Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Back up.
Back up.
Have something refreshing.
Do I have to wait longer?
My stomach is growling like crazy.
I'm sorry. You'll get in soon.
I don't want word to get out.
I waited forever.
I'm sorry.
They're out.
Two people, come in.
Two people.
I'll clean up real quick.
What should I get you?
Two rice soups.
Okay, two rice soups.
Spicy peppers on top, right?
Sure thing.
Be right back.
Are you nocturnal or what?
You always come home so late.
I told you to help during busy lunch time.
I'm so sick of your nagging.
I came to help.
When do we get our bulgogi?
-I'm starving.
-All right.
All right. It won't be long.
Soon-ae. Bulgogi for the gentlemen.
Alright, coming.
Serve side dishes. Hurry up.
Why don't you sing your go-to,
while you're at it?
You'll get excited,
and we'll be less bored.
I'm busy as hell, what song?
Come on.
Soon-ae, one more person.
Please wait here, miss.
I'll be right out.
Dad, I told you
to keep the utensil boxes clean.
And spoons have to be completely dry,
or it'll leave water spots.
Cover the radish kimchi container.
It won't be good if it's dry.
Does it taste okay?
What was I thinking?
I forgot to turn the fan on.
Hold on.
What's wrong with this?
It's acting up again. It was fine earlier.
It's working.
How'd you do that?
I just pulled and it works.
so grateful that I wanted to
treat you a meal.
I'm not sure if it tastes okay.
Yes, it's delicious.
I have to get going.
I'm all over the place.
I'm taking up too much of your time.
This is not much.
-But take a taxi home.
-No, it's all right.
It's because I'm grateful.
In a world like this,
without you, he would've been in trouble.
Here. Please take it as a thank you.
-Thank you.
Right, this is
where I used to live.
Soon-ae, are you going for delivery?
Get your father's suit.
He left it after some wedding.
But he didn't come get it.
Come take it.
When'll you pay for the haircut?
You always put it on a tab.
Pay it back.
What about Kyung-mo?
It's about time for his haircut.
Hi, ma'am.
How's your back?
Who are you?
I came by the other day to buy clothes.
I guess you forgot.
You said you had a bad back.
Anyway, take care.
My back?
I got surgery last year.
Food delivery.
-Food is here.
It's heavy. Let's eat.
-Big portions today as always.
Long time no see.
Enjoy your meal.
Officer Choi, this is yours.
The amount of rice is different.
Take them outside afterwards.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on.
Enjoy your meal.
-Enjoy your meal.
My crush, Officer Choi.
Now you've been promoted.
You're still warm-hearted and amazing.
Everything's still the same.
Why am I the only one who's not here?
Leaving all these memories behind,
Why did I die?
I remember everything else,
except for the moment I died.
What on earth happened to me?
That girl
So she cooks.
She even comes out on TV.
I didn't know she's famous.
what Soon-ae made well.
A young person like her
knows how to make it.
It's awesome!
Chef must be a genius.
Now, the judges are
trying the dish.
He doesn't even like rice,
how did he come up with that?
Bong-sun looks like a natural.
Seems like you knew
what you were doing on TV.
Natural, my foot.
She just ate it up.
You call that a natural?
She's such an embarrassment.
People would think you'd been starved.
Why? It's nice that she seems comfy.
Comfy, yes, that's nice.
But she's eating like she's starved.
Joon. What are you doing?
The show's almost over.
This is really fun.
Just organizing sponsored rubber gloves.
Maybe because they're pricey,
they fit nice and snug.
Two boxes will last quite long.
Where's Chef?
Gosh. Here.
They should've zoomed in here.
I put on a charming smile here.
Is the camera director a novice?
Excuse me.
Oh, right.
Yes, it is me.
What do I do?
I don't have a pen with me.
I was wondering
how I could go to Mapo Bridge.
Mapo Bridge?
It's probably that way.
How is it? So nice, right?
You're right.
They're really nice.
But would my opinion matter that much?
Of course.
You use rubber gloves every day,
so that matters.
That's why they're giving out samples.
Anyway, feel free to use them.
Thank you.
I had to buy a new pair
since mine got holes.
Wow, I guess people who are on TV
get this kind of stuff for free.
I'm just a kitchen assistant.
