Odwilz (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Today, at 9:30 AM, I was pulling out of the Central Cemetery.
After a while I noticed an old black Golf following me.
- Did you get the plates? - Unfortunately not.
Great, so we know where to look.
The situation was evolving fast, at one point the vehicle accelerated, and hit my rear left wheel arch at high speed.
As a result, I skidded off the road.
Luckily, I'm fine, besides a small scratch on the forehead.
- How's life? - I'm alive.
What about Hania? Hey, pumpkin! Mommy took you on a merry-go-round? - Are you dizzy? - She's fine, thank you.
And safe.
- I want to go to Grandpa.
- So I'll have to take you to him.
Come on.
Hold tight.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
Security cams? City has none on that intersection, but we're checking private businesses.
I believe the driver - did it deliberately.
- So the car following you could be the guy who stalked Magda Kosinska.
There's a new lead on the daughter of Prosecutor Strzelecki.
Cichy, go.
We have the contents of the CD found in Magda Kosinska's car.
It's hours of footage of the victim.
She was being watched in parks, streets, stores, everywhere.
Even at home, via a drone.
We're dealing with a typical stalker.
Since we know our victim is Dr.
Magda Kosinska who worked in a psychiatric hospital, maybe we should check out that lead? Especially as Strzelecki's partner was Magda's boss, right? And then there are the Dabrowski brothers.
Adamski? Kosinski's creditors were released today, they've got a solid alibi Didn't I tell you? To watch yourself? Start listening.
Excuse me.
I've checked those security cams.
No black Golf at the accident site or the cemetery.
We don't have much time.
One day, maybe two.
How long can an infant survive without proper care? It stands no chance.
And the plates? You gave partials, so far we've got 100 plus hits.
I'm sure I've seen that car before.
Radwan warned me to be careful.
What did he mean? Maybe it's connected to Wojtek? Someone's been following Kosinska, too.
Not everything has to be connected to Wojtek's case.
No one's following you and you're also on this case.
But you're the only one insisting the kid's alive.
Fucking Radwan.
I don't get how Wojtek could've worked with him.
He knows something, but he won't say it.
Why does he tell me to watch myself? You won't know until we find out who followed Magda.
You're getting me worried, Zawieja.
Tell me Are you eating at all? - some patience - Get a life.
- Marcin.
- Why did they let them go? - Let's talk upstairs.
- They ought to be in jail.
Listen, it wasn't them.
We have no evidence connecting them to Magda's death.
Then who did it to her? Was Magda afraid of anyone? Was she acting strangely? Avoiding places? Anything? She didn't want to return alone from work.
So I'd drive her there and back.
Did she have a difficult relationship with a patient? Once I saw this guy outside the clinic.
Lurking behind the corner, fucking waiting for me or her.
So I got out and chased him away.
What did he look like? Any distinguishing features? I don't remember, it was dark.
Write down the date and time of the incident.
Marcin? You think my daughter is alive? I do.
Why haven't there been any ransom calls? Why the fuck would anyone take a newborn? Leave the analyzing to us.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Let's go to my office.
This way.
The patients made this.
Even pregnant, she'd work overtime.
- Did you know her long? - Since her residency here.
I met Michal thanks to her.
- There's Mr.
- Lately he'd been picking her up.
Show the gate cam view.
Could that be one of Magda's patients? Possibly.
Please check all the patients who got released in the past 3 months.
If someone is dangerous, displays erratic, strange behavior, on what grounds are such people released? - How does it work? - On grounds of psychological tests.
If people pass them, I can't keep them here.
- Thank you, good bye.
- Good bye.
Okay, we're going back to the crime scene.
My clients are in no way connected to this case.
Besides the fact that the victim's husband owed them money.
A lot of money.
In this country, two out of five women are killed by their husbands.
- I'm sorry, the Prosecutor is out.
- I fucking saw his car.
Ma'am I just wanted to ask the Prosecutor if he knows anything about my daughter.
I don't know anything about that, I'm sorry.
So, we fished the car out 200 meters from here.
That road leads to her father's house.
She's on her way to him or coming from his house, she sees someone following her.
She's afraid, she makes a turn into the woods, wanting to hide.
She stops, upset, and turns the lights off.
The contractions kick in.
She calls Anka and her husband, but there's no reception and she gives birth by the feeding rack.
But why get out of the car? I don't know.
Because there isn't enough space.
Or she sees him and she wants to run.
Those marks on her hands She could've delivered it like this.
Anyway, the killer reached this place killed her, and took the child.
Only why didn't she report that she was being followed? And went to her father, instead? Mr.
Strzelecki is at the chapel, he should be back soon.
I know, I just talked to him.
A package, to be delivered by hand.
It's a terrible tragedy.
The techs have secured three different sets of tire marks.
