Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

It seems to be temporary shock
from a high fever.
She should be okay.
She's a little low on immunity,
so let her finish IV nutrition.
-Thank you.
You're the master of
giving people a scare.
Oh my.
Are you okay?
Are you starting to wake up?
Yes, Chef, why are you here
I mean
Where am I?
-You're in the hospital.
You fainted from a high fever.
How could you do nothing
until you passed out from the fever?
You should've seen the doctor
or told me.
Never mind, you did tell me.
But to be honest,
from where I stand,
You kept coming on to me
You kept coming on to me to do it,
and said you were sick,
I couldn't buy it.
It can't be.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
The doctor said
your immune system is weakened.
Since you're here,
take a few days off and stay here.
I'll check you in. Wait here.
Where did she go off to?
She's not even well.
Where did she go?
What's going on?
Are you okay?
No, I'm not okay, Grandma.
The last thing I remember is
dozing off at a bus stop.
But then
when I woke up,
it's been over two weeks.
I don't look like myself.
And my room isn't mine anymore.
I don't remember anything,
but people say
I did something.
Grandma, I'm scared.
I have no idea what's going on.
So my hunch was right.
Something was off
when we talked on the phone.
Did we speak on the phone?
Listen carefully.
have been possessed by a ghost.
Hey, Chef.
Why are you alone?
Where's Bong-sun?
What is it? She's not well?
Was she admitted?
Or did she
She's not here yet.
She has nowhere to go.
Where is she?
Who? Bong-sun?
After trying so hard to wear me down.
So she's not dead.
Gosh They say a burnt child
dreads the fire.
I died out of the blue, you know.
She's probably went to a sauna.
She doesn't have money.
All she has is a cell phone.
I took her to the hospital,
paid the bill.
-What more was I supposed to do?
It's like work-related illness.
I'm not her parent.
That is true, but
you should've brought her here.
She's probably having a meltdown.
Whatever. I don't care.
Whatever, I don't care.
He's totally pie in the sky.
Though a man with
only yang energy is here,
I can't even touch him.
No, don't put it on.
Come on.
So she had a place to sleep
the whole time
and lied to me?
It was scary when she was
coming on to me.
I worry when she's around,
and when she's not. Oh, whatever.
I can't do this.
It's so frustrating.
Now is not the time to do this.
I don't have time.
I have to possess some woman
and make something happen.
All right. Now
who has the highest probability
of success?
Gosh, that woman,
she sure has strong energy.
Now it's all or nothing.
I'll never give up until I make it.
All right, let's get started.
She's so strong.
What's wrong with this?
Am I going to lose everything
I've edited so far?
You're hungry, right?
Here's cup ramen for you.
What's wrong with this?
What's wrong with you now?
Look at that
What, huh?
What is it? Just say it.
You have to stay alert
and protect your body.
A ghost that possessed you once
will try to go back in again.
Do not make eye contact and
ignore it.
If it still doesn't give up,
then you must come on strong.
Look at it straight in the eye.
"I'm not someone you can mess with!"
Yell it out loudly.
It is you, Bong-sun.
Oh, hello.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I'm just
-Thank you.
Thank you, thank you very much.
No problem.
You became my ramen buddy, too.
Ramen buddy?
At a convenience store a few days ago.
You don't remember?
Oh, I do. I think I remember.
Back then, ramen right?
Are you okay?
You look pale.
What's wrong?
If I can help out, I will.
Oh, well
You don't have to tell me.
But whenever you feel like talking,
you can call me, okay?
I'll I'll get going.
-Thank you.
-I'll go with you.
-I'll drive you to the restaurant.
You exercise?
How come you two come together?
I was patrolling the area
early this morning.
She was sitting alone on a bench.
For her safety, I escorted her
to the station
and brought her here.
Did you spend the night
You can go in first.
-Go on in.
I see.
Aren't you working too hard these days?
Cut back on night shifts.
For your health.
You have to stay alert
and protect your body.
A ghost that possessed you once
will try to go back in again.
Hey, Na Bong.
Did you spend the night on the street?
Oh, no. The thing is
Wow. You're so reckless.
What if something bad happened?
You're not well,
why'd you do that?
I told you to take some days off.
Why'd you run off?
Well, I just
What's wrong with you?
