October Faction (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Bonds of Blood

All right, here we are.
Sorry about that.
The warden wanted me to keep these on you until we got here.
Follow me.
This your kid? Uh, yeah, that's an old picture.
Let me guess, he's a troublemaker.
Why do you say that? Ah, he's got that look in his eye.
The way he carries himself.
Yeah I know this guy.
- [bleeping.]
- You know him? No, I mean, his type.
Bet he loves to stir shit up, am I right? He used to.
It's time.
Have a seat.
You all right? I'm fine.
Just keep goin'.
How many? How many what? You said this was gonna help people.
How many? Well, with what we learn here, we could delve into the very secrets of life.
You could help millions.
It's just It needs to be enough to make up for what I've done.
I don't even remember what set 'em off, my parents, they just they just start screamin' at me, and they won't stop.
And then I'm in the shed gettin' the shotgun.
I know I gotta stop myself, but I can't.
And I just start pumpin' off rounds until I ain't got no shells left.
Then I realize I didn't save one for myself.
It needs to be enough to make up for what I done.
But I wanna go out knowing I did somethin' good.
Dante you carry the name of a great poet.
Did you know that? He wrote about the soul's journey to God.
And the recognition and rejection of sin.
Will it hurt? Good.
You all right? Wh what? What How do you feel? - [crackling.]
- What's happening? Why [gasps.]
[continues screaming.]
Kids, the story of what happened to you at Harlow house, I promise you, I promise you isn't the whole truth.
Which part? The fact that they were innocent people? Or that you and Presidio slaughtered them like they were animals? We were in a war, Viv.
Raising you as human was our only way to protect you.
We're not human.
And you spilled blood.
Our blood.
You're murderers.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Question is how they'll pay for their crimes.
The only crime here is you fucking with our kids' heads.
They're not your fucking kids.
This isn't about being a doting mother! It's about revenge.
So you wanna hurt us? Go at it! But you leave them out of it.
They're both almost of age.
So I say we let them decide who they are.
I wanna know what it means to be a Harlow.
Show us.
Thank you, my darlings.
How do you think they should be punished? I don't want you to hurt them.
I just I wish they could feel the pain they caused all those people.
Like you when they murdered your husband our father.
Viv, Geoff, I promise you, she will destroy you.
- Come.
- [gasps.]
Let them think about what they've done.
[Fred gasping.]
- [snarling.]
- [gasping.]
You okay? I don't know what to think or feel about any of this.
This is who we are.
She's who we are.
Think about it.
No more lies.
No more secrets.
Viv, we're finally free.
So what now? To be honest, I'm not sure what comes next.
I do know something we could do as a family if you're up for it.
You have nothing to say to me? I have nothin' to say to anyone.
What the fuck are you doing? [scoffs.]
Have you even considered your family? Huh? Your grandchildren? I mean, I don't know why, but they loved you.
And they watched your coffin go into the ground.
All you have to do is tell them what they wanna know.
I mean, Edith says you can walk out of here today.
So what, are you just being stubborn or have you completely lost your mind? You tell me.
You're the expert at walkin' away.
Oh, my God.
Oh! You know, you used to be a brilliant man once.
- Yeah.
- Now you're just some empty shell who doesn't give a shit about anyone.
You wouldn't understand.
Cou I I couldn't I couldn't understand what? - Hm.
- What, that you that you went rogue? That you recreated a decommissioned program in our house? What did you tell them? Now you want some information from me? Fine.
Let's make a trade, okay? I will tell you everything, and you tell me why you are doing this.
Fuck you, Maggie.
Fuck you.
Geoff, Geoff Okay Oh, God What have we done? Stay with me.
Stay focused, Dee.
Stay focused.
I, uh I have a hold-out knife.
Fuck! - I can't I can't reach it.
- Okay, okay, okay - Let me get it.
Let me get it.
- It's it's in the back.
It's in the back of my pants.
- Yeah.
- Oh Oh, God.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
- Okay, I got it.
- Okay.
I got it, I got it.
- [clattering.]
- Fuck! Welcome to Gate Night, another propaganda-driven ritual.
Lock up your gates, Barington, monsters are loose.
So, why did you bring us here? [Alice.]
Because you're the future.
And not just mine, but the future of our kind.
I believe if anyone can change how we're perceived, it's you two.
So, what are we doin' first? Well, that's up to you.
But it's your first night out as your true selves, so I just want you to enjoy it.
