Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Oh, no!
Na Bong-sun!
Listen to me,
my dad's passed out.
No one knows.
Call 911 for me.
I don't know, I can't hear you.
-I dunno.
-You're the only
one who can help.
Please! My dad's going to die!
Please don't do this to me! Go away!
It's my dad!
He's not just anyone. He's my dad.
How can you?
Even if I'm a ghost, how could you?!
Just a call at least, Bong-sun.
I'm begging you, please?
Ms. Na!
Ms. Na, where are you?
Hello, 911?
I'm at a diner at Yongsan-gu,
247 Wonhyo-ro.
Please hurry over! My dad has passed out.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
We couldn't start without you.
-Come on!
-Oh, I can't
-Hurry up!
I got it, I'm on my way.
-Ah, arm, my arm!
-Na Bong-sun!
-Hey, Na Bong!
How could you.
Yes, all cast is on standby.
We're starting now.
Got it.
You good?
Ah, well, yeah
What do I do?
I have to run to Dad
Listen to me.
Don't be nervous,
relax your arm tension,
and just keep kneading.
I'll come up with something, okay?
Now, there's little time left.
-Both teams' hands
are getting busy.
Chef Kang Sun-woo's team seems to
be making scallion salmon pancakes.
Yes, but, they had unfortunately spilled
-their flour earlier.
According to the rules,
they can't add more ingredients.
How will they overcome this?
-I'm quite concerned for them.
-They're short on dough.
Oh, instead of flour, they're mixing
bean powder and grain powder.
-Will that mix work?
-Dad, wait for me.
-Not sure.
-I'll be there.
-Great work.
-You too.
-Great job.
-Chef Kang,
-you killed it.
-Thank you.
Wow, congratulations.
-Great work.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
Oh, where is he?
Oh, where is he?
Oh, Dad. Oh!
Oh, thank God.
Areare you okay?
Oh, I was so shocked.
We'll need more tests, but it
looks like cirrhosis.
-What? Cirrhosis?
Alcohol-induced cirrhosis.
The numbers aren't bad.
He won't need to be hospitalized.
-Oh, okay.
-But he can't drink.
Yes, yes, thank you, doctor.
Thank you, sir.
-Your pillow.
-Huh? Yes.
Thank you.
You're better than my son.
But, how did you know?
Oh, well, uh
I stopped by the store.
The neighbors said you fainted.
Forget about that, you scared me!
At least you're okay.
Stop drinking!
Your face is all darkened.
It's from all the alcohol.
When you nag like that,
reminds me of my daughter.
though you said it by mistake,
you called me 'dad.'
I was delirious,
and thought my daughter was alive.
Even if for a bit,
I liked it.
Oh, think
Think of me as your daughter.
I know, right?
You already feel like my daughter.
Oh, Dad!
-Aah, Dad!
-Hey, you.
-Oh dear, oh dear.
You're causing such a fuss. I'm okay.
I was so surprised to hear
you were at the ER!
Just like when Sis died,
I thought I'm orphaned.
I hate you, Dad.
Come on.
I should kick your ass!
If you're that worried,
why'd you let him get sick?
Why are you here?
-I need to talk to you.
-About what?
Come on, you asshole!
Let me go!
-Come on.
-It hurts!
-Let me go, damn it.
Hey, get your shit together!
Dad has cirrhosis, you dummy!
Cirrhosis? Is it bad?
If it was, I would have killed you.
Get your shit together.
What have you been doing?
Tell him to stop drinking!
You're so rude.
That's your problem?
When Dad almost died?
He's my dad, not yours!
I'm sadder than you,
and more worried than you.
You're not our family yet.
You're so obsessed with me.
You dumbass,
get your shit together, okay?
Dad's hospitalized for the day
for examinations.
Don't you dare be playing games,
look after Dad.
First woman to hit my head
except Sis.
Chef Kang,
Bean powder salmon pancake.
Cool idea!
Quit the tag games.
It's not some game.
I can't help it.
Need to change up the format.
Where's Bong-sun?
She was running so fast. Is she okay?
I don't know.
No idea.
I was just called over by the CP.
