Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Brace yourself, okay?
Here we go.
Come on.
You must attract a lot of ghosts.
This place must be filled with ghosts.
There's no such things as ghosts.
Oh, that stalker.
Damn it!
Who is it?
Get that light out of my eyes.
It's blinding.
What are you doing here?
So, you were going to
break in and crash here?
Break in and crash?
That wording doesn't feel right.
Let's say "stay the night".
If I hadn't caught you,
you would've stayed longer.
Well, the thing is
But I'm in a really tough situation.
There's the money issue.
And I'm in no position to decide
where to live.
Can't you give me some slack?
No, I can't.
Why why not?
I'll sleep quietly
and disappear when people arrive.
Still, no!
Would you want to eat off of a table
somebody had slept on?
And this is a restaurant, not a hotel.
Well, that's true.
Then the only place I can go
is the subway station.
Sleep at a friend's.
I have no friends.
Then, sleep at a motel.
I should go with a man.
Why would I go there alone?
Wow, you're really
So just let me stay this once. Please?
Think of it as
helping out a homeless person. Huh?
Come on, Chef.
Please? Just this once.
Can't I? Please?
Does he have to get that angry
because I acted cute?
Where am I supposed to go?
I have no idea what to do.
In that case
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Catch a tiger by the toe
If he hollers let him go
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
That way.
Oh, no. Dad's drinking again.
He won't be well if he keeps drinking.
Sauna eggs are the best.
Looks so good.
He's totally my type.
You're back?
Sauna is a great place.
Babe, let's go somewhere else.
Dang it. That was just getting good.
What? This young lady
-ate all that?
-The whole tray?
-My goodness.
She's already had two trays.
So crazy.
All that in that stomach?
Her stomach might burst.
Miss, you should stop eating.
Why's she eating so much?
It's fascinating.
A person shouldn't eat so many eggs.
Gosh, you really bitched about
possessing people before.
Look at you.
Hey, it's not easy to get food
from memorials these days.
The ghost population is rising,
and there are less ancestral rites.
Imagine how desperate I was.
I even possessed that skinny body
to fill my stomach.
You don't seem to be
in a better situation yourself.
Don't even get me started.
In fact, I'm trapped.
You got stuck in a body
with a matching frequency.
What are you going to do?
In the worst case scenario,
there's no way out.
I know.
That's why I'm stuck
being a kitchen assistant right now.
But it's not that bad.
Well, it's kind of fun
to live like a human in a while.
I actually met my dad.
I'm getting back most of my memories.
What if you end up
wanting to stick around?
No way.
I know I'd turn into an evil spirit
after three years.
Why would I?
Exactly. You shouldn't take
evil spirits lightly.
The recent incidents in society,
like depravities, crimes,
abductions and dismemberments,
it's all evil spirits.
They're going around possessing people.
I know that. That's why I'm worried.
Meeting my dad was nice.
But I need to deal with this yearning
as a virgin and let go of regrets.
-So I can ascend.
But damn it, finding a man
with only yang energy
is like asking for the moon.
Hey, have you seen a man
with only yang energy?
She seems crazy, right?
It's been two hours.
Why are there so many crazy people here?
-Oh my.
-She's a little loose.
-Oh my.
-Isn't she hot in there?
-Oh my.
-I'm so tired.
I couldn't sleep because of
those couples next to me.
Shouldn't they just get a room?
Kids these days have no decency.
Officer Choi.
You go to work early.
Wow, what's that?
Oh, this?
You know those claw machines?
It's a prize from it.
Oh, from a claw machine.
I got it from
Oh, thank you.
-Let me help you.
Where are you going?
Thanks for being my ramen buddy.
I'd be eating alone,
if not for you.
Why don't you go home and eat?
After night shifts, I crave ramen.
But Eun-hee doesn't like me
eating ramen.
So I secretly eat ramen often.
You must love her a lot.
Who? Eun-hee?
Yeah, it seems like so.
When did you get married?
Did you just know she was the one?
And did Eun-hee like you first?