Find you guys later? [people cheering.]
You know, I don't need blood magic to know that something's going on between you two.
Go get him.
Viv! Viv, wait! Uh, Phoebe, you you're up.
Just stay off the Kit Kats, please.
You're not sampling your own merchandise, are you? [chuckles.]
Oh, well, if there's a better reason to work at the candy booth, I would like to hear it.
- [bell rings.]
- [boy.]
Yeah! Where have you been? I still wanna know what spooked you the other night at the party, and now everyone is saying - that you're suspended? - I just A lot has been going on with my family.
I don't know if I have a family anymore.
I I have so many things to figure out.
I told you, you can trust me.
Look, I don't trust that easily.
I know.
And I love that for you, normally.
But my Spidey senses are telling me that something fairly spooky and/or supernatural is going on with you, and I have to know if that involves me.
S-So our friendship is about you using me to help yourself? - What? No, Viv! That's not what I meant! - Typical.
Been seeing a lot of that lately.
Okay! That's not fair! You can't just lay Stephen King shit on normal, boring humans and just expect us to carry on our lives.
That's a hell of a big ask.
Well, I'm not asking you for anything.
Not anymore.
You're just gonna run away again? You're good at that.
I heard it started when some farmers opened their gates for one night of the year to let their cattle roam free.
Some sort of bio-dynamic shit, I guess.
Nah, I heard some kids pranked an old guy in the '50s by hanging his garden gate from a lamppost.
Eriksen, you must know.
I'm just pleased to hear you take an interest in history, however trivial it may be.
- [bell rings.]
- Hoo! What's up, Warriors? - What's up, Geoff? - Mr.
Two days absent without a written excuse.
And your parents allowed you out.
- They, uh didn't have much of a choice.
- [bell rings.]
Yeah, man.
One arm, huh? Excuse me.
Hey, Mr.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
You know, for everything that I said earlier in the semester.
It was just something I couldn't quite control.
Over the last few days I've been getting help with that.
[machine chiming.]
- [boy.]
Whoo! - All right.
Clean slate, then.
[bell rings.]
See you in class Monday morning.
You got a minute for a quick convo? There's, um so much to tell.
Um, I guess I'll just cut to the quick.
We can be together now.
[indistinct chatter.]
Listen, can we can we talk about this some other time? Somewhere else, maybe? Look, you don't have to worry.
Okay? My views on the Allen clan pretty much in line with your father.
I want nothing to do with them.
As it turns out, I'm not actually one of them.
What are you talking about? Look, it's a long story.
Okay? But suffice it to say, I am not a descendant of Samuel Allen.
Or Ethan Allen, for that matter.
In fact, I'm completely free of any Allen DNA.
Let's go tell your dad.
No! [scoffs.]
You don't get it, do you? I am not ready yet, okay? Besides, it's, uh Madison's night, - and I'm here for her.
- Right.
The finale of the Madison-Phillip show.
Look I've been friends with her a lot longer than I have with you.
Yeah, but I was kinda hoping we'd be more than friends, Phillip.
- Anything? - [scoffs.]
He's a vault.
I don't know.
I I've never seen him this way before, I [sighs.]
I'm not gonna let one man derail the future of this organization.
Yeah, well I understand Presidio wants its property back, - but it is just one program.
- This isn't just about one failed project.
It's about the entire human race.
With this technology, we can eradicate subhumans worldwide.
We have been treating this cancer for years.
No matter what we do, it keeps coming back.
With this program, we have a cure.
I'm not gonna let this end in failure.
So, what does that mean for Samuel? If he doesn't talk, I have no need for him.
He dedicated his life to the Initiative! He betrayed us.
I think you of all people should understand that.
He's just lost.
Maybe I can help him find his way back.
I think we've run out of time.
But, given your loyalty to Presidio, I'm gonna give you one more shot at it.
And if you can turn him around, maybe you can have that seat on the Council.
[Deloris gasping.]
I cheated on you.
So, you knew? [sighs.]
Yeah, I knew.
Since shit's gettin' real remember that fire at Killigan's Pharmacy? Yeah, you feel guilty because your friend took the fall.
I feel guilty 'cause I got my father killed.
So that Baz wouldn't get caught, I made a fake 911 call that sent my dad out behind Carson Farm.
Oh, my God.
And I told you that I wanted to join Presidio for revenge.
But really, I just wanted to kill as many of those fucking things as I could.