He said it would've been
bad if this was live.
Said the assistant sucks.
Got scolded?
No, he just told me
he wants her changed.
Na Bong-sun?
Assistants will be playing a bigger role.
You have to.
Yeah, but still.
You told me I can't change her.
Can't believe it.
You broadcast people just like change?
Firing for one mistake?
Don't be overdramatic.
It makes sense.
Forget it.
I'm not planning to do that.
And the bean powder salmon pancake was
Na Bong-sun's idea.
She fixed her own mistake.
You're being so sensitive--
I'm not sensitive, you're all insensitive.
For me,
I wait at least half a year
before I fire someone.
And even then, I find
a new job for them beforehand.
Because it's
Oh, thank God that was it.
I almost fainted from earlier.
It's you again, Na Bong-sun?
I'm sorry,
just come to terms with your fate.
I'll be good. Don't worry.
I can't do wrong.
Oh, my.
She's still not here?
What a ridiculous girl.
I mean, just
Huh? Running out like that.
Why is it taking her so long?
So scatter-brained.
Na Bong-sun, where are you?
Why? You worried about me, Chef?
Worried my ass.
Because of you today
Where are you?
Oh, I'm quite far away,
so I can't hear you Hello, Chef?
Hello? Hello--
Just how far away is she?
Is something wrong with her grandma?
Ta-da! Surprise!
You said you were far.
But I can run right back,
since I always live in your heart.
Oh, right!
How did the show go?
Finished well? Hm?
Did I surprise you?
You bipolar again?
Hypomania again?
maybe so,
maybe not.
What are you doing?
Over here,
Can we lie together?
Here, here, here, here, come on.
Get out.
Just for 5 minutes?
-We need to talk.
-1 minute.
-I have
-Just one!
Get up--
screw it!
Come out.
We need to talk.
Can't do it here.
Oh, come on!
Let's just do it here, huh?
Outside's a bit
No, who cares, huh?
Outdoors has its own spicy flavor.
Why? What are we doing here? Huh?
Wanted to talk to you.
-I'm trying to talk to you.
What do you want?
-You know me.
-Be serious.
What is your true dream?
A dream
There's only one. Sleeping with you.
Stop joking around!
I'm not.
You don't cook for money.
You want to be a chef?
Well, maybe.
You want training from me?
What kind of training?
We have to be on air.
And you might make another mistake.
Judging from the pollack rice
or the pancake,
I think you have talent,
but weak skills.
Oh, you'll tutor me?
I'd love that. Yes!
Don't treat it like a joke.
I take things seriously.
If you don't mean it,
it's not as charming.
Yes, yes, totally yes!
Oh, come on.
Okay, follow me.
We-we start today?
Oh, he's serious.
Let's go back to the basics. Cutting.
Piece of cake.
Good job.
But these all have different sizes.
Not consistent.
How do you fix it?
It's bent here, so put it up.
Oh, you're right!
Slow, slow, consistent.
If you cut onions like this, look,
the texture tastes good when fried,
but the sweetness lowers,
it'll take a long time
but try the opposite direction,
against the texture,
It gets sweeter faster because
less moisture,
so it shortens the time,
but it turns mushy like this.
All mushy.
Then what?
-Blend them?
-Oh, bingo!
Hey, you're smarter than I thought.
I was always top 10 of our class.
-Yeah, I got it.
So cocky.
I can't do this anymore. My arm hurts.
You have to master this first.
Hurry up.
Damn it. Why am I doing this?
-Cut! I cut myself.
-What? Why?
-Come on!
-Oh, blood, blood!
Wanna die?
So, let's stop for tonight.
If we don't stop, I might pounce on you.
Stop joking around. Finish this.
Let's stop, huh?
We stopping?
Okay, just let me go.
-Let me go.
-Let go.
-Want more?
-I won't.
-We done?
-I won't.
-Okay, stop.
Can we stay like this?
Stop. You
Oh, very nice.
Compared to before,
this is a five-star hotel.
This is all thanks to me, huh?
Na Bong-sun should appreciate me.
Oh, man.
Oh, goodness. But the class
It's so hard, goodness.
