October Faction (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

The October Faction

[whispering voices.]
[Presidio AI.]
Anomaly detected.
Coordinates are 42 degrees, 23 minutes, 37.
5 seconds north, - 73 degrees, 48 minutes - Jesus.
- 49.
3 seconds west.
- [bleeping.]
My God God! Come on, do I look like this [in Warlock.]
Brothers and Sisters of Harlow.
Welcome back.
[man, in English.]
[in Warlock.]
The ashes Harlow They survived.
Omari? Live your life, Alice.
Oh! [radio chatter.]
They're the FBI.
When they say they're in charge, they're in charge.
I didn't even know they were tracking the Di Pietro case.
If that's what this is really all about.
What else would it be? I don't know.
Something about this doesn't smell right.
We need to find out why Blackwater swooped in to drop the hammer on our town So, nothing's going on here.
I knew you were lying to me.
I checked myself out of the hospital.
I figured something was up.
I know the Bureau.
FBI's not coming here without warning and a lot of paperwork.
Carl, get the keys to the weapons locker We're taking our town back.
- [in English.]
What did you do, Alice? - I recovered the ashes.
We have back what we lost.
- What was taken from us.
- No.
It is not our way.
I was spared.
If not for this, then why? Madison? [in Warlock.]
Where am I? What is this place? [in English.]
Sorry, I don't speak our language.
This host was very young.
Madison? High Priestess Romina of Harlow.
This is not my body.
In fact I'm a girl.
Uh Do you ha have a name? Aiden.
What's the last thing you remember? Cold.
Me and my friends were just gonna check if the pond had frozen over.
And then that's when the trucks came.
With soldiers, and there was shooting.
And I ran to find my parents, but [gasps.]
No, it's okay Aiden, you're safe now.
They're beautiful.
This is incredible.
But this is wrong.
Our life was taken from us.
That was wrong.
What happened to our community was a tragedy.
But it was a drop in the ocean of our history.
You can't interfere with the natural order of life and death.
But look at them.
That's what we called them before they were born, your parents' names.
We can have our family back.
Get down! Get down! Run! Get down! [man.]
Everyone down! Now! Move, now! Move! Hey, Terminator, we'll cover the back.
- [yelling and screaming.]
- [gunfire.]
It is you.
- [gasps.]
- [man yells.]
Turning! - [gasps.]
- [groans.]
Geoff! [groans.]
No! [gasps.]
Right there.
[woman screams.]
No! - [man.]
Turn off! - [woman.]
God! [Deloris.]
Viv! [man.]
You! Move, now! Move! - Viv - [Edith.]
Drop it or I drop you.
Come on! Fred.
What Oh [gasps.]
Let my kids go.
Okay, bring everybody to the staging area! We'll clean up this mess there! [helicopter flying overhead.]
[shouting and screaming.]
Let New York know we need containment.
Move! - [gunfire.]
- [men shouting.]
[gasping and groaning.]
I got you! - Hey! - Where you at? [groaning.]
Drop your weapons! [gasping.]
Armed to the goddamn teeth! None of their weapons are government issue.
- [Carl.]
Sheriff! - What? - They're gone.
- Who's gone? The Gate Nighters.
All of them.
- [man grunts.]
- Huh! Got one.
I'm not one of them.
Get those lights out of my eyes.
Blood spatter over there, too.
What the hell are these things? They're everywhere.
Looks like a tranquilizer dart.
Yeah, state of the art.
And expensive.
They tranqued an entire festival? They can do that.
Who can do that and why? - I'm not playing games.
Start talking.
- I still think he's one of them.
This guy is just using us.
I promise you I am not part of that fascist army.
That outfit your wound - Just playing dress up for Gate Night? - There are powerful forces at work here.
Yeah? Well, I've had a powerful shitty couple of days - so if I don't get some answers soon - You were shot with your own gun by your own hand.
It felt like you had no control over your own body, right? Like something was forcing you? Hm.
That was blood magic.
What the hell is this whack-job talkin' about? [Moshe.]
I'm talkin' about a war between humans and - [roars.]