Anyway, say bye to these.
Good riddance.
Can you try this for me?
How is it?
Can I look around the kitchen?
It's a commercial fridge.
But there's nothing decent inside.
My goodness.
Wait, why do you pour soda in here?
It's different from sugar.
It adds some depth.
Try mixing it again.
Let's see.
Wow, you're right.
It tastes exactly like
what my daughter used to make.
I had no idea,
so I only used sugar.
Do you have a daughter?
I did.
She went far away.
She was a reliable daughter.
By the way,
what's your name?
I don't even know your name.
It's Soon-ae, Dad.
It's Bong-sun. Na Bong-sun.
That's a good name.
Very warm and friendly.
Hold on a second.
I got nothing to treat my guest.
I'll go buy some.
No, I'm good. I'm really fine.
Still, I insist.
I'll be right back. Wait a bit.
But then, Dad
never let a guest go.
Where's the kimchi container?
My dad is the best.
Nothing has changed even after two years.
Not a single thing has changed.
Why are you smiling?
Are you that happy?
I never imagined this photo
will be used at my funeral.
My diary.
Who are you?
-Who are you?
Where's the bathroom?
It's not here.
Excuse me.
Can't you tell the bathroom from a room?
Are you blind?
Well, kind of.
I have astigmatism.
Damn it, enough.
You always got wasted and slept
till sunset.
You had to wake up early today.
Why the stare?
Hey, you're up?
You introduced yourselves?
-Not a customer?
-You punk.
She saw you on the street
and brought you to the police last night.
You should thank her.
Why do you always
sleep on the street when drunk?
I'd wake up in the morning anyway.
Look at how he said that.
That's right.
Why did I assist you
to the police station?
It's obvious you've been jobless forever.
You don't seem to help your father.
Whether you sleep until morning
or get mugged,
I should have just left you there.
How nosy.
It's none of your business.
The problem is it's my business,
you punk.
That's right.
And since you're here at this hour,
I guess you're jobless too.
I do have a job.
-What time is it?
I'm late.
Sir, I have to go now.
-Here, yogurt.
-I'll come back!
Oh, my.
Who is that?
-Mr. Shin.
-Try these.
It's so much.
We have too many in our restaurant.
-Use them.
-Use these.
My goodness.
You used too much oil.
Noodles won't soak up the flavor.
Not too much, not too little.
It's hard.
It's so hard.
If a cook finds cooking easy,
it tastes bad.
I see.
Where's pollock roe
for today's special?
Yes, Chef.
It's here.
Why is it so mushy?
Wipe it.
What, water on the bottom.
My gosh, these bastards.
They brought a rejected item.
Sent it back.
Bring it to them
and say, "Stuff it yourselves."
Yes, Chef. I'll pass it along.
Chef, what's our special
going to be today?
What should it be?
Oh, right, we got that
caviar leftover, where is it?
Going for caviar pasta?
That's much more expensive.
Your salary won't be cut,
no worries.
There's no caviar.
What? It's on the left.
It was here.
What? Where'd it go?
I'm sure it was there until yesterday,
You see, Chef.
It might not be the right moment
to bring this up.
From a few days ago,
kitchen supplies have been missing.
But in such a small amount.
So I haven't told you yet.
No way.
Thank you. Bye.
-See you later.
What brought you here?
I just stopped by to see Mr. Shin.
I see.
I guess Mr. Shin
and you've gotten closer.
-Since that day.
Well, he's such a nice person,
and he feels like my dad. That's why.
I didn't know you're a people person.
I thought you were very shy.
A little bit.
I guess I was meant to possess her body.
I got to meet my dad
and see you again.
His hands look gorgeous.
I want to hold his hand.
-I want to hold it.
-I do.
-I saw the show.
You did great.
I want to hold it.
No, I mean
Well, I didn't feel that nervous.
Maybe people didn't know you well.
-Well, neither did I.
Well, yes.
I'll go this way
to meet my colleague.
Okay, then.
Next time
let's walk together.
-And hold hands.
-Take care.
You too.
"Take care."
He told me to take care.
Yes, I will take care.
Why is the sky so beautiful?
People are beautiful.
The flowers are beautiful.
I think I'm blushing.
How embarrassing.
My face feels hot for the first time
in a while.
