Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

25-year-old male,
found unconscious on the steps
of a club in Itaewon.
His vitals are unstable,
body temperature's 25 degrees
with signs of hypothermia.
Hey, again?
I know. So many similar cases in a month
in this heat.
Maybe it's some kind of virus like Ebola.
Ebola, my foot.
I suspect it involves drugs.
Hey, what'd the cops say?
The victims were with a woman
just before the accident.
They have decent jobs and all,
but there's no link with the women.
-Then who did it?
-I don't know.
-By the way,
all these women have one thing
in common.
What is it?
-Every one of them
is a beautiful woman
with a killer body.
-A killer body?
-A killer body?
Who on earth is it?
It can't be a ghost.
Is it a ghost?
That jerk turned me on for nothing.
That didn't go as planned.
Damn it!
I'm sorry.
You see me?
Hi, I'm DJ Jin of Midday Music.
Today's high is expected to reach
30 degrees Celsius.
On this hot summer day,
I'm sure you all have your own tip
to stay cool.
Fans and air conditioning are a must.
Watching a horror movie could help, too.
Ghosts are scary.
But you know what, guys?
I read it in a book.
We think ghosts are dressed in white
with long black hair, in a haunted house.
But in fact, they're right next to us
in our everyday lives.
Ghosts, chatting with us.
Nice weather.
It's so hot, I don't want to do anything.
I know.
-What for lunch?
-I want bibimbap. Or cheonggukjang?
Cheonggukjang sounds good.
On a hot and humid day like this,
we should go for cold noodles.
-Okay, cold noodles it is.
-I'm down.
Let's eat some rice. Koreans need rice.
Let's go.
Darn it. They won't let me tag along.
I wanted to hang with some hot guys.
But no luck.
What else you got besides looks?
I am a ghost.
A virgin ghost, with the most
bitter grudges of all ghosts.
It was so painful it was
to die as a virgin,
that I became a soul
still wandering around this world.
They call me the queen of mischief,
the prankster in the ghost world.
But I want to be understood.
I am a poor spirit, with many regrets.
And I'm very bored.
What's up with you?
You're so cute.
Do you wanna play with me?
You can see me?
No, ball!
DId you see that?
-Did you see that?
-What was that?
Wow, the sky is so high.
It's so blue.
How beautiful.
Oh, this is depressing.
This won't do. I need some funeral food
to get energy.
Stir sauce in one direction.
You think it's dalgona?
Come here.
Like this.
It's just that my arm is tired.
So do some exercise.
Maintaining your health is a skill.
I see.
You could easily pass
as a manager of a company.
Who'd think you're younger than me?
My goodness, it's hard to
speak informally to that face.
You're so dumb.
That's not true
He's not dumb. He's sharp.
But in my opinion,
he does look old for his age,
but you look too young for your age,
Soul Chef.
People think you're in your twenties?
Twenties? Some thought
I was a high schooler.
I almost talked informally to you.
I know, right?
Dong-chul, I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Hey, Joon.
It's too thick.
You think it's for braised short ribs?
It's for soup broth.
It has to be well-rested.
Don't they teach this at Le Cordon Bleu?
No, they didn't.
You think I don't know that?
I'm being sarcastic.
Metaphors or irony
You don't even budge even if I roast you.
I should just fire you.
Can't you smell something burning?
It's burning inside me.
I don't like those who studied abroad.
Good qualifications are useless
when you have poor character.
Something's definitely burning.
It's from outside.
-Na Bong-sun, are you insane?
-I'm sorry.
Look at the smoke.
What do we do?
How could you fall asleep
while cooking the sauce?
I'm sorry, Sous Chef. I'm so sorry.
Is saying sorry enough?
We almost had a fire.
You don't even have the basics down.
I should just fire you.
You nearly burned down this place.
I'm sorry, Sous Chef.
It's not your restaurant, though.
Oh, my.
I thought this was the Himalayas.
With this thick fog.
The view is stunning.
Isn't it?
Min-soo, what are you in this kitchen?
-Sous Chef.
-Then you're number two.
Seems like you love this restaurant
as your own.
And yet,
you left the sauce to this novice?
Well, you know,
I was watching it and left it
to her for just 10 minutes.
She fell asleep in that short moment.
No moments are short.
It determines life or death.
Yes, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Chef. It's my fault.