Did you lost your soul overnight?
-Na Bong.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
What the.
It's been awhile.
"I'm sorry."
Hey, Bong!
Hey, such a good morning.
-Bong Boro Bong!
What do you mean, "what"?
Why do you suddenly avoid me?
You said you like to be
-touchy feely.
-No, I didn't.
I'm sorry.
-Excuse me.
What's gotten into her now?
She's blowing me off all of a sudden.
So awkward.
Just recently,
she went like, "ICYP, ICYP."
when she was drunk.
What does "ICYP" mean?
"I'll Come to Your Place".
Your sense of humor is so classy.
It's unbelievable.
I'll Come to Your Place. ICYP. Wow.
Guys, let's stay focused today.
We have many reservations, and
we have some special guests.
Min-soo, list them.
Yes, Chef.
At 11:30,
we have five reservations booked.
There's a group that wants a window table,
I think we can change
their reservation to 1:00 at table one.
Oh, and at noon,
the Canadian ambassador couple
and their friends reserved a table.
Two of the party of six
are vegetarian,
so they asked us to accommodate them.
They're okay with milk, cheese,
-and eggs.
What should we prepare
for the two vegetarians?
It's summer, how about a tomato-based
eggplant cold pasta?
Since they're foreigners,
we can add crushed red pepper.
Sounds good. Let's do that.
The rest is pollock roe pasta
and sirloin.
Check the pollock roe
that was brought in.
Oh, right. Na Bong, are the table cloths
for laundry back?
Na Bong.
-Na Bong-sun!
I'm sorry, Chef. What was that?
Did the clean table cloths brought back?
Oh, well
I'll go check on that right now.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'll go check quickly.
I'm sorry.
She stopped that for a while,
but her "Sorry" is back now.
She keeps dozing off as well.
Strange, right?
I kind of have the feeling that
she's back to the old Bong.
There's no middle ground for her.
I just started
getting used to the new Bong.
Isn't she playing us?
Going back and forth.
-Hey, be quiet.
Cut the crap and get to work.
It's a warzone.
Yes, Chef!
Is Bong-sun really okay?
She didn't seem to be doing too well.
Pretend that you don't notice it.
Don't make eye contact, don't talk to it.
You look fine, Bong-sun.
Are you okay? Did your fever break?
I know you can hear me.
Why pretend you can't?
I know you see me.
You can see me, can't you?
-I'm sure you can.
-Our Father, Who art in heaven.
-Hallowed be Thy Name
-Come on. That doesn't work.
On my second year, I overcame that.
On earth as it is in Heaven.
I said it doesn't work, Bong-sun.
Sous Chef!
-I'm so sorry.
-What are you doing?
Go put on the tablecloths.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Na Bong-sun?
Just listen to me.
Na Bong-sun. Na Bong-sun. Hello?
Na Bong-sun?
Na Bong-sun.
Na Bong-sun.
Hey, Na Bong-sun.
I don't know.
I can't hear you.
-I can't hear you.
Na Bong-sun.
I can't hear you.
Excuse me. Here's your pasta.
Please enjoy.
I didn't use my day off.
Can you just give me money instead?
Don't tell your brother.
-Not tell him?
I was just wondering
Oh, well
-Take this to table three!
-Yes, Chef.
Table five,
2 pollock roe, 2 sirloin,
two eggplant,
one salmon salad.
-Joon's on salad.
-Yes, Chef.
-Min-soo, on pollock, eggplant.
-Yes, Chef.
-Ji-woong, help him.
I'm on beef.
Dong-chul, bring it.
Yes, Chef.
It's 2 pasta orders,
they're together.
-Yes, Chef.
-Na Bong!
-Finish the dishes,
-take care of the hall.
-Yes, Chef.
-Fire it up!
-Fire it up!
-Slice salmon thinner.
-Yes, Chef.
Is the torch broken
or is it out of gas?
-Hey, Na Bong.
-Yes, Chef.
Get a torch and butane gas
from the store room.
Yes, Chef.
Na Bong-sun.
Come on. Just hear me out.
You've seen me enough
to know that I'm not an evil spirit.
Just two and a half years ago,
I was a human like you.
I'm a good-hearted ghost.
Being in your body for two weeks,
I thought we developed some bond.