My goodness.
Oh, well
Not sure if I should use it or not.
What do I do with it?
Hey, where'd you go for a haircut?
Why are you so late?
I can't get a haircut anywhere, Dad.
What are all these?
You sending aid supplies?
You remember that girl
from the restaurant.
She came again?
She's so weird.
What's it for? We aren't a charity case.
She's up for something, Dad.
she didn't mention insurance or anything.
She may be a gold digger, then.
She thinks you're rich.
That can't be it.
Look at her. She'd never do that.
She wouldn't have
"I'm a scammer" written on her face.
People are scary these days.
What's scarier than ghosts
are women, Dad.
Some of the kitchen supplies are gone.
That means one of us did it.
It's not me, so it's one of you. Right?
This is very disturbing.
What, what is it?
If you needed money,
I would've given it to you.
Because you would've worked harder.
And if you used them
to practice cooking all night,
I would've complimented you.
Working hard is admirable. But
That caviar.
This much of caviar
That's only about 300,000 won.
But I'm so unbearably upset. Why?
Because trust has been broken.
What's going on?
-What is it?
Our clueless staff
must be very curious. Dong-chul.
-List what's missing.
Well, caviar,
sponsored rubber gloves,
a bottle of soy sauce, sesame oil,
and sesame seeds.
I mean
The pettiness of stealing is astonishing.
Those aren't worth selling, either.
Who did it?
Turn yourself in.
Of course, you'll get cussed out.
But that's better than
feeling uncomfortable.
Tell me. Who is it?
Can I say something?
-Go ahead.
Truth be told,
I, too, am saddened by
this unpleasant incident
that happened in our kitchen.
I feel responsible as well.
But as someone
who's worked more closely with them,
I believe
catching a thief in this manner
will do more harm than good.
That's what I thought.
Sure, we might find out who did it.
But along the way,
we'll doubt each other more.
I'm also worried that
our strong bond that has been built
with your efforts, and partly mine,
might take a hit.
That's what I thought.
Missing caviar, soy sauce,
sesame seeds, and what else?
-Sesame oil.
-Sesame oil.
Money can buy these things,
but not our teamwork.
So, let's put this behind us.
I take full responsibility
and will make up for
the value of the missing items
by working harder.
It just crossed my mind, Chef.
It was you.
No, it's not me, Chef.
It was you, right?
Look me in the eye.
Look at me.
It's you.
Well Chef. Listen.
It's not that.
One moment.
The thing is, these days
I've been flirting with this girl.
She wanted to try my food
late at night.
I used it briefly
and was going to put it back.
But I forgot.
You son of a bch!
Well, Chef, the thing is
I was gonna That
It was only a small amount of caviar.
No, seriously, trust me.
I was going to put it back.
Does she have a restaurant?
You gave soy sauce.
No, that's not it.
No. I did take the caviar.
But not the others.
Seriously. Come on Trust me.
You think I'm stupid enough
to believe that?
-Listen, Chef.
why do you work with me?
If you can't trust me at all and
can't stand a sight of me, why?
What do you think?
with your skills,
I thought you'd become
a decent human being.
What? You bastard.
You little
You shouldn't cross some lines.
Are you a lowlife?
How could you call me a "lowlife"?
Don't you think you're going too far?
-Please listen to me
You went farther than me.
But I just the caviar
Oh, jeez.
Yes, I took the caviar.
But not the other things.
Well, I
You didn't do everything right,
but I put up with you.
-You always ignore me and
embarrass me before them.
Still, I bought them drinks
for our teamwork.
I can't believe I've devoted my life
to someone who looks down on me.
I'm an idiot.
"Devoting your life."
You've got to be kidding.
I'm not kidding right now.
I'm not putting up with you
because I got nowhere to go.
-Many places want to hire me.
-Then quit!
I won't stop you!
I'm going to do that!
Damn it!
Damn it.
Fine. Take care.
Try being humble for once.
-Come on. Stop him.
-Why should I?
He wants to quit. Let him be.
Clean this up.
Wait, Chef. Hold on.
Hold on.
Well, I don't think this is something
to be all worked up about.
I mean,
people can make mistakes.
And you can be tempted
when you see good things.
So let's bring Sous Chef back.
Should I bring him? Saying you asked.