Or did you go for her first?
Of course I went for her first.
You must've had a lot of interest
in Eun-hee and me.
A little bit.
Well, as long as you're happy.
-Is there something?
Thank you.
Why is he so sweet?
This makes me harder to get over him.
-You don't want it?
No, I'm eating.
It's hot.
Yeah, it's really hot.
-Little by little.
Bong-sun, you're a little late.
-Oh, this?
I got it from a claw machine.
Why? You got more questions?
Go on and change.
What's wrong with ramen?
I mean, ramen is also food.
It's not like you eat ramen
every day.
And you don't live thousands of years.
And those who like organic foods
get sick easily
and catch a cold all the time.
I'm just saying.
I think I overdid it yesterday.
My mouth smells like a sewer.
Hey, no cream today.
Don't say "cream"
Jeez. Here. Trash can.
-Trash can.
Gosh, are you okay?
You had too much mixed drinks last night.
Want some water?
No, I'd throw up water.
If I ever mix drinks again,
I'm your little brother.
So sorry, I'm a little late.
A little?
You, such a slacker.
Are you the only one
who drank last night?
Come on, I'm not that late.
What's wrong, bro?
Bro? Why am I your bro?
Did my mom give birth to you?
Why am I your bro?
You told me to call you that, bro.
I told you to call me bro last night?
-That's ridiculous.
You know how much I hate you?
You shouldn't remember
any drunk antics.
That's manners, right?
-Of course.
Good morning.
You're here, Chef.
Did you prep?
Hey, Min-soo.
How much did you drink last night?
A little much.
Darn it.
I told you to control yourself
so it won't affect work.
Dong-chul, you're on sauce.
-Yes, Chef.
-You're on ingredients.
There's work log.
What is it?
So pretty, right?
My friend's baby.
Just turned one and already running.
So pretty.
Not that pretty.
I don't like babies and animals.
Can't communicate with them.
I'm sure you'll be the best, loving uncle.
You want one?
Of course I want a kid.
But lately, I had this thought.
Maybe they won't let me have one
as I'm desperate.
You want some coffee?
I'll get it. Wait here.
-Yeah, why?
-You always answer your phone like that.
"Yeah, why?"
That's a letdown.
Come on.
Why are you grumpy this morning?
You stayed up all night?
You know me so well.
Can you come by for a bit today?
To the studio? Why?
We need a few more scenes
for the preview.
Oh, bring Bong-sun too.
Can't I go by myself?
Me? Why?
Wow, what a nice car.
I slept at a sauna last night.
There were so many couples
on a date.
They should get a room.
I never asked.
I'm just making a conversation.
You know that toasted rice pollock soup.
The timing was really close, right?
People all think it was your idea.
Don't even think about it.
It's already been aired,
and it wasn't noticeable.
If you try to use that
Forget it. The end.
Gosh, you're so cold.
The shoot won't take long.
It'll be about an hour.
Like the last title shoot,
it'll be mainly image shots.
There's no dialogue,
so don't be nervous. Relax.
Just cook.
You too, Bong-sun.
I got a paper cut.
Gosh, you should've been careful.
You're such a klutz.
Hey, this is my finger.
People might think
I stabbed you.
What I mean is
You should be careful, you klutz.
Producer Lee.
I heard you worked all night.
-How are you?
-Oh, hi.
Take it easy, and get some sleep.
You're working again?
I thought you're going on
a business trip to China today.
Oh, that's tomorrow.
You need something?
I hate going to duty-free shops.
But for you,
I'd be gladly get something for you.
I'm good.
Just get your wife something.
I don't need to get her anything.
She gets my entire paycheck.
Seriously. You can tell me.
Like a luxury good
Well, not really,
But I can buy you
something similar.
No, actually,
you want to come to China?
I can get a room and wait,
It's not what you think.
Just consider
How can you never get tired of
hitting on me?
With this effort, you would've
had affairs multiple times.
My point exactly.
A man devoted like me is not common.
We were in the middle of talking.
