Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Good to see you, too.
Give me the key, don't joke.
-The key!
What key?
-You little
-Where is it?
How dare you?
-You okay, Chef?
-Are you okay?
Are you crazy?
Are you?
Even though you quit,
you can't act out.
You can't do this!
-Wait, was that a mistake?
Isn't she drunk?
-No smell.
Apologize to Chef right now.
Right now!
Chef? So his name is Chef?
He's not a foreigner.
Forget it.
Give me the key.
What key are you talking about?
-Here it is.
Bong-sun, you alright? You feeling okay?
-Na Bong-sun, you're amazing.
-What's wrong with you?
-No way.
-What's gotten into you?
This won't do.
I should get out of her body.
What's going on?
-If you keep doing this,
you might come across
someone with
the exact same energy frequency,
-No way
-you could
become trapped forever, you silly girl!
That's this girl?
Oh, shit.
I have to get out.
It's hard to get out
once trapped.
I have to get out.
-You okay?
-You okay?
-Hey, Bong-sun.
She just collapsed.
What's going on?
-She collapsed?
Lay her down flat.
Massage her.
Oh, man
Maybe she was putting on a show
or she really fainted.
There's no way to tell.
Shouldn't we call 911?
Her breathing is normal.
Her complexion seems normal.
-She looks fine.
-She scared me.
Maybe she has some health issue.
Shit. I'm awake now.
But should I open my eyes or not?
She has insomnia, doesn't she?
-Isn't it because of her meds?
-Loopy from the meds, then?
it's hard to explain otherwise.
Did you see how she threw him off?
This is awkward.
I can't get out of this body anytime soon.
This is a sausage party.
It's not that bad.
She's smacking her lips.
Is she dreaming?
Right, she is.
She's fine. No need to see the doctor.
Get up now.
I saw you opening your eyes just now.
Was it obvious?
I'm okay,
though I'm humiliated.
It stings when water touches it.
What will you do about Bong-sun?
What do you mean?
She quit with a letter.
I should let her go once she's awake.
You know she didn't want to quit.
She got forced to quit.
It might be better for her life.
No, I don't think it's right.
When you're forced to let go
when you're not ready,
weak people like us can't handle it.
-Are you okay, Bong-sun?
No need to see a doctor?
I'm good.
-I'll let you two talk.
-About what?
Where you going?
Did you do some workout?
Like martial arts
Forget it.
You okay?
Well, you see
I think I made a mistake earlier.
"I think I made a mistake"?
Well, what I mean is,
I'm sorry.
I felt a little under the weather.
I wasn't feeling like myself.
I hope you cut me some slack.
Sit over here.
Na Bong-sun.
You quit like that,
it wasn't an easy decision, was it?
You're asking me to let it slide
because you're not ready?
You want to stay?
Well, yes
-I think so.
-Why'd you leave then?
Because of what I said?
Yes, because of that.
Okay, then let's do this.
I'll give you a month. Figure out
whether you'll commit your life
to a kitchen or not.
Okay! I'm in!
Now that we made up, let's make it work.
You're still not quite yourself.
Damn it.
He's freaking grouchy, that asshole.
Looks alright, but so grumpy.
What's she like?
What am I supposed to do?
How strange.
The kitchen doesn't feel unfamiliar.
This is magnetic.
So cool.
This is so cool.
I've always wanted to try.
What are you doing in my spot?
Go to yours.
Mine? Where?
Are you still out of your mind?
You spot, at the dishwashing sink!
Darn it.
-Where's the work log?
In the storage.
Put it back where it was.
You always forget.
Check noodles in the freezer.
Don't make a fuss during peak hours.
Yes, Chef.
That asshole and his nagging.
Hey, Bong. Count the noodle packs
in the freezer.
Why should I do that?
He told you to do it.
"He told you to do it."
You're so out of your mind.
Na Bong-sun!
You scared me.
Why are you yelling?
What's wrong with you?
Have you gone nuts?
Sous Chef.
What's with you?
Well It's not that.
I'm still not quite myself.