No, don't you dare.
Don't stop him.
Come on, Chef.
We all have days
when we're not at our best.
And we love to practice
"third time's the charm." Right?
So let's give him a break.
As if you are the owner,
who gives me salary.
Chef, wait.
Why is it getting so messed up?
Darn it. I'm going crazy.
Soyou see something?
I see
a husband who's running away.
-Next to him
is a young chick.
The direction is southeast.
I don't even have a husband.
What I mean is,
even if it isn't your husband,
it could be someone
who's like a husband.
According to the spirits.
It's the same in Immediate family.
So, my daughter-in-law.
Exactly. Your daughter-in-law.
Spiritual insight, my foot.
I can't believe these imposters
do business in Gangnam.
That's why real shamans
go out of business.
-I'm so sorry.
-That hurts.
-I'm sorry.
-You should be careful.
Hang on.
I think we've met before.
I don't think so.
I'm sure we have.
-Your voice sounds familiar.
It's not because I don't trust you
when I went there.
It's all right.
No worries.
It's better safe than sorry.
Of course you should check out
other places.
That way, you'd know
I'm really good.
That's true.
By the way, you must've been hungry.
You emptied everything.
I was so busy
looking for someone
that I skipped my meals.
Looking for someone?
That's funny.
I guess you don't know everything.
Well, the thing is,
what I'm looking for is not a person,
but a ghost.
Ghost? My goodness.
What for?
You could speak out of turn
when pissed off.
He's the one who did wrong
in the first place.
After all those years
he and I spent together,
he couldn't hold it in.
Hey, am I the one at fault?
Say something if you're listening,
instead of eating.
You're better than people.
At least you won't betray me.
Whatever. Let him quit.
A kitchen can function fine
without a Sous Chef.
I'm sorry.
-Bong-sun, clean this up.
-Yes, Chef.
-Hey, slow down.
Dong-chul, what's the rush?
I see.
Seafood noodles went out to Table 3?
Didn't it go to Table three?
-Yes, Chef.
-Check if it's out!
-Yes, Chef.
Ji-woong, you on flounder?
I'm on it right now.
You shouldn't chop it all up.
Sorry, it's what Sous Chef used to do.
Start from the tail.
-I see.
-Pull it as you go.
-Yes, Chef.
Do it again.
It'll take forever.
Put it in salad.
Wrap the flounder in kelp
-and put in the fridge.
-Yes, Chef.
-Yes, Chef.
Can you fillet beef?
That's what Sous Chef used to do.
Why's everyone ordering fillets today?
So annoying.
It's me.
I was wondering if there's
anyone who can be a Sous Chef.
It's an emergency.
I'm not sure.
Those with that skill set are hard to get.
Besides, you're known to be
difficult and anxiety-inducing.
Few would work for you.
You know young people prefer
comfort over learning.
What, anxiety-inducing?
I'm so going crazy.
I give them advice for them.
Those pathetic losers.
Forget it.
It's their loss anyway.
Are you yelling at me right now?
I'm not yelling at you.
I mean
Why would I yell at you?
I'm sorry.
I was just
I'm just all over the place.
OK, I'll call you later.
Take care.
I'm going nuts
Would can I find a sous chef?
-Damn it.
-Excuse me.
Is there where Bong-sun or whatever works?
She was on TV.
Yes, she does. Why?
It is here.
My dad runs a restaurant down the road.
Tell her this.
We're not a charity case,
and we don't need her pity.
If she's after my dad,
know that he's dirt poor.
Seducing him is pointless.
So don't bother.
-Got it?
We didn't even touch these,
so remember that.
What's he saying?
What are these?
Oh, come on.
Come on. What is it? Why?
"What is it? Why?"
Why are you being like this?
Explain this.
What's this?
Why is it
-You seem flustered,
so you did it. Right?
It's from the restaurant nearby.
Explain to me.
Explain to me
so I can understand.
The thing is
You're not trying to seduce
the owner, like his son said,
-are you?
He said so?
That bastard, I should've shut him up.
Na Bong-sun.
You're not well, right?
Well, I'm well but
I'm a little unstable these days.
No, you've been
seriously off. What's with you?
Tell me.
Whatever. Besides,
what's going on with the restaurant?
Why these?
Well, nothing's going on.