Aren't you being harsh?
How can you ignore me?
This talking ghost feels awkward.
If it still doesn't give up,
then you must come on strong.
Look at it straight in the eye.
"I'm not someone you can mess with!"
Yell it out loudly.
Huh? Are you looking at me?
That's right.
It's nice to make eye contact.
Don't you mess with me
Let me be straight
and ask for a favor.
I'm only asking since I'm in a tight spot.
Just once more,
let me borrow your body.
It's really urgent, that's why.
Please, just once more.
No, no. Never ever.
Hey, hey. What's with you?
No, you really can't.
Don't mess with you.
-I'll never let you
-possess me.
-Don't come.
-Hey, calm down.
Na Bong-sun.
Really good.
Really good?
Thank you.
Gosh, if I had known,
I would've learned a foreign language.
I look quite exotic, you know.
When foreigners come here,
-I don't even look at them,
so they won't talk to me.
Is it a flaw for a Korean
not to speak English?
If they want to eat,
they can speak Korean.
There's no need to feel small.
Why don't you ever go out in the hall?
Because I didn't have to.
You think I got intimidated?
You Cordon?
-If you say so.
-"If you say so."
Your smile is getting on my nerves.
I smell something burning.
You're right.
The stoves are turned off.
What is it?
What's that white stuff there?
Isn't that smoke?
Chef, chef, there's a fire.
Get everyone out.
Get out of here now.
-Get out.
Hurry, get out of here.
Hey, Ji-woong.
Water's not coming out!
What is it?
Hey, move.
Out of the way.
Out of the way. Move.
There must be a fire.
I saw a fire truck drive by.
I don't think it's a big fire.
There was only one.
If it were a big fire,
that'd be a sight to see.
You're so immature.
You punk.
You're already 26,
how could you say that?
Fights and fires are
the most fun to watch.
When the hairdresser lady
and the pub lady got in a fight,
you went to watch.
I didn't go to look for fun.
I went to stop them.
Whatever the case.
You even flirted
with the hairdresser lady.
What, kid?
Flirt with whom? That's nonsense.
I already know.
When she did my hair for free,
-I figured it out.
You can get flirtatious sometimes.
I'll sleep. I'm tired.
That punk, what's he talking about?
Gosh. When will he grow up?
This won't do.
From now on,
you should drink with me.
Don't drink alone.
I wonder if she's busy.
I haven't seen her
yesterday and today.
What the hell were you doing?
How'd you cause
Gosh, my heart stings.
How exactly did the fire start?
What if it had been worse?
We could've ended up as barbecue!
Look at this store room.
It's a mess.
-What's the damage?
-It's fine.
Let's hear it. How did it happen?
Can't you talk?
Chef is asking you,
-what happened!
-Shut up!
Tell me.
I'm sorry, Chef. I'm really sorry.
Yes, Dr. Hong. This is Kang Sun-woo.
Yes, have you been well?
Sorry I haven't been in touch more often.
Yes, I've been busy.
You see,
I have something to ask you, Dr. Hong.
Hey, Bong-sun.
You can be quite crazy.
Why'd you wave around
the torch there?
What did I ever do to you?
So, just get away from me, okay?
I'm scared of you.
I'm scared of being possessed.
I'm afraid that others will see me
as someone else.
I hate it.
So don't show up, okay?
Just leave me alone!
What did I ever do?
It's not like I want to.
Damn it.
That mean girl.
Have you been well, Dad?
It's been two days, right?
-You haven't been drinking, right?
You have to keep your promise with me.
You can't break it.
You really okay?
You were startled, huh?
Sure, I'm really okay.
I think I'm used to these things.
Leave the clean-up to them
and go home.
There's still some smell,
and it's bad for you.
I need to go somewhere.
Yes, Mom.
What? A fire?
So, no one got hurt?
Oh, my gosh.
It is a relief, but
Okay, fine. I'll call you later.
Why? There was a fire?
Where? At the restaurant?
Well, it was put out quickly.
His fortune for this year
is really bad.
That's why I had you
make talismans and perform a ritual.
Oh my, now that I think about it,
the ritual you performed
prevented a big fire, right?
Right, friend?
Of course. Obviously.
Thank you.
What would I have done
if it weren't for you?
What is it?
