Odwilz (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

27 to 00, Zawieja, come in.
27 to 00, Zawieja, come in.
27 to 00.
Zawieja? 27 to 00, Zawieja, come in.
27 to 00, Zawieja! Zawieja, checking in.
Hon, it's 7 am, we're gonna need the boat.
Sorry, I'm on my way.
Rise and shine.
Time to get up.
Hania, get up.
Your clothes are on the bed.
Hania, breakfast! She's getting dressed.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- She refuses to get up without you.
- Sorry, I fell asleep on the boat.
- Hi, Grandpa! - Hi, Hania! Sit down, have some breakfast.
Here's some milk, and once you're done, Grandpa will drive you to preschool.
But I want Mom to drive me.
Fine, we'll be faster by boat.
Will you make it to the prosecutor's? I will.
- Will we go home today? - Yes.
But if I can't get here on time, Grandpa will pick you up.
Okay? Bye.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
No good news, I'm afraid.
We're terminating your husband's case.
My son was murdered while working on a human trafficking case for you people, and 6 months later, you're dropping the case? There's no evidence of foul play on the boat.
The death of a policeman is the last thing we would dismiss, trust me.
Meaning what? My husband killed himself? - That's our official stance.
- Go fuck yourselves! - I feel for you.
- You do? Why? 38 to 00, switch to 11.
38 to 00, switch to 11.
Coffee? It's cold, just the way you like it.
No, thanks.
How did it go? So it didn't.
A report came in.
Male body, found downtown.
Homeless, no ID.
We're taking it.
Fuck, Zawieja, let the beat cops shine.
Detectives Trepa and Zawieja, we're on our way.
What have we got? Here's the situation.
He got wasted, froze to death, been here for 2 days, smelling lovely.
Want to stay here and fill out paperwork for them? - Who found him? - The guy on the bench.
So paperwork it is.
Detective Zawieja.
What are you collecting? Cans, what else? Here, there.
In dumpsters.
Show me your hands.
- Where's the blood from? - Got a smoke? Trepa, give me a cigarette.
And send in a tech I didn't do anything! Let me go! - I didn't do anything, I swear! - I'll take him.
Up! - I didn't do anything! - So why the fuck did you run away? - Where is the blood from? - I told you, I dig in the dumpsters! Then fucking show us.
There, in the dumpster.
Book him, secure the evidence, I'll take a look.
- Are you sure? - Do it.
A frozen bum.
Zawieja wanted to go there, what could I do? - Hello.
- Hi.
After a short, but intense chase after an exceptionally fast hobo, we've secured the dumpster.
The bag contained an umbilical cord and a placenta.
Labor occurred not later than yesterday.
- And the stuff on the placenta? - Techs say it's game fodder.
Zawieja, any thoughts? I think the child is alive.
Or it would've been in the bag.
If it was born in the woods and the placenta was in the city, then we'll find the mother in some dive.
The fucking city, I hate this.
I'd like to see the detective in my office.
Gentlemen, and ladies, let me remind you, we're all at the Philharmonic tonight, in fucking dress uniform.
Yes, sir.
After you.
You need some time off, no problem.
I was at the prosecutor's office.
And I don't accept this verdict.
Listen Wojtek committed suicide.
Accept this.
Case closed.
Which means no more taking the police boat out to spend hours on the lake.
No more.
Got it? No one expects you to work now.
Go home, spend time with your kid, get some rest.
Sitting at home won't help.
I want to work, I'll handle it.
So, take the dumpster case.
Find the mother and the baby, notify social services, do something real.
I'll see you at the Philharmonic.
Yes, sir.
- And? - Fuck, what do you think? I'm to focus on the dumpster case.
Fuck! I'm not up to searching for a newborn in dives.
We have to press the lab for results.
I have to pick Hanka up, I promised I'll take her home today.
- Can you do the paperwork for me? - With great fucking pleasure.
- Thanks, partner.
- You're welcome.
Trepa, here are the dens.
Some checked, some left for you.
Ivan! Here, boy! Are we going home? Yes, we are.
Put on your shoes and jacket.
And go play with Iwan for a bit.
We ran out Of crepe paper.
We found postpartum leftovers downtown.
- So what? - Take a look.
This was by the placenta.