I just felt bad for him. That's why.
If you see it for yourself,
that place is so dingy and rundown.
I wonder how he manages to
run a business like that.
He's been struggling
after his daughter died.
But his son is a pathetic loser.
He doesn't help his dad at all.
-So I
-You donated these?
-It's not yours,
but the restaurant's.
You're driving me crazy.
There's absolutely no way
I could understand you.
What's wrong with you?
You couldn't even make eye contact.
You've lost your mind.
So what are you gonna do?
Min-soo left, and how are you
going to handle this mess?
I mean, you shouldn't have fired him.
Besides, I was going to bring him back,
-but you got mad for no reason.
For now,
let's just keep this between us.
It's between us.
I'll take care of it. So go.
Yes, Chef.
But Sous Chef
I said I'll take care of it.
Go back to work.
Okay, I'm sorry. It's my fault.
As for these things, you can deduct
from her salary, I mean, mine.
The sinner will go inside now.
I'll go back inside.
-Just go.
-Sure. I'm going.
I'm gone.
Heo Min-soo!
You put diesel
in a gas engine, you dimwit.
You can't tell gasoline from diesel?
-Of course I can.
-And you get mixed up?
You're driving me nuts.
A cook works here.
It's all a mess.
You're driving everyone crazy.
Enough. Just take out of my pay.
That engine costs 4.5 million won.
You make only 45,000 won per day.
My sister said I'd make
100,000 won a day.
Ask your sister.
Just wash the car.
I'm sorry.
Scrub it thoroughly.
Like you wash your body, you punk.
-Like my body.
-You can't even wash a car?
-Are you dumb? Imbecile?
Damn it.
So harsh to a family.
Don't roll down the window.
Did you storm off to do this?
You said many places want you.
-What are you doing here?
To get a car wash.
I see.
Darn it.
What are you doing? Get in.
You'll hold that dirty rag,
not a kitchen knife?
Hold on.
Gasoline, asshole.
Sorry, Sun-woo.
-I'll be good.
-You're grossing me out.
You acted like you'd cut ties with me.
Were you really going to?
No, I'll keep my ties with you.
Jeez. All right. Let go.
Min-soo is back.
How nice.
I brought Min-soo back.
From this moment,
about the unpleasant incident today,
let's not bring it up.
Let's just bury the unpleasant memory.
It never happened, okay?
Yes, Chef!
Yes, Chef.
Wrap it up.
Why don't we
have a staff dinner today?
I haven't been a good boss to you lately.
That's nonsense.
As Sous Chef,
I should've made sure
you communicated better.
It's all my fault.
-Just slap me.
-No way.
I could've done better.
What do you feel like?
-Short ribs?
Okay, let's have chicken
spicy stir-fried chicken.
-Wrap it up.
-Yes, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.
I know you were worried.
It's okay.
Don't worry now. Don't be sad.
Let's wrap it up.
Everyone should join tonight, okay?
If you bail, I will totally hate you.
wants me to hate you?
Let's go.
Chef is so forgiving.
If I were him, I wouldn't forgive him.
Today was so
unrealistic like a dream.
You kill him,
but he keeps coming back.
He's like a zombie.
He won't die.
Why don't you come with us?
No, I'm tired.
Sung-jae's will pick me up.
Let's go.
Chef, let's go.
-Let's go.
-Staff dinner.
Sun-woo, Eun-hee.
What's up, Mom? It's late.
Hi, guys.
Hello, ma'am.
Are you drunk again?
Just a little bit.
This is Seobinggo.
She's famous for
her spiritual energy in Seoul.
We became buddies today.
Right, buddy.
We came to see you.
We're going to a staff dinner.
A staff dinner?
You guys go first.
-Yes, Chef.
-Okay, enjoy.
-Good night.
I love you, ma'am.
I love you too.
The girl who doesn't greet me. Right?
What was your name? Bong-Suk?
-It's Bong-sun.
I'm sorry to ask you this, but
can you get two cups of water?
I'm thirsty.
Water, sure.
Hold on.
Lukewarm water, please.
I have sensitive teeth.
This place is so odd.
Is it odd?
Yang and yin are so oddly mixed up.
Oh, strong.
Really strong.
-Very strong.
-I may be drunk,
but I can still feel it.
