October Faction (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


[crows cawing.]
[distant shouting.]
Boo! Where have you been? Aden? We just went for a walk, Miss Alice.
I told you, outside of class it's just Alice.
Did you leave the village? No.
Masks off.
Did you leave Harlow? Aden, I've warned you it's dangerous out there.
But we look just like them.
They'd never know.
You're too young.
It's not safe.
Here in the village, you're protected from the world.
From humans.
- Yeah, but - They're not ready for our kind.
They're afraid of what they don't understand.
Are you gonna tell our parents? Do you promise it won't happen again? I'll think about it.
Now scoot.
All of you.
When every road feels traveled [children shouting.]
And we get lost in struggle When the whole world's unraveling Well, it's just fear messin' with us So is this the big one? - And do we all go down with the ship? - Hey! Got some spark plugs for the beast.
I thought you were gonna put the storm windows on today.
Oh! Yeah, I will.
Uh later.
Whenever you get under that car's hood, you lose all track of time.
Cross my heart.
Here, let me help.
How was your day? Classes went well.
But some of the kids went exploring today.
- Outside the village? - They're curious.
Sometimes I think they feel cooped up, cut off from the real world.
We are talking about the kids, right? The real world is a dangerous place.
For them and for us.
We only go outside when it's absolutely necessary.
I know.
The kids have to learn they can't go and mingle with humans on their own.
I know.
That's what I tell them.
But I'm just their teacher.
I'm not their mother.
Well, you might be a mom.
Hm! - Nice try.
- Mm.
- I know your little tricks.
- Mm-hm.
Now go put the storm windows on.
- Oh! - Winter's coming.
My blood tells me it's gonna be a bad one.
You're a hard woman, Alice Harlow.
- Go.
- All right.
We were at peace at Harlow Village.
You would have liked it there.
Living among your own kind Proud of your birthright as warlocks.
Safe from humans and Presidio.
We protected them.
- We loved them.
- Love them.
You lied to them.
You kept them as lab rats, an experiment you could control.
We would kill for them.
You would kill them.
You can't believe that.
We know what you are - What we are.
- How could you love us? Because you're our children.
Humans and monsters living together? A brave new world? Is that possible? I used to think so but that was then.
[horn blares.]
[tires screech.]
[woman gasps.]
That truck was coming a mile a minute.
- Oh, my God.
I I could've - But you're okay.
Thank you so much.
Uh, I think this is yours.
- Oh! Thanks.
- [laughs.]
Uh You just found out? Um, nearing the end of the first trimester, actually.
You excited? Yeah, mostly.
Also terrified? - How'd you guess? - [laughs.]
My daughter just turned five.
I remember what it was like.
First the the morning sickness, then the cravings and the shopping.
Oh, my husband's gonna hit the roof.
Ah, not if he doesn't find out.
I like the way you think.
Actually, I got off easy.
Mine, uh left in my eighth month.
- Shit, I'm sorry.
- Oh, no, good riddance.
We're better off without him, Sarah and me.
You know, I'd kill for a cappuccino.
Be happy to buy a proud mama-to-be one too.
Uh, decaf, of course.
Actually, um I can't.
No problem.
I'm Kate, by the way.
- Alice.
- [chuckles.]
And don't worry, you're gonna have a beautiful, healthy baby.
Before you know it, you're gonna be up to your elbows in diapers and other shit.
Hey, Kate? Actually, I think I might have time for a quick espresso.
Yeah? Shock Don't be polite [laughter.]
I was starting to believe you were a figment ofAlice's imagination.
- [husband.]
Oh! - [laughter.]
My, uh my work keeps me pretty busy.
Well, I'm glad she got you out to the city for a night off.
Didn't I tell you Kate has a lovely home? Yeah.
No, it's beautiful.
I'd love to see your place someday.
- Oh It's just a a country house.
- Mm.
But I bet you've done an amazing job decorating the baby's room.
We've had a lot of help from the neighbors.
I miss that.
Small town, neighbors you actually talk to Sounds like a tight-knit community.
- Yeah.
- We look out for each other.
Oh, hey.
I'm the host.
I'll do that.
It's all right.
I need to, uh stretch my legs.
- Is he - Probably just tired.
Give us a minute.
- Okay, come on.
- What? Don't make me drag it out of you.
All right, then.
You're getting too comfortable.
I'm having fun.
This is dangerous.
Remember what you tell your students.
In Harlow, we're safe.
Out here, it is a whole other world.
- This is different.
- How? It's just Kate.
A girlfriend.
A human.
We're just having dinner at her house.
That's all.
You're right.