Some people don't have manners.
I'm sorry.
That was rude of me.
Gosh, how scary.
Yes, Director. I'm in a meeting room.
I'm on my way.
Gosh, he's so rude.
Just ignore him. He's always like that.
Good work, Chef Kang.
You too, Bong-sun.
Bong-sun, you're so natural on camera.
She acts so well. She's so good.
I think someone else is
better at acting.
-What do you mean?
Never mind. It's just something.
Producer Lee!
Did you happen to see my car key?
Car key?
No. Did you lose it?
Where did it go?
I remember parking my car
and putting my key in my pocket.
Where could it be?
It's my wife's birthday,
so we're having dinner.
Right. There's a bouquet in my car.
Hey, wait up.
Let's have chicken and beer.
My treat, Sun-woo.
-You too, Bong-sun.
You came before lunch,
you must be hungry.
That sounds good.
What chicken and beer?
Let's go to the restaurant.
Chef Kang.
Sometimes the owner should
give some space
so the employees can be at ease.
Let's go eat. I'm hungry too.
Oh, you're hungry?
Yeah, I didn't have lunch yet.
I need to stop by the office.
See you at the pub up front.
You like her, as more than a friend,
I already figured it out.
You like her as a woman.
What are you saying?
We've been friends for so many years.
If you're going to talk nonsense,
go home.
No chicken for you.
All right.
But from what I see
-Oh, it's here!
Then what is this? Huh?
I know it's not yours.
Then whose is it?
What are you doing?
Give it back.
I don't know if you have
the right to ask me for this,
when it's not yours.
I saw everything earlier,
when you were taking this.
-All right. Just give it
What are you acting so recklessly?
Taking this away won't solve any problem.
Earlier, when her colleague or something
was hitting on her, you got mad.
That's why you stole it, right?
What are do you mean?
That's not true.
Give it to me now.
Come on. What's with you?
You should know better.
Let's make a deal.
Let me crash in the hall.
-Oh my.
-You little
Where did you learn those dirty tricks?
Jeez. Look. I don't think
you're in a position to be tough.
If she finds out
you stole this on purpose,
imagine what Producer Lee would think.
It's a crime.
Sorry I'm late.
I talked with the assistant producer.
Why are you standing?
Did you order chicken?
Yes, we did.
Let's eat.
Looks so good.
Chicken here is pretty good.
-Looks yummy.
Why aren't you eating?
You keep drinking water.
-You on a diet?
-No, what diet?
-Go on. Eat.
Chicken is the best.
By the way, did your colleague
find his car key?
He ended up calling a locksmith.
He got so worked up about
wasting his money.
Losing it was his fault.
Who can he blame?
If he weren't my senior,
I'd want to give him a smack.
He's bit immature.
I could tell. Gosh
But I understand he was mad.
I'm sure it costs a lot of money.
Didn't someone take it on purpose?
Someone with a grudge.
Who would do that on purpose?
-That's childish.
It's childish.
Right, it's very childish.
Can I get some water?
-Oh my.
Something's been bothering me
in my pocket.
In my pocket.
What's this?
What could it be?
Oh, it's a gum wrapper.
But there's something else.
There's something else.
It's big and heavy.
Didn't you just say you need a restroom?
-Yes, restroom.
-I have to go too.
You said you needed to go.
We'll be right back.
Ouch, what are you doing?
-Oh my.
Stop messing with me.
What did I do?
Wow, really?
You think you got a card to play?
What if I say I found it somewhere?
Even if you did, it'd be strange
to keep it till now.
He ran around frantically to find it.
We saw all that.
It'd look suspicious to anyone.
I'll go if you're done talking.
You little
Only until you find a place.
Of course. I'd never say otherwise.
Even if you want me to stay longer,
I can't.
Give it to me.
-The key!
-Oh, the key?
You'll keep your promise
even after I give this to you?
I'm not you.
It worked out for us.
That little
Right? So when did it start?
Was it at first sight?
Or did it happen gradually
while you didn't realize?