You must attract a lot of ghosts.
Ghosts? See? Sun-woo.
This place must be filled with ghosts.
Excuse me.
I don't believe in ghosts.
My employees are waiting outside.
I'll excuse myself. Mom.
-We'll talk later.
No, Sun-woo.
-Sun-woo, wait.
Just let him be.
If he doesn't believe,
charms or fortune-telling are
all pointless.
Thanks for the water.
Enjoy it.
-Bye, then.
-Oh, my
Let's forget about our age and position.
Relax, okay?
Everyone, cheers!
How about brotherhood drinking with me?
No, you're not my brother.
Come on, give it a try.
Sous Chef loves you.
Drink to brotherhood.
To brotherhood.
-Come on.
-To brotherhood.
To brotherhood.
-Just give it a try.
-Why would I?
-We're not brothers.
-Come on, try it.
-Let's get it over with.
-Step two.
-Darn it!
Bottoms up!
Looking good together.
So good.
That's good. Chef.
Hang on.
Here. So good.
I've given a lot of thought
all day today
about human relationships
and the meaning of life.
I thought a lot, Chef.
To be honest, Chef.
I'm really grateful
that you reached out to me first.
But I really didn't steal
anything besides the caviar.
We promised not to talk about it.
I just felt so hurt.
Water under the bridge.
To our new beginning.
Again. Cheers!
-It's so nice.
Why did you drink so much?
You drunk?
I'm not that drunk.
Sober up.
You feel good too, right?
You brought Sous Chef back.
Very well done.
What, are you catching a mouse?
Why driving me to the corner?
-Because I like you.
-I see.
-Me too.
Let go. I got a call.
-So-hyung, what's up?
-It's Chef.
-Hello? Is everything okay?
Darn it.
Where are you going?
What happened?
You were the only one I could think of.
A cat jumped out at the car,
so I turned the wheel.
I think I slightly hit the cat.
-I'm so frightened.
You okay?
You know why I crawled back in?
Many places tried to hire me so badly.
But no.
I'm good.
I can't leave you guys behind.
That's why I can't quit.
That's bullshit.
-Have a drink.
I will work to the bone
with you guys for the rest of my life.
Why work to the bone?
Toss the bone here.
Toss the bone here.
By the way,
the only person who cared about you
was Bong-sun.
Bong-sun told Chef many times
-to bring you back.
For real?
Yes, I did.
Damn it, Bong.
Thank you so much.
You're so awesome.
No problem. Well
I had some reason.
Anyway, thank you.
No, I should be thanking you.
No, thank you.
Darn it, Bong. You're so cool.
All right. You
You can call me by my first name
from now on.
You're on my side now.
We're family. Family, okay?
So now I have a big brother?
That's great. Awesome.
Min-soo, where do you live?
You live alone?
I want to go to your house!
No, not between family.
She's so seductive when drunk.
I want to go
-to your house.
-No, you can't.
My house is tiny.
That's why I want to go.
Because it's tiny.
No fun if it's big.
So seductive.
Bong-sun is so seductive.
Can we let this go?
-It's so uncomfortable.
No, punk. Because we're family.
-Family, that's us.
-You brat.
-You should listen to him.
What's wrong with you?
Do you know
how stubborn this bastard is?
He's a zombie.
He won't die.
He won't die.
Looks like you're trash-talking me
since you're drunk.
I feel like we're going forward.
-Let's go.
-Catch me if you can.
-Feels like
-I'll kill you.
I'm not going forward.
Why are you closing so early?
I almost missed you.
You must have had a drink today.
I'm coming from a staff dinner.
It was really nice
to laugh, talk, and drink with people.
I was going to go home,
but I thought of you.
You like this.
Mr. Shin.
Why'd you send back the things I gave you?
I'm so sad.
I just gave it to you,
I didn't mean much by it.
I'm sorry.
My son tends to be very cautious.
By the way, I'm sorry but,
I need to go somewhere.
My son suddenly
crave for soondae.
Let's have soju next time.
I like soondae too.
But my son is
quite shy.
I hope you won't bring
anything from now on.
I know you mean well,
but I feel a little uncomfortable.
But come anytime to eat.
Good night.
Yes, he could feel uncomfortable
because he doesn't know who I am.