Grass and salt.
Game fodder.
Used to feed deer in game reserves.
It was in the city? Listen My son didn't blow his brains out.
- I'm saying this as an ex-cop.
- Wait, I can't see Hania anywhere.
Hania! Hania! Hania, you can't go up here.
I wanted to wash Dad's boat.
Look, what a pretty duck.
There, the one with a white tummy.
- Yeah, I see it.
- It swims so nicely.
Like a tiny boat.
- Yes? - The beat cops are combing the dens, but some anglers reported a woman's corpse in the river.
- Interested? - Alright.
I'll meet you at the port.
So I'll stay with Grandpa.
- Over there? - She's there.
That must be it, right? On the left, can you get there? Alright, I'm calling it in.
Hi, it's Trepa from City HQ.
Green Island, marker no.
We've got a body.
Across from the old coking plant.
Got it.
- I wonder how she ended up here.
- Backwater.
- Peanut? - No, thanks.
She was pregnant.
Game fodder, same as on the placenta.
Secure this, please, and this.
- We need more manpower.
- For one stiff? We are looking for a newborn.
Probably a dead one.
Hey, you! - Over here! - Let's go.
It's hers.
Hi, it's Trepa again.
We need someone to secure evidence.
At the old coking plant.
Got it, we're waiting.
Psychiatrist, Magda Kosinska.
District Prosecutor Strzelecki's daughter.
Oh, fuck.
- Call the boss.
- He won't pick up now.
How do you know it's my daughter? We found a jacket with an ID.
- That doesn't mean anything.
- Have you seen the body? Yes.
Where? Green Island, opposite the old coking plant.
Michal? Michal! What's going on? Michal! A simple case turns into a murder of the District Prosecutor's daughter and a disappearance of his infant granddaughter.
A high-profile case, Strzelecki will be all over us, all the time.
Listen Go home, I'll handle this.
You told me to solve this case, so I will.
Sorry for interrupting, but the victim's husband's here.
He wants to report her missing.
That's all.
Well then? Okay.
Alright, go question him.
Just don't tell him about the body.
I'll stay here.
- Who are you reporting missing? - My wife.
Name, surname? Magda Kosinska, like I said.
When did your wife go missing? Last last night.
What were you doing on the day of her disappearance? I was at work.
And in the evening I met with a friend.
With a friend.
Your friend's name? - Konrad Janas.
- And what does Mr.
Konrad Janas do? What does it have to do with my wife's disappearance? Konrad Janas is a sea captain.
Why do you think your wife is missing? She hasn't been answering her phone, I haven't heard from her.
She was staying, I mean sleeping at her friend's.
Who is Konrad's Janas sister.
Address of the flat? - 3/68 Rugianska St.
- Alright.
Check Mr.
Kosinski's alibi.
And we have to tell him.
Detective Katarzyna Zawieja.
I'm afraid I've got bad news.
We found Magda Kosinska's body.
There is an investigation, you'll have to stay here and the Chief will question you.
I'm really sorry.
Where did you find it? Hello? Where did you find it?! - Peanut? - No, thanks.
So what do you make of this? Of what? This case.
I don't know.
It's a fucked up world, huh? Fucked up.
- Alright, give me that peanut.
- Like, from my hand? Gimme.
You find them tasty? It's not about taste.
It's about being healthy.
Fucking hell.
- Good evening.
Konrad Janas? - That's right.
Detectives Katarzyna Zawieja and Krzysztof Trepa.
- And you are? - Miroslawa Janas.
- So you're - Konrad's mom.
Did you and Marcin Kosinski meet last night? Yes, we did.
At what time? I don't know, between 10 pm and 1 am.
We drank a few rounds, why? Are you two close? We grew up on the same street.
What's this about? Did you know he hasn't been living with his wife? I learned yesterday that Magda moved in with my sister Ania - Your daughter? - Yes.
Where is she now? At work.
But what is this about? I'm sorry to inform you that Magdalena Kosinska is dead.
There is an investigation.
Oh God You'll have to come to the station with us.
We need to take your statements.
The husband's alibi checks out.
He and Konrad Janas went pub crawling.
Until midnight.
Maybe longer.
He still had time to kill his wife and dump the body.
We know Magda was staying at her friend's, Anka Janas.