I know you talk behind my back.
Well, it's okay. It's fine.
Working here sucks and is freaking tough.
It's hardcore labor, so you need some fun.
No, Chef. How could I
-Come on.
-But passing your work onto others,
and being unprofessional,
I can't tolerate that.
It's about character and basics.
It can't be taught.
I'll be careful, Chef.
Do well, Min-soo.
-Yes, Chef.
-Do well.
-Yes, Chef.
-I'll see.
Yes, Chef.
I'm over thirty
yet I get scolded like a child.
Damn it, this is so humiliating.
I should just open up my restaurant.
I'm sorry, Sous Chef.
Hey, Bong-sun.
Hey, Bong. You damn bong.
I mean
Why do you doze off in broad daylight?
-Do better. Okay?
Darn it
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
It stings!
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.
The kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Yes, Grandma.
Why do you sound so down?
Have you eaten?
Yes, what about you? Have you been well?
Me? Same old.
How are you doing?
Are you able to sleep at all?
Are ghosts still bothering you?
No, I've been sleeping fine.
They don't show up often these days.
That's good to hear.
You shouldn't be a shaman like me.
Make sure to light incense by your bed
and keep the knife there, okay?
I'm hanging up, Grandma.
Oh, it stings.
What do I do?
Here, report card.
Great job.
I always do a great job.
I'm a good cook, handsome, and witty.
God is so unfair,
he's given me everything.
You'd be perfect
if you weren't so full of yourself.
That's a flaw I made on purpose.
Because if I were too perfect,
I'd get hated.
You're so nice and funny.
But why are you so mean to only two women?
You're so hard on her,
I think it makes her more timid.
Well, she's annoying.
Who's the other one?
It's me!
Perfect timing.
-You're here, Mom?
Are you here for inspection?
You're distracting me. Could you sit?
I asked you not come to the restaurant.
Do I embarrass you?
Why not? It's my son's restaurant.
Because the customers ask
if you're my aunt.
Or if you're my secret lover,
who's older.
That kind of nonsense.
You were 19
I had you when I was 19, so what?
It's my life, not theirs. Who cares?
So live your life.
Why do you keep coming to my restaurant?
It's like he takes
some mean speech classes.
What is it?
It's no big deal.
You have fortune with only yang energy.
You have immense yang energy,
this year you have a fortune with ghosts.
Ghosts can follow you.
-Isn't that awful?
-Who said so? Master Tae?
No, this is from
Mr. Jang in Seongbuk-dong.
Mom, I'm really okay.
I don't believe in ghosts.
Who told you to believe them?
Just keep it.
Oh, I hate this.
-I don't want to.
You're a professor,
why are you so superstitious?
Mom, do your students know
you're like this?
Hey, So-hyung.
Yeah, I'm always so busy. Why?
You're early.
-Hey, guys.
-It's been a while.
I knew you'd come to
others' funeral banquet.
No wonder you're hungry.
You get no food offering,
so you must be starving.
It's actually funny.
Have you ever heard about
a ghost with amnesia?
Right. It's not common.
Fine, let's say it's because of
your trauma from your sudden death.
But if you can't share your food offering,
you shouldn't want others'.
Even ghosts should have some shame.
They say appetite and sexual desire
go hand in hand.
It's so obvious you're a virgin ghost.
Hey, stop it. You don't even bother a dog
while eating.
You think you're better than dogs?
I heard you still possess women's bodies
to seduce men.
I heard Seobinggo is
dead set on catching you.
What does it have to do with you?
It does have something to do with me!
We're being treated the same
because of you.
Why do something higher-ups forbid?
Possession isn't allowed.
As if you've never done anything wrong.
I know you've done a lot of possessions
in the past.
Let's see who's more crazy!
-You want to fight?
-Let's fight.
-Let's fight!
-Bring it on!
What the heck? Where are you going?
Are you scared to fight with me?
Hey, let's have it out.
You you wench.
How are you doing?
I'm not doing well.
How can I be well because of you?
Well I don't
-Eat your meal.
-Where are you going?
You, you, stop!
Hey, you wench!
Come on.
No, I'm not crazy.
No. I have to catch her now.
I'm not crazy.
She's freaking fast.
Stop there!
You wench, how much yang energy
did you eat?
I can't catch her.