Oh, my teaching compensation
is deposited.
-Teaching compensation?
How much do you get paid?
Just a ballpark
Not much. 500,000 won.
That's what I thought.
By the way, about your daughter
I think she'd better have a kid soon.
There is a way, actually.
For example, you can offer a ritual
to the goddess of child.
Then we should do it.
How do we do it?
Well, it's nothing fancy.
We just need to go to her house.
But travel expenses are expensive.
How much?
-500,000 won.
-500,000 won?
This works out, then.
I'll just give this money
I just got over to you.
I'm in. Let's do it.
I feel like a grandmother already.
I feel so weird.
Imagine how cute the baby will be,
with my daughter's big eyes.
I'm so excited.
Me too. I'm excited too.
Chef, you wanted to see me?
-Get in.
Get in the car.
We're going somewhere.
Just get in.
It's not like I'll sell you off.
Chef, I'm so sorry.
About the loss from the fire,
I won't get paid until
Forget it. I'm not crazy about money.
What do you take me for?
By the way,
Where are we going right now?
For the welfare of my employee.
From what I see,
you are not well.
I could've pretended not to notice.
But it could cause more problems
when we're working.
Just think of it as a check-up.
This is actually something
big corporations, foreign companies offer.
Know that you have a great boss.
Who does this for the employee
who started a fire at work?
I'm so sorry. Chef. I really am.
I know that. Move.
You're blocking the side mirror.
Oh, okay. How should I
Should I go back further?
This is not for examining
anything particular.
Think of it as putting a stethoscope
on your brain.
Okay, then.
Let's begin.
Okay, breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out. Right now.
How do you feel?
Well? Just normal.
Okay. Just normal.
All right
You're doing good.
Okay, again huh?
Are you okay, Dr. Hong?
It's magnesium.
My grandma recently passed away.
I haven't slept for days.
so my eyes are twitching.
My eyes
I must be crazy.
That tickles.
What is this? Come on.
As I mentioned over the phone,
from what I've observed,
she appears to be bipolar.
It's called manic depressive disorder.
You would experience
extreme mood swings.
I see.
It's a condition where your mood
swings from extreme lows
and extreme highs,
and they alternate.
In a manic state,
you'd exhibit sudden confidence,
or start talking a lot
unlike your usual self.
you'd have this uncontrollable
sexual interest
Right, sexual interest.
So something happened?
Well, no. Not really.
And in a depressive state,
you'd feel very low.
It appears she is in
a depressive state now.
So she must've been
in a depressive state this whole time.
She was like that all along?
Well, some bipolar might not alternate
and goes on for a long stretch of time.
It goes back and forth.
It's pretty unpredictable.
Oh, and judging by what I've observed,
she seemed to have
auditory and visual hallucinations.
Do you happen to know
if someone caused her
excessive stress or trauma recently?
Do you happen to know
if someone
caused her
excessive stress or trauma recently?
I'm sorry, Chef.
I should have been more careful.
Know why I dislike you?
seem to have taken
my advice wrong
based on your attitude.
You're not allowed in kitchen.
You can work in the hall only, okay?
I didn't even know she was sick.
Of course she was stressed out.
You might need to keep an eye
on her for a while.
I'll prescribe her some medication,
let her take it.
Don't leave her alone.
As this bipolar cycle continues,
she could go extreme
and do something very impulsive.
Ugh, all we did the entire day
was darn cleaning.
Because of this bonehead.
-Hey, Bong.
Did you go somewhere with Chef?
What? Well, just
He yelled at you?
Did he beat you up somewhere?
You think he's a thug?
He'd never hit a woman.
You don't know anything.
He took a big loss today.
He'd hit her if he gets angry.
Remember that blogger incident?
You're still here?
What brings you to the break room?
Isn't it part of my restaurant?
It is.
We were just talking about
how your bravery really stood out
as you put out the fire
with the fire extinguisher,
it was a lifesaver.
That's what we were talking about.
You deserve some respect.
Sure thing.
Good work, guys.
-Yes, Chef.
-You can go.
Gosh, he scared me.
You should watch what you say
in enemy territory.
Hey, hurry up.
Hurry up. Let's go.
Let's go get some drinks
and continue badmouthing him.
Gosh, I'm so tired today.
