Odwilz (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Right, thanks.
This is the man we're looking for.
The black Golf driver, he's in pics from Strzelecka's accident.
We suspect he murdered Magda Kosinska and tried to kill Anka Janas.
- Anka Janas? - Through there.
Good evening.
I'd like to show you a photo.
Do you recognize the suspect? We assume that this man, the deceased Tomasz Wrobel worked for him.
He was the one who sent the pig's fetus, he stalked Magda Kosinska, kidnapped Strzelecki's wife and then shot himself.
What else? I'm tired, I don't want to go.
You're going to Grandpa's.
You like sleeping there, right? It's just for a bit.
Grandma is here.
It'll be alright.
Close your eyes and sleep.
Ryszard Kreutz, arrested in 2011 for brutal murders of a prostitute and two homeless men.
Kreutz was prosecuted by Strzelecki, he got a life sentence in solitary.
This is his revenge.
Wrobel and the other guy worked for Kreutz.
He can lead us to the killer and he is the only one who can help us find the baby.
We move our asses to Goleniów, we bring Kreutz here, and Zawieja interrogates him.
We assume he's in touch with the suspect.
We search his cell, I hope we'll find a phone or a SIM card.
The warden got the papers.
We wait.
They should release him soon.
He's all yours now.
If he fucking escapes, you know who'll take the blame.
All right.
Search his cell.
Someone must be helping him on the inside, so keep an eye on everyone.
Find that fucking phone.
Got it? Get to work.
Be careful when you talk to him.
He'll wind you up and leave you hanging.
He can't wait.
Center of attention, a trip outside then he'll be recalling the beautiful interrogator in his cell and - Enough! - Just saying.
Hi, Ania.
It's all my fault I fucked up.
She was afraid of me, right? We were all scared back then.
Magda loved you so much.
- She believed in you.
- Fuck.
Do you think that she should be dressed in black? No.
Remember that colorful dress she would always wear in the summertime? Maybe that one, then? Sure.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Marcin I dreamt about Magda.
She was shooting fireworks by the lake.
She was happy.
I think it's a sign.
That your baby, Julka, is alive.
Friends and relatives will pay their last respects to murder victim, Magda Kosinska.
The funeral will take place at the Central Cemetery.
We're outside Magda's childhood home where friends and citizens have been gathering for days to honor her memory.
Magda Kosinska was a psychiatrist and according to hospital staff, a gentle person, always smiling.
Nothing suggested she had any enemies.
The police and prosecutor's office are investigating her death.
Will you change? We should go there together.
Tell me the truth, please.
You know you can trust me.
What have you done? Michal, I could die next, because of you! What have you done? Tell me, please! Tell me I'm sorry.
Don't apologize, just tell me the fucking truth! What have you done? Tomasz Wrobel.
Who is he? There is sadness in your eyes.
He wrote to you.
From the same address he'd write to Magda Kosinska.
Before he murdered her.
Clever little thing, you are.
Page 52.
Middle paragraph.
"She carried her sorrowful head as though she was proud.
" "As though she would say, I alone know how to mourn for him as he deserves.
" My condolences.
Really, for the loss of your husband.
- Was his suicide a sign of weakness? - I'm not talking about my husband.
I meant Tomasz Wrobel.
Who is this? A picture from Julia Strzelecka's tragic accident.
- I mourned her that day.
- I doubt it.
Did you order that hit? When you work with the likes of him you don't have to order anything.
The slightest inspiration works just fine.
A man like that can't be fully controlled.
I take it you encouraged him to murder Julia Strzelecka and then Magda.
He's behind it, isn't he? Prosecutor! Can you hear me? "Yes, I can, I can.
" Can this man have Magda Kosinska's child? Their innocence is touching.
That's the thing.
If you're so touched - then help me find her.
- "Her?" So it's a girl? The sadder it all seems.
I'm sorry you have yet another loss! Fuck, Michal, get a grip! I understand, but you shouldn't be here, or anywhere near this investigation.
Go bury your daughter.
Have you ever buried your daughter? No.
Will you help us or not? Watch it! You've invested so much time and money in the funeral, and what? Don't be late because you're staring at me! The funeral's at two pm, right? There's not much time left.
It'd be nice to see what wreath he bought.
A picture of mother and daughter, white flowers Makes your eyes well up, a lump in your throat Name and surname.
You want to know if he's got her? - And where? - Yes.
When Strzelecki buries the daughter, I'll take him to the granddaughter.
We'll go there alone, him and me.
- Alone? - Yes.
