Odwilz (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Pick up the phone.
I know it's him, that's the point! I keep telling him to stay out of it! - What? - Zawieja's following Kreutz.
- Call her.
- She isn't answering.
Come in.
Zawieja? Come in! - Coming in.
- Turn back.
Strzelecki is taking a risk, I don't want you to get hurt.
- He's leading them to Wrobel's house.
- Pucka Island.
German bunkers with a whole network of tunnels.
- Christ, Zawieja - He's leading them to the baby.
I know you care about the kid, but Kreutz took us for a trip years ago.
To show us the murder weapon, and we found shit.
- This time will be different.
- Fuck.
I'm going to get her.
Let me.
It's Radwan.
- You're doing exactly what he wants.
- I know what I'm doing! - Hello.
- Can I help you? I need to talk to Pietrzak, it's urgent.
Okay, come with me.
He'll be here in a bit.
What is it? - Hi, Bogdan.
- Hi, what's up? Michal wanted me to give you this.
That boat fits three people max, Prosecutor.
It's gonna be me Strzelecki and you.
- Your gun.
- We've got to call for backup.
Give me your gun.
- Can I go? - No.
Get Radwan here.
Will you tell me what's going on? How are you holding up? Michal fell off the wagon.
He's acting weird, he barely talks to me.
I'm sorry.
Yeah? Recognize this? The murder weapon.
Missing evidence in Kreutz's case.
When Kreutz took us to that building 10 years ago Strzelecki had already gotten there.
He hid this and kept it all this time.
We won't find Kreutz's prints on this only the crucifying scumbag's.
But Strzelecki wanted to put Kreutz away.
And such evidence would've blown the case.
Okay, where's Michal now? Come on in.
Come on, baby.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers, let him go, eeny, meeny, miny moe! Straight ahead.
Over there.
Nocon? Bro! Are you here? Nocon It's me, your brother.
Are you here? I brought you some guests! Are you here? It's me, your brother.
Where's the child? Where is it? I don't know.
Seek, and ye shall find.
Zawieja's phone.
Fuck it.
You're going in there, I'm calling for backup.
Come on, Trepa.
Maybe they've gone for a walk? Fuck.
It's not here.
We'll wait and see.
You want me to confess? I hid that fucking murder weapon.
I didn't want to let you go.
You would've been indicted for complicity.
- What you did to that girl - It wasn't me! I've told you a million times! My little brother crucified that girl.
- Sacrificed her on his path to truth.
- Bullshit! You had Magda killed and her child kidnapped! - You won't get away, you hear me? - Magda Kosinska, the daughter Yet another woman who died for men's sins.
God shall wash away all this shit, the mob rule, people like you! Blasphemous cults All churches are machines for blasphemy, I know it.
How? Because I'm no one, I am God's servant who listens! It's the women who are martyrs.
They are, because a few idiots added to scripture that, "The head of the woman is man.
" And what have they turned them into? Sperm vessels.
Your daughter died for your sins, too.
Your sins! She was crawling on her knees.
Squealing, whimpering in her torment, and she kept asking: "What did he do?" "What did my father do?" Don't! - You okay? - Yeah.
- I'll go here, you go there, okay? - Far from okay.
The child! Where's the child? Where is the child? - Where is it? - She knows.
Zawieja are you okay? Take Strzelecki.
All right, put your arm around me.
Can you see me? We need to go.
Three, two Hurry! Search the tunnels, the child may be there.
Guys, we're searching the tunnels for the child.
Trepa! Thank you.
- Up.
- Can you sit up? Strzelecki killed Kreutz.
You've fucked up big time.
I don't know what to tell you.
You'll go to jail.
- What are you doing? - Renovating.
Wojtek! It's two AM! Get the fuck out.
Fucking Get the fuck out! I'm not leaving.
No! Wojtek, fuck off! I wanted I'm sorry.
I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
It's my fault.
I put you two in danger.
Why can't I be a better man, a better husband father.