I'll go wash my face.
Damn it.
What on earth is her character?
I should at least mimic her.
I can't get used to it.
You should've worn something else.
The laces keep getting loose.
I know. I was busy this morning.
Should I bring
-another one?
-Don't bother.
It's for show anyway.
I thought he was a total asshole,
but he's nice to his sister.
He's not a total jerk.
What are you doing? In this busy time.
Not a good guy, indeed.
I shouldn't let my guard down.
A special for Table 1 isn't out.
Hurry up.
Who read it?
Min-soo, a special's not ready?
Not yet.
-Hurry up.
-Yes, Chef!
Bring it with pumpkin salad.
Table three, two specials,
two stew pastas.
Yes, Chef.
This restaurant must be a hot spot.
The dishes just keep piling up.
Damn it.
I can't believe I'm doing this crap.
Darn it.
Get in here.
Wait. Dong-chul, cover for him.
Yes, Chef.
-Prepare the mise en place.
Yes, sir.
Bong, see the dishes stacking?
I know. I'm working my ass off.
So hot.
Oh, my
Bong, out of the way.
I don't want to.
You're so out of it.
Oh, my God.
Na Bong!
Mop the sauce on the floor.
It's mopped.
Oh, crap,
Na Bong-sun!
If you have orders, order at once!
Now what?
You should mop with a dry cloth.
It's not like you've never done it.
Was it your revenge?
To make me fall?
Oh, come on.
For revenge, I would've broken a few ribs.
That was too petty.
Na Bong-sun.
Did you
Did you hurt your head?
You're so unbelievable.
I'm so busy.
I'm at work right now.
No way. Assault?
I mean
She talked trash,
saying she's a blogger.
so I nudged her to leave.
How is that an assault?
Detective, is this an assault?
I understand the situation,
but she sued you
and it'd take three weeks to heal.
Three weeks to heal?
This is so absurd.
Oh, hello.
Eun-hee told me. What happened?
Is that so?
How's Sun-woo?
Put in a good word for him.
-You guys can go home first.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Come here.
It finally happened.
This was bound to happen.
He's way too confident.
Too much of anything is bad.
He had reason to be confident.
That's irrelevant to this situation.
-You Cordon punk?
-that can't count as an assault.
-That's right.
Seoul people are scary.
Why sue him over that?
did he actually hit someone?
That chef guy or whatever?
It happened because of you.
I can't believe her.
Now you act like you don't know?
Oh, right.
Right, it's because of me.
I've been a bit off these days
Hey, Bong?
What are you touching?
Oh my.
Oh my.
I tend to get hung up
on physical affection
due to some emotional issue
I've been curious about this.
Why are there so many?
Do you guys race or something?
What for?
So weird.
By the way,
isn't Bong acting really strange?
She is Bong-sun for sure.
But she isn't like Bong-sun.
But it's not like she's not Bong-sun.
It's very strange.
You know what they say.
It seems like Bong-sun,
it feels like Bong-sun, but she's not.
She sounds so strange.
-Not the way Bong-sun talks.
See? He never cares others,
but he notices it.
It's that obvious.
What's wrong with her?
Was yesterday's fire
trigger something mentally?
It could be something
like in movies.
Someone with multiple personalities.
-Jekyll and Hyde.
-Yes, that.
Maybe she's like that.
Maybe we didn't know until now.
Or, it could be
-anger issues, right?
I saw that on TV recently.
Those with anger problems
just snap and go crazy
and even kill people on impulse.
It was on TV.
Exactly, some people even
kill their neighbor over noise.
In a high-stress society,
psychopathy is more common.
When they get grilled
over and over again,
and boom!
They go nuts.
They stab people,
-Stay still.
and gouge with a knife.
Remember? Bong
got grilled a lot.
Considering how much grilling she got,
she'd want to kill us all.
No way.
No way.
Wow, this looks like a samurai knife.
Even initialed.
Making sure whose it is.
Is there anything to cut?
Let's give it a try.
How fun.
-This knife.