You wench, stop right there!
That, that bus!
Whoa, she's seriously
Is she crazy?
Hey, you wench!
Stop right there!
Okay, let's hide here.
Where did she go?
Not again!
Who else has she possessed?
She's really testing my patience.
You better come out. Huh?
You better come out.
Where the hell is she?
You wench.
You wench.
I got you, you wench!
Come here.
-Get up already.
Get up!
Get up.
You think I can't catch you?
-What's going on?
Oh, come here.
It hurts! Stop!
Does it hurt? It hurts me too.
You're so stressing me out.
You're making a scene.
Oh, seriously.
She's unbelievable.
When did she put this here?
Oh, crap.
Here's your lukewarm Americano.
Right? You hate it hot,
because it messes with your taste buds.
That's when I started working
in the kitchen.
That's so long ago.
What is it?
Just say it. I'm busy.
Gosh, I know you're a busy man.
In fact, I'm going into a new program.
It's a survival cooking program
with viewers' requests.
I'm thinking you and Chef Marco
in the first episode.
Is he going to do it again?
Gosh, he thinks he's a celebrity now.
He has a star quality,
with unique background.
What do you say? You'll do it?
No, I don't do pilots, my friend.
If it becomes a regular,
I'll think about it.
-Even if I beg you?
-I better avoid going on air.
I got distracted for a moment,
and the culinary world is a mess.
You're so full of yourself.
No, I'm just that good.
How many times have I told you?
You're rejecting my offer?
I really did earlier.
I feel bitter.
I got rejected by a friend I trusted.
-I guess this is life, huh?
-I'll get going.
I'll go there this weekend.
You want to go with me?
He would want to be with you alone.
Come here.
Look away. I'm pressing the code.
I'd try to get out.
You think I'd try to go in?
You detailed wench.
I better put the key inside.
I'll change it.
Don't put on a show.
These talismans don't hurt you.
They're just locks.
Why only me?
You want me to tell you?
Because you went around doing possessions
and seducing men,
the higher-ups are infuriated.
Until I have you locked up,
they won't even let me read fortunes.
Whatever. I love men so much.
Of course you do. You're a virgin ghost.
But you use other girls' bodies
to seduce men you never flirt with
when you were alive?
There's no point in trying so hard.
What kind of man would have
enough yang energy
to stand a ghost's yin energy?
They say there is.
A man with only yang energy,
with sunshine.
That kind of man is one in a million.
Where would you find him?
I'm going to try.
You said I'll turn into a scary demon,
after three years.
I should relieve my regrets before that.
That's why
you need to discipline yourself.
Let go of your grudges
and let your soul belong in heaven.
It's not as simple as it sounds.
If you keep doing that
and happen to meet a body
with the perfect frequency for you,
you could get locked in
and never come out.
Well, it's nice that you worry about me
that I don't have to talk to myself.
-You poor thing!
-What's gotten into you?
I know how you feel.
-My goodness.
-What's with you?
Your voice is beautiful.
You're pretty.
Come on. All right.
Why are you so emotional today?
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
What's this?
What is it?
How can I trust you?
I should at least put a bell on you.
Whoa! Am I a cat or dog or what?
Hey, don't even try.
Only I can untie it and hear it.
Untie it!
Untie it!
Look at this. Oh my, maintenance fee.
Oh, my God. 78,000 won.
Why is it so high?
Out of the way.
But don't you think we should have dinner?
Chef is late today.
What should we eat?
Chef isn't here,
why don't we try some rice?
Let's order in rice.
Chef won't be happy when he comes back.
Right, Chef hates rice.
I don't want to get yelled at.
That freaking Chef.
So he's the chef and he hates rice.
So what,
we have to eat noodles all the time?
Oh, is he Nero or what?
He's such a dictator.
He never forced us.
We're just walking on eggshells.
Cordon, that bastard
Let's order in quickly,
before he comes back.
I'm craving chive bibimbap
I used to eat.
I want chive bibimbap.
-Me too.
-Ox blood soup for me.
-Hey, Bong.
Three chive bibimbaps, one ox blood soup.
And you eat kimchi stew. To add soup.
Are we really ordering?
We are really ordering.
Sous Chef says so. Who can say no?
Come on, let's just sit at the table
and eat like noblemen today.
Not like beggars,
eating in the kitchen all the time.