I love you guys so much.
I'm sorry.
Wojtek sent me this the day before his death.
We had a huge fight.
Did he beat you? Yes.
And I'd beat him back.
I wasn't aware of his pain.
I didn't know that deep down he hated himself so much.
My son was strong.
He didn't need help.
Dad, everyone might need help, we just don't see it.
Why can't I be a better man, a better husband I love you guys so much.
I'm sorry.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
- Anka's upstairs? - Yes.
Thanks for coming.
I'd like you to ID the man who assaulted you.
Okay? - Yes.
- Do you confirm this is the man who assaulted you? Yes.
Did he kill Magda? Seems that way.
But don't worry, you're safe.
He's been neutralized.
We're closing Magda Kosinska's murder case.
I'm sorry you didn't find the child.
That'll be all.
We didn't find the child.
We did everything, searched everywhere, but it wasn't there.
Is this official? Has it gone public? No, it's fresh.
Why? Fuck, Trepa, I'm sure I didn't tell her about the child.
- What do you mean? - Have we checked all tire marks? They match the Golf and Magda Kosinska's car.
- How about these? - What do you want me to say? Loads of fishermen go there.
Zawieja! - Are you leaving? - Yeah.
- I'm driving Zosia and the kids.
- What next? Not sure.
Kids need a father, right? And you? Going to get Hanka? Be a mother? Soon.
- Dad, we're here! - Soon - Hey, guys! Come here! - Radwan! - Help me with this stuff.
- Let's give Mom a hand.
- So long, then.
- So long.
Come on.
Give me your backpacks.
Compare them.
It's the same mark.
They're the same.
Trepa They have the child.
We're going to Löcknitz.
"She knows.
" That's what Nocon mumbled.
He stabbed her a few times, missing all vital organs.
He knew what he was doing.
He tortured her to find out where the child was.
Anka came there that night, took the child and hid it at her mother's.
You realize we can't arrest her on German territory.
I know.
But I want to make sure that little girl's alive.
- Good evening.
- Is something wrong? - Can we come in? - I'm sorry, it's late.
- Is Anka here? - Excuse me? Is Ania here? - Wait, you can't - I've asked you a simple question.
- I just work here! - What's going on? I have a question.
Miss Anka, here? - Yes, she was here, with a child.
- Where? - Upstairs.
- Go.
Just a minute.
Wait! Hold on! What are you doing? - You can't look in there! - Stay and shut up.
Anka is running.
Take her in.
Trepa, keys.
My daughter is innocent.
- She wanted to protect the child.
- Really? Then why's she running? - Because she's scared.
- That's no excuse.
You need to understand, she wouldn't hurt Magda or anyone! Why didn't you report it? She called me that night, saying she's by the river and Magda's dead.
We checked the phone records, she didn't call anyone.
She called me on her work phone! I got in the car and drove there.
She was sitting under a tree, curled up, cuddling the baby.
Fuck! You should always report these things! Do you know how many people have risked their lives to find the child? But she was afraid they'll kill her too, like they did Magda.
She's over there, that's her car.
Fuck! 00 to 123.
00 to 123.
00, coming in.
We're chasing a silver Citroen C3, ZS257GW.
Female suspected of kidnapping a child is heading for Szczecin.
Heading east, along route 10.
Block traffic.
There may be an infant in the car, proceed with caution.
Fuck Attention all units, the target vehicle is entering the Castle Route.
Set up a blockade.
Anka, no! Anka! It's never the answer, do you hear me? I'll take over.
Stay with her.
Is that her? That's her.
The way people are No one remembers the fishermen.
- Meaning? - You know.
Case closed, everyone's happy.
But has anyone said thank you? No.
And it's called for.
It is.
Who found the body? Question.
And simple answer.
They could be sitting in their mansions, enjoying the pleasures of capitalism, but no.
They stand there.
Day and night.
Angling, all the time, serving the community.
You know what? Have a nut.
Did I turn into a proper diva? Hi.

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