He's probably full of energy,
after talking through cleaning.
He put out the fire with his mouth.
Are you
really okay?
Pardon? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I hadn't heard that for a while.
Guess you're really back.
Are you really
Never mind. Get some rest.
Is this affordable housing?
Do you happen to have
a room available?
They're all taken?
Bring your stuff to the roof.
Why do you carry around this weird stuff?
Well, that's for
No, never mind.
I can stay here?
I moved some things to the side,
but you can clean it again.
It's not like I care about you.
Don't read too much into it.
If you pass out like that
in the hall again, that'd be a problem.
That's why.
Only until you get a place.
Oh, no. Don't do that.
Don't get moved or anything.
I'm afraid you'll go manic again.
You heard what the doctor said?
Manic depressive disorder
is a common illness.
So, don't
feel too bad about it.
You should be okay
if you take medication, and
About that incident,
as I said before, it was my fault.
I'm sorry.
Don't overthink it.
I hope you don't keep that
locked up inside.
This here,
it's a blanket.
It's new, brand new.
Never even been opened.
I'll let you borrow it.
Oh, thank you.
-It's expensive.
So, no pressure.
-I hate it when anything
messes up the bedding.
But don't worry about it.
A long time ago,
we'd sit here after closing.
Remember when we played go-stop
and bet ice cream on it?
Like you'd suspected,
I switched out cards and cheated.
You just looked the other way, huh?
You pretended not to know, right?
I know everything.
What are you doing, Dad?
Dear. Soon-ae, Sorry I hadn't been
in touch after I moved to Jeju.
But hope you come to my wedding.
Mi-yeon is getting married?
You bad kiddo.
Your friend is getting married.
But you
Dad, are you drinking again?
Stop drinking.
Come on.
Dad, you really have to stop now.
It'll ruin your health.
Have some food with your drinks, at least.
Wow, so nice and fluffy.
I can't have her come back.
I better light this.
Hold on.
She must be hungry too.
She's not well, so maybe
ramen isn't a good idea.
I'll add some more meat.
Where's the cabbage
Yes, coming.
-I brought you something.
-Oh, yes.
What is this?
I found some cabbage leftover.
There was a lot left. So
I made this.
It's to-die-for.
If you don't want,
give it to a dog.
There's nothing better
to soothe the heart and ease the stomach.
Not bad. You can sleep comfortably.
Oh, thank you.
No, forget it. No need to thank me.
Your recipes always
contain joy felt through food.
I'm a fan. Good luck!
Is she eating?
She should be eating.
It's so good that
she's probably going crazy.
What if she gets so touched by it
and falls for me?
Then she'd go manic again
and come on to me.
I did do something wrong.
Someone replied to me.
Thank you.
Your comments always give me strength.
It just so happens that right now
-I'm eating cabbage porridge again.
I just made the cabbage porridge.
How amazing.
Feels like we have
a real emotional connection.
I like you, Sunshine.
It's a limited edition.
It'd be all gone if I go late.
What kind of sneakers
cost 180,000 won?
What? 180,000 won?
You're insane, dang it.
It's priced low.
It's a limited edition for a reason.
They don't have many available.
It's worth that much more.
-Come on, Dad!
Fine. Stop whining.
No, you can't, Dad.
You're giving me a headache
all morning.
Don't give it to him!
-Don't give it, you're spoiling him.
Here, 180,000 won.
Thanks, Dad.
Be right back.
Gosh, that nutcase.
When's he ever going to grow up?
What, Dad. You're not feeling well?
I told you to stop drinking.
Two bottles on an empty stomach
can't be okay.
Anyway, I have to pay the utility bills.
Not much left in my account.
You shouldn't give it to him
whenever he asks.
Don't raise Kyung-mo like that,
always saying "yes"
because he doesn't have a mom.
Business isn't going well,
how will you pay bills?
Oh, my.
-You first.
Did you sleep well?
I'm a light sleeper,
so, just okay.
I see.
You know that
there's filming today, right?
It starts a couple of hours early,
so get ready.
You forgot?
It's the filming day. Friday.
Oh filming
Wait this is me.
What else did I do
Why aren't you going in?
I don't think I can do this.
I'm sorry, Chef.
We have to go in now.
What do you mean you can't?
Did you take your medicine?
It's all right.