Oh, no, but still, huh?
Men and women can't be friends.
After a while together like this
Oh my goodness.
But, wait.
What might my man be doing now?
Lying naked after a shower?
Chef, are you sleeping?
Oh, that was a close one.
Oh, wow.
She never lets me rest.
Locked it so quick!
You're too hard on me.
Hey, doggy.
Say hi, come on.
Tell him to be quiet one,
and now he won't say hi.
Okay, you have your self-esteem.
I respect it.
Don't meet eyes with me again.
Go sleep.
Oh, what is this?
-What's this?
-Hey, what is this? Wow!
Bong, Bong!
-What is all this?
Diced vegetables.
Yeah, so why?
Nobody asked you.
I did it. Why?
Do I need your permission?
Uh, no, Chef.
You could have let us know.
Special is?
-Shrek pasta, Chef
developed on June 28, 2015 by me
leading to a round of applause,
that spinach Shrek pasta, Chef.
Spring rolls is specials.
Spring rolls?
Excuse me?
I've been waiting so long for this.
We have to use the vegetables.
Shrek can wait
-Check plastering,
and the stove.
Yes, sir!
I even
upgraded the recipe.
Can he just change it like this?
Chef decides specials.
Hey, come on!
Spring rolls!
Why did you say you asked?
Just say I did it.
How would Min-soo feel
if Seo-Joon delayed his special?
And you.
Don't mention our
practice to the others.
Why's that?
Let me go.
Let go.
Drop it.
He's cute when he's angry.
That makes me wanna do it more!
Do what?
Exercise, exercise.
My body's so stiff these days.
-you look well today.
You looked sad these days. I was worried.
Well, I appreciate your interest.
But I'm overwhelmed
Oh, right.
Dad must be home today.
Who is it?
-Hey, it's me.
Where are you?
He's back home?
On our way. Why?
You wish you were here?
Shut up.
Take good care of him. Get him good food.
Bye now.
She has my number?
How confusing.
She's a good girl.
Good heart too.
Don't be so attached to her, Dad.
I haven't decided yet.
Ha, all right
What's up?
-Oh, sir
Oh, my.
I came by yesterday.
I was so shocked to hear that
you passed out.
I see.
Are you sure you can come home so soon?
Luckily, there's nothing severe.
The liver's not too good,
but I'll be fine.
I'm so glad to hear that.
Who found you?
We don't know.
It's still a mystery.
Paramedics told us
his daughter called 911.
My dead sister can't call.
Must have been a mistake.
Oh, wait.
Let me give you a drink.
No, no, stay seated.
No, no, no.
Take this one, okay?
I'm always so sorry
and thankful to you.
Visiting us like this.
Not at all, sir.
Take care of yourself.
You're not young anymore.
Rest up.
This tastes awesome today.
Awesome my ass.
More vegetables than noodles.
Some vegetable crisis!
Vegetable everything and
there's still more!
But everyone liked it!
-Sold a lot today.
Chef invented this last year.
What a great idea.
Man, isn't our chef awesome?
All the menus he's invented
More than 100.
Though he looks chill
-a chef is a chef.
-Of course.
Every pro
needs a supporter to truly shine,
and that's me, okay?
I helped him out a lot!
He can't do this to my Shrek.
My taste was always correct.
Y'all know that.
Your taste was always wrong.
What are you saying!
Don't do that here, come on.
Our sous-chef's the best.
He's got great taste.
-Everyone knows this.
Best in the country.
Come on, cheers.
Cheers, cheers.
If you're done, Bong!
Follow me to
fish market.
-The fish market?
Chef, you took Bong out yesterday too.
She's just helping.
Min-su, prep Shrek
for specials.
Thank you.
I'll do it well.
-Go ahead, Bong
La la la.
It's been too long.
Anyways, Chef
is always around Bong these days.
He treats her completely differently.
The look changed.
Look of love when he sees her.
Is back and forth in fashion?
Both Bong and Chef
Heading out?
Fish market to see fish and scallops
I'm on my way to see her.
Oh, yeah?
Then send Eun-hee in.
It's all good.