And how can Kate afford all this? She's some sort of business consultant.
Big contracts? I don't know.
It's really none of our business.
- I thought she was your friend.
- Omari.
All I'm saying is, don't lose yourself to blind trust.
I won't.
Now - [sighs.]
- Breathe.
Everything's fine.
We're gonna have a beautiful family and I have a new friend.
Mm I just have a headache.
We're, um gonna leave.
No way! You promised.
You promised.
- Okay.
Just a quick one.
- [chuckles.]
Mm! - [sighs.]
I picked it up from my mom.
- Ah.
She says that coffee grounds tell us everything.
The past, present, the future They do this in the Middle East, but the people there picked it up from something older, wiser, more ancient - and - Magical? - Yeah.
You can call it magic if you want.
- [laughs.]
- Mm.
- Okay.
For real.
Here we go.
So, you see this? - Mm? - That's a candle.
So? Well, if I remember correctly, that means that someone will come along and help you achieve something big and important.
Conveniently vague.
- And there's a cat.
- I bet that means something too.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Keep going.
Oh, and there's a moon.
A full one, I think.
And a hand.
Oh, I remember that one.
That means friendship and family.
This is all sounding like a greeting card.
- [sighs.]
- And um Hm.
- What? - There's, um a knife.
That's a breakup with a lover.
Already done.
Or a friend.
To hell with coffee.
Let's have another glass of wine.
- Oh! - Aah! [sighs.]
Kate? What was that pill you took? [Sarah.]
Mom? [Kate.]
Hey, lovely.
What's up? There's a monster in the house.
- [Kate sighs.]
Oh! - What did she say? Oh, that was just a bad dream.
Right, Sarah? - No, it was a monster.
- No, look around.
It's just us here, cub.
- I'm not telling stories.
- Ow.
There's no such thing as monsters, sweetie.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
You're bleeding.
I'm fine, honey.
You know I'll take her back upstairs, okay? Just stay here.
Okay, thanks, pal.
- We're leaving.
- Yeah.
[cicadas chirping.]
Later that night, I learned what the knife reading signified.
- Shh ssh it's okay.
- [gasping.]
But that wasn't the half of it.
I had started to have horrifying dreams.
So real so hard to shake.
I couldn't make sense of them.
It's okay.
All I knew was that I feared for the future of my family, my community.
[bell rings.]
My people's ancient rituals dating back to prehistory were all under threat, despite the fact that we had always lived in harmony with the universe.
[bell rings.]
[ringing sound.]
[in warlock language.]
Elder Gabriel's life is complete.
He has passed on.
We will burn our dead in body to join them with the blood of our ancestors, and on the sunrise, venerate our young, so they may walk in their footsteps.
[congregation whispering.]
Grieve the end of life so that death may be celebrated.
[congregation whispering.]
Body and blood! [congregation whispering.]
Body and blood.
Body and blood! [bell rings.]
I was tired of seeing so many of my kind die, never having known a life of equality and freedom.
And mine wasn't the only species that wanted change.
We're going to carve out a territory of our own.
A nation of our own for our kind.
Especially with house Harlow on our side.
And how many murders will that take? Justice demands sacrifices.
I've been out there in the world.
Humans are oppressed as well.
There's another way, you know? Rise up within this broken system.
Use it for the betterment of everyone.
We're protecting our kind.
Our histories are littered with failed uprisings, all smashed by the iron fist of Presidio.
Haven't you seen enough death? I've lost women, men, children and family.
Our kind are done dying.
What Presidio doesn't know this time is we are prepared to go much further than they are.
Going further doesn't necessarily mean progress.
Well, you also can't stab a woman in the back ten inches deep and then pull the knife out five inches and call that progress.
Enough of this! You're dreaming.
You want to sing "Kumbaya" with the people that are hunting you.
And you, Moshe, want to start a wide-scale war that will ensure our devastation! Your magical ashes will only protect you for so long.
They will find a way.
Presidio never sleeps.
So we must be as restless as they are.
And keep meeting violence with violence? We must be better than that.
It's too late.
Most of the warlock tribes have been wiped out.
I'm just now starting to pick up the scattered pieces of my own.
That's why peace gives us an opportunity to rebuild, and if that takes generations, so be it.
Peace Rebuild [scoffs.]
Some of us don't have centuries to play the long game.
And some of us continue to suffer out there in the actual world.
Thank you for having us.
[in warlock language.]
By blood and body.
[in English.]
By this body and this blood but not humans.
But I couldn't help but be drawn to the human world, to be idealistic and optimistic for my family's sake.
You know, Kate, how we're always talking about changing the world and making it better for everyone? I think it starts with us.