I'll take care of everything.
-Chef Kang, come on in.
-Yes, coming.
Just trust me, okay?
Oh, my
Come on in.
So quick with the bus ride, right?
-Yes, so quick with the bus right.
But I had to walk 30 minutes
from the bus stop.
I sweated buckets already
in the morning.
How refreshing it is.
How awfully nice.
Oh, I had no idea.
Because I never take the bus.
Of course, you don't.
Oh, you have a nice place.
No, I didn't do anything special.
Oh, marble!
My goodness, how adorable.
You're so charming.
Want something to drink?
No, I'm good.
I'll drink it later.
Let's get down to business.
Where's your daughter's room?
Right, that's why you're here today.
-Over there.
-So forgetful.
I think I lost two inches
off my waist.
I pray to gods of heavens and earth,
and ancestors.
Please bless the conjugal harmony
of this couple!
Please give them a beautiful baby
as soon as possible.
-Give them
-Give them, please.
Goodness, cut it out!
They don't like a soulless prayer
like that.
Oh, really?
Bring your son-in-law
and daughter's underwear.
-To burn.
Okay, underwear.
Is this your son-in-law?
Isn't he handsome?
-Yes, he is.
But it's strange.
His horoscope was really strange too.
He's the same person,
but something's different.
Mr. Shin.
Where is he?
Mr. Shin.
Gosh, my mom nags me nonstop.
He must be out somewhere.
Let's go to somewhere else.
Let's eat here.
He'll be back soon.
You said you're hungry.
Let's go somewhere else.
A new octopus place opened nearby.
Let's go there.
-You like octopus.
-Let's go.
-It's so hot, I don't want to walk.
When it's hot,
you need spicy octopus.
Okay, let's go.
After last week's first episode,
we received tremendous response.
Yes, "tremendous" is a perfect word
to describe it.
Not only Chef Kang Sun-woo
who had his first win,
but his assistant's eating show
were top search keywords.
-The reactions were really hot.
-Yes, it was very hot.
So, starting with today's episode,
we're going to spice up the match
by tweaking the format of the show a bit.
-The concept of today's competition
-is "tag".
-I'm sure some viewers
might be wondering what it is.
-When you
switch turns with someone,
-you tag them.
The chef and the assistant will
switch their turns for a certain
period of time and go back and forth
and complete the dish.
So today, more than ever,
the teamwork with the assistant
will be the key to victory.
Today's competition is
going to use canned salmon.
Cook a nutritious night-time snack
for a student studying for an exam.
It worked after practice.
Dad! I found money!
Dad! Wake up, Dad!
Dad, wake up. Dad!
Please work!
Where the heck is Kyung-mo?
Oh, please.
Na Bong-sun.
It'll work with Bong-sun.
Dad, wait a little longer.
Please, Dad.
Okay, stop. That's it.
Time's up.
All right, put down
what you're holding.
Now tag and
hand it over to your assistant.
Time's running out.
Time is winding down.
-Please switch.
really looking forward to the skills
of assistant chefs.
Na Bong-sun!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
All this this
What do I do?
Bong-sun. I need your help.
Na Bong-sun.
Let's put a pause on it.
Stop, please.
We'll stop and start again.
Hey, you okay?
-Are you okay?
-I'm sorry, Chef.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
-Na Bong-sun.
Where are you going?
Oh, my gosh.
Na Bong-sun.
Please listen to me.
My father collapsed.
But no one knows.
Please call an ambulance.
No, I can't hear you.
-I don't know.
-You're the only one
who can help me.
Please, my dad is dying.
Stop doing this to me. Go!
It's my dad!
Not just anyone.
He's my dad!
How can I pretend not to know?
Even if I'm a ghost,
how can I do nothing?
Just make one phone call, Bong-sun.
I'm begging you.
Ms. Na Bong-sun!
Where are you?
I won't do that,
so fire me as well if you want to.
Is she not in yet?
She ran off out of the blue,
why isn't she back yet?
Ta-da! Surprise!
Do you want me to train you properly?
My arm's sore,
I can't do this anymore.
Maybe he took a shower
and is completely naked.
Sun-woo and Bong-sun.
Have they always been so close?
Do you and Chef have something going on?
No matter what happens,
I have to make it happen tonight.
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