- [yelps.]
You can just turn that on and off, whenever you want to? - Yeah.
- Because the Hulk can't do that.
He just gets mad and, wham, full-on green guy.
- Are you trying to make me angry? - War or no war I need to figure out what the hell's going on in my town, and I think you can help me do that.
[muffled voices.]
Get off! Get off of me! What? Keep movin'! [man.]
Follow me.
What the fuck's going on? [woman.]
I don't want to! No! [woman.]
Hey! - What - [man.]
Easy, easy.
[man 2.]
Come on, this way.
Stay right there.
Step right up.
Keep moving.
- [woman.]
Sorry, I don't have my - Keep the line moving.
Someone has to tell us what the hell'sgoing on here, all right? I I'm missing students.
Who's in charge here? I understand it's been quite a night, but please, be calm.
Not Not until I find my kids.
Look, I'm missing Madison St.
Claire, Catherine MacDonald There's, like, 20 of them.
Madison St.
Claire, she's being checked by a doctor.
But why? What's wrong? - Not a thing.
It's just a precaution.
- Wait.
Precaution against what? Who are you people? FEMA-CDC joint task force.
There was a train derailment just north of the county line, one of the cars was carrying hazardous waste materials.
Oh, my God.
Everything is fine.
It doesn't look fine to me.
I can assure you this is standard CDC protocol.
And that includes confiscating our phones? Once we're sure that there is no contamination, everything will return to normal.
I think you've got a pretty twisted idea of what normal is.
Where have you taken Geoff Allen? And your name is? [footsteps.]
What the fuck? Well [sighs.]
you definitely have racked up the miles.
What is this? Think of it as limbo.
A way station.
Whatever metaphor gives you some level of comfort.
And you're here for what? Revenge? You tell me.
Come on, tell us what's going on.
[loud pulsating.]
Wow, you've barely aged.
What, you spend 17 years God knows where, you smear some ashes on your head and you pop up fresh as a daisy.
Where are my children? I'm so curious.
What happened to you after Harlow? I mean, I knew we never found your body but I I never dreamt that you were still alive.
I wanted revenge.
I joined a group, a band of rebels.
But they betrayed me too.
Turned on me.
Imprisoned me.
Not alive, not dead In chains.
[cries out.]
But then my daughter called to me - which freed me - [gasping.]
She didn't even know she was doing it.
All those years, I thought they were dead.
Sometimes things slip through the cracks.
It must be terrifying to live every day in fear knowing how weak you really are.
Where are my children? I have them.
And they're gonna help us understand, and Presidio is gonna analyze every molecule of your DNA, and it's gonna teach us how to kill your kind.
And that includes your children.
Well, it's obvious Fred had lost his way.
Protocols are clear on how we deal with rogue agents.
There was no other alternative? Well, it's better it was me than someone else, one of them.
Unless you're going soft on me? Not at all.
I just wanted to be clear.
So Barrington is cordoned off.
I want this town cleared of every last living being, human or otherwise.
It's gonna be a total purge.
Is that clear enough for you? [Hannah.]
I'll start deploying transport now.
So Deloris and Fred, they're not killers? Not of humans, anyway.
There are monsters and monster hunters.
And these guys.
This is containment.
They're putting Barrington under the dome.
- Hold up.
- Sheriff Gina Fernandez.
Sorry, we're turning everyone back.
There's a chemical spill in town.
Nobody knows this town better than me.
I can help you coordinate.
- I'll have to ask you to turn around.
- Who's in charge here? I said turn back, now.
- [Edith.]
Well, a hell of a day.
- [gasps.]
Where's my brother? He's close by, he's safe.
Jesus, you have no concept of how this might feel.
Well, of course I do.
You're suffering from extreme loss.
Identity, community, family.
Must feel bottomless.
I'm sure you think that making me suffer will make you feel better.
Let's be honest with each other.
Even if I didn't have your powers under control, you're way too smart for that.
You're an incredible artist.
And you're a scientist, a feminist A lesser woman, she might let this bring her down, but you [sighs.]