Why don't you tell her about
your feelings? I heard she's single.
If you're sure about your feelings,
having been married once
is no big deal.
Just be bold and tell her.
Why hold in your feelings?
You have to seize the day.
If you keep hesitating,
some weird guy would just
Shut up, or I'll kill you.
Dang, so charismatic.
Find a place.
I can't let you stay long.
Gosh, what a temper.
I guess he really likes her.
Gosh, why Na Bong-sun of all people?
What the heck? So embarrassing.
What now?
I don't have to sneak around,
how nice is this?
Whether you're a ghost or a human,
you have to seize your chances.
What are you doing?
Hey, Chef. I'm making fried rice.
I only had chicken,
so I was craving rice.
I found this rice lying around.
Chef, would you like some?
Mmm, that smells amazing.
You can have it all.
You sure?
Ghosts with a full stomach look good.
Hey, turn down the music.
It's too loud.
It's going to be really good.
What do you think you're doing?
Get out.
How can I eat by myself
when you already smelled it?
Just taste it.
So this is what your room looks like.
It's not that clean as I imagined.
Wait, you have a dog?
That's quite unexpected.
Be quiet.
Don't you know I don't like rice?
Take it back.
Yeah, but why not?
What kind of Korean don't eat rice?
Did you ever eat rice
and have terrible indigestion?
It's none of your business!
I'm tired. Just get out.
Come on, since I brought it,
if you change your mind,
-Eat it or whatever.
-Good night.
She's definitely not normal.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry
She couldn't even look me in the eye.
Just take goodwill for what it is!
-So nice.
-Let's make a deal.
Let me sleep in the hall.
How could a person change that much?
It's so mysterious.
Is it good?
You're really chowing down.
Well, it's only rice.
So annoying on so many levels.
Her taste in music.
Where did she find music like that
Maybe it was too cold in the car.
I should fix the AC.
Anyway, today
has been a really long day.
A really long day
-Oh my
Hey, Na Bong.
Were you dancing in your dream?
-Wake up.
They'll come soon.
Oh, okay.
-Get ready.
People will get the wrong idea.
With my memories rushing back,
I have bad dreams.
Hey, Bong.
What's gotten into you?
You came in early to clean up.
I happened to wake up early today.
-Bong Boro Bong.
What's up with you?
-Did you sleep outside?
-No, I didn't.
You didn't go home last night, right?
-You're wearing the same clothes.
The abalone box is in.
Yet you guys are chatting.
Did you go to the morning market?
-You're so diligent, Chef.
Stop sucking up in the morning.
Get ready to open.
Yes, Chef.
Be careful, would you?
Okay. It's a secret.
Our little secret.
I won't get caught.
She's so stressing me out
I'm getting a headache too.
I'm coming down with a cold.
Even dogs don't get colds in summer.
-Marche, marche, fente.
Marche, marche, fente
Wow, Sous Chef, your form
-is excellent.
Like an athlete in a national team.
Look at this.
Look at his muscles.
-Look at it.
You're not from Shaolin, are you?
Try shouting out, "Haiyah".
It's Bruce Lee, guys.
Hey, check this out.
Check this out.
-Check out these muscles.
There are strong muscles
built from hands-on work.
It's not like weak muscles
built at gyms.
Sous Chef, there's no chives.
Oh, right. Chef told me to buy some.
Today's special is clam pasta.
We need chives on top.
Should I go buy it?
Hey, Cordon.
You need some lessons on flexibility.
Is chives the main ingredient?
No, it's not.
Does it have to be chives?
Why not use scallions over there?
Wow, you're so smart.
So smart.
Should I prep the scallions?
This is "thinking on your feet"
This is why experience matters. Okay?
Yes, Sous Chef.
What about scallions?
How about we put scallions
instead of chives
on top of the clam pasta today?
A little change might be nice.
You didn't buy chives, huh?
-No, Chef.
Is it okay,
as long as the color is similar?
Why not just use weed?
-Where is she?