You didn't eat yet?
Let's make spicy seafood noodle soup.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.
Did the salmon get delivered?
-Should I bring it?
-Yes, let's cut it.
Darn it.
They sent us this crappy salmon.
Are customers stray cats?
We can't feed them any fish.
They're insane.
Sous Chef, return this.
Tell them if they keep cheating,
the deal is over.
Yeah, Chef, I'm great at blackmailing.
Chef, what about scallops from yesterday?
They won't last long.
Right, scallops. I ordered too much.
What do we do?
Is there spinach left?
-Okay, Joon.
Today's special is
scallop and spinach pasta.
-Yes, sir.
-Got it?
I guarantee it's good.
So recommend.
Tell them it's amazing.
-Recommend, not force.
-Yes, Chef!
Orders are coming in.
Let's make some tasty dishes
the customers will love.
Table 1, two specials.
Table 2, two seafood gratins.
-Hey, Joon.
-Yes, sir.
Okay, Table 5, two steak pastas,
one special.
Table 11, 1 special, 1 sun salad,
2 specials. Together.
Yes, Chef!
Table 8, two specials.
Come on.
I'll take the special.
Min-soo, pasta.
Yes, Chef.
-Dong-chul, you take salad.
-Yes, Chef.
-Ji-woong, take orders.
-Yes, Chef.
Bong, bring it now!
Yes, I'm sorry, Chef.
Here it is.
Here, Bong. Fill up the water.
Cook garlic again.
-Hey, Min-soo.
-Table 5 is beautiful. Be good.
-I saw them.
More salt.
You're so noisy! Stay still!
I can't.
Why did you put a bell on me?
It hurts!
Good job. Finish up.
-Yes, Chef, thank you.
-Good job, Chef.
Well, Chef.
If you don't have a plan,
shall we have a drink?
Don't say things you don't mean.
I'll go work out.
-Bye, guys.
-Yes, Chef.
-Good work.
-Good work.
Good night.
He sure can read the room.
-Let's wash up and go.
I cooked at least
100 dishes of noodles today.
Why so many customers?
It's annoying.
he might raise our pay
if business does well, don't you think?
I doubt it.
Hey, look at him.
He doesn't treat us
as well as his sister.
Eun-hee is not an ordinary sister.
She's different.
She once was an elegant ballet dancer
and can't use her legs
after a hit-and-run.
He must feel so bad for his sister.
That's why they say
the heavens are impartial.
she has a successful brother
and a reliable husband.
How nice is that?
Reliable and successful
Cordon, you punk.
You're staring at me.
At Cordon, do they
-They don't.
-They didn't?
Come on, Sous Chef, Let's go.
Sous Chef, it's time for your medicine.
What medicine today?
-Soju or beer?
-Mix them up?
-Shall we?
Darn it! I can't do this.
He's so much younger than me!
He thinks Sous Chef is so amazing?
He's the king, huh?
I just want to tell him the truth
and punch him in the face!
Shut up, you punk!
Damn it.
Why did you lie about your age?
I had no option I always got rejected
even without an interview for my age.
I should've just kept fixing cars.
Maybe I shouldn't have started cooking.
Dong-chul, aren't you coming?
Gosh, I'm on my way.
You're so impatient.
I'm all dressed. Come in.
Yes, enjoy.
Oh, so loud.
It's too loud.
I can't concentrate because of that.
I'm sorry.
I'm a kitchen assistant and
have to practice.
I'll be careful.
Everyone is a chef these days.
TV ruined everything.
I'm sorry.
I was frail and had stomachache
all the time as a child.
My grandmother used to make
this cabbage porridge for me.
She warned she'd have my finger pricked
if I refuse to eat.
I forced myself to eat cabbage porridge.
Remembering my grandma's love
that soothed my stomach
and comforted my heart,
I'm posting the cabbage porridge recipe
Unit 305, you have a package.
Oh, okay.
Excuse me.
Yes, ma'am.
The soup's cold
and the picture hasn't come up real.
Heat it up again.
Oh, the noodles would get soggy
and it won't taste good
I've been a gourmet blogger
for five years.
I know all of that. Just heat it up.
Yes, ma'am.
Why is it?
Mom, let's play.
Wait, sweetheart, I'm working. One second.
It's not working.
What are you doing?