Strzelecki has got connections.
He can get it done.
- It takes guts to face the truth! - Go, please.
The truth is liberating! Calm down! End of visit.
Take me away.
He knows all the details.
We should stake out the funeral.
Kreutz could've sent him there.
You hear me? Okay, dress nicely.
I don't want you to stand out in the funeral crowd.
You've got two hours, right? Yeah.
- Need a lift? - Thanks, I'm good.
- Are you sure? - What's this about? You'd relax, we'd chat.
Or not.
Get in, I don't bite.
I took his bait.
Fuck Do you think Wojtek was weak? Kreutz's just messing with your head.
On the day he died Wojtek came home, smiling.
He was calm, tender He played with Hania, made us breakfast.
Just being a husband a father.
I thought it was some sign, a new beginning.
So if he shot himself, then what? Then he fucking deceived me.
He deceived us all.
Hi, I'm Marcin Kosinski.
- My wife - Thank you.
This way, please.
I won't ask you to come inside.
I'll wait.
They killed my son and they can do the same to her! They dismissed the case, stop with the conspiracies! It's an obvious cover-up! This is an obsession! You're nuts! And where were you when my son got killed? Me? And where were you when he battered her? - My son didn't beat her.
- Excuse me.
Where's Hania? Upstairs.
Listen, he didn't beat her.
My son wouldn't do that, understand? You're all the same, in uniform or not.
- Animals.
- Maybe your husband was like that.
Knock, knock.
- Anyone home? - My son wasn't an animal! Hi.
Can I open this? Hi, honey.
- What are you doing here? - I'm bored.
You're bored? Grandpa and Grandma are fighting all the time.
I know, honey.
- Grownups argue sometimes.
- Will you take me away? I'll find her.
I will.
I'll find her.
Draw something nice.
- Don't get cold there.
- I won't.
You know it can't be like this.
Are we supposed to spend the night here? How about I take Hania to my place, and when you're done, - you come to us, okay? - We'll talk later.
- What are you drawing? - You, because you look pretty.
- Why do you need the gun? - That's a great question.
I need it because I'll be fighting monsters.
- Love you.
- I love you, too.
Bye, then.
Zawieja, are you receiving me? Loud and clear.
I'm in position.
Motherfucker! Zawieja a SIM card has been found in Kreutz's cell.
Techs say that in the last two weeks he has contacted two numbers.
We're tracing them as we speak.
Copy that.
Szczecin is mourning Magda Kosinska.
A doctor, District Prosecutor Strzelecki's daughter.
The woman's brutal murder has shocked the public.
The perpetrators remain unknown.
- Have you seen Michal? - No.
A question arises whether the brutal crime could have been linked with a case prosecuted by Kosinska's father.
I'm checking out.
- It's not that simple.
Doctor? - What's going on? I can't stay here.
We're here today to mourn the loss of a wonderful person.
Wife, mother, daughter.
We feel the painful reality of Magda's sudden death.
We share an enormous pain.
But also, our faith.
For we believe that those guilty of this death shall be punished before the Lord.
That justice will be done and the departed Magda's beloved daughter will come home safe and sound.
I'd like to honey, I'd like to thank you.
For everything.
And above all, for the wonderful daughter you've given birth to.
I promise we'll find her.
And I'd like to ask you all to pray for that.
Thank you.
Zawieja? Listen one of the numbers was active 15 minutes ago at the cemetery.
Close off the cemetery, watch all the gates.
No one leaves.
Check the nearby towers.
Listen his name's Nocon, he's still here.
He pinged off a tower near the chapel.
- I'm going there.
- Fucking stay! Don't scare him off.
Excuse me.
Zawieja, are you there? Wait for backup, you hear me? - Do you fucking read me? - I'm on my way there.
I'm in the chapel.
There's no one here.
I'm looking further in.
- I'm on my way.
- No.
Stay put and be alert.
We call upon You Exiles, Eve's sons We sigh upon You.
Hence, our Protectress of Jesus Blessed fruit of Thy womb Zawieja? Zawieja, do you read me? Zawieja, respond.
Zawieja? Police, freeze.
Put your hands up.
- What the fuck? - Take your hood off.
- First name? - Marek.
- Got your phone on you? - Yes.
Where? - In my pocket.
- Reach for it, slowly.
Take it out.
No stupid moves.
Raise your hand.
Radwan call the number.
Against the wall.
Turn around.
Fucking stay there.
Whose is this? - An employee's.
- Name? Nocon.
When did you last see him? Before the funeral.
I found Nocon's phone.