Whose is this?
It's so sharp. It's freaking cool.
-Hold on.
-Put it down first.
By the way,
Could it kill someone?
It could.
It could.
What's the matter?
I'm going nuts.
Should I countercharge?
It's not worth it.
Damn it.
That influential blogger.
She's a real piece of work.
She swore no settlement, even for
all the money in the world.
Just think that shit happened
-and apologize.
-Why should I?
I'm upset that it happened to me.
But you're a public figure.
So what?
So I'm guilty?
Why am I at a disadvantage?
Lawsuit? No big deal.
It'd be a nice field trip to court.
You shouldn't be emotional.
Man are emotional creatures.
If I avoid,
-it happens more.
-Is that Kang Sun-woo?
I won't let that happen.
-I won't.
-He's pretty hot these days.
Chef isn't back yet. Is it okay to leave?
I feel uncomfortable.
Eun-hee said we can go home.
It'd be rude if we don't.
Well, she's probably embarrassed.
It's nothing to be proud of.
It was gonna happen sooner or later.
I see it this way.
Chef has been full of himself
since he's on a roll.
He is on a roll. That's true.
That's not what I meant.
Don't hit me.
Get out!
Where would I wash up then?
-What you looking at?
-Get out!
Okay, sorry.
Excuse me.
My hunch was right.
These guys
Hey, you nutjob.
Bong! Damn it.
When did you ever wash up here?
I feel like it, since it's so hot today.
What are you looking at?
Cheer up.
It's okay. It doesn't really matter.
Cheer up.
You didn't give it a proper look!
My pride has been hurt.
My pride has been hurt.
Let's go together.
You don't go this way.
It's this way today. For sure.
What's gotten into you?
What? Why?
You acted so weird all day.
What is it?
You got a lot on your mind
after quitting?
You decided to change completely?
Not to be the punch bag?
Well, that too.
I reflected on my life in general.
But it's something I can talk about
on the streets.
Why don't we
go somewhere and get refreshing beer?
What do you say?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Just briefly. Please?
Let's get some rest.
No, I want to go home.
Just for an hour, okay?
I won't even touch you. Please?
I want to sleep at home!
Hang on. Then, 30 minutes?
-Ten minutes?
Hold on.
To Yongsan, please.
Bong, bye.
Damn it.
What's with that guy?
I got excited for nothing.
Is he drunk?
Or does he not see me as a woman?
Such a bumpkin.
No wonder my flirting didn't work.
Why did I possess this kind of girl
Where on earth is her home?
Hey, unit 305.
This is Gosiwon.
When will you move out?
What? Gosiwon?
I can't believe a person can live here.
It's no better than being a ghost.
What are you doing here?
What you looking at?
She attracts a lot of ghosts.
What's this?
Why such a huge sword?
What's this?
It's pretty much like a weapon
for Admiral Yi Sun-sin.
Take that!
I'm so pissed off.
Darn it.
This is so freaking ridiculous.
Screw that woman.
What is it?
What's her blog?
Let's see.
The service was a nightmare,
and the food was a joke.
Using fame, he even uses violence
I'm going crazy.
It's utter nonsense.
The real nightmare was her.
I'm so pissed off.
I am
a big fan
of Sun Restaurant.
This appears to be
The service was pretty good.
I think generalizing
based solely on personal experiences
is not
not right
Another comment.
I like chocolate.
Master of noodle dishes.
He's handsome.
Coming to work now?
Yes, I met the art director.
-You leaving?
-Yes, I got a meeting.
Casting Kang Sun-woo would've been
a disaster.
-What do you mean, "why"?
He's number-one in real-time searches.
For assault.
You should know. Go check.
-Oh no.
-Hold on.
That article
is not true.
It's not even true,
so there's nothing to discuss.
I won't do an interview.
Okay. Bye.
Damn it.
Mom's riled up.
She says it'll be out of control
after the article.
Maybe you should settle
before it's too late.
I would've earlier, if I wanted.
Ignore her call today.
Keep your phone off.
Things are getting dramatic.