- We should check that flat.
- Anka works at a suburb hotel.
- Trepa is on his way to her.
- I'll see you at Janas's flat.
Good evening.
Next floor.
I've sent you a photo of the suspect.
Ask the neighbors if they recognize him.
- Right.
- Hi.
Any signs of break-in? No, locked nice and neat.
I heard they dismissed the case.
I'm sorry.
Like I said, take a look around the flat, check if something is missing or looks different.
Every detail is important, so please focus.
Did she say anything in the car? Last time she saw Magda Kosinska was on Thursday.
But last night she got a hang-up call from her.
- I don't think anything's changed.
- Yeah? Great.
Come on in.
I'll look around with you.
Where did Magda sleep? Here.
Will they send the divers or not? What about sonars? When? Okay.
We're looking for a newborn in the river.
Have you known each other long? All my life.
Did Magda leave her husband? - They were having a difficult time.
- So she moved here? She left without her documents? Must've been in a hurry.
And this? What was on this CD? Where can it be? Do you know who sent it? Grzesiek, come here.
- Were these flowers for you or Magda? - For Magda.
- Ma'am, let's go to the living room.
- Slawek! Take pictures of these flowers and these photos here.
What do you think about Kosinski? He's the most likely suspect.
He was drunk, got all upset.
He battered her and dumped her in the canal.
We're done! If you ask me, it's too early to jump to such conclusions.
- What do you think? - It's blood.
So, the neighbor has recognized the suspect.
Says he was wasted, arguing in the hallway.
Okay, thanks.
We met at school, he comes from this dysfunctional home, his father was a drunk he'd beat him and kids mocked him, I stood up for him, - and we became friends.
- I was Strzelecki's housekeeper, living in their basement, with my kids, Anka - and Konrad.
- I brought him home once, - that's how he met Magda.
- Anything? We're still sweeping the car, but the best part is in the back.
He's always been kind of confused, lost.
But he's a good kid.
Magda loved him very much.
He treated her like princess.
We all did.
She was a princess.
Smart, beautiful - Her father was the problem.
- Strzelecki hated him.
- Why? - He's a prosecutor.
- Marcin was unworthy of his daughter? - Too highbrow.
When we met up, he was weird, terribly nervous.
I just learned that Magda moved in with my sister, Anka.
As I understood, she was afraid of something.
- Of Marcin? - I don't know.
Do you think Marcin Kosinski would be capable of killing Magda? Well? We have to detain you for further questioning.
Escort him.
- But why? - He is a good guy and for the record, I never saw him raising his voice at her.
- Stop! - Grab him! Fucking stop! Freeze! Stay down! What did I do?! - Fuck - Cool it! - Marcin - Konrad, help me.
Fucking help me! - What was that? - Detained for questioning.
This is fucking absurd.
Do you really think I killed her? Fuck, maybe I killed my child too? Tore it out from the belly and fucking drowned it? Okay I'll just be sitting here.
And everything I say will be used against me.
Right? Fuck.
Fucking help me! Help me You're all fucked up! - Hi.
- Where are you? I'm calling it a night.
- How's my little girl? - Asleep.
Okay, I'll be there soon.
Did you remember to buy the crepe paper for Hania? Sure.
- Anything else from the city? - No.
Just get here.
Good evening.
Have you got any crepe paper? Yes, give me a second.
- In these colors.
- And that baby formula, please.
- The one at the bottom? - The infant one.
- There.
Do you need a bag? - I'm good, thanks.
- Trepa? - What's up? - The baby's alive.
Someone fed it.
- How can you be sure? That thing in the dumpster was an empty formula can.
- What can I do? - The lab needs to confirm it.
- And you? Going home? - No.
- Back to the river.
- We'll be in touch.
- Well? - Lab confirmed it's a formula can.
- So someone's got to have the child.
- But can you tell me why would anyone hold such a small baby? Prosecutors put people behind bars.
This is revenge or blackmail.
It's not spousal homicide.
- I don't know - I do.
I want to find this child.
If there's a chance it's alive, I need you to help me, got it? Get some sleep.
Let's wait for the autopsy results, okay? - Bye.
- Okay.
Prosecutor, is your daughter dead? Was it her they found in the river? Prosecutor, a comment?
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