Sure, his son comes first.
He wouldn't have soondae with me.
I shouldn't have gone.
I should've had a drink by myself.
Officer Choi.
Your gimbap was awesome.
Officer Choi and Eun-hee? Why?
You must have the cooking genes.
It was another level.
It was so delicious.
I'm asking you for more.
Sure, anytime.
-All right.
-I'll take it.
I'll drive her home.
-Bye, Eun-hee.
-See you later.
Bye, Goddess.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have called you
during a staff dinner.
I'd have a driver anyway.
I didn't plan to stay longer.
I guess I'm sensitive to
things like that,
like the cat.
I don't like to get flowers or plants
for a present.
I don't want anything to die on me.
It's going to rain.
Wanna come in for coffee?
What if you try to come at me?
Are you crazy?
I may be lonely, but
I can tell what's bad.
Why am I bad? Am I spoiled?
It's not just about whether it's spoiled.
It's also about a person's taste.
Good night, then.
Drink something warm and sleep tight.
You were startled.
He doesn't even look back.
He's so cold.
Enjoy your meal.
-You scared me.
I did it. Help me out, Sun-woo.
What's going on?
The goddess I talked about,
I'm meeting her here today.
Isn't it too old-fashioned?
Will it work?
With no choice,
old-fashioned is better.
-That's what I think.
-Good for you.
She's here.
This is my friend Sun-woo.
Nice to meet you.
I realized at that moment.
What's about love
isn't about the wrong person,
but the wrong time.
-Excuse me.
once the timing is off,
you're stuck with it.
That's how it goes.
Chicken and beer?
-like that.
Officer Choi is married
and his wife is Eun-hee.
I'm dead
and this body isn't mine.
Yes, it is what it is.
Three years is quite long.
A lot of things can happen.
Some got married,
some lost their child but had to live on.
And some
Right, I was mistaken.
I'm not Na Bong-sun.
I'm neither Na Bong-sun
nor Shin Soon-ae.
I'm just a ghost.
A virgin ghost with many regrets,
possessing someone else's body.
Why is this out?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Continue what you were doing.
Hey, what are you doing in my room?
It's my room.
No, it's my room.
Are you sure it's your room?
Want to come in?
What the
It is right.
He kicked me out
because I was a bit late?
Without even telling me.
Gosh, it's so harsh.
Why does she have
so many things in the bag?
What is it?
She doesn't even have a credit card.
She's quite eccentric.
Hi, Grandma.
You haven't called me for so long.
Did something happen?
No, Grandma.
I received the money.
You sent me a lot of money
for my disc surgery.
I know you don't have much.
There's no need to send money
every month.
It's okay. Don't worry about it, Grandma.
Why do you use honorifics all of a sudden?
It's not like you.
No, it's just
maybe I got mature all of a sudden,
I just felt like it.
Don't skip your meals,
and don't forget to light incense.
Okay. Bye.
So she's a good girl.
She sends all her money to her grandma.
What is this?
Is it makeup?
So dumb.
You don't have to live like this.
You only live once and die once.
Buy what you want,
and do what you want.
You should date many guys at once.
You should go wild.
It's pointless
if you never use them?
Where should I go now?
I can't sleep anywhere
with someone else's body.
I got so much stuff.
Oh, nice.
You scared me!
Who are you?
Are you a residual ghost?
Well, it's about time spirits roam free.
What do I do?
I'm so exhausted that
I don't want to deal with you.
Just go somewhere else.
Does it have to be here?
I mean
Hey, okay.
If you don't want to go anywhere else,
let's stay here together.
I'm not shy around strangers.
As long as you don't harm me,
I don't really mind.
I'm a pacifist. Okay?
What's wrong with you?
I'm so tired.
All right, okay.
If this is what you want,
I should play along. Right?
Brace yourself, okay?
Here we go.
Come on.
You must attract a lot of ghosts.
This place must be filled with ghosts.
Come on, Chef.
He gets mad for being flirtatious?
Did Eun-hee like you first or
you pursued her first?
I did.
Why is he so sweet?
You should've been careful.
More than a friend.
You like her, as a woman.
What do you mean?
Found him!
A man with only yang energy!
How does a person change so much?
Can you do me a favor?
Just this time. Not again. Please?
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