I don't care if the kids chose their biological mom, that doesn't make us not their parents.
We're getting outta here.
Oh Oh [whimpers.]
Oh, fuck! [screeching.]
Hey, there you are! What are you doin' out here? Beautiful woman all alone.
Stick with me, I'll protect you.
Oh, jeez.
Now I feel safe.
- [man.]
Good one! - Whoo! - Oh, my God.
- I've only been a righty for two days! - Step right up! Try your luck! - That was amazing.
It was easy.
Come on! - [boy.]
He only had one arm! - [Rob.]
I might be ambidextrous.
- [Rob.]
Might take up baseball or else.
- [boy.]
Give it a try! - [stallholder.]
Aah! - [girl.]
Yay! - [thump.]
- [bell rings.]
- [Moshe.]
What's happened here? - [gasps.]
- Man, she fucked you up good.
- He Help my wife first.
Help my wife first.
- All right, man.
- [murmuring.]
- Oh - What the fuck is that? It helps counteract the effects of blood magic.
But it's been calibrated for our kind, - so it's - [gasps.]
No, I just I can't any longer, okay? It's over, Phillip.
- Maddy, please.
- No.
We're done.
You got what you wanted out of it.
So did I.
Look, we’ve been a fierce power couple.
The Beyoncé and Jay-Z of this place for years.
But, you know, without the cheating.
- It's time to move on.
- [sighs.]
We’ll both be in college next year, and we need space.
And I will always be grateful for the time we had together.
It's been really fun.
Don't do this, please.
Is anyone else tired of the perfect little lies this town tells itself? Hm? I think it's time we ended the fake news.
Like Madison here.
Man, she really does put the Saint in St.
Claire, doesn't she? A name given to her by the father that left her after landing the family in bankruptcy.
Why would you lie to all your best friends, Madison? Don't they deserve to know the real you? You know, being a queen, it's a state of mind.
It's not a preconceived given.
If they can't accept that maybe they're not your besties after all.
Then again, you haven't accepted yourself for being as basic as them yet, have you? [gasps.]
Hey, Maddy.
If all that's true I don't care.
I still got your back.
Oh, well, of course you do.
Good old loyal Cole, always there for his buddies, right? Except for that time earlier this summer, you were passed up for quarterback, and you got so pissed you leaked the playbook to the Chesapeake Chiefs.
[crowd gasping.]
What? - No, no.
That wasn't - Shit, that was you, Livingston? Even if my arm wasn't out of commission, there's no way we'll make States now.
Oh! - Yeah, you better run, you fuckin' pussy! - Whoa! Don't go throwin' stones, Mr.
I'm sure you've done your fair share of shady shit.
- What? Thought you wanted to get some air.
- [cries out.]
I'll tell you what he's done.
He attacked me! Is that true? Hell, no! It's the other way round! No! You feel so fucking entitled to take want you want, and when you didn't get it, you turned it all on me! - You're pathetic.
- That's total bullshit! Fuckin' freak here is just stirring up her cauldron.
We all know how she pretends she can see things before they happen.
She's wanted me so bad, she probably had a dream it came true.
It was no dream, Rob! He did it to me, too.
And me.
No way And I'm not gonna stay quiet anymore.
So that's how your really broke your arm.
Viv Allen must have put up one hell of a fight.
Now you've been assaulted! Wish I had.
You guys are all a bunch of fuckin' liars! As if I'd wanna get with these dogs, anyway.
Shut your mouth, Rob, - before I shut it for you.
- Really? You just got dumped by your girl like a little bitch! What, did you attack her too? 'Cause you're a guy, right? 'Cause apparently, all guys are rapists! Uh Fuck you guys! I'm out.
He needs he needs a good lesson.
[girl 2.]
How'd you track us? Werewolf smelling powers? GPS signal from the radio I gave you.
- But it isn't you two I came looking for.
- [Deloris sighs.]
- Where is she? - [Deloris.]
I wish we knew.
She has our kids.
Wait, wait, wait! Stop! Look at his wrists.
Those symbols Samuel that thing was in our house.
It was close enough to attack our grandchildren.
I mean, God knows what would've happened had Presidio not shown up when it did.
It's your funeral.
He would never hurt those kids.
But I'm not gonna give 'em what they want.
I can't.
And once I tell you why, you're gonna understand my willingness to die for it.
It's a summoning circle.
The Harlow warlocks would use it as a gate for souls.