Oh, wait, wait.
-How're you?
You look well, Bong-sun.
Yeah, well, I'm fine.
You seemed so troubled at the station.
I'm glad to hear you're okay.
Two days ago.
You forgot?
Two days ago
Right, station.
I remember now.
I was there, right?
-At the station.
-Take care.
See you.
Keep a close eye on that.
Cooks need good taste
on ingredients too.
I have good taste.
Don't fool around!
You're not born with taste.
You have to touch to learn.
You said touch.
The food.
The food?
Forget it.
I want to bite you, can I?
Oh, my God, you're here!
You curled your hair.
You got a great eye.
I swear.
You look beautiful.
Wanna buy you a hairpin to go
with your beauty.
Stop flattering me.
How does it feel to be so cute?
It's great to be so cute.
Scallop from the morning?
Yeah, from the East Sea.
Look, huh?
No need to ask, get this one.
Looks good.
5 kilos, please.
5 closer to 6, huh?
Of course I'll do that after all that
compliment, hm?
Out of my way!
So cold!
Oh, no
Dang it
Wear these.
They're from Auntie.
I don't like the design.
This isn't a joke.
There's still more to see.
They're big, too.
Oh, no, no
I mean
Should have brought prettier ones
if you wanted to give me a gift.
Shut up now.
Looks so good!
This place looks good, huh?
Let's eat!
Why, what?
A chef eats with the eyes,
the nose, then the mouth.
What are you saying?
See it first, huh?
Then the nose.
-True chef, for sure.
what is this?
They didn't finish this?
Why would you bring that?
It looks fine.
What a waste, no?
Didn't even touch it
What are you doing?
Oh, it's yours.
Sorry, I thought you left.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, thought you had left,
Are you Kang Sun-woo?
Yes, I am. Yes.
You don't recognize me?
Park Jin-seop,
from middle school.
We've been talking about you.
Great to see you!
Been so long, Jin-seop.
so good to see you.
Why are you here?
-Buying ingredients.
-Oh, yeah.
Makes sense.
My job's nearby.
I see.
I'm catching up with the boys tonight.
I'll tell them
about how I met you.
Oh, then
dine at my place!
-It's on me.
-Oh, really?
We'd love that.
Star chef's paying for us.
We'll be there!
-You mean it?
-Of course, man.
Chul-min They're all coming, right?
For sure.
I'll text everyone.
You're not close with him, right?
You didn't look too happy to see him.
Let's be quiet.
Hey, Kang Sun-woo!
Why were you in our way?
Oh, sorry.
You kick like a girl.
-I'm sorry, Chul-min
-Forget it.
Isn't he such a loser?
He said sorry.
Dad, I lucked out!
What's the fuss?
No, no. Look at this, Dad.
I went into Sis's room
and saw this!
Emergency fund.
Let's split it.
Perfect, I needed this.
Thank you, Sis!
Leave it.
Put it back in her room.
What? Why?
Let's just use it, Dad.
Put it back. Go on!
You won't let me touch her stuff.
It's our money. We should use it.
What's the use?
Her phone too.
You always nag me for phone bills.
But you still pay for her bills.
You like dead Sis more than me.
Ah, shut up, you little rascal! Nonsense.
When did I ever make sense?
Forget it.
Thatthat rascal
The number you dialed
is not available right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
I'm going to the store.
No, he told me to do this himself.
Rest up today.
All good?
It's okay.
We can try again.
Don't worry, I'm really fine.
You should go.
Okay, rest up.
Oh, right!
Bro and Bong-sun
Were they always that close?
No, they were scared of you.
They seem to have gotten closer.
Oh, yeah?
But Bong-sun
Was she always like that?
Noshe's quiet and organized.
But she seemed to have gotten
a brighter personality.
I smile a lot thanks to her.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, nothing.
Is this Sung-jae's?
How many reservations?
Around ten teams.
My friends from school are coming.
Only take
Never seen you bring friends.
You're off an hour late.
Yes, Chef.
Where's my Italian tablecloth?
You want it?
Thought we're saving it.
Use it, use it.
Is that your only uniform?
The new uniform.
