Odwilz (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Could she have been tortured? The bruises and scratches are from ice and branches.
She has a perineal tear, probably caused by labor.
But I can't rule out rape yet.
And this? A rope? - Yes.
On both hands.
- Can you identify what kind? Yes, although it'll take a while.
And here we have the cause of death.
Blunt trauma to the back of the head.
Detective? - Yes? - Prosecutor Strzelecki is here.
The father will be confirming the body.
Go ahead.
She was nine months pregnant.
She should have been at home.
Any decent guy would've been by her side.
I know.
And where were you? I don't fucking know.
You'll rot in prison.
Like your father.
He has identified the body.
You don't have to.
But I want to see her.
Go ahead.
I can't do it.
Fuck, I can't.
Make me one more coffee, please.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
The confirmation didn't go too well.
I wanted to see his reaction to the body, but Strzelecki fucked it up.
How was Kosinski on the way back? Crying, all the way back to his cell.
Grief, guilt? I'm guessing it's both.
You really think he did it? - You said it wasn't spousal homicide.
- He might be involved.
Strzelecki said his father was an inmate.
Follow that up.
- Please.
- "Please"? That's better.
- 911, what's your emergency? - Help, I'm in labor in my car - Where are you? - I don't know, in the woods.
Someone was following me, I made a turn Please calm down.
Is there anyone with you? No.
My husband's not answering I'm scared, please help me! How far apart are the contractions? - They didn't send anyone to her? - She hung up or lost reception.
The victim is Magda Kosinska, the District Prosecutor's daughter.
He needs no introductions.
Strzelecki may have a lot of enemies, so every sentenced scumbag in this city may be a suspect.
Radwan, get a list of recently released inmates - prosecuted by Strzelecki.
- Right.
Kosinska's husband has a shitty alibi and remains our main suspect.
Married for seven years, separated for the past two months.
Magda Kosinska moved in with her friend, Anka Janas.
On the night of the murder, Kosinski was seen making trouble at her door.
- Drunk.
- They grew up on the same street.
Anka and her brother lived in the Strzeleckis' basement.
We're still looking for the victim's car and the child's body.
Not "body".
The child.
Zawieja, a can of formula found by the placenta doesn't mean anything.
It means someone wanted to feed that baby.
They'd have made contact by now, right? What? If they're feeding it, then it's ransom or blackmail.
All right! Let's get to work.
We need to find Kosinska's car to locate the crime scene.
It's crucial.
Radwan, you know what to do.
Kosinski's mother.
When Marcin was ten.
- His father went to jail for that? - For that, plus assault, robbery.
He's been behind bars since then.
But I've got something better.
Marcin is registered as in debt.
Despite selling his company, he still owes 100k.
Is that all or has he been borrowing off the books? Here, Kosinski's mother's medical examination.
He took after his father and battered the girl? I'd say he owed money to the wrong people.
And that's why they took his child? It's definitely more profitable than throwing it in the river.
Gonna talk to the prick? If he killed the wife, he killed the kid too.
- Where are you? - I don't know, in the woods.
Someone was following me, I made a turn Please calm down.
Is there anyone with you? No.
My husband's not answering I'm scared, please help me! How frequent are the contractions? Why didn't you answer? I didn't have my phone.
Your wife gave birth and suffered a blow to the head.
Could this be about your debts? Did they threaten you? What did they say? That they'll kill her? Kill the baby, sell it? Who do you owe money to? - Do you want to find the child? - I have to get out of here.
- List everyone you owe money to.
- I want to go.
The Dabrowski brothers.
Connected to the underworld.
They took over his company and bought his debt, but he still owes them big time.
This one was prosecuted by Strzelecki.
Got a suspended sentence two years ago.
Radwan, what do you think? Would they hurt the daughter to get at Strzelecki? Organized crime? They don't get their hands dirty for 100 grand.
It's a domestic homicide.
The guy's in debt, he's stressed out.
He got drunk, she yelled at him, it was too much he whacked her.
And the baby? - In the river.
- He whacked her? And then what? He tied her up, tortured her, forced her into labor, and then? He sold his kid to human traffickers or drowned it in the river? Listen, that guy didn't do it.
The brothers are doing business at the docks.
Bring them in.
- My cover's been blown in the docks.
- Does that go for your wife too? Release the husband for now.
Take him home, keep a close eye.
He might lead us to the murder weapon or the child's body.
- I think it's a waste of time.
- Why? We have to start somewhere.
Then put out a child abduction alert.
Come on.
The kid's dead.
Find the crime scene or Kosinska's car, and we'll find the baby's body.
If you find the car, call me.
- This is awkward.
- It is.