Look, I know you're trying to help, but, for once, don't give me your high and mighty bullshit.
You have this perfect life with this perfect husband.
You're mysterious and fun and passionate.
Some of us need help.
- Something else.
- Pills.
Fuck you.
- You have a daughter.
- Exactly! I'm doing this alone.
I got in that car wreck last year.
The divorce uh I'm doing my best.
And I don't need judgment from my so-called best friend.
All right.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just I do care about you.
I know.
I'm just figuring shit out.
[phone ringing.]
Uh can you just watch Sarah for a minute? Sure.
[phone continues ringing.]
Louise, come on, it's time to go home.
Okay, boys, come on.
Yeah! [giggling.]
Where's Mommy? You know what, sweet pea? We're gonna go find her.
Come on.
[car horns blaring.]
Honey, can you look this way to see if Mommy's coming.
Okay? [man shouts.]
Hey! Look, the deal's changed and you owe me.
Give me - I said no! - Give me the fucking money! [Alice.]
Oh, Sarah's finally asleep.
Why didn't you tell me you were in so much trouble? It's nothing I can't handle.
You're lying.
To yourself.
But if I go to rehab I'll lose Sarah.
Your daughter needs you to be you.
It'll be for the best.
I don't know what to do.
I've already lost everything.
I can't lose her, too.
You won't.
And you have me.
We're almost home.
I took her to the hospital, but her insurance got rejected.
Without me, she'll end up back on the street.
So, you brought her here, to our village, to our home.
I had no choice if I wanted to keep her and her child safe.
I thought you'd understand.
How am I the bad guy here? Keep your voice down.
Kate's upstairs trying to get Sarah to sleep.
Look, I'll talk to her again about getting professional help.
She just needs some time and understanding.
- Where would you have taken her? - Oh, let's see A hotel uh, the police, her sister's place, - Kevin's place - Her ex? They've been divorced for over a year.
She would lose custody of Sarah.
Do you really want that? It makes a lot more sense than bringing her here.
Do you realize how much danger you've put us all in? And them? Did you ever think she might be safer here with us? You know, no drug dealer or drugs.
I just want you to have my back for once.
- That is not fair.
- Because I always have yours, - even when I don't agree with you.
- Don't distract from the real issue here.
You are putting everything on the line, and And for what? For them? - You have a community here, a family.
- Oh Don't.
Just don't.
Your actions have consequences.
You're risking lives.
Not as many as you're risking just by sitting around, letting time pass us by.
You know, the world is moving on, and we're not.
Oh, wow! Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.
Are you afraid I might actually be right about them? [sighs.]
I've always supported everything you've wanted to do.
I just I don't want you to get hurt.
Look, it's okay to be afraid.
Don't talk to me about fear.
Out there, you can pass as a pretty white lady if you want to, but you don't have to be a warlock or a monster to understand the dangers of navigating life amongst those goddamn people as a black man.
My grandparents were strung up from trees and burned alive, and not just because they were warlocks.
That's also why we founded this place.
Because that's something our family will have to contend with.
I'm a man a black man, and a father to a black child, so fear [scoffs.]
But cowardice Never.
Um, sh she's asleep.
Thank you for everything.
Tomorrow morning, we're gonna take Sarah to school and then we're gonna find you a great rehab.
I appreciate you parking a few blocks away.
No problem.
We could use the exercise.
I just needed a few minutes to Find the brave.
I know.
One step at a time.
This is a whole new beginning.
But I hadn't been right about humans.
They are the real monsters.
She had drugged me to suppress my powers.
- [handcuffs click.]
- [chains rattling.]
- Secure.
- There's no drug dealer.
Or addiction.
Look, it's not like I wasn't moved and touched.
Because I was.
And your name's not Kate, is it? Middle name.
But that's as real as it gets.
Edith Mooreland.
You're deep cover Presidio ops.
Harlow - This has all been about finding Harlow.
- [Edith.]
And you.
You're a big part of this.
You're gonna teach us everything, right? How it all works? What if Sarah knew what her mother was doing? Oh, fuck, there's no Sarah, is there? Oh, there definitely is, but that wasn't her.
No, unlike you, I'd never put my child in that kind of danger.
Not when I know what you're capable of.
But for what it's worth, Alice, this is all about Sarah.
All of this is for her.
To make the world a better place for her kind, a safe place for her people.
- [bleeping.]
- We have her.
You've got the coordinates.
- You fucking - Let's stop talking about feelings and start talking about reality.
I've seen fuckery you couldn't imagine.
- [sighs.]