Wear that one. These look old.
Yeah, Chef.
Today's special
Spinach Shrek pasta, Chef!
Truffle escargot.
Isn't truffle whatchamacallit
Oh, and
we finished prepping for Shrek.
Next time!
Drop the Shrek already.
Spinach isn't gonna rot.
Use the snail to make truffle snail pasta.
And the ginseng.
Use that to make kimchi.
Do it, come on.
Yes, Chef.
And let me see
Where is it? My awards?
My awards from Hong Kong.
My awards
Are they here?
He said he'd do the Shrek!
Keeps changing his mind.
I should choke him with the spinach.
It is strange.
Not like the president's coming.
Never heard of
truffle and ginseng kimchi.
Must be important friends, huh?
It's certainly never happened.
Hey, Sun-woo.
-Hey, Kang Sun-woo!
Been so long.
Hey, good to see you.
How are you?
-Oh, hello.
All good.
They work for me. Come.
Oh, but
No biggie, it's all good.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Go prep the order.
Yes, Chef!
You own a big business.
-So cool.
It's like you own an army.
-Yes, yes.
-A real chef.
-For real.
Hey, where's Chul-min?
-Not coming?
-He's coming.
He's coming later.
-Yes, Chef!
-Oh, our sous chef.
I didn't tell you.
Here, uh
Scallop salad
and, uh, extra virgin oil abalone
for appetizer.
Should I pick?
We don't know.
Okay. So, main dish
Never mind.
I'll just cook it.
The chef!
-So cool.
Let's start cooking.
One scallop at
Three wagyus, two abalones.
Two wagyus at 4T.
One sea bass, one lobster.
Min-soo on pasta, Dong-chul on steak.
Ji-woong on salad.
Joon on hall serving.
And Bong, you support Ji-woong and Joon.
Yes, Chef!
-Copy that!
What's this?
Hey, for starters, the salad.
Never mind.
Drinks first.
Bring out the Costarosh.
-Yes, Chef.
-Crystal glasses.
-Yes, Chef, butappetizer?
Prosciutto and the parmesan cheese.
Yes. And the ginseng kimchi.
Yes, Chef.
What's wrong? Has he gone insane?
I don't know. He does feel off.
I mean, kimchi with ginseng?
Wild snail, truffle,
and the wine is expensive.
It's over million won.
Who cares, just hurry.
He'll get pissed if we're late.
-So cool.
-Hey, Bong.
Yes, Chef.
Untie it.
Ah, yes.
Must feel weird.
He's a king.
Just give them a minute.
We got the truffle,
and the wagyu, something
you don't eat normally.
So, enjoy.
I'm grateful for my successful friend.
-I love it.
Where is he?
Yeah, he said he'd be here.
-Any time now.
Yeah, yeah.
He's here!
Hey, Chul-min!
-Come on!
Always late.
-It's been a while.
-Long time no see, Sun-woo.
Isn't he such a loser?
He said sorry.
Please sit.
Feels different to see everyone like this.
You've changed a lot, Chul-min.
You had such charisma back then.
Look at how old you've gotten.
Oh, yeah?
Probably because I forgot to shave.
Shave, man!
You should watch your weight.
What is that?
You look way older than me.
All his fat went to the belly.
Hey, get some exercise.
-Come on.
-Gravity, man.
You pig!
Hey, cut it out.
Wasn't Chul-min the king of our school?
Oh, yeah.
Right, right,
I remember now.
During lunch, all the kids used to
give you money.
So charismatic.
Hey, stop.
Stories from so long ago.
You're right.
Nothing good.
Not excusable.
What's with the mood?
I told everyone this already,
but order anything.
On me.
-Oh, really?
At school, you stole all my food,
and money, right?
Come on
All in the past.
It's from so long ago.
I did it too.
Not me.
Me neither.
Tell me the truth, how much do you make?
It's weird to discuss money.
Good or bad?
Oh, not bad.
People want 2nd and 3rd stores,
but it sounds like too much work.
Don't want to taint my name.
I don't do it for money.
So cool.
-He's smart.
Born to be a chef.
So sorry, but I have to leave.