Quite interesting.
Seriously, maybe
we could be caught in the crossfire.
That's likely.
I should be quiet as a corpse today.
I'd die, if I have to be quiet.
I'm scared.
Go see the doctor.
It seems serious.
You little
Keep it down.
You punk. Remember, crossfire.
How are you, guys? Good morning.
How are you?
-Are you crazy?
Why? Is something wrong?
Why so serious?
Why so cheerful, unusually?
I need to get changed.
Aren't you leaving?
Should I just get changed?
Oh my.
I hear the chef beat up someone.
I saw an article.
-The star chef?
He beats up people?
Is he a gangster?
Has it been this slow lately?
I don't think so.
The media's power is no joke.
This is a major drop in customers.
We won't go out of business, right?
Well, many drops make a shower.
You never know.
I should've saved up some money.
It would've been nice
if I were a chef in my own restaurant.
Look at Chef.
Wearing black alone.
Acting so freaking cool.
Dishcloth in the air!
-Come on.
-Pour oil!
Soaring white dragon!
Soaring white dragon!
Cut it out.
Don't go too far like a lunatic.
Yes, Chef.
Clean up the flour in the storage.
You want to put ingredients
in a pig pen?
Sorry, Chef.
-Don't make me nag you.
-Hey, Bong-sun.
-Yes, Chef.
Clean the grease in the range hoods.
It'd cause a fire. This too
I always have to nag.
So sensitive.
He's so pissed off.
Excuse me.
Yes, one moment.
Yes, sir.
This pasta,
-it's too thin.
Can you simmer it down?
Oh, this is soup pasta.
There's nothing wrong with the dish.
She says it's fine.
No, I don't like it.
Everyone has different taste.
So please reduce it down.
And, add some more mussels.
There are only a couple of mussels.
There are quite many.
Look. One, two, three, four,
-five, six
-Come on.
Give some, when customers ask.
Is the service bad all the time?
Is it because a violent chef trained you?
Staff training is a joke.
Okay, sir.
That asshole.
A showoff since he's with his girlfriend.
the boss here is having a hard time,
I'll do it for you.
But seriously,
I'd just teach him a lesson.
I'd just! Gosh
What are you doing?
The customer
wanted the soup to be thicker.
So, what do you think you're doing?
Why are you yelling?
I told you.
The customer wanted the soup thicker.
See this hot pepper paste?
I'm making it thicker with this.
My goodness.
Why throw that away? That's a waste.
Pepper paste ruins the broth.
Who are you to touch my cooking?
Are you a chef?
Are you the owner?
Sorry, Chef.
I do admit I made a mistake.
But they kept nitpicking
saying you're violent.
I did it, as I was worried about you.
Who are you to worry about me?
Damn it! Can't I worry about you?
And why are you so twisted?
Just take goodwill for what it is!
seem to have taken my advice wrong.
No kitchen access for you.
Do only what I tell you in the hall.
Don't make a decision.
Don't think.
So crazy.
I want to punch him.
He's so obnoxious.
It's hard to be that obnoxious.
So annoying.
You could've let it slide.
It's bad enough as it is.
It's not that bad.
If you fall while running,
you can get some rest.
Less customers, more free time. How nice.
Yes, Officer.
Yes, I was going to call you.
You didn't know?
Your mother apologized to her and
paid the settlement fee,
as far as we know.
You scared me.
What's up at this hour?
Why did you settle? Why?
Is that why you're here?
Why'd you do it?
Why did you get involved in my business?
How could I not?
You refused to settle.
There are so many comments,
and I heard that woman
met a lot of reporters.
You'd hit rock bottom.
I should do something, as a mom.
"As a mom"?
You're making me cry.
A mom who's never cooked a proper meal
for me,
who left her kid alone at night,
making him cry and scared.
Now you're a mom.
I'm 33, Mom.
I don't need you.
You should've been there when I did.
You're right!
I was so immature and
busy with my study and life.
I feel bad I was a bad mom,
so I'm trying to make it up.