- Children disemboweled by werewolves, families drained bloodless by vampires So, no, I don't need your gratitude.
It's enough knowing I'm saving future generations of innocent lives.
I'm just the harbinger for a better world.
My will to survive for the life inside me went out.
- [thumping.]
- [screams.]
[all groaning.]
[thunder rumbling.]
I managed to free myself and make it back to Harlow.
But it was too late.
Presidio was already at our gates.
We fight because we must fight.
At 0800 hours we'll be launching one of the greatest premeditated raids in the history of Presidio.
It existed long before we were born, and it will exist long after we're gone.
Because of you! This is about survival.
- [thunder rumbling.]
- So here, now we are gonna take out the greatest threat to humanity.
And that's when my water broke.
Labor was painful, but what's pain compared to the end of the world? You know what comes next.
[high-pitched ringing.]
It was a full-scale attack.
- [gunfire.]
- [screaming and shouting.]
- [high-pitched sound pulsating.]
- [gasps.]
They were using some sort of sonic weapon to neutralize everyone's powers.
- [machine-gun fire.]
- [man `.]
Kill them, now! - [man 2.]
Come on! Come on! - [whimpers.]
Come on, right fuckin' now! - Come on.
Come on! - Let's go! It was like lambs to the slaughter.
I had led the enemy right to our door.
- [man.]
Shoot 'em, right now! - [screaming.]
Lead 'em out.
Go on, get them out.
Let's go.
Move it! Move it! [woman screams.]
Where are you taking him? Where are you taking him? - [gunshot.]
- [screams.]
[gunfire continues.]
[shouting and screaming.]
Let's go! Move it, move it.
[gunfire and screaming continue.]
- [man 1.]
Okay! - [man 2.]
Shoot their ass! Coming through! [screaming.]
Aden! Aden! - Oh - Miss Alice? Oh! No, no, no.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
No, no, no! Oh, no [gunfire continues.]
Omari! [sobbing.]
Omari, please! [whispers.]
Where are you? Help me It's happening.
Omari was determined to preserve everyone's legacy.
[Alice's voice.]
Omari! [Omari.]
I'm here.
You're not alone.
Amidst the carnage, I found Omari via a connection, a shared bond that allowed my people to commune with one another and the world around us.
A connection that you unknowingly tapped into as well.
The séance? [gasping.]
You called me here, Viv.
You freed me.
That is the power of our blood and history, and why we'd do anything to protect it.
[Alice's voice.]
Come back! I will.
But I must protect the ashes.
There's no time! I need you! [groans.]
We need you.
This is our legacy.
Turn around slowly.
Show me your hands.
Put down the urn.
Alice protect yourself - and our family.
- [Alice.]
No! Omari! Live your life, Alice.
I love you! [groans.]
Just as one life ended, another was trying to enter the world.
You killed him, Dad? That's not the whole story.
That's right.
It's not.
It gets worse.
[whispering voices overlapping.]
It's all right.
Mama will be back.
I'll keep you safe.
The ashes were all that remained of our people.
It was my duty to protect them.
Some might consider this a failure.
[man 1.]
Two lines over there.
[man 2.]
All square.
Move on to the next one.
Shekilled several of our men.
Where is she now? Alice? [glass smashing.]
Still on the loose.
You spared no one.
- [metal clattering.]
- We have to be able to risk it all, if we are to progress.
[helicopter flying overhead.]
Otherwise we die.
But you did well.
I applaud you for keeping your personal feelings in check.
I serve Presidio.
Well, as do we all.
[radio chatter.]
We have it, sir.
Target acquired.
And it's for moments like this.
The ashes of my ancestors.
The true reason for genocide.
[crow cawing.]
[Alice gasping and sobbing.]
Oh! Oh! Oh Oh Omari.
I'll protect our legacy.
Omari was gone, the ashes were gone, but the worst was yet to come.
[baby cooing.]
That was the end of my life at Harlow and the birth of a new chapter with a nation of our kind, a chapter seeking justice.
But I learned even our kind weren't prepared to go far enough.
They weren't prepared to do what needed to be done.
Like I am today.
I lost everything that day.
My community, my husband It's all right.
Mama will be back.
I'll keep you safe.
Both of them.
Or so I thought until I recently found them alive, but unaware of who they really were or where they came from.
Stolen from me by the very enemies who killed the last of our kin.
Deceived for the past 17 years.
You are my children.
Oh, God.
You are my babies.
Is this true? Honey, listen, please.
- It's not what it seems.
- [Viv.]
No more excuses.
No more lies.
It's a simple question.
Yes or no? Is this true? Yeah, it's true.

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