-Eat more.
-Hey, hey.
I'm really busy, barely made it here.
See you guys.
But there's more food to come.
Sorry. I have to head out.
-Come on.
-Don't go.
I'll call.
Okay, okay.
Hey, wasn't Sun-woo
-being so petty?
-Yeah, I know.
He's had a real glow-up.
You never know who'll
succeed in the end.
-You saw that?
He was looking so cocky,
'Hey, Yoon Chul-min.'
-So confident.
Who would've known he'd turn out this way?
I had no idea.
Right, right.
I mean, you too.
Me? You too.
Hey, stay a little longer.
-Come on.
I'm sorry.
It's just
I prepared
a lot of food for you.
-Come again.
Yeah, and, uh, wait.
-This, taxi fare.
-No need.
-Take it.
-Hey, come on.
-Come on.
-I'm just so happy to see you.
Oh, and
-Name card?
I'm in sales. I sell vacuums.
You're well-off.
You must know people. Help me out.
The economy's been bad,
it's been hard.
Right now, I have
to see a client.
It's not a sale yet, but still.
The tummy's all from alcohol.
I should have
taken care of myself like you.
Yeah, well, men our age
are all the same.
Anyway, good to see you.
Yes, bye.
No class today?
Review what you learned.
Oh my
He must be in a bad mood today.
Sir, the buckwheat pancake you ordered.
I saw buckwheat powder and cooked it.
You didn't even eat during dinner.
Right? Eat it with your drink.
-I'm good. I'm good.
Can't you just take a bite?
Eat some food.
Forget it.
-How is it?
It slaps, right?
Tastes alright.
You must be talented, Chef.
I learned for one day,
and I'm already better.
-So much!
-Yea, right.
Sure, say what you will.
You look more handsome when you smile.
Makes me wanna sleep with you.
You were doing so well!
Hey, cut out the sleep talk.
-I wake up at night
because of you.
It's not even all that vulgar.
You've done it all.
What, really?
What why?
What? What do you think I am?
You're not?
You'll be surprised!
I've done it all.
I want to yell at by Chef.
I'd really like that.
You're so vulgar. Quit it.
Shouldn't talk to you.
Come on.
Everyone in the world's a little sick.
Let's take it easy, huh?
That's what I've learned
from life.
Life is not that long.
So what I'm saying is,
every day is pretty fucking precious.
You sound like a granny.
Oh, don't argue with me.
So in conclusion,
forgive most things,
accept some losses.
Live a happy life.
Those who forgive can sleep at night.
The forgiven can't. You know?
But if you're still mad
then like this, huh?
Have a drink,
and get good food, huh?
Take one bite.
See? Already happy.
Yeah, you're right.
Come on, get your own.
Now, time for pictures.
-Just one.
What are you doing?
-Is that it?
That's good.
The sky is so pretty.
What are you doing?
Come on,
at least offer your legs.
It's not like they rot.
Ah, I'm a little tipsy.
Leave me be for a sec.
It tasted alright,
but your dough was too watery.
There's a
good buckwheat pancake.
I'll take you there.
Really? When?
Well, anytime.
Maybe tomorrow.
Really? Tomorrow?
Promise, promise me.
If you're awake, let's go.
Oh, I'm sleepy
-Get off.
Get off.
-Just once.
-Come on out.
-Let's do it.
-Cut it out.
-Your back, your back!
-Oh, no, no
Are you okay? Are you okay?
You're here.
You're not feeling well. I'll take it.
It's fine.
It's not fine.
You should stay in bed.
Kyung-mo, that bastard!
Still asleep, right?
Told him to take care of you, sheesh.
Never listens.
You're really like my daughter.
You speak the same way.
No, it's just
he's being pathetic.
Ah, it's fine.
Kyung-mo can benefit
from that kind of talk.
Oh, how are you feeling?
You should take a few days off.
Stay in bed for a few days.
No, it's fine.
Hospital's too stuffy.
The doctor said it's better to
take meds, walk around like this,
and get some exercise.
Oh, exercise?
Would be nice to walk to a park.
There's one right there.
But it's hard to go alone.