There are Magda's.
Then there's probably the black Golf that's been following me.
And the third one? We're trying to identify them, but a lot of people come here, it's a popular fishing spot.
Why would anyone need such a small baby? What do they want to do with it? Opening time.
Ready? Start recording.
Covered in blood.
Looks like a fetus.
Step aside.
It is a fetus.
A pig's fetus.
Where's the child? Child alert in the media? Are you out of your fucking minds? It's been three days and you've got nothing.
He had to gut a pig.
Must be a psycho.
He's fucking toying with us.
Call me if you remember anything else.
It's a pig's fetus, not the baby.
I see.
Excuse me, can I just put these flowers in there? Sure.
They keep coming.
With condolences.
We had to set a room aside for them.
I left the car by your place.
Hania wants to talk to you.
Okay, put her on.
Hi, Hania.
Hi, sweetie.
Mommy has to work for a bit more, I'll see you in the evening.
Sure, you can go with Grandpa.
Sweetie, I have to go.
Love you.
Give my love to Grandpa.
- Same tulips as at Anka Janas's.
- Only there was no note there.
Maybe we missed it? Or maybe the flowers were sent by the stalker, not Marcin.
And the CD, too.
Magda realized she was being followed and that it was about her father's past.
That would explain why she drove to his that night.
To get to the bottom of it.
But the guy was a step ahead.
He killed her, took the baby and he sent Strzelecki a dead piglet to piss him off completely.
Or the child alert pissed off some other psycho who sent the pig.
- So it's my fault? - It was a team decision, right? We'll go through Kosinska's patient records anyway, so we'll learn more.
But reading them won't be fun.
I've got a guy, Magda's patient.
Charged with molesting his two-year-old nephew.
And suspected of kidnapping a two-year-old girl.
She was playing in the yard, he lived in a nearby town.
They never found her body.
This guy has self-harmed in front of kids, hasn't left home for years.
A certain Tomasz Wrobel, served two years for rape, released in January, has a history of animal cruelty.
It says here Dr.
Kosinska had home visits with him.
He wasn't treated earlier.
Trepa, what do we have on the patient in Dr.
Kosinska's notes? "Bipolar disorder," "manic-depressive psychosis, periodically with no symptoms.
" What do you think? I think I need some air.
Put this on.
Something keeps bothering me Even if one of them killed her, they wouldn't have fed and dressed the baby.
So, who has it? What if Anka Janas didn't lose reception and answered that call? - And drove to her? - I don't know if she drove there.
I feel she knows something.
That she's not telling us everything.
She didn't seem surprised by the mysterious flowers, she didn't ask any questions.
Even if she took the child why wouldn't she give it back? - She's scared.
- Of us? Maybe of some psycho.
We need to check the stuff secured at her place.
I'm not buying it.
I know this four-minute conversation might stink, but we've got a gallery of guys here who raped and molested kids.
Not to mentions hours of footage from the psycho who stalked her.
Listen to this.
"Magda, I wish you a happy labor.
" "I'll be the world's best godmother.
" "I've got enough love in me for the two of you.
Yours, Anka.
" She loved Magda and the baby, it wasn't her, no way.
We were wondering about the blood at her place? She slashed her wrists.
So? Why didn't she tell us? If she wants to find Magda's killer, why isn't she cooperating? She needs to be interrogated again.
It won't hurt the case.
- Now? - Yes.
As soon as possible.
And she did it on her own? Killed her BFF, delivered a baby, and dumped the car in the river? Give me a fucking break.
What if she got there and took the child? And who'd be taking care of the child? I doubt she takes it to work.
Wacko's like her need to be pushed hard.
How about I talk to her? We've selected three of Kosinska's patients with a history of child molesting, abduction and killing.
Focus on that.
Is that clear? She's wasting our fucking time.
I've asked you twice about the blood in the flat.
The lab is still on it.
But I found this.
Did Magda know? She was the one who found me that day.
She saved me.
The night Magda gave birth, someone must have been there.
So which one is it, did you two talk or didn't you? Tell me the truth.
We talked.
What did she say? That her water broke and she was going to go into labor in the woods, - then we lost reception.
- Did she say she was being followed? Did she ever mention someone was following her? It was tense because of Marcin's debt.
I told you she was scared.
They were fighting non-stop.
Then he'd send her flowers and it was okay.
So the flowers were from Marcin? - Who delivered them? - A courier.
- Do you remember what he looked like? - He was normal looking.
Okay, I'm going to show you three photos.
Was he one of them? Look at the eyes, the nose.
Was he tall, short? Anything.
Artur, please leave.
- What are you doing? - Give me a moment.
What are you doing?! Take a look.
This guy? I'm asking you if that's the guy.