-Oh, well
-Hurry up.
Oh my! Hot!
Jun-soo, are you okay?
You didn't get burned?
Oh my goodness!
Are you okay, kid?
What are you doing?
You should be more cautious
with hot stuff.
What if my son got burned?
I'm sorry.
Children are supposed to run around.
Adults should be careful.
Children can't take care of adults.
Employee training is such a joke here!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
How old are you?
You go to kindergarten?
You learned you shouldn't run
in public places?
-I did.
-You did?
Then did you do wrong or not?
-I did wrong.
-Right? You did wrong.
What are you doing?
Are you mad
because your kid got scolded?
I'm mad because
you were scolding my employee.
I cannot believe this.
Exactly, I can't believe this.
Whether it gets soggy or not,
you said heat it up.
If the dish doesn't taste good,
then you'd
Let go. That alone is nonsensical.
Your kid is out of control,
yet you blame someone else?
What, are you done talking?
So you were on TV?
Ma'am, please calm down.
Who are you?
Nothing is normal here.
-Get out.
-Let go!
-Get out!
-This is crazy.
Oh my! Jun-soo.
Crazy people aren't welcome here.
Just go.
This is ridiculous.
Let's go, Jun-soo!
I won't let it slide!
Excuse me, you dropped your credit card
I'll make you regret. Let's go!
I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-Oh, come on!
Come in.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, Chef.
I should have been more careful.
You know why I don't like you?
-Your attitude annoys me.
Whether you're at fault or not,
you always say sorry
and blame yourself.
That's your attitude.
That's not being nice.
You always say, "It's my fault."
It gives people around you a hard time.
I'm sorry
Kitchen's not an easy place.
It's a battlefield.
Only the strong survive.
If you see yourself as weak,
you won't stand a chance here.
Let me lend you some honest advice.
Think about it carefully
if you really belong to the kitchen.
Don't hold onto it,
only to end up getting hurt
and causing inconvenience to others.
Put on some salve.
You don't want a scar on your hand.
Did you scold Bong-sun a lot?
This was not her fault.
It's not a sin to be nice.
Being too nice is a sin.
But are you going to be okay?
That woman is a power blogger.
Is that a big shot job?
So annoying.
Bloggers are more annoying
than reporters.
Who are they to give points?
On what basis?
They're trying to boss around.
Daemyeong Middle School
Alumni Reunion
Why? What is it?
Just a spam message.
It got knocked over.
So dirty.
I'm sorry. I'll clean it up.
Hey, it's because of you.
Shut up, bastard.
It's because of this loser, Kang Sun-woo.
Please move your feet
You clean it up.
Sun-woo, I'm going to be late today.
I'm sorry. I know it's your birthday.
Order some gimbap with this money.
-Sir, we're ready to pay.
It's 15,000 won.
-All right.
I'll be there in 10 to 20 minutes.
Side dishes were a letdown, huh?
Sorry, I was busy.
No, sir. It was delicious.
Here you go.
You gave me too much change.
Oh, my. What was I thinking?
-I'm sorry.
-You nearly lost all you earned today.
Gosh, exactly.
-Where's Kyung-mo?
-He's meeting his friends.
For me, it's better when he's not around.
Coffee isn't coming out.
What? Again?
Gosh, this thing
Is it faulty wiring?
Wait, let me open it with the key.
No, It's okay. It's all right.
-No, that's okay.
Every time you come down,
-it scares me.
-It's okay.
He's here.
-You waited long?
-Not at all.
I had to resolve a complaint.
It's been so long.
-Oh, hello.
What a surprise!
Who is this goddess?
I was totally surprised.
-Hi there.
Officer Han,
you must've changed your go-to.
You don't come for
spicy seafood noodle soup you love.
If you say that, it really bums me out.
That soup is always my favorite.
But I'd have to stand in line to eat it.
There are so many people here.
Not my style.
Star chef, not my thing.
Come on.
I'll reserve a seat especially for you.
-So do come.
Nice. I'm happy I set you two up.
-Be good to her.
-Yes, sir.
Where are you going?
Uh, my close friend is
opening a restaurant today.
It calls for a celebration.
So I'll do some nagging.
-Bye, guys.
I should go, too.
See you tomorrow.
Good night, Eun-hee.
-Good work, sir.
-Good job.
Shall we go, too?