I think you may get out of here.
I think you can use that rage inside you to fuel a better destiny.
You will be my first stop.
Trust me.
Your mother is being debriefed.
Which one? You know, despite what you've been told, Presidio's sole aim isn't killing monsters, it's understanding them.
Knowledge protects the world from harm.
Scientia revelare.
It's in your book.
You've got two options.
You can subscribe to an unstable group of fanatics governed by half-baked spirituality, or you can use the considerable resources of Presidio to understand yourself and your kind.
Now, option one is upstairs chained like a wild animal.
Option two, it allows you to achieve your potential as a scientist.
You can help us end centuries of violence.
Turn against my people? No.
Be an architect for a better future.
Help us understand non-humans.
With knowledge comes peace.
Okay, contamination threat.
Secure the door from the outside.
[radio chatter.]
Come on, honey, time to wake up.
Jesus, what happened? Presidio happened.
They've got the entire house on lockdown.
We need to find a place we can talk.
God! - Come on, old man, where'd you put it? - [groans.]
Wait, where's Alice? Where's Viv? Okay - [banging.]
- [man.]
Open the door! - Geoff, come on! - Not until I get some answers! Baby, trust me.
- [thumping.]
- [man.]
Open up! Fuck! Move up! - Room's clear.
- Here.
- We're here.
- Eyes up! There's a basement? [thump.]
Your father and I may be monster hunters but your grandfather was a mad scientist.
So this is Presidio.
Uh-uh, this is all Samuel.
He kept this place off the books.
He didn't trust anybody with his research.
He was a paranoid fucker.
Talk to me.
Start with Alice.
They have her upstairs, with everybody from Gate Night, including a dozen Harlow warlocks.
Then I'll talk to her.
See if I can fix this.
Presidio wants to wipe this town off the map.
What? They can't do that! They can.
I've seen them do it.
Total containment.
They release a biotoxin, no evidence, no witnesses.
This is how they clean up a mass scale event.
What about Dad? Fred? [gasps.]
I'm so sorry, honey.
You know, I didn't know what Alice was planning.
I just knew that I had such a strong connection to her and after after hearing what you two did? - No - How could I do anything but follow her? - I understand, but we don't have time! - I don't know who to trust anymore! Okay, your abilities allow you to see into the past, yes? Then do it.
Go back to the night you were born See it through my eyes.
I'll keep you safe.
Fuck! How many of these things did they breed? - [gunshot.]
- [yelps.]
We knew what we had to do.
[distant gunfire.]
- [sighs.]
- [baby cries.]
I'm so sorry.
Maybe this is fate.
You filled a hole in our lives.
But we couldn't risk Presidio knowing you two were alive.
[bleeping speeds up.]
That operation at Harlow was horrific, but it brought you and your sister into our lives.
And you deserve to know the truth.
We should have told you.
I I just All I could see was danger around you.
I I wish it had come out some other way I I I wish that your mother knew you two the way that I do.
I can't undo anything I've done.
- I ju I can only - Mom, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
Oh, my beautiful boy.
Okay, what do we do? What do we do? I mean, Jesus, the whole town bodies hosting warlocks? I've got a plan but we need your sister on our side.
You two are connected by blood magic.
Find her and make it work.
- [crashing.]
- [gasps.]
So I never get to leave this house, do I? That's up to you.
Me? I can leave here any time I want.
But you you're struggling with if you've been a good father if you've been better or worse than your old man? You're definitely an Allen, my boy.
Today, we are here to unite two people who love each other.
- Congratulations.
- [applause.]
Seth was strong and look what happened to him.
You were there! You could've saved him and you didn't! We are gonna take out the greatest threat to humanity.
I must say, your dad had some fine things.
You grew up in a Gothic nightmare of privilege and yet, you raised two open-minded, authentic and deeply caring children.
No, no, no, no.
That's them.
That's you.
I was a miserable son of a bitch.
I mean I wanted to be so much better than my father, but what happened? I gave them a life of being nomads hiding from forces that wanted to kill them.
Raised by people who helped murder your parents.