You got something to tell me?
A secret?
Tell her to buy some chives.
Be quiet and go buy some chives.
Chives, okay.
-I'm gone.
Where's the store for chives?
I need to make bean sprout soup.
-Give me 2,000 won worth.
How nice and plump.
No, not those.
The other ones.
The short ones with long roots.
That's good for soup.
It's been a long time.
The long ones are better for
steamed fish.
-Oh, is that so?
-She's right.
You have a good eye
since you're a famous chef. Thanks.
No problem.
I'm not sure if I'm being too nosy
and making you feel uncomfortable again.
Not at all.
I don't feel uncomfortable.
It seems you're out to buy groceries too.
Well, I'm not here for fun.
You bought a lot of stuff.
Yes, this and that.
-Let me help you
Well, you'll feel uncomfortable again,
Here you go.
Yes, thank you.
-Here's the 2,000 won.
Thank you.
Please come in.
All right, thank you.
Wait a moment.
Here, have one.
Okay, since you're offering,
I'll drink it.
I'm not one to find this
uncomfortable or anything.
Oh my. I got it.
You can stop now.
I am sorry.
What? For what?
So you were hurt by what I said, right?
You hold the grudge
like someone I know.
My daughter.
She was always easy-going
and chill,
but once she's upset,
it lasted long.
One day, she wanted a perm.
I told her, "Later"
as we were busy.
Then she got upset.
Gosh, why did I do that?
I should've let her when she wanted.
Oh my.
I keep talking about her
whenever I see you.
I'm sorry.
To be honest,
I thought you might not come again
because of that.
I was concerned.
Come on, why would I not?
I'd come for the food.
Give it to me. I'll throw it away.
Do you still drink a lot?
Well, just
Just to kill time when I'm alone.
This won't do.
From now on,
you should drink with me,
Don't drink alone.
Even if you feel uncomfortable,
you have no choice.
When it comes to soju,
drink only with me.
-Okay? Promise.
I'm not sure
if that's possible,
but I understand.
You have to keep your promise.
We're now drinking buddies.
Okay, I got it.
-We should get going.
-I'll get going.
-Bye, take care.
You too.
What? You came again.
What charity did you give today?
If you hate charity that much,
go help your father a little.
Fine. Cut the crap and tell me.
What is it?
You think he's loaded?
You think he's a rich old guy?
No, you got it wrong.
We rent that place.
And we barely make rent.
You little piece of
The head of yours is filled with crap.
Zip it!
Zip it?
Hey, don't speak to me casually.
Or I'll kill you.
Gosh, you punk.
Then, why does she keep
snooping around?
Maybe it's me?
Right, it's me.
No wonder.
Gosh, I hate to break a girl's heart.
I guess I'll make another one cry.
Two specials for table six.
And one vongole pasta, right?
Yes, Chef.
Min-soo, you're on the specials.
Dong-chul, you're on vongole.
Why? Are you feeling that sick?
How did you get a cold in summer?
Even dogs don't get them.
Go get some rest.
We'll manage here.
Look at you. You're pale.
After you finish these, clean up
and start prepping for dinner.
Yes, Chef.
Oyster mushrooms
came in today.
Take these out and
put them in the fridge.
Yes, Chef.
And adjust the water for the dough.
It's summer, consider the temperature.
Yes, Chef.
Oh, and salt
Okay. Go get some rest.
We've got this.
Open the door, let the virus out.
You seem to be running a fever.
Why don't you see the doctor?
It's okay. I have cold medicine.
I'll get some sleep.
Then take the whole day off.
Leave the kitchen to Min-soo.
Take care of the hall.
Be sure to close out
the POS system later.
Yeah, why
Again, "Yeah, why"
I'll just hang up.
OK. Sorry. What is it?
Do you have a cold?
Your voice sounds hoarse.
A little bit.
You were fine yesterday.
Did you have medicine?
Want some porridge?
Can you come over?
No, I have so much editing to do.
Chief saw the rough cut and
got worked up about the set
and lighting being dark.