He fucking took off.
Interrogate the colleague, he's seen him.
Where are you going? Flowers, right? They were to catch my attention.
Andrzej Nocon, yes? He's got the baby.
Yes or no? You told him to follow Kosinska? To murder her, kidnap the child? And this is all some revenge on Strzelecki? I told him where to find the murder weapon.
Louder, I can't hear you.
I gave him proof of my innocence.
And what? I've been in solitary for almost 10 years.
Yeah you have.
Give me Strzelecki.
I'll show him where the baby is.
Understand this you've got me and that's it.
It's me you're talking to.
I'm the one who cares about this case.
It's your last chance.
And it's me you'll show the baby to, dead or alive! Understand? Lose the pig.
- Leave.
- The rules Fucking go.
Don't cry.
You're a strong girl.
You want to know where the child is? I'll tell you where the baby is.
Come, I'll tell you.
In your ear.
Give me Strzelecki.
Give me Fucking beat it.
Fuck - Never fucking interrupt me! - What's wrong with you? - He could've killed you! - Yeah, right He's a fucking murderer, he's good at it! I'm fucking fed up with you, seriously.
What is this? Your own private investigation? Go on, tell me! You're setting up private sessions with a murderer? I could fucking put in on record and fuck you up! And I just might do it! - Do it then.
- I will.
I will! Zawieja! For fuck's sake - Zawieja - jump off, unexpectedly What do you want me to say? You're right.
I'm sorry.
- Have you eaten? - Did you get us a ride? Hania, we're leaving.
- We'll go to the train station - Mom Or we can take a bus, pack your stuff.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Put this on.
- Mom, calm down.
- We'll be fine.
Please! Mom, hold it! Calm down, you're not taking a train anywhere, okay? Zawieja, briefing, now.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Mom, listen I'll get you that ride.
In an hour, 90 minutes tops.
Okay? Andrzej Nocon.
Next one, please.
His phone.
Kreutz has been contacting him at this number, from prison.
They met 10 years ago, before Kreutz's sentence, meaning before the murders were committed.
The funeral chapel employee confirms Nocon has a tattoo on his hand, like Wrobel's.
- It resembles a map.
- We checked it.
It matches the streets of Szczecin from the center to Pucka Island.
We assume that these points mark tunnel entrances.
According to Kreutz's file, his victim was held in a dark, damp Mom, I'm bored.
What are you doing here? - Where's Grandma? - I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? And you were supposed to stay in the room! - Why don't you listen to me? - Alright, stop it.
Hania, let's go.
I'll take you.
I'm sorry.
If those are the tunnels and the victim was held there, that'd explain why Kreutz remained elusive for so long.
Tens of kilometers of tunnels, partly flooded.
It's a needle in a haystack.
We'll have to search them.
Did you know my husband was a cop? He knew how to handle everything but me.
All packed? We'll be leaving soon.
Hania! Mom, where's Hania? - In the room, where else? - She's not here.
Mom Don't follow me, she might come back.
She can't just walk around here.
Hania! - Have you seen my daughter? - No.
Hania! Hania! What are you doing, sitting here? - Huh? - Leave me.
You're just like him.
- Who do you mean? - Like Dad.
He'd shout all the time, everyone was sad, and then he died.
You're going to die too, I know that.
I'm not going to die.
Understand? Look, there's the squad car.
See? You'll go with Grandma to the seaside.
You like being by the sea, right? Come, then.
Put your hood on.
- Let me take her.
- Mom, leave it.
Get in.
Get in the car, okay? I know I'm a lousy mother.
I keep passing her onto others.
She annoys me, pisses me off irritates me.
I keep pushing her away, I don't talk to her.
I'm being just like Wojtek was.
Bringing home cases which are a threat to my family, to Hania.
I'm afraid.
That I might end up like him.
Do you know what Wojtek told me once? What he found frightening in you? And for what he loved most in you? That you're like a battering-ram.
That you always get what you want.
Kasia tell me.
What do you really want? It won't let me rest.
I want to finish this case.
I want to find that baby.
- Alright - Dead or not, I have to find it.
We'll do it together.
Hanka is safe now.
You might not be the best mother now, but you're a fucking awesome cop, got it? So let's just close this case.
Zawieja! We've got a problem.
What? They're taking Kreutz.
But how? I don't know, maybe Strzelecki used his contacts.
- When? - Now! Fuck.
Is Pietrzak here? Stop! I'm coming with you.
Leave it.
It's between him and me now.
Not like this, Prosecutor.
You've done everything you could.

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