Why don't you go with me?
Ah, it's still the same.
The air is good.
When have you been here?
Oh, I
I was just passing by.
My daughter
exercised when she was alive.
She always asked me to come
but I couldn't.
Aren't people stupid?
Regretting things after they're gone.
Don't do that.
you want to try it?
Should I?
Feels good.
Feeling healthier?
Let's come here together.
I'll pick you up at the store.
Sounds good to me.
I ate too much chicken last night.
Smell of oil makes me sick.
I went too overboard yesterday too.
I had diarrhea today.
We went crazy last night
and spent half our bonus, huh?
Did you see his face when he paid?
His mouth that's barely open.
What's with all the talking?
-Yes, sir.
What's wrong with your hair?
Why's it like this?
Keep it clean.
-And Woong,
-Yes, sir.
Talk less.
You talk a lot, you know?
Use that energy
to work harder. Work, work!
What's with all the fuss?
The boys are out of shape.
Watch yourself first.
Thank you for yesterday.
I'll pay you overtime. Don't worry.
Min-soo, put this sign outside.
You can't make me do chores
Yes, Chef.
We can do Shrek?
This is for real, right?
Shrek special tonight?
Go before I change my mind.
We got flour today?
Have a thing with Chef?
Why? What?
Why are you
Never mind.
Don't get hurt on your own.
Like a dumbass.
I don't know,
but he's pretty hot, huh?
Why are you so late?
I've been waiting for you.
I only took 30 minutes
since we got off the phone.
Jesus Christ
Am I your boyfriend?
Why're you always calling me?
Coffee's expensive here too, right?
You're gonna pee it out anyway.
You're so funny.
So charming.
You got the hots for me?
I know.
I get too obsessed with people I like.
Watch out.
Iced Americano okay?
-I'll order.
wait, I
I like caramel macchiato.
That fucking woman
I want money,
not dumb professors like her.
Fuck my life. It's
all because of the virgin ghost.
Where the hell is she?
Can't find her.
I have a strange feeling about this.
She's somewhere nearby.
And I'm missing something
This is Chul-min.
It's me, Sun-woo.
Hi, Sun-woo.
What's up?
Oh, well
That vacuum you told me about.
-Hey, Sun-woo,
forget it.
I regretted it.
I shouldn't have mentioned it to you.
I have a moral conscience.
No, that's fine.
Yeah, well, if you change
your mind, tell me.
Thank you.
Take care, bye.
Hey, Sun-woo.
I'm sorry.
All good.
It was a long time ago.
Wish you well.
Chef, what are you doing?
Oh, just looking.
Buckwheat pancake today, right?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm stopping by my house.
When you're done,
wait by the crossroad.
-I'll pick you up.
-Yes, Chef!
Oh, it's D-Day.
Hold on.
Oh, my God, this is bad.
What is this?
Is this garbage?
Are these clothes or a sack?
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, not with this.
I have to make sure I fuck him tonight.
What do I do?
Cut it here,
then here,
tear this up.
It'll be fine.
One, two, three.
Yeah, it's fine.
Down here.
Smells like perfume.
Why isn't she coming?
This isn't a date. Why am I waiting?
Yeah, well, that's enough.
Oh, is it time already?
Chef's gonna yell at me again.
I need to run.
Who are you?
Quit acting.
I know you're in there.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're always
getting in and out of there.
Thinking back now,
-I missed it
When I went to Sun something
and heard your voice,
the assistant,
the restaurant had both yin and yang.
-Sis my ass.
You've been here.
-Oh, hello there!
Damn it!
Stop right there, bitch!
-I'm gonna catch you today!
Holy shit!
Sis, not today!
I'll get you today!
Shit, I'm going to get caught.
Taxi! Taxi!
Follow that bus!
We conduct an orchestra
in the kitchen, okay?
Yes, so cool, Chef
-You found the yang energy man?
She stopped him
and bit him. Scary.
You guys exercise together?
She's in such bad shape.
Couldn't lift a pan.
You sound suspicious.
Become an evil spirit?
Come on!
I'm worried for Bong-sun
She's at a bad place.
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