I mean, come on, man, that's dark.
That's dark.
No, I deserve this.
Eternity being psychologically fucked with by the man I killed.
This is great, this is perfect.
That's the difference between humans and our kind.
You think that life is finite, but it's not.
It's the opposite.
Energy warlock, human, everything lives on.
There's no end.
What does that mean? It means there's a window.
- A window? - For you to go back and fix things.
That's why I'm here.
Do you think I wanna hang out with you? Why me? Why not you? You stole my children I saved them! who are right now at the mercy of highly trained murderers of which you are one.
Logic dictates that you can save Viv and Geoff, but only if you see things from a new perspective.
I'm appealing to you as a father After all the killing you've done, this is a chance to make things right.
To do better.
You were willing to die for our children.
Question is are you willing to live for them? [Viv.]
So our people can't die? Well, souls are immortal.
Bodies, not so much.
But yeah, those Presidio fuckers shot me to deathand here I am.
That whole massacre, my parents' involvement, I can't even.
- [sighs.]
- Can't even what? Wrap my head around them being killers.
I wouldn't judge them too hard.
I mean the last face that I remember seeing was your dad's.
Your human dad's.
- [gunfire.]
- [man.]
No! Please, no! Leave him! Let him suffer! Orders are to collect intel.
We can't if they're all dead.
Better them than us! Stay with me, kid.
I think taking you and Geoff was - Hey, kid! - I don't know Try to hang in there! an act of rebellion.
Hold on, they tried to save you? And failed.
But, hey, they drew the line at genocide, and I guess that counts for something.
Hey, did they ever release the last Lord of the Rings movie, Return of the King? I died after Two Towers.
Oscar for Best Picture.
- No fucking way.
- Way.
I just streamed it actually with you.
Actually, the the person who's body you're in.
She loved those movies.
Always thought of herself as a Samwise.
What was her name? The owner.
Oh, Cathy.
She was wonderful.
Neurotic but in a way I loved.
I have no right to use her body as a host.
It's not really how the ashes in the circle are supposed to work.
Re-birth is It's apparently way more complicated than this.
At least, that's what Omari taught me.
Coming back should be a mutual choice between spirit and host Anything else is just wrong.
Ai Aiden? What are you saying? I'm [sighs.]
I'm gonna give Samwise her body back.
Go easy on Miss Alice.
She's a good teacher.
And I'm glad our kind is still around.
Yeah? Oh! Holy fucking shit! I'm gonna have the twins and all the other warlocks transferred to Montauk for long term research.
Oh and that fucked up creature that Samuel created he goes to Ithaca for reprogramming and training.
A serial killer with an assassin's soul.
- Merry Christmas.
- Hell of a win.
Well, the age of the Allens has finally ended.
Pick it up! Move out.
[radio chatter.]
[bangs door.]
I know you probably have a million questions.
No! No, actually, I ju I a warlock Ubered my body and you think I'm a wonderful friend, and now, I I'm back in control.
- I - Okay, wait.
Just - And they turned your house into a morgue.
- Almost.
So, Viv go all warlock.
Kick some ass.
I can't.
They drugged me.
What I What I need is my brother.
Just tell me where he is, you fascist bitch! I need your cooperation.
You bring my boyfriend here, right now, or I will make every step of my transport a living hell.
- Or I knock you out for the journey.
- Oh, go right ahead.
There's no telling what more sedative will do to me.
I'm sure the boss lady won't mind if yours truly is Oh, I don't know, brain damaged upon arrival.
Not that I believe she's gonna keep me and my sister alive for long.
- I am not the monster that you think I am.
- [scoffs.]
Oh, is that so? Bring 691 in.
Alice! Look at me.
Where are they? - Where are the kids? - Not safe.
It's my fault.
All of it.
I wanted to hurt you.
I wanted to make you feel what I felt.
And then you saw them.
And after that, I just wanted my family back together.
But it was more than that.
Edith found Harlow because of me.
My people died because I betrayed them.
And I thought if only I could bring them back.
If only I could bring back my husband to see his children.