The Dabrowski brothers, they run a business here.
- I don't believe this.
- What? - What about me? And the children? - Don't start We are dead to you, unless you need something for work.
- Go ask around yourself! - I'll visit the kids.
- Did you get the papers? - What? What papers? I sent you the divorce papers! You were supposed to sign them and send them back.
Is that so hard? Can you! Help me find something on these guys, and I'll think about those fucking papers, okay? You were, you are, and you will always be an idiot.
I can do it! Send me the picture and wait here.
What about that house? My father-in-law's.
But he doesn't live here anymore.
- Tell me it's not true.
- Let's go inside.
- Mom, look what's going on here.
- Was she your wife? - The Prosecutor's daughter? - Get lost.
- Is that police's official stance? - Yes.
No comment.
Get a life.
Marcin! Thank you.
I'll get her meds.
- Hello.
- She's got cancer.
And now this tragedy How long has the Strzeleckis' house been vacant? - Since his wife's death.
- Did you work there long? I've told you everything, what are you implying? We were like family.
Do you think any of us could've done this to Magda? I don't think anything.
Could you all leave now? Because you're fucking heartless.
This is the police.
Anyone home? Hello? Hello? Do you mind? You'd spend time here together? We lived downstairs, they lived upstairs.
Everything changed when Mrs.
Strzelecka died.
You still have the keys.
Magda and Marcin didn't want to live upstairs? Strzelecki wouldn't have it.
I mean, Magda could, but just her.
That's why she moved in with you? Magda called you that night, didn't she? As I said, I couldn't hear anything.
- But you didn't hang up.
- I was searching for reception.
Did you know they were in debt? You must've talked about it.
We found a lot of bloodstains in your flat.
We know Marcin was there that night.
What was going on between them? - Is this an interrogation? - No.
I just want to understand.
It wasn't about Marcin.
He wouldn't have hurt her.
Magda was afraid of something, she made sure the door was locked.
She thought that someone was following her.
Here's my card.
If you remember anything, give me a call.
But don't try and protect anyone.
- Anything? - Yeah.
The Dabrowskis have a company here.
Doing business.
What's interesting, some punk torched their car five days ago.
Take a look.
They didn't report it to the police.
Weird, huh? I made you a copy.
- Yes? - Could you answer your mom's calls? - She keeps calling me, she's worried.
- Okay.
How's Marcin Kosinski? Sitting on his ass with his mother, our guys are watching him.
And where are you? Trying to work a murder case, but Hanka's teacher "really wants a chat, now.
" Got it.
Get this, I met Anka Janas at the Strzeleckis' old house.
- And? - She's mourning Magda, obviously.
But I think she's hiding something.
I think she's protecting Marcin.
Let me know if something pops up.
I'll try to speed things up.
Hania is keeping to herself, she doesn't want to play with others.
She makes things up.
We know what happened and we want to help Hania, but you also need to get involved.
Excuse me.
- Yes? - Listen Magda Kosinska's car has been found in the Western Oder, the Parnica Canal.
I'm texting you the GPS location.
30 minutes.
Kasia, do you ever talk about your husband's death? Does Hania know what really happened? What am I supposed to tell her? That he got shot? Or better, that he shot himself? Hania.
Suggest anything like that to her and I might lose it.
- Where are we going? - To Grandpa's.
- I don't want to.
- I know.
- One last night, I promise.
- No.
Okay, hop in.
I'll take you with me to work.
But you must be a good girl, promise? Alright.
I'll play you a cartoon.
Watch it, I'll be back soon.
Just stay in the car.
I'm here.
What's he doing here? He lives nearby.
In his partner's house.
Was I supposed to tell him he can't come? - She might've been on her way to him.
- Not likely.
Why not? He claims he was working late at his office that night.
We need to confirm that.
- It's empty inside.
- Open the trunk.
There's a bag.
It looks like a hospital bag.
A bathrobe a bra a sock.
The rest of the baby stuff is missing.
Someone must have taken it before sinking the car.
Put out a child alert.
It hasn't been 48 hours yet, we still have a chance.
Cichy! So there's a chance the child could be alive? Yes.
I think so.
I want to find the child, but time is running out.
We're after your son-in-law's creditors.
We know you put one of them in jail.
Maybe it's a ransom situation? Every piece of shit I've put behind bars knows I can't be blackmailed.
If this was about me, they would've killed them both.
Could Magda have been on her way to you? I don't know.
Hania! Why'd you get out of the car? And without your jacket? You scared the deer away.
- I'm sorry.
- What's over there? The feeding rack.
Do you want to see it? Come, I'll show you.
Was that deer alone? No, deer live in herds.
But that one was hungry, so it came here on its own.
