, things I couldn't control.
It was like I could see the past and the future all at once.
There's nothing wrong with you.
Either of you.
It's just the opposite.
This is your time of awakening.
And what exactly does that mean? I can show you your true selves.
Your powers your legacy And you'll never have to be alone or afraid again.
You'll be free.
If this really is the same warlock [Fred.]
Chester confirmed.
She hit the Boston facility, then hacked in to track us down.
- We're getting close.
Let's be careful.
- Yeah, I know our own security.
They'll have motion detectors around the perimeter, but they're calibrated so they don't fire every time a deer walks by.
As long as we don't go faster than three miles an hour, we'll be [zapping.]
I know it's a lot to process.
Let me get a few things together.
It'll all make sense.
I promise.
That bitch is crazy.
I don't know.
Mom and Dad are hunting her.
Yeah, because she's a warlock.
Or because they're afraid she's gonna tell us the truth about who we are.
Is that the truth? - I mean really, is that who we are? - I don't fucking know.
But it does explain a lot.
Or maybe it's just a big con.
I mean, think about it.
What if she's the one that's been doing this shit to us? Making us see things? Why would she do that? I don't know.
Maybe she's got a thing for twins.
Or maybe she's gonna kill us and stuff us for her life-size doll collection.
- That's insane.
- That's my point.
Come on.
We need to get outta here.
Well, then expand the perimeter search.
Records indicate that they're on foot, so they couldn't have gotten far.
In my day, Presidio was quite the boys' club.
Times have changed.
Should you be on your feet? Yes, well, it, uh it appears I am going to live.
Much to my surprise and my family's dismay, I'm sure.
- There's nothing yet.
- No heat signatures? - [beeping.]
- You got eyes in the sky? Drones are online.
You know, you could've been in the field.
Well, that was Sam's gig.
He was the star, and he liked that.
So, no matter what I did, people only saw me as Mrs.
I became the archivist.
- Clerical, safe.
- But not enough.
- No.
- Oh.
Never say never.
I'm so glad to hear you say that.
It's good to know there's still room at the table for someone with something to offer.
Do you have something? Something.
Which is it? Both, actually.
I believe "hybrid" is the current term.
- [Geoff.]
Come on, faster.
- [Viv.]
- Okay.
- She definitely knows we're gone by now.
Hold on.
Hold up.
- What? - [gasps.]
- I got a cramp in my side.
- Oh, you wimp.
Come on.
We have to get home.
We're almost there.
If that's what you can call it.
I hate this fucking town.
What it's done to us turned our lives into a freak show.
It was always a freak show, okay? We just never knew.
Don't move! - [guns cocking.]
- That's it.
Hold on.
Oh, shit.
- [radio chatter.]
- Hey, guys.
- Really digging the coordinated ensembles.
- Hands where I can see them.
Hey! - What? Don't touch me! - Hey, man, get - Get off! - You're making a mistake! - Stop it.
- Let us go, man! Get the fuck off me! Stop struggling! [deep rumbling.]
[soldiers grunting.]
God! - Viv, we should go.
- No.
- Viv Come on.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go - [whimpers.]
Okay! Okay.
Echo team reporting.
Presidio target is still at large, but we have two new tangos.
Copy that.
Sending troops to your location.
I think I've seen this place before.
I thought you said you've never been here.
We haven't.
I was going through Gina's desk and found an old file of Dad's.
He was looking into the Allens.
There were, uh there were crime scene photos, one with that weird symbol carved onto the ground, and surveillance shots Sheriff Lang was out here 30 years ago, huh? Listen.
This is not the kind of place you just stumble on.
We gotta stay on point.
Let's go.
If there's a detention section, it will be on the lower level.
Harder to escape.
[Deloris gasps.]
That looks just like the symbol I found in Seth's room.
Where are the guns? You said this was a weapons facility.
I haven't seen any weapons yet.
[door closes.]
- Shit.
Someone's coming.
- Uh Go, go, go.
Go, go.
[Predisio AI.]
contamination room three.
- What kind of shit was that? - I don't know, you tell me.
- I thought it was you.
- [rustling.]
- Shit.
- They don't give up easily.
- Come on.
- Okay.
- Come on.
This way.
- Okay.
- Hey, Viv, we gotta keep moving.
- Okay.
- [metal creaking.]
- [Viv groans.]
There's gotta be a way in.
Maybe we could hide.
Or we could get trapped.
I think we should just keep going.
- Where? - I don't know.
Exactly! Look, there's gotta be a car or a phone somewhere.
Just don't panic.
We were kidnapped by a warlock.