Yes, honey.
It was a long day.
How about you?
I was busy too.
Hold tight.
Luxurious, very high-end.
It's so luxurious and
it's the same as mine.
Did you copy the whole thing?
You taught me to copy everything
that's good.
This is just identical.
Now, try it.
You're doing the chef thing again.
All the time.
A chef tastes
50% with his nose
and 50% with his mouth.
That's right.
Finally, Chef Kang Sun-woo
will have a taste.
Drum roll
It won't fail.
The noodles are nice,
seasoning is spot-on.
What's gotten into you?
So can I measure up to your heels?
How can you compare a human with a god?
My cooking is heavenly.
-Here we go.
This is the thing!
Hey, not anyone can hear my advice.
So listen carefully.
Never play with food.
What you put on the plate isn't food.
It's your faces.
Don't stop me, I'll cause some trouble.
-Big time.
Wang-joo is here.
You can't see her easily.
Have a seat.
Wang-joo. Let me introduce yourself.
This is Wang-joo. She is just amazing.
You know him, right? Chef Kang Sun-woo.
Chef Choi Sung-woo over there.
Right, you lit it again.
I knew it.
I'm sorry.
Saying sorry won't help, lady.
I told you so many times.
This room has no window.
It could catch on fire.
It's not ventilated.
People are fed up with it.
I'm sorry.
-I'll be careful, sir.
-Oh, forget it.
I can't stand it.
Find another place.
But sir
Not just this incense,
but these weird things on the wall.
I can't stand it anymore.
Leave as soon as possible, okay?
But sir
"Cooking is like music."
Kang Sun-woo -Chef/owner of Sun Restaurant
You always say, "It's my fault."
It gives people around you a hard time.
Think about it carefully
if you really belong to the kitchen.
Don't hold onto it,
only to end up getting hurt
and causing inconvenience to others.
Chef Kang Sun-woo
"When I see the faces
of people enjoying"
-I'm sorry.
-Look where you're going.
It's actually my birthday next week,
so I'm planning a party.
Can you cook food for us?
All my friends are your fans.
What do I do?
It'll be expensive to hire me.
I'm kidding. I can't even joke around?
You don't even let me say anything.
Well, you're not gonna ask for a building.
I'll pay whatever you ask for.
You can ask a lot.
She's a daughter of Yeongchang Group CEO.
Oh, really?
I was going to do it since you're pretty,
but too bad.
I think I'll have a plan that day.
I'm sorry.
I forgot I had a plan. I'll go.
Stay longer.
What's the matter?
Have some coffee and stay.
I'm meeting someone over coffee.
-Really? A woman?
Wouldn't it be strange
if I meet a man at this hour?
-Here, take it.
I didn't even get a plant for you.
Take it.
I'll do my best.
By the way, Jung-woo.
Don't get too close with
Yeongchang Group's daughter
or whatever in there. Okay?
Work hard, punk.
I heard it was all financed through loans.
I love you, bro.
For a handsome guy.
The golden ratio. Here.
Thank you.
Your coffee is the best.
Perfect for hangover.
You came late after a drink today.
No, you're too early.
Well, it doesn't matter.
I'll enjoy coffee and get some good stuff.
-Bye, then.
-Bye, Mr. handsome.
Come see abalones. So fresh.
-Come later.
That cuttlefish.
So fresh and nice.
Mr. Handsome.
Here's a good deal on octopus.
Get this one.
Octopus for later.
-Is squid fresh, ma'am?
-Fresh and nice.
Clams look fresh too.
Let me look around.
Check out mackerels.
You should buy something
if you're here.
Oh my!
You're not going to buy it again?
It's not fresh. How can I?
Don't sell stuff like this.
You'll have a bad image.
You have such a good eye.
Shrimp, it really came in today.
It's fine.
It's great. There's no need to check.
Nice color, nice shell. Good.
Three kilos of this.
Three kilos that are like five kilos.
You rascal.
Who is it?
What are you doing?
Are you coming in?
Coming in I mean, I'm leaving.
What are you saying?
Well, let me
Bring it.
My ranking went down.
Why is Marco second place?
With Jeong Eun-woo
a star on SBC drama series
He blogged pictures of himself
with celebrities.
Look at him.
He's got no skills, just connections.
Get lost.
You are my sunshine.