What does he expect me to do now?
So, we're changing
the set next week.
and need to push the shoot back
two hours.
Are you really sick?
Thanks for letting me know.
Okay. Bye.
I guess the house spirit
went somewhere else.
That's a relief.
I feel at home when I'm here.
By the way,
is Chef really sick?
He shouldn't take medication
on an empty stomach.
Should I make him some porridge?
Forget it.
Why bother.
I should stop being so nosy.
I'm so tired.
Are you okay?
He must be really sick.
Hey, Chef.
Hey, Chef.
You should eat something
like porridge.
It's hard to get better
if you don't eat.
Oh, look at the sweat.
He has a fever too.
What should I do?
Have some porridge.
Oh, you're awake.
Chef. I brought you some porridge.
Eat this and have your medicine.
I'll leave it here,
so don't forget to eat it.
And if you need me,
just let me know, okay?
Does your head hurt?
Should I get a wet towel?
-What do you mean, "what?"
Why are you here?
How did you get in?
I came to bring you
some porridge.
And you suddenly did this.
Don't you remember?
Get out.
I said, get out.
But I thought you should eat
something before taking medicine.
-Get out of here.
-Oh my.
-Just get out.
-Oh my. What
What's going on?
-Get out.
-What's wrong?
-Wait, my shoes!
-Here, your shoes.
I'm just so confused.
-Just go. Now.
-Hold on.
Oh my.
Why is he upset? He's the one who did it.
Wait a minute.
We did it properly, right?
Then why is he fine?
Why did I
Kang Sun-woo, you idiot.
What is it?
Are you okay?
I mean, isn't your heart pounding,
or pulse racing?
Isn't your temperature dropping
giving you chills?
You feel okay?
I'm okay.
Just leave. Please get out.
-Are you okay?
-Just leave!
Are you feeling okay?
You're totally fine?
Nothing's wrong with your body?
Oh my! Are you really okay?
Open the door.
I need ten minutes
to look for someone.
Just ten minutes!
I think so.
I know. Right?
Found a man with only yang energy!
I can let go of
the regrets as a virgin ghost
and leave this place.
Hey, Bong.
-What are you doing?
-You want to mop me up?
Oh, sorry.
It's fine.
It's nicely cleaned.
I'm sorry.
Is Chef still sleeping?
Shouldn't we go check on him?
He wasn't feeling well yesterday.
Right, I'll go upstairs.
No, I will. I'll go check on him.
You went to the market?
You should've skipped it.
You're unwell. I'll help.
The meat delivery is here.
Go get that.
Chef, are you feeling better?
Yeah, a little.
You look totally fine.
You were almost dying yesterday.
Something good must've happened
at night.
What are you talking about!
Go bring the meat outside.
What What is it?
Okay, I admit it. Yesterday
was my mistake.
I'm sorry.
For what?
About yesterday
I'd taken the medication
and I had a fever.
And my mind was foggy.
Anyway, it was my fault,
so I apologize.
I don't want to feel uncomfortable,
so don't put too much meaning into it.
And nothing will change
between you and me, okay?
Hey, what are you doing?
-Why are you here?
-What's with you?
No, don't put it on.
-Hold on.
-Are you crazy?
-Hang on.
Let go of me.
-Hold on.
-Are you crazy?
Yes, just think that I'm crazy.
It'll be easier for you.
I have a favor to ask.
Can you do me a favor?
I hope you do a favor for me.
-A favor?
What is it?
Just once.
Let's do it once.
Come on!
Hurry up, it's raining.
What did you say?
Yes, it's what you're thinking now.
What is it that I'm thinking?
Stop asking.
I know you already know.
No, wait, wait.
You're an adult.
She's also
I mean, I'm an adult too.
And yesterday was like a preview,
wasn't it?
So, by consent.
Okay? Let's just
Anyway, it's not that big of a deal.
Shut up!
You've completely gone insane.
Go see the doctor.
-No, wait.
-Get off.
-Get off me.