Do you have to do this?
Maybe I was raised wrong.
Okay, you meanie.
You go your way,
and I go my way.
Come on.
Yes, please.
-You son of a gun.
-You meanie.
-It hurts, Mom.
I know I did wrong,
but I'm still your mom.
This is why people say you're rude.
You know that, you punk?
-Hello, Ms. Cho.
-It's Kang Sun-woo.
-Oh, hi.
Not a boyfriend. He's my son.
I told you carry the charms.
Bad fortune this year.
I told you to just carry it around.
You got in trouble,
because your didn't listen to me.
Okay, you arrogant punk?
What does a charm have to do with this?
Zip it!
Wire me 5 million won, settlement.
Five million?
She gave me a discount,
because she's my fan.
You know nothing.
You're so great.
Okay, text me your account number.
She's so fast.
Okay, let's get this sorted.
There's not enough money.
Right, today is payday. Darn it.
Knock off 800,000 won for me.
It's just that today is payday,
so there's not enough money.
Or you can seize my pay.
I gotta go.
This is embarrassing.
What now?
I forgot to call you.
My goodness.
Yesterday and today
was pretty eventful.
I know that.
So I thought of going alone,
-but you'd need some fresh air.
-Yes, good job.
It's been quite slow.
I got so much time.
Are you okay, or just pretend to be okay?
Of course I'm okay.
And it's for the better.
I've been too busy.
You know, I was on fire.
Okay, let's say you're okay.
Come on my show.
Shooting's next week.
What show?
How could I be on a show
in this mess? No way.
More so because of the mess.
Be straightforward.
Confront it head-on.
Be on a show with confidence.
Explain, if you want to.
Avoiding it makes you
look guilty of something.
It's a competition,
so you get to show your skills.
It's an entertainment show,
so it'll help improve your image.
You're quite witty, too.
That's true. I'm witty.
But, I'm sure
casting has been finished.
We did cast chef Yoon Se-jin.
Yoon Se-jin gosh,
Exactly. He's not up to par.
He's on a different class.
I could make excuses and cancel.
That's easy.
Leave that to me.
Oh, but that's
I'm not sure.
I'll wait just one day.
But no more.
Have you been well, Chang-gyu?
I came with Sun-woo.
He said he missed you.
Did I?
How nice of me.
Instead of hating him.
Come on.
There's lyrics to this song
Be Good While I'm Still Here.
I don't find it funny at all.
I wish I'd been good to him.
Look, he's among the top five
in real-time searches.
He's almost a celebrity.
There are over 500 comments.
It's sick.
He got a new nickname.
Kang Sun-woo, the gang chef.
It's short for gangster chef.
Pathetic losers.
-Witch hunt is a real problem.
The problem is not witch hunt itself,
but the society
that eggs them on to it.
So stressed out,
people need to vent out.
So they're venting out online.
Even if you work hard like crazy,
only first place gets recognized.
The rest work their asses off
for the well-off.
Where else can they vent out?
I mean,
I'm not talking about myself.
Hey, did I bring a charger?
that nickname of his,
it's perfect. The gang chef.
He has a knack for hurting people
with his words.
-Hello, Chef.
-Hi, Chef.
Chef, can I use the bathroom?
You told me to ask before doing anything.
Do as you wish.
Don't ever talk to me.
My friend works
at Chef Marco's restaurant.
I heard he's totally excited.
He said you'd be too embarrassed
to come on the show.
He should mind his own business.
He's overweight and not much to look at.
Not only that.
He's not much of a cook.
I can't do this.
That pig, so annoying.
Annoying in so many ways.
So, he's excited?
Hello? Hello
Wait, is it So-hyung?
Boy, I hit the wrong speed dial.
Did you get back to work alright?
-Next week
-I'll see myself out.
Next week,
I'll appear on a show.
I tried to reject, but
my friend kept pestering me.
I need a second chef.
Min-soo, you in?
No? Dong-chul?
Yes, Chef. Thank you.
Come on.
I need to be a second, Chef.
-Okay, it's you.