Or this one? - Look at the pic! - Get out! I'm talking to you! Him or not? We've been stuck here for 48 hours, because this punk won't talk! Get the fuck out.
I apologize for my colleague.
Things are tense, we're looking for your friend's child, which might be alive, so if you remember anything it'd be great.
Do you have my number? Call me if you remember anything.
Let's go.
Can I have the keys to my flat? Trepa, get her keys.
Did you see that? I'm trying to gain her trust and that idiot fucked it all up.
- You must understand his frustration.
- No, I don't.
- We had a deal.
- Fuck, there's something about her! She's hiding something, I know it! Maybe she is, maybe she isn't.
But you're getting it all mixed up.
You were to ask her about those three patients, not go soft on her.
I'm doing my job.
Radwan is the one with a problem.
He's all fucked up.
Maybe he knows something.
- Maybe it's about Wojtek's case.
- Sure.
You two deserve each other.
Go on, blame him for Wojtek's death, but this has got to stop.
Besides, you can relax, Radwan's applied for a transfer.
- He can go wherever he likes.
- Only I'll lose a good cop.
Get your shit together, or I'll take you off the case.
That black Golf guy was outside my place.
- Fuck.
Where are you? - I went after him, but I lost him.
I'm in the city center.
Why is he fucking following me? Fuck, Zawieja you better come to the station.
- You'll be safer there.
- No, Trepa.
I need answers.
Zawieja Who is it? Who is it? Stop it! - Stop it! - An old black Golf is following me.
You're delusional.
I'm not leaving until you tell me who is following me.
How do you do that? You make up some bullshit, like that Kosinska's kid and you muddle along.
- Is this about Kosinska? Or Wojtek? - I've known him half my life.
If I knew that someone did it to him I'd fucking kill them myself.
Than why did you drag him into that shit? Do you know what he looked like? Like you.
Fuck! And he was strung out like you! So, you should've helped him.
And what did you do? You fucking kicked him out.
Do you think no one knows? Who's following me? I don't know.
I really don't.
But they have nothing to do with the case I was on with Wojtek.
Those people are not following you.
We screwed up.
Who are you protecting? You idiot.
- Fuck you.
- Looking for enemies? Start with yourself.
You're the reason he blew his brains out.
You! Wojtek, what's going on? What is it? Tell me.
Wojtek Quit that fucking job, you hear me? I'm going to finish this, okay? I can't take it, Hania can't either.
Quit this job.
Then leave.
Leave, get yourself together, and come back when you decide what you want.
I had a horrible dream.
I don't remember the details, or actually it was terrifying and I woke up in a cold sweat with this sense of uneasiness.
I wanted you to cuddle me.
I hate sleeping without you.
I miss you.
The flowers are beautiful.
Too bad you couldn't bring them.
Stupid hormones.
Stupid hormones.
Trepa, check if any of Kosinska's patients was a religious freak.
Talked about God, the Bible.
Hi, it's Anka.
Leave a message.
Hello, Katarzyna Zawieja.
Please call me back, I have a few more questions.
It's urgent.
- And? - I've checked it out, one of Kosinska's patients is obsessed with religion.
His name is Wrobel.
Why? I think the same person sent flowers to Magda and then to her father.
He may have the child.
- Track him down.
- Right.
Hania? What are you doing here? - I'm dropping off a letter for Dad.
- Okay.
Take your coat off.
There's Grandpa.
Are you coming in or not? Coffee? - Have you had breakfast? - Yes.
Alright, lads.
Wake up! What've you got on Wrobel? I've got this: he's on probation for stalking, molesting and rape.
Found in possession of 32-hour-long footage of a girl from Pomorzany.
- He raped her in 2017.
- Show me the file.
My bed! When will I sleep in it? - Come again? - When will I sleep in my bed? Soon.
When I finish work.
I promise I'll take you on a holiday.
Where would you like to go? - To the sea.
- The sea? - Does this hurt a lot? - Not a lot.
- What is this? - The man at the cemetery had it too.
- What's up? - We caught a break.
We know Wrobel raped a 15-year-old in 2017.
He sent the flowers to Strzelecki and Kosinska.
I was about to call you.
Any distinguishing marks on Wrobel? A tattoo on his hand, a scar? Wait, I'll check it.
Guess what.
He does have something.
Like a spider's web on his hand.
It was him Hania saw at the cemetery.
- What do you want to do with that? - Give me a sec.
Thanks for calling me back.
I was on a train, a hooded guy was following me.
- What should I do? - Where are you? - Near my flat.
- Go home, lock the door.
I'm on my way with backup, okay? Alright.
Trepa, send backup to Anka's, someone's following her.
I'm on my way.
Mom, are you going somewhere? No, I'm not going anywhere.
I've made you a sandwich.
Janek, sorry, can you sit with Hania?
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