I'm not done talking to you.
Just this once.
Please? Chef.
Chef, just once.
I'm asking you,
because there's a reason.
I won't ask for twice.
Just once. Please?
What is wrong with you?
Just once.
Do you think this makes sense?
You have no pride
What, do what?
Right, I don't need pride at all.
Just forget about everything
and do it once.
Your body won't change
by doing it once. Right?
-Wow, listen to yourself.
Who are you, exactly?
-Is this the real you?
-A gold digger?
Did you come at me on purpose?
No, that's not true.
Look, I know that
you have feelings for someone else.
I do.
But just be kind enough
to do this just once.
Consider it a gift for me, please?
How about that?
Just once.
Hey, clean the dishes properly.
Na Bong. Hurry up.
Chef, just once, please?
I'm begging you.
Do the dishes.
Just once, please.
What's she asking Chef for "just once"?
Is she asking for an advance?
Maybe some days off?
Chef was making some strange expressions.
-Just once.
-Slice it thinly.
Just once.
Please, just once.
Just once.
Try some fried pancakes.
I brought it for you
The mattress is so nice.
That chair is so hard.
It's so nice.
No, wait.
No, wait.
I wanted to eat fried pancakes with you.
No, wait.
No, hold on.
Hey, shush!
Quiet! Just once. Shush.
You startled me.
Just once.
When'd you get in?
A while ago.
-You did?
You sleep here.
I'll I'll sleep somewhere else.
Chef, I'll
He's getting farther away
Who is it?
Sun-woo, is that you?
What are you doing here?
The door, please.
What's he doing here?
If you told me you were coming,
I would've washed the sheets
and cleaned.
You always sleep at the restaurant
and never come home.
This won't do.
Ouch, Mom
You need some fresh air.
I'm here to sleep. Don't bother.
Aren't you hungry?
Should I make something?
I can't really cook.
Go to sleep then.
Let me know
if you need me.
-All right.
-What now, Mom
-Wash up first.
-Wash up before you sleep.
-No, Mom.
-Wash up.
Let me sleep.
Oh yeah? OK.
Let me just sleep.
-Is Sun-woo here?
What's he doing here?
He sometimes stops by,
but he never sleeps here.
Exactly. It's odd, right?
No matter what I say,
he won't budge and
sleep at the restaurant.
How's he doing at the restaurant?
Well, other than not feeling well,
not much.
Mom, it's so late.
Hey, it's me. Cho Hye-young.
I'm sorry. Can you wake up?
Listen, I'm calling
because my son is
acting strange and I'm nervous
He doesn't need to be there
for the rite, right?
Okay, got it.
I'll be there tomorrow.
Is that Seobinggo?
We need a memorial for ancestors,
at least.
It bothers me that
he's surrounded by ghosts.
He's got strong energy as it is.
You should come with me tomorrow.
Let's go ask about a baby.
Good. Let's go.
Tell your brother
you're going to the hospital with me.
It's a ghost.
Okay, take care of your business.
Don't worry. Bye.
Eun-hee is running late?
Where did you sleep last night?
Why do you care where I sleep?
No, I don't care,
but I'm just a bit curious.+
We're close enough
to be curious about it.
Be quiet.
I'll stitch your mouth closed.
He's not easy.
I need to come up with some plan.
Hey, Bong.
-Hey, clean the break room.
The floor is a mess.
Bong Boro Bong?
Why's your face so red?
Is it?
Did you drink?
Of course not.
Are you sure you don't have a fever?
You do have a fever.
You have a cold, Bong-sun.
A cold? Me?
No way
Dang it.
"Dang it"?
Right, he did give it to me.
-Give it to you?
-Who did?
There's a guy, with yang energy.
He didn't even do it,
but he gave me a cold.
He has no manners.
Who is that?
Who knows?
Maybe her relative
with the last name Yang?
She doesn't have relatives.
What do you think
he didn't do for her?
I don't know
This Yang guy didn't do
what Bong asked for,
but gave a cold instead.
He has poor manners.