-Yes, Chef.
We'll do only lunch that day.
Yes, Chef.
But, Chef.
Should I get a facial?
-No, you don't have to.
-Yes, Chef.
Dang it.
It's like finding a needle in a haystack.
Because of that virgin ghost,
I can't do my business.
This is a mess.
So hot.
Oh my! All right.
looking for her.
Seeing ghosts isn't my fault.
Because of that crazy wench.
Oh my.
Yes, hello?
This is Seobinggo.
Hello, ma'am.
My name's Cho Hye-young,
I got a referral from Professor Kim.
Yes, about my son.
Seobinggo is a bit far for me.
I was wondering if you could come over.
Travel expenses?
Sure, I'll cover for travel expenses.
Yes, give me a text message.
She must be good.
She's upfront about money.
Excuse me.
-One more soju, please.
Why are you alone today?
What about your friend?
My ex-boyfriend?
We broke up two months ago.
Is it because I'm not dating?
I feel so lonely
and worry about my son these days.
My son has
bad luck this year.
I'm worried sick about him.
But he has no idea.
It's just how kids are.
I'm a failure as a mom.
I got knocked up at 19 and had a son,
and had a daughter with him. But then,
he died early.
I left my girl with her aunt,
I was busy with studying.
I never cooked for my kids.
I didn't even go to my son's graduation.
He must have been so lonely
because of his terrible mom.
By the way, are you single?
In your 30s?
Or 40s?
Are you sure about the show?
-If it goes wrong
-Don't worry.
I'm a natural for a TV show.
Just sit tight, haters.
-Chef Kang!
My smart boy.
Bring me a bottle of wine.
Bring it.
Eun-hee, come here.
-Come on.
-No, one more drink.
-No, more
No, Mom.
-Are we done?
-All done, Mom.
He sent me money today.
Settlement money.
You never give me pocket money.
Eun-hee, go for round two with that?
No, go to the car.
Let's go for a second round.
Go to the car.
We're almost there.
-We're almost there?
-Get in, Mom.
There. Watch your head.
-I should've called Sung-jae.
-It's okay.
What do we do?
I'll move the car.
Why do you keep shoes in the room?
She shouldn't drink if she's lightweight.
She acts strong and tough.
But it's all for show.
Do I take after her?
What is it?
Don't follow me. Where's your owner?
Stop it.
I don't like dogs.
I don't feed stray animals.
What's wrong with it
Is it good?
You like? You seem to.
I told you not to follow me.
Like a stalker.
I mean,
even a dog loves me.
I took you in and fed you today,
though I didn't want to.
But not a chance tomorrow.
I can't take care of you, okay?
You're enjoying it.
That's it.
I need to seduce men
during a long-term possession.
But not with these minimal curves.
For both humans and ghosts,
a moment's choice is crucial.
That guy
Where did I see him?
He looks familiar.
Did I seduce him before?
Oh no.
-Someone's dead.
-A dead body.
-Someone's dead.
What on earth happened?
My goodness.
Oh, that police man is so sweet.
I feel fuzzy.
Oh, my
He's my style.
Paying 5,000 won for terrible tofu stew
is ridiculous.
The only side dish was some old kimchi.
You should've said something earlier.
You won't pay after eating it?
It's okay, Kyung-mo.
All right.
-You can go.
It's all right.
-Hello, sir.
Is everything okay, sir?
-I mean,
I'm not saying I won't pay.
I'm just saying it's overpriced.
Thank you.
I won't come back to this place.
Dad, you shouldn't do that.
How do we run business
without getting paid?
Well, he wasn't entirely wrong.
Sorry, Officer Choi. Have a seat.
I wanted somewhere else.
What should I get you?
-Two tofu stew, please.
Give me a moment.
A mission will be revealed
during shooting.
It's the key. Hope you understand.
Of course. Being realistic is the key.
By the way,
why don't we get more security guards?
Some might throw a punch
if they lose.
Don't worry.
I don't hit anyone of different size.
Speaking of which, Marco.