Little joys of everyday life.
Dreaming of happy, warm table.
See? How nice is it?
Cabbage is a good ingredient.
This person is so genuine in cooking.
I feel sincerity from this blog.
Dear Sunshine, your recipes
always carry happiness that can be tasted.
I'm a fan.
You got this.
You're the bomb.
Maybe a chef?
-Maybe not.
Thank you for everything.
What you said is right.
Doing what I want to do
and being able to do are different.
I was too ambitious.
I'm sorry to the staff as well.
Bye, everyone.
And this is something
I couldn't write in the letter.
Chef, I learned another thing from you.
Human emotions are like a cold.
Once you come down with it,
no matter how hard you resist,
you need to go through it
to get past it.
Whether your dream
is to be a chef or not,
let's work together well.
-Help her a lot.
-Yes, Chef.
Who puts garbage on my plate?
You'd hate eating garbage
on your plate, right?
Do it again.
I wanted to become a chef like you.
Hey, like this. Watch.
Hold it like you grab an egg.
Cut it straight like this.
Do it again.
Because of you, I was excited.
Because of you, I was happy.
Because of you, I was hurt
and hurt again and again.
I've gone through it enough,
so I'm leaving.
For someone like me who's not ordinary,
Sun Restaurant was like a nest.
The world will probably
push me away again.
Still, I'm leaving.
Goodbye, Chef.
Chef, it's me.
I think Bong-sun quit.
Leaving without saying goodbye
Bong-sun is so cold.
I'm sure she had no courage
to tell us in person.
Wire her three months' worth of wages
for this month.
The key to the back storage is missing.
I think Bong-sun took it.
-What do you mean? Bong-sun?
-Well, let me
-Bring it.
You looked everywhere?
Are you sure it's Bong-sun?
It's gone.
I checked everywhere.
What do we do?
It's gonna take some time
to make that special key.
It's 10:00 a.m. already.
Call her. She must be close by.
She's not picking up either.
Until the end
-Keep calling her.
-Yes, Chef.
Joon, go to the locksmith
and look into it.
Dong-chul and Min-soo,
start on the dough.
-Yes, Chef.
-Yes, Chef.
A room with a window is 350,000 won,
plus 50,000 won maintenance a month.
It's not available often.
A room with ventilation is expensive.
I'm sorry, Ji-woong.
What's wrong with me?
I'm so bored.
I'm so bored that I'm going crazy.
You're so noisy.
I can't poop in peace because of you.
I'm just so bored.
There's no customers
at a fortune teller's house.
It's all because of you.
You're completely ruining my business.
So let me go.
Nothing good will come out of this.
If you let me go,
I'll live quietly like I'm dead.
Live like you're dead?
You're already dead.
-If you were me, would you believe that?
Is it a customer?
It must be a customer.
It's bossam.
Bossam? Sounds good.
Noodles are good too.
It's 35,000 won.
-35,000 won? Here.
-Yes. Huh?
You should've told us beforehand.
Why should I?
If you'd known,
you would've taken some out?
That's not it.
Boss is gonna kill me.
No. Come on.
I'll call the owner.
Hey, don't even think about running away.
Wait, this wench
Just my luck!
-Out of my way!
-I'm going nuts.
Stop there!
Damn it.
Stop right there!
Let's settle this once and for all.
That little
Stop right there, you wench!
Where the hell is she hiding?
Where is she?
Na Bong-sun, you were here?
There's no time. Let's go.
Let's talk later.
Hop on!
Ready? Off we go.
Hey, Bong, you go in first.
Where is this place?
-What are you saying? Hop off.
-Oh my.
Chef, I found Bong-sun.
Wait, excuse me.
Chef, I found Bong-sun.
Hey, wait.
-Hey, Na Bong-sun.
What, what is this place?
It's good to see you.
Give me the key. Stop messing around.
-Give me the key!
What key?
What's wrong with this rude jerk?
-Where is it?
How odd. The kitchen feels quite familiar.
Oh my
It's not as bad as I thought.
What are you doing?
It's so busy.
Na Bong-sun!
Tell me what to do at once!
Did you hurt your head or something?
Nonsense. What do you mean, assault?
Did he hit someone?
That Chef or something did?
Did I seduce him before?
He seems familiar.
Isn't she one of your employees?
She can join you.
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