Look, they have this nice hay here.
And here's salt.
They lick it.
I'll take this rope.
All right.
Let's go home.
Hi! Detective Andrzej Radwan.
Tomasz Dabrowski? - What's this about? - I hear someone torched your car.
It was my car.
Are you investigating it? No.
You two are under arrest for murder.
- What? - What the fuck? Eat shit.
Out of the fucking tub.
- Yes? - I'm putting out a child alert.
- I'm starting to buy your theory.
- Thanks.
The techs tell me you found a rack with game fodder and some ropes.
Her hands could have been bound with them.
I think she gave birth there.
Radwan found Kosinski's creditors, he's bringing them in.
Will you be there? Sure.
What's your relationship with Marcin Kosinski? We bought his company.
- Was it a family business? - How would I know? I'm interested in numbers.
- Did it take long to get him to sell? - What does it matter? Ask him.
For us, it was just enough.
I don't get it.
He sold you his company, but he still owes you? Well, yes.
That's how it turned out.
He torched your brother's car.
Why didn't you report it? Because we don't trust the police.
- Even now, you've got the wrong guys.
- And we let murderers walk free.
What's is this? A date or an interrogation? He knows what he's doing.
Give him time.
Why doesn't he lean on them about Strzelecki? They are suspects! - Stop winding yourself up.
- He called you a few times last week.
Keep me posted.
There's a lot of talk when you buy a guy's business, or threaten to kill his wife.
And an unborn baby? Dead wives are not my department.
And I don't have time for dead kids.
- It's all I'll say without a lawyer.
- Great.
Because we're done.
Escort the man out.
Thank you.
What the fuck was that? - They don't have that kid.
- Not fucking that.
- Then what? - Really? Are you that stupid? Why didn't you ask about Strzelecki? He prosecuted the guy.
Maybe this is revenge or attempted blackmail? It hasn't occurred to you, really? It has.
We've got a dead woman, a missing child, and a prosecutor who wants to avenge his daughter.
We'll help you, if you start talking.
Is that for me? Fuck! I'll fuck you up so bad in the cell you'll won't come out alive! - Let go! - Get the fuck out! What the fuck? Cool it.
You cool? Good.
I know, I'm sorry.
Radwan fucking pisses me off.
- Does he spite me or what? - Okay, I get it.
I don't believe Kosinski killed her.
It doesn't stick with the creditors either.
So, do we have something or not? There was a CD in Kosinska's car, maybe there's something on it? - What? Why didn't you tell me? - Because I just found out about it.
But did they find something on it? I don't know yet, but I know you don't have to yell at everyone! And this beef with Radwan is not helping anyone either.
Just go.
I'll let you know when the lab gets through with the CD.
What? Have you found the baby? - Yes or no? - You don't give a shit anyway.
Another dead body.
What difference does it make? Hey! Pour me another two.
Radwan, we need to talk.
See how this job turns our brains to shit? All of us.
- Why don't you want to help me? - I've already helped you.
This case has nothing to do with organized crime.
They would have left the mother and the baby on Kosinski's doorstep.
And he'd pay his debt.
Fuck, Radwan.
It's not what I'm asking about.
I know what you're asking about.
If someone wanted to fuck Wojtek up, they wouldn't fake his suicide.
Look out for yourself.
- Go to bed, please.
- Okay.
I had a horrible dream I don't remember details - Good morning, sweetie.
- Who is that? Come here.
What were you doing? I was looking for pictures of Dad.
I'll show you.
That's you with Daddy, and here too.
- And that's you when you were little.
- Will you take me to him? You want to go to Daddy? To the cemetery? Alright.
These are the files from the CD found in Kosinska's car.
- Got them.
- Eating an apple? I'm impressed.
Creepy stuff.
Hours, days of surveillance.
From a car, from hiding, even from a drone.
For weeks.
A message: "We're following you.
" The Dabrowskis would've sent it to Marcin.
It's not spousal homicide, but not child trafficking either.
It's the spring festival today, preschool stuff, - so I'll be in later.
- Okay, see you.
Oh, you look lovely! - Well? - Beautiful.
Grandpa did his best.
Hania It went out! Hold on, I have to take this.
- Hey.
- I've watched some more of it.
It seems someone would film her every time she went out.
- It's some total stalker.
- We need to take the prints from the envelope in Janas's flat and check the sender's post office.
I gotta drop Hanka off.
Hania! Let's go.
Come on.
What's that? - Where's this candy from? - That man gave it to me.
What man? Where? You know you can't take candy from strangers, right? There's that man, Mom.
Over there, by the car.
- Mom, what's going on? - Nothing, everything's fine.

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