Your size is perfect for the show.
So realistic.
Darn it.
I have to go pee.
Hurry up.
I'm such an idiot.
I must've lost my mind
at karaoke last night.
Darn it.
Hey, Bong. It's me.
I need you to bring Chef's knife.
What? Chef's knife?
Hold on.
It's right here.
Kang Sun-woo.
Born in 1983
How old are you
to have a son in his 30s already?
It turned out that way.
It's strong.
It's unusually strong.
Fortune with only yang energy, and ghosts.
Everyone got shocked.
So you got tons of charms for him?
How'd you know?
I'm so upset.
What's the point of all that?
He ripped them all up.
His birthdate won't do.
I need to see his face.
-You see, a person's fate
gets decided by how they live right now.
It's written all over the faces.
I see
Let's see.
You've had a rough time,
but you did everything you wanted.
Your face lights up.
So you can't live without a man.
I'm sure
You're into younger men, right?
That's amazing.
You can tell all of those from my face?
Please come to my son's restaurant someday
and read his face.
I'll let you know where it is.
If I go somewhere while I'm already out,
the fee quadruples.
I see.
This way.
My, my. It's a nice spot.
-Why is she here?
-Right? Quite nice.
Wait, I'm Na Bong-sun right now.
Why isn't she saying hello?
So strange.
Let's get inside.
You can contour this side.
What are you doing here?
Sous Chef told me to bring your knife.
That bastard,
I told him to take care of everything.
You look so awkward with makeup on.
Just kidding.
You look fine.
Very interesting.
Why isn't he coming?
After making this mess.
Please continue.
Sir, I'm a cast member.
I left my pass inside.
what's the program, who's the producer?
I did hear it, but I forgot
I forgot
All right.
Open it now.
Get a visitor's pass or just leave.
I really have to go.
I have to be there.
I have to go.
Is something wrong?
Shooting begins now.
Min-soo isn't here yet.
That nutjob.
We have to go in now.
There's no time.
Isn't she your employee too?
I've seen her in your restaurant.
You can take her.
We don't have time, Sun-woo. Hurry.
I'll count on you.
Don't do anything,
I'll do everything.
You always say not to do anything.
I love this place.
Before the mission,
let's hear how the chefs are feeling.
-Chef Kang Sun-woo?
I don't need to say much.
These hands are not for hitting people,
but for cooking.
I'm ready to prove it.
I see.
Chef Kang Sun-woo kind of
explained the incident
on our show.
I'll be more direct.
All right.
The truth isn't always visible.
Only my conscience and hers
know the truth.
-Only if there's a conscience.
-I see.
We're very curious about the truth.
We'll have a chance to
hear about it later.
-All right.
-Without further ado,
a randomly chosen mission.
Let's find out now.
This is the mission.
Mom's breakfast
for her son, who came home wasted
after receiving his draft notice.
Master chefs' cooking competition.
Chef vs. Chef
starts right now.
We have only about ten minutes left.
We'll have a look at
how the cooking is coming along.
-Chef Marco.
Is he finishing up already?
He's plating the food very neatly.
Chef, I think the rice is a bit burned.
What are you doing?
What are you doing now?
Pollack soup with toasted rice.
Pollack soup with toasted rice.
We don't make that anymore, sir.
-Oh, really?
I craved that dish.
I quit driving,
and I started again recently.
I see.
I thought of pollack soup here.
I don't see your daughter around.
Did she go somewhere?
She went somewhere for a moment.
Should I get you pork dish?
We have two quite different meals.
-That's right.
-First off,
the panel judges
will taste them. Please come on in.
Let's start from Chef Marco's dish.
please taste Chef Kang Sun-woo's dish.
Compared to Chef Marco,
his breakfast seems quite simple.
Both chefs
who cooked today,
please try it.
All right.
Since they cooked it themselves,
it should be satisfying, right?
-It's their own dish.
-Should feel proud.
All right.
Congrats on your first win.
I think the shooting went well.
That's a relief. Good work.
Your Korean dish ideas
were actually good.