Whoever it is, he's shameless.
What a shameless punk!
-Hey, Bong.
What's with your face?
Did you drink?
No, I've got a cold.
Someone gave it to me.
You need money?
You seemed to be asking Chef
for an advance.
Ask me, if you need it.
I can lend you one million won.
Oh, that Cordon.
He's so tempting.
Oh, my God,
Should I give another try?
Hold on.
You sure you can perform a ritual?
You said you're not in top form.
That's not affected.
I just need to do my best,
and it's the spirit that tells me.
Don't you worry.
Fine. I'm counting on you.
Of course you should.
Why mixed? 50,000 won bills
would've been nice.
I'm sure it's correct.
-It is.
-All right.
Well, let's pick the date again.
Give me your husband's horoscope.
You've been married for three years?
The doctor said they have no problems,
but strangely no kids yet.
I've given her all the herbal medicine.
Goodness, it's too cold.
Cold? Turn the AC off.
-Not me. Her husband.
He's an island that sits alone
2.5 km from the land.
A flower on top of a high mountain,
with no one around.
On a cloudy day it rains
and the flower petals fell.
Very strange.
What is?
No matter how I look at it,
he should be alone forever.
How'd he get married?
He's frail, has no luck with parents,
wife or children.
His life is so lonely and exhausting.
Where and how did he
meet such luck?
So, will she ever get pregnant or not?
Why are you so skinny?
Eat more rice.
Stay alert.
Stay strong by eating rice.
Why bring up rice suddenly?
I'm hungry. Let's eat.
How's sausage stew?
Okay, we'll head over
after resolving this issue.
Gosh, that dog.
You didn't get bit, right?
No, I'm fine.
If you get hurt,
Chef Kang will kill me.
He loves his brother-in-law so much.
I can't take a break
because of that dog.
Let's go.
Is it locked?
You think I didn't expect this?
I came prepared.
I'm sweating.
I need to get in a lion's den first.
Whether I eat or get eaten,
I need to go inside,
so something can happen.
Why isn't this working?
It looked really easy in the movies.
A bobby pin would be better.
I don't have a bobby pin.
Oh, wait.
Well, I was just
My arm.
You're so harsh!
I heard guys can do it
even without feelings.
Why are you playing hard-to-get?
I'm asking you because there's a reason.
Fine, tell me. What reason?
The thing is
For real, okay?
It's not the time to tell you.
-I see.
when the time comes,
I promise I'll tell you. Promise.
Promise, my foot.
It's hard to make up a story, right?
No, that's not it.
Let me warn you.
If you keep doing this,
you can't work here.
I don't like scandals
at my work. So snap out of it.
Is it because of Producer Lee?
Then I'll keep it a secret.
I even caught a cold because of you.
-Look. Feel it.
Don't dare to come to my room.
Try me.
Then I will kick you out.
Just feel it. I'm not kidding.
I'm dying. I'm really sick.
I'm serious. I'm hot. So hot.
How could he be so cold?
How are you feeling, Sun-woo?
Call me when you feel better.
Why isn't it coming out?
I'm so feverish.
I haven't felt a fever like this
for a long time.
I'm so tired.
This won't do.
Oh, my head.
Is it crooked? What's wrong?
Why am I so bothered?
Is she really sick?
What's going on?
Did I get out?
What the, I'm really out.
The worst timing ever.
Na Bong-sun.
Are you really
Hey. Bong-sun.
Wake up. Are you serious?
Wake up.
Na Bong!
Na Bong-sun!
Hey! Na Bong-sun!
Hey, wake up!
Na Bong!
I don't look like myself.
I don't remember anything
but people tell me I did something.
She has nowhere to go.
Where is she?
I took her to the hospital,
paid the bill. I was good!
What's the point having him nearby?
I can't even touch him.
To protect a citizen,
I escorted her and brought her back.
She may have been unusually talkative
and sexually driven.
Right, sexually driven.
Na Bong-sun.
Don't show up, okay?
Just leave me alone!
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