When one was on its way out of this life it would free them to transition into the next.
What the fuck does that make you? Oh, my God.
I found a way to bring our son back, Maggie.
And I'm not gonna lose him again.
Prep for takeover.
We leave for Barington within the hour.
This is the motherfucker who killed my wife and my daughter, - and took everything I loved! - [Deloris.]
Stop! His his arm.
The bandage.
That's her handwriting.
Can you take us to Viv? - [Cathy.]
All right - [Rachel.]
No, seriously, all right, this is too good.
This is so perfect.
There you are, mouthy little bitch! Yes! Yes, finally! A nickname from Maddy St.
It lacks creativity, but you know what? I'm gonna take it.
- I'll take it.
- I should've known you'd fucking blab to that freak Viv Allen about my family shit.
She's not a freak, Madison.
Not everybody has to act like you're the most iconic shit to hit the Barington-on-Hudson scene.
I mean Viv is kind.
And she cares.
Maybe you'd realize that if you tried to have a real conversation with her.
And besides, I didn't blab anything, so You were the only one who knew other than Phillip.
And I've got serious dirt on him, so he wouldn't have spilled.
Which leaves you! [gasps.]
Holy shit! Holy shit! I almost just died! You stopped it! Turns out, I can see the future.
And I want you in it.
- [shudders.]
- Okay? [gasps.]
Fuck you, Geoff! Nicely done.
You know, you you really made this a Gate Night to remember.
You know, you always do this thing with your mouth.
You're trying to be serious, but all you wanna do is smile.
And you see me in a way I didn't even know I wanted to be seen.
But you are so busy revealing shit about other people that sometimes you don't even know why it's glossed over.
Glossing over shit - is just a version of lying.
- No.
Sometimes people sugarcoat things to protect themselves.
To protect other people.
Madison is is afraid of what other people think.
She's not lying because she thinks she's better.
- Okay, and the rest of them? - Got what they deserved.
All right.
I'm sorry.
Okay? But I learned early on that I can't be anybody else but myself.
And I have a new shot at that.
- I'm not gonna pass it up.
- I'm not asking you to.
But what I am asking, is you let me take my own shot the way I want to.
Because I'm I'm ready to be done with this hiding thing.
You sure? You've got a couple of seconds before people see this and start getting ideas.
I want them to get the right one.
- [girl.]
Oh! Yeah, I told you! - [cheering.]
Oh, my God! [radio chatter.]
- Where's the sheriff? - Huh? I'm the, uh acting sheriff.
Woody Markham.
Hannah Mercer.
Tactical Operations Team.
The Bureau has tracked a suspected serial killer to your town.
We'll be establishing a perimeter and setting up ops, and I'm gonna need to do that unfettered.
Uh Is this about the DiPietro case? Yes.
That's not for public consumption.
Uh Of course.
Uh, well, we'll share everything we've got with you.
Uh, our evidence and the department's resources.
That won't be necessary.
We've got it covered.
I basically just need you and your boys to back down and let us do our job.
Uh What about the public? If there's an armed and dangerous suspect at large, we should issue a shelter in place advisory, or set up a tip line? Leave it to us.
Understood? What do you make of all this? [Woody.]
Everything's fine.
Same old, same old.
And besides, you just barely got out of major surgery, so it's way too soon for you to even think about leaving the hospital.
Woody the bullet they removed from me, you traced it back to my firearm? Yeah, boss.
But, listen nobody else has that information, and nobody ever will.
We'll figure out how to frame it once we get you the professional help that you need.
I didn't shoot myself! [sighs.]
Uh not deliberately.
We'll get into all that, okay? You can tell me everything, but right now, you just need to sit tight and follow doctor's orders.
We need you fully recovered.
Besides, there's nothing going on around here.
It's just another night in Borington-on-Hudson.
So why didn't you tell me about Rob? Why didn't you tell me that the guy you've been seeing was Phillip? Hey do you think you could, um I don't know, tell me if we have a future? - And spoil all the fun? - [chuckles.]
- Fair enough.
- [laughs.]
You know, I don't know about you, but being a warlock is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
- I could really get used to this.
- Same.
We should get back to the party.
Where do you think our mother is? I haven't seen her.
She's right here.
[indistinct chatter.]
Now let's go and enjoy the festivities and make some memories.
I wanna, whoo-hoo-hoo I wanna, whoo-hoo-hoo Yeah, I wanna, whoo-hoo-hoo [crackling.]

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