As the mission is random,
I worried you'd be at a disadvantage.
Because you don't like rice.
That doesn't mean I can't do it.
I'm sorry, Chef.
Where were you!
It's okay. The shooting went well.
For the next shooting,
I think Bong-sun should come again.
Why? It was supposed to be me.
I do know that.
It'd be awkward if his assistant changes.
No, you can't.
You can't. She's just a kitchen assistant.
Cooking supplies are too heavy to move.
She's so frail, so she can't.
Excuse me. Coming through.
Coming through.
Sun-woo, this doesn't make sense.
How could Bong be on a TV show?
This isn't right.
Can't you put in a good word for me?
Too late.
You reaped what you sowed.
What I sowed I don't get it.
There's nothing left, right?
Then we just have to clean up.
That little
Come back to the kitchen.
Are you deaf?
Come back to the kitchen
starting tomorrow.
Oh, the kitchen?
Sure, I will.
I get it.
You're thankful for today, right?
Thankful, no way. Let go of my arm.
Go, so I can park the car.
He is thankful.
He's got some ego.
Today was a pretty good day.
It's interesting.
How did I come up with it in that moment?
Pollack soup with toasted rice.
Was it something I liked?
He's so wasted.
Oh my.
What if he gets mugged?
Oh my, his face got all messed up.
Excuse me.
Young man.
You can't be here like this.
It's dangerous here.
Auntie will take you.
I'm being nosy again.
There it is. Dad.
The person you're calling
isn't available
Mister, I did what I can do.
Why am I so kind?
Mister, sober up!
I'm going crazy.
Oh my!
Darn it.
Seriously, walk straight!
I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to kill you.
We're almost here.
Oh my.
Oh my!
-What are you doing here?
Well, hi.
You know him?
He was lying on the street wasted.
I see.
how did you get so drunk?
Have a seat.
-Have a seat.
-No, thanks.
Hello, sir.
This is Sung-jae.
Kyung-mo had too much to drink.
A lady brought him
as he was sleeping on the street.
Okay, I'll wait for you, then.
Okay. Stay safe on the way.
I'll get going.
-You can stay, if you're okay.
He wants to thank you.
No, that's not necessary.
It wasn't big of a deal.
Still, have a seat.
-I'll get you some coffee.
-You want black?
-Does she know him?
-Kyung-mo. wake up.
-He's quite all right.
-Kyung-mo, water.
-If he wasn't a cop
Thank you so much, guys.
Where's my son?
Gosh, this little stinker.
Kyung-mo. Wake up.
Wake up.
Gosh, he's so wasted.
How did he get so drunk?
Hey, Kyung-mo!
Shin Kyung-mo.
Wake up now.
Wake up already.
Hurry up, we should open.
That won't wake him up.
-Wake up.
-Shin Kyung-mo. Wake up.
Come on. Wake up.
-Wake up, you punk.
Stop hitting me.
Why sleep in broad daylight?
Wake up.
Stop it.
-You rude punk.
-With that?
Don't hit his head.
He talked back to me.
He needs a lesson.
Let's fight.
Stop hitting me.
Oh, my, so busy.
Here you go.
One bulgogi, three beef soups here.
Okay. Soon-ae.
One bulgogi, three beef soups!
Okay, one bulgogi, three beef soups.
It's so busy I'm going to die.
No. Even if you die,
give us food before you die.
We're about to starve to death.
I won't let you starve to death.
Be patient, please.
Kyung-mo, wake up.
What do I do?
Soon-ae, when should we
go grocery shopping?
Soon-ae, do you need
pain relief patches?
Is your back okay?
Soon-ae, let's eat now.
With all these memories behind,
why did I die?
You only live once and die once.
I should've dated many guys at once.
I should've gone wild.
You're not well, right?
You couldn't make eye contact.
What's wrong with you?
I think I'm blushing.
I can't believe this.
-For you.
-It's for you.
Our kitchen supplies have been missing
for a while.
You must attract a lot of ghosts.
-Hold on.
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