There are men with guns chasing us, men who work for our parents, and apparently, we can kind of electrocute people with our minds.
- When the fuck should I panic? - I don't know! - [guns cocking.]
- [soldier.]
Remember us? - Slowly turn around.
- Now.
One move and we open fire.
Let's do it again.
Do what? Whatever we did before.
On your knees.
Hands behind you.
Nothing's happening.
- Move! - Oh, shit.
Ah, for fuck's sakes! - Holy - Shit.
When are you gonna start trusting me? [roaring.]
- Oh, my God.
- [growling.]
This is a prison.
These creatures have been tortured.
How could they? "They" is us.
[screeching and roaring.]
Excuse me, we just received this.
It's the Ithaca facility, ma'am.
- When? - Just now.
Drone capture.
We're still sweeping.
Get me tactical operations.
Weapons facility, my ass.
- Explains why they don't want visitors.
- [sniffs.]
He's behind this door.
Niklaus! Stand back.
[speaking monster language.]
[door buzzes.]
Okay We gotta go.
That's only the first wave.
Let's go.
Better cover me.
Hold on, Niklaus.
Hold on.
- Niklaus.
Niklaus! - [groans.]
That building.
It was Presidio-sanctioned Auschwitz.
We didn't know.
He was the only reason we were in this hellhole.
Now what? [sighs.]
Well, we don't give up.
Okay Where you goin'? He was a brave soldier.
- He deserves a proper burial.
- Moshe, we don't have time.
Without Niklaus, we don't have a plan.
You want the warlock as much as we do.
Call me if you find her.
- Are you sure? - He was one of us If you truly understood you wouldn't ask.
[car door shuts.]
Let's go.
[starts engine.]
We're two teams down, damage and casualty reports are still coming in.
- But nobody knows about Ithaca.
- Yeah, well, somebody found out.
And what is this fresh hell coming from your team in Barrington? They radioed in about two more warlocks.
In addition to the Harlow one? The teams have attempted to engage, - but since then, it's been radio silence.
- Jesus Christ.
What the hell is going on here? And how do Fred and Deloris figure into all of this? Oh, Maggie, I heard.
How are you bearing up? Oof.
Just a knife in the gut.
Oh, it's such a shame that we had to meet again under these circumstances, and I would love to catch up, but right now, I'm in a bit of a shit storm.
Presidio can be such a cruel mistress.
Well, I was married to Samuel for 35 years, remember? So you understand.
I do.
If only you had someone to ease your burden, someone with inside information.
Maggie's here for more than just Band-Aids and sympathy.
That thing you're after, I've seen it.
I'm all ears.
Information is currency.
So, what can I buy with mine? What do you want? We'll have some privacy here.
I promised you I'd explain everything.
We're still waiting.
This is the source the font of your power.
It will help you control it.
[in monster language.]
By body and blood.
By body and blood.
[in English.]
What is that? What does that mean? "Body and blood.
" That's our language.
Our heritage.
What now? Yeah.
Do we have to do anything? - [whooshing.]
- [gasps.]
Oh, shit! It's happening again.
[loud vibrations.]
Fuck! Fuck! [people screaming.]
[vibrating stops.]
You did well.
I'm very proud of you.
How do you feel? Different.
That is your power.
Never let anyone take that from you again.
Moshe is right.
We're fuckin' Nazis.
We didn't know.
We didn't ask.
After all these years trying to protect the kids, it's come to this.
If that bitch has done anything Get in fuckin' line.
Hey, HQ is transmitting.
Okay, they're dispatching backup.
Multiple warlock sightings at Barrington.
The first strike team compromised.
Where was that last attack? Okay.
I got the coordinates.
[in monster language.]
Fallen in battle Arise in peace Awake Hidden from man Now revel in glory Awake Your flesh and blood Now stars in the sky Safe journey Okay.
She's here.
[door opens.]
Jesus Christ.
Thank God you're okay.
No thanks to you.
I don't know what's goin' on, but you gotta come with us now.
Viv, honey.
- Geoff - We said no.
What's happening? Why don't you ask her? Toss your gun.
What the hell have you done with our children? I freed them.
The lies, pain and suffering it all ends here.
I'm gonna rip your fuckin' heart out.
Fred and Deloris Allen, you stand accused of genocide.
[Maggie gasps.]
I don't remember this area.
Well, you've never seen it before.
Pulling back the curtain, huh? Consider it as a show of good faith.
I thought it was time another Allen returned to the fold.
After you.
- [sighs.]
- You said you wanted the truth.
No! So How was my funeral?
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