She killed both our husbands.
And she's gonna kill the kids.
Touch me again, stormtrooper, I swear I will take your fucking head off.
Big man with a big gun, huh? Come on, take my handcuffs off, I'll show you how we run this town, asshole! You're so hot when you're mad.
Geoff? Jesus Christ! Where the hell have you been? I was worried about you.
- Did they hurt you? - I'm fine.
You've got one minute, then you're on the bus to town and you're on the road with us.
- Fuck.
- [sighs.]
Are you okay? Yeah I mean, I was worried as hell.
I mean I know these people are bad guys and they wanna hurt you and Viv.
Have you seen her? Where is she? She's in the next room, in the parlor.
The taken people, the hosts.
What does she mean, on the road? Where's she taking you? I don't know.
Somewhere awful, I'm sure.
Listen, I need to get to Viv.
There's something we need to do, together.
- Is it a warlock thing? - Yes.
- A warlock thing.
- [shudders.]
Because they drugged the shit out of me, I can't do it without her.
Geoff, these people have guns.
If you try anything, they'll kill you.
They'll kill us all no matter what.
- Oh, fuck.
- I must clear your path to the end zone.
Time's up, boys.
- Let's do this quietly.
- I got this.
I got this.
Phillip! Hey! Where are you taking her? Hey! Stop him! - [yells.]
- [grunts.]
- Ah, fuck! - [groaning.]
What the hell is that? - [Phillip.]
The fuck off me! - [men yelling.]
- [shouting.]
- What the fuck? - [man yells.]
- Holy shit.
Who's with me? Let's go.
Fuck! Fuck it! [shouting.]
- Geoff! - Viv! Come here, give me your hands.
- Come on, give me your hands! - Okay, okay! [vibrations.]
They found me.
The twins.
I asked them to.
Why help me? They're our kids.
Yes they are.
I can protect them, keep them safe.
But we we need to work together.
Hold onto something.
- [crashing.]
- [tires squealing.]
[men groaning.]
Time to give up, Edith! Look at the balls on you, lady! Did you really think I'd let you take my kids? Are you really gonna let the most powerful warlock in the world go free? They will hunt you down, both of you! They won't! Not once Maggie Allen is head of Presidio! And as ranking member of the board, she's next in line to take over.
I'm pretty sure my mother-in-law will leave my family alone in exchange for complete control of the Initiative.
Especially when she learns you killed her only surviving son! Well.
Samuel was sure wrong about you.
You are Presidio material.
You killed my husband, you took over my house, and you came after my family.
Viv and Geoff are an abomination.
I'm just doing my job.
And I'm doing mine.
You have one gun.
I have all of Presidio.
I like my odds.
Yeah, well I've got something better.
[whooshing thump.]
Take care of our children.
Goodbye, Edith.
Like you once said to me I'm just a harbinger of a better world.
[whooshing thump.]
[loud vibrations.]
[screaming and gurgling.]
I soaked the blood out He's watchin' me You stood there lifeless At the end of the deep You drink coffee, right? You got some raw meat I can put in it? - I'll send you falling - [laughs.]
Fuck you.
- [laughs.]
- [scoffs.]
I'm gonna need my guns.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
I guess that's it.
I got my town back.
Even got to stick around to see it, thanks to you.
But you never got your fugitive.
Alice Harlow is out there somewhere.
Believe me, I'll find her.
That woman killed a lot of people in my jurisdiction.
I was thinking, now that I'm back on my feet, maybe you and me together might You don't work with humans.
I do now.
- [bleep.]
- [door opens.]
Look at us.
Almost a family again.
It takes a mother's love.
Why in the world did I let you convince me to do this? - What if - [Phillip.]
Shut up.
Show me the egg! - It's right here! It's here! - Right.
- It's a nice big brown egg.
- Three, two, one and crack the egg! Shit! [Deloris.]
We started this wanting to protect people and now, we're finally on the right side.
Maybe I can't make up for all the bad things we did but I'm sure as hell gonna try.
[soft creaking.]
- [thump.]
- [rattling.]

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